The Boardman mirror. (Boardman, Or.) 1921-1925, February 16, 1923, Image 3

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125 New Dresses
This you'll say is the most astonishing price cut
ting sale you've ever had an opportunity to take
part in. It's not just a few dresses but several
racks loaded down with right smart snappy dress
es, in the satin or silk and woolen materials. The
same styles, the same shades you will see in new
spring dresses only of course at about hall"
the former selling prices. IF YOU WANT A REAL
Ladies' Dresses Ladies' Dresses
3oo Beautiful Gar
ments to select f rem
Economies that
and misses' Coats,
to $30 at
to $40 at
Ladies' Dre5;ses
to $85 at
Ladies Dvessis
to $50 at
To $40 Suits $21.67
A beautiful suit for almost a song. Beauties all
of them. Slim and straight the lines and long the
skirts, emphasizing the most cherished style, de
tails sponsored by famous designers for year round
wear. Gabardines, Poiret Twill, Imported Velours
French and Mannish Serges and the lai
will find sizes to 44. This week to v40 Suits at .il"
ill by their timliness in lidies'
'.ts ard Drosses. This you will
find the Read -to-Wear Sale of all times. Think of
it, hundreds of beautiful garments placed on sale at
far below the actual wholesale price. All former
sale prices again take drastic reductions. We are
determined to sell every garment during th? nexl
four days, and when you see the garments we know
most every woman will bin' ore or more. Remember
sale starts at these prices Wednesday morning.
Value's to $83
AW sizes, Styles and shad s
Take your choice for
$29.89 .
95 Winter Coats
WAIT! Because if you don't I promise you you'll
Surely regret it, because you've read of sales and
nri :es but never have you seen tne iincst collection
of Women's Co
a crime on tne part 0J
or is going to need a
bast come in ard see
Remember oir entire
to $30 Et
1 it of Coats
ly so low it is almost
nan who need s a coat
t season to fail to at
1 1 . ale means to her.
triced at tliese prices:
Ladies' ( ' its
to'$5$ at
1? J JP .M J
cif wood browns, copper tones,
!n lovelv shad
Persian blues, etc, The model? with the Balkan
blouses the hmg coat d suits the very new stvles
with side closirg all go to make the most attractive
t j 11 any s ' SOliS, In this large lot of suits that
mid to $50 you'll frd tvp'cally smart models, at a
saving of nearly half on every garment.
To $20 Dresses
Never have wse offered a better r newer sto I; l Dress s
in s?i. Vmi will liml your size here dn Taffetas, Crepe d
Chines, alins, Poiret Twills, Seines, etc., in all the
newer and most desired shades. In a variety of the lat
est winter stiles ami at only
11 1 QC I "W' Ha enien! WHKRK IT I'.WS TO I'ltADi: I'nre Pftod OPOWJ H
(j)lliJU I laving t People Tlvuv : mis of Doll-u-s Every DayB
. . , i MM WWnw tgWMWWB-
o explain how hel 'vhind stevrinu wheels. I frorja his eompoeitlon, "la ':
ened to mistake the oar for his. works' all one word r '" Hl"'n
hut as all i'ords look ullWo in tin. "Wish Roma on;' wo.ild Invent an I it .'i;h a hydrant?"
IdSifh it was hut natural ttUM Mr. nlrtll ejo Bfeal K'OUld v.a', n VSi -
Hj.:ii.,iack should jiMiip into the i In :o) -.-I I . 1,1
r mmj
, fop- cf;' of the mi tutlle things on i.n: Mauirtls, At ton' Ion.
: nv i ' ' Fortl ' i 1 1 t -, ' You ;t uiu a DariOl
I i bellevlns vou are loollni; others. ' no matter what beautiful selections
mi Ir.i 8!
ro $20 Coats
( ulte a lei. of lie s fonts a iv Nwfclfl t'oa's that are
(ll liee i i (jineity and Style as v !ml you will pay (he lull
i or more I r In in-t a foW iltwl weeks, All !. are
pill ie Oils fttOtip and ever) eaioiiail (o M in the Sflfrfl
RIM'H tills vvf'lt ill only
irtrtr-! iiru ft of White Owli
nuuiM wnuui
O. W. L.
(On With Laughter)
; I it; 1 1" TBKKW lH':
lomeone has said there is no usi
niing a girl "Queenie" and then
l,ou:m Mxnrds, Attention.
Vou put a piir In a parlor an
no matter what heaittitul s ler:t ion-'
are played for hitu on the piano, lr
will he Interested in nothing hut
urir i.m. ....i wr expectrni her to help with the noi
One of the first to ma -e t e on , Michigan jury has at least con-:
Owl club is Lafe Ila.nmack. real , & q ,n
estate dealer of Htanfiefd, mis j detrie hut it was her fathi r-
eligibility beine estahlishei the other I .
niiit. Fred Thorne came to town j '
and parked his car in front of the
Fraternal buildinK and started on i Mmtn IV" On the Hip.
some errands. When he came back (Indianapolis Star.
his car was gone and no one knew j Terra Hau.e. Ind. - illtam :
who had taken it. City Marshal I Krnest was shot four times in the
Lane was summoned and with a soft drink parlor. He is I., a critical
flashlight he and Fred started to j condition at a local hospital,
track the Ford - and where do you
.hmt ,hv found it? Over at Lafe t There are some idiots behind tall
Hammack'-s. It cost Lafe a 1 box . iron fences and a good many moi
as lli;rlrt First Time.
do- "This paixtr saysi'
girls don't approve of j
ude ( witli a reliev d j
N'o'hlng. onl;
line I hat wai
ihoosunil of Nisi Year's I'limling
Hiut flight Have lleen Saved
Were Win d out.
ands of voting fruit trees, i
tited lasl spring, were killed dur
the summer by ttaek of bor-1
says' A L. Lo'vett, ctii i" rnto
'lnKy ftt Oregon er.p'-;iient 916
ti. This large loss was atuMnkM'1
:ipite of tha fact that borers may
tssfully attack any un'hrifty,
rly fro wind trees. The excessive
mlh conditions of la: t sitmmf.r.
sed a severe drain on Ithe vilal
of thf trees, part loularly those
vie tr-es which had Insufficient
is one method. This prevents. SUtl
:.culd of the hark which allraet tore)
good whitewash is al ;o a pro
I .ei Ion against altncks of boring in
i t . Ona of I he most successful
receipts for making whitewash It '
eight pounds of Quick llmw, one-
pound of glue or casein ( pow
id), one-fourth pound of copper-1
and one pound of flaked
e, with enough wat-.r to
whitewash, about the con
A pa nt. Carbolic acid al
of one-half pint lo eight
e illons of v h.'tewttih may be sub
Hiitulod for the n:ip:halene.
?"oh3 and lichens on fruit treee
nay he ouickly destroyed during th"
winter by spraying with ordinary lye
Hi the rale of one poind to six or
eljrht gallons of water. If Han .loie
or other f.ealo Is prerent add I he lye
dissolved fn a little watw to the
Uf iial winter strength lime sulphur.
Thorough spraying of this solution
will remove both the moss and scale.
Lve removes mow most rapidly bill
t v. ;i; i; MfttNti PBOFlTAIHiK
Swine raising Is generally proflt
ible, accord in k to Hi2i and svn
eports of the I'nlted Stales d part
ITOl of ngrieiiliure, MtJH H. A.
!.ii n. ()ri'n(i agrieulturaJ BX
lin ion specialist. Tliese reports,
fro i i he corn bell region, show that
In 11122 there was an Increase of 27
per cent in tB number of inters of
fall pigs farrowed 19 that rsgi at
compared with n 'like upon for
1 2 1 , showlnM an increase t,; is
per cen i
Tin. old rule still applies (hat
m, hen I he e.o. i or r, 1 fi pounds of c orn
is us low as the market price for 100
pounds of pork, live weight, (here
Is a tendency toward an Increased '
production of hogs, but when the
ost of 61 fi pounds of com Is more
than tl larkel price loi IM
pounds of porl the production de-tfraMies.
ing up
Hacking the truea are
y Mr. Lovett. The plac
.rrel stave, or similar
ie south 1'.i Ot 'let
a shadow on the trunk
ds the usual llordi
tree anth
rl, and prune and
hi it will prevent '
Hotel Dorlon In I'endleton In still
under the management or Dr. Tem
ple and you Will still rind It a real
house of welcome. 2 1(1-2:!
Newton Painlett Dentist!
Dr, N. A. Newton, Mgr.
lor. Mum ami Wehh s,i. Pendleton