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    The Causes of
Theories and Facts Bearing on the Recent
Remarkable Fhenomena h Italy The
Continuance of Shocks In
That Cour.tr).
. OOR Italy! Tho tivuMes of that
class!'' land consl.-t not alone In
tlio fact that tin- tremors of
Mother Karth l:av.- already
done groat i:a:::asi' 1" tlii- southern
portion of t!:. Kingdom, l.ut lu the cir
cumstanci' also that tlio sliooks con
tinue m:d neein i U- affectlnp a wider
extent of territory. What does uuture
Inteiul to do v. this fair lar.d. so fa
mous In hlt'ry and so Messed l:i
tuauy respects by Providence'; Willi
all Its natural urn tions It would be
a dangerous plate to dwell If the fate
of Messina or roir.poil wore constantly
Inhabitants of Home, Naples. Flor
ence ar.d Milan are becoming alarmed
now because of the fre'pieiK-y of sli'ln
shocks in thoir vie inl'.v ;;:d the seem
lnjr Increase in their seve;i:y.
Geologists think that the relief which
the first shock fiives
to the fntern-tl '
it may not be j
. I
stresses that caused it may not
complete and that further adustmen:s
of the rock strata may be r.o essary to
res tire e ;ul!il riu:n. l:i t'ae present
case tho i ly sori. u I: inn done was
wrought at ti;e i v.is;. . v.: e the shock
of Ie' L's little life l:. s b.-eu 1'jst, and
such walls as have been affected were
totterinj; befcre.
The old theory that the interior of
the earth is a l'.iiid mass has few ex
ponents now. Though calculation indi
cates that at a depth of twenty or thir
ty miles the heat must be so intense
that it would, if exerted at the surface,
melt the hardest known substances, n
counteractiug influence Is certainly at
work. Laboratory experiments prove
that pressure raises the temperature
at which any material will soften. So
stupendous Is the pressure exerted on
the interior of the earth by twenty or
thirty miles of rock above It that in
the judgment of eminent astronomers
Professor George II. Darwin of Cam
bridge Is one the globe has the rigidi
ty and far more than the hardness of
the hardest steel. The lute Lord Kel
vin, the foremost tshvsielst of the
world during the latter part of his ca- !
feer. also entertained this opinion. I
Italy Is not the only countrv which '
is getting a severe shaking nowadays.
Ever since the earthquake shocks be
gan in southern Italy, on Dec. US, the
seismograph at the weather bureau In
Washington and the magnetograph, be
longing to the same service, at Mount
Weather, Va., have been cutting up
strange pranks, and the earth seems to
be still quaking. The seismograph Is
the official recorder of earthquake
shocks and writes its story with n
stylus on black paper. The magnet- i
ograph photographs its records on
sensitive sheets, each variation of the
magnetic lield being indicated instant
ly by a point of light darted on tho pa
per from a mirror. The latter instru
ment recorded the Italian disaster at
the Instant of Its occurrence, while
the seismograph began making its
strange tremulous writing uearly ten
minutes after the forces of nature had
wrought their havoc.
"It is Impossible to tell Just what
magnetic disturbance took place in
Italy, but that It was a convulsion of
the magnetic, field of some sort is
shown by the. f;:ct that the quake was
instantly recorded on the magneto
graph." sakl Professor Charles F. Mar
vin, chief of the instrument division of
the went her bureau. "Since the even
ing of the 7th, corresponding to early
morning the XSUi In Italy, when we
got the first rocords of the preliminary
quakes, our Instruments have been
pretty busy."
Professor Marvin added that every
few days shocks of greater or less se
verity had boon recorded, many of
them affecting our own continent. A'--cording
k the records. It took the
earthquake waves or propagations six
minutes and fifty seconds to travel from
?an Francisco to Washington.
The photograph I'enrodllecfl hdm.
with showing the appearance of the i
water front of Messina after the earth
quake was one of the first sent to this !
country and was taken shortly after I
the terrible disaster occurred. It lndi-1
cntes how the splendid and substantial j
stone buildings that faced the quay in '
a long semicircle were shaken down or
irretrlerubly shattered by the force of '
the convulsion. I
Haines Burgess, of the senior
class at Pacific College, won the lo
cal oratorical contest there Friday
night. His subject was "Modern
Tyranny." There were five contest
ants. It. R. Butler, conveying the elec
toral vote of Oregon arrived in
Washington Friday. The 1000 for
feit for failure to arrive there by
the time prescribed will not be as
sessed against Mr. Butler, as a copy
had been received by mall.
M. J. Meany, the Portland youth,
who was convicted upon his confes
sion of an attempt to rob Henry
Schilling, a well-known business
man of Butte, Mont., was sentenced
to 20 years in the Montana peniten
tiary. Parts of a human skull were
brought up last week from the chan
nel of Coos Bay by the government
dredger. With it were bits of cloth
ing and a rock with a rope attached,
which indicated that It might have
been the remains of a suicide years
In the person of Harold Barton, a
14-year-old boy from Nampa, Idaho,
the Portland police think they have
the "look-out" for a gang of yeggs.
Barton was picked up along wi h
Esmond Conger, a young boy from
T I 1 . -,(... 1. . . .)... , I ,. T 1 . . . V, nA
Dillc i-j urmuvc&. uuiu aic
Two recruits received at Fort
Stevens from Jefferson Barracks,
Mo., engaged in a fierce fight Friday,
and one of the men, Private White,
Is now in the hospital In a serious
condition. Private Johnson, his as
sailant. Is locked up under guard
and will be courtmartialed.
A. S. Hart, of Albany, has 12 hens
which have laid 2595 eggs in the
last year, and he claims it Is the
champion laying brood of the world.
Included in this flock is the hen
which recently established a new
world's record by producing 25G
egg In a year
Jesse H. Bond, president of the
senior class of Oregon University
and winner of last year's Interstate
oratorical contest, Friday won first
place In the tryout to select a repre
sentative for the inter-colleglate con
test between nine Oregon colleges, at
Corvallis next March.
Reports received from different
sections of Wasco county are favor
able to the outcome of the wheat
crop. Prominent farmers say the
grain crop is In better condition now
1 than at this time last year. The
damage to fruit has been exaggerat
ed and fruitraisers are now hopeful
of a fair yield.
Through the efforts of Oregon rep
resentatives, a provision has been In
serted in the emergency river and
harbor bill by the house committee,
authorizing a survey of the Colum
bia and Willamette Rivers from
Portland to the sea, with a view to
ascertaining the cost of a 30-foot
I channel.
Governor Chamberlain has Issued
a warrant for the extradition of W.
i F. Gordon, who Is under arrest in
i San Francisco and is wanted in
Marshfleld to answer to the charge
, of the embezzlement of $176.77, al
leged to have been collected by him
1 as agent for a Portland piano con
i cern upon the payment of an instru
: ment.
I Brooks & Sons, proprietors of the
: Carlton nursery, have received a
j shipment of choice walnut seed dl
I rect from France. There were eight
hogsheads in the shipment and they
contained 500,000 nuts.
This seed
wl" "e Planted on a tract of land
one mi,e east of Carlton, which these
men recently purchased for this pur
pose. This company now has over
100 acres in nursery and Is constant
ly enlarging its holdings.
According to statements made by
Salem loganberrygrowers, the re
cent freeze killed all kinds of vines I
down to the snow line, and there
will be no loganberry crop this year,
except what berries will grow on thA
few vines which, through neglect
were WnS uPn the ground and
were protected by the snow. This
will be a severe blow to the logan
berry Industry, for a beginning was
made th past season in finding a
permanent market for the fruit.
There are also many reports that
"Careful Banking Insures the Safety of Deposits."
Depositors Have That Guarantee at
CAPITAL $50,000
SURPLUS $.50,000
We Do a General Banking Business.
Exchange Bought and Sold on
All Principal Cities.
Geo. V. Hyalt, President
Geo. fcs. Craig, Vice President
Geo. V. Hyatt
t'KO .S. CitAKt
J. H. Dobbin
Highest Market
Vrice for
Hides and Pelts
rose bushes have been killed down
to the snow line.
The pool of the Willamette Valley
Prune Association, consisting of the
crop of 1908, has been settled for In
full. The members receiving their
last fractional payment covering the
pool and the following figures repre
sent the net prices Becured for the
principal. sixes of Italians SO to 40,
5.22c; 40 to 60, 4.65c; 60 to 60,
4.27c. Manager H. S. Gile. of the
association, has received a telegram
from an Eastern firm declining an
offer of prunes because of the re
cent Increase In freight rates. It la
generally believed by prune packers
that the Increase In rates will mu
terially Injure the prune Industry In
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Grande, Or
egon, January 11, 1909.
Notice Is hereby given that Albert
L. Chllders, of Enterprise, Oregon,
on October 16, 1902, made
Homestead Entry, No. 120,40, for W
NE Vi. N Section 15,
Township 1 No.th, Range 44 East,
i Wlllame te .v.erldlan, has filed no
tl e o." Intention to make Final Five
Vviar Proof to establish claim to
the land above described, before D.
iW. Sheahan, U. S. Commissioner, at
his office at Enterprise, Oregon,
on the 20th day of February, 1909.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Frank W. Heske.t, of Wallowa, Ore
gon; David H. Hearing, of Wallowa,
Oregon; Nicolas W. Ownbey, of En
terprise, Oregon; James W. Chllders,
ot Enterprise, Oregon.
F. C. Bramwell, Register.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for Wa'lowa County.
Notice Is hereby given that by vir
tue of aa order of ths above-entitled
Court, made and entered on the 8th
day of January, 1909, licensing, au
thorizing and empowering the under
signed guardian ot the estate of Beu
lab. Bunnell and Irene Bunnell, min
ors, to sell all of the Interest of the
said minors In and to the E of
the NW and the W of the NE
of Section 35 In Township 1 North
oi Range 44 E. W. M. in Wallowa
Cojnty, Oregon, the same being an
undivided one-third Interest, I will
from and after ,the 12th day of Feb
ruary, 1909, procaed to sell at private
sale all of the interest of said min
ors in and to the said described real
property. The terms of said sale
are as follows: the entire purchase
price Is to be pali In cash.
Dated this 13th day of January,
First insertion Jan. 14, 1909; last
Feb. 11. 1909.
BURLEIGH & BOYD, Attorneys for
Guardian. 21t5
lated Tract.)
Department of the Interior.
U. S, Land Office at La Grande, Ore
gon, January 10, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that, as di
rected by the Commissioner of the
General Land Office, under provis
ions of Act of Congress approved
June 27, 1906, (34 Stats., 517), we
will offer at public sale, to the high
est bidder, at ten o'clock a. va., on
the 9th day of March, 1909, at this
office, the following-described land:
SE-4 NE Section 24, Township 1
South, Range 44, East Willamette
Meridian, Serial No. 0887.
Any persons claiming adversely the
j above-described land are advised to
file their claims, or objections, on
or Delor tne time obsignated roi
F. C. Bramwell, Register.
Not just as good but better than
any other 5 cent cigar, Is the Ad
vertiser. Enterprise made cigar.
W. R. Holmes, Cashier
Frank A. Reavis, Afwt. Cashier
Mattie A. Holmes
W. R. Holmes
Notice Is hereby given, that under
and by virtue of an order of the
County Court of the State of Ore
gon, for Wallowa County, made and
entered on January 9th, 1909, In
the matter of the Estate and Guar
dianship of Robert H. Wright, Merle
Wright, Stephen Wright and Walter
Wright, minors, and heirs at-law of
Henry Mace, deceased, whereby the
undersigned as foreign guardian of
said minors was and Is authorized,
licensed and directed to sell at
private sale all the Interests of
said minors, the same being an un
divided one-twentieth Interest be
longing to each, or four-twentieths
interest belonging to alL of said min
ors, of In and to the following de
scribed real property, to-wlt:
The SW of NWVi and NW of
SWfc of Section 29, the EVfe of SE
4 of Section 30 and the EVi of NE
and NW of NE& of Section 31,
except about 14 acres In a triangu
lar shape in the southeast corner
of the EYj of NEV4 of said Section
31, conveyed by George B. Dexter
and wife to .William L. Bishop by
deed recorded at page 99, Book I,
of the Deed Record of Wallowa Coun
ty, Oregon, and also except a square
one-acre tract near the southwest
corner of said EV4 of NE of Sec-
lion 31, conveyed by the said George
tl Dexter and wife to the directors
of School Dlsttlct No. 16, in said
county, by dead recordej at page
367, Book I, ot the Deed Record of
Wallowa County, Oregon, to which
deeds and the record thereof refer
ence is hereby made for a more def
nlte description of said excepted
tracts, all situated and being In
Township 2 N., Range 43 East, W.
M., in Wallowa county, Oregon, and
containing 265 acres, more or less,
and subject to an unasslgned dower
estate, to-wlt: An undivided one-hal
Interest for life, owned by Mary E
dace, as widow of said Henry Mace,
leceased, and also subject to a
mortgage executed by the said George
B. Dexter and wife to the Oregon
State Land Board to secure a loan of
$250.00 and Interest, which mortgage
is recorded at page 55, Book I, of the
Mortgage Record of said county.
I will, from and after the 26th
day of February, 1909, proceed to
sell at private sale to the highest
and best bidder for cash, all the
rights, title and interests of all of
said minor wards in and to said
described real property, together and
In one sale, and subject to the ex
ceptions and incumbrances above
Dated this the 26th day of January
21t5 Foreign Guardian.
Applications for Grazing Permits.
Notice is hereby riven th it all applications 'T
permits to rraze cattle, nurses, and sheep wi hm
the season of 1909, must be filed in my office at
Wallowa, Oregon, on or before March L 190V,
Full information in reirard to the KTazinir ft es to
be chanced and blank forms to be used in making
a pucauons win rv Turnmhen upon request.
2tl5 HARVEY W. HARRIS, Sus errisor.
Nature Provides
but one
It ia the natural winter
home of many thousand
of the world's best peopie.
Under the gentle influence
of its mild winter climate,
every amusement and
recreation abounds. Such
bathing, boating, fishing,
driving; such picnics, par
ties and "jollifications."
Los Angeles, Paso Robles
Hot Springs, Hotel del
Monte, Santa Barbara,
Venice, Long Beach Santa
Cruz, or a score of similar
resorts and you will find
health, congenial sur
roundings, hospitable
associates, faultless ac
commodations and num
berless attractions and
The O. R. & N. Co.
Connecting with
The Southern Pacific Co.
Make inexpensive round trip
- excursion rates to California
A six months stopover
ticket Wallowa to Los
Angeles and return is
Corresponding rates are it; ef
feet to other points.
We have some very distinctive
literature covering California's
winter resorts, and will take
pleasure in giving yon all of the
information and assistance at
our command.
For tickets, sleeping car reservations,
etc., call on, telegraph or write
E.1T. Campion, Agent, Wallowa.
WM. McMURRY, gen. pass, agent.
Portland, Oregon.
Onron Day t Settle Exposition.
Portland July 17 has been form
ally .elected as the "Offlclal SUM of
Oregon Day" at the Seattle Exposi
tion. The Oregon sUtt commission.
Gov. Chamberlain and the commer
cial organliatlons of the itate have
been so notified by Chairman Joslah
Collins, of the committee on special
days, and steps will be taken at onc
by the various officials who are In
terested In the extensive lans Ore
gon has been making to make this
day one of the most notable of the
entire exposition. The extenslvenesi
of the plans will depend largely upon
whether the legislature will grant
the extra appropriation of $50,000
which the state commission Is asking
Cotens Acting Governor.
Salem Robert Caples, of Port
land, correspondent and newspaper
man, will be secretary for George E.
Chamberlain In the United State
senate. This announcement waa
made from the governor's office
No Information has been given as
ti the governor's plan In relation to
the governorship, but It Is pretty
definitely understood here that Will
iam Gatens, present private secre-
tnrv. will conduct the affairs or state
for Oregon until Chamberlain's po
sition In the senate Is definitely
Smallpox Cloticx Kllvrrt firhooli.
Silverton Because of smallpox In
Sllverton, schools, churches, theaters
and all public places have been or
dered closed by the mayor and busi
ness Is practically at a standstill,
five cases are reported In different
;arts of the city, but all are of mild
RODGERS BROS., Proprietors
Dealers in new and second-hand goods, Bicycles and Bicycle
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Repaired, Screen Doors and Windows made to order. Give ub
a trial. Our prices are right and all work guaranteed.
Did It Ever Occur To You That A
Telephone in Your Home
Provides safety, convenience, economj' and
pleasure, and makes your home life com
plete? Its cost is little, its benefits are
Home Independent Telephone Co.
Covering Union and Wallowa Counties
I Wm. Miller & Brother,
SUITE 204, Wallow National BanK Building,
Enterprise, Oregon.
Wallowa. Appleton. Flora lo Paradise,
From Paradise. Flora and Appleton to Wallowa,
E- W. SOUTHWICK, Proprietor.
We Have The Best
and only complete line of Hardware in the County
Call and inspect our goods and compare our pricei
with others.
General Blacksmithing
Jtorseshoeing a Specialty
Z:g07T 8'0Ck " lhi" andU
S. E. Combes,
Enterprise, Orejjon
Angry rther IC11U Eloper.
Brownsville Charles Powell
well-known and blghly-rsspectJ
farmer residing three miles west
Brownsville, shot and lasttm,
killed Homer Roper, a young nI
at the J. A. Nice place last wek
The trouble which led to the jji
result arose over the fact that Rop),
who Is aged 22 years, about tu
months ago ran away with Powoii',
16-year-old daughter, taking her to
Pilot Rock. Powell followed
brought his daughter back and
per toon came, too.. Since that ttra9
he has persistently sought the jlrl
although warned to keep away. '
The girl attended a party at thi
Nice place Thursday night, whert
Roper appeared and enticed btr
from the house. Powell was notl.
fled at his home and with his w;i
went to the Nice homo and began i
search for thelrv daughter. Sh u
iuuiiu iu ihufci b vuuiyauj o y Uri.
Roper then went to the btra.
Powell, returned and when near Ui
barn was accoRted by Roper, ko
Informed him that he had the dr
on him. Powell, who carried a ,u
Winchester rifle, then began shoot
1ns, hitting Roper just above th
right eye, killing him instsntly,
Powell remained on the scene of tat
tragedy and when the o3cers ap
peared gave himself up.
For that Terrible Itching,
Eczema, tetter and Bait rheum keep
their victims In perpetual torment.
The application of Chamberlain's
Salve will Instantly allay this Itching
and many cases have been cured bj
lta use. For sale by Burnaugh k
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