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    Wednesday, July 7, 10120
Asnldiid Weekly Tidings
Established 1S76
l'lihlMicl Eiery Wednesday by
Ik-rt k wr7".7. WItor
: was also opened to ex-service men i been moved to the head of the
'under the same conditions. The lakes, Mr. Colver said, while the
total registration and filing costs. Industries in New England' are ac
'of the land raiiRes from 45 cents tually closing down now for lack
la icr acre.
of coal. Farmers also are unable
'. to obtain cars to move the residue
ii 1 1( hi. mv and corNTV
r li'Kit.
The Social Realm
ti:i.i.i'iiiiM.: !
Quiet, WeridiiiK
Improve the swimming facilities
there. The owner of the spring,
when he discovers the dam, will
tear it out, causing the water to
recede. This, he claims, is the
explanation to the rise and fall
of last year's wheat crop at ft of the water in Jackson spring,
time when the new crop is coming' This body of water has never been
to harvest. Already, he declared, known to go dry, nor has the wa-
there are predictions of $25 flour j
and 25-cent bread. ! COM) RAIX CAl'HK
entertainment committee was to
fclve everyone his money's worth
and to give everyone a good time
To Charles Robertson must go
tlii! credit for the creative ideas
of the evening's entertainment.
ile labored for days before the
affair. Other members of the
company, H. T? Elmore, Klinur
Morrison, Walker, Muckey,
l'.ulirke, Wilson and Sam McNalr
Air. Colver declared the roadsi OF CIIERUY LOSS !aif deserving of credit equally
were unable to get coal cars to i Some growers are complaining' and several others gavo much
A wedding took place in .Med- the mines, with a result that this; that a great many of their chcr-; Ii'1"' 1111(1 labor. occasion
id yesterday afternoon which month's coal production is far be- hps lire turning vellow or red inwl The credit for the successful
uiiiled the lives ol Miss 1 earl ow ponnal, and miners are see- starting to drop and are asking serving and dispensing -of refresh-
Withrow and Maurico Barlow of nK t,ejr "families go hungry." I the cause. The cause of such incuts goes to Donald Dickerson
HWMIM Kin-. Talent. The ceremony was per-, when operated separately. Mr. 1 trnnliln in iinilonhieillv .ii.vii,.ii.. J ho planned that end of the uf-
. .. '"'men ny ue. casneu, pasiur oi Colver declared, even the largest i tion of some kind, Diiiine tlio Mali from start to Iiulsli. "Dirk'
the MotlieJist church ol that city i railroad cannot operate profitably
at his residence, nfler which the ,,( llt reasonable rates.
m i;m liii Tiov u.itj:s
V,...r i .ud lord
.;..i,ii,s 1
. . .I.u.tbs
Advet lir-emeni
1 j;. i s, the liliC 10c
U i . .1 I... a .Mi
1 ijy couplo returned to Talent
.i,n i.liil Itl'IU l.t.'Il U UlllllUr UI UIU
.1 Notice.
cull lime,
. 3 l-3c homo of the bride's parents. They
t 'll.U T.U Ql A ritOGKAM
Superintendent J. H. Puller has
tion of some kind. During thel lali
blooming period this sear, we hud : is tho company first cook, and
considerable cold raiu and some everyone gave him credit for
frost. This In itself would be sut- handling l'l 1,1111 of "o occasion
liiient to produce a heavy drop,
Hi under such conditions, pollina-
i,';s of Thanks. . .
,tu.iii'V,'lUe l:ue.
. . $ 1.00 'eft last night for Hilt where the ' completed the program for the tion would be rather
poor. Wo
so well.
Twelve girls assisted with the
si'iving, and though their work
2'ic groom lias a home already Die-2Sth session of the Southern Ore-!lSo know that the winter injury j vas very haul, worked
i'l.i. i,.,l orders and societies pared, ton his brute, airs. Harlow pon Chautauqua, which he gives last December weakened some of plainingly.
c.iiii; regular initiation Ices is tho daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. j to the public today. This session:tbe spurs, and they may possibly' The boys desire to thank every
ilU'.'s, regular rales. Hnirv Withrow of Talent, and Is! will hmrin rri,in l.iii- m iiiid ,., I 1. . t ...i n..D,'i..i . i. .'dm lin Ihmii auii....ii It v
, . ' -n... ....., ....... ,,, uuiu uiit-iuu-u suiiiiieiuiy "-' .
and lieuevoKMisocieties well known in Ashland where sho will continue through seven days. to produce heavy foliage, new Minor, who assisted in
i:Vi!tinttwtu for aVaih'e'r'-;wlU 11 gradua,e of the city scm)ol3j President Fuller has succeeded in j wood growth, and ut the 'same j ';"'' ways.
when an I'dmiisioii oi ot l'ie c'uss ot 1 91 1111(1 has since . getting together unusually finOj time, a heavy fruit crop. Under, As "iny requests have been
iiU.n is taken. then occupied the position of sten-talent, both in speakers and eu-! such conditions, the trees will shed made for a repetition of the af-
:,: i-.d at tlie Aslil.,nd, Oregon, egrapher in the Billings real es- tertuiuers of various sorts, and tho' their fruit, (lunnnosls is ulso re-; fair, il will probably lie repeated.
"''" SI'C""J t'as ,'',t6 8ncy. The groom comes program will be versatile in en-1 sponsible for some of the trouble, j ' "'' 011 11 much more, extensive
-1- . - from' the Wagner creek district, ' tertainment and Instruction. Fol-'Wheue ver we have seasons of'''1'''' ''i'her in September or next
. . . T $, -y I'1" t present employed us lowing is the program in full for grrat fluctuation in weather con-j N,'w 've- At ""y lil1'''
neaci mecnauic ai nm. i lie ue. , tle seven days: ollions, gumniosls seems to be ug- eiei vboily keep your eyes open,
wishes of the entire community; First Day Friday, July Itt 'giavuted. We have had several and when It is announced be sure
go with the young people througil I (Evening) 1 very drv summers. Some trees '" K''1 '01"' s'ats early.
tlieir married life. ' Ouening Exercises and Announce- have died from drouth aim,,, inn! .
menu. the drouth devitalized the trees.! STATU WIN'S COW'K.VTIOV
ri:oi"i.i: s i out wi
i.vsTiTi n:
Prelude Arloine Andrews Scutti. : Wn bad ounmiallv cold wenllmp In' ('OI.OHAI)O SI'UINtl.S, Colo.
One of the most enjoyable so- ,,,. v.,.,r.,m., ...n,, ,,.! .,,, , ti. Oiet-on .Wii-nlt n.-:.l r'
reople ol the I.omi. cial events of the season was the , , n0 ,.... f,.,. ., , , ... .......,..,. in. n, .iw.,i
.ii.ii. ingcuiu, uuuun i-uwui iu. nilliri, UIMI u long COU1 Uiyt .... .. ...... .. ...
riiii-:s uiiii
la.ii Mr. Kditor.
J ,i;'i woiiiioriug if the leaders
in The 'I mints know what is in
;ure lor r V.niev In I lii' coming days
ai uiir lily oi Ashland?
I iiaie reference to the Moody
1;i,j' lii.iilute iiich will hold
a iiiiiiijii s session ill one of the
i , ,, .,iii'i.i liiiililim s lollowilm
ii ' iilai' t'lui.ui.iiKiuii in'ograui.
i !.a In , i, in Wlilainl seven
Wediling Dinner
wedding dinner given last even
ing to Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Ited
ifer, by Mrs. J. O. Coztil t, a sister
Nuyphe. ispiiug. Such conditions always ""' llla,'B ot meeting for the l.ltli
Second Day Saturday, July 17 i seem to aggravate guinmosis and .annual convention ot the Amer
(Afleinoonl ! i:oikn lis Hltanku nuim mirii.u ii aii Homo Keouomics association
.Mr. Iledifer's mother, of tiST. ; i.lude The Alaska Duo. Tb, r,. is verv little one can do 111 business session here this week.
Lecture "Tomorrow," Carleton ' other than cut out the packets '"''s meeting falls in 1!K2 and
f Kveniim).
iiisiieu uy nir. iozuh anil air. i.,.i,in.i,o Ai,.oi,.. n., i.i. n n w.i u will ,..,..,( !
. , I i ...... r I ...1. i . in mtw i ttu niu-inu i 'in'. t 1 1 ii Jll urn ll A IlilMH". c II IKV " ' " ' "
no .,,,.11. ...... .1.,.,, Stephens unil given a ride through 1 ,,.. ..Ti, k... c... i.i,. ,.n i .... sr.a !,..,., ..rni.,i ..
i ..... .,, , ,, in. ...i .in... Kiunna iiiiu.iu iieeh -" - J "
trial finest, " K. It.' Fish. in such condition that they give. 111:111 eVBl-y slat! '" tllfi ,lll'("1 1111(1
II street.
After the dinner was served I
the guests were taken in cars fur-i
by Mrs. Grbver wer given
hur fnlmitiible iiianner.
The audience was so insistent-
heard at this time upon the pe
tition of (!. (!. Etibanks, the guard
ian of the estate of Augusta F,
riit.rlctv nn Itinnmnalnnl anil it an.
a rolicking Irish love tale upset )parln Irom 8llcl potittnn thttt It
the gravity of the listeners foi would be beneficial to said ward
the rest ot the evening. ; and to her estate if all tho lands
The orchestra delighted the up-' banging thereto were sold, which
leal piiperij' is put iicmui ly uc-
preciative audience again with a
selection, but could not respond
owing to the lateness of the hour.
There had been much pleisuiv
manifest when it was learned lira'
Mr. Mansfield, president of the
Faim Hureau, would he i n -l i t.
scribed as follows, to-wit
The northerly half of lot 0 in
block 28 as designated upon the
official map of the City of Ash
land, Oregon, adopted and ap
proved by the City Council, No
v, "iiber r, 1888.
Also, lots 1. 2, 3, 4, 6, 6, 8, 9,
and Ills address wu awaited with! ". 1 ' ? 16; '. 19.'
, , . . i zu, zi, a, i.i, a, and 2 oi iiioi k
keen Interest. ,. ,; , . ,. , hlk
Nor wero we disappointed, lorj 2, all In the Mathls & Bagley's Ad
while hut brief, Mr. Mansfield
tajicbed the salient points in the
Farm Hureau Federation, made
clear Its objects and reviewed the
dltion to the City of Woodvllle,
(now Hogue River) Jackson coun
ty, Oregon.
Also, beginning ut a point in the
center of Wards " Creek on the
work as accomplished already in i south line of the Oregon and Cul-
lackson county. To anv 0110 who 1 Ifornin Railway company s rlght-
I ........ ... 1AO
has- not followed l. work -inc. ' y- "'"r" I"""1 ,a
its small begliining, it must liave
been a revelation. We urn glad
Bunk Building as set forth In art
agreement of record In Vol u ma
69 of Deeds on Page 665, and as
contained in the Deed of the said
First National Rank of Ashland
to J. Syd McNalr and Susie L. Al
len, of record In Volume 77 of
Deeds, on Page - 2, records of
Jackson county, Oregon.
ALSO, subject to the conditions,
rights and privileges relating to
the west party wall of the prem
ises herein described, as contain
ej In the agreement made between
J. Syd McNalr and Susie L, Allen
with N. J. lteasoner, as recorded
in Volume 88 of said Deed Rec
ords on Page 4G8 and the Deed ot
Record In Volume 87 on Page 414
Dated at Jacksonville, Oregon,
June 22d, 1920.
Sheriff of Jackson County,
Is! ')fl dpi? K. of the Hection cor
ner common to sections 15, 16, 21
und 22; thence running south 30
deg. 15 niln. E. along the south I In the County Court In and for
linn of the said railway company's! the County of Jackson, State ot
right-of-way 343 feet; thence Oregon.
south 59 deg. 45 min. west 181.5 In the Matter of the Estate ot
feet; thence south 30 deg. 15 mill. Frunk H. Curler, Deceased.
east 422.5 feet; thence south 69! NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN:
deg. 45 mill.
to announce .Mr. Mansfield has
promised to come again to lielle-
view and we can assure him a
most cordial welcome.
The last half of the urogram
wuh nlacVd in Mr Moon.'. ,. ,-,.! (l('K, 4r weHl 10 1110 1(,w '-final me Last will and Testa.
, , , , , . . , ,. . 1 ter murk of Rogue river; thence ment of the said Frank H. Car
ole, hands and he most ably .lis ..westerly along the northerly tor. deceased, bus been iiroven In
charged the trust. To such good t,,v water murk of Rogue rlrer to'Buld court before the Hon O A.
use did he put his talents that the center of Wards creek ; thence j uarduer, County Judge, and the
$.'1120 were added to the homo northeasterly along the center of undersigned have been appoint-
....,....,! . vaiiin iu in.- j,,m... cu us i-ActuLum uirieui,
mousiiaiioii iunu, and evuryone 1 , , mnliilnlnir 6 1-5 acres. I Anv nerann IlllVlnir n flntm
more or less, and situate in tho , against said estate is hereby re
corporate limits of Rogue river, quired to present the same, duly
in the northwest quarter of sec- verified at the office of Briggs
Hon 22, in township 3, south oflUd Briggs, attorneys for said es
rango 4, west of Willamette tule i the Pioneer block, in the
Meridian, Jackson county, Ore- city of Ashland, said county and
sniely extends her appreciative : gon. 'stale, within six months from the
thanks. " Is hereby ordered inni me dute of . the first publication
, . , . !next of kin of said ward, and 1111 hereof.
Among the many friends fro,,, , n..-ested In the said es-, , n, ,ir, ,,nc,ln .i
oulsiile present were Mr. and Mrs. , i,0. j.,id thev nre hereby ill-1 23 1920.
went home happy and satisfied,
refreshed in mind und body.
To those who so unselfishly
made tliu delightful program 11, id
happy result possible llellvlew
Mansfield, Mr. V. C. Cuto and Miss, reeled to appear before this court
I itil,i,k .n .,in..ii;.. 11.. '. nil! I10 tlio Qi'tpatiil iitiiin:il ninol
. n in 1 u ntt;, iiiw uini, nifiiiitr i lie .
wound with Bordeaux, and fill In iK "f U1" association held in th. thu beautiful moonlit valley of
oi c niieil. an. I I In.- ,ie Uonue. Tho Invited guests
has no: bin come In nrp. Mr, ami Mrs j, y. Uedlfer!
. 1.1s Ii,,..
,. Il.eie
., my eiiiial .11 aluo and im- and children, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. '
i !..!:. , and interest li'i; eieiy- Freeman nnd children, Mr. W. J.i
.iy to in.- loiiiing Bible Insli- Stephens and the guests of honor. '
"' Mr. und Mrs. Aubrey Redifer. 1
Thlid Buy Sunday, July IN
' such trees the host pf care.
'1 lie leai hi'is and leclnrers are
11 and women of World-wide
1 1 1 as Bible instructors, and 1
: ;.):,, il thai Ashland is to he
imreil by their coming. If the
1 1 I - 1,1 1 his valley knew what .1
1 ..' ; ooil t hings mental and
11 11 11. I is awaiiin;; them In this
Me lielitnte series of meetings,
hall where it will lie held will
1.,.. i 111 i li ly too small to hold
' I I ,i ils.
Music Direction of Prof. Leland sl( 1HTV CABARET IS
Soloist-Mrs. H. T. Elmore. The SopjMy Vllharett llll(lel. the
Sermon William Wallace Young-J ausI,k.e, ot tlie Ul coml,ully 0,e-
S(l11- nn.iut A ..tiling.- ...... ...r.n.l
i last night at the Armory.
Tl.n .... . ...
v t .,.... finin-1,,1,,,,1 1 ,lu pio-sis iJieseui. are nearly
... . .u.u.iu...... ,.s sr.-hi' uii niet.
j ( AfleriKMin)
I Concert Prelude Ruul Pereira
I Nclglilioi-hood I'ai'ty
I Mr
iniormaiiy 111 a neigtiborliood , -Th Wllsic Master,' Arthur Ka-
party Tuesday afternoon at lier! ,.f.i
: home on Almond street in honor! (Evening)
iof Mrs. Holt, who is u guest ol ' cJruntl Concert Raul Pereira and
.Mrs. Patrick from Alamedu, Calif. ! i.ja string Quintet
in.,. Ml:.S OF
Lecture "The Needs of tho
Hour," Judge (!eo. I). Alden.
I'iflh Day Tuesday, July "M
( He'iea, ion Day)
Those present were among those
who were counted among Mrs.
Holt's close friends during her
residence here some time ugo. A
pieusani uuernoon was spent, our-1 (Evening)
lug which the hostess served light, r,,.,i,i i ...... 1 ivii, 1 .,,1,. i..
.. .....'... ....x.r., I ' t..Tii . "'"S
, efieshiuents.
1. K. Ca Ii of San Francisco, j
v im lias been spending the past Pretty Wedding
iw. or lliree years in Portland., handsomely appointed, but
. laiiiiiini-, in tlie auto park this u.ft wedding took place in tho
e 1.. while awaiting his wife who J Christian church last evening ut
viil join him hen. by train. Mr.,s o'clock, when Miss Lala Clarice
( ,.-li arrived in Ashland Inst night, W; Iker became tlie bride of Au
, mi was f.reiitly distressed overbuy Uedlfer. Rev. W. E. Beau
Hi - loss oi his dog which accom-isaid the service before tho im-
iniu.-d loin lu re 111 bis cur, but mediate family and relatives. Tlie
Which jlllhiiei
lei 1 . 1 i ! .-il In
Success, "Kindling
Sixth Day Wednesday, July -1
A r, .. .
had bunted up the auto-iter the ceremony the weddlngj
.- . , iiuiii u. i.r.ia,
Mn.'h.i f,uebis assuiiioieu 111 me Home ui
I in their statements that the nf
: lull was the greatest social suc-
cess that Ashland lias probably
! ever seen.
j More than 375 guests were pres
ent, and probably 200 turned away
.. ,.. 1 ...... i.
......... ..,..,..,, ..,, ()p account of ,.lck ot seatlllg ca.
(Aftemoon) ! parity. A remarkable feature of
Popular Concert Royal Welsh ,,,, ,lff,p w, .,,, ,., .
Lady Singers. ni-imiicniiv . 1 1 ani.t im, .oni;0 hl
fore the event was to occur.
The affair more than came up
to the expectations ot everyone,
and when the cntertulnment came
Tlie 192L meet ini; will be held
iu tlie far eastern I'niied Stales
No definite placo was selected.
Miss Mary Sweeney, head ot the
Home Economic university of
Kentucky, was elected president
ior the coining year, while (he
outgoing president, Miss Edna
Whitehead of Merrill Palmer
School for Ilomemaklng, Detroit,
was made first vice-president.
Other elections, were as follows:
Second vice-president, Isabel Lord
of Pratt institute; secretary, Len
11.1 Cooper of Battle Creek sani
tarium, and fivo councilors at
large. j
A reorganization of tlie associ
ation was agreed upon which pro
vides for five regional districts
in the United States and one in
Canada, each presided over by a
councilor. The Pacific district
I present, and all cheered
I Tennis Tournament, Swimming.; ,, UKai f(u. mo,e.
I Junior Chautauqua In Park.
i (Evening)
1 Prelude Valley Orchestra.
to 11 rtnQn nl 9. ft in' tl...l
,,' ' .. ,; i Includes Oregon, Washington, Cal
guests were still practically all;
, i iioiiuu, lu.iuu, molilalia, i laa anil
! Nevada. Tho association decided
! ...I.A ,.... ... ..rr:i:..t.. ...i.t. ti.
iu n. 'n iu iiLiiiiu.i; ..ill, lilt;
The first novelty on the pro
gram was a dance ' I'm Forever
Blowing Bubbles" ill which every
' one sang under the leadership of
'"I from the machine 1 ide was gowned In white crepe ! Tb.fl. M:"l,'ic0 I,l0 I'1"yel8 lnMr. Henry Enders, Jr., assisted
turn. After spend-, do chine piped with white satin' ;"ttr'0 ..."f.0" UramaUc;by the First Company quartet.
American Federation of Women's
Hi" 11:1 -In hunting the animal, , nd the church was beautifully j
('a h discovered this AWning decorated in white and green. Af-1
i'l the Park
i he d
!:,l,l.'l there awaiting his master, jthi. groom's purents, Mr. and Mrs. I
"I wouldn't low this little dog ,' K. W. Uedlfer on Seventh street,!
any Mini of money," Mr. Cash win re a dinner was served. Guest.)!
leiiari.eii this iiiurning. "He to tho wedding and dinner in-!
1 he ontiro program was one ot
dances Interspersed with acts the
superior of which has never been
seen here. The "First Coinnanv
Travel Lecture "Through Five ,.,,.. , ,,, ,, ,
Republics on Horseback," DrJ.,,. T,,nr ,,,, ',.,.
C. Whitfield Ray, F. R. CI. S. j , tirsl ct of
(Evening) Jlilul jU(iKillg from , conlimu.(1
.1 my life I ,st week." lie then eluded the parents und brothersi ' " , ' , ', " , "Pl'lause the audience was more
... . nnlnnan " .lllilpa TTrn.l ( Ilnlrt .. . ..
ltd a thrilling holdup experi- and their families of Mr. Redifer. . . . ' ' "lu appreciative,
l,.. !,.,.! ...... rv., ....... f....' ... .... .i
,. .1.. .. ii..,, v....f..- .iiu.v (,uii ins grandparents, air. anu
..- on ni.s way unwn iron, rort- , Alis. J. II. Redifer of Drain. After
rTM-mu ii inunim), hiiij A,.t twn ., ....., ,,.
(Afternoon) i,v ,i,,,nii. ,,r n... im..u,ii.i
1 p.
rhort honeymoon Mr. nnd Mrs.
Casli he was l.cdifer will lie at homo to their
i:d.!,i: to
1 by an elderly man au l f, :, n,s at tho residence on
. who had run tlieir car f j( ,! street which tlie groom re
ihe mad, tui .iiig him to (( i tiy purchased and has fitted up.
j Prelude The Maoris.
Junior Chautauqua.
! (Evening)
The Native Maori Singers of New
I Zealand.
;"Au Evening In the South Sous."
Illustrated Lecture "New Zea
land, the South Sea Ptopia,"
Mrs. Leila Bluomfield.
'.or,, i.iier winch they asked for foi a home.
olin... .Mr. Cioh left Irs car, '
, hen the man held him up with, SATl'RDAY'S NEWS
, pin. Tlie dog at this tiinci Dai Ison-C'oi nlsli Wedding
i.ii ,.'l fiom the car and flew ut. The marriiigo of Lew A. Davi
h- wi inaii. v. Iiich frightened the koii of Klamath county and Mis? PHVSM'AL THAI VEIt
it:,-,- , that f-ti- rtarte.l to run. Clara Cornish of Ashland tori; CHARGE OF SPORTS
il. .- i.i ii,.(t..l tie attention of yesterday at the Congr'M-j Extensive Interest Is being
' Iliii'. r.iviiig Mr. Cash tionnl parsonage, Itev. 11. J. (iil-l shown iu the courses in physical
.!.:.... and he -rin k the ball-' larders, the pastor, performing odurutlon to bo given by compe-
1.; ug his bead thioURli the ceremony. The young people. 1 Uat instructors who will have
, hi.-M ol .Mr. C.i l. s car. left imniediutely for Cresi ent City 1 charge of the work In the Sm-
. in.iii.i.i th-m so that they where their honeymoon will be I n'T School. Due lo the uiost
., ui, i, . .. , , aii.i .Mr. ( ash spoil. ' hearty co-oporatlon of some of the
,,,, , ' j, i.Hi. y ladles of the city the enrollment
a . - i .1. i. .i. i . . . . I i. I.. Pi.tL- .it- itnutlii.tlp nti.l fnllr (liitif-ilip h:iu
,", l,i ....l.,llOl.llllll.ll ....... ... , .u. ... ---n ,
i . :, 1 i th t point with. A paily of six girls had a jolly become so great that II will prob;j whole act was a marvel of finished
! '. -'!. nru'n. .Mr. Cash time al a picnic III the park lust t,bly be necessary to add another j tulent and grace. She tvas at-
.1 I n b.ri no do'ibt they Thursday evening. The uffair was , Instructor. Mr. Charles A. King, tired ill a beautiful costume of
! : ;i t... ::.. no-parties. Tlint givin ill honor of a number ol 't a graduate of the Oregon Agricul-; corn yellow silk too intricate to
; j.ioMteil It. the pun- Uic young ladles who have Just re-1 tuial College In electrical engin-' describe.
Mil at the hands of turned homo for the summer, and eering and industrial arts and who, A weird esthetic dance by Mis3
; '.id. n:, be stated, as all enjoyed the reunion to the ut-(has also taken special work in Itowen Gale of Medford was next
( '.:: ii-n( e no one else most. Those present were Misses physical training, has been se-on the act program. MiRs dale,
i l 'ii at that point. K'tith Herrin, Dorothy Curnahau, cired to take charge of the work though very young, was a picture
Zelda and Alda Hecr. Isolene 1 for boys and will supervise theirjof grace in her dance, which was
i M l Tii Mil. IHI lts Campbell hikI Pearl linger. games und sports besides giving; an Indian representation.
; !' il land in The lessons In swimming. This should The last act of the evening was
':. i. '..mi.!i.-niR about RAIL REMEDY M';;KSTEI ! a nact by the Masked Dancers,
... oianid to en. WASHINGTON Operation of , JAl KSOX Nl'KIXJS j v: hose names we now reveal as
r " i " :i y.i lelay, i,c- Mm- railroads of the country "as ' WILL XOT (Ml DRV i Mr. Harry Silver and Miss Maxine
:cl(stru, and certainly no orches-i
; tra of this section of the country
or tho state for that matter, ever
did better.
Following tho novelty number
and several dances, was a "special
extra" by Mrs. Montgomery assist
ed by six Medford girls. The en
tire personnel of tho act were lull
of grace, und certally was a
credit lo the evening. They en-
tr.ved tln-cn raillo r,i w,a .....1
when they finally had to sit down, ! f ""T"
long upplause still followed.
Miss Katlnyn Swem, of Med
ford, staged the climax acl of
the evening, iu an esthetic dance
called the "Lady of the Moon."
Misb Swem made her appearance
through the face of a moon, with!
beautiful lighting effects. Her i
Friday evening, Juno 25, saw
P.elleview school house comfort
ably filled with expectant and
anticipatory guests, knowing tin
treat awaiting them.
An unusually pleasir,:; program
had been arranged uurt 'he bil
lables covered with mysterious
looking bundles and iaiUai;es
whetted both curiosity and uppe
Air. Brown In a few well chosen
remarks opened the nieeliug add
announced its object; then turned
it over to Hie conimiltee thai had
arranged the uffair.
The opening 1111111111.1' was a se
lection by the Woods' orchestra
a number so happily received that
nnutlier charming one was given
tc satisfy the enthusiastic audi
A III tin Iravclo;'!', toil In such
delightfully friendly fashion
some ol I lie in
teresting experiences and happy
limes Miss Katun'!! Miller en
joyed In her five years' soiourn
in our island possessions.
A solo followed, by Miss Elea
1101 Moore, very sweetly rendered
nnd heartily applauded, but she
disappointed the listeners by not
reappearing. Two short readings,
one serious and one in lighter vein,
We are the only store iu Ash
land to stock this
In the county judge's office, at (JEOHOE R. CARTER,
the court house, In the City or y CARTER,
Jacksonville, Jackson county, Ore-, Executors.
1 Ron, on the Illst d::y of July, ; Wkly-1 02-4t
! 11120, at the hour of 10 o'clock; .
iu. m. of said day. there and then xoTICE OF Slllmil l 'S KALE,
ho show cause. If any exists, why , . . E,.1inn ,i
,1 license should not bo granted m.(1(!1, of sue du) laaued out o(
to the said guardian for the sale nmJ un(er (ne Beu, of (ha circult
of said real property, and it Is toul.( of ,h(J Sut(, of Q (or
further ordered hat a copy of tli(, c uf Jnckson datP(l
this order be published for three Jme 2M ,920 n g gut th
successive weeks In tho the Ali-; wherelll mler & Thompson Co.,
land Tidings, a newspaper print-' a C01.p01-a'ti011i fls umjff recov.
ed and of genenil circulation in!ered Jlldgmenl af!aill9t w N
Jackson county, Oregon Campbell and Huttle Campbell,
Done in open court this 2lJlh;ljg wjfe fl9 dl,fendanu for th9
day of June, l.u. ....... ... 11022 r,r. imrthr with
You cannot buy better. We
guarantee every article. Try It
at our expense, at
Polcy's Drug Store
i wn i-
1 $
I BgSg' Cverylhin," K ;
a unit" us a means of relieving, A number of people in this vl- I'mcht. The dance was one of the i
the present transportation diffl-1 eirity have been worried about latest society parlor dances, and
1 allies was suggested by William, a report (hut the Jackson hot drew much applause from the
P.. Coher of the federal trade j spring is going dry. According , ( uests of the evening.
. oinmisHlon, in an addiess before to their statement, the spring will ; Interspersed throughout the
the Washington Ad club. Mr. fill for a time, after which the daices were snecial color effopia ?
'u!er predicted that a continu- waters will recede. The expla- j ami moonlight waltzes which were
.-linfl f.f tli ttrwM.O .lli.,,tinn nullnn i-.f (Vla i.h.,nii, ,an,.l ........(. .....
- .......... al, UH. ......... v. ..... ,............ i.i. .iimui.i; UIIU Ulll(lie. ' 4... mean "untold sutfering and ' explained by a resident, who has 'A luge color wheel had been ur-ilt'
iiidutsrikl shiitdowrs next win- lived here for a number of years, rai ged in the center of the roof
; .li r." Hundred!! of millions of i ml is well acquainted with the , of tho building and created a real- Jta
: the nun mineral ilollars are tn d up now In nier-, a(.aries of tlie Jackson spring. Iy wonderful effect of respb nd- fj3
ui il, e south half (balidise in Hidetrai ki-d cars, he According to his statement the ent colon, anil livhij ftH
uliiile Jn.iiaii res- said. Joung lads of the city have been Refreshment? were served at
: a i 1. u 1 Jis- Only one-tenth of the needed iu the habit of damming up the practically cost to the boys. The
lifjl ilTS acrii. oal for ne-;i wmier s supply has htream to th spring in order lo who aim of tho First rompanv
, i :.! 1u Ii. i:. Lalighlin. he. id
( I ;;,' re:i( !,.l la l.i ilia...,. Kll
1 I....V !i. li,a.,.- 1 : 5 t.j and in-
, , ii.: '.Ugil ' 1 !'.
i i '.u;,i:-t .'il I!, a. IaraK will be
( .- ubj I to L'.-,..'ial entry,
; :..i ..i, A:u'ii-t 27 the reinainin'
1 IKJS Will b - I 'lllje, t lo peiierji
i.'. a. ;.i t'l' inent. T.ns aie
v ,.s toriii.-i ly v 'IMi,i :i mr In
dians. : 3
; i y.i,;? la hi!
!. J.,iil'T
: '-ii i:i
I .' i . o. i ll :i g
Powell St, atCfarrtll
San f ranciscc
j In the heart of the
fl business, shopping
and theatre district.
Running distilled ice
water in every room.
Our commodious
lobby .fine service,and
Homelike restaurant Is
U will attract votl. - t'J
ftj European Plan rates H
$i.uu up. -
On Savings Accounts
A Dollar Starts an Account
County Judge.
100.00 attorney fees and $38.60
costs and disbursements, which
Date of first publication June Judf,meIlt an(1 decree was 'enrolled
3. "KI"'H und docketed in said court June
mil. 1920:
in the County Court of the State That punmnt l0 tne terms of
of Oregon for .lackson County sul(, cnl.P9 um, Kxeclltioni i wlMi
In the matter of the Es ate of ()1 SBtur(hiy July 24tn i920 at
Ira .1. Hoharl Deceased. 0.dock a a, le frout (ooI,
Notice is hereby given that the of , courtnoUB8 in tne Cty of
undersigned, hlva A. Hohart, has jucksoYille, Juckson county, Or
been appointed ad,nI..istratr,x ol!(,Ron orffir for ffln(, ge At
the est a e of Ira J. Hohart, de- l.Iltlli Au,.Uon to the ,i)he8t bd.
ceased, by the County Court ofd , BaBf gad jlld(!ment and
the- State of Oregon for Jackson j ((creei wUh C0)t, of M, ub.
County, and has qualified. All J( ct , redem)Uon a8 provl(ie(1
persons having claims "Ba n" . ,y iaw. and a specific lien in favor
said estate are hereby notified to of , cty f Medfol.d a agani(t
present me saiiie u, "-""" , the lot in Medford, Ore-
edged as by law required to the
undersigned. Elva A. Hobart, at
i gon, amounting to
all the right, title
and in-.
Ashland Oregon, within six lerest ,, Slli,i judgment debtors
nionins irom iiib liaio ueieui. :w v. rnmnl.oll ,l II,,.. I
Hated and first published this 1 (.ampbcH joIlty or ndlvduay
had on October 1st, 1914, or have
since acquired, or now have In
lillh day of June 10, 1920.
I 0 1 -4 1
1917, the date ot the Fred I',
Fischer Mortgage, either individu
ally or jointly, and all Interest,
right and title that they and their
successors in Interest have since
acquired in and to the following
W.I. Janet
Bishop. Calit. "About fiv
yoavi uko I suff.Jivd severely,
insulted a local lioctor and lie siii,
1 would have to underpo an cpppri
tion. When I said "No," ho advise.
i course of treatments. . liar
3oned to think of Dr. Pierce's Mod
cal Advisor, and in it I found in
;aso thoroughly deseril)od. I pb
right down and wrote to Dr. Pierm
1 then tried Dr. Pierce's Favor! t
Prescription took ona bottle - alt
ne Dottle ot (..olden Jlcdict
Discovery,' and used the 'Lotiot
rahlets' and 1 have not been trotib
ed since. I hueo tin. I t,,-. (In.
lenlthv lim-a cineo tl,n . " i i Hue. (heretofere known as Harga
"1 2 'YV-Hd ?eet Va
he Pleasant Pellets' for the live
ind towels for alxiut 2H years
vouldn't lie without them."- Mlts
5. (i. ALiiitiGHT, Ii. K D. No. 1.
Write to Dr. Pierce's Invalids
Intel in Burt alo, N. Y.. if vou wan
und to the following described
v...,-i.. ..- c.-oii. o4il roaI Pr"!'1'"'!)'. situated In Jack
NOTKE Ol- SIIMUrr'K SAl.h. connty .Oregon, to-wit :
By virtue of an Execution and All that portion of Government
Order of Sale duly issued out of lot Number SIX in Section Thirty
and under the seal for the Circuit i two, in Township 36 south of
Court for tlie State of Oregon, for Range TWO west of the W. M. in
Jackson county, dated June 21st, Jackson county, Oregon, bounded
1920, In a certain suit therein, I and described as follows: BE
whereln it was decreed that Fred , GINNING at the northwest corner
1'. Flsclior, one of the defendants i of the John McCay Donation Land
in said suit, was decreed to have Claim In said Township and
u first Lien under a certain Mort- Range; thence east on the south
gnge on the real property herein- line of said Lot Rln 26 rods to the
niter described, in the sum of southwest coiner of school lot:
$1,598.07 together with $600.00 , thence north on the west line of
attorney fees and $24.40 costs ' suld school lot 10 rods to the
und disbursements, nnd wherein northwest corner thereof; thence
it was further decreed that the east on the north line of the said
plaintiff, John O. Rigg, has a fur-j school lot 10 rods to the north
ther and second lien against said least corner thereof; thence south
property for tlie sum of $199.20 on the east line of said school lot
together with $75.00 attorney j 16 rods to 'the southeast corner
fees, which judgment nnd decree of said school lot; thence east on
was enrolled and docketed In said the south line of said Government
Court on June 19th, 1920: ' I Lot Six nnd the north line of the
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, j county road to the southeast cor
That, piirsuunt to said Decree and net- of said Lot Six; thence north
Keciition, I will on July 24th, 44 rods to the northeust corner
1920, at 10 o'clock a. in., at the of said Lot Six and thence west
front door of the courthouse In. on the north line of suld Lot Six
the City of Jacksonville, Jackson I to the northwest corner thereof;
county, Oregon, offer for sale and j and thence south on the west line
sell at public auction for cash to i of said Government Lot Six to the
Hie highest bidder, to satisfy saldphn?e of beginning, containing 20
Judgment and decree, with costs acres of land, more or less:
ol this sale, subject to redemption ALSO, commencing at a point
as provjded by law, all the right.
title and interest that M. A. Mc
Cniin and Gertrude L. McCiinn
100 feet north ot the southwest
corner of Block No. 2, of Gallo
way's Addition to the Twon (now
his wife, had on December 27th, , city) of Medford, in Jackson coun
ty. Oregon, and running thence
north along the west line of said
block 00 feet; thence at right an
gles east 100 feet; thence at right
angles south 60 feet; and thence
at right angles west 100 feet to the
described real property, situated ; place of beginning. This lot sub-
in the City of Ashland, county of
Jackson, State of Oregon, to-wit:
Beginning at a point on the
southerly side line of Main Street
in the City of Ashland, Jackson
county, Oregon, which point lies
north 56 deg. 19 min. west along
said street boundary 30 feet from
the point of intersection of the
southerly line of Main Street wita
the westerly side line of First ave-
ject to said City Lien.
Dated at Jacksonville, Oregon,
June 22nd, 1920.
Sheriff ot Jackson county,
In the matter of the Estate of
Emma H. Fuller.- Deceased.
point on the northerly side line of NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN,
an alley as described in Volume that the Executor of the above en
50 on Page 450 of the Deed Rec- titled estate has filed with the
ords of Jackson county, Oregon, I Clerk of Court his Final Ac
count in the matter of the ad
ministration thereof, and the Hon,
G. A. Gardner, Judge of the
which point Ms 30 feet distant
from 'Hie intersection with the
northerly side line of said ullev
ree confidential medical advke, oijwi,u westerly side line of First I County Court In and for the
end .")D cents for the ".Mtdica Avenue; thence north 56 deg. 19; County of Jackson, State of Or
Wviser. j mln. west along the norlhely side egon has designated July 17,
line of said alley 56 feet; thence. l!20, at 10 o clock a. m. at the
north 35 deg. 02 min. east 100 courthouse in Jacksonville, said
feet to a point on the southerly j county, us the time and place for
side line' of .Main Street, which: the hearing of any objections
point is distant 86 feet along the thereto.
southerly side line of Main Street . Any person having objection to
from ils intersection with the the allowance and approval of said
westerly side line of First Ave- account must present the same
nue. and thence south 56 deg. 19 on or before the time designated
min. east along said southerly for said hearing.
I.i the County Court of the State
of Oregon, for the County of
In the Matter of the Guardianship, side line of Main Street 56 feet to
"of the Estate of Augusta F. the place of beginning
Kagley, Incompetent.
ALSO, the party wall right In, Daily 247-lt
This matter coming on to be. the west wall of the First National Wkly 102-31