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    Banking by Mail
An Anatomical Pnsale.
Behind the bridge of your noBe la a
little cavity Id the' skull, the origin of
which appeats to be unknown. It
probably wag a gland, consisting of
two tiny lobes, Joined together, and la
named the Sella turcica. Physiologists
believe thatthls is the remains of a
sixth sense, which was of practical
value to our antediluvian ancestors,
but whether It enabled them to see in
the dark in days before they possessed
fire or helped them to find tbelr way
through trackless forests as wild
beasts can to-day or what other pur
pose It may have served we do not
know and probably never shall know.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winston's Soothing
Byrup the bit remedy to uss. lot their chlldrea
luring ice teeming penoa.
On savings deposits ot a dollar
or more, compounded twice
every year. It is just as easy
to open a Savings Account with
os by Mail as if you lived next,
door. Bend for our free book
let, "Banking by Mail." and
learn lull particulars. Address
Oregon Trust &
Savings Bank'
Portland, Oregon
Sixth and Washington Sts.
Portland Oregon
"Who lss that happy, contented-looking
"Q'i, he' a chap who married a girl
because she was a fine cook."
"And who is the poverty-stricken,
sad-looking chap talking to Mm?"
"That's a man who married a girl be
cause she was a fine dresser." Hous
ton Post '
Extenuating Clrcnmstancoe.
"What brought you here?" asked the
"That," replied the prisoner, pointing
to a policeman, "but I was drunk."
Houston Post.
When the
Hair Falls
1 Then it's time to act! No time
to study, to read, to experi
ment! You want to save your
hair, and save it quickly, tool
So make up your mind this
very minute that if your hair
ever comes out you will use
Ayer's Hair Vigor. It makes
the scalp healthy. The hair
stays in. It cannot do any
thing else. It's nature's way.
The best kind of a testimonial
'Oold lor ovor sixty years."
I :K2F4- The old Joke about eating "hot dog-
Quality U our motto. Wo educate for lueeess,
nd send each student to a position when com
petent many more calls for help than we can
meet. Individual Instruction Insures rapioVproff-
ress. All modern methods of bookkeeping are
taught; also rapid calculations, correspondence,
commercial law, office work. etc. Chartler Is
our shorthand easy, rapid, legible. Beautiful
catalogue, business forms and penmanship free.
(LI auaB
destroys all the
flies and affords
comfort to every
home in dining
room, aleeping
room and every
place where flies
are troublesome.
Glean, neat and
will not soil or
Injure anything.
Xry thorn one and you will never be without them,
if not kep' by dealers, sent prepaid for SSOo.
HABOU) SOUSES, lift PsKals At., Brooklyn, a. T.
by J. U. Aynr oo., Lowsu. jaaaa.
Also manumomrsrs
A Girls School ot the highest claaa. Collegl
ete department. Music. Art. Elocution. Gym
nasium. Fall term opens September 16.
The Age of Discretion.
Senator Dillingham, discussing Inv
migration In New York, made use of
the phrase, "the age of discretion."
"What is the 'age of discretion,' Sen
ator?" asked one of his auditors.
"I should say," returned Senator Dil
lingham, smiling, "that the age of dis
cretion Is reached when a young man
removes from his mantel the rich col
lection of actresses' and dancing girls'
photographs and substitutes the por
trait of his rich bachelor uncle."
HOWARD E. BURTON. Assayer ara Chemist.
iMdvtlle, Colorado, bpeiimen pne
Bllver, SI ; Oold, 811 yer, la: ; Oold, 6
Summer Peat.
The Illustration shows one of the most
destructive of the summer Insect pests,
which attacks both fruit and orna
mental trees. It is known as the yel
low-neck caterpillar, and Is usually
found In numbers along the branches
of trees, feeding on the foliage until
the limb Is entirely denuded, when they
migrate to another limb. The female
deposits the eggs on the leaf of the
tree, where they are usually hatched
during July, and the young Insects be
gin feeding on the leaves.
The full-grown moth Is shown In the
upper part of the Illustration. The
caterpillar Is about two Inches long,
with a dull yellow band Just back of
the black head. This pest Is familiar
to most farmers, for It may be found
In nearly every section of the country.
Before Going Elsewhere.
342H Washington St. Portland, Oregon
rices i Ould,
Cvanldo tesls. Mailing envelopes ana
full price list sent on application. Control and U m-
lire WOrK BOIICIMJQ, .IVkClVULV t mwvmww . m- I
P. N. U.
No. 33-07
rltlnr to advertiser please
mention thle pmper
$3.00 & $3.50 SHOES
aJtOET nnn I To any ona who can prove W. L.
&mOtUUU Soougiaa dooa not maka moll I mors Man' $3 93. SO mhomm
nCYwiMrU I than any othor mmnufaaturmr.
THE REASON W. L. Douglas shoes are worn by more people
In all walks of life than any other make, Is because of their .
exoeUent style, easy-fitting, and superior wearing qualities.
Tlie selection of the leathers and other materials for each jart
of the shoe, and ererr detail of the making is looked after by
the most complete organization of superlnlendents.foremen and
skilled shoemakers, who receive the highest wages paid In the
hoe industry, and whose workmanship eannot be excelled.
If I could take yon into my larga-factorlea at Brockton, Mass.,
and show yon how carefully W. L. Iouglas shoes are made, you
would then understand why they hold their shape, fit better,
wear longer ana are or greater vaiue man any umer mu,
my 4 out tdao ana mo uoia uona onoaa cannot h esinnss w -
W !.. itniiirlaa atamna his name and orioe on the bottom to protect you aualnBt high uncos
kud inferior shoes. Take No Substitute. Bold by the best shoe dealers everywhere.
iott Wr JtvtltU tucd excliuivclv. Catalog mailed Jra. W. JL. DU V ULAH, ltruckton,
Copper, (1.
run p
nlre i
usual Bank.
Her Mnjeaty'a Etiquette.
Queen Alexandria of ' England Is
strict on such points of 'etiquette as
make It a breach of decorum, for In
stance, to hand anything but new and
unused coin, fresh from tHe mint, to
the consort of the British sovereign.
To make love to her majesty Is pun
ishable, by the law of Britain, with
death,, unlesss, of course, one happens
to be the king.
viva ri. Vitus Tance and all Nervous Diseases
ll I O permanently cured by I)r. Kline's U-a
lierve Restorer. Kend for FRKE 2 trial bottle and
treatise. Vt. U. iliuuii, La., nai Area ou, ruu,r
larrrins i unra.
"Did you want to hLsft a boy?" ask
ed the applicant at a music store.
"Yes," said the manager. "What
musical ability have you?"
"Can you even carry a tuneT"
" Then you'll do. We want you to
Is no Joke In Germany any more, for
no Icrs than 7,000 canines of various
breeds were slaughtered and eaten by
tho subjects of Kaiser William last
year, according to a report from Consul
(feorge.N. Ifft at Annalicrg. Tho eat
ing of horse meat seems to be quitft
genernl In Germany, for no less than
182,000 ltorsos were slaughtered for
human food in 1000.
"Horseflesh-Is very generally adver
tised in the German papers," says
Consul Ifft, "especially in those In
large industrial centers, and most Ger
man cities have at least one market
wulch makes It a specialty, claiming
for It a higher percentage of nourish
ment than that of beef, veal, mutton
or pork. Neither Is It unusual to find
advertisements of dog meat or for the
purchase of dogs for slaughter. In tho
city of Cassel recently the police, In
searching for a lost dog, discovered n
private slaughter house and arrested
the proprietors, who were apparently
making a regular business of Htealinjf
and killing dogs."
In the city of Chemnitz alone, Con
sul Ifft reports, 098 dogs were slaugh
tered for human food In l'.MJfl, this be
ing nn increase of eighty-eight over th
previous year.
A. good way to rid the trees of them
Is by spraying -with parls green, but
if this Is not desirable because of fruit
on the trees, a torch made of cloth or
small rags and saturated wlthkerosene
may be applied to the Infested limbs
and the Insects destroyed In this man
.How Book Learning Pays.
Book learning" for farmers has
been a thing to laugh at In the past
It used to be thought that an almanac
and one or two patent olllce reports
were all a man needed to make him
competent to "run a farm." We are
getting past that day, and doing It at
Tiretrv fast nace. In our times. Think
hurry these phonographic records down of th. r.1Mrt 1ust mibnBiled bv the
I to the shipping department" Kansas commissioners appointed a couple of
City limes. years aeo In the State of Louisiana to
Hla I'SUilc of i;ouasre. Invostlo-iita cron nests, with nnrtlenlar
"Little boy," asked the gentle voiced rfrpm,n . rlK, waovll and the ter-
TtT2rJrJfJ yZ Ulble injury it has wrought to the cot-
Caltbnsre not.
The disease known to the cabbag
growers as black rot, or stem rot, has
come Into prominence within the last
few years, and Is said to be a serious
hindrance to cabbage growing In sev
eral States. From a recent farmers'
bulletin prepared by the chief of tho
division of vegetable pathology, It ap
pears that no way Is known of curing
the disease or of entirely ridding a
locality of It when once It is well es
tablished. Tho whole subject of treat
ment may be Bummed up In one word
preventing. The disease Is not con
fined to the cabbage, but attacks a num
ber of species belonging to the mustard
family. The planting of other crops
for a long scries of years Is Bald to
be the only satisfactory way to get rid
of this disease of the cabbuge when It
has once become serious. '
don't aatch any of these fish but the
smallest ones?"
"It happens, ma'nm," answered Torn'
my, choking back a sob, " 'cause the
other boys ain't afraid to lie like blazes,
bjame their pictur s, sn I am
i::.,hUImi.Ii'iI,. ,;ui', uri,'i..i.K".'. inm nm
Vegetable Prcparationfor As
similating UicFoodandReeula
Ung the Stomachs aM Bowels of
Promotes DigcsliortChccrful
neas and Rest.Conlalfls neither
Sriiim.Morphine nor Mineral.
A perfect Remedy for Constipa
tion. SourStoiTvach.DiaiThoca
Worms .Convulsions .Fewrish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
FaeSunile Signature of
Trie Kind Toa Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over SO years, has borne the 6igrnatnro of
and has beeamade under inn per-'37-4
Bonal sapervision since its infancy.
Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and" Just-as-good"are bnt
Experiments that trifle "with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment,
Castorta Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine other Narcotio
ubstance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Conptlpation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Sears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Yeare
Mav. it s.vaa araaar. mtw tosm atrfc
ton crop. For two years these commis
sioners have been "studying and exper
imenting on tlie State farms In the
Ited river, region, and now they send
word out to the world that they have
succeeded In growing eotton that ean
not he hurt by the boll weevil. Just
bow they have done this we must wait
to learn. Tho great faot Is tliut they
have done It. Think what this will
mean In money to the farmers of the
cotton growing States! Nor will the
benellt of their work stop there. Other
people than the cotton growers are In
terested In cotton. We all have use
for the plant and IIb products. From
the poor man down In the most obscure
quarter of tho city to the millionaire
lu bis beautiful borne, we all need cot
ton In some form or other. And "book
farming" cuts the cloud wblcb has
hung over the men who grow the plant
and lets the sunshine out all over the
Cacti as Stock Food.
The New Mexico Experiment Sta
tion has lsued a very creditable bulle
tin dealing with the composition end
feeding value of the prickly pear and
other cacti.' The spines of the cacti
I are removed by singeing with a torch.
I The protein content In the air-dry ma
terlal ranges from 2 to 10 per cent,
the fruit being the richest part. The
cacti compare favorably with many
forage plants. Heretofore the great
llfflculty In the way of utilizing cacti
as forage has been the spines, but
since they can be removed by the torch
a large amount of cheap forage Is made
available to the stockmen of the arid
Tho Collie Dosr,
The Intelligence of the collie Is be
lieved by many to come as near to hu
man thought as that of any animal,
ana it is possiuie 10 teacn mom so
many things that some very remarka
ble stories are told abont them,
Tbey are for this reason the great
sheep dog, and no Scotch herder would
attempt to get along without bis col
lies, with which be lives alone far off
on the hills, says the Circle.
And that is saying nothing of tholr
beauty and charm as companions;
llkUUC Till MM til.
Hediro Trimmer.
The trlmmlhg of a hedge Is properly
the work of an expert, many years of
practical experience being required bo
'S fore llrst class
work can be accom
plished. As a rulo
expert hedge trim
mers employ a cut
ler having but a
single pair of
blades. A Virginia
man thought that
a trimmer coultl bo
devised which
would simplify tho
trimming and as-
sure greuter accuracy. Accordingly he
designed the Implement shown In tho
illustrutlou. It comprises a pair of
knives, containing numerous cutting
teeth. The kulvcs are attached to piv
oted haudles. one knife moving over
the other. When tho latter are griiH-
ed, one In eiu'h hand, cousldernlilo
power can be applied to the cutter,
whereby over a foot of the hedge caiv
he trimmed In a single cut. It woulil
I'C Impossible, wllU this tool, to trim
too much In spots, forming an uneven
surfucc to the hedge. The extreme
length of the blades Insures an even
cut throughout.
Keep nasi from Tool.
To keep iron and steel goods from
rust, states the Mechanical World, dis
solve half nn ounce of camphor In one
pound of bog's lard ; take off the scum,
mix as much black lend as will give the
mixture an Iron color. Iron and steel
goods rubbed over this mixture and
left with it on twenty-four hours, and
then dried with a linen cloth, will keep
clean for months.
' An old German who doctors cattlo
prescribes a drench of two tablespoon
fills of epsom salts, two tablcxpoonfuls
of llnfeed oil, one tablcxpoonful of
black pepper and one tablespoonful of
turpentine. He puts the medicine In a
quart bottle and Alls It wltb wan a
water. In about fifteen minutes tha
floating Is gono.
I'aaeen Worksn,
Earthworms have a special duty and
they perform It the numberless mill
ions of them scattered far and wide,
unseen and so obscure. They have cre
ated all the hm m and all the arable
kind of tlie whole globe.
They pass through their bodies tha
fallen leaves and decaying vegetable
matter and by their labor rendering
cultivation and harvesting possible.
When one kills an earthworm, art
agricultural laborer of the most re
spectable class Is destroyed.