The news=record. (Enterprise, Wallowa County, Or.) 1907-1910, September 21, 1907, Image 8

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Physician Surgeon
E. T. Anderson, M. D.
Enterprise, Oregon.
Physician and Surgeon
Independent I'lione.
Office up stairs in Hunk Bldg.
When Passing On The Lewis
tor, Road, Stop At The '
Sled Springs Hotel.
Plenty of Stable Roon..
S.B.CONNER. Proprietor.
Win. Mcllruy and Company.
Farms, Timber Limds, Acreage,
Lots, Residence and Kusmess
Property For Kale. Timber Lo
cating a Specialty
Stone Mason and Gutter
Cut etone flues constantly on
hand for short order work,
also fresh lime.
L. J. Pisell, Wallowa, Ou.
U. W. Hyatt, I . jeo, S. OrAlg,
I'reh. V Ice Pres.
W. R. Holmes, frank A. iu'iivIh,
Cashier. AmnL '
Capital, $50,000.
Surplus, $30,000.
Geo. W. Hyatt, Mattie A. Holmes
' Geo. H. Craig,
G. Pennell, W. It. Holmes.
We do a general banking business.
Kxohange bought and sold on princi
pal CltlOS.
IHTE2HI31, ossaon
J. A, Burlclgli
Daniel Boyd
Burleigh &;i Boyd
Will practice in all the Courts of
this Btnto and before the Interior
aud Its offices.
The most careful attention
given to all business entrusted
to our care.
Enterprise, Oregon.
Ruggles & Lathrope,
The House
we win movo your nouse, barn or
other buildings lit a careful manner
also put In new foundations when
ll you are In need of any work in
our line, call ou or address us at
La (rGoods
My Stoo he largest in
this section of the elate, (and
"most important of nil is tho
porsonal element entering
into the make-up of my goods,
It is something to mo that
the product of my shop shall
be right." Call in and let
us show you around.
L Berland
Jhe JteWs-Jlecord
Editor and Publisher.
Issued Every Saturday
Entered lit tlie Kntcrpriso post office as
Second Class Matter.
(In Advance.)
One Year .' .....1.60
Six Months 75
Three Months 60
City and County
Brief News Items
Fresh oranges and lemons at the E.
M. & M. Store.
Get one of those nice hand bugs at
E. M. & M. Co's. Big Store.
If you want peace in the family get
your wife a Shelby washing machine. E.
M. & M. Co. keeps them.
'Twill soon be school time. Don't
forget that Rurnaugh & Mayfield are
headquarters for school supplies. Best
line of tablets in town.
Rev. and Mrs. H. S. Templeton will
leave for Portland next Monday to be
absent about two weeks. Rev.
Templeton w ill attend the sessions of
the Presftyterian synod in Portland.
Miss Mary Walker of Post .Falls,
Idaho, who has spent the summer with
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Boyd, will leave
for her home Saturday.
Dr. C. T. Hockett reports that Mrs.
John Johnson, who has been critically
ill at his home, is improving and in a
fair way to recover.
Attorney D. W. Shealian was at
La Grande on bnsincss this week.
Dermine Cream, the best preparation
for chapped hands and face, is sold by
Burnaugh & Mayfield.' Therefore the
county seat should stay in Enterprise
WANTED: Sewing, plain or dress-
niakiug. Prices reasonable, and satis
faction guaranteed. One door south of
Funk's store. Mrs. N. A. Fallman.
Don't forget that the News-Record is
fully equipped, and always ready to
look after your job printing. No mat
ter how large a job it is, or how diffcult,
et us figure with you.
Dr. E. A. Fosner and family left
Tuesday for west Oregon! He will
look over the towns there for a location.
He still retains his property interest in
Enterprise, but sold his office and
practice to Dr. Ketchum.
The furniture committee for tho
Fraternal building was investigating
prices Tuesday at the various stores. It
is estimated that the cost of furnishing
the lodge rooms will amount to nearly
Mrs Len Emmons of Alder Slope
brought in some large and very fine
flavored yellow transparent apples
Lostine schools opened Monday with
an increased enrollment over last vear,
W. Eugene Smith of Idaho is in charge
Mr. llass of Alder Slope had a load of
beots weighed on Ashley's scales Tues-
day that tipped the beam at 3050
J. B. Seibert returned Saturday from
Joseph whore he finished painting the
Catholic church. He will go to Lostine
inW few davs to paint a house for hi
brother-in- law, (ieorgo Woods.
G. W. Hall, tho principal of the Alder
school, returned this week from the
Willamette Valley where he speut the
summer vacation. School w ill open
Alder a week from Monday. A ninth
g auo lias been added (or tho coming
Lee Tnttle, editor of- the Recorder,
Ciivens Masterson, a druggist of Elgin,
Scott Harris, a druggist of Walla
Walla, were in Enterprise Thursday on
their way homo from a three weeks
huutlng trip in the Imnaha country.
G. J. Wagner returned from Portland
this week and will remain about two
months. Owing to the lateness of the
season he will not let the contract for
his new store building just west of the
Fratornal building, until next spring.
About a dozen members of Anoroid
camp, Royal Neighbors, went up to
Joseph Monday evening and visited the
I camp there. After witnessing the
initiation of several candidates, the
visitors and their hostesses enjoyed a
delightful social time and a bountiful
j Newell Stubbleflold has sold his in
terest in the White Front livery to
James Stubblefleld and Roy Simmons.
Tho big ventilatorspre being installed
j in the Fraternal building and the
i ornamental railing placed on tho roof
i this week.
MiSs Ethel Maxwell is visiting friends
at Lewiston.
Hot I
Miss Louise Bauer has gone to
Lake where she has accepted a position.
Miss Audrey Combes leaves tomorrow
for Corvallis where she will enter the
O. I. C.
R. McCrae, landlord of the McCrae
hotel at Wallowa, was in the county seat
Miss Edna Browning has gone to
Salem to take a special course in music,
voice culture and drawing at Willamette
Methodist church: Sunday school
at 10 a. m ; Epworth LeaRiio at 6:45 p.
Tho members are expecting the
arrival soon of their new pastor, Rev.
Paul Gardner, who comes from the East.
Mrs. Seibert's millinery opening.
Wednesda.', was an irresistible
attraction for the ladies, who greatly
admired the showing of full aud winter
Mrs. J. W. Bunnell of Portland has
been visiting this week at the home of
her sister, Mrs. O. M. Corkius.
J. B. Seibert has been painting and
otherwise refitting the room where ho
will open up his cigar store, next door
to Mrs. Seibert's millinery Btore.
Tho winter schedule for tho Elgin
stage will go into effoct October 1. The
outbound stage will then leave Enter
prise at 10 a. m. and spend the night
at the Canyon House. The inbound
stage will reach here in the middle of
the dav.
A. H. Holmes of Missouri arrived- in
Wallowa county thi s week. Ho . will
teach Star school No. 39 in the Paradise
Billy Wilton, tho ferryman, and
Harry Brown, the well known farmer,
both of Troy, were in Enterprise Thurs
day on milling business.
L. J. Jordan, of south of Enterprise,
has been milking 1C cows for the last
three months and received $80 a month
for butter fat from the Wallowa Valley
Cream Company. This, besides the
skimmed milk which he says is worth
25c per cwt. as feed for pigs. Seven of
the 10 cows are but 2-year old heifers
The Wallowa Valley Cream Company
paid $1425.15 for butter fat during the
month of August at; its two factories.
This .is the largest, amount ever paid
to the farmery og.,. this county in one
moutii lor dairy pruduct. ...
E. B. Wheat is using a crutch and
cane as the result of a painful injury
caused by his stepping on a -fiail that
penetrated the sole of his shoe and ran
into his foot.
Miss Anna Hoyt, deputy in the
office of County Clerk J. A. French, will
leave about October 1 for Portland
where she will visit her sister, Mrs.
Humphries, for a month, then leave for
the east for an extended stay at her
old home, Woodstock, New Brunswick.
Miss Hoyt is undecided whether she
will return to Enterprise, but her
many friends here hope her longing for
the best of all countries will be'irresist
able. The basket social given by the band
at the rink Tuesday night was an eu
joyable affair and well attended. The
concert was an too oriel m the opinion
of the pleased auditors. The plavine
was remarkably fine considering the
short time the band has been organized,
aud as J. A. Burleigh said in his happy
little speech of welcome in behalf of
the band, the results reflect great credit
on the leader and the members. Mr
n t i , .... .
mincigii aiso announced mat tor a
limited period the entrance fee to join
the band is suspended as tt is do
sired to fill the ranks to the limit of the
number of instruments. The sale of
baskets made lots of fun and totaled
f80.23, Mr. Burleigh showing much
skill as auctioneer. Claude Boatman
acted as master of ceremonies.
Church Notes of
County Interest
Rev. W, F. Sainras occupied the pul
pit in the Christian church Sunday
morning, in the absence of Rev. Thomp
son, who was at Lostine conducting two
funerals. Rev. Thompson preached in
the evtuiing to a large congregation, on
the topic, "Is the World Growing Bet
ter?" He gave historical facts to prove
thnt in charity, kindness and justness
tho world is growing better. Rev. B.
F.Miller of Promise was present and
assisted in the service.
The members of the Christian church
are asked to meet at the church early
next Monday morning to assist in re
papering and repainting the building.
A new flue will lie put inland the edi
fice other ise improred-nd renovated.
Sunday School Rally Pav will be ob
served at the l'resbyterian ohurvh
week from next Snndav, Septonilwr 29,
at 3 o'clock In the afternoon, All the
Sunday schools of this district, which
includes those of Enterprise and Alder
Slope, are cordially invited to be pres
ent and participate by a talk by super
intendent, or someone whom he may
select, or by a special song. An invita
tion has been sent to the Sunday school
in the Pratt district of which Thomas
Morgan is superintendent. It is also
hoped that the county president, H. B.
Davidhizer, will be present. -A special
collection will be taken, which will go
to help pay for the printing of tracts
and portions of the bible in foreign lan
guage for distribution to immigrants.
Regular monthly services will be held
in the Catholic church of Enterprise,
commencing with the first Sunday in
October. The church has just been re
painted and repapered by J. B. Seibert
and is now in first elase shape.
The hour of evening services at the
Christian church has been changed
from 8 to 7:30 p. ni. beginning next
Sunday. Evening services at tho Pres
byterian church 'begin at 8 p. m. next
Sunday but after Rev. Templeton's re
turn from Portland in October the hour
will be changed to 710.
Next Sunday Services
Rev. Owens of the Baptist church w ill
preach in the M. E. church next Sun
day morning and evening.
Christian church services: Sunday
School at 10 a. in; sermon by the pas-
tor, Kev. in. J. mompson. at 11 a. m;
C. E. at 6:30 p. m; sermon by Rev. B.
F. Miller of Promise at 7:30 p. m.
Regular services at the Presbyterian
church, 8eriuons,.Rev. H. S. Templeton,
at 11 'a. m. aud 8 p. m., topics "A Tried
Philosophy of Life" at the morning ser
vice, and in the evening, "The Bible and
Young Men." Sunday school at 10 a.
m., and C. E. at 7 p. m.
Married In M. E. Cburch
Miss Myrtle Carpenter and Mr. Roy
Bishop were married in the M. E.
church Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock,
Rev. Batchelder performing tbe cer
emony. .The couple were attended by
the groom's brother and his wife, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Arthur Bishop. After the
ceremony the party went to the homo
of Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur Bishop where
a wedding supper was served. In the
evening a party of boys and young men
gave the newly-wedded an old fashioned
belling and were given a piece of money
to cease their musical efforts.
The bride is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. A.J. Carpenter of Powwatka. and
the groom a son of Mr. and Mrs. E. A.
Bishop of near Wallowa. They will
remain in Enterprise for a few weeks
and then in company with J. Arthur
Bishop and family will go to Portland to
' '
Special Session of City Coaacil
At a special session of the city council
Monday night, called to consider tho
building'bf a Jridge across the river on
Residence street, tho matter was
deferred until the next regular meet
ing which will bo held the first Monday
in October. The action was deferred
in order to learn if lumber 'can bo
procured and also to inquire into tho
Inland Empire's
Wallowa county, Oregon, is situa
ted in the N. E. corner of the state,
and is a most inviting field for the
homeseeker. It is about 100 miles
square and has a population of 10,
000. It is new, prosperous aud ever
growing; is settled mostly by east
ern people who, having . grown
tired ot cyclones, blizzards, malaria,
high rents and other disadvantages
of the over crowded East, have beeu
attracted to the free homesteads, rich
soil and healthy climate of "Wallowa
county, as a most desirable place to
live forever. In appearance Wal
lowa county is rough and uneven
and is divided by nature into moun
tains, hills and valleys. The moun
tains ara imposing in their wealth
of scenic beauty and are valuable as
a summer range for stock and their
( mines of precious metals. The hills
are level and undulating and pro
duce abundant crops of wheat," oats,
rye and barley, and the famous
bunch grass, on w hich vast herds of
stock thrive and grow fat, making
easy fortunes for their owners.
The valleys are well irrigated, rich
and productive, aud in addition to
tho crops raised in "the hills" pro
duce immense yields of clover, timo
thy and alfalfa. The county is par
ticularly well adapted to fruit rais
ing; garden truck of all kinds do
exceedingly well. It is well watered
by four rivers, numerous stieams,
and flue springs; it has the heaviest
lainfall of any county In the auto.
state of the city's finances in the street
and bridge fund.
The bill of E. J. Forsythe for electric
lights for August, amounting to 826.50
was allowed, also one of $15 presented
by G. H. Vest for the improvement of
Alamo street. Several cross walks were
ordered built.
Mayor Boyd, City Recorder Tacgart
and Councilmen Akin, Berland,
Combes, Graves and Reavis were
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon,
for Wallowa County.
W. K Stubblefleld. Plaintiff,
v i
Angle Stuhblcflold, Defendant,
To Angle Klubblefield, the above named
In the name ol the Slate of Oregon: You
are hereby required to appear and answer to
the complaint tiled against you In the above
entitled cause on or before the expiration of
nix weeks front the date of the ort publica
tion ot this Summons, which first date of
publication Is Saturday, September 21st.
1U0J, and If you fall to appear mid answer
within said time, for want thereof the plain
jiff will apply to the Court for the relief
prayed for li his complaint., yiz:
For a decree dissolving the. bonds of matri
mony now and heretofore existing between
the plaintiff and defendant, . upo a tho
grounds of willful desertion.
This Sumiuous is published pursuant to aa
order of the Hon. O M. Cork Inn, County
Judge of Wallowa county, Oregon, made and
entered on the 18th day of September, 1907,
directing the publication thereof for the
period of six consecutive weeks commenting
with tbe date or September 21st, 1V07.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
in tbe C rcult Court of the State of Oregon,
for Wallowa County. J
H. . Tbroe, Plaintiff,)
vs J
Mary A. Danforth' and)
Lucius Dauforth, her )
husband, and Larklu
Huuley, Defendants. ) .
To Mary A. Danforth,
Luolus Danforth
and Lurkin llunley, the
defendants above
named :
in the name of the State Oregon: You and.
each of you are hereby required to appear
and answer to complaint tiled agulust you
in tlie above entitled cause ou or before the
expiration of six weeks from and after the
date of the first publication of this Summons
wh loll dale of first publication is Mturduy,'
September 21st, 11)07, and if you fail so to ap
pear and answer, for want thereof, the plain
tiff will upply to the Court for the relief
prayed for in his complaint, to wit:
. For a decree requiring you and each of you
to sot forth the nature o f your claim or In
terest in aud to Lot numbered Eight and the
South one-half of Lot numbered Nine In
Block numbered Eleven in the town of Jos-
eph, Wallowa county, Oregon, and that a,".
' adverse claims of you and each ot you h.,
j determined by said decree; that .vou and
I each of you be adjudged and decreed to have
, uo Interest or claim In aud to s;iiri real rr"P
' city or any part thereof; thtt yhiini'ff'a title
j thereto ho adjudged uud deci'.vjj to be, xod
I and valid ugaiust you and each u! you', and
his title thereto quieted ; and Hiat you and
each of you be fuieyer biwred awl enjoined -from
asserting any claim or inivrest in and
to said real property or any ntrr, tucrtof. ad-
I vere to the titlti of plaint..-.!'; a-.ul for such
other uud further relict :is to e'i':l;y shall
set-n meet and ai ftv.or.e.
This Is sen n upon you bv tmbll-
cation Hereof in the N-s-iiecord, for Life full
pe'.loi! oEsjy eor.Heeutive ve'j!.. oomn.enelng
with the date if S;-rtei;.t.vr 21st, U"T, pursa
ant ton ur lei 'o! ?h Jlo. o. M. c.irkiiu,
County Judge of Wallowa county, Oregon,
which order is made and dated on the 1Mb.
day of September, 19u7. .
2lt7 ' BUULK1GH & BOYD,
y Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Banner County
east of the Cascades.
The principal river is Wallowa, a
very rapid mountain stream, of
,-ysta clearness, whose swift flow
ing waters afford immense water
power,1 and flow for forty miles
through a valley as rich as the Nile,
turning the wheels of machinery,
irriiatiug vast acres of fertile land
and finally .emptying into the
Grande Ronde. There are thousands
of acres of Government lands within
the borders of Wallowa valley, yet.
subject to homestead. This laud is
deep, rich and productive and each
homestead usually coutaius living
The county embraces every varie
ty of climate from snow capped
mountains to its warm valleys,
where apples, peaches, apricots and
grapes are a never failing crop.
Its summers are warm with cool
nights; its winters are moderate aud
The resources of the counlare' as
diversified as its surface ,'Iu the
valleys and on the Grande Ronde,
Snake and Imnaha rivers fruits and
vegetation of all kinds abound. In
the valley hogs grasses, and grain of
all kinds make abundant yields; and
the hills and mountains furnish feed
for thousands of head of sheep, cat
tie and horses. -
Wages range from $40 per month
on the farm, to $0 per day for skilled
labor. And laboring men are always
in demand.