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Erief Resume of Happenings of
the Week Collected for
Our Readers.
Taxes received by the state on Raso
Une and distillate sales in Novembet
aggregated $20,936.38.
Flood waters in the Willamette
river Virtually isolated Eugene from
automobile traffic for 24 hours.
Building operation! in Salem during
tile year 1924 aggregated $1,843,856 as
UgaiOjt $1,285,732 in 1923.
Marion county sportsmen contribut
ed $11,127.25 for fishing and hunting
licenses during the year 1924.
Cyrus W. Burger, one of the oldest
Hlage coach drivers in the northwest,
lied In Portland at the age of 76.
Delinquent taxes in Linn county
from last year amount to only $47,
597.14, or four per cent of the total.
Several cases of influenza have been
reported in Pine valley, though no
iloaths have resulted from the malady.
. The new $25,000 clubhouse for em
ployes of the Pelican Bay Lumber
company us Klamath Falls lias been
During 1924 the city of Salem laid
pavement aggregating a cost of $185,
670. A total of $15,050.76 was expend
ed for sewers.
I'ostal receipts ut Portland for 1921
were $2,763,415.21, a gain of $177,
667.62 over the total receipts for 1923,
or 6.86 per (tent.
The tax levy on property In Lake
county lias been fixed by the county
court at 20.2 mills, a reduction from
last year of 1.1 mills.
Members of the Salem Kiwanls club
have decided to erect a modern greet
ing sign on the Pacific highway five
miles north of Salem.
The body of Mine Hriggs, 10,
daughter of Mrs. Hose M. Hriggs of
Sardifil Creek, was found in Koguo
river neur Medl'ord by a Bearch1.-''
William 10. Johnson, 49, editor of
the Madras Pioneer and first clerk of
Jefferson Bounty, died in Portland of
pneumonia. Ha was a native of
An appropriation of $5110,000 to bo
u.ied iii beginning the development
of I he V'uie irrigation project in Ore
gon was requested of congress by the
budge! bureau,
Lumber thlpmeuti from the Colum
bia river for the year 1924 totaled 869 -326,834
root, according to figures Is
sued by Ralph Lamb, deputy collector
of customs ut Astorln.
Building permitl aggregating
702,598 were granted by the Klamath
Fulls city council during the DM1 year,
it whs shown in the annual report.
The permits totaled 557.
The year Mi in some Hues ax
celled any preceding year In Li
Grande, llulldlng permits, 343 in 1111111
ber, wciv Issued lor constructions
estimated to cost $448,102.
Fanners of the Stayton and Aunis
ville districts have riled with the stute
engineer application for uuthority to
appropriate water from the Santlam
river for Irrigation purposes.
Information lias been received of
the appointment of Chauncey Florey,
retiring county clerk, as i'nlted States
commissioner fur Med ford to succeed
Qtenn O. Taylor, recently resigned.
Judge Kelley of Albany decided that
the election held In Hugene lust July,
at who li $100,004 bonds were voted
for the erection of a municipal audi
torlutu on the campus of the Unlver
sity of Oregon, was void.
Nine hundred cases were filed with
tin' inheritance tax commission at
Salem during the year. The amount
receipted and turned over to the gen
eral fund was $114,917. leaving an un
receipted balance of $76,870.
W II lloluirrell. 70. prominent Port
land business man and fur more than
a quarter of a century Portland man
uger of the furniture manufacturing
pleat 0 lleywood Wakefield company,
died at Kmmanuel hospital.
Drilling at the Trlgonla well for oil,
neur Phoenix, which was abandoned
months ago for apparent lack of funds
after drilling had gone to A great
depth In the lust two years, It Is ucw
said by some of the promoters will
le resumed.
It is reported that the emergency
appropriation of 0T.MI for the North
I'mpquu road bad beui. approved by
the secretury of agriculture. This sum
will complete tin' road from the forest
boundary to Steamboat, a distance of
about 14 miles
December's lumber shipments from
Portland to tiie Atlantic seaboard,
which measured (.3!) 8. fig 7 feet, valued
at $138,647, brought the aggregate
movement for tin- year for those mar
kets to 127.512.939 feet, valued at 11,
IteVUta setting a new mark in the
I Cash turnovers to the state treas
urer by the state land board during
i December aggregated $91,375.13, ac
i cording to a statement issued by
.George G. Brown, clerk of the state
land office.
A log raft of the Multnomah Lum
ber & Box company, which was in
Yaqulna bay waiting to be towed to
Astoria, broke adrift and under the in
fluence of a strong ebb tide was
carried out to sea. The raft contain
ed 750,000 feet of logs.
Although hatcheries of the state
fish commission held more than 80,
000,000 eggs and fish during the re
cent cold weather, there was no loa:j.
of any kind due to the cold, accord
ing to Hugh C. Mitchell, state super
intendent of hatcheries.
The annual hog harvest of Curry
county is on and ranchers with wild
animals are garnering their profits
from the acorn localities. The hogs
on the majority of ranches must be
killed by rifles, as they range and
grow up practically wild.
Frank A. Shepherd, director of vo
cational education for the government
Tor the Pacific northwest states dur
ing the war and an educator of nation
al reputation, died from heart disease
wiille he was working in the basement
of his home at Beaverton.
The Lake County Woolgrowers' Pro
tectlve association will take steps to
have government hunters retained in
the county following a resolution
adopted by the association to the ef
SCl that It was their belief the work
tiad been of much benefit to stock
I men.
The office of city ticket agent has
been created in Eugene by the South
I em Pacific company and Frank G.
j Lewis, who for the past five years
I has been located there as traveling
j Treight and passenger agent for the
I company, has been promoted to the
I position.
Announcement was made at Salem
by Senator Joseph of Multnomah coun
ty that he would Introduce In the
j next session of the legislature a reso
! lution submitting to a vote of the
1 people a constitutional amendment
authorizing the state to engage in
water-power development.
All railroad corporations operating
within the state of Oregon have join
ed in filing a new tariff providing for
I rate based on 60 per cent of the
p resent churge for shipment of pure
bred horses and cattle for breeding
purposes only. The minimum rate
wus fixed at $7 per head.
A meeting of representatives and
county officials from Washington,
Vamhlll and Tillamook counties was
held Saturday morning at the Tilla
mook courthouse to consider reports
1 the surveys of the Wilson and Trask
routes as future highways between
the Willamette valley and Tillamook.
The state fish and game commls
' slon is discussing the advantages of
installing a fish wheel on Sixes river
to take trout to spawn for egg supplies
for several trout butcheries, the Ferry
creek plant near Baudou in particular.
A representative of the commission l
to select a site soon and have the
: wheel operating by February.
An optimistic feeling pervudes the
industrial lite of Oregon, aud employ
! urs generally are confident that tin
year 1925 will be prosperous, accord
ing to a statement issued by C. II.
Ui-am. state labor commissioner. The
stulement said that indications point
ed to a greater demand for skilled
labor .luring the next 12 months than
ever before.
Formal transfer of the weights and
measures department from the state
treasurer's office to the state market
agent was completed at Salem. The
transfer was authorized under a law
anacted by the 1923 legislature, creu!
ing the office of state market agent.
Thl weights and measures department
previously was under the jurisdiction
of the stute treasurer.
There were three futal Industrial
accidents in Oregon during the week
ending December 31, according to a
report prepared by the stute Indus
trial accident commission. The vie
tlms were: Illsac Takakl. Portland,
laborer; Itoscoe A. Helllngham, Port
land, off bearer, and Harold Hamilton.
Albany, assistant plant operator. A
total Of 380 accidents was reported.
An owl put the power aud light
plant of the Molttlla Electric company
out of commission and left eight Ore
gun towns without service for about
three hours. When it essayed to fly
between high voltage wires of thi
electric company near Aurora a wing
touched each Hue and caused a short
circuit. The owl was electrocuted
Due of the wires was burned in two
by the flash.
Sixty seven million board feet of
Klamath timber will be offered for,
sale at Klamath agency Jauuary $1,
Fred A. Ilaker. superintendent of the
Klamath Indian reservation has an
uounced. The timber, known as the
Cherry Creek unit and located in the
eastern part of the county. Is in the
Indian reservation and will be sold
according to the usual government
contracts affecting reservation timber
Bible Thoughts for
the Week
If I Have Withheld the poor
from their desire, or have caused
the eyes of the widow to fail ;
or huve euten my morsel myself
alone, and the fatherless hath
not eaten thereof; if I have seen
any perish for want of clothing,
or any poor without covering ;
then let mine arm fall from my '
shoulder blade, and mine arm
be broken from the bone. Job
31:10, 17, 19, 21.
Thou Shalt Love the Lord thy
God with all thy heart, anil with
nil thy soul, and with all thy
Strength, and with all thy mind:
and thy neighbor as thyself.
This do and thou shalt live.
Luke 10:27, 28!
O Death, where is thy sting?
O grave, where Is thy victory?
Hut thanks be to God which
givetb us the victory through
our Lord Jesus Christ. I Cor.
iS'M, 57.
There Is No Man that hath
power over the spirit to retain
the Spirit ; neither hath he pow
er in the day of death : - and
there is no discharge in that
war. Eccles. 8:8.
He That Passeth By, and med
dleth witli strife belonging not
to him, Is like one that taketh a
dog by the ears. Prov. 20:17.
O Come, let us worship nnd
bow down : let us kneel before
the Lord our maker. For He Is
our God; unil we are the people
of Ills pasture. Ps. 95:0, 7.
Thou Art a God ready to par
don, gracious and merciful,
slow to linger, and of great kind
ness. Neh. 0:17.
Wlfl-HH-WWII-lll Mil H-
Farmers Told Self Help is First Re- ,
quirement of Success
Washington, D. C An address by j
President Coolidge indorsing the co- 1
operative marketing system, marked
the opening here Monday of the third 1
annual convention of the national
council of the Farmers' Co-operative J
Marketing association.
Addresses by Frank O. Lowden, ex
governor of Illinois, Carl Williams of .
Oklahoma City, Okla. and A. J. Mc
Phail, president of the Canadian
Wheat Producers, Limited, were other 1
features of the meeting.
Mr. Coolidge, in his address, describ
ed co-operative marketing as the best
means of stablizing the country's agri- j
cultural organization, but warned that
the system possesses no magical attri
butes and must start from the soil and
be developed upward with the farm
ers contributing the major aid.
"There is a school of co-operators
who seem to believe that the program
aan be started at the top and built
do'.vnwards," President Coolidge said.
"They want the government, or the
banks, or philanthropists, or providence
to lay out a schema big enough to
cover the country, set its machinery
moving, guarantee it all needed capi
tal and then invite the farmers to sit
in the places reserved for chem and
proceed, to garner their profits. Let
me say that I offer no such Aladdin
like project. I want society as a whole
to help; but I want the farmers to
do their share and 1 warn them that
this will be the lion's share'
tmmttmmmmmm mwmtmmmmmmtmmmmmmmmma
I li Elmer E. Jones
Washington, Idaho and Oregon Appro
priations in Senate Bill.
Washington, D. C. The interior de
partment appropriation bill, as report
ed to the senate carries the amend
ment forced into it in the house by
Chairman Sinnolt of the public lands
Committee, retaining the land offices
at Burns and La Grande, Or.; Wulla
Walla, Waterville, Yakima and Van
couver, Wash., and Coeur d'Alene.
The bill also restores provision for
the retention of the surveyors gen
eral, who, under the bill passed by the
house, would have been deprived of
office July 1. All of the difficult con
ditions imposed by the house In appro
priating $375,000 for the Kittitas irri
gation project in central Washington,
including a provision for 5 per cent
interest on deferred payments of set
tlers, were stricken from the bill by
the senate committee on the motion
of Senator Jones.
Founding of 11 university In Albania
Is projected according to American de
sign an 1 with American financial sup
port. It has become known In Chicago
Willi the appointment of Dean Elmer
E Jones of Northwestern university
lis one of the trustees. The establish
DlelM of this school, attracting students
from all tltej Daikan countries, Is ex
peCted by Professor Jones to prove
more effective than any other means
In sdvSBClng harmonious relations
Christian Ideals win bt taught, in-
SsyS, The University will be known.
sccordlag to report, as the Albanian
Americas School of Agriculture and
Mechanic Arts. c. Telford Erlckson
of New York city has been selected
lis Its acting president. Funds will Iks
raisi d for it In this country.
Coolidge on Texatlon.
It is impossible to escape the con
clusion that high taxes make high
prices. So long as the cost of govern
ment is high, the cost of living will
be high. This is usually a source of
misunderstanding and always a
source of discontent. The duty that
government now owes to the people is
to reduce their burdens by paying off
the obligations that came from the
war rather than imposing additional
burdens for the support of now pro
Jects. Having met our war obligation
to pay, let us meet our peace obliga
tion to save. Coolidge.
Spring Neckwear
Makes Its Entry
Judge Give Relative Prison Term.
Port land. Or. When Judge Wolver
ton of Portland leaned forward in his
chair in the federal courtroom to pass
sentence upon Mrs Leona Case, who
stood convicted of having abetted in
the theft of goods In Interstate ship
ment, in a iiuiet voice he mude known
to those In the court that the prtsonoi
ut the bar was the jurist's cousin by
marriage and the mother of a 10 year
old daughter who Is the judge's seconO
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ftor-r ied p rireme Justice.
Washington. D. C. -Associate Jus
tice Joseph Mclvenna Monday conclud
ed active service as a member of the
supremo court and Attorltey General
Harlan F S;one was nominated to
succeed him. The resignation o!
Justice MeKenna deprives the Pacific
coast of representation in the member
ship of the et urt. and selection of At
lorney Cepetal Stone to fill tne va
,..!,, i!l,.;. N w York a member.
Coits of Government Cut.
The 'lurcau of the budget, under
Oca ral I awes, put the government on
a saund I usiuess basis, resulting in S
reduction of public expenditures from
S5.63S.OOO.00O in 1331 to $3.4i7.000,004)
in ItM, t ASOTSJUM in the annual -o
of soveruiuvnt cf $2,011,000,000.
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that It Is Insipid when they have once
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