The Echo register. (Echo, Umatilla County, Or.) 190?-1909, August 06, 1909, Image 1

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Echo Has the Sand and Sunshine
and Water, the Coverament
Eas the Money.
Two Hundred and Fifty , Thousand
Acres Lying Northwest From
Echo Awaits Reclamation Water
and Good Reservoir Sites.
Echo lias
The Sand, Sunshine and Water
The Government lias the money.
Irrigation is paramount to
everything else in the settlement
and development of this section.
We have the sands, the climate,
the water and the transportation
facilities in Echo and what is
wanted is for the Irrigation
Congress to provide, through
the government, reservoirs, can
als and laterals with whicli to
conserve our water supply and
convey it onto these arid lands.
There are hundreds of thousands
of acres of the very choicest sage
brush lands lying in the vicinity
of Echo awaiting reclamation,
and which with irrigation will
not only add untold millions in
golden wealth of products to
the country, but will provide
for and sustain many happy and
prosperous homes, and give to
tho people of the overcrowded
and swelterirg districts of the
east an opportunity to breathe
free air, enjoy the independence
and freedom of a delightful,
healthful climate, excellent pub
lic schools, and to get hold of
a piece of God's heritage in soil
that is destined to bring peace
and happines to many thousands
of people.
The East is looking to the
West for homes and land invest
ments. We of tho West are
conversant with the many gold
en opportunities offered here;
with the arid conditions exist
ing, and of the water available
to cover these arid lands and
bring them into a state of pro
ductiveness, It is to the East
erner that e wish to tell of our
wonderful resources and oppor
tunities, and to the Irrigation
Congress add Reclamation offic
ials of our waterways, reservoir
sues, etc.. so mai tney may in
vestigate and consider our claims
wbile Secretary Dallinger
is !
Slaughter Sale of
To make room for new goods we will close out
our line of Summer Hats below cost, for spot cash
MerTs $1.50 Value Straw Dress Hats at -Mens
1 .25 Value Straw Dress Hats at -Men's
30c Value Straw Work Hats at
Men's 60c Value Caash Dress Hats at -Men's
30c Value Crash Work Hats at
Boys 25c Value Crash Dress Hats at -Boys
20e Value Straw Hats at
Ladies' 25c Value Sttaw Hats at -
Come and make jour selection at once while tde atortment Is complete.
yet in the west for tliat purpose.
Lying northwest from Echo
there is a body of land contain-
ipp:oxin:ateIy jO,(H0 acres
hoice shuo brush lands.
Ample water for this land can
b! procured from the John Day
river; good reservoir sites are
available for storing the water,
with good diversion points at
the dam sites and an easy form
ation of country through which
to construct canals ana laterals
to convey the water. It is said
on good authority that the en-
tire cost of putting in the sys -
tern and covering this 250,000
acres of virgin sage brush soil
with water will not exceed
$1,000,000. Aside from the re
claiming of this vast body of
land power can be generated for
electrical and other purposes
sufficient to operate electric
railroads and supply tl e towns
for many miles around with
lights and ample power for all
The Irrigation Congress meets
in Spokane August U to lil, and
the delegates from Echo will
impress upon the Congress the
advisability of the government
taking up the John Day project
and reclaiming these lands with
out further waste of time.
Burks Big "Uncle Tom's Cab
in Co ." the largest organisation
of its kind in America will ex
hibit at Echo Thursday night,
August 12. On this occasion
the famous old play will be pre
sented in as new and elaborate
a form as modern thought and
stage invention will permit; and
doubtless the big Pavilion Thea
tre will be filled to its utmost
capacity during their perform
ance here. The principa char
acters in this grand old play
will be interpreted by a very
comjH'tent cast of lady and gen
tlemen artists that have been
selected especially for their
ability to give a correct inter
pretation of Uncle Tom, Topsv,
Ophelia, Marks, Ijegree. Eliza,
St. Claire and Little Eva, the
balance of the cast are excep
tionally good, a contingent of
vaudeville artists consisting of
jubilee singers, buck and wing
dancers, wire walkers, hoop
rollers, etc., are introduced
throughout the play making it
the strongest production of this
popular drama ever presented
to the public. A pack of Siber
ian blood hounds, horses, ponies,
donkeys and an unusually gor
geous transformation scene are
also among the many features
oi this granu spectacular pro-
duct ion.
jl I I UUllnUlL
City Council met in regular!
session Wednesday evening j
August 4th with Aldermen 11. j
R. Stanfield. presiding. A. m
Thompson. E. R. Ware, E
Litsey and Recorder Urown pres
ont Mayor Scholl, Alderman
Sulith KjpiH,rf Absent,
j Minute of last meeting read
an,i approved. The report of
:lhe marshal and recorder read
; and olere(j vuCed on file.
The following bills were al-
lowed and warrants for the
amounts ordered drawn on the
O. O. Thornton, draylng 1 o
Archie Malcolm, labor.... 17 0
Henry Williams, lahor 00
C. C. Goodwin, labor 2 00
In n.i I . .... -1 in
V H. UUI IUII14, SUIUIJ .......... fw v
E. II. Brown, salary no
W. II. lloyd, nidse 1 .
The Lisle Co., mdso 4 4
Echo Lumber Co. . 3 M1
Serlvner & Meador 1 oti
William Ilojrgard, salary 33 on
N. B.
The ladies ade of this place
alius ade every good cauze and
now have a plan to ade their
preacher to git away as he wants
to go and should be helped in
so laudable a desire. If he must
go they desire to see him go
pade up to date as Echo has alius
had a good reputation for meet
in preachers bills as well as
others and the ladies ade desire
to keep up this reputation there
fore they have planned and or.
dained that each woman in towtt
who feels the same a privilege
shal git in and earn a dollar be
tween now and August 11th by
performin some stunt or doin
some work such as cxecutin a
war dance or blackin boots or
hoein ixtatoes or diggin worms
for bait, most anything legitimit
which any woman of push and
brains can think of.
Havin earned (or otherwise
procured) said dellars, the wimin
will assemble in I. O. O. P. Hail
and all wishin to hear hotf the
stunts were did and desirin to
encourage the wimin folks to
further splendid effort just git
a move on and follow the crowd
to the hall where the wimmin
will tell you about it, sum in
rime (as we have a poetess or
two in our place) sum good at
actin will act it and others may
tell their experiences in
prose. Children and young peo
ple smart enuff at jierformin
stunts may also have the privi-
1 00
C of carnin a dollar.
Any woman or child not po-
sessm the nnefsnrv brains or
earn a dollar in a
may 1 allowed to
donat'.' to this good cause,
or bcin too hard up to give a
dollar may be admitted for ton
No married man will be r.d-
: .i . i. ....
th;n one dollar
nnUvs nccompaniod by h.s wife
who has properly enrned her
dollar. All bachellors may cum
in for ten cents as they are to
be pitied havin no one to sup
port them. No old maid will be
admitted for less than one dollar
as they are to he envied havin
no men to support.
Resides the experiences told
there will be another speakin
and singin makin a full program
also there will belemminndeand
cake and if you don't kura you
will want to kick yourself all
over town the next day when
you hear the report of it and
will go to bed at night with a
bad ko.iscience cauze you failed
to chip in and help the wimmin
of this koinmunity.
Hopin these few words will
help to strengthen your good
resolutions, I remain,
Yours for a rousin time,
Samantha Allen,
The Second.
P. S. Providence permitten
I will be on deck too or send
proxy to tell my experiences for
they are just grate.
The death of C. L. Bandy
from typhoid fever occurred at
the family home, near Echo,
Thursday, tf July yj, 1909, the
deceased being 2H years of age.
The remains were prepared
by Undertaker Ware and Friday
were shipped to the former
home of the deceased, at The
Dalles, for interment.
Mr. Randy was born in Vir
ginia and came to Oregon in
18S7, locating near The Dalles.
in iwj ne locateu on a nome -
steau near lU'ho, ana was mar
ried to Miss Margaret Walker
September 27, 19o."i. To them
were horn two daughters, now 1
and 3 years of age.
Mr. Randy had many friends
in this section and the sympathy
; of th community is extended to
the bereaved wife and little
.ir. a. Kouiuson 01 j'riiiiiuin, On
tario, lia Iwttit troiitll for yrar
with indk'ttsl ion. aul nci)iiiim!inU
! Clmmlx-rlkln's Stomach and Liver
Tablets as "I lie U'st medicine I ever ;
used." If troubled with Indigestion
or constipation give, them a trial.'
They are certain to prove iienelicial.
They are easy to take and pleasant j
ill effect. I'rler i" cents. Kamplo
free at lkin & Horn Drug More. ,
i Asa H. Thompson, It. M. Stan j
! field and II. L. Stantield re- j
'turned Saturday from a hunting,
iand fishing trip in the Cascade
mountains. They report a fine
time and many pleasing and
some uite thiilling adventures.
Ingoing over the trail their
, horss lost their footing and
t ,rolhd down the bluff, one thfin
T! being thus instantly killed.
They had with them a burro
i that they considered safe and
sure footed, and this animal car
ried the main line of proviir:s(?J
over the more dangerous places.
' II. f Stanfield could not even
walk the trail, as when hp loo'ncd
i down and saw the ground about,
500 to 1000 feet below him, it
; made him ho dizzy and sick he ,
; had to take back and go over .
the mountain through the
brush. They found plenty of
, fish (?) and game.
James Kyle, representative
.the ( oki'nbia Luv.l I otrii
i arrived in Stur.iiolJ WiVtiK'sdav
morning with a carload of ex-
cursionists from North ai.d
; South Dakota. There were
i people in the crowd and they all
expressed themselves t.s highly!
j plea-sed with StantV.d and the!
surrounding country, .Most ot ;
them bought land from the com-!
pany and will return hero to!
improve it. They were driven
over the Furnish-Coe project;
by Messrs. Sloan, Wheeler and!
Kyle, and while in Stantield were
entertained at the hotel con
ducted bv Mr. aud Mrs. S. E.
M ikesell. The excursionists left
for the return trip east Wednes
day night accptnpanied by Jas.
M. Kyle, and E. E. N. Wheeler
who will go as far as Spokane.
Frank Sloan made a business
trip to Pendleton last Friday.
Another big excursion from
the Dakotas to Stanfield is
planned for the near future.
Building construction is pro
gressing rapidly in Stanfield and
some of the houses are neatly
ready for occupancy. .
All the land under the ' Fur
nisn-Coe project is highly adap
ted to fruit growing, and the
day is not far distant when it
will be returning froin $500 to
$1000 an acre in fruit.
Contractor Gates is pushing
the work of completion on the
two modern residences of Dr.
Coe, and the modern residence
of Dr. P. E. Ball.
Painters and paper hangers
will soon begin to get busy in
The hotel register shows many
new arivkls daily in Stanfield,
Contractor Armstrong has
completed the concrete founda
tion work for the bank building.
Services were held in the
church in Stanfield Sunday and
; wtro we attended
The Empire Lumber Company
have all the business they can
attend to in furnishing material
for new buildings. Every order!
given them receives prompt und
careful attention.
For staple and fancy irroceries'
igotoJ. C. Iloskins. I
If you fancy up-to-date stationery, the
best your money can buy. come In and let me
show you. I carry White & WyckofTs Imported
box paper, also tablets with envelopes to match.
for stationery and school supplies. You who
bought of me last year know you got better val
ue for your money than anywhere che. I shall
be in a position to supply you this year with the
best values for the money.
Registered Pharmacist
The Lisle Co.
Echo, Ore.
New Line of
i Wagons
Nickel Plated
Pocket Knives
Swell Line f
cut m
We km i few
tni Htlten left
Collar Pads 1
The Lisle Co.
Echo, Ore.
Schools will soon open again,
and I shall be headquarters