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a young man who practiced medicine
in Pennsylvania became famous and
was called in consultation in many
towns and citioa because of his success
in the treatment of disease. This was
Dr. Pierce, who iinally made up bis
mind to place some of his medicines
before the public, and moving to Buf
falo, N. Y., put up what he called his
"Favorite Prescription" and placed it
with the druggists in every state.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription has
long been recognized as a tonic for
diseases peculiar to womankind. After
suffering pain, feeling nervous, dizzy,
weak and dragged-down by weak
nesses of her sex, a woman is quickly
restored to health by its use. Thou
sands of women testify that Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription lias entirely
eradicated their distressing ailments.
Put up in both fluid and tablet form.
Send 10c to Dr. Pieice, Buffalo, N.Y.,
for trial package of tablets. Write for
free confidential medical advice.
Buy Coffins in Advance.
United States authorities recently
admitted into the country as personal
property a very handsome coffin
brought here by a woman from Europe
who, fearing death white here, wanted
to be buried in a casket of her own
choosing. This fact caused undertak
ers to reveal the fact that hundreds
of eccentric persons, mostly women,
had picked out their coffins in advance
and they were stored awaiting call.
Some are of ivory, some of cast iron
and others of rarest timbers.
FREE from castor taste
and odor.
FREE from after-nausea .
Not flavored.
Super-refined for medirina use. Strength
and Purity unchanged. Never sold in
bulk. Bottled and la helled at the Labor
atories. The original tasteless castor oil.
FREE literature on request to WALTER
JANVIER, Inc., 41 7 Canal St., New York
Tmo sizes 25c. and 50c.
at all good drug stores.
English Duke's Coronet.
The coronet of an English duke con
sists of a circlet of gold around which,
arranged at equal distances from one
another, are eight gold strawberry
leaves. The leaves are called parsley
by some authorities.
Colonial Speed Record.
There was great excitement in the
American colonies In 1766 over the re
markable feat of an express wagon
that made the trip, from New York
city to Philadelphia in the record time
of two days.
Says Br'er Williams.
They ain't no use in prayin' for
Providence ter take care of you ef you
don't give de railroad train de right-of-way.
Atlanta Constitution.
A Sweet Breath
at all times
m At
After eatinft or enaokinfc
Wrigleys freshens the mouth
and iweetrns the breath.
Serves are soothed, throat is
refreshed and digestion aided.
So easy to carry & little packet!
-after eery meal;, y
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Hualness Management, Private Secretari
al. Calculator, Comptometer, titenogra
phlc. Penmanship, or Commercial Teach
ers' Course at
The foremost Business College of the
Northwe.-t which has won more Accuracy
Awards and Gold Medals than any other
school In America. Send for ur ;
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Portland. Or. If.iaa M. Walker, Pres.
pTntu: n- 16' 1925
l by Short Story Pub. Co.)
IX THE little German town of Sulr
bach, Josef Rudolstadt was an im
portant man. For more than fifty
years he had been organist of the
village church. And to be the organist
of the village church of Sulzbach Is a
distinction second only to that of be
ing burgomaster or pustor. But both
organ and organist had become so
old that even the ultra-conservative
townspeople saw that a change was
necessary; To buy a new orgau was
not a difficult matter, but to discharge
the "old organist, now too feeble to fill
the position, was another thing.
A popular subscription was taken,
and the townspeople saw visions of
an organ that would be the pride of
the lower Uhlne-country. Builders were
called from Brussels, and In the course
of time the organ was built, brought
to Sulzbach and set up.
On the day that the work was com
pleted, the question of the old or
ganist's dismissal was settled, for It
was learned that Josef Uudolstadt had
died during the night.
Now another question arose. Who
was to play the new organ? Such a
position of honor could not be given
to the first man. who applied for It.
True, Sulzbach had a dozen aspiring
organists, yet only two seemed eligihle.
One was Pierre Esquerre and the other
was Karl Rudolstadt, son of the old
Pierre was a Frenchman, and had
lived In the town for years, ills house
was in the lower part of the town,
near the Rhine. This, together with
the fact that Pierre was a musician of
exceptional ability, was nil that the
people of the town knew about him,
for he was a man who kept much to
himself. Gossip had never hit upon
any explanation of his past. Just why
so talented a man should be content
to live In a village and tench muRlc
was a matter that had never been
Karl Uudolstadt was a man of con
siderable popularity. He had spent all
his life In the town, was well known
and well liked. Karl had Inherited hl9
musical talent from his father, and
had spent years In training, under the
direction of the old organ muster.
Such a man was fitted for the posi
tion, his friends Insisted. But there
were others who were determined that
the Frenchman's great skill should not
be Ignored. The question agltntet.
Sulzbach for days. It was discussed
with much vehemence b the towns
men, and whenever a group of people
were seen on the street. It was rea
sonably certain that the topic of con
versatlon was the Esqtierre-Uudolstndt
Finally a plan was evolved and
agreed upon. It was decided to have
a trial day, and the rival musicians
were each to play. The townspeople
were to be the Judges, mid the selee
tion of the organist was to be by
popular vote.
For days the rival musicians prac
tlced on the big organ.
Finally the trial day arrived. It
had been declared a public holiday
and every man who could brought his
family to the church to hear the candi
dates play.
The pastor of the church Announced
the conditions. Each organist was to
have the privilege of playing what
ever he wished. If either of the two
refused to compete, the choice was
to go to his rival. Every person above
the age of eighteen was entitled to one
vote, and their choice would decide
the question of such moment.
The name of Pierre Esquerre was
announced. There was much sup
pressed excitement when the French
man took his plnee at the organ and
arranged his stops.
The people of Sulzbnch had never
heard such playing. Pierre had chosen
only one number. He started with
the soft toned stops of the organ,
gradually added to his registration
building up his theme as he went, un
til he reached the climax In a thunder
of diapasons that brought the entire
audience to their feet.
He left the organ bench Hushed, and
with a look of conscious triumph. The
people were speechless fur a time
Then they looked at one another In
amazement, for when had any of them
heard such playing '. They discussed
It In suppressed whispers. It was
wonderful ! But others Insisted that
Karl Uudolstadt could outdo the
The name of the young German was
.announced, and the people were all
attention. But the rival candidate did
not appear.
Five, ten, fifteen minutes passed.
tUen half an hour. The people grew
restless. Then It was suggested that
i'ierre be elected, for by the terms of
the trial. Kudolstadt's absence made
hlra Ineligible. The German's friends
protested, because they knew that Karl
was no coward, and that he was not
absent voluntarily. Messengers were
sent out. but the man could not be
A vote was taken and the French
man elected.
Hays passed, and Karl Rudolstadt
did not return. The town was agitated
for a while, for It was not usual for
a man to leave his family and friends
In such a manner, especially In a com
munlty where generations live and die,
and no one thinks of moving away
Gradually the matter waa forgotten
and in the course of time it became
tradition of the village.
The organ and the organist were
famed throughout the region, and
many tales were told of the wonderful
skill of the organist.
Finally, before a fest-day. It was
decided to repair the organ. The
French orgaidst, now grown old. had
kept it in repair, but now It needed
a thorough overhauling, and the
builders were sent for and arrived.
That night Pierre Esquerre was seen
entering the church.
On the following day the master-
builder who was repairing the organ,
left the church In great excitement
and summoned one of the town of
ficials. The builder led the way to the
hurch, and motioned for the select
man to follow him to the organ loft.
"Put your foot on that pedal," the
builder said.
The selectman obeyed, but there was
no sound.
'What Is wrong with the organ?
Why will that pedal not sound?"
"Follow me and you'll see."
The master-builder hurriedly led the
way to the back of the orgnn nnd up
a long ladder to a platform. Below
were the rows of great, open pedal-pipes.
The builder lowered his light Into
one of them and motioned for the town
ofliclnl to look.
"A man's feet I" the selectman cried.
After a hurried discussion, a number
of workmen were culled, and the big
pipe was lifted out and laid on the
floor of the organ loft. Then the
workmen drew from the inside of the
pipe the body of the old Frenchman.
The men were horrified. No one cared
especially for the sinister old oifrnnlst,
but the manner of hi death was terrible.
One of the men, examining the body,
gave a cry, and called the attention
of his companions to h rope clutched
In the hand of the dead Pierre.
They pulled the rope out of the pipe,
and at Us end was a bundle. The
selectman's eyes flashed mennlngly.
I have always suspected," he said;
"now we shall see."
He cut the lenther thongs and un
rolled a faded coat of peculiar make
that even the younger men remem
bered as belonging to the missing or
ganist. Inside of this was another
bundle, In which was a wallet, a watch
and several smaller articles of jewelry.
In the case of the watch was engraved :
"Karl Rudolstadt. Sulzbach, 1817."
The story was clear to all. Before
the trial, the selectman explained to
the organ builder, the Frenchman had
killed his rival and had made way with
his body, possibly sinking It In the
river. He had hidden In the organ
pipe the dead man's coat and valu
ables, which would have Identified him,
should the body be found. When the
builders came, the Frenchman, alarmed
at the possible discovery of his crime,
tried to remove the Incriminating arti
cles from the organ pipe, had lost his
balance and had fallen In himself to
a terrible death.
The excitement In Sulzbnch, when
the news was learned, wus great, and
many reproaches were heaped on the
memory of the dead Frenchman.
The organ Is the pride of the vil
lage, even today, and the townspeople
never grow tired of telling the occa
sional visitor of Its unusual story.
Portland, Oregon.
Do everything you can to make
your hens comfortable. If their health
and vitality are kept at the highest
level, it will add many eggs to your
basket. If your hens are worried by
lice and mites, then they cannot lay
the maximum number of eggs. An
ounce of prevention just now is worth
a pound of cure later on.
mils Is good poultry gospel, accord
ing to D. H. Hall, extension poultry
specialist, who warns us that with the
warm weather coming on we will have
more trouble with lice and mites than
we had during the cooler months, and
that everybody should take extra pre
caution at this time of the yeur to
get rid of these parasite.
Mites can be controlled by spray
ing the house with whitewash to1
which has been added enough dis
infectant to make a 5 per cent solu
tion. A good coal-tar product, such
as creosote or taroleum, may be used
as a disinfeetnnt. Carbolic acid Is
also good. In spraying the house bJ
sure to spray every square Inch of
surface. If you miss n few mites,
then you will have a multitude to deal
with the following week. It is also a
good Idea to paint the perch poles
with a mixture of equal parts of kero
Bene and used engine oil.
Lice are found on the Individual
hens. They spend their entire life
on the body, laying their eggs and
sticking them to the feathers In small
colonies, 'ihey can be found In the
fluff feathers and under the wings.
No hen will go about her business of
producing eggs with any degree of
efficiency with lice covering her body.
The best method of getting rid of lice
la by dusting with a good Insect pow
der. Sodium fluoride Is a good parn
slte killer. Tuke a pinch of sodium
fluoride and dust It into the fluff
feathers, under each wing, on the
neck, back and body of the fowl.
Work the powder down Into the feath
ers to the skin. Another good powder J
can be made from one pound of snuff
and one-half pound of sulphur mixed
with one gallon of rond dust or ashes.
It Is a good Idea to build a dust box
and allow each hen to dust herself.
Look over the hens In about ten
days to see If all the lice were killed,
and if necessary give them another
good dusting.
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Rebuilt Typewriters
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Serving Eleven States
With Prey in Grasp,
Tiger Sensed Danger
Most wild animals are specialists ;
that Is to say, they are highly devel
oped in one particular direction. The
tiger Is great as a 'stalker. His feet
seenvjo be shod with silence. A gen
tleman, for many years a resident of
India, cites an experience of one neigh
bor illustrative of this point.
He had been much annoyed by
tigers, and at last tied a bullock out
In a clearing and took up his own p
sltlon in a tree to wait till the tiger
should come after the halt. The
ground was covered with dried leaves,
which In hot weather are so brittle
that even the walking of a bird over
them can be heard for a good distance.
In no very long time a lurge tiger
slipped out of the forest ond slowly
edged toward the bullock. Ills method
whs so elaborate and careful that the
man who saw It used to declare that
It would have been worth a thousand
rupees to any young sportsman to
have witnessed It.
So carefully did he put down each
paw, and eo gradually did he crush
the leaves under It, that not a sound
was to be beard. Between him and
the bullock was" a stump about four
feet high, with lorsg. projecting sur
face roots. This, plainly, the tiger
looked upon as a godsend.
He got upon one of the roots, bal
anced himself carefully, and so was
able to walk quickly and silently
far as the stump. He approached io
gradually and noiselessly, and his
color against the brown leaves n
so Invisible, that he waa close upon
the bullock before he was perceived.
Then, Instantly the bullock charged.
The tiger eluded htm, and In a mo
ment more had his paws on the hill
lock's neck, ready to drag him down
Then, like a flash, he caught sight of
the rope by which the bullock was
tied, and sprang Into the forest.
Llmburger Cheese.
The unplea ant odor of Idmburgcr
cheese in due to specitic fermentations
induced duri:: ripening. This cheese
is made from sweet milk, the curd be
ing formed into cakes about five
inches square and two inches thick
and are pressed. The main cause of
the putrefactive fermentation is the
extremely moist condition ill which it
is kept.
Work That Counts.
My friend, all speech and humor are
short-lived, foolish, untrue, (lenuine
work done, what thou workest faith
fully, that is eternal! Take courage,
then; raise the arm, strike home, and
that right lustily; the citadel of hope
must yield to noblo desire, this sec
onded by noblo effort. Thomas Car
The liberty of a people consists in
being governed by laws which they
have made themselves, under whatso
ever form it be of government; the
liberty of a private man is being mas
ter of his own time und actions, as far
as may consist with the laws of (lod,
and of his country. Cowley.
Moler Barber College
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Excellent Cftfa Special Wwk y
tlus Meets all Trunin. Uth am Stark.
Feed Poultry With Eyes
Open and Watch Closely
Experience counts with poultry, de
clared poultrymen at the New York
State College of Agriculture at Ithaca.
They say It Is easy to tell how It
should be done, but that It Is 11 dif
ferent matter to do it. and that doing
It over und over again with one's eyes
open Is the way to gain the knowledge
that makes poultry pay.
Immature and undersized pullets are
often the cause of low egg production
In many flocks, suy men at the state
college. And some poultrymen, they
say, try to make themselves believe
that they have a flock of good-sized
pullets by weighing the largest ones.
The only persons they fool are them
selves, and that to no avail.
A pullet which Is undersized or Im
mature will not lay enough to be pro
fitable. And what one man considers
amall pullet may be considered large
enough by another man. It Is not
wholly a matter of opinion, however,
as there are standards of weight
which are about right for egg produc
tion. The time chicks should he hatched
depends on the man who Is going to
do the feeding. Chlckl may mature
much earlier under the care of one
man than tinder that of unother. The
general rule should he followed of
maturing the pullets so that they will
coma Into laying In the early winter
months when egg prices tire highest.
As with every other kind of live
stock, eternal vigilance Is the price of
success, and the poultryman who
makes a profit Is the one who "cares"
for his flock in both senses of the
Nature's Wisdom.
Nature gives to every time and sea
son some beauties of its own; and
from morning to night, as from tho
cradle to the grave, Is but a succes
sion of changes so gentle and easy
that we can scarcely mark their progress.
Philippine Mohammedans.
In the rhillpplno islands thoro are
about 459,000 Morns, who aro Moham
medans. Although tho wildest and
most fanatical of the natives, they are'
the only ones who havo petitioned to
have the United States keep control of
the Philippines.
Babylon's Dimensions.
It Is now believed that the ancient
city of Ilahylon was 14 miles square,
surrounded by a wall SO miles In
length, 300 feet high. 100 feet broad at
the base and wide enough on the top
for two (harlots to race abreast.
Mythological Lore
We often speak of Nemesis pursu
ing someone. Nemesis was the god
dess of revenge, who mercilessly hur
ried to punishment guilty souls con
demned by the goddess of Justice. Her
name has become a synonym for retri
bution. "As snre as Fate" Is a common
phrase. Why la fate so sure? The
Kates were three sisters who con
trolled men's destinies. The first sis
ter spun life's thread, the second
twisted It, and the third cut It off with
her shear. They alone dared oppose
the sovereign will of the gods, and they
issued irrevocable degrees.
Chicken Production of
Last Year Very Heavy
Some 078,300,000 chickens were pro
duced In the United States lust yeur,
which was 29,400,000 more than in
1023. according to estimates Just re
leased by the United Stateg Depart
ment of Agriculture.
I ".spite this Increased production
there were on farms January 1, l'J'25,
approximately 427 00,000 thickens as
compared with 470900,000 on January
1. 1024.
The decrease In stocks on hand Jan
uary 1 la attributed to Increased con
sumption, and to larger stocks going
into storage.
Total stocks of frozen poultry In
storage February 1 were reported at
138.253,000 pounds compared with 00,
480,000 pounds. February I a yeur ago.
Tankage for Breeders
It is cuatomary to include In the ra
tion for laying hens tankage or meat
scrap, and It la usuully mixed In with
mill feeds to form a dry mash which
is available to the birda at all times.
Where the eggs are to he used for
hatching It Is not udvlsahle to make
the proportion of tankage more than
10 to 15 per cent. Where milk Is
available it can take the place of the
tankage In the mush, three gallons of
milk a day for each 100 Inns being
Taught Value of Potatoes.
Tho potato owes its introduction as
an article of food lulo France to the
efforts of tho French chemist, Par
ment ler, who lived on polatoes dur
ing an imprisonment of five years,
from 175S to 1703, in (iermiiny.
Education s Impress.
The force of educalion Is so great
that we may mold the minds and man
tiers of the young into whatdiapo we
please and give them tho impressions
of such habits as shall ever after remain.
One Ounce of
Prevention Worth
Pounds of Cure
ill i 1 1 t o IN
Serious Sickness
by taking
A Mild Laxative.
A System Builder.
that assists Nature
in keeping your bow
els open and your
Keni-ml system In
perfect winking or
der ut all tlmea.
at Your Drug Store
Whlppera Rout Hoppers.
Tho grasshopper pest became so
serious In parts of Arkansas at one
time that negro laborers with whips
were hired to whip out tho grasshop
pers In the cotton fields. K; K.
Thatcher of the Stale Agricultural col
logo says the plan was an astonishing
success, us the hoppers beat a hasty
retreat before the whippers.
Language Retains Hold.
A thousand years have elapsed since
Ihe gypsy began lo leave his native
Indian plains, yet even to this day RO
OMS? bears a striking resemblance to
India's modern tongues.
Adjusting Your Garter.
The final test of poise is the uhilily
calmly lo adjust a sock supporter in
the face of feminine amusement..- I)u
luth Herald.
Midget Among Birda.
A small humming bird, not very
murli larger than the ordinary house
fly, Is common In many Fast Indian
No Doubt of It.
"Many a man would he Improved,"
said Undo Kben, If "he minded de
lllbli- as close as hi! does de constitu
tion an' by-laws of his 'social Ion." -Washington
French Philosophy.
All man's misery springH from bis
Inability to rest with tranquility in
one room alone. I'ascal.
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ii blanka.
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