The Boardman mirror. (Boardman, Or.) 1921-1925, September 21, 1923, Image 3

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V -A liy FOR VniTD DDnnurr
Portland, Oregon
Complete Change Saturday. Adulta, Week
day Matinee, 20c; Eveninga, 89c. Continu
ous 1 to 11 p. m. Children 10 cents all times.
(P&Ji4. 11
B'"f 1 t 'M
Elizabeth Was
Shipherd's Mineral Springs
l'Afe BAIN, Manager Carson, Washington
Routed fT 'p J ?eS,rt- , Speclal Winter Ratts-
J 0 ? &,b'. LocaJ from Portland to Car-
imn'Ma all By AuJ to Cascade Locks via Co-
J Shwnv Shua-. ?y A,uto via tne Nortn Bank
lliffhway Hotel American Plan, Modern Hotel
A"-ommodations. Baths Hot Mineral Baths: Cure
T,,nMllue.Um.a,tlsl?.', Liver- Kidney and Stomach
Hciuhlcs: Skin Diseases. Hunting and Fishing.
Hut and Cold Water and Phone in Ever, Room. Comfortable Accommodation at Moderate Prices
European Plan HOTEL MORRIS Free Garage
Kf t A XTT-l milf TT nn .
rv, Itai , "Min.;?:B,1"M' Proprietor,.
Tenth and Stark
Portland. Oregon
A Good Job With Steady Work
Paper making offers a good opportunity to
strong, intelligent, sober men between the ages of
21 and 50 sure pay and steady work.
Meals 35c each. Plenty to eat and excellent
cooking. Company hotel.
Supply beds 25c, 30c and 40c.
Free hot and cold baths tubs and showers.
Worthy, faithful employees have good chance
for advancement.
Positions given free on application you pay
no fee for your job. Employment Office at Camas,
Washington and 209 Commonwealth Bldg., Port
land, Oregon.
Crown Willamette Paper Co.
Cascara Bark
We are one of the Urgent buyeri of
Cascara Bark in the world.
Portland Hide & Wool Co.
liranch at Pocatello, Idaho
Write for Prices and Shipping Tags.
All long rye straw stuffed.
Insist on having the collar
with the "Fish" Label. If
your dealer does not handle
this brand collar, write to us
53 Union Av., Portland, Ore.
Patent Attorney mechanengineer
Protect that Idea with a United States
Patent. Others have made fortunes out of
Patents. Why not you? Thomas Bllyeu, 202
Stevens Bldg., Portland, Ore.
Northwest Welding & Supply Co., 88 lit St.
My FREE illustrated book de
scribes the causes, symptoms
and Injurious effects of Piles;
also tha n surgical mattiods which
enable ma to guarantee a speedy and
aermanant cure.
Cut, seam, hem and machine qk
pleat skirts ready for band. 00 CcIlW
Hematitchin?. picoting and tucking.
854 Fifth St. Portland, Ore.
Sanitary Beauty Parlors We fix you up,
we make alt kinds of Hair Goods of your
combings. Join our School of Beauty Culture.
400 to 411 Dekum Bldg., Phone Broadway
6902, Portland, Oregon.
Clarke Bros., Florists, 287 Morrison St.
Featherweight Arch Supports made ro
order. J. E. Tryzelaar, 618 Pittock Block,
Portland, Ore.
Teaches trade In 8 weeks. Some pay
while learning. Positions secured. Write
for catalogue. 234 Burnslde street, Port
land, Oregon.
Wedding Bouquets and Funeral Pieces
Lubliner Florists, 348 MorriBon St.
Marry if Lonely; moBt successful "Home
Maker"; hundreds rich; confidential; reli
able; years experience; descriptions free,
"The Successful Club," Mrs. Naah, Box 66,
Oakland, California,.
Expert fitting at lowest prices. Glasses
In all styles. Lenses duplicated from
broken pieces. Mall In your broken
glasses. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Dr.
A. B. Hurwitz, 223 First St., Portland.
Osteopathic Physician.
Electronic Method of ABRAMS
Phone Main 2963.
393W Yamhill at Tenth, Portland. Ore
Interesting Information Given by
Writer Oysters and Their Enemies
Limpet's Homing Instinct.
In "Animals of the Sen," F. Martin
Duncan, P. Z. S., tells the reader that
young oysters enjoy hut 48 hours' free
dom as moving creatures; then they
settle down for life. Among the oys
ter's enemies Is the starfish. An In
vasion of "five-fingers" will sometimes
destroy a whole bed of oysters In a
single night Some most Interesting
points gleaned from this hook Include:
The female lobster has been known
to produce 100,000 eggs at a time.
Limpets go on traveling expeditions at
night, but by a wonderful homing In
stinct, return to exactly the same spot
on their "home" rock. Whelks have
from 220 to 250 teeth each, the winkle
possesses a set of 3,"00, but the dental
outfit of the "Umbrella Shell" Is 750,
000 teeth. The sea urchin has four
different kinds of spines, each with a
specialized function: weapons, poison
bearers, "chewers" and cleaners. A
giant clam will weigh 550 pounds. A
54-pound ling was found to possess 28,
361,000 eggs.
Regrettable Blunder.
A strange experience ami rather an
unpleasant one happened 'vlille riding
with a friend Just outside of Philadel
phia. We were passing through n tun
nel and Just when it was darkest my
friend made a smacking noise with his
lips as though kissing someone. Great
ly shocked I cried out, "Oh, Roy, yon
mustn't do that I" Of course, every
body thought he had kissed me and I,
realizing what a blunder I had made
by crying out, was blushing furiously
when we emerged from the tunnel. If
only I had kept still how much better
off I would have been. The rest of the)
Journey, lasting about one hour, was
most uncomfortable for me. Exchange,
Ancient Swiss Cathedral.
In Basel, Switzerland, U a cathe
dral founded in 1010.
Long Ago, the Closing Hours of the
Twenty-Fifth of December Be
longed to Her.
The oldest English name for Christ
mas is Moddra Nlht. or Mothers'
Night. In the early days, when Saxon
forefathers had Just settled down in
the country that was to be England,
tte day of December 25, was given
tip to gnmes and feasting, but the night
was dedicated to the speclal honor of
They occupied tha seats of honor,
end everyone brought them gifts.
Boas and daughters who had gone
oot Into the world strove to be at
home on that one night In the year.
A little later the name Yule was
given to Christmas, and the rejoic
ings of the day were prolonged Into
the night, when men sang and told
stories sitting aronnd the cheerful
blare of the Yule log.
The old customs of Mothers' Night
gradually died out, though they still
arrive In a few remote parts of the
country. Its place has been tnken
to gome extent by Mothering Sun
day tn the north of England. On
that day everyone who can do so
still makes a pilgrimage homeward
and the mother receives the homage
of her family.
Jackson's "Kitchen Cabinet."
"Kitchen cabinet" was a name spor
tively given to Francis V. Blair, Amos
Kendall and others, by the opponents
of President Jackson's administration.
Blair was the editor of the Globe, the
organ of the president, and Kendall
was one of the principal contributors
to the paper. As it was necessary for
Jackson to consult frequently with the
i-wo. In order to avoid observation they
were accustomed, when they called
upon him, to go In by a back door.
The Whig party styled them In dert-
slon the "kitchen cabinet," alleging
I It was upon their recommendations
i that the President removed so many
I Whigs from office and put Democrats
in their place.
tvj, lya, by McClure, Newspaper Syndicate.)
"Wonder what's up now? Something
devilish, I bet four-penee-ha' -penny,"
Elizabeth muttered, shaking her list
after the car whirling past at top
speed. The pair on the front seat were
singing loudly a soug unlit for decent
hearing. Essex Toby and Buel Crane,
the singers, had a natural atlinity for
filth. Therefore, Elizabeth hated them
soundly. She had perforce to see and
hear them daily unless she chose to
face starvation. Jobs were never plen
tiful in Underbill and this special
winter, with all manner of work at
6lack tide, there was not one to be
She had no resources of money or
vital force. There was still ten dol
lars to pay upon her mother's funeral
expenses. Once free of debt she did
not let herself think further, but strode
determinedly toward the tiny cottage,
the only shelter she remembered.
Her mother, silent and dour, had yet
worn the look of being crushed. She
hud almost never told her daughter
anything of the past. One Sunday
when they had walked a far way and
sat down amid grassy fields she had
said reflectively, "I hate grass It took
my husband from me. lie was mad
about it so mad lie went away and
never came back."
"Didn't he tell you why?" Elizabeth
had asked breathlessly.
Her mother had laughed, a hard
laugh, saying through shut teeth : "To
make a lady of you. He left me the
job of seeing you didn't starve. Don't
thank me for doing it. Better, a lot
better, for both of us if I had gone
under the third time when I tried the
There had been nothing else. Only
Elizabetli had found a faded envelope,
bearing a law firm's stamp and ad
dressed boldly, "Phillip Surtees, Esq."
It had lain Hat at the very bottom of
her mother's battered trunk, which
had yielded no other clew to what lay
She had called herself Mowry at the
big steel mills, where she was among
the obscurest and lowest paid of
typists. She had worked well, but list
lessly, as though aiming only to get
through the day.
When Elizabeth at twelve had taken
her place through a brief illness she
had begun to climb the ladder of mo
notonous toil. She had climbed surely
at eighteen, when her mother had
died suddenly, she had made her place
secure, earning twice what the elder
woman had ever done.
But there had been rent to pay,
trifling to be sure. Her mother had
lived rent free, because, the daughter
was given to understand, she had been
specially commended to Mr. Toby's
kindness by a charitable friend.
Elizabeth was not even handsome,
yet had somehow a look of race that
marked her worthy of young Toby's
consideration. Grandson and heir ulti
mate, he of course bulked big in all
mill concerns, double as much as his
chum, who represented the Crane in
terests in the firm.
Both had tried out Elizabeth after
the manner of such gilded youth and
been met with uncomprehension so
blank it had baffled and angered them.
It was late April still a glimmer of
daylight sluawed when she opened her
door and stooped to lift a letter from
the floor It had been thrust in since
she left that morning.
As she stood turning It In her hand
a horn honked shrilly; there was the
grinding sound of brakes, a babble of
high-pitched voices then three young
fellows came upon her in a rush,
crying shrilly: "Caught you at last!
Come on now be a good fellow for
once ! The lot or us are going down
the river to the dandiest roadhouse
with. a floor like glass and oh, the
dandiest things to eat. We want you,
anyway but fact Is we're a girl
shy one went back on the other fel
lows and they haven't our nerve so
didn't try kidnaping."
"Think you can put It over?" Eliza
beth asked coolly, though In deed she
was cold with fear.
All three had been drinking even
without it they were reckless enough
for anything. They caught her arms,
her bunds she was half dragged, half
lifted into the car, which set off at
once so madly It rocked from side to
side of a smooth asphalt road.
Toby was at the wheel with a fourth
man beside him. Elizabeth sat be
tween Crane and the unknown third.
She did not struggle, did not speak
her shrinking from contact with
them sufficiently spoke her loathing.
Except fon the shrinking, she was
barely conscious of them.
Her mind, her soul, revolved about
the letter clutched so tight It was
crushed out of sight. Somehow she
sensed It meant salvation for her, else,
everlasting damnation. She knew what
bad brought It her own letter to the
law firm, asking Information aa to
Phillip Surtees. Written two months
back, this tardy reply seemed to prom
ise something what she could not
As the car halted in the roadhouse
lights she turned upon Kuel Crane,
saying clearly: "I put you on honor,
supposing vou have such a thing to
see that I am taken home, unharmed."
"We're open to bribery. What's of
fered?" Crane flung at her. She
looked at him level-eyed, answering:
"The pleasure of my company
dancing, flirting or playing at flirta
tion. You smile? Think I don't know-
It? Let me show you. Also on my
word of honor, 1 will not try to escape
nor make trouble over this outrage,"
a smile disarming her last word.
"Hurrah! Good spurt, Elizabeth 1
Knew you just needed a bit of waking
up to be a bit of all right," Kuel cried,
his voice cracking in his excitement
"I am going to the dressing room to
prettify," she said. "All who like
stand guard outside I shan't vanish,
whatever else I may do."
She stood in a locked bathroom,
reading the letter it bewildered her
beyond conscious planning. Phillip
Surtees, by his attorneys, was telling
her that he would go anywhere, do
anything to find Elizabeth Mowry, for
whom lie had been hopelessly search
ing years and years. She glanced at
the letterhead a phone number was
Cautiously she crept to the Instru
ment, shut the door of its cell behind
her and said guardedly but clearly to
the person answering: "Tell Phillip
Surtees and Attorney Norn to come
with all speed to the Green Hedge, a
roadhouse outside Milltown. Eliza
beth Mowry is there, prisoner, and in
danger of worse than death."
"Xorn speaking, we'll be there,"
came back. She stood trembling so
violently the receiver fell from her
hand. But after a bit she took hold
on herself and went calmly to meet
her captors. She knew she was safe
until after midnight; Whatever danger
loomed was most Imminent upon the
homeward way.
She had not faith in any of the
young roughs; to revenge themselves
for fancied slights they would stop at
nothing. Yet she danced with them
each In turn, laughed at their drunken
witticisms, ate heartily of some few
things, but drank nothing, not even
water. Her head must be clear for
what lay ahead.
The place was crowded and riotous
beyond words before the cloc k struck
twelve. A big, booming clock, its
chimes like- n requiem. Elizabeth
shheied at the sound ot them. Would
help come too late?
The revel gave no sign of slacking,
but Toby and Crane began to be
glassy eyed and yawning. She danced
deliriously with any partner that of
fered. Anything to gain another inch
of time. Then came a peculiar sing
ing whirr the shout of greeting was
In the confusion Elizabeth managed
to slip away, but not too far to see a
tall, wasted man, with a bright-faced
younger one at his elbow, burst through
the rowdy throng, with a file of police
at their heels.
Then she fainted small blame to
her. The tall man cried aloud : "I
want Elizabeth Mowry, my daughter
If harm has come to her all you
who brought her here shall swing for
It !" Then Attorney Norn spied her
prone half way up the stair; he lifted
her tenderly and said to the infuriate
father: "Come away, sir. She has
only fainted. We must get her away
without scandal."
"What's that to you, you plnwhopl?"
Essex Toby blustered. Norn gave him
a look and said over his shoulder:
"Only this she is going to be my
Mrs. E. L. Henson
Expedition of the National Geographic
Society May Solve Problems That
Have Puzzled Scientists.
An expedition of the National Geo
graphic society will explore southwest
ern China for early American history
clues, says a Washington dispatch
from the society's headquarters. Grains
of corn garnered along the Thibet
Burma frontier of China may be the
botanical Kosetta Stone of the earli
est traces of America yet recorded.
Just ns a piece of blac k basalt un
locked the annals of hidden Egyptian
centuries, SO the corn kernels sought
by this expedition may reveal clues
of 100 per cent Americans before
Columbus caine or even before deni
zens of Chaco Canyon's giant com
munal apartment houses mysteriously
Indian corn, or maize. Is of undoubt
ed American origin, hut Chinese rec
ords show corn grown In China before
Columbus' time, tfarco Polo did not
mention It, but then he also overlooked
tea. Chinese records show that long
before 1492 tribute corn was ns accept
able as the latter-day tribute silk. One
tribute list contains the entry: " f
wheat called Mays, twentle millions
two hundred and li f tie thousand
banegH," which was ubout 80,000,000
The clue which the National Geo
graphic society's expedition will work
upon Is the waxy endosperm. The tis
sue inside American field corn contains
starch, that of sweet corn, sugar. In
a few places of China, Western Yun
nan among them, this tissue Is found
to be waxy. By noting the localities
where It appears the investigators may
be able to tell how It entered China.
The corn quest Is but one of the
missions of the exiredltion Into little
known Yunnan. Scientists will study
the bark of the chestnut tree and ob
serve the flora of one of the choicest
Mower garden spots In the world.
The study of Chinese cofB may ex
tend the acreage of the I'nlted States
c onsiderably. For the waxy maize has
characteristics which seem to adapt It
for regions where droughts occur.
Salt Fi6h at Famous Retort.
Rube Art) I'd like to go to Atlantic
City again, so's to have all the fish I
wanted to eat.
Timothy Hay What sort of fish do
tbey give ye down there?
Kube Art) Well, I had some of the
best salt mackerel, codfish cakes and
canned salmon 1 ever et. Pathfinder
Grants Pass. A rich gold vein has
been encountered in the Harry Sisk
ron mine near Holland. The vein,
while only five inches in width, is
quite extensive and carries gold
values up to ?300 a toi.
Salem. Plans for the special enter
tainment to be provided for the high
scoring boys and girls at this year's
state lair under the auspices of Ore
gon bankers, have been completed by
Mrs. Mollie Brunk, local newspaper
Salem. Ward Irvine, privato secre
tary to Governor Pierce, has left for
Pendleton where he will attend the
annual roundup. While in eastern
Oregon, he will visit a number of
other cities ill connection with his of
ficial duties.
Mill City. The Hammond Lumber
company is accumulating its winter
supply of logs, now having approxi
mately 3,000,000 feet stored at the log
pond. These logs will be used when
the snow becomes too deep for log
ging operations.
Eugene. A campaign against the
proposed amendment to the charter
of Eugene which would permit the
showing of Sunday moving pictures
here was started Sunday at the First
Christian church when the pastor, Dr.
E. V. Stivers, spoke upon the sub
ject. Corvallis. A copper washboiler still
simmering merrily over a. kitchen
stovo, a jar of corn mash and another
jar partly full of corn whisky, brought
a tine of 5500 and a jail sentence of
no days fur W. J. Koberts, : home
steader living between Alsea and
Garibaldi. The demand for lumber
from California and the mlddlo west
has increased to such proportions that
the Whitney company has decided to
operate another shift. The extra shift
will be in operation next week and
the company is busy assembling men
to make up the crew.
Salem. it will require approximate
ly 500 additional pickers to handle! tho
hop and prune harvest? in Marion
county, according to reports of grow
ers received in Salem Sat urday. Un
less these pickers are obtained at
once there is danger that a part of
the crop will be lost.
Klamath Falls. Tho value of SGO
cans of milk will be donated to near
east sufferers ns a result of a relief
milk show, thought to bo I he first in
Oregon, which was held at a local
theater Saturday. A special children's
performance was tho attraction, with
the admission charge one can of milk,
Eugene. Tho John Soavey nnd J.
W. Seavey hop crops In tills county
are arriving at Mayor HI. H. Park's
new concrete warehouse, on Pearl
street, both having been purchased by
A. M. Lawson of Portland, who was
here Saturday in company with A. G.
Holden, formerly of this city, who is
one of his buyers.
Salem. Governor Pierce announced
the appointment of Carl Wimherly of
Roseburg as district attorney of
Douglas county lo succeed George
Neuner, who has resigned, Mr. wim-
berley Is a democrat and has lived in
Douglas county all his life. He Is at
present city attorney of Roseburg, and
Is a veteran of the world war.
Mill City. -An airplane owned by
William Bodlker and which has been
taking passengers for flights from Fox
valley lor the last six weeks, was de
molished Friday night when the plane
crashed to the ground through a thick
grove of trees near Lyons. Mr. Bod
iker and his pilot were in tho ma
chine. Neither was seriously in-
Salem. There were a total of 701
Industrial accidents in Oregon during
the week ending .September 13, ac
cording to a report prepared here; by
members of the state industrial ac
cident commission. Two of the ac
cidents were fatal. They were C. W.
Richardson, watchman, Oregon City,
and Herman Schleif, ditch walker,
Hood River.
Salem. -The Auto Freight Terminal
company, with headquarters in Port
land and capital stoc k of SflO.OQO, has
been Incorporated by George v.
Bishop, P. K. Wilkinson and William
Jossy. Tho Electric corporation, with
Capital stock of $25,000 and headquar
tern In Portland hau been incorpora
ted by Rosa Hartley, K. A. Clark and
M. M. Matthlessen.
Marshfleld. Thirty five bushels of
wheat an acre was tho production re
ported this year by J. R. Stoblo of
Camas valley, whose granary has 3000
bushels of prime quality. Kudi a crep
would not be of special Interest in
eastern Oregon or in the Willamette
Valley, but In this section of Oregon
it attracted considerable attention, for
wheat Is not a common or regular
crop with farmers In this territory.
Mr. Stoble Is marketing bis wheat In
Coos county, hauling It over the new
highway by trucks.
tr.-M i imrn
The Appealing Charm of Health!
Portland, Orcg. "I can speak in
terms of highest praise of all of
Dr. Pierce's remedies, especially the
'Favorite Prescription' for woman's
ailments and as a tonic and nervine,
and the Pleasant Pellets for stomach
and liver ills. While bringing up
my family, whenever I have been
in a run-down weakened or nervous
condition, I have always been
Strengthened and helped by the use
of the 'Favorite Prescription', And
in later years when my stomach
has become disordered, and my food
seems to disagree With me, then Dr.
Pierce's Pellets give mo immediate
relief." Mrs, E. L. Henson, 708 E.
6th St., North.
Start at once with the "Prescript
tlon" and see how quickly you pick
up fed stronger and better. Write
Dr. Pierce, President Invalids' Hotel
in Buffalo. N. Y., for free advice, or
send lt)c for trial pkg. tablets.
Stevenson's View of Life.
Any one can carry his burden, how
ever heavy, till nightfall. Any ono can
do his work, however hard, for ono
day. Any ono can live sweetly, pa
tiently, lovingly, purely, till tho tun
goes down. And that is all that Ufa
ever really means. Robert Louis
Duty to Read Newspaper.
Tho newspaper is ono of tho foro
most wonders of tho modern world.
The family that does not take, and
carefully read, at least one newspaper.
is not living in tho Nineteenth century.-
J. A. Broad ua,
Such Is Man.
When he is born, his mother gets
the attention; at his marriage, tho
bride gets it; at his funeral the widow
get! it. -From the Associated Editors.
The Pie-Eating City.
The! greatest pio-eating city of Ibis
country has been claimed by Eos An
geles, Cal.i with a consumption of 40,
oiio pies per day.
Unsinkable Craft.
Three logs lashed together flush
with the surface! form the famous cat
amaran used off the) coast of India.
Tho crnft Is unsinkable!, and Its navi
gators brave surf and storm on It.
Intention Must Be There.
No one" can ask honestly or hopeful
ly to be delivered from temptation un
less lie- Mas himself honestly and firm
ly determined to do the best ho can to
keep out of it. Ruskln.
When Brains Are Really Necessary.
It Is true, Chlorlada, that no brains
aree required to inherit money, but a
good supply Is necessary to keep It.
New Orleans Stales.
Stray Bit of Wisdom.
A lie! can hi! turned inside- out and
so decked in new plumage that none)
will re cognize Its loan old carcass.
Take ii home to
the kids.
Have a packet in
your pocket for an
ever-,eady treat.
. delicious confei
k tion and an aid to
m the tcclh, appetite.
Scaled in its
Purity Package
is nerded in every department ! Iiouae
keeping. Krunlly good tot towelt.tuMv
Unen. sheeta and pillow caaca. Urocert
Are You Satisfied? K,Tw,T;r
IS the, tilKlfi-Ht, ni'.Ht perfectly Mlllppi-eJ
HiihIim- '1 rceliiliiK H. In ttin North-wt-Ht.
Kit yuursi-if feir a hlK'iT potation
with more innnfy roriniiiieiit positions
HHMurwl our e irriehiate-s.
Writs for catalog rOUTtS anu IltrohU
Port la net
P. N. U.
No. 38, 1923