The Boardman mirror. (Boardman, Or.) 1921-1925, June 10, 1921, Image 4

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Prices Reduced
Do you realize thai we art' selling goods at the market price,
regardless of what we paid lor them. Rring hills to us before
jou send away and let us figure on them. We may be able
to save you some money.
Salmon, 1 lb., 15c per can;
dozen $1.75
Pure Fruit Jam, 1 'Aoz , 15c
each; per dozen $1.75
Tomatoes, Standard, 15c per
can; per dozen $1.75
Peas, Standard, 15c per can;
Corn, Standard, 1 5c per can;
per dozen
Peaches, 2 5c can; doz.
Plums, 25c can; doz $2.!I0
Zephyr Ginghams, yard 25c
Percales, per yard 25c
Toilet Soaps 5c and 10c
per dozen $1.75 ; Sugar, 10 lbs. $1; sack.. ..$9. 00
Come In and see what we have and ffet prices. Let us figure on
your bill. There is no freight to add to these prices, they are
delivered from our stock. We buy hay and produce and sell
you what you want.
Price on shoes. I'uinishings, liv Goods, Hardware, Pumituri
Have all Been Reduced,
Yours to Serve,
Boardman Trading Co.
Immortal Poetry Fruit of Mo
ments of Inspiration.
t i
Beautiful, Useful and Lasting
The beauty and simplicity of Sawtell silver will
lend charm to any Bride's (iifi Table. It serves
a lifelong purpose and is a constant reminder of
the giver. Selections may be made from such
articles as
in it IHslios, Individual Suits anil Peppers, Cream
Pitchers, Mayonnaise Bowls, Lemon Sets, steal;
Sets, Prull Dishes, Candle Sticks, Toilet Silver,
Table Silver, Vases, Tea Sets, Coffee Sets, Sand
wich Trays, Hon Hon Dishes, Compotes and
Many Others,
PirsntS and friends will find here a varied as
sortment of choice articles from which to select
the graduation gift for boy or girl.
Watches, Wrist Watches, Pins, Lavuiiiers,
Brancelets, Rings
Sawtellc 'sj Snc.
Ej) penditon JEWELERS o r bTq o n fig
Tlie Largest Diamond Dealers in Eastern Oregon AjrM
Diamond Tires
and Tubes
Mighty Easy Riding
G A S OILS - A C C E S S 0 R I E S
Expert Guaranteed Repair Work
ut Reasonable Prices.
Service Car Any
Time Any Where
I! Your FORD Is Sick. We Can ( lire It.
No Cure, No Pay,
Boardman Garage
Masterpieces of the Language
"Thrown Off," as It Were, by
Imperious Command
Tennyson wrote that exquisite lyric,
"Crossing the Bar." in a few minutes.
He Raid to his son, the present Lord
Tennyson, "It came in a moment," ac
cording to a writer in London Answers.
Burns composed what Cnrlyle char
acterizes as the grenetst of all battle
odes, "Scots Wha Hae," while riding
through storm and darkness across a
lonesome moor. One of the very
greatest productions of poetic inspira
tion, Keats' justly famous "ode to a
Nightingale," was Written in the course
of one afternoon In the poet's garden
at Hampstead, and his great sonnet
on Chapman's Homer was the product
of an hour.
While visiting at Mlnto, Thomas
Campbell went to bed early one eve
ning, his mind full of a new poem.
About tWO in the morning he suddenly
awoke, repeating "Events to come cast
their Shadows before." Kinging the
hell, he summoned a butler, who found
I he poet half in and half out of bed.
"Are you 111, sir'" asked the servant.
"I was never better," replied the
poet. "Leave the candle and bring me
a cup of tea."
Seizing his pen and changing
"Events to come" to "Coming events,"
he not only coined one of the best
known lines In English poetry, hut
went on to finish the first draft .of
"Loch lei's Warning."
Cowper composed and memorized
t lie whole of his humorous master
piece, Molm. Gilpin," during a sleep
less night. Hayley, the poet's biog
rapher, tells the story :
"It happened In those years when
Itls accomplished friend, Lady Austen,
made a purl of his little evening eir
ele, that she observed him sinking Into
Increasing dejection; it was her cus
tom on these occasions to try Immedi
ate relief. She told him the story of
John Gilpin to dissipate the gloom of
the passing hour. Its effect on the
fancy of Cowper had the air of en
chantment. "He Informed her the next morning
that convulsions of laughter, brought
on by his recollections of her story,
hud kept hlra awake during the great
er part of the night, and that he had
turned It into a ballad, So arose the
pleasanl poem of 'John Gilpin.' "
Seeing thai it runs to 2iVJ lines this
is no me, hi feat,
Sir Arthur I'lnero must he Included
In any list of rapid writers. His "Two
Hundred a Year" was the work of a
single aftem I, and "The Money Spill-
tier" was written with almost equal ra
pidity; while "Lords and Commons," a
big work, cost only ten days' toll.
Of course, Byron worked as fust as
the fastest. He said of himself that he
was like a tiger if he missed his first
Spring, he had to go grumbling hack to
the Jungle. The rainy days at Ouchy
produced "The Prisoner of Chlllon,"
and It has been said thai he wrote it at
one sitting with one pen; and the first
sketch of "The Bride f Ahydos" was
written In four nights.
Longfellow's tine ballad, "The Wreck
of the Hesperus," one of the most fa
miliar poems In the language, came to
him us he sat cosily by the tire during
n violent Storm Which made the win
dows rattle. Like Cowper, he went
to bed and, finding himself too preoc
cupied to sleep, finished the poem be
fore morning.
Praise for Norway M.ip'e.
When the ordinary mail thinks of
shade trees, he thinks of maples as a
matter of course, and some of the ma
ples may he included In a list of shade
trees that have attractive dowers, The
Norway maple Is the one which I shall
mention us being especially worth rec
ommending. It is a ver cosmopolitan
sort of tree, for In spite of Its name
its grows all over the European conti
nent, and thrives Just us well here as
at home. The Sowers, which open he
fore the leaves, are greenish yellow,
and arranged in compact, round clus
ters. The Norway maple is handsome
all the year through and bears the
hard conditions of city unusually well.
Moreover, it grows better at the sea
shore, thun most of our native trees.
Again a Cure for Seasickness.
I, ! - ..
nviumnt-H ior seasicKtiess come an- j
uuullj wlih the spring Mowers but I
Professor Noir of the university of
Liege claims to have discovered a uni
formly successful one in (he shape of
a milligram of sulphate or Strops on
going ou board, and additional doses
of half this strength at Intervals of
half an hour. The professor does not
explain how It affects the pneumogas
trlc nerve, but it ovidenll does if we
give credence to the excellent reports.
Seasickness itself, hy-lho-bye. Is sup
posed to he caused hj a movement of
the liquids of the Internal ear which j
sit'ins to affect the pneumogastric
nerve.- Scientific American.
Noah's Passenger List Must
Have Been Long One.
Either the Bark Was a Mighty Flota
tion, or the Voyagers Were De.
cidedly Crowded.
it is probable the human population
of this earth, itself only a spinning
atom in sidereal darkness, rises to up
ward of two billions, and is certainly
not less than 1,650,000.000. But how
many creatures of all kinds has pro
lific nature spaw'ned upon this rela
tively Dlinute .-peek in cosmos' If
Noah took a pair of every living spe
cies aboard his ark. how vast an army
ilid he have with uitu on his great
flotation, and how large must have
been that mighty ark?
Sir E. Kay Luitkeater gives some Il
luminating and surprising ligures in
his "Secrets of Earth and Sea." He
says that it Is, to be sure, impossible
to estimate the number of Individuals
in existence. But naturalists have iden
tified and classified a large number of
kinds, breeds, or, more correctly, spe
cies of animals and plants. Not all,
it is certain. There are 10.000 spe
cies of mammals, about 14,000 of birds,
7,000 of reptiles, 10,000 species of
fishes, 500,000 sorts of six-legged In
sects, 15,000 of crustacea such as the
siirlmps. lobsters and crabs; 011,000 of
molluscs, such as snails, mussels,
oysterj and the like; 5,000 corals and
polyps, .'1,000 sponges, (1,000 microscop
ic protozoa, and many others.
In all, about 800,000 species of ani
mals have been found. The scientist
says probably as many more remain
to be recognized, and described. A
Single species may contain far more
individuals than there are men on
"The total number of described spe
cies of plants," adds Sir liny, "has not
beet) estimated, but some idea may be
formed from the fact that 1,800 species
of flowering plants alone have been
found in Britain, 17,000 in British In
dia, 22,000 in Brazil, not to mention
those of Australia and Africa! These
ligures do not Include the vast num
ber of flowerles.s plants,"
Sir Ray might have advanced even
more startling ligures if he had In
eluded insects In his list. One of the
early American jokes about the ark
was credited to Andrew Jackson, who.
after grievous annoyance during one
of Ids Indian campaigns, remarked that
he surely wished Noah had accident
ally stepped on that pair of chiggers
he took with him Into the urk.
The remark about a single species
containing numberless individuals
might be applied to varieties In the
case of Insects.
Columbia Trading Co.
Boardman, Oregon
Gasoline Oils Hay
Drop in at the
r Candies Tool Loom
Tobacco Barber Shop j
T f! R C R F 1 A M T
Boardman, Oregon
IMHwnv mn
O. H. WARNER, Proprietor
Boardiiuin, Oregon
In Connection
"We go anywhere night or day"
or show you a homestead. We saw it first. Let
us .sin v on.
Americans and Their Wives.
I am picking my words. In spite of
their proclamation, I doubt whether
the American man Is quite as much
at his wife's feet as is made out. It
seems to me that he respects his wife
as lie respects an expensive picture.
He talks -rent deal about the high
qualities "i women, but tends to treut
them like little dears. lie seems to
revere omen in general, but perhaps
not T n particular, his wife the most
particular of Instances, in America
women do have a great deal of power,
but I suspect that this is because the
men are so busy that they have no
time to argue, and too Utile time to
exercise alt the powers themselves. So
they hand over some of the minor pow
ers and honestly believe that this con
stitutes a feminine coronation. W. L.
George In Harper's .Magazine.
Plants on a Daylight Ration.
It will come U a surprise to ninny
persons that plants may suffer by rea
son of being allowed too much sun
light. In other words they sometimes
thrive better If they are put on ra
tions as far us light !i concerned. A
recent discovery by V.' W, O.irner and
H. A. Allan!, of the bureau of plant
industry, United st tes Department of
Agriculture, shows that, entirety apart
from any effect of burning, it Is pos
sible for plants to hnVu too much sun
light, or. In other words, too many
hours of daylight in comparison with
the number of hours of .hirkness. Too
long a day as well im too short a
day will prevent many kinds of plants
from ever reaching their stage of
flowering and trill ting.
$5.00 BOOK FOR $4.75
II ' (t. Ji.i ..Vuiilil
In Ruby Mountains.
In the Humboldt National forest
there are no movies nor any Jazz
bands to SM wide Often the quiet of
the night, but just a bit of unspoiled
wilderness where one can hunt with
cunierH, tlsh, climb not too rugged
mountains, or Just rest to a full con
tentment amid interesting and restful
surroundings, says the American For
estry .Magazine. The gems of Kuby
mountains the lakes, streams, peaks
and canyons found bete--are all yours
to enjoy If you will but come and
cntnp near the three lakes that nestle
in the high valley amid pine dotted
Long Telephone Lines in India.
Long distance telephone lines In Iu- '
dm have rccentl) been greatly extend- '
ed. A IflOnaHS line from Simla to
t'eshttwar Is liuislied, hut needs mod
ern equipment to lie of commercial
value. I'rom Simla to Lit home a line
over 300 miles long Is now In regular
service, as Is a line west from t'al
cutta Into the Chota Nagpur coal
fields. An SO-mile Bombay Tootia line
is iu official use, though uot yet ready i
for miblio service.
What Muskrats Did for Maryland.
Maryland has many muskrat farms.
Owners of the marsh land of thirrhsjsj
ter county harvest from ItMMIOO to
1L'.000 muskrat skins u year. There
Is a market for the meat as well as
for the fur. A single Baltimore firm
handles 'J'.OOO to .10.000 muskrat car
casses a .war, and Is nimble to sup
ply the demand at thst. Hotels in
Maryland offer them 00 their hill of
tares as "marsh rabbit." Marshes for
merly considered valueleM are now
worth $.;o to $40 au acre for muskrat
We will do it for vou.
Successor to J. C. BaUenger Lumber Company
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