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bluest and test piper
on the Columbia River
TIE ASTORIAN has the largest
circulation of an catr
toa the Colombia River.
NO. 7.
Tttr mtfiiuTt.)
kMpWl 1W1
Stoves attd Ranges
Cnmpcrt UtcitMllM
IK K v
A lull IIm al IMpm. T .
4 5okra' Aillct.
474 Comittcrvlal Ml.
A.tnrU's (infqcoa.
titcilaiamcil Hall
Bacon and
quifi n
Th. Beet, A-baolutaly Pur. Ry.
For BaJa at
The Occident HoW Bar,
Tit Offloe Saloon,
And all ladlnc ta In Aatorle,
San rnuiclsco
and 1'ortlaiiJ .
'6 1
Blank- .
Books and
mid PtovIhIoiih
Foard & Stokes
MiinuUclurvr and
I 9 as I In
Three floor- KIiik Mu.le; l.nmraiif All Kind.; Two
.Mninltli-riil Hum: rvervthlns Hr.1 l'hu; (loud
tinier mid Kvery iMMly ItliU Hlrlctly tlb.rrr.Hj.
The Norlh rclflo Brewery, of which
Mr.Jobn Kpp is proprietor, make beer
for domwitio and export trade.
llottled beer for family use, or keg
beer .applied at any time, delivery in
the city free.
The lle.t In thn Market
Strictly Pure Lard
Cor. fourth and C.lls.a Streets
Cortland. Oreijnii.
Durraat Dies I'poa the Scaffold I'ro
tcstlag Hid Iinoccnce.
Accepted ike C.mlortt of ibe C.ik.lic
Ch.rci Dixly Will rrukakly
Pc Crcm.icd.
fui, ii. tiiln I'rk.n, Pii . Jan 1.iHi.
Mil i ttir- A:-.r1.ui.i -Mh.n Wlj,in
"'"' Tilr furrjint jn fnt.
l0 IhlM niiHIllMi fol .h
Ulnmlw Lamonl (u i-av. :m i,ll)!i,i !
f f..iu. ... i.n.t tint hj H-Iin !
Im-.ii .rn, uritbr Mirolur -lr--uinian(f i
H"l-fu klrnM :o - ,hiit rome
IhlliK or itnf i.ti- ,iivl :ti -v.n,. (a
avr t,iti )M. n .IX..; ! i,,,. 1T.1 J thin '
n.riii,4- tunl in.l.. h ,..uuK
I.U. inii.--,-r a, citnlv ,., .., s, ,),,,.
I til. I ..tin,,. .,ti ... rt i? .
ir..ii,tf ,m .ut 1...- ..f rn n.u i)!,.n I
.n..- ..lii..rv ft- t K .l.v 111. r,,0r
fuK. nr.. I . ,, w..r r, ,lU1 fi)(, j
vol... n. rim .,-. ;u .,,.) a, ..,, a '
a n.. k whll- h.- A.-ln... hi, ;,n .,... I
Tt.f., f.irKlV,. .. ),.. ho.
1 " ""I'l, tm.l Iwiiiri.. .1 him ... 1, j
Th. rv i.n( hlicli or ii -. l l.-iii to
mur t:... .n. w.,,,! -!! II ,. m entry !
ii U. .t. ii. .,f i), Uw. Th ;
ii'""' .lf.iM... h - tm. .i-Tiirnt. I
t..u, r-M- h.M. nn.l Harriif. .Ind
t.y .1 iiikI'-I 1. 1 .m.l HI. ti k
l.n.krii . f., ,f ,,.r fl, nd '
Ii mlnul.-a 1h.t id, mnr.l.r.i (
. l..Ti ami ,, cmn.
nutmtvM Li ifi.- -t. rimuH
rrtf.wliK n llKlnli. .).), nix.T,t- '
I'nf ml "h litKt n..nn. . i. ,...n,f of.
IIm n4H.l .hurrli f 0f
llir l!n.(t chur.-li, I,, !,. n WM
Mln fartirr wltiH-wl ehr. . u ri .-i. Jmt !
hi. mi.tlipr u mil T--nt
Tt- lv. Mr. lu.l-i, i.rt.-.:ni mn- ,
lrr. hu. n-anirr-. to r.l thf r-ii(Trld
ir.'i Imrrant. Int tti miMKter xojll not
wv iht ili.iiK-tit Hun-nm iriiMn-nt,
nl ilu. .-..ii.l. ninr.l (un , im,,i i,!,, mT.
iiiiiiI Ka.l- nf.-M-. f i .,w '
liitKM-. fi.-r.. Th. n t n ni. Khnt th pno. nr-l-ni
lurii.-.! i a :, C..:hcillc
.il.ur. li t.w . .,U(li,n Hn.l up. in
I-ll! r ,rtnt Kht, lit.. I fl-,U. nt
ly Mm In i.rlMm. t att-n. h'm. '
t-'mlM-r li-nn;.-.! i r -m:.:lv nrt '
t-rfriiu-. tt, ,), n,,, r,., ,,f tnf,
T!u- j (nk.-n to Frnjicl -r.
It l not yp( knr.wn what i!liipl;on of '
IIm h,ily will t. tniuj-. ni'H nr. '.
rv.t l I". !) 8i fur un.iMo tr ..-ure
ac-,imm.H)..tin n any of th. lo.- com- j
l.-rl' for th. H.xly of ih.-lr wix It 1
wry ) rtnu the
tlHltnl. i',l t.- i-pe-
San Qii.-nilti TrlHon. fl. t.m. T. With i
eyea rivet..) on Wa.tilnct n. tl(r.irnt-ly
e.-iklin,r, the fathrr nnd moth.-r of Theo. ,
lore )iirriui.t .pent the nljjht In a Jitlle
inn outHJl.l,. he prl.on wal5, nhile their
n made. ,t ile.pera.r; .(Tort to no alm
hi. iMTwa that he might pend n fleets
thn mnat of hl few remnlncis tioura.
Ilot'lix ajraln.t hop., demandinc nilra-
rl. fnirn the allitht difference In time be
tween Wa.hlncton snd California, exe.
eutHK aomo phennni.n-il Mlion on the
part of rhe of the .upreme ourt
of the l'n:M Sta;e. when th.y irtiould
lake their aeutK a,t noon of (he .l iy rlxed
for the exn-minn of the "i-rimlniil of the
wntiiry.'' it man sTent the
nlWht al:,'nalely ehmtilnir the helix-ht of
FHimtulna exieoa:ion nnd pliinijtd In
atiy.nea of dnspalr. Whe the conaeloxia-
ne that l would he, Indeed, the unex-IKH-te.)
happvuna whlfh would njriln vloe
lht wIi.-.-Ih of retributive Juetioe, the
prlA.w ollenl nVo .nix' nwjite.l the
rli-k of nhe wire from Wwhlnirion. Ev
ery otih. r nvo.iue of es-? ip- and Vlay
lln.illy and effe-tua'lv i'one,l. nil awaited
with nervous antloltmii n the final nu-
'al of Attorney l' of oounoel
f.w litirrunl bef ire the I'njtwl Stat.t. Jua
tl.VH for a writ tf prohibition or of va
beaa corpua. die pr.i n:er'. very breath
w-as followed hy nix wjt.-hful eye. t-ver
for a moment withdrawn The vigilance
of the deiith-wit.-h ha inonaiel with
the m.-1nK of every day and lwur. Al
way. fearful of an attempt at iiuietd.-, in
tlio i-a of a condemn.) rnvr, they
have tieen irwli'y ca rlo ih in their eIin-ax-e
nn.e Purrant ivh committed to their
ke-'plnr. Ills training in a me-lio-J co
,ife wlietv hi. fnvo::e surly was anat
omy, ihnd J nunllll?! hl'.i fo.- facility In
lf deatriK'tlvxtii.., that lila pr.n
tru.inlH were nppi'tli.-i.ivc of hi. slightest
Tiurruit'ii iiir.l a preel. and ab
.olule knowli-dce if ! o v he inliiht commit
.iil. lde. Th mo.t innooent ,K.kltitf v.-n-rll
wa. not allow ei" to K"t ne ir hU fa, e.
lest hH kno.v'.rjj-' of anatomy he
nilifht Jab it ";'i hi. eye Into the
brain. The tm r 1.. were reudy f-.r poH
one.) eve.., for everyttiltig and W'h.n
yey-tonlay the nnin'i-r of hi. watchers
wa. Increa.ed from two to three Tiuirant
wouM Indeed hv lud dim-illy in mak
ing Hie Hghtft movement which could
not be promptly .topped.
Hut Durrani apt amently had -no thoutrht
of suicide. Hf im.c1 Mi waking hour.
in t-rnycr nl hi-n iu nluht tli jirUon
pl-ynkliui renurki-il r.-mwurlnxly t'l-t
wrul) t-oirta It In in m-)rnln v
iiiri-il t" K,V'B l,im "InnMu ii" hlii rlKtit
timt miU nt fV ininir-."l tone lull,
If he lin'l not wild J word, h h wmia
.orn i.mniort or eomfjri.
Whwi wkM If h ' it at ali unnrrv1,
Furrum hl 1 hl -rn- at ..rtn ana trl-
uti plinnlly di-m n:nt "1 int t Wl n.
tumor. Ttien, l:h an nlr which wa.
imprHiHvr, ovvn , 'f gran4l(Kirnt,
-It I hnvc In illi I .11" Ilk" a iur.
Mtrt, (hat k a.)l, I hlnir to a rnc which
run riHt d.-aith wuh tut flln-l.lng."
Ho limT'"""' " piilTitlary doc
tor wih rhr ttllM-J of the roi1-inncd
liun lhat fit dvlartd,
"Wlhy, thHi f - I th mm of the
i. tuiy Any oi ihnk. he l woln
j l.rvak in wl'y m;l.iki-n. I have
rwvi-r m-.-ri :inyoiiH who ujro.-l. him.
li la haul .j li.-ll. ve th; n mil will.
imy a r w hour, u v, 'xc-t by !He
mwt iii.fiim.-i n In l- rvi' I j'i c mi l i.i.k of
Si. .l-i.itii mi,) tvl. .m ll'l.-.n wl'h h 71 f.jli.
Hi- 1. n ua rw.n tti)l"i million .n h
nuiri rouM avk. I nuVe ri.n tia.l li(m
w.'IkIh.I, lint I think Ii" wo'Jl'l tip
al murk over Oi. lie la j.anl
liiMnit un,.ir-in'-c -a If h- -if pr-I'.rii.fc-
in ko to htH llrt nry. I r-m rk-d
ll.ui 1i- il Ibi'I a '!t 'rom '.1 nartT,
to "hf h h r-'.V 'I: ' Y-". nnd hp l f km
tntd" murk on ni," fi ll' i' I n u "innt)
rut 'i hi. lt. '-onild hln-lf )v
aaylnK Ihat It --wl I Im- "a 1 1 : Ut In u
f.-w .).." Hi. vnnliy 'w 4iovn aifajn
wlii-ii I ak-.l tilm al,o-jt Tila Rrrfri.
h.nlili n.. hj. had l-..n .o.-.-l b. thr
.-.n.l..niu-. i.-ll. "iY.,. mi-at h:u. I.'. n
K'"l .liiiv I have lx-.-;i 1ir.." he tui'i.
i "ami I JuiVrt wij.r,rl It Kt inui h Win! I
ha-.,- prrf,.ihv i-atoi 'nur- (hin I M'oul.)
; himI It lia. lironrht out (hi. Ilttl. ri
mImhiI my twxiUi T.Ik.- Die l.arl.'r'i
j tfa! loo, wuiil.l Im- al rlitht Jn .1 f,-w
"Will Imrrant 'I!.- a Unman r.itiol?"
.. h lali-.t hiim-u. ui j l of the . rral
, nt my Kroiip-il aiuut Uw 'rion al wait.
. ux f-r tin- r.i.- w l li!'h th. y .-ai.-vrly
n. ti.l to wl-.n -a..
"I am, I m.iy my, a C itiiolk-. 1 ihlnk
I ih.U m-.) for 1'ath T l-auun." r.-m.irke.)
!iiriant un.-onrtrnrdly. "It l not that
I .are for ci--U, hut for fultri- : i- faith
' tin hiiki.iIii"1 m.- In my awful
: tton."
I "I an:." In- i o-i:l;iii -.1 "ntra--r.llni.rl-l.iij.-,yto
mi-.-li at r"'" that I do not
.-ar- lo ko over my of th.- .ill irrouri'l,
in.- .)ii. lotia a'or.-, w4il-h Ii..h t-u ..t
I .i m.i iy tlii..-.v The a . rn 1-i ant i
, am eKi i ly f i .1 that ei ythnu; hi.ti twien
.I.. tie fi ni, Ihat coul l li.iv-- l;..n done
t. my l.iwy-r.. It onl lh- ....k an.)
;.hlilKli for me :o ray at tins tlni' th
. I '.in.- not hi I u f.iir trial. If I ouKl
: make ni.-ti a trie .ul!o won 1 cry
I 'YhiU to lli.-v all e.iv.' My only eare
; l for llio.- I a Ix hin.l. (KhI haa in
lr. tils ketvlmf n-l in- iii.ike.. no mV
1 tnk."
j Ah 'Ii.- day ilaAiM It i ins a. if the
i er.d lia .-omc fur The Purnint -the en.l or the inunl.-r.-r. H attor
ney, went a far a. I.w-er Hnrei In ho court of Hi.- i-lty nn.l foun-l no
trllef. l:.-tw.-n iheir li-nt th.y couM
: li'teri.w m more ifls!.imi-t txirrren.
j than KMiduu; eopie. of futile le.lo-! antf
ittiMily wainlim-. to th? warden of San
' Quentln trit.on.
Triw sov.-roor lln.ily ami ilatly nuH. J
tv, Int.-rv.-ne In Ilu- ,-n.t showed the
faint.- my of a faint hj.?. The youiut
Iutt who wen: to Vanhins:on with ih
lant iea f-r deiny falli.l yestenlay to
K.-t a i..niinr. tut todiiy ho hml the a
Miinuue of a ile'.ernin.illon liy the
ratlou likh.-wt eotirt of his matter. It
wan a faint hope. Th prlfHMier, his wr-
i.ttri ami lawyer. alun-lon-.l hone. The
i . -
cuffoi.l wait..)!
Wanhtngbai, .Ian T. "When the Ha iieaty conu.i up for i-jnaiiieratlon
ii.xt week," said Annexation Commla
Moner Thurston, ".air fri.-n. will lay
great stress upon .lie s'j.iton In China
and Hie Kant .is -i r-'ijai for ratifying
tu- treaty. . had ex)H-iteJ strcnjOLB
i-..pos!l.Ni fiv-ta So'iu--rii di mm rats and
particularly thoe .h" refiresent sugar
;iri'uclng states. It trnniiir.-s. however,
that some of the ,vry men who had fig.
ried among our .'ronrst ..pponents from
this -M.-tlon. hive cxpirlenc-d a change
of opinion an.) in nil prj-in!iiity will he
molded In fi.or of th; ratifying cf the
li-.-aty now beioic the st-nnte. Thli-s
ceilainly look more promtejnp ikhv than
they did In-fore ti.t hchdny recess and we
all- ene,.iiriig-.l to b'lieve that the nec.a-
mry tna.'.u-ity wll he recorded
nii.-n tin- tlnal vm is ,-eioVl Hawaiian
ai!oists claim i-l voi.. fir the
triaty, divided as f.illo.v: Uepulilloans
V. rnimlisiH i. siveri:i 5 and d.-mo.
crats S.
W ashlnntiMi. Jan. I.-Tlio feature of the
H. nato .-lon wa a sH-ech deliver, d by
Teller. Ho attacked the reimblican party
as tno party advocating tho sirtd stiuid iro
and exprtitNcd hiB Intenuon of doing all In
life power to defeat the party n ikio and
to drag the present administration from
hwer because the policy of th party was
m ins opinion inimical to tho highest
nnd best Interest of the people of the
fulled States.
.iMiiiu-toti, ,ian. i.-There is reason
to believe -.hit .reat Urlt.iln wjl lake
the KnjiI of other nation in the ni gotta
tl.ui or reciprocity treaties under the
Dlnglry tariff act. It . aild that the old
reciprocity treaties whlcti were eet aside
by tihe Wilson act will serve the purpose
a a hasi for the m.-- agreements.
Supportti ia Their Mills by a Peace
fit Agricultural People.
f4 Si.aljr f.r ike krmj Is Cod CU.ty
of CattU aid Veetakfe-To'
kaie. BVeiag Raised.
Now- York,. Jan. 7. -A II. rill correa-
.o!l.-nt In f'VM w no haa Jt:t r 'ed the
H;aiid.on h-jr..K-k throuif.i the Cuban
and StnlMh line, from Finir 1-1 Rio to
0e Jo aroa-M'jrun tre'ha. i the pur
tit utia-rvinK tile aetual rriRth nnil
rorKhtori i the In.uriPTit fwcia. todny
an.1 their ability t-j continue the war.
"WJi.-n y.Hir onl.-na rea-h'd lie I wna
th Che'-e of l'elro rU. commamjer-
ln-4H.-f if the .ixijJi army ?orj In Ptrar
1-1 lUo prov)n-e. We -were enrn(l near
Cui'-o. ".t-Vr Wax oH.-ra'lng In that
prxvlm-.' to Loren'e. eomtnapa
ItiK rtie H..xx-1 dvtMon, or 'he territory
w-t of I'aeo Ittl. and ia Ci.
oiiiniaiidintr the flr.t ilvbion, or the dis
trict ea.- of I'a.t Ileal. Oe.iiil Ivorne
Iin IRrt) infantry' jnj f caralry, well
arm.:! --l wvl fe.). but Iiu-kinn cloth
I u .-h haa Ji Infantry au,d S0f cav
alry In t3 ime con.ltlon. Operating
Kalij.1 thia foree a month no wre only
t.'iree columtM of .Spanl.inl... Th't- ne-er
.-.led n reuchlnii the reiv-l.' strong
hold (I. rie Mils until General Parado
t.K tin- fl-.-ld. The only rtKhtlnc wa. wheo
U.e r.b.-l. Invited it.
Krom Cunx) 1 procee")ed througa the
I'nban in to Havana. I experienced
no Jilllcui'.y In witerina the capital. Ha
vana and Matanzaf tirovino- are 'jraler
the command of General Alexandre Rcd-rlirte-i,
i-h.-f of the fifth army corpn. Un-
lrr tjvnerul Kodrlpjex Juan du,
H..f.i Crd au, JsoontJ Hemandea,Juaii
h. Urailo, Al-rto Nonla.He and Nestor
AruiNfueivfi. The txa force under th..e
h-adera iH inj infantry and l.vm crvalry.
all wHI wtilN-d. In Matunzaa, which
In loinc. also to the llfth army corp. are
Hrtiia-li.--G,n.-ra rtM-an-?ourt. Colore!.
S.mifiilly and Va.. ica, with lW Infantry
and ' cawlry. Only about trMt this
for.t is armed. Till. k a diftl.-'tlt prov
iiwe to openiu- In. The men remain In
the bls, cultivating- the oi. or wutch
Ins the -oiu.t.
Tl-ew- w-ern -ovlnc. have bwn fa
miliar to mo for the List year, durlpg
w'hh ii time i have Jkvh continually with
the rebel form, exce.;t what time was
n.viMary to carry dj.iiatciu to Havana.
I can vouch for thuv fiKure-s. On the
trfl to tile Orient t brke new ground,
but the figure given are from actual ob
servation. I took the field In Santa Clara
from Santo Poniinso. rl.1nn out in broad
daylltrbt with gulden and within an hour
was wl (he inwungem force., under Gen
eral Arando. That evening I returned
with General Ar.uHlo to a suburban town
for eftipper. Arando h.U lo infantry and
2i cax-alry detailed to burn augar cnn..
The next niomliiir I rode thirty miles
and joined Colonel Alvarex who had )
infantry and -100 cavalry. Here I met Dr.
JonqtH.ii CntVka. the private piycan of
Gen-ra Gomex. on his way to Join the
general. ! traveled with rtlm the reat of
the way. Seven wotmde.) soldiers in Al
commmid the day previous had
sacked -the town of San Juan Aroyo.
The next day I roh- W miles to the
camp of Hiatenlo Bsquerra in the pian
tano hills, two leatrues north of the town
of .Manlcaj-agua. rquerra U chief of the
Cienfugo brigade and had In camp 400
infantry and 150 cavalry. Krom there 1
rode ihnv, .lav. throutrh lhA 1..- . .
ant over the mountains to the CXIFWT
and ov-r the mounuiltis 150 miles to the
camp of Brigadier-General Nunex In the
Trinidad hills. Nunex has 100 Infantry
and 25 cavalry engagvd hi raising ve
t.JNcw. "I next proceed..! to the enm-p of Ko.
Ivrto liirniudei In She Montaruu hllK He
had b.l infajvtry and 20 civalrv. Then 1
nt to the camp of nrigadler-Oeneral
Mont'Mguedo. He had ("0 men In camp
ui.l a-air.Hl me that his whole division
numliered 2W infantry -uid CuO cavalry.
I believe that he tohl the truth, becaue
riding In a stmlsht line through the five
camps Just mentioned. I actually saw
1S70 men.
"After reavliur Monteagucdo I eitt.y-ed
what a called tSie fli-s( division of Santa
Clara under of Jose Miguel
Ooinex. The whole strength of the first
division i 240O Infantry and w cavalry.
I .Nil not meet Jose Gomes, hut near El
Ma-ngo 1 the camp of Teyo San
(.hex. who had 200 infiuitry and 100 cav
iry. Near Retiiedio I entr.-d the camp
of General Ourrillo, chiet of the fourth
army corp, or the whole Sntu Clara
provlni.'. Catlllo had in camp 600 men.
The whole tingth of his command e
shown by iprevtous flgiir.M Is 3700 men.
Two days from Carlllo I rode Into the
camp at Colonel Vtlsa who i in charge
of tJie outiWHt of General Gomex' camp,
and a day later I lhad the pkMsure of
saluting t'he commamier-in-chief. Gen
eml Gomn hw In his camp 250 infantry
a;ul 100 cavalry- Ho seldom ha more.
"From official returns shown to me in
General Gomel camp, I estimate that In
Puerto Principe where the Cuban govern
ment headquarters are eatabhetied. the
rHIwI tarrm number 2fi0 cavalry with only
an buigniflcant number of Infantry, in
Hantlago UVrs an W) oavuJry and fully
10) infantry. Thw flgur are conm-rv-tlva.
It la In IM two earpiwlnce mat
the main trentfth of the Cuban Inaurg
no Ilea, not only In th number of men,
but In ttta condition of the country and
a plentiful supplr of food la easily a,
cured. There are Irving In the mountain
of Puerto Prtnnt and SntMro ful'y
000 poop) not ctivly engard in war
fare, but cuRlvatin; the aoH a If thera
wa no war, and tntrhiMnc auppUe fo
Ot reWa.
"All the cavalry I saw on the trip were
an mountM well and art fulb armttl In
two tnrtancM tb reclment wre badly
off for dothlnK.
"Wtrti reward to Uhe f xd aupply (xd
nmny of the lro4 must go biinirry for
on day, irwi .-)dom for a longer time.
Th'-ri la abr.ute1y no ohbdee of itarv
Inir the reel out. In wtwtern Santa
fi.r rhey rti!t chl-fly or. veKtable
and fruit and a pe ! of animal aorae
thln like an oppnaMimthe J'l. Thee
animal, are found by thn thou. and. n
tibe e.utt. Ttire are frfenty of cattle.
"In a-wes-sl 4rv.fance 1 muw rrular
lone of cutlvtV In the hllla never
molested and .iptr1n- a cn!d' rable
quantity of tvid. In the mall valley
In rh mounuilna I saw many .mall port
able mills at work. I acw nutimxa
Mnal) Kmiro poitchcn, but cigarette are
worth their weight. In gold amonr the
Vew Tork. T.-!pviklng of the et
i.itlon n China to a Herjld correaron-
dirl last nigh; Pecr'tary 3herman aald:
"1 thlrk It w'll now be In line for niwnla
and France to take poas'wVan of Chinese
twrt Their Inaxreeta will require such
action. Great Itrirain ha. Hong Kong,
whkh Im the i-'ts for Kngllsh Interosta,
n"d now Germa'-y hot Kiao Chou. Hus
Ia i d-j!roi;s of oh'ilnini a southern
pert whore Utr ships wll nat !; froicn
in during the wj-itcr. jtoidc her cam-ine"-!al
Intves'i nre such :hai she ousr!ii
to kav a Chinene port such as Germany obtained. S far ,ie American com
n ero Is concerned. effect It will have
the name rlgta In Kiao Chou as that
C Oermany. This depends however, on
the commercial retrutatton wtfich Ger-n-any
will p-jce .n fores Trom my un
lerstandlng of th matter Germany I not
k-iven title to the teMreie but she h.s
tue riht to aubcil ise her laws for th5
v.hch the ""hlnejj hae hitherto had In
f-rce. Ht merohjnts will consequer.tly
: ot y suLjcrt to f.. laws of China at
Kiao Chou, but will be required to ob.
.e German law I pre.ume vhe Ger.
nans will now stv:n a larsv city "
Kiao Chou and pu.h Miclr eommereial
interests a vigorously as" rfible.
"I rapposv that If the United States
was to indicate to China Its dfslre to ob
tain a Chinese port, the Peking govern-
, ment would runt It, but we -van- no such
port. Our rommervial Interesta are aatis
factonly pro:?ll at the preset.t time
by the treatle and liesides at Hong Karg
.-md we will have the game rights at
Kiao Chou we are granted the freedom
of the port In the same way as are the
Now York. Jan. 7 R. G. Dun .fc Co.'s
weekly review will ay:
In fsillure H7 was not only the best
year since 1882, out. on th wtijle the beet
ever deflnlt?ly knon. With 13 "'2 In
number, 11.5 ;er oent l.fcs than 1896, and
J1S2.5S1.771 defaulted liabllltitti 43.7 per
cent lean than in 1536, the year's banking
failures counted for KS.2O.n0, and the
commercial failures were but 13.331. with
HabllfrieH of HS4.Ui2.07: the average per
failure being only Jll.XJ, the lowest ever
known except In 1S2
The new year b.'gan with dleappolnt.
ment for speculators In stocks and grain
which M not a bad sign
Want Union of Force to Oppose the
Arch Enmy.
Portland, Or., Jan. 7. The result of the
conference of the silver fors which was
held in Portland today at the call of
Chairman Cooper, of the union party, to
wn In the following resolutions, which
were pa.-I unanimously:
"We recognise th-it he general welfare
of our country' is opposed by a common
enemy that should be met by a solid
meeting of American forces.
"As citizen who love ..hir country and
desire to do the grentest good to (he
greatest number, we therefore recom
mend that this meeting request the peo
ple of the populist party, tile democratic
party, and the sliver republican party, to
use all fair and honorable mean to secure
a proper alliance of these parties In dis
trict, state and county organisations, to
the end that co-operation may be had at
the coming election.
t-i.eie are plenty or good men in any
or all of thetw parties, pire ln principle
and tried In patriotism, to fill with honor
to their constituents, trusts to which the
pe-cpl, would can their servants by popu
lar vote.
"Therefore, we would hojie:
"First-That conventions of the several
parties be hold at the same time and
"Second-That they endeavor to agree
upon the principle asd candidates, main
taining their separate party organization.
"Third That the county organization'
endeavor to govern themselves by the
same co-operation, similar to that of dls-trj.-
and atate organteaUous.
"Fourth Tht all work together .for
such victory as la sure to follow harmony
of action for a Juat cause, for in union
there to strength."
Retanlirj Kloadlkers Loaded Witt.
Dust aad Drafts.
firs ia tke Cisiis-Basisess Ruhii It
Siigwtj R.Ilef Ixpeditioa
Sappllcs Icidjr.
eattle, Jan. 7.-Thlrty-flvi Klondikera
arrived here teiy on the ateamer City
of Seattle. t-rlnKlng anhrlc. from" Dawon
up to Dec-wiber 7. J. M. Kewier. John
Hurler and "French Curtey" Dtiorge ft
Dawaon on tfhat date and cam through
m record breaking time, reaching geaui
exa tly one month after ttelr atart. Th
trip wo without apeclal incident, other
than Oh usual hanbihli of such a jour.
"We ttasaed between 2J0 and Q men on.
our wey out." caid Mr. Kepner. "Partle
will be coming out evry day now. Th
situation at Dawvon icr practically an
chared. Th food supply I better than
't wa two months ago on account of rh
people leaving-."
De forge In an mten-!w taM:
"1 cannot say -exactly how much dust
wa brought out; I thnk It will run over
HOO.K.J. and probably reach JIM.WO. I
know one man who brought out between
tlO.OflO and S20.0iM In dust. In drafts there
wa more money represented. On man
alone has a draft for and others
I know have large drafts. Perhaps oh
orafus will total -up 50.000. There wa
nothing new n the way of strikes re
ported when w left. All the mine open
ed were belnar worked and th outnut
next eprtng will be a tg one." .
All of th Klondlkers returnmg tell of
meeting numerous partle acattered along1
the rout trying to pus In. Some h-iv
dog while many are trying- to drag rhwlr
outfttM or sleds. All are making:
very flow progress. Considerable scurry
Is reported at Dawson.
J. B. anvl J. T. Graeher. formerly of
Shemokln, Pa., who have been prospect
ing at the head of the Hootalinq-j. re
port that on une 8th of October a party
of seven people left the head of Lake La-
Barge, elnce when nothing has be -a
heard of any of hem. They also report
the picking up of two deserted boats, on
of which conttilned 100 pounds of pro
vision and the other 100 pounds. As near
as they could make out by the mark., on
the vacks they were tho property of
Whitman and Parker," whoever thy
may have been. The owners are probably
lo., although It may be possible that tha
boat had been lost by drifting awar.
They wore found on Three Mite river be
tween Hootallnqua river and LeBarg.
Napoleon Dupros and a party of six
Frenchmen are said to have brought up
wards of JtO.000 in dust with them. They
also have a draft for $100,000. the pro
ceeds of tihe sale of some mining pros
In a race with Uie City of Seattle, th
steamer Grge W. Elder, which runs be
tween Portland and Skagiay set fire to
her atateroonu Monday. The race oc
curred on thai lde of Fort Wrangel. Th.
Are' was easily extinguished.
Skagiwax, Alaska. Jan. i, via Seat!,
Jan. T. Captain 'Wood, In command of a
detachment of the Northwest Mounted
Pofice, In tthe district whlcti extends from
White Pa.s wummlt to Lake Tagish,
warns all persons en route to the Klon
dike that they will not be permitted to
pass the Taglsh house unless each person
has at least 6TO pound of provisions.
Lot "Jumping" In Skagwuy Is the lead
ing Industry. Scarcely a day parses mat
dos not witness several lot Jumpp-Kf
cases. Building operations are being1
pushed nigiNt and day. Some of the Irnl'.d
lnps ibeing erected are to be wed as ho
t and loilging house, more for Jane
halls, variety theatres and saloons. The
town 1s lively and each incoming ".teamer
brings hundred of people. Besid- tha
City of Seattle, which arrived today, the
Elder came ln from Portland with a big
load of passengers. It is almost Impos-
eibl 'fcr the people to secure hotel or
lodging accommodation. Restaurants,
(Continued on Fourth Page.)
Royal aaake the food pars,
wholesome aad dallclsae.
AS.olutciy puro
boy awn eowosa eo., m voaa.
111 Mil M