The Echo register. (Echo, Umatilla County, Or.) 190?-1909, August 27, 1909, Image 1

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Local Capital Will Form t Loan As
sociation to Help the Cause.
The time has come when Echo
must sit up and talce notice ami
recognize formidable competi
tion on the west. Echo has not
increased her population so much
in the past few months as she
should considering our great
and prosperous community, and
therefore some of our citizens
have begun to try to ascertain
the reason why.
Some of them assort, and it is
a -fact which cannot be denied,
that should a man want to live
in Echo at the present time it
wou d be impossible for him to
do so as there is not a half way
respect able vacant house in the
town-, and several of out good
citizens are now living in shacks,
but that is the best they can do
under the circumstances.
In view of the above condi
tions several of our citizens pro
pose to organize a building and
loan association so as to give
good people with small moans
or those who do not feel like
taking money out of their busi
ness, an opportunity to build
themselves a home.
The details of this building
and loan association have not
yet been, worked out but from
the people who are behind the
move it is safe to predict that it
will organize on a sound and
sensible basis and its offi
cers: nd directors will be select
ed from among Echo's most con
servative and substantial citi
zens. The association will till a long
felt want in Echo and this pa
per stands ready to do all in its
power to help in any possible
way. Give us the houses and
watch Echo grow.
( Iimtiheilaiii Colic, Cholera
and Dlan line a Kviucily
Never Known to l-'ail
"I have Used Cliaiiilw-i Iain's Colic.
Cholera ami Diarrhoea Kemely since
It was Hist introduced to the public
in l7i and have never found one
instance where a cure was not sedl
ly effected by its use. 1 have U-en a
commercial traveler for is years, and
never start out on a trip without this
my faithful friend." says II. S. Nich
ols of Oakland, lud. Ter. For sale by
iKuti & Horn di'tixjrists.
Show-going people in general
look forward with pleasure for
the annual visit of the Eih-r
show which comes to Echo Au
gust 30th. He always brings a
clean, wholesome entertainment,
and his company is composed of
ladies and gentlemen.
The Great Cry of Humanty is
Fresh Bread, Calces and Doughnuts
Listen For The Fell. It Has a Mu
sical Sound.
The first Monday in Septein-
her our schools will open their been received for the four luin
doors and bid you come for nil drcd foot submerged dam to be
things are ready. The High built next month by the Western
School is specially
prepared lo
give you a practical course of mile above town,
training in the shortest possible' The plans for the dam were
time. If your time is limited, 'drawn especially for the corn
special pains will be taken to 'pany by Hon. J. T. Whistler, of
enable you to get the most out the Keclaination Department and
of it. that will be of real piac-ti- the work will Le under the sup
Ciil value. The High School is ervi.-ion of W. 11. Hinkle. It
tne best equipped of any graded will require 100,OiH feet of lum
school in a place of like size in'bcr, M'O piles and several cars
the state, and there are but few j of cement to do the work. When
places of three times its size that completed the company will
equal it. Our town is pleasant, iliave one of the best dams in Ihe
social advantages first -class with I
a high moral atmosphere all the
while prevailing. We proll'er
the opportunities freely, and it
is yours to accept thorn with
profit. Make ready and start
with the opening of school. He
always on time, employ your
talents wisely, and life has an
nlloted place- that you can ac
ceptably till with prolit.
We have enough men who
have come to Echo and pur
chased land to hold for specula
tion. Not so many such ns some
places, but every community in
Oregon is held back by that sort
of thing. Echo wants home
builders. Echo wauts workers:
men who will grasp the handles
of the plow and make two hun
dred blades of grass grow where
none grew before; men who will
shovel water around from an ir
rigation canal that trees am'
vines may shade their hearth
stones. Men who are willing to
earn their bread, and who do not
expect to speculate upon the
needs of their fellows. Com
mon, ordinary, children loving,
home builders. Koom here and
hereabouts for ten thousand such
English Etchings.
bra l ies.
Iia e!t:!:t.v-ek;lit puhlle
Iu 1S.S0 three erson-s were cremated
In ICi'.tlaiid.
. rr;T
La-t year the number
W..mrn cetivl. t, in llaml nn aJ -
drLrf.-nl hy their tii-t inene-i instead f
by niiiiihers, im meu are.
Reeenlly nt the Laiuhetli county
.-ourt n uedi.or ,l,l. -He U a very
diCIeiill uaui to tatrh. m I Invited him
ti Inneh nr.d w rve-l L. u with the
lu, J
.Mi .La Jli .3
B '
TU U7jitMM f .n J 0. Iriti.lntinn
I lie iitoiciu vauu in igauuii ;
Company to Build a New Dam
The first car of lumber hns
Land Irrigation Company, one
Every little country village
has an ambition to become a
Iraue center and a boom cdy,
wiia no siMTiai natural iimiui !:
or geographical fdvanlapvs. Un -
...! I. . V.l & t r ...
det'Mieh cond. lions what is most
needed is some enterpriM! on the
part of its local capitalists. Thi y . t n.
must make the first advance it ! J-:;!i ':'
... vate i i
the uncertain field of develop . .U;, .ll;.
menc. They must capita!:;'4"ilin- e:
..,.,.,11 f ,..t,...;,.. .,,,,1 .nn(l,.il !,.
i ....!., 1 . i !... .1
.UIilll IttLLl'l ItllVl f. U lllill. llT-(.
are kept employed. When the J
local business is finally flavel i.e;-i-:-r ua h-- i- ir-T.i.'.i'l with
oped and proves to the nl Tal ,,; 1 ,i " ,!,,,'5'-v i:-u:es inr
that they are sueeessfnfejiie), uu,.i i;v,ty houselmlih-r
outside enterprises will l15uro.
to step in and enjoy you pros
pcrity wi'.li you. Just like a fe?
low who finds a favorite fishing
hole and catches fish, and all
the other fishermen who see that
he is catching will drop their
hooks right by the side of the
lucky fisherman. The business
men of any town should slop
talking and hoping for ollr r
to do something for the town
They should get together them
solves and prove to the world
that they have a money making
town. No outsider will want to in our swimming Ik le unt;i
we prove that they can catch
The movement for national
credit to be extended to the re
clamation of arid and swamp
land is blocked by the Cannon
of ulinoiSi aml TOr)oratii,
iniltocility typified by Aldrich of
the state of Standard Oil, but
t,o time will come wl en the
,i,..f ,
I?"0 tm the west will be
inisistible. The Kepublican par
ty necnls the votes of the wesl
worse than the voters of tl..-
west need any party.
Mm. Clark Fisher of Trenton ierii-
ally coi-iltuM one i f the lar-eat f.-u'i-
i iilrliMl III Vow .!i?iv nt. uuiutrt'liiii. Hia
The rtutu"-s of Manchester, former
ly Miss Zimmerman of C'im Innail, re
cently entertained twu royal iie.t.
Kh-; IMv.rnl i f V.v; hind Kin.;
Alfonso if ."-pniu. T!n n(Ta:r look
ylace nt I'l.trrits, Frame, where tin-
two rukTS tact.
Mm. Jem.!.' I Mc:-iilf of Wi.alu-s-Ut.
lX.luul. whli lwv:::y-iive i a'i et
Kvt , i e' t. , !; :v. c:. i!.i:i:::th-ii fr
i tl:, !:! n 1 1 ilv;;te m-i r-t :ry In ne
I . f i:sj I.ii.;,et-l tea h'iise In world.
1 !n v :i. ft'-'elvlv.s the itnih'lntnient
if,. il,,n-!i lU :;a!:ir,v of .t.r u
I a id es .
! f A. A. Ala!. 'I. i.;; i f Ci.enuirh.
I I'uiin., It's j.iveii .S .''., to-., anl a par-
j I !t hl'.eii
Mat i i'ii .a
UvA ::...:..
j t.-"I'l(' ! i'l h
.1 t i the
. of t':.
I .V.
1 V
, U r it-.
1 l . ! ;1
. .r
'. ' y inai'e
r ta'e rati .
1 in a
t .i.
.1 l.v
II- r
i I hy
er jet
;l .
I ,i ; i i-:
I 'tl. 1 I I'
u, ill
I Mile.
' Iu i'.
I.. e n ; r.i'j or
e.lllii 1 i. II ill
, tae i
! 1:'"';t
iu p..
S ! : v- Il.e.iiii'a have l-i-eli
a hai ! i ; ( r I'..' w
1 U.-r. la r;.;' e'"'" Ii
i.i ' i i.u;i i i :,; h i!
.";'!:. i. 1 ha I ..s: il a "l'1'i r" e.;ire '.villi; hit' uh
, at itiiai. I' ., lianei-.-l ;;i.,l
..i.:;.:;-:it. n. '.e. is of hi"
la ii.e il'. eln i' uf l.t lii'S
that they ceate' the rae-
iil'iiVi..-. i
i:i. i
"i'I'UIV Se
ami nvUl
i I.e.
Will t.. asU-a to tin !i tao luse. h In
i vrn aji.irMn
a r
r whleli In-
t ei that
teii'i-t-.r will y
tlK'IMIIgll V.
rj; !:vi I : :i
The wot hi f "iifume.'i OOcil upr-dlei
I r day.
Tl:i enl.l I I I i t )':: Vidle.l S'flles
iv y rtnrlie ir;ts nun. mil 'd ,i ?".r.!r..
': !:" tr.-nrr ( the v ;ircl v ! - no if
1 i 'i,.ih1 h d v ' I 1 ii I'l-.. i d :
I , iler m.ii.' ii.! e '; t!c rrt".v la II i
'ellr-i'S ' f I!"'- 'n it.
. !t!n rlt iilve ; li.ild t!,at C It;
i:v. .!., r i f : !ie i hi ;!! . il':'i i -I la
t:. v.-. i'd .. r i i d rn-ai V' -,' .1
la I' ?:; t- .'i"'i ' i. m mi in urns.
'!'!:.; rr t i erii.aii. ;.t st .t! a fur nlr
si 'i- ( i'i I ia N'w Y' I It U t-
I I nllt ii t!:e r . f f Hi" II-.I-1 A"t.r.
T: i rqa l. t r !- tit to rp -iid
i ' ill ilevcli' ,' I", Hiiiil Kil:ire feet oil
th- i-iiuf uf the ImlMhiK to the ulrshlp
) !a!.m.
Things Theatrical.
Fanny Itiei It I- nahl. meditates ft
I'.aj retlrtiaeiit from the mijre.
Kyrle Ileilew 1 1 to i nil hl vfirn
i! -n In e t ur i f f-'i-aln an. I rrulsln? In
lili yneht.
Knt'en" W.ther lias wrlil' ii n play
t r l-'ru'i-rle Th.mis-"!i Willi the, thiiil
l.u' title of "Tlie A- :is- in."
Civile ri'i ll hi'd mi offer made hhil
frmii Madrid f--r the i.anlsh riuhln t
Mm vrnl:ii of "The I'.! , it .Moil ."
Ilex I'.e.e h ri il, vi I ' The Harrier" Is
t he .". dii- '-'l lie:t ce ik.ii, w ith n
east lir'i-iteil hy M:i i-iiiiii: iinil The-d'-re
UoberlM. It will he ui.ihr the
direction i t Klaw lliliinyi r.
Recent Inventions.
A now Ineande-t. ent asiiv ht hrouj-'ht
out I14 Hak'lai d u. es a iluu-r of rods
w hii-ll ulow when the .:u I lhled
Instead of a mantle. Il: eater dura
bility and hrllllaney nr lahueil.
A (intent Iiah Im-i-u granted HmiO a
livlie t xtreiiKtheti Hie hand UiUii
1 1--H, eoimislii r of weighted ri"ls eon
mi ted w ith the llniri-rii t.. orT'T n'Mlt
niiee when ihe flnner are laoviil.
A roi-ent Frem-h luventloii In a yarn
uuiuuliUer. The yanw i n-n lliriinll a
swiftly rrrolvhiif Iuim- In wltHi ttierr
U water, and hy eeiitrifupil f'.fe tbU
ruluiao of water form a foliar around
the yarn.
A doK'a friendship It Letter than bl
hate.-WelKb I'rovt-rb.
lUftter a tnaNier be feared than da
ijilned. Duteb Proverb.
Better clip with the fnot than with
the tann. Italian Prorerb.
X friend to ererybndy la a friend
to nobody. ftpanlah Prorerb.
HAVE i I fill
Why Can't We Get An Electric
Light Flant Here?
Winter is coming and the long
dark nights will soon be staring
us in the face, and we will have
to gather up our old coal oil
lamp from the coiner and then
j light a match to see if we have
!a light. The city should put in
the lights, but if tliv won't do
it they should then give a fran
chise to M ine or.e who will. It
; will bono trouble to -"cure the
lights as the city can get
'money ; i:d haw the plant in
tunning order m siy day-.. I
If every cili.eii will help a lil-
tie we will have an elect lie light
plant in time for t!i.' Iniiu', weary
lor th;' loiir, weary
lere is not hi.ig more
levelling. Tl
. en vnng than tr.iod lm its in a
t!ai!; town. When
'.-oil leave
your home to visit with your
. . ...
nei'Mibor von will not then he
it win noi itieii in-
i-er boxe. and t rash ;
;reet or carrying aiij
.stumbling ove
left in the stii
old greasy lantern, and the
ening will be much more pleas-
antly spent. Your sloro will
not be dark for the want ofj P0Ket KlUVCS
cleaning the lamp chimneys. 1 J
Now iFwe want to still remain i . , . .
in the same old rut tloing noth j
ing, and saying to anvone w ho1 Swell Line of
will try to ilo something, "I will !
help, but go and see whal the IITI'II l T t C ft
other fellow will do tirst," we, (II ill j
will I,.' without lights until J 1 UJillUU
doom's day. The thing to do is ' ' ii
to s;.y I
will give so n.iich, and '
sign then. That will lessen the;
bunion of the ninn t'oing the so-!
licit ing
Wlutt Is Itf .if lor I ml i -i st ion.
Mr. A. Ihil.liwon of I i'iiniiiiiii, lii
tarlo. has Im -h t oulili i fi.r eais
with indict-,! i.ui, an I ihvi,:i..-iii
('hiiiiiiieiiaiii'-. M.ii.iiu'h iiini I.ier
'i'alili t s as "I I." h.-st I,., .iei.' 1 l'e'
IKed." I f 1 I'uwh'.ei! With illllijit it'll
or const inn ie then a dial.
They are certain to prow-hcliiTifial.
Thi- are easy to take and pleasant
iu i-!ii-t. J ile J". ri-iits. S.i in )(hs
flee ill I intuit I'oni I l l!r l nie.
While Mr. Kiler does not es
pecially fi-atnre hi- band and or-
!ie ,li-;i, they are mieedeil to la1
twonf the liiiest musical organi
zations t ra velintr.
imm.i. TncrrniKi: Fort nnto.
Just received 60,000 all kinds
! and designs. I
wants. Come in
j over. Prices 2
Registered Pharmacist
t ECHO, :::::: OREGON
L ;.- j
The Lisle Co.
Echo, Ore.
New Line of
; f 3.GI1S
JJ T l
F 1 & t C (1
We have a fc.v Collar Pads
and Halters left.
The Lisle Co.
Echo, Gre.
1 i
I t.t..V,V..V1
can supply your
and look them i
for 5c to 80c each