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Brief Resume Most Importan
Daily News Items.
Events of Noted People, Governments
and Pacific Northwest, and Other
Things Worth Knowing.
Viscount Gray of Fallodon lias re
tired from the liberal leadership or
thu houHB of lords for personal rea
sous, it la announced Tuesday.
Chicago will have the 1925 conven
tion of the Knights of I'ythias, win
Ding over Los Angeles, 85 to till. A
resolution to establish a nitiKazine to
servo the entire membership of 'JUO
UOU was adopted.
A severe rain storm in the eastern
part of Iowa late Monday and Tuesday
resulted In the loss of three lives.
drowning of hundreds oi cattle and
horses, thousands of dollars crop
damage and flooded homes and farm
The house rivers and harbors com
mission was called Tuesday to hear
arguments of n delegation from stock
ton, Cat, soekinir government aid to
deepen the river channel from nine to
lit feet Willi a minimum width of liuo
Reduction Of rediscount rates was
nulhorized Tuesday for the Interme
diate credit hanks hy tin' federal farm
loan hoard. The new rale to financial
Institutions is 5 per cent and to co
operative market ing associations
per cent.
Miss Lucy 1'age Caston, nationally
known reformer and foe of cigarets,
died n a sanitarium In Chicago Wed
uesday. Her health tailed several
months ago after she was injured In
u street-car accident, and a malignant
growth in her lliroat developed.
After September 1 there will he no
merit rural mailcarriers driving horses
out of Kugeno. On thut date motor
route V. will be established, taking
over the work of three of the present
carriers, and one postofflee, that at
Fox iioiiow, win he discontinued.
D, Clifford Norman of Oakland, Cal.,
who was stricken seven months ago
with sleeping sickness and who lias
slept about three months, remaining
only partially conscious for n further
psrlodj was pronounced cured Wed
nesday and discharged from a hospi
tal. The Braitllan federal troops operat
ing in the southwestern put or Baa
I'aulo state, near the Parana border,
an conl Inning their pursuit of the
rebels. The latter have been obliged
to evacuate I'lraju, according to of
ficial advices from l.a Naciou'a cor
respondent at Santos.
Hinting of u near serious nature
Wednesday broke out between PW
fascist and antifascist workmen em
ployed by an American moving pic
lure company which Is making a film
production of ''Ban iiur" a taw miles
tram Home, Carbineers were sum
moned to quell (be disturbance.
UnUSOnj allows of devotion between
animals huve been capped by a Jersey
cow belonging to N. J. Hovln, farmer
living seven miles west of St. Helens.
Ore. The cow lias a calf three or
four months old, hut in addition to
this Offspring returned from pasture
a few days ago with a 3-wecks-old
buck in tow.
Disorderly conduit and righting
were the charges placed against Tut
ted States Senator Dial and John J.
McMahan. state Insurance OOttUttlS
(doner, who ia opposing the senator
tOf reiioinlnul ion and the two were
arrested Wednesday after a personal
encounter at B campaign meeting in
Qaffney, s. C,
U M. Karaghan, Hussion ambassa
dor to China, has refused to accept
the conditions imposed by the United
States minister to China relative to
the delivery of the Russian legation
to M. Knrakhuu. The legation, since
the passing of the cinrlst regime, 1ms
been In the hands of the diplomatic
c ips In l'ekln.
Adoption of u carefully planned pol
icy for colonl.utioti of Irrigation proj
rets to be constructed in tlio future
w as urged by lr. K I wood Mead, com
missioner ot reclamation, in a special
report In' submitted to Secretary Work
Wednesday upon his return from a
Suou mile Inspection trip in the west
Ur. Mead visited projects 111 lituh.
Nevada, California, Washington, Ore
gon, Montana, Iduho, Wyoming and
u. s.
Vessel Finds World Flier Whose
Plane Drifts 100 Miles.
On Hoard IT. S. S. Richmond, off
Greenland. The United States cruis
er Richmond, after beiDg tossed about
on the bleak north Atlantic ocean for
82 hours, and after hope had been
given up for the safety of Lieutenant
Locatelll, the Italian aviator, and his
three companions, picked up the ma
rooncd men from their damaged plain
shortly before midnight Sunday.
All members of the party were well,
but were exhausted from the trying
ordeal through which they had passed.
I.dcatolli's plane was damaged beyond
repair, and it was uestroyeu oy me
on request of its pilot. The cruiser,
v. iih I.ocatelli and his companions or
hoard, is proceeding toward Labrador
to re-enter the naval patrol for the
continuation of the flight of Jdeuton-
uits Lowell II. Smith and Erik Nelson
from ivlgtut to Labrador.
I.ocatelli, who started from Iceland
for Greenland last lliursday with
Lieutenants Smith and Nelson, was
forced down by motor trouble! at 2
M. Thursday. After repairs had
been made to the plane Locatelli was
unable to make a take-off from the
water. The plane armed from a point
near the Labrador coast 100 miles to
where it. was found 125 miles due eaat
of Cape Farewell, the southernmost
tip of Greenland.
Tie' discovery of the damaged plane
whs due lo signalman wans i'lniiston,
win., from the bridge of the Richmond,
aught, sight of green flares sent up
from the plane.
Hope Hampton
Fort Worth, Tex. -Texas stands a
hance of having the first woman gov
rnor in the history of the United
Slates. Mrs. Miriam Ferguson, wife
of I be ex-governor, who was impeach-
d, has received tile democratic nom
inal inn, which heretofore has meant
led ion in Texas.
She received the nomination by one
1 i he largest majorities ever received
by a gubernatorial candidal!! in Texas.
According lo the official returns' Mrs.
rgUSOn, out of an 850,000 total vote,
I her opponent, Felix Hobertson of
Dallas, by more than 80,000.
MrB. Ferguson's nomination prob-
ibly means the passing of the Ku
Klux Klan as a dominating factor in
1'exas politics.
Hobertson built his campaign on a
Strictly klan platform and ill his ad
dresses admitted be was indorsed and
was being supported by the Ku Klux
Klan. On the other hand, Mrs. Fer
guson, whose campaign was conducted
y her husband, ox-Governor James
ergUSOn, conducted a strong fight
against the klan and one of her prom
ises to the voters of Texas was that
she would use the power of her office
is governor to drive the klan from
The nominal Ion of Mrs. Ferguson
was I tie outcome of a series of cir
Umstanaes, In 1917 James Ferguson
was Impeached as governor of Texas.
lie was charged with mlsnpproprin
ion and misapplication of state funds.
ilso with the acceptance of a bribe.
presumably from the liquor interests.
Which at that time were conducting a
trong light against prohibition In
Governor Ferguson was brought to
trial before the state senate and pro
QOUflced nuilty by a large majority
and as a result his impeachment was
Consolidations Made Without
Waiting Law.
Systems Are Grouping Themselves
While Federal Commission
Works on Plans.
Mud Buries Railroad.
Reddlngi Cal, A torrent of mud
roin a glacial disturbance on .Mount
Shasta Continues to POUT down Ash
reek und over adjacent territory eight
miles long and one half mile wide,
burying a railroad, highways and
bridges in its path. The mud flow
has darkened streams and has made
the Saeranienlo river muddv for sev-
nil miles. McCloud Is having a
hard fight to maintain its water
Grapevine Feeds Apple.
Sclo, Or. A freak of nature, an ap
pie growing on a grapevine, was ills
overed in the orchard of W. H. Hart
elt '1 uesday. The apple had (Mien
from the tree Into the grape vine bl
ow and in some manner a twig ot the
Ine twilled around the stem of the
ipple and nurtured It. The apple is
now full grown ami ripe.
Famous Humorist Dead.
New York. Charles B. Lewis, It,
well known as a humorist under his
pen name ot "M. Quad," Is dead at his
hOWS in Brooklyn. Among the hum
orous , haracters he created were Mr
md Mrs. Dowser, llrother Gardner of
the Lime Kiln club, and the Artsona
Washington, D. C. Despite the tact
that the interstate commerce commis
sion has not announced its plans for
consolidation of the railroads into a
limited number of systems and con
solidations are forbidden until that
plan has been announced, substantial
progress has been made in consolidat
ing the railroads since the transporta
tion act was passed in 1920.
These consolidations have been and
ire being effected under a provision
of the transportation act authorizing
the commission to permit one railroad
to acquire control of another either
under a lease or by the purchase of
stock or in any other manner not In
volving the consolidation of such car
riers into a single system for owner
ship and operation.
Under this part of the law, the ma
jority of the commission has author
ized a number of irailroads to acquire
control of other railroads. It has done
so over the protest of Commissioner
Bastman of Massachusetts, who holds
that a number of the control case
involved nothing short of cousolida
tion of the railroads.
The consolidation provisions of the
law provide that consolidations must
be in harmony witli the complete plan
ot consolidation required to he pro
mulgated hy the commission "as soon
as practicable," The plan not having
been issued, Commissioner Eastmai.
holds, what practically are cousolida
Hons under the guise ot "acquisition
of control" are not lawful.
Something to
Think About
This is the vary latest picture of
handsome Hope Hampton, the "movie"
star. However, she is not posing tor
a "movie" shot Just as a fashion
model for she Is wearing one of the
latest "scarab" hats "In turquoise
blue and brown, which she brought
over from Europe recently" so the
fashion note says.
QheWhy I
of I
J Superstitions
Farm Income Too Low.
Washington, I). C. American agri
culture, since the slump ot li)20, UUi slanderer, hy reason of the magic sy
not yielded a commercial interest re
turn on its Invested capital or a fair
wage for the averuge farm operator
and his family. This conclusion
reached hy agricultural department
experts, probably Will bo one ot the
first to be placed before President
Coolidge's proposed agricultural re
lief commission here.
Other conclusions arrived at by the
departmental experts, who recently
completed a series of studies of farm
income, also are expected to serve us
a basis of data for the committee
which the president, in his acceptance
speech, said would be appointed for
the purpose of helping agriculture to
a basis of economic equality.
This information gathered hy the
experts shows thut the low point of
the agricultural depression was touch
ed in lSlO-ll, with some Improvement
the following year. In the last two
yeurs the Improvement haa been quite
noticeable, and the department asserts)
indications ure that it will continue.
As u means of gauging how the agri
cultural depression has uffected furm
standards of living in the four years
since 1919-20, the department points
out that in tins period wholesale
prices of all commodities declined 25
to 30 per cent, retail prices of 22 food
articles 20 to 25 per cent, while the
farmer's Income declined as much as
till to 72 per cent.
Span Pageant Planned.
Hood River, Or. -- November 11,
Armistice day, Is the tentative date
set for dedication of the Waukoma
interstate bridge over the Columbia
here. Chambers of commerce of Spo
kane, Seattle, Portland, Yakima and
numerous smaller cities will join with
Hood Hiver chamber in the cere
monies. It is proposed to present a
water pageant, depicting significant
Columbia history from the tlnu
Lewis and Clarke to the present.
Oil Tank Fires Street.
Jamestown, N. l).--Three persons
were, injured, one probably fatally,
and heavy damage done when an vep.
gallon tank of kerosene exploded late
Saturday and sent a river of flaming
oil down one street. Residences in
the vicinity of nu oil-filling station
were burned.
Three Die In Family Feud.
Tulsa. Okla.--Three mon were killed
and one was wounded Sunday after
noon on a public highway. 21 miles
east of Tulsa, in a fight which cli
maxed a family feud. The trouble
started over an argument between
TP YOU have reason to believe that
people are slandering you bite the
corner of your upron and the back
biters will bite their tongues. This Is
for women. Another way, applicable
to both sexes, Is to pinch your ear and
the person who is "talking about you"
will bite his tongue. These charms
work, of course, by sympathetic magic
like causes like. Your apron Is a
substitute of the slanderous tongue of
your traducer: you bite It and the
IN THE hearts of the humble, the
sun Is always shining. If you will
pause a moment to look into the faces
of such mortals, you will catch a
glimpse of celestial fire whose Intensity
cunnot be measured.
With humility, these souls have pa
tience and faith. They often puss us
by unheeded, for they are not given
to show or vaunting.
Their eyes are mild, their lips ars
set In u smile.
They go upon their way as softly
as do the stars of night, mindful of
their course and keeping steadfastly
upon it, in all sorts of weather.
Only rarely do we worldlings know
such souls when we meet them, yet
we are conscious of their magnetic
Influence. The light that shines from
their faces soothes and encourages us.
It may be the face of a child, but
we catch' the thrill of a new emotion
and go soaring off into another realm,
wondering what subtle spirit has
touched us and left us so sublimely
This feeling of exaltation, when once
experienced, is never forgotten. It
clings to us through all the seasons
and years of our life, cheering us In
sorrow, strengthening us when we are
weak, and easing our burdens when we
feel that we cannot bear them a day
It forms a pleasing background to
our existence, a sort of refuge where
we may go and find rest when we
are unnerved, exhausted and discour
aged. Illches, honor and fame lose their
luster when In the presence of the
soul that is humble, patient and faith
ful. Earthly prizes such as these are
but the dress of a precious substance
from which such a soul Is made
made to endure forever, where the
light Is always shining and life dis
covers Itself in its true sphere.
And certainly, whatever It may he
with regard to the persons who are
now skeptical about such matters, the
day will come when they, too, shall
see the light, and as likely as not find
It shining within their own breasts, In
a moment when they least suspecf Its
divine prseence.
Hidden somewhere within us such
a light Is always burning, ready at
the touch of the right word to flare up
Into a beneficent blaze I
((), McClure Newipaper Syndicate.)
pathy set up, responds by doing actual
ly what you have done immitatlvely.
Pinching the ear Is a good simulation
of biting the tongue und reacts upon
the backbiter in the desired manner.
It is, moreover an especially appropri
ate act of simulation In such cases
because of the connection between
tingling ears and "people talking
about you" a superstition which has
already been dealt with in this series.
These superstitions are widespread as
are all the superstitions connected with
sympathetic magic. It is worthy of
note that while the doctrine of sym
pathetic magic was one of the
earliest results of the efforts of prim
itive man to establish a relation be
tween cause and effect so a belief In
that same magic Is the most universal
of superstitions today.
((). UcClure Newspaper Syndicate.)
Reflections oj a
Bachelor Cjirl
Physician and Surgeon
Physician and Surgeon
fraternal Building
Stanfield, Oregon
Dental X-ray and Diagnosis
Bank Building
'Phones: Ottlee 93. Residence 761,
Newton Painless Dentists
Dr. H. A. Newton, Mgr.
Cor. Main and Webb Sts. Pendleton
Umatilla Pharmacy
W. E. Smith, Prop.
Mail orders given special atten
tion. Quick Service
Satisfaction Quaranteed
j Umatilla, Oregon
206 E. Court Street
Electrical Fixtures and
X Electric Contracting X
v m
By John Kendrlck Bangs. i
SOME folks would so i
To Tokyo. i
And some to far Peru;
Some to Berlin,
or old Pekin,
And iohii to Tlmbuctoo.
Some travelers seek
The Arctic bleak.
And others quulnt Japan,
And some there be
Who think Paree
The fairest coal of man
And I admit J
There's much In It
I, too, rejoice to roam, 1
Dut I opine j
These feet of mine
Are happiest set for HOME! 2
(O. McClure Newspaper Syndicate )
McClure Ktwl?aar SyaSteate, )
fF COURSE, every married man
knows that there are no infallible
rules for ruling a woman.
But every bachelor thinks he knows
a few, and never hesitates to whisper
them confidently Into the poor Inno
cent bridegroom's ear.
Here they are as far as I have
been able to guther them :
1. Start right. Guard your Inde
pendence with your life! Never humor
a wife by explaining why you are go
ing out or when you are coming back.
After she has speut a few hours try
ing to keep the dinner hot. and Dlctur-
lng you mangled by a taxlcab, think
what a thrill It will give her to see you
come in well and cheerful, Instead of
on a stretcher. t
2. Don't flatter her. When you are
tempted to compliment her on her
looks or her cooking, control yourself.
Be strong. A little flattery may go to
her head, and make her so dizzy that
she'll wonder why she wasted herself
on you.
3. Assert yourselff from the start.
Now, is your appointed hour. Every
woman loves a "master." Show her
that she Is, after all, only your Rib
and that you are IT.
4. When your wife talks, never lis
ten. She will probably not say any
thing worth hearing. And besides, it
is much more Important that you
should finish reading the sporting
sheet, than that you should try to be
companionable with one so mentally
5. Remember thst she is an Ignorant,
unsophisticated little thing, and that
jm must keep tabs on her and re
model her. Never hesitate to criticize
her clothes, to laugh at her ideas, and
to disapprove of her friends. Thl will
make her love you like an "uplifter."
6. Don't be too devoted to her in
public. Let her catch you looking ad
miringly at OTHER women, now and
then. She will soon learn to appreci
ate your good taste and broad-mindedness
7. Always keep an eye on the week
ly bills, and make her account to you
for the money you dole out to her.
Every woman needs a guardian and
loves to f.fcl like an object of charity,
und no woman knows the real value
of money, even when she has had to
earn It.
8. Never forget that marriage is s
monarchy- not a democracy and that
there can be only one throne, one
seeptsr. and one set of opinions in the
house. Grab tn. first I
Thess are a bschslor's rules for rul
ing s wonisn. Any bridegroom whs
will follow them, can make a com
plets wreck of marriage, without coin
mltUng a slngJe solltsry tin.
( T "eles Rowjanj
Eat and Drink
X E. J. McKNEELY, Prop.
Pendleton, Oregon
Only the Best Foods Served
Fancy Ice Creams
Furnished Rooms over Cafe
2 Juick Service Lunch Counter
in connection with Dining room
You Are Welcome Here
We Specialize in
Take that next job to your
Home Printer
U. N. Stanfield, President.
Ralph A. llolte, Vice-Pres.
Frank Sloan, Vice-Pres.
W. A. Wollan, Casliier
Julia Haggmaun, Ass't l 'ashler
Bank of
! Stanfield
JBJ-i t M Ml T"",SJ
Capital Stock and
Four Per Cent Interest
Paid on Time Certifi
cates of Deposit