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tVeoncwliiy, Xoveutbor 10, I0lW
Ashland Weekly Tidings
Established 1876
Published Every Wednesday by
Ben Tl. Grew Editor
One Year $200
Six Months 1.25
Three Months . . 75
Display Advertisements, each
inch 30c
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tini -. lc
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line 3 l-3c
Cards of Thanks $1.00
Obituaries, the line 2 He
Fraternal orders and societies
charging regular Initiation fees
and dues, regular rates.
Religious and benevolent societies
will be charged at the regular
advertising rate (or all adver
tising when an admission or
collection is taken.
Entered at the Ashland, Oregon,
Postoffice as second class mall
VOTED STATES HAS Thursday ulijht, sent to Med- president of the Harding Publish
7,000,000 HUNTERS, ford for an orchestra, and the re-llng Company, publishers of the
This is a nation ot nlmroas Bult ,nat ona of the' happiest! Marlon Star..
There are 7,000,000 hunters In ' "atnerinSs of the season danced' Senator and Mrs. Harding are
the Tutted States, according to away tne eTenln" urt" 11 o'clock, mombers ot the Baptist church of
the chief United States game war-i,h olng home time that glvej' Marion which they have attended
den in the biological survey rnit-!'"8 club name- wa strucK.. since tneir marriage in July fc'
Latest returns from over the
county show that the removal of
the court house bill lost in the
county by 167 votes short of the
3000 or the sixty per cent neces
sary to carry.
The loss ot the removal ot the
court house is blamed to Ashland
by Medford in a story appearing
in today's Oregonian, which claims
that Ashland double crossed Med
ford when the latter promised to
trade votes favoring the election j
of E. V. Carter for those favoring
the county seat removal. Where
ed States department ot agricul
ture. This estimate was made
from reports on the number ot
game licenses issued by the vari
ous states
While no dnte was made . that j 1891. . ,
night for this club to hold another! The first time the senator came
dance, a committee will be ap
pointed to make such arrange
ments In the near future. The In-
In 1919, 3, 600,000 state licenses' vlted guest M .Thursday night
were issued, and in addition It 9i Included: Mr .and Mrs. E. D.
into public life wag In 1900 when
he was elected to the state sen
ate of Ohio, serving until 1904.
At that time he was elected lieu
tenant governor .and held that
estimated that 3,500.000 hunters Br8K8. Mr- ani Mr- Homer Bar-jofflce until 1900. He was elect
are exempted under various state' ron' Mr' and Mr8, R:l'dure Brown, jed to the United States Senate in
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McOee, Mr. 1 1915 for a term ending In 1921
and Mrs. J. H. Monroe, Mr. and j and Tuesday was elected presl
Mrs. O. N. Kramer, Mr. and Mrs. dent of the United States.
L Schwein, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. The Hurdlng family came orlg
Klnney, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Dodge, inally from Scotland, settling In
provision." The returns to the
states from licenses was approxi
mately $4,600,000, all ot which
was expended by the states In ad
ministration ot state laws for the
protection ot game. This sum per
mits the employment of approxi
mately 2000 salaried state game
wardens and 600 tee wardens. The
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Paulserud, Mr. Connecticut. Shortly before the
The first ot April the Cemetery
Committee of the city council turn.
ed over to the undersigned the
books of the late Eugene Walrod
and instructed me to do the work
and collect all bills due the cents-
are $3.p0. WEBSTER WERTZ,
66-111-1 Sexton
H. K Tomliuson, Mr. and
V. V. Mills, Mr. and Mrs. El-
congresslonal appropriation for mo Nel1- Mr- and Mrs- Louis Dodge
federal game warden service for
protection of migratory birds is
$142,600, which permits the em
ployment o.only 29 salaried war
dens. ,
At Its recent meeting in Ottawa
the International Association of
Fish, Game and Conservation Com
missioners adopted a resolution
calling for the issuance of fede
ral licenses for hunting migratory
birds. The recommendation called I
and Mrs. V. O. N. Smith, Mr. nud revolution, the family moved to
Pennsylvania and during the war
the family' was well represented
in the armies which fought and
won independence from Great
Brltlan. j
In the days when Ohio was a'
great wilderness ot forest, with
small farms cleared away here
and there, and i, few scattering
villages, the grandfather Harding
with his family hewed for himself
a farm out of forest, and it was
here upon his grandfather's farm,
where his parents were then liv
ing that Warren G. Harding was
born. His father, who had fought
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McN'alr, Mr.
and Mrs. F. C. Homes, Mr. and
Mrs. Jesse Nell, Dr. end Mrs. G. O.
Jnrvls, Dr. and Mrs. F. M. Moxon,
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Wugner, Mr.
and Mrs. G. H. Hedburg, Mr. and
Mrs. H, J. Carter, Mr. and Mrs.
W. G. Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. B. R.
Greer, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Barno
burg, Mr. and Mi$. T. II. Simpson,
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Joy, Mr. and
Mrs. N. O. Bates, Mr. and Mrs. C.
Several New
In Homes.
for licenses in the form of sneciail11- VauPe1' Mr- and Mrs H T'
stamps to be issued by postmasters more' M?' and Mr8, Jl W" McCy'jin the ClY" Wflr t0 Pre3erv "e
and attached to state licenses. It
was estimated that the revenue
from such licenses would amount
to between $1,000,000 and $2,
000,000, which could be used tor
the protection of game.
The Social Realm
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Oaley, Mr, and
Mrs. Frank Jordan, Mr. and Mrs.
P. S. Provost, Mr. and Mrs. Emll
Pell, Dr. and Mrs. F. H. Johnson,
Mr. and Mrs. E, B. Barron, Dr.
and Mrs. F. G. Swedenburg.
(iiivo Luncheon.
Mrs. Otto Herbst entertained
Mich a statement originated is not Mm. Hubert Morrell of Acme,
known in Ashland. E. V. Carter,
when Interviewed today, stated he
ubsolutely kuew nothing about
such a deal. He raid his candi
dacy originated in Medford, and
he was strongly urged by some of
the prominent Medford business
men to let his name go on the bal
lot for representative. Nothing
was intimated to him, be declares.
regarding the support of the coun
ty seat removal In trade for Med
ford's support of his candidacy.
Mr. Carter said tie publicly and
privately advocated . the county
scat removal whenever opportu
nity offered. Ho said that he
called attention of prominent men
in Medford to the fact that there
was a strong adverse sentiment in
Ashland against the court bouse
removal and urged that spenkers
be sent here to answer the argu
ments advanced by Colonel Sar
gent of Jacksonville-, against the
removal, but tlfis was not done.
Mr. Carter stated further that he
asked the Medford correspondent
of the Oregonian for his author
ity in making the charge of dou
ble crossing by Ashland, and his
reply was that "it was a street
Mayor Lamkln, also interviewed
this morning, stated he had at
tended the Medford Chamber of
Commerce forum booster meeting
for the removal of the court house,
and had stated he was in favor of
its removal, but did not pledge lyceum
uny Ashland votes on the propo
sition in exchange for votes for'
Mr. Carter.
Wash., and Mrs. Howard Barrett,
the former's hostess, at her home
on Church street yesterday at
Little Symphony Orchestra
Ashland seems unfortunate in
its entertainment engagements,
as so many ot the companies are
held up by train wrecks, making
them late In reaching the city,
This was the case last evening,
when the Little Symphony Or
chestra presented the opening en
gagement of the Winter Lyceum
in the armory under the auspices
of First company, O. Jf. G. It
wbb close to 9:30 before the com
pany reached the armory, but no
delay in the opening of the re
cital followed their arrival. The
orchestra was an nil-string com
bination presenting attractive
sketches from standard symphon
ies and leading operas, together
with a wide repertoire of the com
positions of Mr. Tburlow Ller
rance, the organizer of the or
chestra. . MIbs Margaret Perry,
a well known American soprano,
accompanied the orchestra and de
lighted the audience with her won
derfully charming solo work. A
good attendance ot Ashland's
music lovers greeted this number,
and the boys in charge hope to
have the support of the people
In the coming numbers of the
Missionary Society Moots..
The missionary society ot the
Christian church met at the borne
of Mrs. Ernest Wllgus on Allda
street yesterday afternoon at its
regular monthly meeting. Mrs.
Wilgus led the meeting and after
singing and prayer n business ses
sion was called, at which a mes
sage of thanks was read from Mrs,
H. J. Boyd, who left this week
for California and who had been
given a post card shower as an
expression of appreciation from
the members of the society for
the splendid work she had done
Mrs. Boyd also sent a special mis
sion offering for the society. A
program of entertainment was a
feature, opened with devotional
conducted by Mrs. J. M. Beaver.
Mrse. Wllgus and daughter, Dor
othy, gave a charming piano duet.
and Mrs. W. A. Cooper read a: employes.
Union, at that time was a young
practicing physician.
At the age of 14 years young
Harding completed his work at
the village school and entered
the Ohio Central college of Iberia,
now defunct. As did many of the
other Ohio, youths, Harding work
ed his way through the college,
being forced to quit bis work at
intervals to replenish his treasury
by doing odd jobs, working In the
fields or on the section gang of
the railroad
When he was 19 years old, the
family moved to Marlon, O.
There has never been a strike or
a threatened strike In the office
ot the Star, Mr. Harding's news
paper, It is stated, and he has solv
ed his own industrial problem by
a practice of friendship, square
dealing and generosity which has
resulted in a corps of workers
upon the pnper all of whom swear
by the "old man." After the pa.
per had become firmly established,
Mr. Harding reorganized the con
cern into a stock company and
distributed shares to each ot the
A $1,500 value; for
$1,200, bringing In 12
per cent now.
Millions for
New Stomacl
tlon ot the southerly side line of, the date ot Its service upon you
Nob Hill street, and the westerly It served personally upon you wlth-
slde line of Almond street in the
Nob Hill Addition to the City of
Ashland, Oregon; thence In a
southerly direction along the west-
out the state of Oregon, and if
you fall to answer In said cause
within said time the plaintiffs will
apply to the court for the relief
erly line ot Almond street 70 feet demanded In the snld complaint,
to the point ot beginning ot the to-wit:
land herein conveyed; thence run-. For reformations of deed relat
nlng south 24 deg. 18 min. west , lug to and the quieting of the tl
along said . Almond street 8 feet j tie to a triangular tract of land
to stake for corner; thence west-'on the south side ot High street
erly to a point which I south 68 iu Its intersection with Granite
deg. 40 min. west 60 feet from street In the City of Ashland, Ore
the place of beginning; thence ton, described as follows:
north 68 deg. 40 min. east CO feel ' Beginning at the intersection
to the place of beginning. i of the south side line of High!
Dated and first published this street with the west side line ot
3rd day of November, 1920. Granite street In the City of Ash
H. L. WATERS, iland, Jackson County, Oregon;
10-4-Wed Guardian, thence northwesterly along the
southerly side line of High street
NOTICE OP DISTRICT ROADiiO" feet more or less to the enst-
MEETING. I erly side of alley; thence south-
westerly along the easterly side
line of ulley 105 feet more or
Jess , to the northerly northwest
corner of the Grainger lot; thence
Road District Number 2, Jackson
- County, Oregon.
Notice is hereby given that In
pursuance of a petition duly and
legally signed by more than three
free holders and legal voters re
siding In Road District Number
2, Jackson County, Oregon, and
duly and legally presented to the
County Court of Jackson County,
Oregon, a district road meeting
ot the legal voters of said dis
trict Number 2, will be held at
paid, Sept. 15, 1919; recolpt No
23214; amount, $9.76; int. rate
13 per cent. '
Years tax, tax of 1918; date
paid, 8ept. 15, 1919; receipt No'
13690; amount, $8.81; int. rate
12 per cent.
Total amount of t"Xes uaid sin
date of Certificates of Delinquency,
Said W. W. Drake, as the owner
of the legal title o' the above de
scribed property as the same ap
pears ot record, and each of the
other persons ubove named are
hereby further notified that tin.
City of Ashland will apply to the
circuit court or tbe County and
State aforesaid for a decree fore
closing the lien against the prop
erty above described, and men
tioned in said certificate. And
you are hereby summoned to up
pear within sixty days ufter the
first publication of this summon,
exclusive of the day of said first
publication, and defend this ac
tion or pay the amount due as
southeasterly along the northerly : above shown, together with cost
line of tbe Urainger lot 264 feel and accrued interest, and In case
more or less; thence northeasterly
on the west line of Granite street
16 feet more or less to the place
of beginning.
and for such other relief as
to the Court may seem proper.
By order of the Hon. F. M. Cal
kins, the judge of the said Court,
the County Poor Farm in said made aud dated, on October 20,
Road DlBtrlct, Jackson, County,! 1920, the Summons is served upon
Oregon, on the 20th day of No-ly the publication thereof and by
vember, 1920, at Ihe hour of 2 "ttitl Order you are required to
o'clock p. m on said day for the Answer the same within six weeks
purpose of levying a special road ', (rom the dule of the first puhll-
tax not to exceed ten mills on the , canon oi mis summons.
dollar on all taxable property with
In said road district for the spe
cial improvement of the roads in
said road district,, and for any
other purpose which may seem
proper to come before said meet-
ng. .
Dated at Jacksonville. Oregon.
this 26th day of October, 1920.
County Judge.
County Commissioner.
1 0-3-W County Commissioner.
Attorneys for Plaintiffs,
Ashland, Oregon.
First Publication: October 27,
1920. 9-6-Wed
In the County Court of the State
of Oregon, County of Jackson.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Christ Gauckle. Deceased:
To the unknown heirs,
of your failure to do so, a decree
will be rendered foreclosing tho
uen ot said taxes am' costs against
the land and promises above
This summons Is published "by
order of the Honorable F. M. Cal
kins, Judge of tin Circuit Court
of the State of Oregon for the
County of Juckson and said order
was made and dated this
ot October, 1920, and the date of
the first publication of this sum
mons Is the 20th day ot October.
All process and papers in this
pruceeuiug may ne served upon
the undersigned residing within
the State of Oregon nt- the address
"hereafter mentioned,
Attorney ror. Plaintiff.
Address: Win. M. n.-iggs, Pio:ioir
Block, Ashland. Oregon. 8-6
, vuiywvih Alia ,SJ11 JUIIJ ID UJJ"
paper on "The New Emphasis on j erated Upon this basis at the pre
the Known World." Sketches of j ent time.
Human Life were given by Mrs. J.
V. Wright and Mrs. Alta Weih
berger gave a piano solo. The
hostess then served tea and wafers.
Afternoon Party.
Mrs. F. J. Shinn was hostess
The Mail Tribune of last night (yesterday afternoon at a party In
stated there are wild threats of 'honor of her cousin, Mrs. Hubert
"mi ;nemura win ao to Asiuanu s
normal tho next time it comes to
a vote, claiming it has given loy
al support to Ashland lu every
conceivable way from tbe Chau
truqua to the camp grounds.
"Judging by talk on the streets,
Medford will adopt a different
course In the future," It claims.
The last statement In the pa
per, however, clears up the elec
tricity in tho air over tho feeling
existing from the defeat of the
measure by very truthfully slat
ing that tho measure would hwe
carried easily If ih Chamber of
Commerce of Medford hnd sent
rood speaker.", to debato tho ques
tion with Col. Sargent, instead of
letting the colonel have It all his
own wav.
Morrell of Acme, Wash., who. has
been visiting here for the past
fortnight. Those present beside
the honor guest were Mrs. O. A.
Paulserud, Mrs. Edmund Dews,
Mrs. Otto Herbst, Mrs. Howard
Barrett, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs.
Thomas Stephenson. The ladles
spent the afternoon with their
llirtliduy Party.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Young en
tertained at a birthday party tor
their daughter, Eugenia, on Wed
nesday, November 3, at their home
at 116 High street,' from 2 to 8
p. m. The afternoon was pleas
antly spent in playing games, af
ter which refreshments were serv
ed. The table was decorated with
Hallowe'en colors, the attractive
feature being the beautiful birth
day cake with 11 lighted candles.
Many beautiful gifts were received.
Those present were: Mary Mal
ey, Sylvora Hach, Rosalind Wise,
Edith Plummcr, Helen Mortens n,
Ned and Eu-
.M orris & Davis, (Ed. and Toad)
advertise elsewhere In this issue
of Tbe Tidings tbe opening of
their new pool and billiard parlor! Junior Harrington
on North Main street next door to gcnla Young.
. Simpson's Hardware store. The -
firm states they will carry a full! SATURDAY'S NEWS
Hoe of cigar and tobaccos and' Enjoyable Dance,
soft drinks. Much as Ashland residents like
Class Picnic.
The members of Mrs. O. Win
ter's Sunday school class held a
picnic at the home of Miss Loleta
t'lerson on the Boulevard yes
terday. The event 'celebrated
the birthdays of four members of
the class which occur this week,
Misses Mildred Wilcox, Harriet
Walcott, Florence Marrltt and
Laura Prescott. The class took
their luncheons which were ser
ved in cafeteria style at the Pier
son home, and in the afternoon,
made a tour through the old
normal building and took a walk
through the pleasant woodlands
surrounding the grounds. Miss
Plerson brought tbe girls home
In her car in the evening, aud sev
eral of them wound up tbe day by
going to the movies in the evening.
Had Friends to Dine,'
Mrs. Geo. M. Robison gave a
dinner party at her home Tues
day evening complimentary to
Mrs. Orln Robison of Cottage,
Mrs. Dan Stone of Oakland and
Mrs. Boyd Robison of Talent.
These ladies have been guests of
Ashland and vicinity for the past
Teacup Club Meet.
The regular monthly meeting
of the Teacup Club of the Metho
dist church was held at the home
of Mrs. F. H. Walker on Liberty
street last Tuesday afternoon. Up
wards ot 30 women gathered with
their fancy work and spent a de
lightful afternoon together. Three
new members were received Into
the club. Mrs. Walker was as
sisted by Mrs. G. A. Briscoe, Mrs.
A. M. Beaver, Mrs. Walter Hern-
don and Mrs. Charles Splndler In
Iu 1891 Mr. Harding was mar
ried to Florence Kling, daughter
of Amos Kllng, now deceased, who
was one of the leading business
men of the city of Marlon. Mrs.
Harding has been described by
intfruate friends as a tower ot
strength to her husband in all ot
his business relations and political
aspirations, and in the fullest
sense as helpmate and home
maker. He has been for 'ears an active
member of the Trinity Baptist
church ot Marlon, being a trus
tee ot the church at tbe present
Jne of the greatest American millio
lires said to his physician, a milli
hilars, Doctor, spot cash and no grui
)ling, for a new stomach,'' and tit
be sick man groaned and turned aws
ill his wealth eould not make hi
tappy or contented, for happiness lara
y depends upon digestion, Witho
lenlth where does happiness couie ii
Ifter all the stomach plu.vs a grei
iart in everyday . life. Without
icaltliy stomach aud good digestion oi
)lood is thin, watery and poor, oi
iart action is weak, our liver does m
lo its duty, and man is miserable ui
inlisppy. Prevent disease by puttin
lie house in order and strtiigtiieniii
lis system against the germs of discus
Dr, Pierce, of the Invalids ' Hotel an
lurgical Institute, at Buffalo, N. Y
-ears ago understood diseases mid the;
irovention, and he discovered certai
pots and herbs which were nature
1 emedies, and succeeded in putting thei
p in a form that eould be easily -jn
ured at the drug store (licr'.il i.
ablets). This he culled Dr. Pierce
lolden Medical Discovery. This Dii
tovery gives no false stimulation b
huso it contains no alcohol or any nai
totic It helps digestion and the at
limilation of such elements in the too
is are required for the blood. It giv
a tho blood the food elements the tii
lues require. For over fifty years i
enjoyed the - confidence of th
imsrican public Try it nowl
Notice Is hereby given '(hat (ho
if anv, undersigned has filed her fin.-, I
there be, of Bald estate, and to account of her administration of
an other persons claiming any the estate of Thomas A. Lane, do
Interest in the estate of the said; eeased, iu the County Court of
deceased: Jackson County, Oregon, and that
In the Name of (hp Stale of Ore- the Judge of said court has des
gon. lignated November 13, 1920, ut
iou ana egen oi you are here-1 me hour of 10 o clock a. in,, at
in Jacksonville,
In connection with tbe pool and: to dance It takes Mr. and Mrs. O.
billiard parlor the firm will con-18. Butler to set the ball rolling
MARION, Ohio, Nov. 4. The
next president of the United
States, Warren G. Harding, Is a
native of Ohio, the state known
aa the "mother of Presidents."
Federal Reserve bank ot San
Francisco is broadcasting a warn
ing throughout the twelfth federal
reserve district to holders of
Fourth Liberty Loan temporary
coupon bonds not to present their
bonds for exchange into permanent
coupon bonds ot tbat Issue prior
to February 1.
The permanaut coupon bonds
of the Fourth Loan are not now
available because ot unavoidable
delays In printing. Despite pre
vious advices, thousands of dol
lars worth ot these bouds have
been sent or offered to the Fed
eral Reserve bank through banks
and by Individuals, resulting only
In confusion and disappointment
to tbe owners of the bonds be
cause ot inability to effect the
exchange now.
Fourth Liberty Loau 4U per
cent permanent registered bonds
may be obtained at any time.
The only temporary Liberty
Loan coupon bonds at present be
ing accepted for exchange for per
manent bonds aie:
First Liberty Loan, 4 and 4 14
per cent; second Liberty Loan, 4
and 414 per cent: third Liberty
Loan, 4 per cent.
Real Estate
Homes and acreage. Farms and
Stock. Ranches.
Road District Number 1. Jack
son Countv. Oreirnn
Notice Is hereby riven thai tn by notified that on the fourth dav ' the courthouse
pursuance of a petition duly and.0' 0ctoDor. 1920, H. A. Autry, thejsald county, as the-tlme and place
legally signed by more than three uu, wuneu, quanneu ana act- ior nearing ojocii?ns to and the
tree holders and leenl vnter. ra. i"g administrator of said ostate. ! settlement of said recount.
siding in Road District No. 1, Jack-iflled ln ""'d Court n petition, du-1 RUTH M. LANE.
son county, Oregon, and duly andj1' ,8"ea, praying saw court for -l-weu Administratrix;
legally presented to the County ian 0T,ler ot ul of the whole of
Court of Juckson County, Oregon, ' lne real Property of said estate Sl'MMOXH FOR I'l'ltLICATION
a district road meeting of the le-!on the grounds and for the pur-' IN FOHECLOSl'RE OF TA.V
gal voters of said District Number I D0"eg therein set forth, which suid LIEN.
1 will ha held nt Dellevlew Sehnni , real property is described as fol- In the Circuit Court of the Ktnin
House In said Road District, Jack- low: - i of Oregon, for Juckson County.
son County, Oregon, on the 20th "eginning at a point ao minutes 1 my or Asniaml, Plaintiff,
day of November, 1920, at theie8t chains end west 8.99 vs.
hour of 10 o'clock a. m.. on anid 1 chains from thB comer common ! Elmer C. Reeves. Fdith Reeves. C.
day for the purpose of levying a;to Sections 10-11-14-16 Township, Mueller and Josephine Larson,
special road tax not to exceed ten 3 9 South' Range 1 East of the' Defendants,
mills on the dollar on all taxable Willamette Meridian, Oregon; To all of the Abovo Named I)e
pronerty. within said road district tllnce North 20 minutes EaBt 5.091 fendauts:
for, the speclul improvement ofichalns to the southerly side line i IN THE NAME OF THE STATE
the roads ln said road district and j0' tna Oregon and California! OF OREGON,
for any other purpose which may Railroad right of way; thence' You are hereby notified thai
seem proper to come before sufil ! Sotitb 65 degrees 45 minutes East! tbe City of Ashland iu tbe holder
meeting. .along right of way 9.04 chains to of Certificate of Delinquency nuin--
Dated at Jacksonville. Oregon, cornor; thence West 7.49 chains bered 4149, issued on the 6th dnv
this 20th day of October, 19Z0. I to bcglnuing, containing 1.9 of April, 1917, by the Tax Col-
O. A. GARDNER, a"es. lector of the County of Jackson,
County Judge. NOW THEREFORE, In pursu- State of Oregon, for the amount
THOS. H. SIMPSON, a,lc of tbe order of said Court of $41.17) forty-or.e dollars mid
County Commissioner. dulr made and qntered upon the 17 Qnnts, the same beljig the
JAMES OWENS,, -j filing of said Petition, you and I amount then due and delinquent
County Commissioner. ieach of you are hereby notified! for tuxes for the year 1910, to-
9-3-Wed v i that you are required to appear i gether with penalty, interest and
1 before tbe said Court on' 8atur-i costs thereon upon the real prop-
8UMMONS. ,day. the 27th day of November, erty assessed to you. of which you
1 1 .1920, at ten o'clock in the tore- are tbe owner as nnnears of ree-
In the Circuit Court of the State , noon of said day, at the Court 'ord, situated In said County anil
of Oregon, for the County ot .room ot said Court In Jackson- State, and particularly bounded
Jackson. .ville, Jackson County. Oregon, to
Mary R. G. Freaman, Plaintiff, show cause, If any exist, why an
vs. order of sale of the whole of said
A. L. Freeman, Defendant. Lreal property should not be marie
and described as follows, to-wit
The northerly one-half of Lota
11 and 12 In Block Six of the City
of Ashland, as the same are des-
To A. L. Freeman, the ubove-nam-las prayed for ln said petition. ignated, numbered and described
ed defendant: j Service of this Citation by pub-1 In Map No. 83 of the City of Asli-
in me namo 01 me siaie 01 ore- .iicauon la made on the non-rest-1 lana on me witn the county lo
gon: You are hereby required tol.dent heirs and the unknown heirs
appear and answer the complaint : of said deceased by order of Coun
cil the above entitled cause within ty Court, which said order is dat
six weeks from the date of the ed October 4th. 1920.
.first publication of this Summons,' WITNESS the Honorable O. A.
which date 1b October 20th, 1920,, Gardner, Judge of said
All Kinds of Good Insurance
serving delicious refreshments.
Mrs. Lizzie Will died this morn
ing at 6:30 at her home, after
an illness of only a few days' du
ration. The deceased was a well
j known and highly respected resi-
dent of this city, nnd her many
I friends were deeply grieved to
j learn of her demise.
Funeral services will be held
This was the case Ohio and for a great many years, from the DoiR un(1ertak In. nar-
Asbland Agents ot Abstract Co.
Billings Agency ,
, Established 1883.
FOR SALE or Trade Ford hii?
Maxwell touring car, barrel of
axie grease, is rifle, Incubator.
Call or address 375 East Main
St., Ashland. 45-tf
FOR SALE For less than cost
of the Improvements, 200-acre
farm, fully equipped. 45 acres
cultivated. Considor good resl
" dence property or acreage to
$2,600 or $3,000; bal. terms to
suit purchaser. Price and full
description on application. Write
owner, Chas. L. Wlmer, Myrtle
Creek, .Oregon. 9-lmo
FOR 8ALE 80 acres, 16 or 18 In
cultivation; water right; 5 -room
house; large barn; other build
ings; family orchard and ber
ries. $3000. Bert Johnson,
Williams, Oregon. 9-3
luct a tree employment bureau and get the old Eleven O'clock; His home has always bden In
where farmers and o'bers needing 'club a-danclng
help can list their wants by phon-. last winter whoa for (he first time 1 he had been a business man and iri Monday afternoon ut 3 o'clock
nig mem in oq omerwiae and since tbe war Mr. and Mrs. But-' newspaper puoiisnor in tms city, jjrs. Will is survived by three
the same will be lUted on a large' ler Issued invitations to this hap-now made famous by the fact that j daughters, Mrs. R. C. Goodman
blackboard In a conspicuous place 'py company to meet In Memorial , its first citizen has been elevated i jrs. Clarence Crowson and Miss
In the billiard parlor. This will, hall and "shrke a foot." and theito the highest office In the gifticiara Will of Ashland, and one
be a great help to those seeking meeting given by these hospiu'uie.uf the American people. j,0Ili jon o( The paM Mr
help and the service will be ab-i people was repeated all winter at rresldent-elect Harding iroui died seven years ado
olutely free to the employer and tinted times. This state of nf- born ln Corsica. Morrow County,!
the employee. When help is se-j fairs waa again repeated this year. Ohio, November 2, 1865, and Is
cured the employer will be in- The club merely waited for "Gwinjnow 65 years of age. ' He attend
formed by phone and he can call: to do it," before organizing fored Ohio Central college and grad-
the coming winter, so Mr. and nated from Iberia college in 1882.
Mrs. Butler bunted up their old Since 1884 he has been engaged
list. Issued tbe Imitation for! in tbe newspaper business and Is
at the billiard parlor and make
tbe further necessary arrange
ment if be so desires.
( Twenty-five teachers of the
Methodist Sunday school of this
city are In Medford this week at
tending the Sunday school conven
tion of that denomination which
is In session there.
Notice Is hereby given that pur
suant to an order of the County
Court ot the State of Oregon for
the County of Jackson, made and
entered on the 16th day of Octo
ber, 1920, I will, from and after
the 2nd day ot December, 1920,
sell, at private sale, for cash in
hand, all of the right, title and
interest that Lee Truett Waters
and Elsie Elizabeth Waters, minor
children of Annie Waters, deceas
ed, have In and to the following
described real property, to-wit:
Beginning at the Intersection of
the southerly side line of Nob Hill
S'ro'l and the WMitorl' '!ne of Al
mond street in th; Nob Hill Ad
ditlon to the City of Ashland, Ore
gon, thence In a" southerly direc
tion along the westerly lir.fl of Al
mond street a distance of 70 feet;
thence south 68 deg. 40 min.. west
arallel to Nob Hill street 125 feet;
thence northwesterly parallel to
Almond street 70 ieet to street;
thence north 68 deg. 40 min. east
a distance of 125 feet to tbe place
of beginning, being lot 10 and a
atrip ot land 10 feet wide off the
northwesterly side ot lot t in the
Nob Hill Addition to the City of
Ashland, Oregon.
Court, with tbe seal of
said Court affixed this
4 th day ot October,
,and If you fall to so answer or
otherwise appear, the plaintiff will; (SEAL)
apply to the court for the relief
demanded In nor complaint, to
wit: A decree for the dissolu
tion ot the bonds of matrimony be
tween plaintiff and defendant;
awurdlng plaintiff the care, ss
tody and control ot the minor
child ot plaintiff and defendant, Summons for Publication in Fore-
Edwin J. Freeman; decreeing 1 cloeura of Tux Lien.
plaintiff to be the owner in tee j Ju the Circuit Court of the State
simple of the real property par- of Oregon, for Jackson County,
ticularly described In plaintiff's j City of Ashland, a municipal cor
complaint, now on tile with the poration, Plaintiff,
Clerk of tbe above entitled court; I - vs.
for xcosts and disbursements of W. W. Drake and Mrs. W. W.
suit, and for such other and fur-! Drake and also Jll other per
ther relief as to the court may sons claiming any right, title,
seem just and equitable. lien or interest ln and to the
This Summons is served upon, . real property involved herein,
you by publication thereof, fori Defendants.
six consecutive weeks In the; TO: W. W. Drake and Mrs. Drake
Weekly Ashlnnd Tidings, pursu- and also all other persons
ant to an order of the Honorable' Claiming any right, title, lien or
F. M. Calkins, judge of the above
ontltled court, made and entered
on the' 16th day of October,1920.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
P. O. Address, Ashland, Oregon.
corder, said county.
You are further notified that
said City of Ashl:ind has puid
taxes on said premises for prior
or subsequent years, with the rate
of interest on said amounts as
Year's tax, 1912; date paid, Apr.
6. 1917; .tax receipt No.,14.853:
amount, $33.47; rate of interest,
Year's tax, 1913; date paid, Apr.
6, 1917; tax receipt No. 1.645;
kmount, $42.67; rate of interest.
Year's tax, 1914; date irald, Apr.
6, 1917; tax receipt No. 05.4G4;
amount, $42.76; rule of interest,
Year's tax. 1916; date paid Feb.
9, 1918; tax receipt No. 12, 645;
amount. $10.87; rate of Interest,
Year's tax. 1917; date paid, Oct.
10, 1918; tax receipt No. 20,626;
amount, $38.38;- rale of Interest,
Year's tax, 1918. date paid, Rep.
18, 1920; tax receipt No. 23,241 ;
amount, $45.36; rate of Interest,
Year's tax, 1919; dale paid, Sep,
19, 1920; tax receipt No. 11.497:
amount, $23.47; rate of interest.
Intermit In nnd tn tha tarI nrnn
( erjy Involved herein, the above
named Defendants: '
In the Name ot the State of Ore- 12.
gon: . You and each of you are1 Said above-named defendants ns
hereby notified that the City of: the owner of the legal title of
Ashland Is the owner and holder the above described property as the
01 ueruiicaie 01 Delinquency No. 1 same appears of record, and all
In the Circuit Court of the State
ot Oregon, in and tor Jackson
Irving F. Finley und Bertha C.
Finley, husband and wife, plain
R. Wick and C. E. Wick, his
wife, D. Perozzi and Louise A
Perozzl, his wife, Peter A. Nel
son and .Anna C. Nelson, his
wife, C. J. Brady and Jennie
B. Brady, bis wife, and any and
all persons claiming an interest
ln the property hereinafter de
scribed, known and unknown,
To Peter A. Nelson and Anna C.
Nelson, his wife and any and
all persons claiming an interest
in the property hereinafter de
scribed, known and unknown,
hereby summoned and required to
5121 In the amount ot $10.16 dat
ed June 1, 1917; also Certificate
of Delinquency No. 6521 in the
amount of $14.66 dated Juno 1,
1917; also Certificate of Delin
quency No. 6968 In the amount
of $11.53 dated June 1, 1917 and
Issued for delinquent taxes for
the years 1912, 1913, 1914 re
spectively by the sheriff and tax
collector of Jackson County, Ore
gon; mat saia taxes were upon
real property assessed to W. W.
Drake, which said real property
is situated and d"scrlbcd ns fol
lows, to-wit:
That certain parcel and piece of
property described in Volume 89
on Page 43, Deed Records ot
Jcckson County, Oregon, the same
being a Parcel located at the cor
ner of "B" Street and Mountain
Avenue, in the City of Ashland.
County of Jackson, State ot Oregon.
You are further notified that
other persons and parties inter
ested are hereby furthor notified
that City ot Ashland will ap
ply to the Circuit Court of the
County and State aforesaid for a
decree foreclosing the lien against
the property above described, anil
mentioned in said certificate. And
you are hereby summoned to ap
pear within sixty days after the
first publication ot this summons,
exclusive of the day of snld first
publication, and defend this ac
tion or pay the amount due ns
above shown, together with costs
and accrued Interest, and in case
of your failure to do so. a decreo
will be rendered foreclosing th
Hen of said taxes and costs against
the land and premises above
This summons is published by
order of the Honorable F. M. Cal
kins. Judge of the Circuit Court
of the State of Oregon for the
County of Jackson and said or-
said City of Ashland, has paid der was made and rtn
taxes on said premises for prior-day ot October, 1 920, and tlie ilato
or subsequent years, with the rate of the first publication nf this
of interest on said amounts as summons Is (he Ath inv nt n-t.
Years Tax, tax of
1915: date
answer the complaint of the plaln-l paid, Sept. 15, 1919; receipt No.
tiffs on file ln the office of the; 13699; amount, $12.18; int. rate.
county clerk in and for .the Conn- 12 per cent.
ay of Jackson, Oregon, within six- Years tax, tax of 1916; date
weeks from the date of tbe first paid; Sept 15, 1919; receipt No.
publicatidn of this Summons If, 13689; amount. $12.79: int. rate
served upon you by the publication ' 12 Der cent.
Alo, beginning at the intertec-1 thereof, and within six weeks from' Years tax, tax ot 1917; date
ber, 1920.
All process and papers In this
proceeding may be served upon
the undersigned residing within
the State ot Oregon at tbe address
hereafter mentioned.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Address, Pioneer Block, Ashland,
Oregon. 1-4 Wj