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    fcAOE rvro
Wednesday", January 28, 1020
Established 1876
Published Every Wednesday by
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iidings has a larger circulation In Ashland and its trade territory
than all other newspapers combined.
Entered at the Ashland, Oregon, Postnffice as second class .mail matter.
. 1(..-rrcTIMT MAKE ONE W7.7.V; The following condensed report of
erro will he of In-
tlin terest to luenibeni ot tile Asniaii'i
(inn; Commercial Club und others. The
1 The Social Realm
Curd Party
Mrs. J. M. Wagner und Mrs. E. L.
McCluro entertained a company at
cards at the homo of' the former nt
153 Oak St., yesterday. The afternoon
was spent with bridge and 500. The
vinnors'of favors for the former ganio
were Mrs. E. V. Carter, Mrs. A. C
l!iiL-ts and Mrs. A. E. Kinney, while
those of the latter were Mis. Frank
Dickey, Mrs. F. (I. Swedenbuig
Mis. C. H. Pierce and Mrs. W. O.
Currv. Refreshments were served
after the games ceased. About thir
Iv were ill attendance. The favors
presented were the handiwork of
Mrs. McCluro. ,
It is estimated by statisticians ; Chamber of Commerce
'oligrrssiomil Quest ions
The delegates favored giving all
Club Mel
The Come When You Can club niel
at I ho home of Miss Nina Emery on
Mechanic street last evening. The
members spent the evening with their
needlework and had an ejoyable time
together. Refreshments were served
by the hostess.
The Annual Rail
The second nnnm.l ball of the
Brotherhood of Railway Carmen will
be held in the Natatorium Tuesday
evening, February 21, and will be
one of the leading social events of
the winter, Launspuch's jazz orches
tra will furnish the music.
)i,.t the direct cost
, u ti so nun. 000.
m" the indirect cost, $151,000,000,-1 Ashland club is a member of ,h
' . . . nun nnn - Kliiie Chamber.
fiufl, making a Mini oi i. ,
OHO. As a result of the war mainly,
,. - ...;,. ,!,.,! (hut the national
l.u"ot Croat Britain is about 45 ' possible assistance in .he establish.
. . , I:i .,,ith- that meat of u naval base at the mouth ol
per u iii ii i he (,olllmlli.i; 8tM.,11:illl! appropriation j Wednesday afternoon
pi uu.sia, . I ot (ro)n C())Kr(,sg jn )Uii,illK tliej regular program the members de-
per cent, ol . . ',. Roosevelt highway; Two Hundred and j cided to take up a special course of
(i (Till Ull V O i lrT H"iiv
Ilungarv 90 per cent; while the Unit-! Kilty Million Jones Hill for lteclan.a
e'l I Sm.cs is little more than 10 per Hon; One Hundred Million Dollars
cent Hut few of these experts call floral funds per year for five years
attention to the fact that If the , id Ten Million I.olla.s per year for
warring nations spent all this money 'ten years for road construction;
somebody got it, and tfje money is "I"'" of la.n.h ludianUeserva
still in existence sowhewhere in the tion to Seattlenient Restoration, of
world For Instance the billions, Weather Forecast Center at Port land.
Fpent hv the rnited States were bor- Ue-t-ns
.. ,' i. , i- i,,l und Itoad bond issue of Ten Million
ruweu 1 1 mil I" iv - - ., , I ...ill, M llf- f fM-n Ihn
uoiinrs coniiiigciii upon lncreasnm ... v,,..t...,, ....
'stale debt limitation for roads f rom ceremony taking place on Christmas
2 per cent to 1 per cent. ,,a. The groom is a well known
i Defeat any proposed bill reducing, J'"""!.' business man of Ashland and
legal rate of Interest In Oregon to 4 ls a member of tho firm of Harrison
Bros. Vulcanizing works. The newly
married young couple will make
their home on Pioneer avenue,
Missionary Mil-tins
The Women's Missionary Society
of t lie Presbyterian church held their
regular monthly meeting nt the home
of Mrs. F. J. Shinn on Oak street
Beside the
reading during the coming two
months. A good attendance was
present at tho meeting yesterday.
Xewly Weds Home
Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Harrison nr
rived home Tuesday evening from
Chic ago, where tlje former went last
month on a visit. While In the east
Mr. Harrison was united in marriage
other evidences of debt, and then
paid back to virtually the same peo
ple, who loaned it in payment for la
bor, food and war materials. ThlB
view of the case would indicate that
while the tovernment has gone heav-1 '"'
ilv into debt the People who constl-! 'I"r rol'"'ll't 1,1 5 "'r ''"
i i ii.o fntieil Reinstatement of
UM lll pot t;. 11 tit' .11, in .. .......
States, at least havo virtually all the
rinnev that the tovernment spent
the war And in i"u, lu 111 1 1. ir iiii..h. iu .n.u un
der like favorable conditions now ac-
j corded to swamp lauds.
Appointment of a committee to in-
cent and limiting Interest uu-
for murder In first degree.
Organization of cut-over land im
in prlsecuting the war.
turn the government Is levying ad
ditional taxes on tho people who con-
ftitute it to meet the lntest and
principal, as it comes due, on the vestigate on proper care and ediira
debts It owes the people. In brief,
Hon of children inmates of slate In
stitutions. ,
what the government owes them,! '-'"
since the government has no other, (''""'ler of Commerce.
....i,.i ..V....I.I n,,.,,i, iv,.ti,,n in Miscellaneous
raisn It.
When one gor9 to figuring on the
cost of war and the financial burdens
It Imposes, ho is quite likely to get
dizzy before he has determined Just'
who pays the hills, In tho end. As
a mutter of fart, the late war was
very profitable to the people of the
I'nited States iu a financial sense be
cause they sold billions of dollars
worth of food and supplies to for-j
eign belligerents at war prices. And'
ll ll'ilu i.m'1'i.uimm II ti m'ltfi fitlile I
to tho foreign nations which were
forced to buy what they lacked In
this country and were in no position
to dine a good bargain. One effect
i.f the war was to shift the financial
dominance of the world to this side of
Completion of Natron rut-off and
Strahorii system of railroads.
Daily mail servim between Hem!
and Burns.
The directors elected the follow
ing officers:
President, Charles Hall, Marsh
field. Treasurer, J. 1.. Klheridgi" Port
land. Secretary, tleorge Qilayle, Port-hind.
W. R. ('. Visit.
Tho Ashland Women's Relief
Corps were the invited guests ot the
Medford Corps yesterday afternoon.
About, twenty went from the local
Corps and spent the ntteruoon, after
which a fine supper was served in
the evening. The regular meeting
followed at which the officers of the
Medford Corps were installed. An
entertainment of speaking and sing
iug followed the installation cere
Cratits Pass.
Emery Olinstead,
F. S. llraniwall,
J. T. Itorick, Tin
n ml co-operative
An optimistic
u.,l..ll It..... .1 I , .1
the Atlantic perhaps an hundred """ "'.oumioiii uie
rears before it would naturally have' """ (,f . '-"' tin,
; i. in i h (, .inn ditiruo nf tlifl ile-i conservative policy of the State
Telopim nt of the Western World.
Choir Met
A splendid rehears il was given last
night at the .Met lioilltt church with
.Mr. (!. II. Yeo us leader. About thir
ty were present. Refreshments
were served at the close. They will
meet every Thursday evening at 7:30.
Rev. and Dr. Ferris mid Evangelist
Edicar ami wifo were r-nlertnlncd at
0 o'clock dinner by Rev.' and Mrs.
Koehler of the Presbyterian nuinse
Pleasant Dance
The young people ot tho Ashland
high school gave an enjoyable dunce
ill Memorial hull last evening to cel-
Chamber had won Hie confidence of I "' " "w llus,"B 01 I1U! ", st
incsier ot the school year and wel
come iu the second. A local orches-
the general public; that it was not
In any way mixed in politics; that it
was state wide in Its plans unci that
the accomplishments of the past year
had won for It the firm conviction
I It Is nn organization much needed in
The West's nio-t precious asset is
ii,t iu ciiimei. cold and silver; it is
.i . . .. i ....iii, ,.r
"'" "' . f , our state, and, the continued co-op
moiiiii.iiu i.uijfi, m i i"
. ... .. ,1... lw,...l ..f ilu V:ll-
' 1 , . , .. In being the one organization In the
levs. Far more valuable than all , .
. i i , .r. In . I.. i- ll iu the
',,,'', ' ' ,, . , auestions would eventually be sub
Oasis Ol illl Uie, uie r.ue-r in nil n.i-
perity. The ry,1cmalic develop
ment of the West's water resources
has jil-t beu'iin. Imagine what the
result will be when the uttermost
eratlon of its members would result
in being the one organi;:,J ion In the
state through which nil slate wide
milted, ns is now the case Iu many
tni furnished delightful music and
the young people tripped the light
laniastie until a late hour.
Is touring the state at the present
time organizing .a campaign to se
cure funds for the national Y. W. C.
A. This meeting was called for, this
purpose and an organization will soon
be effected.
As this was the regular time of the
Parent-Teachers' meeting, a business
session preceded Dean Fox's ad
dress. The principal item transact
ed was the accepting the resignation
of Mrs. H. T. Elmore as president of
the West Side circle. No one was
elected to fill her place. Mrs. Cor
don MacCracken, president of the
East Side circle, presided.
After the meeting was concluded
the domestic science department of
the Junior High school, conducted
by Miss Ruth Vorlng, the teucher,
served refreshments.
Rules for Avoiding Influenza
Dr. George Parrlsh, chief of the j
Portland health bureau, presents the
following rules for avoiding lnflucp
za, the recurrence of which ls threat
ening some portions of the country,
which will be well for ull to heed.
That Ashland has been unques-
gon, within TEN days from the dat
ot the service of this Summons on
you, if served within Jackson county,
Oregon, and if sorved on you In any
other county In the stale of Oregon,
then wlUiin TWENTY days from the
date ot its service upon you, and if .
served on you by the publication
thereof, then within SIX WEEKS
from the date of the' first publica
tion thereof, and If you full to, np-
imiir mill nimwer niilil cnninlfiint wltli-
! in the time as above specified the
Iiiidy Elks Cnid Party
A very delightful afternoon was
spent by the ladies at the Elks club
rooms yesterday ufternoon. These
parties are steadily growing in pop
ularity. Dainty refreshments wei'e
served during the ufternoon by the
hostesses, Mrs. A. C. Briggs and Mrs.
Iru Shoudy. At bridge Mrs. G. V.
Gillette won first prize, while- ut five
hundred Mrs. A. L. Irwin was the
lucky winner.
The afternoons of these card par
ties has been changed from Tuesday
to the first and third Thursdays of
each month.
Eleven O'clock Club Reorganizes
One of tho leading society events
of the season was the opening dance
of the Eleven O'clock club held last
evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs.
Clark Hush, who will soon leave for
Long Beach, Calif. A most enjoy
able evening was spent in dancing
from 9 to 11:30 after which a light
luncheon was served.
Officers were elected as follows:
President, D. H. Barneburg; vice
presfdent, Louis Dodger secretary
and treasurer, J. W. McCoy. The
next dance of this series will be Mon
day, February 9.
The guest list Included Mr. and
Mrs. F. D. Wagner, Mr. and Mrs. II.
C. Guley, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Barne
burg, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dodge, Mr.
and Mrs. Will Dodge, Mr. and Mrs.
N. G. Bates, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Joy,
Enill Peil, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mc
Coy, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McNair, Mr.
and Mrs. Elmo Neil, Mr. and Mrs. T.
H. Simpson, Mr. und Mrs. II. T. El
more, Mr. and Mrs. V. O. N. Smith,
Mr. und Mrs. B. R. Greer, Dr. and
Mrs. F. II. Johnson, Mr. und Mrs.
Frank Jordan, Dr. and Mrs. O. O.
Jarvis, Mr. and Mrs. J. Tucker, Mr.
and Mrs. W. B. MucAdanis, Dr. and
Mrs. F. M. Moxon, Mr. und Mrs. II. K.
Tomlinson, Mr. und Mrs. II. G. En
ders, Jr., Mr. und Mrs. J. E. Euders,
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Paulserud, Mr?
and Mrs. V. V. Mills, Mr. and Mrs.
.lesso Neil, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Riley,
Mr. and Mrs. II. B. Carter, Mr. and
Mrs. C. II. Vuupel, Mr. and Mrs. A.
W. Tinomns.
kilowatt of electrical energy has been
fill-acted fiuni the mountain streams.
when the Columbia, the Frazer, Hie
Rogue and the Willamette, the Lew-,
is und the Feather have ull be
completely harnesseil, when fifty
Farewell Message
Editor Tidings.
Dear Sir: Kindly permit us thus
publicly through tho Tidings as a
medium to express our appreciation
of the favors you und our many Ash
land business friends have conferred
upon us during our stay in this city.
Our relations In this resnect m u-oli a-i int. u. us sriaiiv ,..,,1 u. ,,v
rrom an indications rrmle nil will; K1.(.a,y elljny,.d ...... WH wiM nf. ,
continue to go up in price by order think of our friends and their many
of old law "Supply and Demand." i kindnesses and interest., in n,.
In 1919 the P. S. ronsunic.1 417.- memlM ii,,,. ,,, i linivp,. u. v
0"0.nno barrels of oil nml w only , goodbye and God speed. Most sin
rroduced 375,000,000. Wo bad to ceielv
turbines und wheels are rotating ""Port the rest.
where one is turning today. ! A man with an oil well Is n whole
The whter unused today call pro- 'ot like n man with a good cow. one, K11ri.1l Circle Mel
dure irrigated crops suflici"nt for uti ses his nil to a refinery and the The Social Circle of the Christian
least three limes the present popula- other sells hi milk to 11 creain"rv. chiiii li w.,s entertained at the home
tion of the Far West, and the by- As the demand for oil Inrreasen, the' or Mrs. A. Lhingstoii yesterday af
product of Irrigation, eleiiric power, tefinerv offers more to get the sun-! teinoui. An unusually lame attend-
plv of the producer and the same1 a lire was present and fpent an enjoy
with milk nnd the creamery. able allei iiiien with contests of v i-
The great demand for crude nil , l ions sorts. Mrs. Livingston was 11s-
f!" caiisi i keen competition umonc ! slsted in
li s coining faster lli. in inor-t of Ui f fillers to secure it nnd consequent i Peachey.
f Xpert. The war has taught us to lv the price has ndvanred nbout 25 .
Ibink In terms ol billions. Pieity per rent durlnc Kilt. The t-.tmo' W'FI)ESI. V'S NEWS
Boon. wIh-ii 1 lie noilil 1. buying 111M1 rniid-i ion hi, prevailed In regard to! Talk on V. SI. C. A.
alter ils five y-.iib' noaoiny has the railk nipply. j The iitten,,,ur,. t the Parent-
Hpent ll 'f, inn uie (ilo meal The proiluits of the refineries h,vTe.i. h, -is meetiiiK , tho Junior High moie I. ii-h a il.,iii:.-r. t'-io. Pol fn proportion tn (V school Tiled;, y a 1 1 iiiiun not as
of ti.0UK..i.i of men be n t to advance r, rrndo oil but it 1 n"1v large us Hie Importainv of the event
work hariie .111K the w.tir rouini. a Auction of
that the d'-Tf ffijy blo'-om un l have to.
tlin (;,!, lUeNh.nxMble rn.-ri-y Ol There rrr.,, different
the topper ,; e.o the orK of tv.-in IV j ,iplj- and th milk
the We-t. Editori .1 in IVbrua!) firi-lylt pm.-M tnt m,n to
Humet. rri--'r the nurre, nf milk supplr but
cau pull rw-ry Iran., operate
all the faitonr-i. niill. shops, mines,
light ull the r.olais and siill have a
lnarg.n of s. vera I million horsepower.
serving by Mrs. A. 11.
There nro only about a hundred
producing metal miles in Oregon nnd
six of these produce 80 per cent of
the total output of ull tho metal
mined in the state, nnd one nf them
produces 25 per cent of the total value
of the metals produced. These six
mines are those of tho Baker Mines
company, Cornucopiu Mines com
pany, Homesteud-Iron Dyke company,
and the Comrerclal Mining company,
all in linker county, and the Queen
of Itronzo Mining company, in Jose
phine county. The only placer mine
in this group is the Powder River
Gold Dredging company.
The larger copper companies of
tho Btato, which are !n Baker and
Josephine counties, show some In
crease in output during the year, not
withstanding unfavorable conditions.
The most productive county In the
state in all metals is Baker, which
produces nearly 80 per cent of the
gold and of the total value of all
metals mined. Though less ore has
been produced In Oregon during the
last two years than In 1917, the
average value of all the metals mined
and treated has Increased about 90
cents per ton. The relative rank
of the counties of Oregon in the pro
duction ot gold is as follows: Baker,
Grant, Josephine, Jackson, Crook,
Douglas, Umatilla, Clackamas, Lane,
Malheur, Wallowa, Curry and
tionably benefitted by tho great fruit
crop of the past year Is demonstrat
ed by tha business bundled by the
American Railway Express company
1, Exercise wisely and regularly. . ulcno. During the year 1919 the
t 1 ., ...iMii!,.. . . ... ..... hi I"" 1
z., r,ai ... niiHiuess cu um eMoesa "''' iniaintiff will apply to the court for
intervals. It Is not quantity, l't-, iutioimti-il to $45,000, whilo that of , ti,0 ro demanded in the guid Corn
quality which counts. Don't eat us! j 91s Hmoiinted to $23,000. The j plaint, to-wlt: 1
if you were trying to win a race j tnlit handled by this company dur- T'lat the plaintiff have judgment
3. Get ull the fresh air possible , , p!tKt year was an important , Wer(m f()r th(J gum of s'xte(m Hun.
item, while general improvements died Dollars with Interest thereon
and advanced business in other lines 'at tho rato of eight per cent per an-
On..lAn.l.n ..,! 1t.1T tn.
1 the cypress company lr",M "-'i"""""" -"
both by day and by night. Fresh air
is life. '
4. Take sufficient rest. Few per
sons ran get ulohg with less than
eight hours sleep regularly.
5. Keep clean both insido the
body 'and outside. Wash your
has cans
almost double
the last year.
Its business within
"she is spoke,"
gether witli one hundred Blxty dol
lars attorney fees nnd the costs and
disbursements of this suit: That the
certain deed executed by Eric Weren
is not and Desederia Weren, husbund and
hands before each meal and clean only frequently dilhcull .0 peoples, .
your mouth and teeth nTler each 01 other nations, but sometimes it twcn(jr acrPg 0j anA )n Sout,
meal. Insure bowel movement al is hard to Interpret the meaning of. ,,, f tln B0uthwost quarter of the
least once daily. ' the idioms of various sect Ions. Thl.i northwest quarter of Section Five in
There Is nothing In tho present was observed the other day in Asl.-jTow
situation which should cause fear! land, when a little girl was the 0.H,on nlllI wi,irh Deed Is of record
in anyone, but on tho other hand, ' forested observer of a neighbor build-- in yol.' 98, Page 108 of the Deed
every sane, thinking person should iug a back porch to his lesidence. This jtecords of Jackson county, Oregon,
awaken to the tact that ho has a'addilion the man called by the good land which deed was In legal effect
duty to perform-a duty .0 himseir ,d Yankee name of "stoop." j aoiW secure jutUUn-
and to his fellow citizen. Fear, to "Oh, mamma," the child called to gaRO nll(i gaj,j real property sold In
a certain degree, does make the body! her mother. "Mr. is making manner provided, by law, and that
susceptible to disease by lowering a 'bend' to his house." each of said defendants be barred
vitality, but hearing the truth should 'l!"
coiintv; ""-."; iivahm.
reassure any reasoning, well-bul-
G'ltvV mi n l Pf r'
unced person.
No one should allow himself to biv for 11)20, cost $7.10,000
stampeded. The wide spread of any;
diseaso is almost always caused by
the thoughtless person ot the one '
who is deliberately wicked. There
fore, the most promising way to deal
with the possibility ot a recurrence
of influenza is to look the situation :
squarely in the face. If one does,
it is summed up in the word "pre
paredness." '
And now is The time to prepare.'
There is every reason to look hope
fully on this subject, and yet we
must not neglect any precautions
that will tend tn protect us, should ,
this diseaso gain headway in Ore
gon, i
The right way to begin Is to take1
an inventory of yourself. Are you
physically fit? Are you eating 1 lie (
proper foods, and regularly? Do
you get enough sleep? ,
Do not wait, for the "flu," but :
boat the "flu" to it! Recome a citi
zen worthy ot the name, thoughtful,
of yourself and your neighbor. Avoid
persons suffering Iron: "colds," sore
throats and coughs. Keep warmly,
clothed, and seo that your living
room temperature Is close to OS de
grees, and that tho air is not too
dry. Sleep and work in clean, fresh
air. ,
Avoid expectorating in public
places, and see that others do the
same. Don't use towels or linens
used by others. Cover your nose
and mouth with your handkerchief
when you cough or pneeze. Walk
several miles a day. Keep your hand.v
clean and keep them out of your j
mouth. j
If you havo a cough or cold, do
not become a nuisance and ;i men-;
ace by attending some thoalor or:
1 dance. To sum it up, tho five sim
ple coinnion-sense rules given above,!
if followed, will cause you to achieve;
the maximum of health. 1
j-;.naii iii.i-i iiougias couniy. ., E(,,,m proper.
plans 12 miles permanent pavement j Dv Order of the Hon. F. M. Calk
ins, Judge of said rourt, made ana
! dated on the 17th day of January,
1920, this Summons ls served on the
defendants, Annie Lassell, George
iLnssell, Carl E. Weren, A. Bianchl
' nnd Freda liianchl by the publication
thereof for six successive weeks !n
the Weekly Tidings, a newspapor of
general circulation printed and pub
lished nt Ashland, In said county,
and you nro hereby required to ap
pear and answer in said cause within
, six weeks from the date of the first
: publication thereof.
I Date of first publication January
: 21st, 1920.
1 Attorneys for Plaintiff, Ashland,
! Oregon. 79-Ct W.
It is tho .steadfast aim of
The Citizens Rank of
Ashland to ni -ke its ser
vice cmii;.i'eli.-iuie und
useful to every depositor
Mid client. Experience
tho satisfaction of having
an account Willi us.
a fir i
"Gce-Whk! How il Hurl
Tte Fah ia My Foot !
Department of the Interior,
I'nited Slates Lund Office,
Itoseburg, Oregon,
i Serial 050!I9
December 29, 1919.
Notice Is hereby given that Jacob
Goldberg of the City and County of
San Francisco, State of California,
has filed Iu this office his applica
tion to select, under the Art of Juno
4th, ISfi7, known ns the Forest Lieu
Art, the SK'4 of Section 28, Town
ship 40 South, Range 1 East, W. M.
Any nnd all persons claiming ad
versely the lands described, or de
sf riii if to object because of the min
eral character of tho land, or for
any other reason, to tho disposal to -applicant,
should file their affida
vits of protest In this office on or
before the 17th day of February,
1 920.
77-r.t-W. Register.
of Jackson
nn Oregon
VAN' OI VLIl 34 building
time nntil they wit: wai ranted, but tho,.e present were
more th;m repaid by hearing the
, si'lei.diil talk delivered by Dean Elii
a bet h Fox of the I'nJversity of Ore
urn, who spoke in the interests of
I he Yopng Woman's Christian Asso-
lt l Irnpo-.-iMr for htm to Inrreniir clution. Dean Pox had been con-
' nerted with this organization over-
p.r- smrrBt of i, mprly. All be nn
mits totjihiig iilto.tH r'iortt-d for do to (-"t more oil Is to try and find during the war. und bad many
Jl19. undiscovered fields. j Interesting experiences to relate. She
In order to allow the public chap
eron of dunces to be able to delin
eate her position thoroughly and at
the same time to not unduly restrict
those who are desirous of attending
dances the council passed a new
dunco ordinance at its meeting last
evening. The former ordinance for
bade ull young people under 18
)cars of age attending public dances
unless accompanied by their parents
or legal guardians. In some in
stances, it was stated, objections
wero taken to this law, when young
I Plo were present with older mem
bers of the family or other relatives.
According to the law the chaperon
had no recourse but to send such
young people home. These cases
were placed before the council and
another ordinance was framed In
which the chaperon Is allow'! the
authority of either sending home
young people under 18 years of age
who appear without their parents or
legal guardians, or to provide or see
that they have a suitable chaperon.
The voting on this ordinance result
ed in a tie, the mayor casting the
vote allowing it lo pass.
The county horticultural Inspec
tors, who havo been in Ashland dur
ing the past week looking over the
orchards, stale that so far as the hill
districts are concerned llio fruit Is
safe. It was feared that the heavy;
snow and unusuully cold weather that
prevailed last month would put a fin-;
ish to the fruit, but according to thei
inspectors the orchards 011 tho hills;
at least nre all to the good.
While hero tho Inspectors staled;
that the recent cold weather of the
past few weeks has been the sulva-j
tion of the fruit. Had it come offj
Warm for a few days, then freezing I
weather follow, they claim, the fruit!
would have been killed. The snowj
of December 11, while it did much ;
damage to the trees by Its unusual j affected. When your Uiilncyi get slug-
weight and depth, was a great pro-j gi-h and do;, you sulTer from backache,
"ornp'imcs it h in my ftn, Mm-i.'nl
Heaven, how my back hurts in I he morn
ing!" Ils all
d'ld toon over
abundance of
that poison
called u ri .;
ncid. The kid
ney i are not
iiIjU- to g-t ri 1
of it. .SuJi
conditions you
can readily
overcome, nr, 1
prolong life I."
taking the ad
vice of Dr.
Tkiw, whi' :
is "keep the kidneys in good order.''
"Avoid too much meat, alcohol or In
Prink plenty of pure water, preferably
Lot water, before meals, and drive tl.c
uric acid out of tho system by taking
Anuric." This can .La obtained U
almost any drug store.
Send a bottle of w?.!cr to Ike cker.u t
tit Dr. Pierce's Invalid' Hotel, BuITub,
N. Y., and you rill receive free medical
ndvico as to whether tho kidneys aro
tection to the fruit against the cofc!
snap that followed shortly after.
Long-Del I Lumber Co., of Kansas
City buys 70,000 acres timber in
Cowlitx valley. Wash., and may build
mill at Portland.
Boys9 i!
Please Your Boy
and keep bis feet dry. Our
itck of Dayton Hi Tops is
complete In sizes from 1JV4
to 414.
sick-headache, dizry ppells, or twinges
and pains of lumbago, rheumatism or
gout; or sleep is disturbed two or three
timc3 a night, take heed, before too kite.
Get Anuric (anli-uric-ncid), for it will
put new life into your kidneys nnd your
entire- system. Ask your nearest drug
gist for it or send Dr. Tierce ten cents
for trial package.
I In the Circuit Court
I County, Oregon.
Jackson County P.ank.
I Corporation, Plaintiff,
1 vs.
' David II. Palmer, alias D. II. Palmer,
; nnd if lie be deceased, the un-
j known heirs of II. II. Palmer; ulso
I nil other persons or parties tin-
' known claiming any right, title,
Interest, lien or estate In the real
' estate described In the Complaint
herein, Defendants.
To. David II. Pi.ltner, nlias, D. II.
Palmer, nnd If he be deceased, the
unknown heirs of D. H. Palmer; nlso
all oilier persons or parties unknown
claiming any right, title, Interest,
lien or estate In the real estate do
srrihed In the Complaint herein:
In the Name of the State of Ore
gon, You are hereby required lo ap
pear and answer the complaint filed
'against you In the above entitled
court nnd cause, on or before six
weeks from the day of the first pub
lication of this Summons, thejirst
publication thereof being the" 7th
day of January. 1 920, and you are
hereby notified that if you fall to ap
pear nr answer said complaint for
want thereof, the plaintiff will apply
to the court for the relief demanded
in the complaint, to-wlt: That the
plaintiff recover Judement in the
ram of f.lSS.20. together with inter
est thereon nt the rate cf R per cent
' per annum, payable nuarterly from
: IJectJmber 18, 1919, until pnld, to
gether with $a0.00, attorney's fees,
I and costs nnd disbursements herein
to be taxed, and for a decree of court
foreclosing the certain real estate
mortgage securing the debt nnd
promossnry note described In plain
tiff's rnmplnlnt. nnd that said mort
gage and deed he foreclosed on said
premises In Jackson Conntv. Oreeon,
to-wlt: Lot No. 7 in Rlnck No. 4 in
the Nickell Addition to Medford, Or
oon: that said premises described
be ordered sold in the manner pre
scribed by law, and the proceeds
thereof be applied:
In the payment of costs and ex-
FOll SALE Fine registered Hol-
stein bull, 4 years old. Splendid nenses of sale;
pedigree, will sell cheap or trailei jt
for Durham or Hereford bull. I). 1 Jn the payment of costs nnd dl
M. Deter, Siskiyou, .Ore. 119-2 hursements of suit, and attorney's
""SPIT IV I'Ql 1TY SUMMONS j 'WS n"owf'0' court;
I,hlSf,.Cr.?Jn'Vf T,in nmo'"" " Pontiff on
" sain note, nnd the balance. If any
there be after said amounts havo
been fully pa'ld, satisfied, and dis
charged, be paid over unto the above
Otis O,
Ileiman, riaintiff,
- vs. !
l,esr.,cna V. ere ,. ,v:o o, ,, ,r e- (1fnmlant h f, f
ren, Dereased, Clarence Lane and ;. , Inter(lat n n
Minnie Lane Administrators of 1BrPh a, titIp
the estate of Eric Weren, Ileceas- and lnter(lst of flpJ;ndt,'
od; ingrid l ergstrom and C. L. Pnrn tnwnf fnrl ding the unknown
llergstrom, husband and wife; no.r, n. n H ,,"'.
Elvera Walls.en and B. O. Walls- SR,
ten, husband nnd wife Eric II. .,11 n(i... . . ' c"n"''
Weren and his wife. Minta We- r!
ren; Annie Lassen a.1.1 t.eorge or Mt.,tB , ,he rPn, d9(.r bpdi
Lassell. husband and wife; Carl h fnrPr1no,, A , ' . v" ?D !
liianchl, husband and wife, heirs
of the said Eric Weren, Deceased,
.YiZA' f?F'f,dJ Pt ns to the riinrot redemnt.on
as provided by law; and for such
further anil Aiffnmi a. il.
Defendants i ..i..:m .ii leuei us in mo
?ol Desederia Weren, Clarence iC.TJjr Pr0Per aml nltW'
Lane, Minnie Lane, Ingrid Ilerg- ui. c.,m. i. . ,, . . , ,.
Strom. C. L. P.ergstrom, Elveril Wall- A J, " 'S." " ""bll3n ,he
sten, R. O. Wallsten, Erie II. Weren. X 'T' "ml bI Tir-
KTO F " WereT l"" ' "-11
I.asseii, i art L. eren, A. liianchl 111 a in i.i- . M . 1
o,i p,,i.. m,i,i ... i . ' n this said court and cause
iv TttP vivre tup ctatp' . of ,ne "rst Publication
nv niTr nv vi, ?; 1 v. T E ","r''of ,I" 7th dav of Jannarv,
Ol ORE .O.N, 'Von and each of you ,920, and the Inst publication Is the
are hereby summoned nd required iSt day of February. 1920.
to appear and answer the Complaint f. jj THOMAS
of the plaintiff on file In the office Attorney for Plaintiff; "residence and
of t ie -County Cleric of Jackson, r,!offlre: Medford, Oregon. -county,
Oregon, at Jacksonville, Ore-,77.7 wed. Wkly.