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    Wednesday. July 18, ttoi
AsHtAiri) wcMLt ttbtftos
Ashland Weekly Tidings
Established 1876
Published Every Wednesday by
One Year ."
SIX Months l-Jf !
Three Months 75 ,
Display Advertisements, each
inch 30c
t BA I IV lil, IUC
11. nfl
liassmeu Luiuiuu, uc " -
time lc
Legal .Notices. e.icn urne.
Card of Thanks
fraternal orders and societies charg-; world where rice is raised It fornu
ing regular initiation fees and dues. , (he lirilic,pil, j, of a(1 eiassea ricn
RehtouY lt benevolent societies "d poor al.ko. and the rice-eatiu?
will be charged at ibe regular ad-! nations comprise at least ,e half
vertlsing rate for all advertising 1 tne population of the world.
when an admisflon or collection is ...
neu ou on reason nee is not more pop-
Legal Rate lr in the average houjei'" is be
First time, per S pt. line MX" cause the bousew'Xe does not under
Each subsequent lime, per 8 I stand how u cook this cereal so that
pt. .line
Entered at the Ashland, Oregon.
Postoffice as second class mail
We have prepared 52 very Inter-'.
n,tmg advertisements to 'advertise,
advertising." which will appear from
time to time in this paper as display
advertisements. ,
It will prove worth while, not; for cooking rice and. prepared in this1 additional hair-cup scalded msit. su
alone to the buyer, but to the mer- manner, all the nutriment is retained, K" and avorins: combine Kh rice
chant as well, to read carefully every
nn nf them. They are written spe-
c.fically with the aim of .howiug
the subscribers the great benefit to so it Is better 10 add it after the
he derived (rom reading YOl'B ad- rice is almost cooked. Rice cooked
ertisements. And U is hoped, is In this manner will be dry, each grain
well, that they will be the medium distinct, and no tendency to sticki
o( showing the merchants that care- ness. If desired, the rice mva b
ful thought coupling his luerchan- cooked in milk; however, It Is it ally
dtsins; with his advertising- will more satisfactory to first cook Hie
bring direct results, when the sryiei rice in cold water, thou add mllk
;itid text of lh.- advert seni" M are for pudd ligs. etc. Old fashioned rice
prepared with is great thouehi uud '. pudding calls for ii"cooked rice ami
care as you eeu-lse In your luyiiigi inllk, cooked in the oven. This is a
!,iiil vniir .Jnle'iuin8hin when the
,..h.,er u h-i,,r vm. ' ;
ln the sioro. '
After all, adveiiisemeiiis are omv
slnt siilesmen. The same price and
quality talk that you give the cus
tomer in your store. Put down frank-
ly in your advertisement, will bring
the customer to buy your goods.
When you buy advertising in l be:
Tidings, use thought in what you put '
in it. Tiding advertising Kpace run'
b made imire profitll to you than
any oomnxidliy you buy to put on
yur shelf to wll t a profit. It can,
be made to increase your volume,!
und that will enable you to give
customers better bargains, and at
the samo time make you more money,
through quick turnover.
The Tidings is in no seuse a char-l nnco rJ r'f. induce hrut, cover
Ity patient. It has a very profitable, close,v 1,1,1 lft ''""m 'h.-ni ;r. uiin
merchandising commodity to sell -! ,ltes- " 1111 I r'ce l (, !,'(! ami iliv
a commodity which, If judiciously,' 1)0 ,l0t ""r no: fid nn:re v'irr and
thoughtfully and persistently used. P clely covered',
will prove more profitable to the Weo Muffins
'merchant than any goods be may buy
to put on his shelf for sale at a
profit. We are out of sympathy
with the merchant wm buys space jcun cooked California rice, 1 table-!
i., Ti... Ti.iin,. b.,,i lut- ...i,8POOn beaten Hhnrtenlnp Qirt rt, 1
ride from year to year. He
i throw-;
ing his money away on space, which,
if filled with his "store news" from
t me to time, carefully coupled with
'his store selling and buying, will
prove of ten times the value it costs j uo' 0Ten about 20 minutes,
him. 1 Rice Griddle Cukes
Mr. Merchant, The Tilings wants One cup flour. teaspoon salt,
to help you. Advertising in this pa- 1 tablespoon sugar. 4 teaspoons hak
per, because it goes every evniug Ing powder, 1 egg beaten, l cup
into nearly every Ashland home, will 1 milk, 1 cup cooked California rice,
bring bus ness and profit more than J Sift first four ingredients; beat egg,
commensurate with its cost If you :
.u- tl. 1
Kie mo ii you .ui in me m
queutly. Advertisng should be to
tbe reader YOUR "Btort- news." If'
you make It so it will pay you hiK :
profits and save the customer mouey. I
. .
Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, who,
was the legatee receiving the $1,354,-;
289 estate of .Mrs. Frank LeiS, has'
announced that of the ex-,
tele had been spent tor woman suf - -
irage work in the United States and1
that the remainder Would soon be
consumed wi the Philippines. Porto
Hico and Hawaii. Funds were also'
upplied. she said, to suffrage cam-
palgns in Hungary, Switzerland. It-
aly. France and Belgium.
Haw jut iwfivctj a few chehts of (iuniv.ler.
.Iaiiiii ami Knl'isli tfrcakfuKt Tea, a ii-irti!ar "'
value, will lie nold wliile it lasts at
48c per lb.
A few of Half (iroiiiiii Sail, flood for Imy.
cattle or ii-e eieain
$15 per ton 75c per 100 lbs.
40c per 50 lbs.
Plaza Market
6i North MsinSt,
Every Uousewift who w murested
r. the development and weif.ire of
the Pac tic cost will have purcuatcd,'
California rce during, the past week s'
l ie csniiia'gn. j
Rice de.jervrs to be niori' cum-j
UIUU1J o.iU r.,.r,
nil Ihrt Pacific .,11 n rt Icilhtrlv lhe,CUP
California rice. The average house-1
w dops nol Uow or re.(lile
what extent rice is grown
in Cali-i
it is appetizing au.f palatable I n- "r" " Q,rec,ea ,or
fortunately it is usually served in a plain "uddlnf;
formless, sticky mass, neither apneal- CnlifornU Custard Rice PuddinR
ing to the eve nor appetite. But.J One-third cup California rice. 1
properly prepared, rice takes on h;cuP cold mllk' 1 CUP co!(1 wa,er- '
different appearance; it will be rirv.l teaspoon salt. 1 tablespoon butter.j
eich grain dlst net. no appearance of
Btickiness whatsoever, and will be
phasing to the eve as well as ta t
eat. :
Imiioriant Method of CooklnK Rice '
This Is really a very easy method.
starting California rue to cook In
bolline water makes it slickv. Salt
has a tendency to impair the flavor!
verv dplicionn nuddinfir. When .-nvlf-
- ' rle In miiw , ,t,. .iii, i.
j fresh. Curdled rice pudding If.
caused from milk not fresh
'enough, or because salt or frul'. Ihm
been added too soon, or t4?aus4 'lie
"ve-i in too hot
A delicnt i pudding in which rice
has cooked to a creun . r?iuirns a
mow even, milk O'Uy nay eld. no
salt, flavoring or fruit mided until'
'he vuddlng is aimer, cooki 'l
Rolled Cnltf'rn'.i Hire i
Wash ie thoroughly In several
waters "!,! water Is cler. Put In!
saucepan, ns'i g 1 par; ilco to ! ;
Par,s c,!1 water, eov.-r closnly and
riiia tn t he boiling p;i lit Let boil;
rapidly ; bjiii ; miiiii'in. -li
. .(
tea ..i. t
""e CUP flour, t, teaspoon salt,
1-3 CUP sugar. 4 teaspoons baking
Pwder, 1 egg beateu, 1 cup mllk, I
'our Ingredient; add milk to the'"," " " ' , , , ,
beaten egg. then cooked rice, dryi" "tcu u"u' 1 tu" "lu- ' 1 tu"
lngreJnts and melted shortening BtralDed t0raa,' 2 table9noo'la CB0P
ne,t;,,n.ll smooth lind bake in well Pl ripe olives, 1-3 cup grated cheese,
greased heated muffin pans
add milk, then cooked r'ce, and add
trn,l,ri'n1l.. A t ..dlAn,u l.A..ln'
u, ,..B,.C.... ucwug
hot griddle.
Rice Waffle
One cup flour, teaspoon salt, 3
teaspoons baking powder, 2 eggs
beaten separately, 1 cups milk, 1'
cup cooked California rice, 2 table-;
spoons melted shortening. Sift first j
three ingredients. Beat whites of I
eggs unt 1 stiff, the youlks until
creamy; add mllk and cooked rice Calltornia ""e as of July l0, beg
to yolks and add gradually to dry!'0 telMTt fullows:
ingredients; mix well, and fold in' Roseburg-Myrtle Creek, paving i
the stlfflv beaten whltfs and the1 outn of Reburg. open at all hours,
shortening. Cook at once on a well de,our r9 ued when available. I
heated waffle .rou. . , Mynle Creek-Canyonvllle, grading, ;
SwW California Rl" Cuke. i ,alr dtour vl Riddle. j
Two cups cooked Californ a rice. : Caiiyoiiville-Calesville. good mac
H. A. Stearns
Ashland, Ore.
Domestic Jcience Department
Conducted Ay
Mrs.fieUPe Graf
fiomesttr Science Jui-ector ,
Sprry Fhur C.
1 egg. V. cup sugar. Beat egg, add,
"6ar and rice. Shape into flat akea
and roll in flour and fry on a hot
gr'ddle. Serve with maple syrup or
Plain California Rice Pudding
Two cups fresh milk, 2 tablespoon j
California rice. i teaspoon salt, Uj
sugar, 1 teaspoon of vanilla.
Wash rice thoroughly and (I ran.
place in a buttered pudding dish and
pour in milk. Bake n a slow oven
for about one and a half hours, stir-
ring occasionally; add remaining In-i
gredients and bake from a halt to
one hour longer. Do not stir a!terl
adding ingredients, but allow to be
come a golden- brown on. top.
Cnlifornin Hifi Fruit Pudding
Add a cup of chopped figs or a
cup of seeded raisins to the plain
rice pudding when adding the sal'.
2 e8, ' CUP 'ded milk, 1 tea-j
rin vanilla or grated rind and:
juice of lemou. Wash rice well: put:
rice' mllk and waler ln a ucepan!
and cook until 80ft; add butter andj
8et 89 08 10 C001- Beal e aaa ue
' and pour Into a buttered baking dish
and bake slowly until firm. Pour r.
litlle nlelted butter over lhe lop 8nd
'sprinkle thickly with powdered su
gar and return to oven to glaze. For
chocolate rice pudding, melt . two
; squares of unsweetened chocolute and
add to the mixture, omitting the
California Rice Croquette
Two cups cooked California rice,
' I egg beaten, 1 teaspoon onion juice,
I teaspoon lemon juice, 'a teaspoon
i salt, pepper to taste, 1 tablespoon
melted butter. Mix nil Ingredients.
hale into balls, roll In breadcrumbs
and then in slightly beaten egg, to
wb'ch a tablespoou ot water has been
added; then in crumbs again, an.l
fry in deep fat until a golden brown.
Serve as a garnish tor meat or fish.
Ciilifot-nlu Rice with Fruit
Sweeten and mash to a pulp any
fresh or canned fruit. Mold cooked
rice in custard cups. Turn, out and
pour the fru't mixture over each one.
Any of the berries, cooked prunes or
canned apricots or peaches are suit
able for this dish.
California Rice and Meat IOaf
Two rups cold cooked meat, cut
In dice, 1 cup stock or gravy, 3 table-
annnna ahnrtanlnff Q I'lMoaiinnn. rf
djiuuuo Dim, ivioiiAi w luuicnj'vuua w.
up ,f"our' 2 cups cooked California rice,
I 4 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon onion
Juice, pepper to taste. Melt shorten
ing, add flour, mix until smooth.
I Add stock, cook until thick. Add
' remaining ingredients, except rice.
, Butler a breadpan, line with rice,
pressing firmly. Add meat, cover
i with rice. Hake until firm and serve
i with a tomato sauce.
One cup California rice, 4 table-
per. Heat shortening and try onion
slowly until a golden brown; add
j the uncooked rice, which has been
. well washed and drained. Fry ric
until yellow, stirring constantly, then
add stock, strained tomato and green
, pepper. Simmer until rire is tender.
I Season with salt and add olives just
I before serving. Cooked cold rice may
h..i, l. i i, .,. -n
stock. This makes a very nice stuf-
i flng for green peppers or tomatoes.
As to the condition ot the Pacific
highway between Roseburg and tbe
I Ualesville-Wolt Creek, paving in
progress at both ends of job; where
detours are not available traffic will
be allowed to pass at least every two
Wolf Creek-Grave Creek, paved.
Grave Creek-Grants Pass, belli
macadamized; take old road at sum
mit of Smith bill; good condition
when dry. From the foot of Smith
b II to Grants Pass it is no longer
necessary to detour vis Merlin. The
main highway can be used except
when they are working, when a short
detour is used.
Grams Puns-Rock Point Arch,,
hik Poiut Arch-Gold Hill, paving,
take detour at Rock Point Arch.
Gold Hill-Ashland, paved.
Ashland-Califoruia line, paved ex
cept a 1 It mile stretch on the sum
mit of tbe Siskiyous and a short
stretch sevmt nije south of Ashland
wb-r a short detour is necessary.
Both good macadam.
Crater Laka Highway
Tbe Crater Lake road is now open
j to wltb'D one milo of tbe lake, there
I being from on to two feet of enow. !
; Tbe Crater Lake hotel opened July
j 1st; visitor! will have to walk the
luit mile to reach the lake. A sprlnk-
libf truck will be used eouth of Pros-j
pect 10 that the road between Med-'
ford and Prospect-will be e good)
or better than laat year. From Prot-
pept to the lake the new grade eom-l
, . . to b
Very truly. ,
j K. E. HODGMAN'. :
Division Engineer.
(Written for the United Press)
LONDON. July . The old trea-
lllea turope in a more exueme
form, though possibly under much
mor8 favorable circumstances, la De
lug rapidly restored. The outlet tor
the adjustment of territorial disputes
provided by the League of Nations,
however, may render "local adjust
ments" practical, and fa Hug any
thing better, even desirable. .
The sponsor of the amendment to
article XXI of the league covenant,
recognizing and encouraging local ap
plication of the broad principles laid
down by the league, Dr. Benes, tbe
Czecho-Slovakian foreign. minister, is!
also one of the moving spirits in the'
little entente. In an interview he:
discussed fur the United Press the!
effect of the amendment and of the
little entente on the peace of Central
"The amendment ia an Important
addition. I believe," he said, "to the
League of Nations covenant. There
are many local problems that, for the
league to attempt to settle, would
provide endless complications. This
amendment will provide for their
settlement on the principles of the
covenant by the nations concerned.
"The little entente, consisting at
present ot Jugoslavia, Roumania and
Czechoslovakia, comes within the
meaning of this amendment. It is
designed to promote economic ad
justments. ' Our nations have gained inde
pendence at a great cost end we
mean to see that nothing upsets It.
We have arranged treaties requiring
military support In case a member
of the little entente Is attacked or
in cases where the peace of Central ;
Europe U prejudiced. We want to;
prevent war from l eaking out. i
"Because Czecho-Slovakla has re
fused to enter into a Danubian con-j
federation, which Is supposed to bei
able to bring about peace in Central j
Europe, we have been accused of,
seeking to keep Austria end Hungary j
beggared. I have opposed the Pan-;
ube confederation. It Is not wanted.
If we formed the Danubian confed-j
eratlon without the other powers,
we should be outnumbered two to i
one, which would not be bad but
for the fact that both Austria and
Hungary are so strongly influenced
by Germany. It would amount prac NOTICE TO CREDITORS
tlcally to a reestablishment of Mlttel , hereby givM (he
Europa. This we simply cannot t0'- deralgned baa been appointed admin -
erate, Just as we cannot tolerate an;i,trator 0f the estate of Maggte E.
Austro-Gennan nnloc.
'Austria's, condition, even witnout , " d ,A -0M yin, 4laimrt corner Number One of Bed Poffrey
any alliance, improving. She nasjj nft (id eUte are nott:&i to : Claim Number Six, excepting there
plenty of coal. Her chief difficulty I preaent the same to me at the Clti-lfrom all that portion of tbe above
Is to get capital Invested In her In-1 sens Bank ot Ashland, in Ashland, described Red Poffrey Mining Claim
Oregon, with proper vouchers and lying and being situated within the
ausines. - . verified, within six months from St te ot California.
"Central Europe, and Austria espe- the' flrjt publcatlon nereof. which The amended location of laid de
clally. has been the victim both of j July g 1921. ,scrlbed mining claim la recorded In
internal economic depression and! F. 8. ENGLE. jvolume 21 at page 319 of the Min-
worldwide depression. Within six! ROBERTS Ad,ninhtn,,0r- 'i' ot C01
months the worldwide depression will iL-A; Administrator. 45-5 And notice is further given that.
show a great improvement wnicn win
automatically aid Central Europe
The Minneapolis Elks' Minstrel
show, given at the Chautauqua
building yesterday evening under ,
the auspices of the local Elks ,
lodge, played to an appreciative !
audience of 1700 pleasure seekers
of Ashland, Medford, and the
Rogue River valley, according to
ticket sale figures obtained at the.
Elks' temple this morning..
The show,, given by 85 Minnea
polis Elks en route to the Elks'
convention at Los Angeles, Calif.,
was acclaimed by theatre goers as
one of the best of its kind that
has ever played m this city.
"Something different" In every act
and applause and laughter ruled
supreme. The eight black face
comedluns, with gaudy raiment
and humorous tongue twisting,
were the hit of the evening.
The Minneapolis Elks' Glee club,
directed by Dr. W. Rhys-Herbert,
was a feature of the evening's en
tertainment. Mystery was the
order of the evening when ''the
'Great Wlllard, the Man who
Grows," with elastic Indifference,
' befuddled the audience by grow
' ing or shrinking his stature at
' will to the extent of six Inches.
With an assortment of alleged
"nuts," so oriental fantasy termed
' the "Island of Gazook," made a
laughter raising wlndup to the
performance. George L. Stevens,
as the king's favorite dancer,
brought rounds of applause.
Tbe company left this morning
' at 1 o'clock. Immediately after
' the show, on their way south di-
rectly for Lbs Angeles, Calif.
' Members of the minstrel party
stated that tlie attendance at last
' night's performance was the larg
' est they had played to since leav
ing Minneapolis. They said that
they had been accorded the best
reception here of any city since
leaving their "home town."
The company is composed of
i Minneapolis business men who are
. giving the profits of the show to
' the national council of the Boy
' Scouts, an organization that the
Elks play "big brother" to.
f A box of cherries was given to
v each member of the party before
.leaving this morning.
A Fund of Information
That You Should Have
D ISRAELI, who for six years was prime minister of Eng
land, said: "It has been my observation that the most
successful man in any undertaking, is the man who has
the most information."
It doesn't require any particular information just to go out
and buy something. But to buy the best of that something
ut a price that is 'satisfactory to you that is a successful
purchase. And to make successful purchases you must have
Advertising give syou. just that kind of information. It
tells you where to go in order to get the best of anything you
want at a fair price.
That is why it is a paying proposition for the man or woman
who handles a pocketbook to study the advertisements in The
Tidings regularly very day.
To those who use it projierly, newspaper advertising is a
source of economy and satisfaction that never runs dry. It is
a watch-dog of. dollars a gun run tee of satisfaction.
If you would learn the facts about the things you need to
make you comfortable and happy.
read the advertisements
ot Jackson County. Oregon, and has
ECl'TOR AND TO PRESENT lode premises hereinbefore descrlb
CLAIMS ed snd referred to. or surveyed, plat-
'ted or herein applied for, are here
in the County Court In and for the by notified that unless their ad
County of Jackson, State of Ore-! verse claims are duly filed accord
ion. 'Ing to law within the time prescribed
Ir. the Matter of the Estate of Btn- by law, with the register of the
- ten Bowers, Deceased. 'United States Land Office. at Rose-
, Notico is hereby ilveu that Ihelburg. Douglas County. Oregon, they
Will of Benton Bowers has been r.d-lwlll be barred from any right of
' mitted to probate and that tbe under-1 claim In said premises and every
! signed has been appointed by Ihe'part thereof by virtue of the statutes
Honorable G. A. Car.l .er. Jud?e oflof the United States In such case
I the said Court, as the exjjutor of his made and provided..
, estate. ! The description above given Is in
, Any person having a claim against 'accordance with survey made by tbe
the said estate Is required to pretent
'the samo duly verified to the Under
signed at tbe office of Briggs it
, Briggs, Attorneys, in the Pioneer
I Block In the City of Ashland, Ore
of t'he fMt publication of this notice
gon, witnin six monns irom lue oaio
which Is June 29. 1921.
; 44-4t Executor.
United States Land Office,
Roseburg, Oregon,
MAY 10, 1921.
t Notice is hereby given that William i and In pursuance ot an order ot mo
jMilnes, whose post office address Is County Court of the State of Oregon.
(Medford, Jackson County, Oregon, i for the County of Jackson, duly made
has made application for patent to land entered on the 11th day of June,
the following described placer min- 1921, lathe Matter of the Estate nf
!lng ground situated In the COTTON-1 Nancy J. Cunningham, deceased, Ida
VOOD mining district of Jackson M. Barnthouse. the Executrix of said
'Coun'y, Oregon, said placer ground i Estate, will, from and after the 23id
Ibelng known as the RED POFFREY day of July, 1921, proceed to sell at
I hers. Four, Five and Six, and con-'private sale, to the highest bidder
latins of the following: for cash, that certain real estate be-
i Commencing at a. point 8outh 36 '.longing to said Estate, situated In
Idegrees 61 minutes West 10.12 Jackson County. Oregon, and descrlh
(chains from the Northeast corner of ed as follows, to-wit:
the Northeast Quarter of the North-! Lot 22 of Block L In tbe
'west Quarter, Section 17, Township Railroad Addition to the City of
41, South Range One, East of the Ashland. In Jackson County,
willaiirette Meridian, being corner Oregon.
: number One of Red Poffrey Claim! Bids may be made to the under
Number Six; thence North 69 de- signed, or to L. A. Roberts. Attnr-
'rrees 33 minutes East 22.27 chainslr .y for said Estate, at his office in
to corner Number Four of Red Pof-jThe Citizens Bank Building, at Ash
frey Claim Number Six; thence land, Oregon.
South 87 degrees 9 minutes East! First publication made June 2..
'13.03 chains to corner Number 1921. ,.-,un01,
iThree of Red Poffrey Claim Number' IDA M. BARNTHOl St.
Six: thence South 69 degrees 33 min-' Executrix of tbe Estate of Nanoy J.
!utes West 22.27 chains to corner! Cunningham, deceased.
Number Two of Red Poffrey Claim ys l"
Number Six and corner Number
(Two of Red Poffrey Claim 'Number
Five: thence South 68 degrees 38
minutes Wect 22.33 chains to cor
jner Number Three of Red Poffrey
'Claim Number Five; thence North
'67 degrees 9 minutes West 3.90
chains to corner Number Four of
iRed Poffrey Claim -Number Four; .
'thence South 30 degrees 19 minutes
iWest 21 45 chains to corner Num-i
ber Three of Red Poffrey Claim
Number Four; thence North 6i de
grees 9 minutes West 4.35 chaius to
corner Number Two of Red Poffrey
Claim Number Four; thence South
88 degrees 26 minutes West 4.40
chains to corner Number One of Red
Poffrey Claim Number Four: thence :
North H Corner Numb" KlVe
if Red poffrcjr Clam Number Four;
'thence North 68 degrees 38 minutes
East 12. S3 chains to point of begin-
Bed Poffrey Claim Number Fire and
.all persons claiming adversely the
'mining ground, placer, veins and
United mates survey wenerai ot ure
The adjoining and conflicting
claimants or claims are none, and
there are no adjoining claims to the
said described placer mining rlalmi,
consisting of the said Red Poffrey
Mining Claims, numbered Four,
Five and Six.
Notice is hereby tfiven, that under.
Real Estate
Homes and acreage. Farms and
Stock Ranches.
All Kinds M Good Insurance
Asblasd Agents of Abstract Co
Billings Agency