The Boardman mirror. (Boardman, Or.) 1921-1925, October 10, 1924, Image 1

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moaudman, morrow county, Friday, OCTOBER 10, vm.
Pirates Made Game Fight
lux pa) cm may j 0
1 arork neortu f
nt Sheriff of p"
(tire 1 11 . ubu. Ii f '
: II McKcchtlle, manager of tlir
I'lliHlinriili I'linlcs. who "fought hut
lost ' Ii, the Dclii for III.- ll.JI Nation
il longuc prnmint. McKechtiie'H ri
rataa pal up n Milium tattle U cap
:n' Ihe gonfalon, bill they Just Ml
lion nt (In- i-rltlriil moment.
By THOMAS . ...1.E CI. ARK
Un of Kirn, University of
EVANS Inn) been liorn In New York
Ui IiikI llvod there 11II Ma lift-.
id' . - iiiioui iih provincial M woel
people who have been reared In
I u riftt city mill who think IB have
seen tho world. IIIm tlrst view of Ne
braaka liU truln rolled slowly along
the valley of the I'latte was not ,1 verj
alluring one. The !! Iuiiuk Birch
Ii..- pnrrhed nnil treeless to upparcn.l)
limitless llstnnocx, tile low, lillH- HI.
palutcd farmhouse In 1 In- midst of
tin- hnyatneka and 111 1 f I shitls. the
absence of everything Iii-millful or
comfortable, to lilm t ma k
lift' lliir, IiiiiiihI.v Impossible.
"Io linn mill women .-I to live
In mull 11 plueeT" hi' inked iiiv "How
do they nH'iid thrlr lil-uro If
thi'j- Inn i' iinyT Notliliuj to ilo, noth
ing in see, nothing in go t! win.
nil thi level ground, I huven'l eeOl
a tennis rotirf nr I left New York."
Kvuns liinl plnycd tennis ever mIih c
he til 11 bay in "prep" school mid
ha Gawd not uartaialaiii how with audi
womirrfui appaetttBlttai for ttM apon
no mil' seemed Inclined In tukc ndviiii
tiiKo of them.
"Tiicy hni their bouaebold duties.''
I answered, "very laborious oiiea nt
llitii'N, nml they have ihrlr children."
"1 should think 1 In1) il go UtHMi"
ha com iniii ii.
"Well, mime of thi'in do," I :m
awcrcd, "ns women do In the illy,
worn out hj- Boi li'iy nml too much lei
mire; hut In general they work il rtf
ill 11 rl nml iih hard iih (half BOebands."
"It hi'i'Iiih hell to uie," I' una mild.
On our way hiH'k from Inuvcr husl
lies rcipllreil Unit we vlnll one of lie
despised fiirnihoiiHi H. Die miin of ihe
Iioiiho wii none, hut his yotmjl wtfi
wan nhle to triininii't Ihe business for
which we iiiliie. She was nil littruc
tlve young ariiinao alih a -hy utile
youngster hiding behind her skirt
Ilolh she mid her hlpdiiilld hud heen
to CoHeKi e discovered! they hud
traveled mliie, 11ml. miu-h to Kv nils'
.aurpjl, they
"How do yd
I v.. n nuked.
"ii lan'i so imd." aha rapltad altoply.
"We KaVC cell other, We lire (Olng to
have 11 home, ve hnve him," hhe
mild lemlelly, lu US her llllllil on the
ebUd'i baad. "I'm very happy,"
( 1924. Wnli'rn N. , . r Union )
TO Tin: BDITOfti
in oraar uiei the tux pa;
know the unmum n
lin In d Ii) the pr
1 lacitla County, l
ile inlluwim; ilur:
III j total number of prUnnera In
county jmi for lull four yaara, Hi
10 It 10, 519: total numhi-r of prln
oiiei'H lii county ' Jta.fl for Unci' yean
nml nine inmitlia dmiiiic ihe pr aanl
ftdmlBiatratlon IIH ThU im-nnj al
1; o 1 i ,1,1 in. inj prhion r 1
tin 11 were dnn.i:. 1 he I I'm pi , ill: :
I mine. I have handled tiK ,,e prlsuni r.
wtiiioui an) laarabaa of deputiaa. hm
have lined in.- :iiiiie it r thai wax
Um d Ii ii )enix ano
rlua coil cud throtmh the Sber
lif'.i uilii 0 duiinK Houaur ndmlnl u..
tlon utuouiii to 0Yr IKSldO.OO.
Thetie flnex at'" in. ul) all fo,- viol:. -tiau
of the prohibition law. 'I .' .-:
nlmotit tfotilde any equal proccdlnK
t 1 r od .
The tax pa.M r.i Hhoiilil umh 1 aiel
that ihe Sherlff'H o flirt' hal collected
In : i mi 11 Mil iloeii i.i.i spi ml 11
l'n4r the pronont law a part of it I
;i ! for tin m mi i.n nt of the pro
hlhltltm law. Ii In tpent hy n h' 1
oillcm, mil hy 1 ln Sherirf Mm', ol
the problhl'ion enforci uu nt wo- !
don iy the other of:l :cr.: durln;; tie
last two vinrx ni made poiulble hy
the Hucrwful prohlMtlon work dotml
and by Uie f'ti"j collided tbltruKbj
the Mlu rlff'a olllce. The a'at ilnent
v hit ii lm.'i hi en made by rum.' per
e .ill.t thill "llofliier doi 11 no do a'l) '
liilna." t tiHi rly luUe. It would b"!
ii.'.n.i- He- truth in h.iy that "Humeri
hua done everythlilK that ha: Ix-eti '
done," ami this In ao berauxe the I
Sherlff'ii office htu directly di-
more than uny pr cedlm: uUtulnl tra-1
Hon und by tin-iine of fini-H rolleoted
has made tl pos I tilt- for otter ollh er..
to carry on prohibition work.
The lav paeix should know lb it
the Sherlff'H dUtlCH have Increased
In nlinoait avary depnrtnun;. New
forma and kind of taxea must be 00 1 -lorted
The safety of Ihe highway.
iirrect of mnixh-r.',
Is Veritable Tomb of Christ Found?
IV-.-' ' -;-);.' ' -A
Kir '
aw' v
J. B. SWITZLER KILLED Robert LaFo!!ette, Jr.
I'i:atilla lost her olde.-.t cltlzon
when the life of John H. Switzlfr was
cruxlied out last .Sunday niht.
MM only a pioneer has pasxi-d on
but the est fii'-nd many of the people
In l,'.oa Ilia, On koh and Waxhlngion
ever had.
We have never heard of his hand
e'er b Iiik closed to human neid and
his bUiWaaea were widely bestowed
ip to
Juhi nutalda in. DaWHactia pJt of Jernmileui and in olKoth, 'the ilnce
of the abulia," slimvn iiI'ijm., recent dtaroverlex may Identify the verifeble tomb
of Chrtat, The QadlllJI there of n ahrlne of Venus lienrH out the ibeory that
Emperor Hadrian built a temple of Aphrodite over the luuib.
Tin- name "Jnfaatfl
njbmoawari a. this i.
couhiied ntrl-tly to
I paralya" lo a
not a diseaae
infancy nor ia
bo a eon : :i nt problem. The Shi riff
now him, II, 1 ati'omoblle lie. ni-i h This
requires much time. Tlune inatt'-rs
toucher wlih court work, the ln
11 .. i, il number of prisoners, mid the
Increased ilutl' btounht about by
enforcement of the prohibition law-
ami ucttcral work, huv
doiibUtl the work of tin
I rime 1H20. There In no Iner ax.
1 parnj.mla a constant, symptom. T' e
ill . I not co n ,. .11 and wrr It
i not for th. dh ability that It occasion
I ally cauHca, It wou not receive the
wide.-pr ad at 1 n Ion that It doe at
He present time. Kpidetiilca ocur
eei) few )arH In temperate climat.v.
1: 1 a li ra 1 Inlectloa due 10 a :ll-
haa itrown I: triable virus. Fit xn r and NoptflU
b:Me nil' ivated Hi, iru and prod we
ld Ihe disease In monkey... Hose: ow
foiiblderri M reptoroccl havInK an aftl
attjt lor the c niral nervous &ya:em as
the 1 eltaiitx of the 1I1 a e Caj'.ox
cur sinaly and in epldemlCB. The
mn'orltv of rasas occur In children
practically under five years of n;e. One attack
Sheriff's of ! nmmrent Iv nrote'-t.-i as -.erond 1 1
in,- vcr. rare. Chlldr. n v.lth a bhrtOfl
of a sudden onset wlt'i fevrr. vomit
In the niimhi r of n aulai ibpu l
Some aiM'clal help has been employed )nK nl,it prohably pain In the back o
In eouiieciKin wim tux roiiictions ana nHt in i,e hack, nnd tkuo
olllce wot k. Thla la unavoidable and ; pvtiiploiiia of i .la ...1 Irrlia'l .n.
Is done lit ihe lowe t cost ton Int. nt , ri, a8 rttflli i'l ' In swnllowtaaT. or
dlxturhnncra of special aenae should
be Isolated and kept tinter ob?er
vnnce. It Is Inipo ih!,. to tta'e deflilil
nnd effective meihods of pr. venting
this dl u-nse, as Informant in regard to
the mode of trnnsml slon la s'ill an
unsolved problem, In the ah, m- of
this tran!'fortnatlon we arc Jusliflrd In
InBlatini: that these eases be Immedla-
teh renorted and isolatad All known
W II II wood r lee
I huve made tha aocnl record by
staying on the Job btttWlt St hours
p r da No man can slay with Ihe,
work more closely than I do. No
sheriff before has done so much
work at so low a cost. No one else,
can do the work lielter for leas
inline). No other pi r.son s eklng tie
Sheriff's olllce in lu better much with
lis problems than I am 1 bavi not
had the hest support in law enforce- ,,,,, iv, ,,,. should be used
m, 111 from some of the olle I olll -I lls
but I have succeeded 111 spite of hum!
leaps. Conditions In this reward are1
Improving nnd will Improve still more'
In the future
I would be glad If all tax payers
could Investigate the county records.
Fair iixamlnallon of the records make
the extravagant claims of certain
S' !f serving olTlce r.eekeri liMik fotills'i.
W'llh great confldi'lice I make th"
cliilm thai If re elected, my next a !
mliilHlralloii will be inore antlsfnc
tory to the tax payers and m) ell
which Is nhoui to end
Yours truly,
such a ! xolnlion. disinfection, screen
lug and dusl er.ullctitlon. T'. 1 Infeit-
ion mutt be fought on the ground of
per onal contact. I'atient should be
MHrtatad In a clean, bare room, well
'i i n il to k;-. p out Insects. No vldt
ing should be allowed and only noces
aarj attandlBI ssbould come In con
tact with ihe patient. All discharge
rhould b- thoroughly disinfected. In
the prevent Ion of any epidemic of
communicable diseases it i. a wise
policy lo avoid public meetings and
gathering piocea.
Treatmuit: Two types of serum
tUVa heeu used In treating thLs dla-
a-e, convalescent human serum and
inimune horse serum. Providing the
diagnosis can b made In time, both
of thse reem to give beneficial r.
sults The prevention and management
of epidemics of infantile paralysis
calls for coopera'lon between citizens,
pbyal tteaa and health ollirers. The
people MM learn to appreciate that a
greater menace lies in the conceal
ment of ca:,es and opposlilon to prop
1 r treatment than In prompt reporting
and I otattaR of infected cna.'S. This is
the grea'est single Hem to combat
il: ; a. The success in controlling
nn 1 nldemlc depends on the early
dlagiio. is of all
BROriJ) lll'lll MITTENS
Jewel MoHier. do you know
where I got this awful cold?
Mother No. dear.
Jewel- Well, I think I got it from
going to bed barefooted.
Have You Registered Yet?
f you do Nor
He was born In Missouri in
but onmn to the Oregon country
bis pilWttti when tnree years
Cttllng acrons the Columbia
fror:i v.h re Vancouver r.ov.- s
Orr?;on City was tin rladlng
and the Sw.t?.ler.) mad - the tr
town by canoe, as .here were
road 1 'n those early days.
He, with his brohers, Jade and
William, came to I'lnatiila when a
mere boy and L i.iaillla haa been hla
home ever since, altlio he has lived
in California and ether places ior
different period rof time.
J n., as everyone was wont to call
him, ran for several years a pack
train out of I'matiila, going as far
east as Fort IIer.t- n. Mont., then the
head of navigation on the Missouri
river. At the time he ran the pack
trains rmatilla was a thriving city
of aeveral thousand pc-ople and there
were as many as five steamboat lines
(Ml the Columbia.
At one he had a store at
Fort Henton ;.nd also operated tie
Coeur d'Alene river. The rmatilla
ferry was owned and operated by
him until sold to his son, William,
who now operates it.
Hei and hip brothers purchased
what Is known as Switzzler's island
In the Columbia near I'matllla and
they raised horses by the thousands,
h: vine hands In the Horse Heaven
rni.Tiiry, the John Day and the Big
HLs death occurred Sunday ev
nln. October 5, 1924, at about 6
ectoct In company with Henry
Grltlin he was on his way to Harry
Crammer's, Mr. Crammer having
promised him a pheasant on this,
the opening day of the season. In
crossing the track he was struck by
a switch engine, which was slowly
moving cars in the yard.
To mourn his loss are three daugh
ters. Mrs. Len Ferrlll of SunnysMe,
Wash.; Mrs. H. N Fryer of Yaki
ma. Wash.: Mrs. Frank Sharpstein
of Walla Walla. Wash . and one son.
William SwiUler of Umatilla. His
wife died stveral years ago.
Funeral services were held in Wal
la Walla Tuesday, attended by a
large delegation of friends from rma
tilla. Ben Splning. Harry Rod 11
bough, Lew Hrownell and I). C. Chap
man represented the Masonic lodge
of I'matllla. of which Mr. Switzler
was a member.
llobert Lai-oiK-ite. Jr., is taking an
active part In the campaign for the
Presidency carried on by bis father,
the senator ' oni Wisconsin.
School Frocks Recite
the Mode' Simplicity
The hotel wuest had taken a kindly
Interest In the bright faced be'dbo--, I
who n.'.s'vi red his summons so
"Whot'is your name, my boy?"
he inquired.
"Tbap calls me Billiard Cue," said
Ihe hoy. 'because 1 works so much
better with a good tip."
The picture of the prett) school
brock shown here tells Its simple hut
pleasant story with much complete
ness. The dress Is made of wool Jer
sey. In a castor shade, and has Just
enough adornment of fine tucks and
bttttOM to reveal the expert workman
ship that gives It class. As an expo
nent of the mode In school frocks It
cannot be excelled they are nearly
nil mude on the same line. Tho
rourd collar, of unbleached linen, Is
brightened by a little fancy stitching,
done in a high color, and It Is by fnr
he most popular neck finish. There
are small, practlcul pockets at each
etda, hug sleeves with tucked cuffs,
ml a narrow- belt of the material.
In spite of their earn ness In stylei
there Is plenty of dhersity In school
Cm - -because there Is great variety
materials used for maklniO
I'laln and patterned twills,
and erosshnr flannels, vel
kusl a a::d fancy woolen,
are used. Firings In bright
colors brighten up the darker colors
as pipings of bright red or green on
navy I lue, and short rows of round
buttons to 1 utch these pipings maka
a very pn try Art - n.
In the
we , es
... .s rv v. 1
l ie one v.lileh Is at. out to enil mcui svm il f.J.'tl I X
hail e Q heen to New ' ' ' 1 $
live In ueb a placer POOOOO Yur Converaitlm OOQOOg . , ; , .j &$L, .y'
"DYED IN WOOL" , '. y. ;--
6 ' 'I b) v mm '.irt .Ublli c S 1 t OuSm '3- N - TO II IS STKNtM.U IMIKIt
5! Ihe supporters of lieo-gi 111 of 5 'iJl BP ' .,. . , . . .. ,.
S Kn land were known n- "dyed 6 yi.? Y 'Smgm S . i i 1 1 , yon couldn't
2 In-the-Wool" Tories. The term g ' . - mm' " ,r "bli' '"' b !v ""' a blonde
5 was derived from the dyeing 6 ' fjBgEt?' fgaae iiriilJ'i " halr '" I"" " " jacket? M) wife
2 process hi ivhlch mnlerlals thor i. fAV -SiBi r-VS57" has somehow obtained the idea that
11111 H V.;J0m-V -97ZZSZ30M, other women ore indilferent to me."
colors, "Dyad in the wool" is Jt m rj.' .-.-S-' c.. v,c--Vp
5 the mi. we describe sni parti fi jgafj?? -drrTVL T x,
or reii adherence In vvblcn I J Wmy7? V?
5 the holder Is s isitiv.'iy 9 aTCS, 1 AlV 17 ' -i c , v . .
I steepeil s ... bU ..11 pOMlbilll ? 777 feT N ' "
5 ,.t Bcklenuaa. l ' . IV ' 5 (I I aaatta, it also Incrooaaa his He abil-
Ilead the homo paper. S 5 " ities. ,
n-'tft.'irthrti'ii'.rtnrt irtfirtnirti.ftrtrtj
"1 f OH MOM "V LOVELY , P.Jt'I 'otv MAOY W H0J OWE. J. AND OiVP EPMJACd. ' W' Ml
nice cooe gbnebouS fc iNV V. bite J ? ': m J
Bu BC.Docr uavtJ 13hace ir W7( vs (?) J I T J J V
' s ME. Z. fODtt LITTLE J S , 1 ?
4-' l VLAYMATl-; "J v? J'"?P
Uan 2elra -otrrr '
KM til lt IGDffl
'The boss offeiid ml an Interes'
In the business today."
"He did!"
"Yes; he said that if I didn't take
an Interest pretty soon he'd Are mt."
God expects us to do our best with
our opportunity, not with some othei