The Echo register. (Echo, Umatilla County, Or.) 190?-1909, July 23, 1909, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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    FRIDAY, JULY 23, 1904
As Good as the Best, Plain and Facy 1
Heavy or Light. Come and see them
Echo, Oregon
Office Phone, Main 22 A. Longwcll, Manager Home Phone, Black 442
MAIN 30.
l.l M ATI I
, im iu.iiiin; co.
I M OlIIHH 11 I'll
II. liKOWX, .Milliliter.
A Weekly iii-w.ip.-ijii-r. m 1,1 i.-hl
very Frldiiy at Krho, Umatilla Coun
ty, Oregon.
Siil-rljiliiti S1..V) Per Ycnr.
)..:irtmeiit of thi Interior. United State
I-hkI Office, I -a Grande, Oregon.
.lime :. It"l'.
A .iil'l'-lent ronte-d afllilaxll liavlnir In ch
t!,. . in tills iilliei- hy Willluin II. Notion, i-on-i
-1 :mt . nirniiKl II. K. Nil lido-Serial Kntry.
No. io;i. made January 7. l!"M. fur S1, NW '
.-.-li.iii l. Townihlii 4 North, liaiitfe :w Kail.
VWllaiiietle Meridian, hy Klnfellie M. lloi
i r. I'oiiieslee, ill wliieli 11 1 alleged ilinl
;ii. Kiiirenie M. Iliii-r ha neer eMah
: llin-l her n-ddi-ni-e thereon, nor lias she ever
rri i x, q . t -ii i n-M'hii uiervoii. inai mm- iiaiievfreni'iti miy
IlieO. K. V -N. CO. Will bl' K'll I, nil. Immorally other iiiiirovt-inent f any
. klii'l tin non. nor Inn Mieevereitltivatiil llie
il new lllOllOril ,..iiiii.i.ranyiiaiillici"iiif.liutliB-.Kliollyaliaii-
I . . ... , , . .. , i -ill mill (lie -miu-formon-than l in mill-, anil
iis a mi-ntal or moral pestilence. . d,. not building at Mantield as ti,:ii i,i-rai-iH-e wa nut iim-to military m-i-
'laVI' aim I 111:11 aim iim'ii; iiui.T
! into it. No excuse will bo avail-' coxtini'K.o FROM PANE ONK if tin- pTU speak out. A i
'man who votes against what lie Coo rvenuo, 7o.2r feet, two stor-
knows nine-tenths of the people , ies high, to ho used by Living
want, and should have is a bribed stone & Co. as a general mor
tool of the wealthy tax dodgers, chandiso store.
'or a consummate fool, and in
i eit ln-r case should he shunned ;the erection of
h You
II 11 a ; i i1..;!!!! I'niui-san-hi n'nj iiinuii-i nii.-iii,
ClmlClon ii ,. mil. ami offer evliieiu-e low-liiiitf nlil alle-u-
i Ion at III oVIork a.m. on AinriiM il. II'.
! u fure .1. S. ili-ekwitli. a Notary I'iiIiIIi'. at
i , , . . . i ' lit I'liii e in reniiieioii, tin-iron, nun i nut mini
! ( i rounds have been set aside i :,i in ui i-i-iii at in ovii.-u a. m. on
'. .. . ii I AiiKu-t . IHt1. Iiefon- the lii-ci-t.-r ami l.i.
,111 tllO northwest part Of town .-, h. r at the I nlt.Hl Htatea l-anil otllee in
for the blllldllltf Of the O.K. & ll,.. miII oniiant havliiKlna imurr alH
I -, . , ,clall. liliil June IW.i, wt forth faeUi
StOClf yartlS. vlil. h ilni that after line illlhrenee ik'rsonal
I . .... . ...... viril if this iioilee eannot In. mule. It It
- - .'innli ti'imsiiiii'tation near mar- in anana meat nun is ufinn i,. i. i.y unlink ami dini-ied iiiat u.ii mitioe
lnal.. tlr-t liiiertlnn. art In n..lnt tyH or mail , II anspoi l.ll IOI1, IH .11 m.ti , , U ,-lve.i l.j li.e an.l .n. r .iil.ll. atl,.n.
krevler. Illr.nU tn-r line fr Ural loaertli.n aod .... . , C ...,,.. 1 st rnilLf V talked of for Stailflpld i-iituVli Kill.' It II A IMi l:.....u-..r
cenuea.liail.llU..ual lieiitlon. , Keis nim miiv i nip, o.mih. - - -
n!. want mut e, but most farmers : and will no uouoi ix ereciou in
the near future.
Entered na F-cond- iass mutter Something of the sort is likely soon as the depot at
March H. 1!0''. :it fhn 1'oHtrifflee nt . i . i
. o,-" 'n iier .ut of Conitr.H,. to retire a -rood many statesmen is completed.
f Marii 3. tsT9. , in the future to permanent pri-
inVKUTISIN'tJ itATKS: 25 cents per Vate life.
Ineb per Insertion, exrept n year
rnntrncts. wlien It nhall bo 60 cenla i
per Inch per month.
F.rhohas water, sand and ch
are satisfied with half that.
We would rise to remark that
O. R. A N. Railway, Echo, Oregon,
Wt'Kt Ilouud.
N.i .". ( kieirim Kviil'i-ss 12.10 a. Ml.
No. II Pari Hi' Express !; a. in. ' we will be glad to hear from
No. 7 Port land SNflal. ... . 1:1' - m. j anyh(ti y ttmu ft-ho as to any
cam imiiiiiii.
No i Kaslein Kiiuvss 1:20 a. in
No. 12 Alliintle i:xiiri'ss....4:'Ni p.
No. S Clilcairo Special 4:2- p. in.
West nound.
No. 2.1 Wav fn-iwlil ..1:.'10 p. m.
No. Port land f:tsl freiudl 2:m p. m.
Rant Hound.
No. 21 Wav freight .r.:.!0 a. in.
No. .Vi Kaslern fast fn-ilil ...t:2i p. in.
No. 7 and S do nut slop liere.
PartloH rtcslrlnt; Intorllno tlrketa or
rrwrvatlon of IiitIIik rnn nerur minif"
ty advlHlnR iih a few days prior to
4l.iy of dcpaiture.
P. C. Ht'NTnR. Art.
i 4-341
J. K. Kaucett has put in a! hkpahtmknt or tii ixtkhior.
ii t i. . ... I. .. i: I'nlti-U Ctatcn Land Oltii-v. La (irande. Ore
small stock of merchandise in a1
I tent, amide to Sllimlv the im- A Miffleient content notlee liavlnir lai'n
' 1 , . Hli il III this. ilTleeliy Kinitia .1. Ki Ii l I'niiliMnnl.
mediatt needs of the people in wmIiiii ii. k. No. i.h serial Kmry. (.
. .... ii..i:il. made Seiitemlier .T. 1 1" '7. for N't XV4.
.1... 1 . . ... h .1. ........ l-...ll.n.. .11 I. Vll'l. V'U'l. MU'l. .1 .1.1..
1 , .1 l . r il .... tin; iwwil iiuiiiiu im- ijuiiuiiil; i. in.u j-, i iiwiiiiip
I ideas for the benefit Of the COIIl-i . . . . . N-nh. i:ainre Kat ttlllameiie Meridian.
iCOIlstrUCtlon. 1 lie business IS l-y illiam I. 1-erhraehfeoiiteMee. Inwliii-li it
ii nnemn inai ineaaiu nininni 1. rernrai'lie
111 chai'tiO of Mrs. rilUCOtt. i not now nnidiiK ut.n naiil land, that for
, .11 '""le tliau i. moiilhii lal iwsl lie lias failed
Leaving the town Qf otaniield to nlileuii..n..nlllvu-orl'iim.e ihesaine
, , and ha wholly ahaiidom-d unld land and en
WO drove down Onto thfi riVCr 'ry. nnd that ald aileinil alM-n.-e fnmi said
, land wai not due to I1L1 eiiiiloynient In the
bottom lailtls and OUt among the army. na-y or marine .Mriw of the
, . .itt ' ""eil llaun. an inhale Mildit r. oltti-er.
famous alfalfa fields Of t he Ulna- M-aman nr tnarim: nald iMirtie!! an-herehy
..... , . ... onh-nnl to aii-ar. nuimnd. and offer
tllla MeatlOWS. UllS SOU IS Very el.leiii-etoiiehlnifsaldalleraliuiiat IOoVloi-lt
, . . 1.1. ii ..i mon Aiivnil 'i. ItW. In-fore Unit, .S-linll.
productive Of alfalfa, but Wljl Xoiary I'ulill.-. at fj-ho. nnin. and
. , . . , that linal liearina will Ik- held ai lOo'i-tm-k
not compare so favorably with a. m. n AmriKt x. hm. uf..n- tin- u.vster
, .. , , , , and liii-elver at llie I'iiIUhI State, Land Offli-e
the hlKhor lands Ulldor tile in l.ali rande. oremm.
TI....-..I.I.L I I I.. .
. , . , .... .i . i in iii i-inin-!in iiai iiik. iii n iiniH-r 1 -
I urnish-C'tH project in fruit cul-, hiIbvii hiwi .inm- 14. it. .t fond fa. t
, , . ., . whli-h nliow thai after due dlllu-eine ivlxmal
ture ami the Krowinir of berries. ervi.-eof n,u ni.n.e cannot in- it i
., . nen-iiy onii ntl ana illni-ti-tl that xiii-h notk-r
Here, adjoining me townsiie 01
lnunity. Make your sugges
tions in coininunicat ions of less
than 1(( words, and if signed
ami sent in good faith we will
publish them as fast as space,
tyjM'iind time permit. Saw 'em
off short.
The governor of Idaho has
notitied the U. S.' Uoclamatiou
Service that no more irrigation
construction is wanted in that
People want to be careful to! St ate. His excellency is in
cultivate after every irrigation. favor of private capital doing it.
Wat or is not a cure all for agri j Mro graft in private construe-
nit iii-mI ilU 1 1 ion.
Kcho has the soil for strawlier
Stantield on the north, is located
the Umatilla Ranch of 3.(KH)
acres, famed far anil wide for its
productiveness in the growing
of alfalfa and cereals. This
rrnch has leen cut up into st)
The suffragettes have hit on a
ries and the climate, and the winner in getting young women ; tracts and placed on the
water, ami ine transportation lojio tieinanti 01 young men wno IIia,.ja.t
wait nig markets, ami the pricey aspire to their favors to do
ri,rlit, and lots of all of 1 1 1 -1 1 1 . ;something substantial to further
In- iflvi 11 hy- due and iminer imlilli-ail.m.
F. C. HliAM WK1.I KeitlMi-r.
THAT we art selling ns gool lands
for $1 75 per acre as can Lie bought
for $ oOO in the Walla Walla valley. That we
have just us good climate, just as good water
supply, just as good people and have more room
for more of them. That a man can get land
enough here to make a good home nnd have all
the comforts of life for less monev than unv
other place in the Columbia basin.
If you are looking for bargains this is the place
nnd now is the time. Take nobody's word, see for
yourself, give us a chance to prove it. Raw lands that
don't blow for $100 an acre; the same lands in alfalfa
at $175; garden land, no better on earth, for $175 per
acre that you can raise anything on that is possible to
raise in Oregon. Heaver dam land that will grow
onions or spuds so large that the culls are prize win
ners, fruit in quantity and quality unsurpassed any
where, and land that you can do this on for less than
half you have to pay for land not half so good. This
land is sub-irrigated and also has the best water right
on the Umatilla liver. Call on or address,
C. A. CHAPMAN, Mgr. of
Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medicines,
Toilet Artlelaa, Perfumery, SuttMary
Fcn(oJjct Block, Echo, Oregon,
On the return drive home we
l passed bv a number of well im-
I the cause of Woman's Suffrage, j M,t tIl.ift hoiIHlilil. anj
More . ows and more butt -r. " M.e" we were a young ; vi,lont p.-osperous pla. es. in-
..11 1 1 11 1
inoio money and more bomes, iimii- woum n.i e stoi men me ,.n,ijnt, (, k( ;u.rt. place of
more satisfaction ami more good ' 'T- S. Senate for a smile from ; .Yank Saling- the home ot (.' .11.
.. . .... . iii 1.. 1 i .
citi.ens come tor altaif i t ban ; 1 omy gin. .-some 01 us are norct of Minot. X. I)., who has!
from any other crop in the '""'i that ay yet. If women f,Vo acres of vonmr Wines -in nn.
II . . . .1 I e '
.... . i '
oie lor some 01 ine ,.. , i.., ..11 , 1. .....1
. II' v IIIOI (II V tile Ull III I tl IlU
whiky bloats ami card "harps ta i ,P(K1, ,r,..nvtl, T.iev
Wish we had a subscriber for "'at represent the d ar ImpU' . Wero set out the tirst of April. '
meiy mil.' or railroad .lim Hill is !now in Congress then they would '-lt. pt;lto tit.its of .;
-g tol u;:,i in the Noithvesi. not nuke matters any worse, l.owu aml j Wallace are
according to our exchanges. To and if they refusi-d to do ' j a hiKr, stato of cultivation and
lite there an- about IH.tMH miles tilings might bo bettr. Let vin 1)uth pICHill(.t. p,od crops.
ic c Ke.t out on ililteieiit maps, em in e, wno s a iraui . ; M r. Wallace oanp' 1
N i. ! cho ha a good rail
ice cam" r.i-ro . :t Ii his
family from Osceola, Iowa, audi
Irrigated land with water in
i in .... ,i i r iijsen- plUThased twenty acres from
lory and niarrl.oea. , the Columbia Land Company.
The gnat nuiitalitv from ilvw-iitory lie has built a nice home, im-
abundance and rights all deter "d diai i len-.i Is due to a lack of prop- pr0ed his land and he and fam
ily are in a happy and prosper-
tie nod and settled is what we
hive to offer in the lands around
er t iiat iiii-iiI at tin llrst staffs of f lie ;
ie:isii I h:itiilM'i' :mi s 4 n ii-. I lui era
i:mil l)l.iitlie:i U i relhililn lls tolld it lOtl.
Kiiio. In some parts of the1 , ,.ffw.,llal m.-iiciii.-. and wlien';
e4i;.;-.tiy they have irrigation then In reaMiualiU' I line will prevent NoTlcK loli I'l HLic xtihn i
t hemes on paper with vital '; laiii,vnius miimiium-.ivs. It lias; ir.I'.a.h.-ri
points ot law and title undeter- ,K"' " f,,r ma"-v ,,:,rN aml ,,aH- n iti.ic i.aVi. si v.
, v i ,i i i : i i ahvas inet Willi llllar illg slim-s. ' IVpartme-it of lh Interior. I'mihl Statf
UMin ii. . mi l in- i, inn n nw ei c ,, . ,
! ryr salt' bv I Krn Jt iKu n.
ter. tiii climate not so goml and '
the markets more remote, w hile j
Hie prices for land are much
ifft'ifl OM
' '' 4tvj:iin. fur I'lualil.u County.
1 Jill l I'fTlr.
Not I co to Creditor.
: In tbi' Count v Court of llie Stale-of
I irana-. Ong.iTv
i July -.vili. m.
S Noil.-e l lifn l irlvi-n that. a liy
. i..-. .'miiii'-'.i..ii.-i in.-i.i'ni'i4i I.4IIH iimie
t ;
; III I lie Matter er tlie h.Nl itfi
I f
Portland. Oregon, is a little Oscar V. Thomson. IVs-cavil
dheid of Seattle on having a' Notice K IumvIiv hIm-ii. thai tlu tin
down pull, but the Wash- Ar'",(- 'n AlmJra Thomson.
,. , has tnH'ti du!v a:'d nvularlv appointeil
ington metroiH is has some very .', ,
' and Is ii;' the ipiahtlid and acting
er.ti-i prising and accotnmodaiing ' aiminisi rattix of the .Mate of Oscar
busir.oss men who skin a piece I-'. Thomson, div-ad:and.ill persons
of biisiness away from Portland haxinj: claims against said estate are
erv frcsii.-r.tlv Iwrauso thev ' reby notitied to prvM-nt them, duly
, verified, ami with voiicliers attached,
appear to want it bad enough to 0 . uMt,M Ilt Xwr rMu
KO to some trouble to get it. l n,ut,.r rnvk , CniatlllaCoiinty,
Oregon, or to Kaley & Italey, her t-
iiinler imv llon of Art of Chhi;it ;ii-iimvij
June ;., l!i. 1 14 siai. .'!.. nl ..iti-r at j
l-ulill.- al.-. to lln-liU-hi-l t. .it .i ,1,-lm k J
A VI . on tin- in h iIjj of s.-ini iiit r. nm. at ihl J
oil--i-. Die ft-lUmtiMt ilin-riUil Uu.i
rhe s-, K' Si-.- . T ; ... i; y ; ;
s.-nal No vhiil. j :-i
t i.tnui i-lalinliK advero-ly tin- ilmiv -4
ili- ri'.il laud an- aili l-.l l.i HI. in. trrlalnn, i . i
r mnivitiiiKi, on or l-fore the tiuii ili-ti:naUsl
f -I a'.e.
r C IKMVKI.I.. i:.-Ll.t.-r.
COLON Ii. KHUili Will. irvr.
5 i
; French Restaurant :
0 ILK RLLU, Props. .4
The trusts only have to buy ! " ' their ort!K in Pendleton. D(titly funUkei rMms ! ci- ;
', - , i . , Oregon, wiiliin six monlhs after the IKtWi. Priutt liniaf Dirlen. 2 J
up the legislatures of twelve
Jlrst publication of this notice.
i i. i 1 .... il. . !. .i -
mho w uoieai uie income tax Published the first time this Sard
amendment to the I . S. consti- dav of Julr, lmct. I )3 Haia Smn
tut ion. The nvple will have to
an Ihikp unit irivo ovorr m. 'in In
iiniag pirlen.
PaUWtaa. OitfM
. . . . ft....... -I-. . ... . I 9
.ai Im... ml .Til-a ovui-r mini in1 .HHIIillsl nil Tit OI t lie .StalOI
. . , ., . . , Os-r F. Thomson, Usi-a-L
understand that ny member.
who vote against the amend-' too ether for ccio.
1 Li
K t
A Choice of Four
SEATTLE Durl"2 A,aska Y"kon Exposition
If You Have Friends in the East Who Want to
visit the Pacific Coast we can Arrange it.
This Is Your Opportunity
For Complete
Itftmutiei Aires
. i ii.. .ib r.- ..j. i .Tr'TTT"?" ""'V'''f Jf.rq
Sunset Travel Club