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Number 17
Board man Utellem
Edited by the Students of the Boardman High School
FOURTH YEAR, 1924-1925
FRIDAY. APRIL 24, 1925
Senior Class Play
The Senior Class held a meeting
at 12 :30 Wednesday to determine
who should give the Valedictory, the
Salutatory, Class Will, Class History
and Class Prophecy. They plan on a
Class Day program for Wednesday,
.May 18.
The two students who ranked the
highest in their four-year course, of
course .were selected for Vn lodiotorinn
and Siilutatorian. The school recor
der gave these placed to Karl Olson
and Blanche Imus, respectively. Ed
ward McClollan. who is possessed of
extraordinary wit, will present the
Class Prophecy ; Elmo Rusell will use
his best efforts to relate the Class His
tory and francis Gllhreth, "last but
not least." will present the Class Will.
The rating of the members of the
Senior Class for the entire four years
of high school is as follows:
Ave. Credits
Francis" Gilhreth 81.8 ?1
.lames Howell 88
Blanche imus 88.2 81
Edward McClellan 87.2 S3
Earl Ilson .'. 02.4 84
Elmo Russell 86.0 TO
Howell Half mile, discus.
W. Ayers Mile run.
C. Ayers 220, 440, pole vault.
School to Have Two May Poles
Two May dances are scheduled for
May first, instead of the customary
one, which was planned to be featur
ed at the first of the program. The
small children, under the supervision
of Miss Hickson are to have a May
Pole dance as well as those of the
high school and upper classes, so that
they may be allowed to participate also
in the glories and activities of May.
The upperclassmen have learned the
fundamentals and it is now for them
to perfect the dance to the best of their
ability. The exercises of the smnll.r
scholars will be different from the ex
ercises of the upper grades. Their
costuming and dances will also be car
ried out on a different Arrangement.
Mothers of the smaller scholars will
co-operate with the teachers in mak
ing the costumes for the occasion.
Marks of Spring
MgSg&gsSS" HsW
Boardman Locals and Personals
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Spngle left I My. McLaughlin, agent for the Minn.
last week for Hubbard. Oregon, where I Woolen Mills, has been over the Pro
thev wll visit with Mr. Spagle's par-Meet this Week and has sold a large
Women Should Enter Athletics
Last announcement of the big May
Pay Program. The school parade at
10:.'!0 A. M. is going to he worth your
while to see. on mt.inuous per
formance from 10;SO until 6 tOO P. M.
Everybody come !
Mothers Help New
At the invitation of the grade teach
ers, the mothers of many of the
Children who are participating In the
May Day program attended school to
help make costumes for the children.
The following women were present :
Mesdames Robert Wilson, .1. Allen,
Gladys Gibbons, ('has. Wlcklander,
Sam Shell. Max DcWoose. Clarence
Herger, E. T. Messenger, Prank Cra
mer, .1. A. Cox. ('has. Dillon, Lee
Mead. Tom Miller, Paul Smith, Nate
Maoomhor. Calkins. Robert Smith and
E. H. Mill key.
Brief Review of Week's News Events
Arlington Hi. Beats Boardman Hi.
The game at Arlington last Friday
produced the usual nuiiibe rof thrills
and was enjoyed by the crowd that
witnessed it. The Iioardman boys got
off to a poor star! and were behind
five to one at the end of the seventh.
In the first half of the eighth. Board
man a tapped on the gas and scored
four runs, which lied the score. In
the first half of (be eighth, three more
runs gave Iioardman the command
ing lead of eight to five. In the last
half of the ninth, the trouble started.
It looked like easy going, with Carl
Avers pitching wonderful ball, but
the Arlington boys rallied to their
colors and drove in four runs. Which
though hard earned, were due primar
ily to three costly errors on the part
of an many of tin' Boardman players.
The final score was nine to eight.
Charles G. Dawes, vice-president,
addressed the 20th annual luncheon
o fthe Associated Press this week, and
The statement that women and girls continued his campaign for cloture in
should not enter into athlete sports the United States Senate and called
;s a mistake. One of the main argu- upon the people, countless numbers of
menta against women entering atliict- whom heard him by radio, to imprest
i's is that women do not need the ex- upon their individual senators the
creise as much as the men. A close need of this reform.
study of the problem would indicate
that they do not need the evercise as The opening baseball encounter lie
much if not more than the men. Why? tween Portland and Oakland, at Port
Let us first observe the conditions un- hind, on Tuesday resulted in the Rea;
der which women labor. A woman's ren defeating the Oaks by a score of
work keeps her indoors, while man's (i to 1. The game was called at the
work does not. Good, wholesome g ndo fthe Bth inning because of ruin,
sports takes ones mind from dull rou-'
line anil brings one outside of the Gentlenienly fashions in the femi
home. Therefore, women should beve nine dress for morning wear in town
this kind of exercise. lore seen everywhere on the streets of
Vnother argument which Is resort- Paris. The street tailor-made, the
ed to the expense of a woman's team slim topcoat, with a neat stock of en'.
ft basket ball or base ball. The cost ored "comforter" showing above is
of the wnmons' or girl's suits would much in evidence. Neckties of all
not be as great as the cost of ontfllt- kinds are worn with high neck blouses,
ting all the bovs. because tin girls The hats used with these ensembles
might already have outfits that would are dome-shaped with curled buck
do and the same suit would be all brims. They are of felt or straw
ricbt tor both basket ball and base witli trimmings of ribbons, feathers
trained at the present time. Snltair
was financed and built by the Mormon
church and has been conducted as a
church property since Its erection.
The body of Floyd Collins, who was
trapped and killed in a cave in Ken
tucky several weeks ago, has at last
been freed from its natural grave and an
will he taken out for burial above A dinner of lovely
ground. When finally released, It was was that given by Mr
cuts, and then go on to Salem.
Little Milton Wahl, three years of
age. passed away at me unites iroin
cancer. He has been very low for
several days and death came as a re
lief from his suffering, He fell on
a stone a numoer or montns ago nun
the bone near the temple was bruised.
This developed into a cancerous con
dition and although everything pos-
sible was done for him, even to the
radium treatment, it was of no avnll.
Thev have been at The Dalles wltTi
him the past week, where they could
lie nearer medical attention.
Mrs. Max Ashcnfcltcr and daughter.
Maxine Alice, have both been victims
of the flu the past week.
Splendid news this week. As pre
dicted the Boardman baseball team
came up to expectations Sunday at
Stnnfleld, wdien they . defeated the
Stantleld team to the tune of 11 to 7.
Alton Slits pitched through the en
tire game and struck out ten men. The
game was exciting from start to fin
ish and the Boardman team played
good ball. The score stood 11 to 1
until the eighth inning, when Stan
field scored six times. The next game
is with Hermlston, at that place, next
Rev. Wilbur. Sunday School Mis
sionarq, preached Sunday at the Com
munity church in Boardman. He is
able and Interesting speaker.
and Mrs. Lee
amount of underclothing and blankets
In the past few days.
Chas. Wlcklander, who is Master
of the Pomona Orange in this district,
his wife, and Chas. Dillabaugh and
Sam Shell all left on Wednesday
morning for Freewater, Oregon, where
the Pomona Grange meets Thursday.
Governor Pierce is expected to be In
attendance, also the State Grange
Master and the State Organiser. The
Pomona Grange, which meets every
three months, will meet in Boardman
i'n .Inly, with the Greenfield Grange
as hosts.
The Highway Inn has been doing a
hind office business of late. Some of
the town people have taken the over
flow. Mrs. Minnie McFnrland. of Umatil
la, gave a very Interesting lecture on
Monda yevening, at the Grange meet
ing, to nn attentive audience. She
sMike on the Muscle Shoals question
and also about the 1'iuatilla Rapids
project, advocating government own
ership of such important projects.
Mrs. McParlnud Is a sister of Mrs.
Sam Shell and visited at the Shell
home until Wednesday, when she went
to t'mntllln.
Tourists are beginning to some nnd
Tom Hendricks and O. H. Warner
both have a few registered each night.
E. .latin, of the. Porter St Conloy
ranch, returned home Monday, after
spending a week In Portland.
found that the rock which was wedg
ed in above him and caused his death
Weighed about 75 pounds.
The C. S. dirigible Los Angeles ar
rived safely at Hamilton, Bermuda
early Wednesday morning, on its soe-
A. T.
The girls in the school would co
operate witli the boy better if they
were allowed to have a team.
Itoardinan is giving the girls a
chance. We hope that the girls ill oth
er schools will have as good opportu
nities in future years.
Prepares May Day Exhibit
Aside from the May Polo dances,
parade and other activities on May
Day ,the school is preparing an ex
hibit of art work in industrial classes.
The seventh and eighth grades, under
the supervision of Mrs. Willis are
deftly handling the paint brushes, so
as to portray beautiful lnndsoaiies and
other features of art.
Miss Swift's physiology class is
.demonstrating its talent in drawings
of the human body. They are inter
ested in die work nnd will soon be
making artistic covers for their note
books. The Manual Training depart
ment, under their instructor, are, nev
ertheless, laboring to display some
specimens of cedar chests and various
other nrticles. All have worked hard
on these exhibits and should have
good returns for their labors.
Field Vet t Wasco
Ou account of the failure to secure
a race track nt Condon on May Pith,
the Annual I'piht Columbia League
Track Meet will be held nt Waseo on
May '.ah. if first plan-- matetinllre.
Boardmnn lost two good men 1 1 1 -
yenr and will le somewhat handicap
ped, but nevertheless, the Boardmnn
High spirit predominates and tn the
meet we will go. Those trying out
for places are as follows:
Ilson- 14. Shot put. javelin. 220.
Russell 100. 220. 220 hurdles, 120
hurdles, broad lump.
A. Bailey 100. 220. 220 hurdles,
high jump, broad jump.
Packard High hurdles, half mile,
high jump.
Loyalty Fays
In our small school we hive tho-e
who are sometimes trying to back out
of things to act tip in classes, and
even feign to talk bnck occasionally,
to the teacher in charge. We also
have those who do not try bard to
gei their school worK properlv. Bo
you know such action.; on the par; of
pupils look to an outsider? Just put
yourself IntO bis id. ice for a mivil.
aid think. W h -n a boy or glri 1
:.;.! by the tenia; to change M an
other sent, what Is sometimes beard?
Boy "Aw, I don't want to."
Teacher "You take that seat."
Then that individual goes over to
UlS seat and slouches down.
Now, what bov or girl who Is loyal
to his or her school likes to ;op such
unction? Not one, nnd the outsider
utterly disgusted. Come on. stll-
or a buckle or brooch.
Forty-eight iives were lost on Tues
day When the Japanese freighter
Knifufu Mnru sunk off Novla Scotia.
"Inchnnd n-qua rtor-iXiinmy." highly
elusive and sucessful housebreaker
nnd bnrglnr, who 1ms terrorized the
residential sections of Portland since
last fall, has been captured, according
to the belief of Portland police. The
(prisoner denies his Identity, but ad
mitted the crimes. Later the police
uncovered evidence which they con
sider conclusive that thev have finally
captured the mini who kept them on
the nnxlous sent for si mnny months,
A brother of the prisoner and a Jewel"
1 er by the name of Nelson have been
arrested, charged with helping to dis
pose of nnd receiving some of the
stolen property.
Mend on Sunday evening, with
Herein) and family as guests.
Miss Edith Becbee. of Walla Wnlln,
is visiting nt the home of her sister.
Mrs. W. A. Price.
A ball was thrown through one of
the plate glass windows of Ralph
mil trip to those islands. Despite a Davis car nt Stnnfleld on Sunday,
strong north wind, the ship was safely The little Blakesley girl, of Umatilla,
anchored in a little less than nn hour, was In the enr nnd her arm wns cut
by a piece of glass.
At be Sflth annual convention of the Jnko DeWecse, of Arlington, visited
American Newspaper Publishers' nsso- Saturday night and Bunday with his
elation, now being field at New York Max DeWeese and family. His
City, the fact wns brought out thnt Wife has been here the pnst week.
I -of the !5 broadcasting stations in the The ninny Honrdman friends of
j country. 31 were owend by newspapers. Mrs Raymond Crowder, of Hermls-
However, 60 other newspapers have tolli will be glad to henr of the arrl-
broadcBStiBg affiliations of one sort or Vfll of Phyllis Rae on Friday, April
j another. Edgar H. Piper, of the Port- 7, The young lady weighed 17M,
ilnml Oregoninn, wns one of the dele- pounds. Mrs. Crowder wns one of the
gales to this convention. mOst Donulnr hurt) school touchers
Boardmnn ever had and her many
Tetemporory injunction restrain- tTlln(s txttncl congrntulntions.
Ing sale to the Hollar Interests of five c g Calkins and family were din
shipping board vessels bns been ex- mr (Uest nt the J, T. Henly home on
tended. Attorneys for the Pacific
Mull company, which now operates the
vessels for the board, nsked for the
extension so the Pacific Mail officials
could have more time to decide their
future action.
Wn., Is
Irrigon Items
L. A. Doble, of Longvlew,
'pending n couple of days In
I ni king after his property
Mr. Bay less of Hcppner, who has
been In Patterson. Wn. on business,
returned home Wednesday by way of
Irrlgon. He reports about an Inch of
rain the past week and that prspects
Rre for a fair crop of wheat ids sea-
pen in the south end of the county.
Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Markham
spent the week end with her folks.
Mr. and Mrs. J, ED, McCoy, returning
Monday morning to their home at
Contrary to wild rumors of thous
ands of people having boon filled In
the recent bomb Outrages at Sofia. In
formation, believed to be correct, In
dicates Hint only a few
were killed. There have been l.r00 ar
rtStS in connection with the bombing,
l ilt most of these people have been re
leu sed.
dents of B. II. S. and jump Into the
('liar and pull your share of the load,
and then help those who cannot d
so well. Be a "booster," not a
-B'- J. E. Russell.
Saltair. the famous bathing and
amusement resort, located on Great ', Reports
Lnlt Luke, 20 miles west of Salt Lake agents in
City, wns destroyed by Are Wednesday lest than
afternoon, causing damage estimated sires in the state were replaced by
at $1,000,000. Whether or not the re- registered dairy bulls during the pnst
sort will be rebuilt Ins not been de year.
Mrs. Nick Gngla nnd children. 1
Coyote, left Inst week for Seattle
visit her mother
The same day lite news Items of Inst
week were mailed, mentioning, among
other things, the need for n general
elennup nn despeclallv the need for
some work on Main street, some of
the enterprising men of the town grad
ed the street on both sides. Art Good-
dozen people Wln and Maurice helped Clay Warren,
using the Dodge truck for motive pow
er, and Charles Barnes on the grader
Others ulso assisted. It was work
greatly needed and well done. The
ShOWarS which followed, put It In fine
condition. We suggest thnt some of
the bnck ynrds be cleaned up and the
and we shall have n
from seventy-six county
Indiaiin Indicate that no
7"I scrub and grade dairy rubbish burned
Wheeler in Great Falls for Trial
Improve Appearance of Boardmnn
Many MOpta of oBardmnn get dis
couraged because they can't sell theli :
land. If they would try to improi
the appearance of the town and the
surrounding farms they would rC ni
sip a difference
If Boardmnn had a paved street
from the hishwaj- to the Community
church, electric lights, many large,
shade trees and n nice, well equipped'
ramping around, wc would quickly 1
notice a cl'.ange in business. More,
pioniinent men would stop in Board
man if it looked prosp-roiis. nnd con
sequently some would even buy
homes. During the smnnier. thous
and sot tourists go past our little town
and ninny do not stop bora use It does
net look very inviting to them, where
as, if it looked shaded, cool and com
f tabic, a great many of them would
Sap snd camp here. Of course, they
would ne-d supplies, gas and oMe-r
articles and thus bring into our little
(Continued en page foun
Senator B. K. Wheeler of KtootSBS photographed in Great Palls. Mont.,
where his trial on barges of Improperly using Ids Influence as s senator hn
becun. With film are his counsel, C S. lord (left) and W. K. Ol-eary (right).
"spotless town."
Mrs. Ralph Melotte, of Hcppner, nnd
Mrs. Albert Mncomlier, of Arlington,
were week ii r I visitors at the W. II.
Mefford home.
Mrs. ChSS, Niger returned last week
from Portland, where she has been
'for several months, taking medical
treatment. She Is reported to bo
somewhat Improved.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Dnve John and child
ren returned to their hoi-e in Wnpato,
Wn., after visiting nt f W II. tef.
ford home. Mr. KnoWlton RneoWMfl
led them nnd Will return to his hotM
nt Getohel In n few drys
I, C. Bnllengcr nnd Mf"dep C ob
win motored to Condor Toes'1 T n
business. Mrs. A. T. Herienj and baby
Teal ns far ns Arllngt'ti with them
Mrs. G. H. Carrey of Arlington, and
one of the owners and publishers of
the Boardmnn Mirror, has been serl
ously ill tn the hospltnl at La GnMde
Word from L11 Grande states thnt
firs. Currey Is Improving rapidly nnd
expects to lie able to leave the hospital
the Inst of this week. She will visit
relntlves In La Grande for some time
Boardmnn whs visited by COM wea
ther on Sunday night and ''has. Hnr
rlngton, who has about two ScreS of
strawberries, had everything In reiidl
ness on Monday eevnlng to smudge
I Fortunately, no frost enme nnd be ba-
American Forest Week to Teach Ap
preciation of Forest Worth and
Caution Against Fire
Schools, Boy Scout organizations,
Business Mens' Clubs, Womens' Clubs,
Newspapers and the entire public are
urgently Invited to Join in the obser
vation Of America!) Forest Week, to be
observed nationally from April 27th
to May ,'td. Frank . Lowden Is the
chairman Of the commit) s nnd repre
Mnta tires of mnny states and nation
al organizations have been assisting
in preparing for the week.
American Forest Week Is a week
for the consideration and contempla
tion of the tangible nnd intangible
benefits f our forests, for the plan
ning of their creation, cure and Im
provement, for tree planting, for the
devising of economies in the prepara
tion and use of forest products, and
the encouragement of the one great
national economic tneaare Inn which
all the people can nnd must co-operate,
viz., the perpetual foreststlon of our
forest lands, If It Is to succeed. If the
American people can abolish forest
(Ires they Will snve $800,000,000 n
yenr nnd ndd greatly in mnny wnys
to the national income, both material
and psysoologle.
kill In Sparing counts. Not only
1 suitable spray machine and nozzle
1 real skill are required to obtnin
be t results with n given quantity of
p ay. Thorough covering of all fo
1'i.gc nnd fruit Is essential. Skimping
I priiy mnterlnl In Oregon orchards
is usually poor policy, as shown by
1 tperimeilt station results.
- prospects for a splendid Top.
The oldest town on the North Amer
ican mainland Is Triixlllo in Central
America. It was discovered by Co
lumbus In IfsM nd now Its historic
streets are liluminsted nt night by
modem electric street lighting unitf.
Klectrblty is brought to Triixlllo by
a special 13,300 volt transmission
line twelve miles long.
An I nnccessary Iss
If ITS bad put the empty sacks out
of reach of the mice they would not
bavo been full of holes this spring.