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    Oregon Historical Soclstr
NO. 45
Ashland Is Popular
Playground For My
Fourth Celebration
With u crowd estimated at about 15,000 people In Ashland to cele.
brats Independence Day yesterday, n II Jackson county viewed the "pus.
iuj mIiow." From ft o'clock in the morning until late in the evening. Ash
land, Umi county playground, was crowded. The sidewalks of North mid
KaHt Mulii NtHVts were Jammed wit h sightseeing visitors fully two houni
beforo the start of the ull-Jnckson county parade at 10 o'clock In the
luorniiiK- At 10 o'clock standing; room wa at a premium, and at Mv
end polntH the crouds cxicirtled far into the HtreeUt, unable to find fool.
Iiik on the walk. The parade, more Hum a mile Ionic and comONCd of
floata decorated In a manlier show In r a great amount of planning; and
artistic ability, would have btt'ii a u asset to metropolitan centers
end t Imeit the size of Ashland mid w Ith populations larger than the com
bined illles of Jaikson county.
Kccne In Lithiit Pink whiTn Thousand of Jackson County Citizens Pic
nicked Yesterday while Alleiull ng the County tVMimlion in Aslilmid
ine paraue was me leauire oi utr ;
mornng's celebration. Forming on i
... n ., ,.. ,,,,, ,1 '
inn uuiiict ai it t,jiuoinj tut ,,,, I
library, and led by Marshal Fred; their nHme" are llsted' are
Homes, It moved down East Main bT Mri- Lunlkln to no,lfJ' her al
8tret. out North Main street. an,i soon as possible, that the checks may j
back again, disbanding at the li-1 1,8 n""le 0,lt at once- '
brary. After Marshal Homes fol-j Beginning Immediately after thej
lowed the G. A. R. and the D. A. R.iXrnde Llthia Park waB crowded
organiiatlons. Jacksonville, capital! with picnickers who spread their j
and the oldest city In the county,! ''e1i the lawn at the entrance to
was given the leadng place of hojvorj t"8 Park. Patriotic services were!
with a float depicting the early inin-ihe'd In the park at 1 o'clock in the;
Ing Industry of the county. j afternoon. The speakers were Mayor
After Jacksonville, the following Gilmore, of Rogne River; Mayor
order of floats In the parade was "ate, of Medford, and Rev. Conaty.i
i.. ti, n n v v i.,.n,i f Dastor of the Catholic church In this
fliat i1anatni I
jieuiorii; .tieuioni noai, uecoraieu
l.vm, uww,u
with pine trees; Talent, depicting
farm scene, "The Cream of Rogue
River Valley"; Central Point with
a high school float; Mayor Lamkln
and members of the city council;
Shrlners; the Ship of State, entered
by the Civic Improvement club; fea
ture representing Dempsey, world's
champion pugilist: truck carrying a
Binall hydroplane; the Oregon Nor-
llliu scuooi, eiueieu uy ine Biiniiiiei
school branch here; a private float
entered by Enders and Son; the Elks'
float, representing an elk In the for-
est; playground float, displaying thei
activities carred out n the children's
playground at the park; private float
featuring the friendship of Oregon!
and California; tho American Legion,
life rlnrlnir tho world
war with two small French box cars
used for tpinsportng army troops;
the Women's Auxiliary of . the
American Legion; Jesse Winburn and
party of horseback riders; float of
"Future Mothers of America"; and
a baby float. Several marching bod
ies, private floats and machines took
part In the parade. The First Com
pany Coast Artillery, led by Captain
William Briggs, was a military fea
ture of the parade. The Ashland
band and the D. 0. K. K. band of
Medford supplied music for the
Award $:173 in Cash Prizes
Jesse Winburn, chairman of the
parade committee, awarded $37!) In
cash prizes for flouts and other win
ning features, the judges were R.
W. Rubl, of Medford; Judge C, B.
Watson, of Gold Hill; Tom W. Ful
ton. Prizes were awarded to the
First prize of $100, Jacksonville
float, "Discovery of Gold."
Second prize of $50, Talent, float
of a farm scene, "Cream of Rogue
River Valiey.T'
Third prize of $25, Phoenix float,
"Rising from Its Ashes."
The following entries were award
ed prizes for stunt features:
First prize of $25, Ford car with
"home brew" representation.
fWnnrl nrlzn of SIR. dnnkev with
i tM i.ia,i wii,r'J
Third prize of $10. feature repre
senting "Dempsey, world's heavy-
weight champion."
The float, "Future Mothers, wasi
awarded a prize of $15, and the
"Ruthlne C.irls" float a Drize of 110.
The D. O. K. K. band of the
Knights flf Pythias, of Medford, wai;
given a $50 cash prize, and the fifej
and drum corps of the O. A. R. a
$25 prize.
Mcttee's dry goods store was
awarded the first prize of $25 for
the best window trim among Ash
land business houses. Holmes Groc
ery, second prize of 15, and Vlnlng's
theatre, third prize of $10.
With the exception of the first
three main prizes, awarded to Jack
son county cities, the names of the
parties or - organizations
prize winning floats or features art j
not known, Mrs. C. B. Lamkln, treas-
urer 01 me paruoe cuiiiiiiuiee, omtt-ti
this morn'jig. All priza winners
whose floats or features but not
'., ....:,. Th intnrt..e;lBht. Mr. and Mrs. Norwood, Mr
"v ......
by John H. Fuller, secretary of thia"" 'U""T' um
Chamber of Commerce. Merrill were among the
. Thy Wins WrwtllnR Match .
- ' j
Ted Thye. Portland wrestler and
former middleweight champion of the
world, won two falls out of three
from Ralph Hand, of Gold Hill, iu n
match staged at the Chautauqua au
ditorium at 2 o'clock under the tins
pices of the celebration committee.
Tne mateh ttgte( an nour.
Ti,e first fall was secured by Hund
ln 19 minutes. Within H minutes
ffi .1. IT..J.- ..1 1.1 I u
Illio limut) nanus Biiuuiuein 1unt.11
the mat for the first time, and again!
wtnn three m)nute,. j
Horseshoe pitching was a popular!
toPm o( eXercl8 eand amusement in t
t mi. r,..,. . ... j. mu- '
The horse
shoes were supplied by the celebra
tion committee.
Medford Elks Win Hall Game
Medford Elks defeated the local
Elks baseball team 12 to 13 yester
day In a game played at the high
school grounds. It was a hard fought
game, nip and tuck until the last
Inning. Aviaiton stunts performed
during the game by Clyde C. Pang
born made the ball grounds a crowd
ed central point of Interest.
At 9 o'clock in the evening u fire
works demonstration was given In
the park. The park was crowded
with spectators of. all ages, witness
ing the display which was in charge
of a large Seattle company special
izing in such work.
Visit Oil Well
A number of Medford business men
visited Colonel Muudy's oil woll In
the Coker Butte district yesterday
and were much Impressed by the
showing made. The well is now down
750 feet aud In spite of heavy water
pressure the top of the bailer bubbled
with gas, which burned with a brl
llant flame, when a match was ap
plied to tbe s urrace. Col. Mundy will
now rim through the rock and ex
tend the casing, thus shutting off Hie
water. With this excellent indication
of oil and the fine showing made at
oil excitement In the
valley is on the increase again.
Medford Mail-Tribune.
Returns From I nlverslty
I Harold Kimnsnn. fttjite univer.litv
student, is working in his father's
hardware store while his brother
clen ls attending the American Le-
glon reunion at Eugene. Harold
will remain in Ashland the greater
part of the summer. George Stan
nard, Ashland student pursuing stu
dies at Los Angeles, la another
homecoming addition to the large
educational colony summering here
abouts. Nothing worth while In human
achievement is attained without in
defatigable labor. There Is no s-ib-stltute
for hard work in worth-while
accomplishment. There is no royal
or easy road to tbe he!;M of ustful
and successful attainment.
, Mr. anil Mrs. I. A. Dean, euroutct
from Riddle, Ore., to Los Angeles,
Cullf., by auto, who celebra'.ed their
wedding anniversary yesterday at
the auto ca-mp, express the senti
ment Hint "men muy come and if.en
may go but Lithlu Park lives ou
forever." Mrs. Dean was so much
impressed with the park and the
conveniences of the :iulo camp that
she has written the following uote
of appreciation, addressed to Hie
Tidings with the remark that "my
husband and I huve so enjoyed our
little s:-.y In Lithlu, Purk tliut I felt
the "Muse" working. Mrs. Dean
was especially plunged with the gus
pjutoa. The coiiile left this morning
for California.
Dear Editor:
I'm writiu' this to let you know
j the way tliut I and Pa's been c.le
! bratin' causo our weddln' day
i come on the 2Jth of June, oh
' several years ago and now altiio
..were pettln old. Ill say we t
,so slow, cause here we are a-rldin'
round and u-tukin' :n the sights.:
li'iid cani.iVn'Jin your lovely park
: that's all lit up of nights, and llaton-j
,iii lo l un creek u-aingiu' tnl we tall5i acres. .This development will In
; asleep and cookln' mi your gus dude the construction of thre-i mile;
; plates, am i no iimoko to ras us'of cauul line. I
' weep.
j We've sure enjoyed our stay with
! you, and wnen we hit the track with
I we're goiu' to boost for Ashland
; you, ami when wo hit the track,
Riddle, Oregon
Mrs. Bert R. Greer
Meets Ashlanders
In Southern Calif.
Mrs. Bert Greer, who him Just re
turned Irom Long Botch, Cal . where
she spent the lust three months of
her sojourn in California, reports
meeting many Ashland people theie.
Frler.d of Mrs. Georg. Milluer will
be glad to know slit has imuroved in
health and has gained 2G pounds in
.,.,.1 T. nnA Viw
and Mrs.
, , " , . ' ,
pleasod with thuir new-home, but
, tfl , man fri3nu Jlr Pntl
era. .Mr. ana .Mrs. ( lurK uusn
pleasod with thuir new -.home,
haf be6n promoted aud has a splcn.
U1u ,udiuui. ,., t..c ...u .u. '"
Lon Beach.
Si.!, Groer did no' mret the Whit -
1.1 I.. etll.nna Tln..b ..I'l
, l I t.i'iM,, "ace
(I IK'1
but hen rd;
,, ,,,.,
They ara woll and h.iu-!
py and huve a flue business in VIs
:ilia. The Whlted lamily have many;
.friends In Ashland who will be ln-i
Ashland who will be in-,
,,,! , ,, ii,c.. rr.a,.,li..
' 'j
LONDON. July 2 A statue of
George Washington the leuder of
! the Continental arm that wrested the
I thirteen colonies from George III,
I was unveiled today in Trafalgar
Square, opposite the National Gal
lery of art and just across the square
from a statue of George iV.
All members of the American offi
cial and residential colony attended
the ceremony, one of a series arrang
ed for this summer In connection
with the dedication of Sulgrnve Man
or, home of Washington's ancestors.
Tlie statue, is a reproduction of
the Houdon statue, and was a gift
to the British people from the people
of Virginia. John A. fitewnrt, chalr-
man of the Sulgravc Institution of
j America, was in charge of arrange
I ments for the unveilins.
In Jackson county tho following!
water permits hav been Issued:
To Floyd and Ernest McKee, of'
Jacksonville, covering the appropri
ation of water from Carberry Fork
and Big Applegate river for Irriga
tion of 244 acre of! land.
. To W. Head, of Applegate, cover
ing tbe appropriation! of water from
Big Applegate river (or Irrigation of
a 10 acre tract. ';
To R. R. Schultz. of Medford, cov
erlng the appropriation of watei from
Star Gulch for placer mining pur
poses, at i. cost of $300.
' To M, L. Morris, of Applegate, cov
ering the appropriation of water from
Brush creek for Irrigation of 10 acres,
in a cost of $.160. . I
To E. E. Fraley, of Central Point,!
covering the appropriation of water!
f,, unm ,-ie,. tnr irrln,,n
101) acres at a cost of $1000. dstlon.
To O. A. Glvan, of Medford, cov-!
rliiK Iho appropriation of water j n U l J
from Rogue river for Irrigation ofiC. tlOyt 3Hu
To J. E. Cribble, of Recreation,!
covering the appropriation of waterj
from a spring for irrigation of 15
acres. i
To R. Holzgang. of Ruch, covering j
the ennronriatlon of water from'
Forest creek for irrigation of a
acre tract.
Medforil Mau Honored.
(icorge A. Codding, of
was eiecieu siaie vice commnnilpr ofj
the American Legion si the eouven-
tlon held in Eugene Inst week.
Marriage Llcl'iism
Walter O'Dotioughuo and Jiliuila
Livingston. '
Probate ('(mi l
Clifford, estal-;
M. .1.
Benton HowelK. nte; upp
tion; order.
.1. W. Merritt, estnte; order
pointing appraisers.
! John H. Bogue. e.tate; order.
, f.i,, w i,r ... a.,n,..ii..n
ship; petition; order.
t'iirult Court
Florence Hurtitell vs. II
('. Ibn-
...... ...........
ncu, iiunnci.
W. B. Welch vs. Kha M. Welch:
affidavit; default.
Win. L. Miller, et al vp. O. t 0.
R. R. Co.; affidavit; dnclnitner: re
cree. I.idu Meadows vs. Metthew Lee
Meadows; motion; order.
J. E. Cameron vs. If. C. Ilmsen:
Evelyn Ktagg vs.
Suit for Biipport.
Credit Service Co
Levi A. SUtgg;
vs C. O. Peeles.
To recover money.
Leona Mills Lbr. Co. vu. C.
Curinen; transcript of Jitdt'ment.
Real Kstalc Transfer
n Bertha 1. Evkelson et vir to J. II.
Roe, lot In Jacksonville, $1500.
B. Klum et al to Anna C. Hurt, 25
feet of lot 7. block 2, Summit addi
tion to Medford. tl.
Ethel W". Boggs to L. Davis et tlx.
S4 of NW4, N'-j of 8WH ( sec. 2.
tp. 35 S. R. 4 W. Also land In sec
27, tp. 35 S, II 4 West, $10.
Equinoctial Storm Period J j
PORTLAND, Ore.. June 30th.
((Special) The route to be travel
ed through the state by the first
1 1
tralnload of settlers who are ached-
uled to arrive from the Middle West
on July 21st, tor an Inspection of
lb.e stutefh agilciltfural resources
was announced by the Oregon State
Chamber of Commerce today.
The task of arranging an itiner
ary which would Include the repre
sentative districts of the state In the
limited time allowed under the
1 uomeseoker's tcket, 21 days, was un
exceedingly difficult one. according
- i U Secretary , Quayle.' The matter
n:is been under advisement since
tho Land Settlement, Conference,
held ju 1'ortliind June 7th. and ev-
effort has been made to route
i the party over the stato in the most
effective way, according to Quayle.
The party will arrive in Ashland
August 2, niter a motoring trip from i
Rosehurg. They will remain in Ash
land for dinner and all night uccomo
Family Move To
Walla Walla, Wn.
Rev. .1. W. Iloyt and family leave
this week for their
Walla Walla. Wash
new lioiuu iu
Tlielr ninny
1 1
friends fuel a distinct loss lu tueir
going, especially the Chr'slau forces
j will miss their st uiiicli !vu. and U'l-
i lowship.
r- "oyt, Jo'in, Arclie,' uiid i;iei-
,,ul 1 1,1 """
day school and ChrisMa i i,n leavor
In their own chii,'.'h
mIK. also lliei.
Southeri Oregon I'nii.':. Rev. Iloyl's1
work as " Sabbath school niissionir; j
under tin Presuy'.eriau bind ha
been faithful and ('.instinctive iind
, far-rcucbing in so'tthe.-u Oregon
Presbytery gud :lso Iu the whole! w,l() ima tlt,;liniHi considerable
synod. He has i"n counted ninoDg! m)((1 U8 a mllslda and bos received
the experts In Sabbath school work. I ,avm. ,.omi11H1 f ,usic critics
and as one fellov minister said of;,,, 0.tunrl newspapers!
tint. "His work b:v b iiuil-; T,1() enlel.tuimi.t was given un-
lenge to every oiher niinisier auilj,,er tne amkeH ,,f the Chautauqua.
Sunday school workei the Tll(1 (l,llwI1R urogram was Riven:
The locul Chiiitiiin Endeavor so
ciety of.Jhe Auhlonr Vi-vbyli'ilaii
church presentod them wllli a i. lut
ing of Crater Lake by Miss rii:bel
H'HS'i):. the gift lieini; appropiiite
as on i of Soutiirrn Oregon's choic
t'n li.'dscapes, : because the Hoyts1
the first "!nisti:iii sirvlce un
r -ii" of the li.'.'' a custom since
'tept ' p each s'.i'inicr '
.M ny good 'Ur.t.' ;:tlci. t lie lit t0;
t T t-. n"w l:o::if .uid work.
Tl'LARE, Cal., July 5. Tn local
post or the American, Legion values
a Dempsey knockout us worth $250,
000. The executive committee of the
post has announced a proposed na
tion wide poll of the American Le
gion on the question of raising a
Jinn as a purse for any ex-service
mail wnu WOUKI KUOCK IIIB CliailipiOll I
cold within u year. The proposal:
will be definitely submitted to the'
stato commander. I
The Pacific const I, ron.iuc alouul
famously In economic recovery. 1 he!
truth is, there has not been much
need of recovery In this Heition--
there hus not been leeo jnd wide
spread depression from which to re
Elks Minstrel Show Advance
Man Arrives in Ashland
Carries Cane But Denies He Is "Trouper"
Billy B. Hoke, advance man for
the Minneapolis F.Iks' All Star
Minstrel show, which shows In
this city Thursday evening, ar
rived iu Ashland ' this morning
from Portland. HOke. who shyly
admits he Is Dot u professional
showman, nevertheless Is carrylug
a cane, the sure sign of a "troup
er," but this he explains by say
ing that be wearing said "crutch"
on a bet.
It seems that a certain sportlnt;
haberdasher of his homo citv,
Miniieaoplis, Minn., offered to wa
ger the advance mull th:it he was
nut game to carry the stick clear
across the country, over the Rod -les
and home again, and this sort
Ashland music lovers were gicu
a rare thivat last evening at
conceit recital, given by pupils ufi
Miidaiuii Ti'.icey Youus ut the Cbau-.
tuuiiia auditorium. The building
was filled by an audience oi asu
laud and Rogue River people in ad
dilion to the paivms. frienus uiid
relutives or the youthful entertain
ers. The singe was beautifully decor-
luted with
flowers that enhanced the
claim of the concert. Friends stive
each pupil a lurgvi bouquet, of low
ers al the conclusion of their reci
tals. due of the, notable features o( the
evening's entertainment was the re-
,, ls . M ,te.thu H.ll(.ut blinU
Concerto (first movemnit) Grieg
Hern Hatgiil
Orchestra ucrnmpHUlmont supplied
ou second piano by Margaret
Sonata II Scarlatti
Sjlring Song Mendelssohn
Mazurka Godurd
George Francis Barron
.Ujlltar March Schubert
Mldu Mcintosh
Magic Fire, from "Die Walkure"
l Transcription by Brassln) Wagner
Margaret Johnson
La Czarine, .Mazurka Giinne
Alia Jaivis
.UifCiou Perpetual Weber
, Hungarian Dance, No. 5 Bruhms
Laura Prescott
j svmphony No. Ill Beethoven
I Third movement, Schema. Four
ha lids)
Flora Putnam. Jessie Guutln
Allegretto, In A minor. . Beethoven
(From 7th Symphony)
(' sharp minor
Lolila Piersuu
Fileuse, Op. ,157 Ruff
lessie Gautbre
CaiiriccioKo. Op. II MendelsNohn
Mazurka Borowskl
French Valse Wachs
Ma)n Kaegl
Trvlka iu Traineaux, Op. i!7,
No. 11 Tschaikowskl
Gertrudo .Mlksch
(ilallil Valse lie Concert. .. .Mattel
Mrs. V. A. Stewart
Hungarian Rhapsody No. II Liszt
Ballad, G. minor Chopin
Merrill Miksi'h
Sonata. Op. 27. No. 2 Beethoven
March. Op :ls Holluender
Flnin Putnam
Valse. K Hal. major. , Rubinstein 'and a short detour Is necessary. On
The Link Clinka-Balskirew the summit of the Slsklyous. a one
Ileitis I In I gilt
Si her .o. II minor Chopin
Caroline Tllton
Hungarian Rhapsody, No. 12 Liszt
Bernii'H Yeo
Suite. Op. St Rff
) i Last movement March)
Liiriln Koontz
Concert Valse Gottsihalk
(Eight hands)
Mayo Kaegl, Bern Ice Yeo
Lollta Plerson, Carolina Tllton
The members of the Jackson coun
ty parade committee ara ov.Joyed
with the splendid co-operative spirit
of Jackson county citizens In making
the parade such a pogeant of county
pride, as it were, in Joyful parade.
To each and every on who con
tributed to the success of th pa
rade tha committee extends Its sin
cere apnpreciation.
Jess WlDboro, Chairman ,
, of starting the red blood to circu
lating iu Billy B's veins. K"stl'.,
everywhere Willie has gone thus
far, he has toted the said stick.
According to Hoke Dm show is
playing to packed bouses ull along
the line aud Is composed of 100
men, Including the Elks' Glee club
uiid symphony orchestra of 20
pieces. Every one of the per
formers are Elks and every single
one of I lie m have had professional
stage appearance and are simply
1 taking their vacation and showing
j their way along to the big nntloi-
hI convention at I.os Angeles,
j They will arrive In tbe'r special
j tiaiu Thursday morning (rim
I'ortlaud and will parade through
! the down town streets about ninn
PORTLAND. Or.. July 5. Amer
ica passed the safest, sanest Fourtli
of July iu many years, yesterday.
Nation wide reports indicate but few
deaths due lo fireworks, drowning
claiming the largest tolls.
Portland accidents resulted from
automobile collisions, killing three
and injuring seven. ('lira so mid
Boston led the list with 12 deaths
each. Five were drowned at Chi
cago, and Hie red were killed in
uiitomobilH accidents. Six out of II
ut Milwaukee. Wis., are dead due to
drowniug. Nine were drowned ut
New York, four killed in Detroit,
three at Brownsville, Pa., three at
New Orleans, two mi Pittsburgh.
Scores of 'eitles reported smaller
casuauy iisu aue " aruwiuiiM vim.
automobile accidents.
Weekly Report
On Condition Of
Pacific Highway
Roseburg-Myrtle Creek, 20 inil.ts
Paving south of Roseburg; opeu
ut all hours; detours are used wlu-u
Myrtle Creek-Gulesville, 1 1 miles
Grading; fair detours via Kiddle.
Canyonvllle-Gulesville, 11 miles
Good macadam.
Oalesvllle-Wolf Creek, 14 miles
Paving iu progress at both ends of
job. Where detours are not avull
Hble traffic will be allowed to pass
at least every two hours.
Wolf Creek-Grave Creek, 5 miles
Paved. '
Grave Creek-Grants Pass, IK mile
Being macadaminzed; take old
road at summit of Smith Hill; good
condition when dry. Chains may he
needed during raius. From the foot
of Smith Hill to Grants Pass It is
no longer necessary to dvtour vlu
Merlin. The main highway can b
used except when they ara working,
when a short detour is used.
Grants Pass-Rock Point Arch, Id
miles Paved.
Rock Point Arch-Gold Hill, 2 miles
Grading; take detour ut Hock
Poiibt Arch.
Gold HIII-Asbland. 27 miles
Paved. Ashland-California Line, 22 miles
' Paving; seven miles south of Asli-
and a half mile stretch is still lo be.
paved; good condition at the pres
ent time.
K. E. I10DGMA.V. .
Division Engineer.
T'i'liw RcitnniM
Miss Agnes Duutord arrived here
Saturday night after an absence of
threa years iu Alaska. Miss Dalir
ford has been teaching in the Aleu
tian Islands, where sha liked her
work, but a hankering for fresh fruit
and vegetables brought her home to
Miss Dantord had a smooth trip
on tha water, lasting a week. Sha
cam down on the I'. S. N. Saturn,
accompanied by her two assistant
teachers. Miss Reta Uard, formerly
of Ashland, and Miss Johanna Miller
of Seattle. Owing to tha seamen't
strike all commercial boati were tied
up in Seattle, and It was only through
good fortune and tha kindness of
government officials that the leach
en obtained pasg n ,n Saturn.
If General Dawes finds he oan not
waur by tha new budget sys,iu. b
will iwaar at It.
i . . 1