The Boardman mirror. (Boardman, Or.) 1921-1925, April 14, 1922, Image 4

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A combination program consisting
of a declamation contest and u tout
reel film "Pilgrims Progress', will
be given at the school auditoriun
on Saturday night as follows:
Division III. Grades 1, 2, 3, and 4
The Inventor's, Wife Mahava Kutzne
House Cleaning Sadie Larsor
The Duel Nellie Part low
Trials of a Twin John Webstei
Jonnies history lesson
Dale Albrigh
A boy's remarks to his stomach
Gladys VVicklander
Grandma's Minuet Freda Uicbardsoi
I'm Manima'slittle Housekeeper
Mildred Allei
My Dolly Sybil Macombet
Itastus' Lesson Norma (iibbon
Little Hoy's Lament Ted Albrigh
DIvlBion II Grades 5, fi, 7, and 8
old Glory Helen Boardmai
My little Sailor hat Gladys WllsO
The best I can Mildred Messing"
The Dead Doll Violei Gilbrel
Little Yacob Strauss Ks.sie Snivel
Huskin' Lden Larsei
The White Footed Deer Brma firoyle
Evening at the Farm Weldon Ayer
Division I Grades fr, 10 11 and 11
Bugle Song Dorothy Boardmai
Out to Old Aunt Mary's Caryl Sign
The Party Wahnona Rand
Break, Break, Break Ethel Broyle
The films will be shown betweei
the divisions of the contest.
Admission 10 cents for children
and 25 for adults. Contestant! free
Bring your cleaning and pressini
to Mrs. Alice Dingiuan. 39:
Mr. Thurston Grim, pioneer of
Oregon and one of the first sot tiers
in Irrigon passed away at his home
on the Riverview Boulevard Saturdaj
April 8th after a long period of ill
less from leakage of the heart. The
uneral services were held at th
oukh Monday at 12:30 and con
iucled by Rev B, F. Harper, of Mil
On, Oregon and the church choir
!r. Etarper ii a, friend of Mr. am
Irs. Grim and has called upon thei.
.hen ever time would permit on hi
uany visits to Irrigon. Tre inter
.icnt was made in the Irrigon Ceme
ary. Tho school was closed at nooi
tnd the entire community turned ou
o the services. Several large spray
if pink and white carnations made i
ery beautiful display. He was wol
iked by every one. He Is survive!
iy his wife and three sons, Ciydi
ugh and Chauncey, of Irrigon am
nir brothers and two sisters.
Mr. Grim first bought six acre
Ottth of town in 1903 and set It ou
0 orchard, living in town. He sol
te place to J. H, Smith in 190:
..oving back to his boyhood (ommui
y near Aurora, Oregon, being bor
:ear Aurora and growing tip to mar
ood there and married MLss Ell
ones In 1 X 7 3 . He farmed near Pa
tuse, Washington for a few year,
id spent the seasons of 18!)8 am
SO!) in Alaska but each time, Orego:
died him back.
l'Wsahi highs statement ok
ladies aid of doahdman
community church
(fi), Wtmtarn Newspaper Union.
Those who have vtaited Corel n
lunilH say thut no other similar
structure compares favorably, in uithei
flrtf, beauty or location, with the great,
simple and iidmlrnhly-slluiited uiniiu
inent creeled by the people of Amer
ica, in the capital or the nation, as
H lltllnjj tribute to the memory of Hie
kindness ami the greatness of our
Near the White House and the
Washington Monument, and between
tin' Capitol building and the National
cemetery, this memorial is destined
tO becOtUe one of the most visited of
ull the pibllc buildings of I be world.
The building Is 202 feet long, 82
feet wide ami surrounded by a row
of marble columns, several feet In di
ameter at the base and I I I. ,1 bigb.
In the center of the Interior is h
cod -ill stat ue of Lincoln, in a seated
ignition. Including the base, it is HO
ten high. It weighs 175 ions. It took
iwenty marble cutlers eighteen
men tits In carve this statue,
111 tach of the side walls are set
Monumental bronze tablets- one of
Lincoln's famous Gettysburg address,
the other of his masterful second In
augural address, while between these
ami the stulue is a row of 3(1 columns,
representing tile slales which existed
when Lincoln died; on the walls above
are 48 memorial wreaths, supported by
eagles, representative of the smios of
today. At either end Is a massive
'Minting L' feet high and 00 feet
Prof Jamleson, of o. A c, by ar
rangement of Mr. C. C. Calkins, Co
inty agent, lectured on various sub
nets on the dairy business at liiek'
SttCb at 2 p, m. Wednesday. H
poke mainly on breeding, this sub
eel not being touched upon in lib
ormer lectures at Irrigon. On ac
ount of the very busy season, the
attendance was smaller than on othei
Similar occasions.
There was a light frost on tin
morning of April 12 but apparently
to damage was done.
The apricots are in lull bloom ami
promise a record crop at this writing
We seem to have been favord as the
frost was much heavier in other
fruit sections.
M. ES, Lund and son arrived on
tho Monday morning train from Port
land lor a visit with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Wal,pole.
Mrs. ('. B, Glasgow made a busi
neas trip t Portland Tuesday, re
i ui Ding t be same day.
-March 1(1, l12i2 April 1, IMS
Receipts !
Cash on hand at last statement
'ood sales 39.72
Election dinner 12.44
Contributions 211.60
Sewing 6.20
ilazaar 60.28
iplnter's Convention 51.22
.tummage Sale 16.00
.Mendits 27.55
Total Receipts
I'lowers for Sick 3.00
Church Treasurer - 18.00
Insurance! 9.00
Delegation to Pendleton 2.50
Pinal Payment on Piano 37.38
looks for 1'lay 1.00
, umber for Table 3.65
"inal Pay't on Church debt. 60.93
lyster Supper 7.30
v'indow Fasteners 1.30
issionary Magazines 1.5 5
anitor Work 34. (.0
ostage .22
Total payments $190. '17
Balance on hand April 1 61.75
Washington, D. C The bill to pro
vide a score more of federal judges,
advocated as a measure to relieve con
gestion in federal courts, and opposed
as a political patronage "pork barrel,"
was passed by the senate anil sent to
conference with the bouse.
Twenty three more federal district
Judges distributed throughout the
country and ore more judge for the
fourth circuit are provided by the sen
ate hill, as against 22 district judges
under the ori'n il bill passed by the
house last December.
The senate vote on final passage
was 44 to 21, with party lines broken.
The bill provides- for an annual fall
confeience of circuit judges at Wash
ington, with the chief justice and attorney-general
of the United States,
to make a comprehensive survey of
judicial business of the country bench
assignments. It provides also for as
signment by the chief justice of judges
to districts where there Is congestion
or where the public interests generally
require such assignment.
Boardman Utellem
Boardman High School, Boardman, Ore.
Editor in Chief . Literary El'.'or
Frances Blayden '2 3 Joke Editor
Delia Olson 'i'S
irf Roy Gilbreth '22
Another T. Ii. Totd has been coin
id 'ted of the cows in this district
Wo understand no tuberculosis was
We hear the next test will be on
goata, preparatory to getting clean
stock lor the big goat ranch. This
I is no Josh: We expect to hear of a
big deal dosed in the near future, M
I negotiation are on for a big tract of
I land The only apparent difficulties.
Hev llenson, of I'nmtlll.ii was In
I Irrigon the first of the week looking
ooi the field here in connection
' wlih the work at I'matilla and lloard
' man. for the purposes of rendering
Ids opinion on the advisability ol the
Joint pastor for the three places. Mr
Benson may fill the pit I pi t here tem
porarily. It is hoped this will be
accomplished or the church thrown
open to other denominations who
are handling the work here quite
I satisfactory but under difficulties Tor
waul ot a suitable church building.
Edith B. Crawford,
Are you eating Iloardman Cheese'
if not, why not?
The religious interests of the
ommunity have taken added impel -is
with the coming of Rev. W. L.
Iray, of Portland who plans to spend
some time in this section with a view
f improving local religious activities,
r. llenson, of Portland, who is jusl
iow in charge of the newly Organ
ized church in Umatilla, preached a
Hong sermon on "Salvation" In
he evening Rev. Gray took up Willi
1 he local workers plans for increasing
ae efficiency of the church activities
i thei community. Next Sunday,
he observances of Easter will In
lude a program by I lie Sunday sch
ool and a special sermon by Rpv.
Kvery Sunday
Sunday School 10:30 a. in.
Church Service 11:30 a. m.
Christian Endeavor 7:30 p. m
Prayer Meeting, every Thurs
day at 8 m
All are welcome
We used to think that the delin
quenl girls were recruited from the
cities or innocent farm girls, bu in a
recent survey an army officer of the
Salvation Army tells us thai o! the
5,000 girls gone astray mo have
come under their care during the
pas) year, the great majority came
from the small towns and were rei
CUed and educated In the largeer
cil ies.
It is safe to say that the modern
forms of dances, like the Camel
waltz and the moonlight dances are
no Improvement to the ethics of the
young town girls. Moonshine may
be responsible for much of it.
Inwntor of Telephone Sees Radio Future
1 imrto
Wireless, days for commercial telephoning have arrived. The radio
phone baa tetn taken I10111 the "plaything class. Alexander Graham
1 ",. inventor of the telephone, smiles as he recalls that his invention
received the s.iu-.e public reception. The Hell Company announced the
opentnf of a million dollar radio broadcasting station at New Vork.
similar plants are to he built in other cities throughout the V. S.
S rvkci i lay be It l tot my purposes except advertising, say officials.
'. :us new photo ol Mi Hell was taken at Atlantic City. With him is
Iwi daug'-.tcr, Mrs. Oilbut Orosvcuor.
Thomas H. MacDonald, cl
the Hureau of Public Roads, .
to cut down the cost of road bail
ing throiiRhout the United Sti..
He called highway officials of ma. j
states to Washington, and askec1 fm
itandardiass specifications whiefc
would permit plants to furnish sjsM
terials to all states at greatly M
duced cost. tH
Rsquest of Governor of New Mexico
For Federal Soldiers Refused.
Washington, D. C. The administra
tion's determination not to use federal
troops in the coal strike unless all
state agencies fail in preserving order
was set forth clearly after a confer
ence between President Harding and
Secretary Weeks. A request for troops
from the governor of New Mexico was
denied flatly.
As a public announcement of the
administration's hands-off policy so
far as use of federal troops is con
cerned, Secretary Weeks mde public
alter bis visit to the White House a
telegram to Governor Mechem of New
Mexico, replying to an appeal for help
In handling the situation in his state
"Unless disorder develops to a point
where state authorities are unable to
preserve order," said the message,
"federal troops cannot be used in con
nectton with the coal strike."
Explorer Amundsen Nearly Killed.
Clarion, Pa. Captain Roald Amund
sen, the Arctic explorer, and four fly
ing companions narrowly escaped
death at Miola, near here, when the
monoplane in which they were making
a flight from New York to Cleveland,
the first lap of a transcontinental
journey, turned over when it was
forced to land in a field.
Floods in Middle Western States.
Ch'cago, ML Spriug freshets which
have already flooded many lowlands
threatened serious damage In many
middle western states. Rains almost
torrential sent the rivets up In Michi
gan. Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Kan
sas. Oklahoma and Arkansas.
Representative McArthur has intro
duced a bill authorizing the secretary
of the treasury to pay the sum of $:.'"..
000 to school district No. 1 of the coun
ty of Multnomah, in full settlement of
the claim of the Benson Polytechnic
high school on account of moneys ad
vanced at the behest of the federal
board for vocational training for the
purchase and installation of machinery
for vocational rehabilitation work at
this school.
Motor vehicle operators apparently
are little interested in signal beil
and "wig wag" systems at grade cro
ings, according to a report prepared
by T. A. Raffety. chief inspector for
the law enforcement bureau of the
state motor vehicle department. Mr.
Uaffety has prepared a letter calling
the attention of his field operatives
to the apparent lack of interest taken
by drivers in avoiding accidents 01
crossings. Mr. Raffety advises hir.
men to require all drivers using cross
ings to bring their machines down
to a speed not In excesa of 16 mile."
an hour. Drivers who refuse to com
ply with this law, Mr. Raffety said
should be arrested and prosecuted.
"Butchery" of Americans By Russian
General in Siberia Is Charged.
Washington. D. C. Chairman Borah
of the senate labor committee, declar
ing that he had received chnrgts that
American men. women and children
had been "butchered" in Siberia b
QeiMiral Semenoff. announced he woubl
endeavor to bring about d portatun
of the anti bolshevik leader, new under
ball in New York after arrest in con
nection with a civil suit.
Senator Horah said the charges ha !
been laid before h.m by officers an '
enlisted men of the American exp.
dltionary force that strved in S ' er
and were supported in part if n N
fully by an official report to the Ame:
lean government by Maj r-Generai
William S. Graves, who coinmaudeo
the expeditionary force.
Marie, Nellie and Mildred Messen
c ir have returned to school after a
seven weeks absence, during which
liey were quarantined for the scarlet
i'ever. ,
At assembly Friday morning, two
jw tongs were learned. One was
n arbor day song sung to the tune
of America, and the other was the
I'ose Festival song "Beautiful Ore
iron Hose". Mr, Signs announced
tha soiree form off entertainment
would be given on the evening of
May filh to raise funds to help pay
our share on the amount expended
by the county for prizes for the field
and track meet last year.
Friday morning, April 14th, there
Will be a short arbor day program
alter which each class is to plant a
1 roe. In the evening the Junior class
1 '.ay "A man without a Country"
will be given. Everybody come.
Thi , American Ilistorv; rlass Js
taking up the study of Oregon.
Marvin Rancier has returned to
1 , hool.
Are you eating Boardman Cheese?
If nol. why not?
Ititrry Have you heard Of the
Home Economics girls latest inven
tion? ,'at No -what is it?
Hairy Boiling knives with their
clothes to cut the dirt
A mothers heart gives 4th joy af.
her baton 1st ath.
I have for sale one team of mares,
a good set of harness, your choice of
ivo farm wagons and a Chevrolet
4 90 chassis that can be made into a
good .arm truck. Cash value is
cheap for $500. The outfit can be
seen at Irrigon. Might figure trade
ior automobile.
W. R. Walpole, Irrigon, Ore.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for the nomination to the
elliee of County Commissioner, sub
ject to the will of the Republicans
of Morrow county, to be expressed
at the Primaries in May, 192 2. Pre
sent Incumbent.
50 Hardman, Oregon.
Ed Whats a baseball match?
Lee I guess one that strikes in
the box.
Al Say! Do you know Lincoln's
address at Getteysburg?
Doris "Why, I thot his adrress
was at Washington, D. C.
U. S, LAND OFFICE at The Dal
les, Oregon, March 13, 1922.
Notice is hereby given that Ru
dolph Wasmer, of Boardman, Ore
gon, who, on April 5th, 1917,
Homestead Entry, No. 018G 41, for
SW14 NE4 (Being Unit "C "j I'ma
tilla project, Section 18, Township
4 North, Range 25 East, Willamette;
Meridian, has filed notice of inten
tion to make three-year Proof, 10 es
tablish claim to the land above de
scribed before C. G. Blayden, Unit
ed States Commissioner, at his of
fice, at Boardman, Oregon, on the
28th day of April, 1922.
Claimant names as witnesses:
J. R. Johnson, A. P. Ayers, Frank
Otto, and Ingvard Skovbo, all of
Boardman, Oregon.
6-11 Register
Dr. A. H. Johnston
Phyaclan and Surgeon
Calls answered at all hours
In Boardman Wednesday and Satur
day mornings.
Office phone M 151 Res. M 332
Arlington, Oregon.
Building Material
and anything usually carried in a
Lumber Yard
: 1
W. A. Murchie
Boardman, Oregon.
Let The Boardman Mirror Print Your Butter Wrappers