The news=record. (Enterprise, Wallowa County, Or.) 1907-1910, September 28, 1907, Image 4

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    You'll Like the Pose We
Give to Your Photo
you'll like other things about
the pictures when they are done.
We would like to have you
come and examine some of our
photographs and see the new
mounts we are using.
We'll Please You in
Every Particular
Watch for
Aim union Pacific
Daily Ex
Depart (or
Time schedule,
Eigiu. .
Imbler; Allcel, Inland
No. 81 City, La Grande, con.
nectlng at La arunde
8:46 p. m. with trains lor all
points east and west.
Dally Ex.
Ar- from
No. 82
11:80 a.m.
Low Rates.
Through Tickets To and From All
Farts of the Country.
For fukther particulars, addrkbs,
II. fl, Weatberspoon, Agent.
Elgin, Oregon.
Fashion Motes
"Never before in the history of dress
has the length of the skirt been a
matter of such importance as it is this
antumn," writes Grace Margaret Gould,
the Fashion Editor, in the October
Fashion Number of the Woman's Home
Compaulon. "It is on the skirt length
question that the American woman and
the French woman have such widely
difforont views. The short skirt for
comfort is what the average Amerioan
woman likes, while the French woman
favors the long trailing skirt with its
graceful lines.
"Here in America this year there will
be two different types of skirts in
fashionable favor, One is the walking
or trotteur skirt, which is shorter than
it has ever been before. It will vary in
length according to the individual
preference of the wearer, Borne walking
skirts escaping the ground by but two
inohea, others being as short as five
inches. It is needless to say, however,
that the short skirt will be worn exclu
sively for walking. The most fashion
able coe turn ea for all other occasions will
have the very long skirt the skirt
which not ouly touches the ground, but
rest upon it, having a decided sweep at
the back."
Two Mew Dwellings
Frank Cook and Roy McCoy, who
reoently purchased acre tracts in the
southern part of town through the O.
R. A I. Con commenced the erection of
new residences on their properties this
week. Lon Wagner has the contract
for erecting the buildings" and they
wll be pushed to oompletiou with all
jposslble speed.
Everybody that means you should go to the county fair at Los
tine. Go not only as a matter of duty or pleasure but to learn what
a grand county you live in. There will be exhibits there that would
awaken enthusiasm in a cynic Your self respect and your pride of
home will both be increased by a day spent at Lostine the second week
in October.
The railroad will not be an unalloyed blessing to Wallowa
county. Conditions here now as far as people are concerned are
almost ideal. There are very few "undesirable citizens" in Wallowa;
fewer than found in any community of which the writer is familiar and
he has lived in a number in the central states that were rated very high
for intelligence, thrift and morality. The railroad will change that
condition here in a degree, but the benefits will far outweigh the draw
backs. Besides, it will be a pretty tough character that the influence
of as good people as reside here will not reform..
The Elgin Recorder article on the delay in Wallowa county mails,
published in another place in this paper, deserve reading. The
people over here have been long suffering and will likely be patient
yet awhile, trusting that the advent of the railroad will correct
matters. It may be many months after the completion of the road
before the mail facilities will be improved, bo it would not be a bad
idea to try and have the Wallowa county mail sorted and sacked at
La Grande, leaving only the Elgin branch mail for this county to be
sorted in the Elgin postoffice. Then perhaps the stage would not
leave part ot tne man in Jiiigin to toiiow the next day, thus giving
Wallowa county mail that is from three to four days old."
C. H. Allen, teacher in the Flora school, in anxious to debate with
County Judge Corkins on the question, "Resolved that he action of
the county court is honorable and commendable." What action is not
explicitly stated in Mr. Allen's rather rambling article published in
the Flora Journal but he says the argument is to be along the line of
the "injustice of the high tax, the uncompensative expending of
money." Mr. Allen gives the Judge the fixing of the particular Sat
urday night when the high wind is to occur but reserves the right
of naming the place of affliction. Mr. Allen will probably be
disappointed in his heart's desire, but for the sake of lexicographers yet
unborn a hall should be hired and he given a chance to coin a
few more phrases such as "uncompensative expending." The long
nights of winter are approaching and anything that will add to the
hilarity of life should not be overlooked.
Delay Wallowa
Mail at Elgin
Terminal Town Postoffice Force Over
taxedIncoming Mail
Days Old
The people of Elgin were put to' a
test Monday on account of the way
they had to wait for their mail says the
Elgin Recorder. That paper explains
and comments on the condition as
The train was late and there wan a
large mail, therefore our business men
were compelled to wait until the next
day to answer their correspondence.
This is getting to be a regular thing
and the people are getting tired of it.
The fact that the postmaster has to
distribute the Wallowa mail before he
can attend to the Elgin mail is some
thing that the people of Elgin 'should
not stand.
When the mail arrived Monday there
were 17 sacks of mail to be distributed
for as many different offices in Wallowa
county. This the postmaster is sup
posed to do before he is allowed to
commence on the local mail and besides
this large mail there were 20 packages
of registered mail wbioh he had to look
over and receipt for. This is supposed
to be done before the stage leaves for
Wallowa county but such is not the
case for the stage is not compelled to
wait longer than 2 o'clock and they
leave part of the mail -here which
fallows the next day, thus giving
Wallowa county mail that is from three
to four days old, which is an injustice
to that county as well as Elgin.
Thore should be some steps taken to
relievo this congested state of affairs
for it is a rank imposition upon the
people of this community to have to
wait sometimes until 4 o'clock for their
mail. It is not the fault of the local
office but thoe who have in charge the
schedule of the way the mail is han
dled. If the Wallowa mall were distrib
uted on the train as it should be then
the local postmaster would not have to
bother with it and could give us our
mail In time for it to be answered
before the mail leaves in the evening.
And Just as long aa our people submit
to such treatment so it will continue,
The thing to do is to stick up for our
rights and stay with it until we get
Gets $60 Machine for $31
"Ted" Johnson was the lucky man in
the "one dollar a day off" sewing
machine sale instituted by the popular
furniture man, Fred 8. tAshley, some
weeks ago. The machine started at $60
and diminished in price at the rate of
one dollar per day until sold. A num
ber of people were anxiously awaiting
the time when it should be at the
lowest possible price but alas! they
wauea too long. hit. donnson was
fully aware of the value of the drop
head Singer machine in question and
grabbed it np at $31.
Lathrope Bros. Complete Bridge
The bridge across the Wallowa river
at the Geo. Wood ranch, east of Lostine
was completed last Wednesday and the
bridge crew was laid off pending the
awarding of the contract for the con
struction of the Salmon river bridge,
Lathrope Bros, did the work just fin'
ished, and have been but about three
weeks at it.
One Hundred Words On Oregon Fruit
At the requeet ot the Oregon Devel
opment league, Hon. Wilbur K. Newell,
president of. the state board of horti
culture, has condensed in the following
one hundred words a statement about
Oregon fruit that should be printed in
every language known to the tongue of
"Oregon excels in fruit. Proof:
because her apples are the acknowledged
standard of the world, bringing highest
prices from the trade of New York,
London, Paris and Berlin.
"Her pears, cherries, dried prunes
and strawberries have a national
reputation, unequalled by the fruit of
any other section of the United States.
"Why? Because nature has given
her a soil containing the necessary
plant food, a climate without extremes,
and moisture and sunshine just right
to produce a fruit of beautiful color,
firm texture, and unrivaled flavor
"And her people have the intelligence
to ake advantage of these conditions."
FIRST Shipment of Fall
Goods just came in. New
fallSuitings and Waist pat
terns. Get an early choice.
Sample swatches of Mens
Suits for fall and winter. We
guarantee satisfaction as to
style and fit.
We refer to our many
patrons of the past season as
to our record in this respect.
Our Summer goods, such
as Shirt-Waists, Dress Goods,
Ladies andChildrens Oxfords
are not all gone and we are
closing them out at greatly
reduced prices.
W. J. FUNK & GO.
Enterprise, Oregon
7 Room House, outbuildings,
large barn, plenty of land,
stream of water, shade trees,
from business part of town
Only $1250
Just pay $300 cash and your
own time on balance.
October 1st,
Price wiU be $1500.00
Daniel Boyd
Secy, of Wallowa Law, Land and Abstract Company
The old lady who distinguished her
pies by marking them with a 'T"
signifying "'tis mince" and "taint
mince," has been outdone by the
culinary expert of a little hotel among
the Green Mountains. The chance
guest had finished the serious part of a
wholesome dinner, when the cook, who
was also waitress-and landlady, asked
him if he didn't want some pie.
"What sort of pie have youf" he
asked expectantly.
"Well, we've got three kinds," said
the hostess, "open-faced, cross-barred
and kivered all apple." Woman's
Home Companion for October.
Mrs. E. B. Wheat started to the Hot
Lake Sanitarium Wednesday morning,
where she goes to receive treatment for
rheumatic troubles.