The Boardman mirror. (Boardman, Or.) 1921-1925, September 14, 1923, Image 3

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    pni?TI AWn offers a market
& Va Jl JUmil FOR YOUR PROni 1PF
Portland, Oregon
Complete Change Saturday. Adults, Week
day Matinee, 20c; Evenings, 89c. Continu
ous 1 to 11 p. tn. Children 10 cents all times.
Shipherd's Mineral Springs
IAIi;9LD BAIN. Manager Carson, Washington
An Ideal Winter Resort, Special Winter Rates.
Rou,t.e8Tb' p- & s- Local I Portland to Oar
son V ash. By Auto to Cascade Locks via Co
lumbia Highway. By Auto via the North Bank
Highway. Hotel American Plan, Modern Hotel
Accommodations. Baths Hot Mineral Baths: Cure
5 I'neumatism, Liver, Kidney and Stomach
troubles; Skin Diseases. Hunting and Fishing.
Hot and Cold Water and Phone In Every Boom, Comfortable Accommodation at Moderate Prices
European Plan HOTEL MORRIS Free Garage
mil. aru MRS. H. M. BRANSON, Proprietors.
Trath and Stark Portland, Oregon
Phone Broadway 1270.
If taken in time, prevent operations for Diabetes, Catarrh, Asthma,
Luiik. Throat, Liver. Kidney, Rheumatism. Blood. Stomach and all
female disorders. Bladder Troubles.
I he C. Gee Wo Remedies are harmless, as no drugs or poison are used.
Composed of the. choisest medicinal roots, herbs, buds and bark, im
ported by us from far away oriental countries.
Call or Write for Information
C. Gee Wo Chinese Medicine Company
New Location 262V'a Alder St., S. W. Cor. Third, Portland, Oregon
Established 23 Years in Portland.
A Good Job With Steady Work
Paper making offers a good opportunity to
strong, intelligent, sober men between tbe ages of
21 and 50 sure pay and steady work.
Meals 35c each. Plenty to eat and excellent
cooking. Company hotel.
Supply beds 25c, 30c and 40c. '
Free hot and cold baths tubs and showers.
Worthy, faithful employees have good chance
for advancement.
Positions given free on application you pay
no fe-i. for your job. Employment Office at Camas,
Washington and 209 Commonwealth Bldg., Port
land, Oregon.
Crown Willamette Paper Co.
Grand Avenue at Yamhill
Dyeing & Cleaning
"At Your Beck and Call"
Cascara Bark
We are one of the largest buyeri of
Cascara Hark in the world.
Portland Hide & Wool Co.
llraneh at Poeatello, Idaho
Write fur Prices and Shipping Tairs.
Patent Attorney1
Protect that Idia wilh a United State.
Patent. Others have made fortunes out of
Patents. Why not you f Thomas Bilyeu, 202
Stevens Bldg., Tortland, Ors.
g... ...... ....... ............
The Fairchild
Cut, seam, hem and machina qk jtanfa
pleat skirts ready for band. 0 Cen
Hemstitching, picoting and tucking.
85 H Fifth St. .Portland, Or.
Sanitary Beauty Parlors We fix you op,
we make all kinds of Hair Goods of your
combings. Join our School of Beauty Culture.
400 to 414 Dekum Bldg., Pnon Broadway
6802, Portland, Oregon.
Northwest Welding & Supply Co.. 88 lit St.
Clarke Bros.. Florists, 287 Morrison St.
Teaches trade in 8 weeks. Some pay
while learning. Positions secured. Writ
for catalogue. 234 Burnslda street, Port
land, Oregon.
My FREE illustrated book de
scribes the causes, symptoms
and Injurious effects of Piles;
also the non -surgical methods which
enable me to guarantee a speedy and
permanent cure.
Commercial Iron Wurks, 7th htk! MndUorL
Featherweight Arch Supports made to
order. J. E. Tryzelaar, 618 Plttock Block,
Portland, Ore.
Marry if Lonely; most successful "Home
Maker"; hundreds rich; confidential; reli.
able; years experience; descriptions free,
"The Successful Club." Mrs. Nash, Box 658,
Oakland, California.
Wedding Bouquets and Funeral Plecei
Lubliner Florists, 348 Morrison St.
Expert fitting: at lowest prices. Glasses
In all styles. Lenses duplicated from
broken pieces. Mall In your broken
glasses. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Dr.
A. E. Hurwltz, 223 First St., Portland.
Osteopathic Physician.
Electronic Method of ABRAMS
Phone Main 2963.
393Va Yamhill at Tenth.
Portland, Ore
To Try to Scale Roof of Continent in Plane
Anchorage, Alaska. Mount McKIn
ley, tin.1 highest elevutlon on the North
American continent, will he scaled for
perhaps the first time soon, if the at
tempt of Carl E, Kffelson, former army
aviator, and C. ,T. Uncles, Anchorage
newspaper man. to land in an alrplune
on the frozen plateau at Its summit
proves successful.
The start of the trip will he made
at McKlnley station, at the ent'unce
to the park, where there is a natural
landing Held. Other landing places are
also being located In various sections
of the park.
Entering tbe park, they will spiral to
an altitude of perhaps ".o.OOO feet, re
connolter over the plateau, several
miles square at the summit, and, If
the Ice permits, usually make a land
ing on the "roof of the continent,"
'JU.oOO fee. above the. set.
"Filling Stations" Are an Institution
on the University of Chicago
AVhat do you do when your fountain
pen runs dry at the most inconvenient
possible moment as It always does?
If you are a student at the University
of Chicago, you patronize the nearest
filling station; the campus Is sullied
with these quite as freely as the Lin
coln highway with tilling stations for
the tourist. A penny In the slot ope
rates the machine, and enables the
owner of the most voracious pen to ap
pease the thirst of his Instrument.
The machine works with self-filling
pens ami with the old style that fills
from a dropper provided the user has
his own dropper. The dropping of a
coin and the turning of the handle re
leases the Ink from the reservoir, and
the fluid flows Into the right hand
well, whence It can be sucked up by
the iien'ltself of by the dropper. A slot
In the upper left hand corner of the
outfit contains a wtper with which any
damage done by spilling or slopping
may be repaired. If one drink turns
out not enough, a second penny will, of
course, turn the trick. Scientific
Worries of Mr. Toodles.
Movies were very real to tender
hearted Mrs. Toodles. She always
wept freely through the sad scenes
and considered that her favorite ac
tress was nothing short of an angel
with a baby stare. So when she came
home looking grave Mr. Toodles knew
that something serious had hnppened.
"What's wrong, my dear?" asked
"I don't like this. My favorite hero
ine is playing a vamp." she replied.
"You mustn't let that worry you. It
Is only pretense. You know that."
"Maybe so. But where did she learn
to smoke cigarettes!"
Big Fees for Trucks.
License fees up to $250 a year are
now imposed on motor trucks which
carry enormous loads over the costly
modern highways In Indiana. A new
law limits the total weight for truck
and load to 12 tons in that state.
Showing Up "Boaredrs."
By showing farmers the "boarder"
cows that should be gotten rid of and
encouraging the feeding of balanced
rations, testing associations are prov
ing important factors in building up
tb dairy herd.
n .3
t(c) by McCiure Newspaper Syndicate.)
"Miss Monroe I say, Miss Monroe I"
George Fairchild was impatient as he
stood at the threshold of his office
about to depart for a luncheon at a
business men's club.
"H'ni?" absently h'med Miss Mon
roe, looking up from a folder that was
apparently more absorbing than her
employer at the moment.
"My, that must be interesting,"
Cleorgo Fairchild said a little testily.
"Listen, please, to what I have to
say, and don't forget. I don't expect
to be back until three or four. In the
meantime some boys will come over
from the Boys' club. They are fitting
up their new headquarters and they've
made an appeal for old furniture and
pictures and things. No one will be
home at the house my aunt is still
at the shore and It's Hannah's day
"I went over tilings last night in my
rooms and I put some things In the
hall between the bedroom and my
study. They are things that are pretty
battered and I'll never want them
again. Glad to get rid of them, In
"In the other hall, from the study
to the main corridor, there are some
things to go to the repair man. Here's
the key to the house, and if the repair
man rings up and says lie wants the
things, lock up here and go over and
show him what to take and when the
boys come with a truck take them
along and show them their things.
That's perfectly clear, isn't it, Miss
"Um-hum," said Miss Monroe with
lagging attention as she took the keys
offered by her employer.
"What's got Into you?" asked
George. "Ever since I've been run
ning for mayor you've seemed so alb
sent-mlnded Just when I need your
help and sympathy most." There
seemed to be something of boyish dis
appointment in this complaint not
quite in part with Mr. Fairchild's re
lations as employer. But If Laura
Monroe noticed it she did not show it
"Maybe it's the weather," offered
"You're sure you understand and
you won't forget the keys?"
"I understand all right," was Laura's
rejoinder, and as George Fairchild
closed the door she delved even deeper
Into the map that unfolded from
blue leather cover.
The map that proved so absorbin
showed the various electoral divisions
and ward boundaries of the city, with
the voting population of each section
numbered In by hand. Laura had
borrowed It from a lawyer friend of
Mr. Fairchild, who supposed it was
George who had asked for It.
And now Laura was doing what
Fairchild had avoided doing all along
going over the ground of the city
step by step figuring out to a nicety
the votes that would be cast in each
district for her employer.
She laid hands on paper and pencil
beside her desk, drew a rough little
diagram, Jotting down some figures
did some lightning calculation In her
active young brain, and then sat mus
ing with the map open in iter lap. She
was not entirely optimistic.
Then the door opened and two
young boys of sixteen or so shambled
in, awkwardly dolling caps and edging
to the wall before speaking.
"Mr. Fairchild said he had some
thing for us," they said.
"We're out with a truck should we
go over to his house to get them?"
Laura explained that she would go
with them.
"You don't want to to sit in the
truck with us, do you?" grinned one
of the boys. "It's Just an old truck
you know without any seats. Us boys
are Just sitting on the bottom."
"Of course I wunt to go with you,"
said Laura with a smile. "You
wouldn't want me to walk, would you?
And If I start to slip out, I guess you
boys can manage to hold me In?"
"Sure thing." "You hot," from the
two boys.
"Mr. Fairchild is so Interested in
your club," Laura fibbed on the trip
to the old Fairchild homestead on the
outskirts of the city. "He was telling
me about your plans wants to come
around and visit you some night.
After he's mayor maybe you'll want
to have him come and make i speech."
"He'll never be mayor," was the vc
dlct of the youngest boy, looking very
wise. "He's all right but he Isn t
pulling any votes In the Sixth ward or
In the Third. Us fellows knows. I'm
sorry, if he's your boss, but, honeM,
Isn't he stuck up? Now, he wouldn't
a done a thing like this I mean rid
ing over in this truck with us."
"It's Just exactly what ho would
have done," lied Laura. "Why, he's
the most un-stuck-up person I know -and
you can Just tell those men up
In the Sixth and Third wards that 1
said so. I guess the poor girl that bai
to work for him must know as well
as any one."
Laura deftly used the keys at tbe
Falrcluid door and led the gang of
four boys they would need all hand
to move the things up the wide old
stairs. She made a quick Inspection
of the collection of furniture In tbe
two passageways.
"If there's anything In that bunch
there that you want," she said, point
ing to the group that Mr. Fairchild
had picked out for his donation, "you
can have it, but it's mostly rubbish.
But here are soma nice pieces tbis
library table and these easy chairs and
this big reading lamp and this lounge
and and, yes, he said to let you
take this set of Dickens, if you like
do you boys like Dickens?"
"Gosh, do we!" said one of the
boys. "Say, we'll eat that alive. Gee,
but this is swell furniture. Fairchild
Is some prince here, boys, let's give
three cheers for Fairchild, the future
mayor I"
And the lofty ceilings of the old
mansion resounded with the quavering
but lusty cheers from the young
Laura detained the boys after their
last trip upstairs.
"Come on into the pantry," she said.
Mr. Fairchild said there was a cake
or something. The cook's out. but he
had her leave It for you thought
maybe you'd be hungry."
Greatly to Laura's relief she found
a freshly made chocolate cake In the
pantry made, to be sure, for George
and some political cronies he expected
after dinner but Laura cut into it
bravely and then poured out four
glasses of milk from a quart she found
In the refrigerator.
"Gome on, let's sit down in the din
ing room and have a real spread," she
suggested and when they had as
sembled she lifted her glass of water
there wasn't milk enough to go gen
erously around and proposed a toast
to her employer: "The man who isn't
stuck up," and this refrain echoed
through the rooms of the old house.
Laura let the boys out of the house
and then remained only long enough to
wash the dishes and put the dining
room to rights. She had never 'been
inside the Fairchild house before and
she was tempted to make a little tour
of inspection, but she was also eager
to be back in the office.
She had Just time to tnke her place
at her desk and to settle back com
fortably In her chair when her em
ployer returned.
"The boys came," she said, "and,
goodness me, I think I may have made
a misl.ike. Did you say to give them
the things In the corridor between the
main hall and the library?"
"Great Scott, no!"
"Didn't you say something about
giving them that set of Dickens?"
"Lord, no those boys wouldn't have
any use for Dickens."
"The boys thnt I saw would and,
oh, Mr. Fairchild," said Laura with a
little tremble in her voice. "I nm so
ashamed of myself. I gave them the
wrong things. It was all my fault. l!ut
they were so appreciative and they
cave three cheers for Fairchild the
future mayor the man who isn't stuck
up. I'm sorry I'll pay for the furni
ture and Hbooks."
"Those boys come from the Sixth
and Third wards," snid Fairchild.
"They aren't cheering for me. Those
wards are going against me, sure
thing. That's why I didn't want to
waste any really good furniture on
that club house of theirs. Don't you
see, Miss Monroe?"
Laura let her pretty head hang.
Then a large tear trickled down one
cheek. George sprang to her side,
hesitated a moment, then laid a strong
arm on her shoulder.
"Miss Monroe, Laura whatever you
did Is all right. Oh, I can't keep It
from you any longer. I love you
that's what makes it so hard, your In
difference and your Inattention to
everything I say. If you cared for me
at all, you would be Interested, Luura,
are yon absent-minded because you're
thinking of some one else?"
Laura did not answer. She quickly
wiped the lears away and straightened
her shoulders.
"I'm sorry," she said. "But you
mustn't talk that way now not until
after the election. Meantime Just for
my sake, don't tell anyone it wus my
mistake about your donation to the
hovs. 1 liked them so much of
course, I don't understand politics, but
I know they are all your friends."
"They're not voters," .said Fairchild
"No, but their fathers are and more
than that their mothers are," said
Laura stoutly. Bat George only smiled
Then election came and Fairchild,
"Fairchild, Who was never stuck up,"
"Fairchild, the working boys' best
friend," was elected.
He had a phenomenal victory In the
Sixth and Third wards. No one of
his party had ever Dade a showing In
that section, and It was that fact, said
everyone, that swung the election
away from his Influential opponent.
The next day George and Laura met
as usual In the office. Both were very
tired, but they were not late.
"Yon know, I've been thinking,"
said George. "I've tieon wondering,
Laura, whether maybe after all you
aren't a better politician than L I
owe this whole victory to you and
now you've got to marry me before I
go Into office, to show me how to live
up to the fine reputation you've given
And Laura said she would.
Mrs. Eva Ferraer
Way It Goes.
"Hear you had In an efficiency ex
pert." "Yep."
"What does an efficiency expert dor
"Well, he comes In and looks your
establishment over. Then, for In
stance, If you have a lot of marbles
that won't move he tells you to bore
'em, string 'em and sell 'era for
beads." Louisville Courier-Journal.
Not So Shy.
"She was ao shy and diffident that I
hesitated to ask her for u kiss."
"Her reply startled me."
"And that was?"
"To tbe effect that I must make It
snappy, that her mother was snoop
ing around." Louisville Courier-Journal.
Salem. Fifty members of the Mod
ern Woodmen of America assembled
at the state fair grounds here Sun
day and practically completed the new
Woodmen home which has been under
construction the past few weeks.
Pendleton. An increase for Uma
tilla county for 1924 of $27,213.30 over
1923 is included iu the tentative bud
get adopted. The total cost is placed
at 1542,183.81. The general road fund
was increased to pay three special
road districts.
Hood River. County Judge Has-
brouck Saturday announced the ap
nointment of W. J. Kocken of Mel
rose, as county fruit inspector, to suc
ceed Ferris M. Green. The latter re
signed to accept a position on the
faculty of the Colorado Agricultural
Salem. The local branch of the Sal
vation Army Saturday raised by popu
lar donations approximately ifSO for
the relief of the Japanese sufferers.
An effort will be made by the army
to raise $300 during the campaign for
donations, which will ho continued
here this week.
Hood River. Professor L. F. Hen
derson, who on Thursday of last week
celebrated his 70th birthday, Satur
day swam across the Columbia river
from Rubers beach. Professor Hen
derson had planned to celebrate his
70th anniversary by the feat, but a
strong wind prevented the attempt,
Corvallis. Hogs entered at the
I. inn county fair by the college depart
ment of animal husbandry won a
..nil championship, three champion
ships, eight first prizes, and 10 sec
onds. Poland-Chinas, DurocJeraeys,
and Uerkshires were represented, a
Poland China sow winning tho grand
Pendleton. The cost of operating
the Pendleton schools during the com
ing fiscal year will be slightly lower
than they were this present year, ac
cording to a statement made Friday
following tho meeting of the budget
committee last night. The costs pro
vided for in the budget adopted by the
committee, total $131,500.
Salem. Thomas Tallon, X-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Tallon of
this city, was at lacked by a baud of
yellow jackets Friday and for a time
it was feared that tbe boy would die
as a' result of his injuries. Ho was
slung about the bead, arms and legs.
Physicians reported that tho boy was
asleep and probably would recover.
Salem. Local hankers, in a state
ment issued here Friday, lot it be
known that they stand ready to fi
nance thti prunegrowers of this sec
tion in harvesting their 1!)23 crop.
Tho statement wus forthcoming after
an attempt wus made by a non-resident
concern to contract for tho Wil
lamette valley prunes under terms not
satisfactory to the growers.
Oregon City. While employes were
engaged in pumping water out of a
scow near the ('rciwn-Willa'iette mills
a fish, measuring uhouf 4 feet in
length Jumped out f the water and
onto the scow. It was killed wilh a
club by K. Daugherty, night, watch
man, who believes the fish is a shark,
and that it was attracted by the light
which was being used on the scow.
Salem. - A total of 4501 loans have
been authorized by tho world war vet
erans' state ftld commission under the
so-called soldiers' bonus anil loan act,
according to a report prepared bare
Friday and filed with the governor.
These loani amounted to $11,241,350.
Repayments aggregated $325,033.07,
including interest in tho amount of
1170,014.47 and principal, totaling
Kalnier. Tho water shortage has
become acute in Rainier, Patrons liv
ing On the hills are left without Water
a greater portion of the day. The
water commission bus Issued an order
prohibiting tho uso of wuter for
sprinkling purposes, under penalty of
prosecution, The City reserve reser
voir has not been used yet, the com
mission deferring such action until ab
solutely necessary.
Salem. As a result of the flax har
vest, which Is now at. Its peak, anil
general fanning operations, there Is
a labor shortage at the Oregon slate
penitentiary, Johnson Smith, warden
of the institution, announces, Prac
tically every convict. In the prison,
With tint exception Of those serving
terms for grave offenses ure working
in the fields. "We could use ut least
50 more men if we had them," said
Warden Smith.
Pendleton. During the summer
season there have been 41) fires on
the Umatilla national forest, accord
ing to reports received In tho office
of the forest service here. The fires
have all been small and the actual
damage done was only $11.40, it was
estimated. Ten of the fires were
caused by men, and three persons
have been convicted as a result of
their responsibility for starting the
fireH. Other cases nro pending.
Oregon is Famous Foil
Its Beautiful Women
Salem, Orcg. "Last year I be
came in an extremely run-down con
dition, my appetite failed me and
I became very nervous. A friend
advised me to try Dr. Pierce's Gold
en Medical Discovery as a tonic
and I was very thankful to her for
her good advice. One bottle of it
made me feel like a new person; it
strengthened and built me up into
a perfect state of health, my appetite
returned and all nervousness dis
appeared. I have no hesitancy i.i
saying that Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery is the very best
tonic I have ever taken and I am
glad to have my testimonial nub
E'hid if it will be i f bcnoii to others
who have become run-down and
weak." Mrs. Eva Ferraer, -l-4
Water St.
Obtain the Discovery in tablets
or liquid from your druggist or send
10c for trial pkg. to Dr. Pierce's In
valids' Hotel. JJuiTulo, N, Y.
Denominational Privilege.
"We were out in the park ono day,
my little girl and I," writes Mrs. I!.,
"when wo came to a path with a sign
over it. Glancing up at tho sign my
little girl said: "Oh, mamma, wo can't
go down there - it says, "For Pres
byterians only. Boston Transcript.
Formation of Mercury.
Mercury occurs native in tho me
tallic form, hut by far Hit! larger part
of it is obtained by distilling the na
tive sulphide, cinnabar, in a current of
air so regulated as to burn the sul
phur of (he sulphide while leaving the
mercury in the metallic state.
Oldest Trade Union.
Tho oldest, unions in tho world nro
the trade guilds of Constantinople,
centuries old. All workers, no matter
how humble their positions vendors,
porters, barbers and postmen belong
to a guild.
Essential to Progress.
Progress which will march if wo
hold an abiding faith iu the Intelli
gence, the Initiative, the character,
the courage, and lite divine touch of
the Individual. Herbert Hoover.
A World Need.
What t his poor old world patiently
awaits is an alarm clock that will ring
when It's time for us to go to bed
and keep up the chiller until wo do.
Cincinnati Umiuiror.
Superiority Brings Earnings.
You have lo earn what you gel. Anil
to earn more than tho ordinary man
you must study ami plan and scheme
and work and sweat and plod more
than he does. -A. ('. (iilhert.
New Salmon Packing Method.
A new melhod of packing salmon
for tho foreign trade, which consists
in chilling the fish without actually
freezing them, has been Introduced by
the fish packers in Labrador,
Every Meal
Have a packet in your
pocket tor ever-ready
Aids digestion.
Allays thirst.
Soothes the threat.
For Quality, Flavor and
the Scaled Package,
used lor baby's clothes, will keep them
wM and snowy-white until worn out.
Try Usnd se. for yourself. Atiratrt
Are You Satisfied?
Is the biggest, most perfectly sulpp.d
KiiHlrieiM TralhlriK Hchoul In th North
west. Kit yourself tor 11 hlicher position
with more money. I'ermnnent positions
assured our UrndUBtes.
Write for catulog ouilu ut.u 1..111I.I
P. N. U.
No. 37, 1923