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gaily gltftotiait
Telephone No. til
Scat by mall, per year..., ,..l.00
Bent bjr mall, per month So
Delivered by curler, per week 10
Bent by mill per year, $1 In advance.
postage free, to subecrtbera.
All communications Intended for publi
cation ahould be directed to th editor.
Business communleatlona o( all kinds
and remittance muat ba addressed to
Tha Astorlan,
The. Aatorlan guarantee to Ita aub-
acriber tha largest circulation of any
ewspaper published on tha Columbia
Advertising rales can ba had on apple
aalion to tha bualneaa manager.
Tha Weekly Aatorlan, tha second oldest
weekly In the atat of Oregon, has, next
to tha Portland Orcgonlan. tha largest
weekly circulation in tha state.
J no. r. Handley Co., ar our Port
land agents, and copiea of Tha Aatorlan
eaa ba had every moraine at their stand.
Q4 Third afreet.
ASSURED. The two great needs of the country
are capital and confidence.
Neither of these needs can be sup
plled without supplying the other. They
are mutually lndlspensible.
It la easy for demagogues to rail
about foreign wealth coming to this
country. Does any rational man know
of any Important work that has ever
been accomplished without capital
Can labor itself live without the friend
ly aid of capital?
A youne; country like the Vnlted
States, with an Imperial area inviting
vast Investments, with natural re
sources assuring It leadership in the
. . world of uroaue'.lon, if these resources
be brought forth through the energy of
capital and labor combined, with
population increasing by decades at
pace beyond the capacity of domestic
capital, must look to older countries for
surplus money with which to provide
for the mar if old opportunities and
emergencies of its Industrial capacity.
Today its industrial life la suspended
largely because of the withdrawal of
foreign capital which has heretofore
" seers (n activity in the United States.
wftltdrawal due to a single cause ap-
, prehension that the borrowers would
not return in kind the money borrow
, Already the aky is clearing. ' Until
'within the past week American securi
ties were flat In foreign markets. Lon
don, drugged with idle money, made
Idle by lack of confidence, would nelttb
ex Duy an American aecnrirv nn, nr..r
fer a dollar for use In American em
ptbyment Today, thanks to the fart
that the St Louis convention has de
clared unflinchingly for the mainte
nance of the gold standard. American
securities have risen abroad, and for
eign gold is getting ready to return to
the United States.
A well known citizen of Chicago,
Gharfea L. Hutchinson, who has lately
returned from a Journey around the
world, makes this timely observation:
"I wish 1 could send all the free sil
ver advocates to India for a few
months. If they found they had to re
ceive their pay in silver rupees they
would, be-gin. at a ace to hate the white
metal The rupee was once worth
teats, but free silver brought It down
to 27 cents, where it now stands. The
natives hope that we will adopt free
coinage, as they can then ship us their
rupees and raw silver to be coined."
It would be a great speculation to
buy a hundred rupees for J27 and have
them coined into sixty sliver dollars,
but the disappointment would come In
when It woa. found that though the sil
ver had been given a different form It
would count for no more In exchange
than before. In other word's, free coin
age here. Instead of bringing India up
to our standard, would merely bring
tu down (o hers.
The Republican party is now pledged
to the protection of American labor,
not only against foreign competition,
but also against the domestic evil of a
debased and dishonest currency.
Thou hast put gladness In my heart
Pmlmn, iv., 7.
If one would make his life profitable
and happy he must be at great pains
to fit himself to his circumstances or
environment. A vast deal depends on
the successful endeavor to do so, bo
cause In that way only can he main
tain In ordinary times a calm and
cheerful or. In the stress of sorrow, a
resigned state of mind.
Not that he need be entirely satisfied
with his environment, for It is also his
duty to look forward to something bet
ter and to make such changes as am
bition may prompt or an honest effort
achieve. But to be forever discon
' tented with what you have Is to lessen.
t)r possibly to lose, the power to make
the best of it
There is a kind of restlessness which
is almost godlike, for It Implies that
the soul Is capable of Indefinite prog
ress, and as the clothes of youth are
outgrown In manhood, and we pur
chase others which fit our Increased
' stature, so the soul must change Its
garments and put on larger thoughts
and projects and hopes. There Is an
other kind of discontent which is thor
oughly depressing and Is therefore to
be avoided, because it draws the cur
tains down and forces you to sit In the
When a man says, "This Is well
enoufth for today, but tomorrow I shall
have more and better," he is In Just
the state of mind that makes the more
and the better possible. But when one
feels that his circumstances are not
only a hardship, but also an injustice.
he can neither get out of his present
the bnt there In In it nor look for
ward to the future with anything like
good cheer. The people who Indttlg
In this latter tr.ln ol nought are a
very bad sort of Christians. They are
at odds with themselves and with the
Almighty. They spend so much time
In wishing that things were not as they
are that there la no time left In which
to use their experience to the best ad
If w would recognise how much we
have to be grateful for Instead of find
Ing fault because there are those wh
seem to be better off than we, we
should find a deal of comfort to which
we are now strangers. The difference
to a man's soul, to his temper, to his
general disposition, and, not least o!
all, to his bodily health, between the
conviction that he can do great thing
with what he has and the conviction
that he can do nothing because he has
not what he thinks he ousht to have,
is practically the difference between a
life embittered by an estrangement be
tween himself and the very nature of
It la true that there are human be
ings who seem to be greatly favored by
circumstances or by the accident of
birth, and also true that some hare
very little capital of opportunity. Why
this is so no student of nature or of
theology has been able to tell us. It
Is one of the pussies of creation, and
we ran but guess at a solution. Per
haps by and by, when we reach a
higher vantage ground and look back
on these fleeting years, we shall be as
grateful as we are now critical. The
matter is not explained either by Chris
tianity or by any of the natural rellg-
kina which have swayed mankind.
I leave the problem, therefore, to
take care of Itself and ask my soul this
far more lminirtant question. How can
I get out of what I have all the en
Joyment and good cheer It la capable
of affording me? If my neighbor rides
while I walk, if he has plenty and I
have little, aye. if he has robust health
and I boar about with me a thorn In
the flesh. I would rather pray for a
contented spirit than waste my energy
In envy of that neighbor. I do not care
how humble ones's circumstances may
be, there Is certainly something beaa
tiful and holy to be found within the
narrow circle. The poorest man who
.ver lived, who had not where to lay
His head, and who died on the cross,
could find a world of betuty In a flower
and a helpful truth in a flight of birds.
We think too much of our environ
ment and not enough of our destiny.
Wealth has very little to do with hap
piness. . Money gives nothing to. the
heart can purchase neither a moral
principle nor an inspiration. Strip the
millions from one man. take away the
poverty from another, pull off every
thing until you get down to the naked
soul, and you find that the only real
difference is a difference of character.
I say this, therefore give no atten
tion to what others are able to J or Jo
enjoy, but devote yourself to doing
and enjoying all that Is possible In
your own small life. There never yet
was a night without a star, and If
you search for the star and do what
you can to Ignore the darkness yon
will find more happiness than you ever
dreamed of. The habit of looking at
the bright side is well worth cultivat
Ing. It is a kind of practical Chris
tianity, which the world knows too
little about Religion Is not worth
much If It encourages your discontent;
for, after all If you and the Lord keep
together you will always be In good
company and always have something
to make you glad and cheerfur. What
Is around JW win be brightened by
what is above you. and today, cloudy
though it may be, wm be made radiant
by the hopes that come from the great
Mrs. Phabe Thomas, of Junction Cltr.
III., was told by ker doctors she had
Consumption and that there was no aope
for her, but two bottles Dr. King's New
Discovery completely cured her, and she
says It saved her life. Mr. Thomas Eg
gers, la Florida street. San Francisco,
suffered from a dreadful celd, approach
ing Consumption, tried without lesult
everything else, then bought one bottle
of Dr. King's New Discovery and In two
weeks was cured. He I naturally
thankful It Is such results, ot which
these rae samples, that prove the won
derful efficacy of this raedlclse hi Coughs
and Colds. Free trial oottle at Cbas.
Rogers' Drug Store. Regular slse 60
cents and $1.00.
There Is talk of women riding men's
wheels altogether as they do ra Paris,
the gay bloomer costume befnjr a ne
cessary adjunct of the innovation.
Old people who require medfefne to reg
ulate the bowels and kidney win find
the true remedy in Electric Bitters. This
medicine does not stimulate and con
tains no whisky or other intoxicant, but
acts as a tonic and alternative. It acts
mildly on the stomach- and bowers, add
ing strength and giving tone to the or
gans, thereby aiding nature In the per
formance or tne functions. Electric
Bitters Is an excellent appetizer and aids
digestion. Old people find It Just exactly
nat tney neeo. frice EO cents per bot
tle at Chas. Rogers' Drug Btor.
Magnetism In wemen counts more
than beauty. Age cannot destroy tSe
first, though It does the second.
The best salve m the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Bores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Bores, Tetter, Chapped Bands,
Chilblains, Corns, and All 8km Erup
tions,, and positive cure for Piles, or no
pay required. It Is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or monoy refunded.
Price, 25 cents per box. Fer sale by
Chas. Rogers, Odd Fellows' building.
The girl with naturally curly hair Is
wise In making a point of spending
her vacation at the seashore.
ROYAL Baking Powder
has been awarded highest
honors at every world's fair
where exhibited.
The very wide rimmed sailor hat is
not popular.
One swallow does not make Spring, but
one swallow of One Minute Cough Cure
brings relief. Chas. Rogers.
The highest
gtxxl n
knows t.urc i none just
as xkI tA
. ft
- n
ou wt!l timl
- ,M',IV
iMKOt w.ic.hcU s Iimiiuiit,
Huy a Un; uf this ntc
bratcil tolviccouiid rcu.. tliu
eoujHm winch gtvrs n list
of valuable presents mid bow
to set
It Is noticeable fact that women
Inordinately fond of cats acquire their
Laughing eyes, frames full of vigor.
and elasticity are blessings attainable
by the cadaverous, the haggard, and
the dyspeptic who try that wisest of
experiments an experiment whose
nappy outcome is cemnea to oy myT9 chnr. ttv, j,,.,,,,,,,, th. GnA)
riaas vis., a course ot rioatetter s
Stomach Bitters promptly begun and
steadlly pursued. There Is no tonic com-
parable to It In efficacy, none morel mon council of the city of AMorU pro
agreeable and speedily beneficial. The 10 ehange and re-eitabllh the gnul
nervous and dyspeptic, suffering f rom
malaria, rheumatism, constipation, bll -
lousness and kidney troubles are rap -
i,iu- mi h .h n.... ,. i.
' ' "-""""" I
of the best means of counteracting the,
effects of excMxlve hodllv or m-nlnl i
- , . i i
ent weather. Persons of sedentary
habits find It a most useful vlvltier and
rtcuiirra.or oi exiiausieu tnergy. vse,
It in order to sleep well, eat heartily
and digest thoroughly. Thvslclans ev -
. , . . . . .
erywhere speak In high terms of It.
Why Is it when your thoughts come
thick and fast you are always cursed
with a hard pencil?
Toung mothera dread tha summer
months on account of the great mortality
among children caused by bowel trou
bles. Perfect safety may be assured
those who keep on band DeWitt s Colic
A Cholera Cure, and administer it
pronptly. For cramps, bilious colic, dys
entery and diarrhoea. It affords Instant
relief. Chaa Rogers.
The navy blue and white combination
Is a never falling source of delight to
the eye of taste.
When Baby was sick, w gae aer Cutorla,
When she was a Child, tie eried for Castorla,
When aha became kin, c duag lo Castoria.
t, T&IMna.altegaia than Cutorla.
Give a woman nothing to do and a
bottle of peroxide and she will get
Into mischief sure.
Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Contains ao Ammonia or Ahsea.
Alfittle Ivy againHt a brick wall does
muck toward making a city back yard
A. L. Wooster, a prominent cltlsen ot
Osieo, Mlch after differing excruclutlng-
ly from piles for twenty years, was cured
In a short time by using DeWltt's Witch
Hazel Salve, an abseiute cure for all
skin diseases. More of this preparation
Is used than all others combined. Chaa.
Jackets that open over soft muslin
frontt are seen on most of the import
ed gowns.
Mrs. R. DeToung, Mlddleville, la,
writes: I have used One Minute Cough
Cure for six years, both for myself and
children, and I consider It the quickest
acting and most satisfactory Cough Cure
I have ever used. Chas. Rogers.
Shoppers now congregate around
counters displaying bargains In sum
mer fabrics.
D14 you ever think how readily the
blood is poisoned by constipation? Bad
blood means bad health and premature
old age. DeWltt'es Little Early Risers,
the famous little plus, overcome obstinate
constipation. Chas. Rogers.
The summer evening trolley ride Is
once again becoming prominent.
One Minute Is the standard time, and
One Mlnu.e Cough Cure is the standard
preparation for every form of cough or
cold. It Is the only harmless remedy
that produces Immediate results. Chaa
More chocolate soda in called for than
any other flavoring.
Ecsema is a frightful affliction, but like
all other skin diseases it can oe perma
nently cured by applications of DeWltt's
Witch Hazel Halve. It never falls to
cure Plies. Chaa Rogers.
Bismarck Is falling rapidly, though
his mental qualities are unimpaired
Pure blood means good health. De
Witt's Barsaparilla purines the blood,
cures Eruptions, Ecsema, Scrofula, and
all diseases arising from impure blood.
Chas. Rogers.
The small sleeve may have the ap
proval of fashion, but It Is not as be
coming as the larger style.
In the Spring a young man's fancy
lightly turns to thoughts of DeWltt's
Little Early Risers, for they always
cleanse the liver, purify the blood and
Invigorate the system. Chas. Rogers.
It's all the same, a slight cold, congest
ed lungs or severe cough. One Minute
Cough Cure banishes them.
Htanley Is regarded as a dismal par
liamentary failure.
There's more slothing destroyed by poor
soap than by actual wear. "Hoe Cake"
soap oontalns no free alkali and will not
Injure the finest lace. Try It and notice
the difference In quality. Ross, Hlgglns
claim for otlwr
is "Just of
Durham. 'Y I
oM smoker -
tv - n
one Cinijo'M insula r
son twoonucelMi'.ntui twoivti- "m"
........ ............ - .47
..,1.1 I, Mil III1UVQ
t be in.
A 16-year-old girl that giggles Is had
enough, but a boy of that age who
knows It all Is a still more awful abom
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla.
on Jerome Avenue, ltetwren Tenth
nJ Twelfth streets. In Mc-
v0... ,. .V.lT,, .
; changed by Cyrus Olney. which lbs be-
i,,,c,, ,n w,':'1 Twelfth stn-.t
" n" ' of "'" street. t the
following helitht above th base ot
grades, as establlnhul by onllrsrce No.
71, entitle.! "An Ordinance to Ksuhllsh a
vi .trout's lor me streets oi as-
! On the north side of the ctoxlng ot
I M,J J",rone avenue with eleventh street.
1SJ feet.
0n the south side of said ,ro,ln. 1M
I teet
1 J ir of the common council.
Dated June (. ISM.
. vFIsov
i Auditor and Police Judge.
Notice Is hereby given that the com
mon council of the city of Astoria pro
pose to establish the grade on Alumxia
avenue. In that part of the city known
as Unlontown. at the following h?lght
above the base of grades:
At the northeast corner of block & at
S feet above the base of grades, and at
a point directly eppoalte and at right
angles to the east line of block t at S
At the southwest corner of block t at
S feet and at a point directly opposite
and at right anclea to the west line of
block t at U feet and at a point on the
north aliU of hhwk 11 Irw-llw aimm.Ii.
I fa th aAtithw mm, nf Ktnl. t - n .
at right angles to south Una or block I,
at 41 feet
At the northwest corner ef block It. at
44 feet
At the southeast corner of block J, at
4 feet.
At the northeast corner of block Is, rt
15 feet, and at a point directly opposite
on the south side of block X end at right
angle to the north line of block Is. at 46
feet, and at a point directly opponlte to
the northeast comer of block H on the
west side or block 19. and at right angles
,n rh. -a - H n .I Kin.!, Ifi - . ' t
A. im-re.,.,,,, , iinme,i. iv.nli.
with the enst boundary of Taylor's As-
toria, at 49 feet
At the northwest corner of block lg. rt
80 feet
At the southwst corner of bk'k !, at
80 feet.
At the northeast corner of block 17, at
m fret
At the souttteast corner of block J, at
81 feet.
And unless a remonstrarce signed by
the owners of three-fourths of tne prop
erty fronting on snld portion of said
street be filed with the sudltor and po
lice Judge ot said city within tin days
from the final publication of this notice,
the common council will establish said
Dated at Astoria. Oregon, June 6. HM.
Auditor and Police Judge.
Notice Is h'rehy given that the com
mon council of ttle city of Astoria pro
pose to establish the grade of Columbia
avenue In that pnrt of the city of As
toria known as unlontown, at the fol
lowing height above tha base of grades
At the souhtwest comer of block 't. at
130 feet and at a point directly oppwlta
on the east side of block 18 and at r'ht
angles to west side of block 19. at 130
feet and at a point ill -not ly oppoilte to
the southwest corner of block lit on the
north side or bloclt Si and at r' ht angles
to the south side cf block 19. at 1: feet
At the southeast corner of blc :k 18. at
13! feet, and ut a point directly opposite
on the north side or blo k 20 ard s. right
angles to the south rl . of hlo?k 18. at
132 feet.
At the northwest corner of block 20,
at 135 feet
At the southw.wt cot.ier of block 18,
at 135 feet.
At the northeast corner of block 21,
at 13 feet.
At the southeast corner of black 17,
at 13S feet.
At the south side of Kingston avenue
at Its Intersection with Columbia avenue,
at 1MI feet.
At the north slle of Kingston avenue
at Its Intersection with Columbia aveaue,
at 181 feet
At the southwest correr of block 2, at
2o4 feet.
At the routhorry corner of block 23, at
2M feet
At the Intersection of Columbia, Cam
bridge and Ilwaco avenues, st Tb& feet
At the noitheast coiner r.f block M, at
2M feet
At the northerly corner of block JS, at
2D4 feet. i
And unbss a remonstrance signed by
the owners of three-rourths or the prop
erty frontrng on said portion of said
street be Died with the auditor and po
lice judge or said city wlth.n ten days
from the final publication of tMi notice,
the common council will establish said
Dated at Astoria, Oregon, June 6, 1S96.
Auditor and Police Judge.
Notice Is hereby given that the com
mon council of the city ot Astoria pro
pose to establish the grade at the Inter
section of Franklin avenue and Thirty
sixth streets at 80 feet above the base ot
And unless a remonstrance signed by
the owners of three-fourths or the prop
erty fronting on said portion of said
street be filed with the auditor and po
lice Judge of said city within un days
from the final publication of this notice,
to-wlt, on or before Wednesday, July 1,
1894, the common council will establlnh
said grade. ,
Dated June i, 1894.
Auditor and Police Judge.
Ily virtus ot a warrant lnsue.1 by tli
county clerk of Clatsop county, slut of
Oregon, under the seul of snld count
and state, on the Kilt duy of April A. I
IK'S, and to ms directed, roimmiitdltig
me to levy upon lhi goods and eliatte
of the dellhiiuet taxpayer tunned In the
delinquent tax roll of t'luuop county.
slut of Oregon, (or lh yenr Ik, thereto
ntuchc.1, and It lion be found, then
UHMi the real properly na set forth and
described In snld di'llimuent tax roll, or
so much thvreot as ahull bo siinlcliiit 10
satisfy th amuuiil of liutra ao uliaigcd
Uiereiu, together with the corns and
iMMises, 1 did. on the Wih duy of May,
1M, levy upon Ihavlng been unable to
II ml pvrsorul property aulttcleiil out ot
which to make suid (axes) Hie
lui set oppoalie the name of the rv
pectl purlieu, ririm slid corporations.
contained in th following list, to sat
Inly th amount of taxes and cutis
vwied end chars asulnat such leraoita.
nrnis ami corporation In th wild d
Itnqucnt tax loll, all ut said property
being sliunte in said county and stal
and ilciicrllwd un ikilil deilnuiient In
roll of said county and stuto lur snld
year, as follow, to-wW:
Abercrnibte, Mury, lots 4, &, ro
IS. T 1 N. It lu W. To actvs,
H- I IT Ml
AiH'rvromtu, I. it., iHgln on right
hank ot Johnson's nlough, w
nls. J3. of N.W. cor. of U K, V,;
thene K. U rd. to left Imnk
of Island slough: Ihenca .town
said sloush to Uwis and
Clark river at mouth of John
son's slough; iImiic up right
bank of Johnson's slough to
pluc of beginning, sec. I, T, I
N., It. in V ;i-lui acres; lw
Kill at N.i: cor. of 8 K. . sec,
U; thenc S. u hi., to a irv.'k.
thence wvstvrly along said
creek rd. to fork ut said
creek; thenc N. lo N, line of
8 K. l of 8ii k. sec II: thenc
N. SIS ft; thenc W. to W. Una
of N.K. t of U K. t,, sec. II;
thenc N. to a point 10 cha K,
of N. line of 8 K. k of s.ild
sec; thence K. 10 ch.; thence
N, 10 chs.; them- K. 10 chs lu
beginning, S. II. T. 7 N , It.
10 W., tr.TJ acres, l.'.Jd H u
Allen. Mrs. llrUU-.t lots J, 4, blk.
: lot 1 blk. McClurv's
Astoria, ns ex't. by Cyrus ol
ney. HISu H 01
Aleanlider, O.. 8.W. I 8c, II. T. t
.V. K. tl W.. l'A iu-i.s tlltU ... 19 B
Allon John. 8. i, of U.K. Kw. ?
T. 7 N , It. I W., 80 acrv. I Tl
Anderson, u illiam, lot I. j, J,. 4. i,
. 7, . , in, II. li IJ, It, IS, 14,
blk. HoMslal addition. K i, tt 11
Armmrung. James, N.W. V4 8ce.
. T. t N It I W., ISO acres,
Austin I.ucretl.i M . ',, 1 4. blk
I. Nunnyiiu addition. loo 4 01
uand Harry F, Iota UU blk
IC Mcliure'a Astoria, as el d
by Cyrus Olney, flo.M J7 If
Darker, l-aura P. A., lets 1, 2. 1,
4. 8. (, 7, K. . 10, II. IS. 11, 14, It,
14. 17. 18. 19, 3). Jl, s. 2J. 14. SS.
24, blk. US, Mary Ann Adair's
Rouih Audition to th Port of
Upper Astoria, U4S 4 )
Harnett Cora, E. t, of 8 W. W.
S or 8. K V, Bee. M. T. 4 N.. R.
I W., 158V, acres. I.0! 17 71
Barnes. Frank. K. 14 of g W. Vi.
a t ' B E. Vi Sect It, T. I N.,
K. I W.. ISO acre, tt 84 tl 11
uatlln Co., If. E-, begin at N.K.
cor. of blk. A. MoKwaa's
Add'n. to Ocean Urov: thenc
B. W ft, W. loo ft, N. 60 ft. E.
100 rt. to beginning: alto, begin
at N.W. cor. blk. A. Mo
Kwan's Add'n. to Uoran drove;
thenc K. 1W ft, thenc 8. W
ft. W. !W ft, N. W ft 10 be
ginning. 41e
Beach C. L, lota tt, SS, blk. U.
Astor Add'n. 10 Astoria: lots
7. 1. blk. t. North Add'n. as lair'
out and recorded by E. A.
Noyea, Kc
Beers. Iuls, lot S, Mk 14, Pros-
peel Psrk Add n. to Astoria 4c.
Bell. Phllllppa W, lots a. w, blk.
n. tract t, Olney'a Add'n. to
Astoria, as laid out by Hustler
A Aiken, eiec'rs. 11.01
4 X
Uennett, A. 8. blk. t, Olney's
Add'n. to Astoria, as laid out
and recorded by llumler A
Aiken, exee'rs.; N.W. of.
N.W. 4 of 8 K. 1, See. Jz. T. 8
N, It V, 10 acres; undivided
4 of; lli'gui l.iilCH ft. W. of
8.K. cor. of Bhlvrly 1). I C.:
thence W. 144 ft, N. to 8. Una
of Bhlvely's Astoria, E. l?0 ft.
8. to beginning 8.-C. 17. T. I N,
K. W.. 6 acres. l! ..M SI 1
Bennett, Chut lei, E lots 18. 19,
blk 2, Seuvlew Addition, as laid
out by A. 1. Oliver. c 4 87
Ulaauind, Duncan, lot 3, blk. 98,
van Uusen s Astoria. !7o 1 ar
Ulshop, w. C, B K. 14 See. 2a. T.
f N, It 7 W., 160 acn-s. tll.M)... tl U
tillss, U A.. Jr., lot S, blk. Ii, Mc-
Cluro s Asturia, as extended by
Cyrus Olney. 11.34 5 i
Klodgett Enoch I. begin at N.W.
cor. of lllwlgett D. L. C;
thence E. 42 90 chs. to N.K. cor.
of claim; thenc 8. 12.40 chs. to
Howard's N. E. cor.; thence W.
to 8.E. cor. of Mrs. (iranl'a
land: thenee N. to N.K. cor. of
said Mrs. Grunt's land; thence
W. to line of said U. L. C.j
thence N. to betitnnlng 8-c. 3,
T. 7 N., It. 9 W., 48 33 acres;
also, land In 8. 4 of lllodgett
D. L. C. 8. of land of Howard,
und N. and N.W. of land of J.
A. Fulton, except tract Bold for
cemetery. Sees. 1, 10, T. 7 N.,
It 9 W., 105.92 acres: i'lo, strip
of land running entire distance
E. and W. acrom land ot How
ard and extending B far enooirh
to Include M.33 acres Sec. 3, T.
IN, It 9 W, $37.19 44 41
Bradbury, Clement. N.E. I, of
N.W. t lot 4. Bee. 18. T. 5 N.,
It. 10 W 74.B2 acres; N.E. (i of
8.W. i N.W. Vi of BE.
Bee. 22. T. N., It. JO W, 80
acres; all or N.W. V, or B.W.
V,, lees plat or Bradbury's Addi
tion to Ocean Grove, 8ec. 22,
T. N, R. 10 w, 22 acres: N.W.
(4 Bee. 27, T. 6 N., It 10, W.,
160 acres, 147.92 (7 gs
Brandt. C, lots 9, 10, 11, 12, l, 14,
15, 16, blk. 8: lot , blk. 90, Hose
dale's Addition to the City of
Astoria, 18c IS 49
Bradon, William, undivided ot B.
y, ot B.W. . B.W. Vi or B E.
A Bee. 12. T. 8 N., R. 7 W, 40
acres, 12.74 t JJ
Brix, Asmus, lota 1, 2, 7, 8, blk. 100.
Adair's East Addition to As
toria, 121.28 2J 12
Brown, Peter, estate of, lots 14, 15,
block 16, Warrenton; lots I, 10,
11, blk. 8, Bklpannn Addition to
Astoria: lot t, blk. 11, Bhlvely's
Astoria, 119 86 tl 08
Buck, Elisabeth, lots 7, S, blk. 129,
McClure's Astoria, a extended
by Cyrus Olney, 15.83 t tt
Burney, R. H, lot 1, blk. 21,
Alderbrook, First Addition to,
K 53 7 tt
Bush, W. H, lots 1, 2, E. of
N.W. Vt Bo. 80, T. 4 N, It
W, 1S6.G9 acres, 14.29 15 98
Burns, A. O., lot 11, blk It, De
ment's Addition to the city or
Astoria, 17c 4g
Buell, Juno 8, lots 11, 12, blk. 20,
Laurel Pork Addition, as re
corded by H. C. Thompson, 29o I IJ
Buchanan, Manlus, lot 8, B.E. Vi of
N.W. 8eo 27, T. 4 N., R. t
W 40 acres, 12.01 u u
Butler, Walter II., lots 4, 7, See. 84,
T. 4 N R. 8 W., 42 85 acres;
lots 7, 8, N. V4 of B.W. V4 Bee.
15, T. 4 N., R. 8 W., 115.32
acres, 88.33 18 08
Byrd, Bnrnh L., N. ot N.W. 14
Bee. 11, T. N, R. 10 W, 80
acres, 14.01 0 24
Burke, B. C, lots 11, 12, blk. 1.19,
Bhlvely's Astoria, 128.81 12 68
Case, Edward, N.W. Bee. 10, T. 6
N, R. 6 W, 160 acres, 18.42 18 12
Carson, Luella C, lota It, 15, blk.
t It
15 51
II ft
10 41
t M
12 70
ill to
I to
14 71
Crle. K, It, lot 4 (except trnct sold
to A. tUen and N. J. lroni,
8. 0. 25, T. I N.. It. I W , 40
acres, 77c
Craven. Frank 8., N. 4 of I K. i,,
N.K. l4 of B.W, t, 8 K.
of N.W. , 8.M.V 28. T. N
It 7 W , IM acre. 117 so
Copping, pavld, lots 14, 15. I. 17,
blk. ST, tract S. olney's addition
to A.lcrlu. n laid out und re.
corded by lluatler und Aiken,
executor. 83.13
Dnlryiuplo. Ida. und. lot t blk.
4, lluatler Aatnrla. as Inld out
and rwurdrd by Astoria Invrst
ment Co, I7e
Darling, o. I., Iota 1. i. I, 4. .
f. 8. 9, 10. II, 11 blk 14. I'acirto
addition to Astoria, 3
Dement. J C, lots t 5. 10, blk. II.
1 bill's addition to th city of
A, t. tyj
Dillon. ,ary, eslat or, lot 7. blk.
1 M 'lure's Astoria. 83134
Doone), Michael, 8 K. t rlec. I, T."
1 N H I W ISO acres. 111!..
Donation, C. It, lots 7, 8. t, 10, It 12,
blk 7, Columbia rlxcond (
to Astoria: akto 8 W. I ol B.W.
. Brc. t T. J N, K. I W 40
I to
1 a
11 4J
acre. tto
Donlhark, A. N, Iota I. t, 1 4.
bik. 8. Hustler's A lor la, as laid
out and recorded by Astorlti In
. vtalmnl Co . Ue
1 tt
17 81
I 58
Dow, c. , lots . tl. It blkv S6.
Prootwct Park Exieajdt udl
tloa ! Astoria, tc
Dvmkin, Jahn li , wf t, f W, ,
""O. . 1 r. 4 n. 1 w, sj
acre. K a '
Bnsrland. C. 0, lot U, U,blk. 8.
8klMUoa addition to Astoria,
tl.lg. ..... .,.....
Eiulg Kllsabeth, lots I. t i, bla.
ss. folumtOa Becund sddltlon to
Astoria, 4Ie
Evans C. II, aad H lots 7. 8. 10,
11. 12. 11 14. 15. sulallvhion ol
blk. 71 Bhlvely's Aatnrla.
Evans. Mrs. Jeanelt. lot 18, blk 8;
kits n. 24. bik. 181 Railway adill
tlon to Aatnrla. 44c
Fair. It K, lot 5. blk. 14. Flral ad
dition to AMrrhrook. IS
Fsrrar, Isabel C, lots 1, 1 I, I. 1
8. 7. 8, I, 10. U. U blk 8, I'acltlo
addition lo Aalarla. 29c 18 to
Frldman. I., und. t, lot 14. blk. I,
Flavel Canter, as laid out by
W. E. Warren. 5o
Fisher, J. J.. truate. ,ota 15, 16. 17,
XI. 28. 2. to. tract I, blk. 27, or
olnny'a addition 10 Aatnrla, as
laid out ami reoorded by llua
tler A Aiken. cxMitora; lots 13,
13, Si. , 31, tract 1 auhdliiahm
of block 17 or Olney's addition
to Aatorla, as laid out ami re
corded by Hustler A Aiken, ex
ecutors. Kilo
21 to
Fisher, J. J , und. i lots 7. 8. 10.
II. 13. 11, II, 15. 16., suhdlvlstnn
or bik. 71 Bhlvely's Asturla:
und. S lots I, t. t. 1 t, . 7. 8,
t. 10, 11, 11 n 11, , Ik 8: und. H
lots 1. 1 8, 4, 5, , 7, I, I, 10. II.
11 13. 14, blk 7: und. S lots 1. 1
1. 4. 5. 8, 7. 8, I. 10, 11, H 11 14,
blk. 14: und. 4 u,, 1, , j, (i
4, 7, blk. 15: und. 4 lots 1, 8. 1
4. 5. 4. blk. It), lllveralds addi
tion to Astoria, ft 40
l' 52
I 18
Flaher, I. II, lota 2, 1 4. 6. 4, blk.
41, t'aclllo add'n. to Astoria. 7c.
Flak, W. II., lot 17, tract 1, suIh
ilvlalon of blk. 20, olney's sddl
tlon to Astoria, a laid out and
recorded by Hustler A Aiken,
executors, 55c,
Flnley, John, lots 1, 4, tract 1 sub
division of blk. 14, Olney's addi
tion to Aatorla, us laid out and
recorded by lluatler Aiken,
executors; lot 5, blk. IT, Mc
Clure's Asturla; lots 113, bik.
t. Hklpunon addition to Aatorla;
und. 14 of N.K. 14 of B.E. Bee.
1. T. 7 N It 7 W, 20 acres;
N.W. 14 of N.K. N. ", ot
N.W, 14 und B.W. i Beo 14, T.
7 N, It I W, 2.Vi acres; N.E. Vi
of N.E. ' and W. 1 of W. I,
Bee. 15. T. 7 N, R. 8 W,
acres, 111.52
60 87
17 42
11 41
11 46
Flnley, James, B E, V, Beo. 11 T.
It 8 w., m aiTea. 89.81
Ford, L. D, und. 14 lot 11, tract 1
sunuivisiun or blk. 20, Olney's
addition to Astoria, ss laid out
and recorded by lluatler A
Alkun,, executors, 29c,
Foikman, A. V, und. 4 lots 5. 8.
blk. 80, McClure's Astoria, aa
extended by Cyrus Olney. 87.99..
Folkmnn, Bertha, und. V lots 5, 6,
blk. Ki, Motiiir' Aslorlii, as
extnndod by Cyrus Olney, ln.01..
Foot, Angus, lot 4, Bee. 18, T. 1 N,
It 6 W, 15.40 acraa. II
Futtrup, Nels, lot 16, subdivision
or blk. 11, Adair a Astoria. 31.u
t 00
Gentry, B. A., InU 17, 18, blk. 6,
Astoria, aa laid out and record
ed by M. J. Kinney. 29o I 711
unoream, James, lot 12. blk. 9.
Dement s addition to th city of
Astoria, 17o
1 48
Ulaasol, Annie, heirs of, N.E. 14 of
o. v. 14 iota I. 3. 8, 4, Bee. 21, T.
7 N, R. t W, 160 acres. 11179..
18 08
Olover, Frank, B.W. '4 of B.W. !4
oeo. t, w. y, 01 n.w. i4, N.W.
4 of 8.W. J4 Bee. tl T. 7 N, R.
7 W, 160 acres. 19.63
16 22
Qoff. M. A, und. Vi lots 1, 1 I 4,
a,,!,, s, it, h, n 13, 14, blk.
6; und. Vt lots 1, t, I, 4, 6, 8, 7,
8, t. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, blk. 14: und.
4 lots 1, 1 3, 4, 5, I, 7, blk. 15;
und. Vi loto 1, t, 1 4, 6. 8, blk. 16,
Riverside addition to Astoria;
und. Vi of lots 7, t, 10, 11, 11 ii,
14, II, 16, subdivision of blk. 71
Bhlvely's Astoria. 17.51
(3 54
41 49
7 17
12 47
"rahum, John A, lots 4, 5, 8, blk.
9: lots 1, t, blk. 21, Alderbrook,
Omham, James, lota I, i 5, 8, blk t,
Young's addition to Alderbrook,
Gray, W. H, estate of, lot 8, blk.
24, McClure's Astoria, 18
Orlmea, O. K, lots 1, 1, 1, 4, 8, blk.
2, Railway addition to Ocean
Orovr t4o
Grimes, u C, begin In county road
-ba S. and 85.60 chs. E. of
t, Uearhart Park, He
Carlson, John K V, of 8.W.
V Bee, , T. t K , It. W W SO
aero, IW.4 ,
Chiirnmn, Thunma, lot i, blk. lni,
Mcliui'v' Aalolia, ss extolided
by Cyril Olney,
Clark John U., N.E. t uf 8 K 14
Men. to; N. of H V. V), N,W,
of 8 K. U Hcc. II, T. N.i It
T W WO sores, IS.I4
Cl)lllla v, v n, t or w , w,
t of 8 IC. U Bk. I, T. N , II.
' V PU ncria, tu Ml
Cook, II. 8 , o 14, l 18, 17, 18 19.
; tl ss. ti, bik. 1: bus t 1,
' U, blk. I; lot 11, It. 15. 10, II,
lit. I, HI 21, rs. it, 21, blk. 17;
lots 11. 14, 14, 111, 17, 18, It), to,
II. VS, ti, 31, blk, 41; lots Is, ,
II, SS. SS, 24. blk. 47; lots 13, 14,
15, 18, li, IS, blk 51: hits I. t, S.
4. 5. 4, IS. 1. blk 41: lots I, 3.
1, 4. I, s. 7. 8, , II, It. II, 14,
15. 14, 11, 18. IS, SO, II, S3. S3, 24,
blk. T: N. H of lots I. S. J, 4, 5.
. blk. 14: lot. u 1 i U 1,
I. 9, HI, II. 13. blk. 19. I'uclllo
Addition to Astorls, 13 35
Craig, Ida 11., lot t blk 1. Olney,
Crlm, I', tl . lots 1,1,1, blk. 8,
lAiirvl Park addlllon, as n
conled by II. C. Thoiupson, 4li).
Cress, John M , trustee, N. S of
8 K. l 8eo. II, N. I ol 8 . V,
8ec 13. T. 4 N., It. 1 W . Iu
acres, 11571
Cress, John M , W. W of N.K, Vi.
K. H ot N.W. l 8ec. 17, f.
N It 7. W 117 acres; 8 of
8 K. i aW. , T. 7 N . It. 4 W,
M) acres; N. 1 of N K. 8ec. 7,
T. 1 N., It t W 80 acres; N.K.
t Bo. 18. T. 7 N., It 8 W, lu
acre! W. H of 8 W. k, 8. ss,
T, 7 N It W , 80 acres: N K.
V Beo. XI, T. 7 N It. 8 W, IUI
acres: 8.W. Beo. I f, I N,
It. 7 W, 180 acres; lots 7, , .
10, 8v. 1. T. I N . It. 7 V V,4 71
acres; W. H of N.W. 8ec. 30,
T, 7 N, It 4 W.. 80 seres; 8 K.
V, Bee, 15. T. 7 N It, 4 W,, ISO
acrva, tliaix
N.W, enr, of Hec. in, lliene R,
M.75 ell, N. 15 cha , W, II ohs ,
8. I IS cha.. M W, li lt chs.
to county rend; K. 17 to cha, H.
II 88 cha, lu beglnnlns, eicepl
28 acres sold to '. II. Hlu, a
per Vul. I'as I1.
leeda. He.-. 10, T I N, It 10
W, 8ft seres, 1115! 18 IT
llrtiaa, Win. li, Arobblahup of Ore
gon, begin Ml H W cur of Hen,
II, N. U rda., K. 85 rda H. SS
Ma, W, 25 rda. lit liesllillllig,
Heft 14. T. 5 N. It J W I
acnx, He '41
tlulociin, Thonma, tola I, 8, 7, II
bid. t. I.uil Park loldttlon, as
reiHtlllMl by II. C, ThlNlipaiMI,
64c , t It
(lulhrneth. Jiini.a, lot I, blk 4, Co-
lunibla to Aalnrln. lift. I
tliinullig. John M , lot 3ft. blk 15,
Aalor addition to Aalorln, '.... 1 17
Hull, Charlotte J , lot 7, blk. IS,
Wurretitoii: loia . tl, blk I"'.
Taylor's Aaloila; lot It. SiiIhIIvI.
slon of blk. 41, Hhtvely's As
lorl. tl M
lUiuly. Milton K , lot I. K. 4 of
N W. , He,.. 28. T 4 N, It 9
h acrea, 817 It It
llaltaoti, Charles, H 4 of H W, tt
Heft II, N, H of N W V Hee.
14, T, t N, It 10 W, 11 acres,
8.1 08 Tt
llanaen, Karen, lots I. 1 1 i, 8. 8,
7, t blk. I: lots I. I I 4, 8, 8, 1,
8, blk t: lots I, 1 1 I, 5, 8. I, 8,
blk. IS; loia I 1 I. I. 5, 6, 1, 8,
blk. is, Mlllann"rt. v51 . 81 U
llnrndeii. C. It, Iota IS. , II. 22. A
21, blk t; Iota 18. It, II, IS. blk.
8, of Flavel 1'rnler. aa laid out
by W, O Howell. l II 17 Tl
Hatch. II. W , und V, loia I, 1 1
t blk. 8, llualler'a Aatu I, aa
laid out and recorded by Ilia
Aatorla Invealnieiit Co, SVe . . IM
llawea, li It, lot I, blk 58. Mo
Clure'B Aatorla, aa rtleiidcKl ly
Cyrua Ol.iey, IIU87 lit tl
llenilrlrkaen. OIf, und 1 lot 30.
I'lilonluan, I'1 12 IIH
lleii.e, Frank, loia 1 I. blk l.f,
.Mary Ann Adnlr's Homh addi
tion lo th Port of I'pp'r As
turla. tie 4 14
Healer John C. lot I, UK of
N W. l lot 1 K I, of H W . I
Hc. 7, T 7 N, It I W, 1UU
acrea, 110 So 19 01
Hill. W innie A, lol b. blk 13. l'
ineiil's addition lo the city of
Aalorln. 17c .. t 48
Hill. C , N W. l He. 17. T. t N ,
It 6 W, ttt acre. I31 10 a
Hill. Mr l. lot 5, Idk. n. Van
Diiaon'a Aaiuria, lie I Si
llnoiwr. C. E. loia II. IS. blk 9.
Itlteralde sdd.n to Aatorla. V 4 11
llouaentan, Itoaa, lota K, 3". Si, A
A blk. I. CUIaop drove, Sw ... 11 81
Houaenian, Fre.1, N. H ot lots I
and 8, Necaiilctini (Irovn, 9V , . 1 tX
Hughes. J. M. lot to, blk 10,
Hill's First addition to Aatorla.
1317 4M
Itungat. Charles A , lots LIU
5. a. 7. 8. 9. 10, II. II II. II, II. 14,
17. I, l. Si. 2t. A A 51, A A
r. A , . 1 A 31. SI. sub
division of hlk 77, Adair As
toria: lota t, I". II. blk I lau
rel I 'ark addition, aa recorded
by II. C. ThunigMtn; un.1 t, lots
I, I 1 4. t, 4. 7. . I. 10. II, a 11
II. 15. 16, 17. 18, 11. at. !1. A blk
19. I'roaaeot IVrk a.ldlilo to
i Astoria,; lot I, 1 1 4. 5, 6. t, 6,
8, 10, 11, It, 11 14. II. 18. 17, 18, 18.
tfl, tl tt blk. 7; lol I. 1 1 i 8,
.. . t. 1 K M, II, II A R I. 14.
- It, It, It, 18, It A blk 6. Waah-
Ington addition to Astoria, 1:8 JO in 48
Huikcruft O T, lot I. blk. 1
, ;, Chela., subdivision tract No. t,
vlu IN
Ingram, i. A kola I 1 blk II
IUHwy ad.IUuri to Aaloria, 2o I 80
Inno Frank M, W. 14 uf UK. l
Her. I. W. H of N K. 4 Hee. 19,
T. 4 N, It t W, ISO acre. Idl H 7
Jak. Frank W, lot A blk. lit,
Taylor's Astoria. 29e 1 88
JvnVrl, J. M, lot M, blk. 80. Hill's
First addition lo Aatorla, ITc. . 21
Jenn, Alex, lol 1 Bee. I. T 6 N ,
It. 1 W, II acre, 13 US 44
Johnson. II , lots 17, A tract I,
suMlvlalon of blk. 17, olney's
addition to Astoria, aa laid out
and recorded by lluatler
Aiken, executor, f I 01 4 H
Johnson. 8. J . lots I, 1 1 4, blk 55,
lluadala addition lo th city of
Aatorla. loo 7 tl
Jnhnaon, Adolph, lot 1 blk I, Mer.
wether I "owns addition to As
toria. 8.' 1 n
Johnami, Hannah M. A, lots 1. 1
blk. 1, Meriwether iHmna oddl
tloa to Aatorla. lie 4 11
Johanaon, A, 8 W. V, Bee. J, T 1
N, It I W, 1 acrea. 111(3 ... MB
June. Ke,.. l , lu, II, JJ, It l.
15, 10. blk. 8. ltoaedal addition
to th city nf Aatorla, lfc U f
Jordan, I'eter, lot lo, blk 9, War
renton, 12.54 id
John. I'eter, lot 1, 1 and tide
land fronting thereon. Bee. I
T. I N, It I W 73 85 acrea,
' 30OI
Keenan, Fred L. kit I, blk. 1 Aa
torla, as Inld out and recorded
by Martin Foard, Ue j 4,
Kehoe, Joaeph, K. S of E. Uj of
8 K. Ij. exceit that portion on
8. aide of county road. Beo 11
T. 7 N, It, t W, 23 acrea. 1m'
Krmlo, I. E, lota I. 1 I I, 5, , 7
8, I. 10, II. 12. 13, 14. 15, 16, 17, 18
19. 20. 21. a, 33. 21, blk. II. North
Tai-ino addition to Aatorla, f.V . SI 17
Kemler. I), lots 9, 10, blk. 10, lull-
way adillllon to Aaiuria, Sic ... a
Kenney, J. J, lota 5, 11, 14, blk. lfl,
McClurs's Astoria, as extended
by Cyrus Olney, ,0 -
Kinney. M. J, lots 1, 1 7. tills. 1,
McClure's Aatorla: E. 25 ft lot
I all lots 1 II, E. Vi lot 12 and
W. 31(4 ft lot 11 blk. 5; lots ii
II II 14. blk. 61. McCliir ' Aa
torlu, us extended by Cyrus Ol
ney: also, begin on W. Hue of
blka. 1 and 14. McClure's Aa.
lorla, In center of First at, W.
200 ft, N. to ship's clmnnel uf
Columbia river, a) rt, to
said W. line of suld blka. 1 and
16, projected N, them-e 8 lo
beginning, except w. 100 ft of
suld tract deeded to railroad
subsidy, ns per vol. 31 of deeds
puge 50, 8718.55 -a y
Kinney, August C, lot 1. H.o. 16.
T. 8 N, It W except t acres
ns per vol. to, page 307, of deeds,
24,2 acres; part of lot and
. In N.E. V4 Bee. 21, T. I N, U
1 W, 20 acres; also, begin 8 II
chs. N. or B K. cor. or Beo. 22
thence W. 7.87 ohs, B. 8.19 chs '
to 800, line; W. 24.13 chs, N 20
chs, W. I chs, to W. line' or
B E Vi: N. 10 chs. K, 10 chs, N.
10 chs, to N. Una or B.E, V4' E
ens. 10 Vi post, 8, to begin.
nlng, except tract as per vol.
XI, page 404; also except N.E. .
Vi of N.E. Vi. aa per vol. no "
page t, of deeds, aold to w!
C. Smith; also excepting 4
aores, as per vol. 11 page A
or deeds, sold to Walker, Bsc.
T. t N, H. 9 W 86 acre.
- f ' Nl , of N W' W ot 8.W.
Vi, and land In N.W Vi of 8 W
Vi Bee. 23, T. I N, It 8 w'
acres; 856.40
Kinney, Jane, bealn at V w"'Ul'
It 17
of lot 1. Beo. 24, thenca 8. 59'
to", E. 16.58 chs, to a point 8.75
I; N. 12.27 chs. to N. line of
B.W. Vi, E, B.7B chs. to centor of
said Boo.; N. 20 chs, E. It 63
chs, to outer harbor line' N
M 15' W. 1.507 ft, N. 00' w!
o,-i! If "K "lven ihAt on Monday,
the 20th day of June, A. U. m, at thi
hour of 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, In
front or and at the court house door In
the city of Astoria, In said county and
state, I shall proceed to sell ths abovs
doscrlbed real estate at publlo auction
to the highest bidder for cash In United
States gold coin at tlma of a.t. .,....
to redemption, to satisfy the warrant
costs and all aocrulng costs.
(Signed.) JAMES W. HARE!,
Bh.rirr of Clatsop County and ex-OmdO
. uusuuir.