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    - : ( V ,.-r -
Th vary heart of the Warrcntoa-Raval
Town Sit.
Beautiful Location.
Largs, flnuM. tola, sniloo feat.
Licatdlngly .ow Pilc.
h Opportunity. ,,
LlbcralTarma. Lrhdy fulled
Miiil'cw, l I'ltcll.
PAVMlt h. , rant auinllilv fur Ilia flial
II 11.. ...Mil Al-.,!l,iy aafe lnv.tlm.lll.
Hjii iuni i.iiihi. in . vny (ii, n,n.
Call on of Aildreaa
471 Bond St., Astoria, Or.
jtoific....47 Bond St., Astoria. Or.
Vo XI, V.
..STOMA, OltWiO.V, VKIM;S)AV MI.XlXJf MAY 27, !!).
1 A
Of the FineLlncsof Men's and Boy's Cloth
ing:, Furnishing Goods. Hats, Caps, Boots and
Shoes, Trunks, Valises, Umbrellas, Blankets,
Quilts, etc.. at factory prices for cash, at
one price to all alike.
For the One-Price
Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers
In Office Supplies?
Judge Nortliup Explodes the Favorite
Populistic Doctorine.'
Nearly One Thousand People Assembled and One
Third as Many Turned Away.
I Ik
.Median 'u Wry l!iitliiiKluxtic tiuJ the Cuiihc of Sound Money
Wtix (iicatly AIJcJ'l hw IaIN of a J),, predate J l.itr
rviwy I'.kpluliKJ ,Mit Siitisfiulorllv.
A New Lot of
Playing Cards
Just Received
...City Hook Store
Boat Stores... m Everything
In the Fisherman's Supply Line
...must Be Sold in the flext Sixty Days...
Trimleo for M. C.CMOHHY
Why wear fiictory.innJc cloulx, coat nnJ capes, when tailor
iiiiiJc wrap cost 1111 more, tit the II (jure perfectly, unJ look
Jaunty iiiiil st HmIi. (Jet 11 wrap made to order once, und you
will wear no other.
Co a. la to ordor, with material furnished, from 17 to 1100
Cape from 91.06 to $100 .
, We Can Do As
We Advertise.
t. FHI!I:MAN, ltf Fraaman Hulaitt.
R. T. EARLE, lata ol Steckten, Cat.
Foundrymen, Blacksmiths, Machinists and Boiler Makers
Manufacturing und Repairing of all Kinds
of Machinery. . ,
. ; .. . . f- , ; . , , .
Iron and Brass Castings. General B1acksmIth;Work.
PRCIAI.TIKS-Wtlth Patanl Wh.fl, Ship
mtllilnir ana Slaanloal Work, Cannery aitj
Mill Madilncrv. Marina anil Summary Dull
n UullttoOiarr. ;
tirSpedaHy equlpprd for LcRRcrs' vVork. ' l.ocattd on iStli and Franklin (Scow
Bav Foundry). Phone 7R. Correspondence solicited.
t any man foinlun out ot
our aiora and you'll nt
purl nil I of a ninn brlnimliifc
oyer with ilPiwnt thoiilil.
Hnch quality In tint liquor
wa havetooffnrantiMioiiithto
pli'iua any man. '
Ia triers a man with hort ao cold,
That from hla family would withhold
The oomft.ria which they all could llnd
In artlolea of FURNITURK of the rlirht
And we would emfgot at thla leaaon
nice Sldoboard, Extension Tablo, or let
of Dining Chain. We have th lnrfrent
and flncHt line ever ahown In the city
and at prices that cannot fall to plraae
the cloaeat buyer.
Nrvcr Iwifurn In tin- hlaiury f Aalnria
ha. tltr,. !.. 11 atii h uri outliurat of rt-
tliiialuarri aa ih.ii 1,1. h Ju.Ik
II. II. Nnrlliui, tin. ri.i n .nu I t. iulilli u
t iinililiito fur nmur. . In thla 11 hr r.
0111)1 illalrli't. nln 11 In. at Kluli
rr'a In.t cvriilriii In niuk to tht vuti-r
of Anlurla uim! IuUuii county on Iti
vltul laaiM. now lH.fir Iho H.i...-lho
iiuiii-y iii rinliir'a haa a aulliii
i'niriiy of omt I" 1, kikI a iiunlii.g cu
irlty- hrn nroraaiiry -of almo.t SO;
)rt. d"iii t litat fact, humlrvda fullr.l t
'In ailniln.lnn. Uiik IWoro oVI k,
1 hr hour at fur ,'orthu' apimir
am, the atiacluta luil I aa lltvrally
), many Uillra tiring jrnl.
Judi.' Northup la a vr'eran ot the civil
nr. un.t thi Orand Army ml of Aatorla
with th.. atara anj atrliira, wore conaplo
uoua up Ml the ata4n. Thoa upon the
ilatfiirm coinifiad Damocrata and flr-
jiuHU'una. thowlnj only too plainly the
atoiiiiir of the maaa of voter In tht
rrxinty toward lha mail who would ably,
honratly, and conaclontloualy reprearnt
the Pcond dlatiict In th national heila
of roiitrrra.
dhortly before I o'clock Mr. O Win
tc. pmaldviit of th Aatorla Chanilur
of Commerce. (Uipoad forward and. In a
f..w wall chuaen rrmarka. Introduced the
orator of the evening.
Judge Korthup rirtaed hla dnfip grat
Ittcatlon at ntratlng o many Aatoiiana.
"I forno brfora th pt-ople of thla dl
trli t." a.itd th Julgr. "uimn a tirtnclpla,
I did not arak th honor; In fart, t ecrortrt
jriK.i: 11. 11. ndktiu v
Nat loo j Kfiulilicaa tanilidatc for tooirc
to avi-rt It; ihid I only iicoi-iiicil r tie nom
nation ikh-hiiw 1 n il it my outy. 1 uc
ritcd it for the aitinc rciiaun ttuit ! cn-
IIhIihI In the t'uluii 11 nn y In lvil. As
Unit viia wan succcKuful, so ulao will
this ono N'. und sound nioncyu stahlo
currency will (irvvull.
1 mil cnllisl hy many iMTnona u 'bol
tcr" from th Kcpulillcun party lx-cauaa
I have a'i'i tit to run lndccnli'ntly on u
sound money platform fur cons reus. Hut
1 glory In the name of 'bolter' when the
rxpreaiilon Implies principle! (Applause)
When a purty departs from principle 1
will leave It, for irlnciplo Is the founda
tion of political parties; and when they
leave that ruck the party goes to piece."
Judge Northup spoke of the criticism
passed upon the name of certain person
who hud signed the petition asking- him
to be a candidate, saying he wa not
acquainted with all of those who had
signed the call; but he waa willing to
aubmlt the list In comparison with th
name of those who had (at In any ot
the recent convention of Portland.
Possibly, ho suld, the gentleman who
hod criticised th signer ot the petition
knew the person to whom objection
wa raised better than did th speaker;
but, It all that wa stated wer true,
he would be the last person In the world
to turn them aside when seeking repent
ance. W iry Magdolene came to the 8a-
lour and was received; and, If these
people against whom the crltlclMm hu
been matlo desire to leave former as-
soclattM und begin a new life, he would
welcome thorn to a higher piano of cltl
ieiiKhl; and to the truo stanUurd.
"While culled a 'bolter,' I am not a
Iwlter.' because. I represent the true
principles of the Republican party. What
Is tho nutlonnl platform of 12? What
Is Its declaration on the main IhmucY
1ocs It declare for the free and 11 1 1 1 1 111 -lit
rt coIiiiiko of sliver? Nn, It does not.
Ia'l mo read the plunk of the platform
o you. ... l that 11 declaim Uui for
liver? Vour own comity has not only
opposed the same, hut has. If possible,
made It plainer and li ft no doiiht to tl.u
wayfarer. Tho national licp'ibllcati plat
form declares explicitly for the coinage
of both gold mid silver, to extent
to which a purity run bo maintained.
Now, my friends. If tho free coinage of
liver would destroy thut parity, no man
can favor such a policy and cull him
self a Republican. Yet Mr. Ellis come
litfore you us a free, silver camlliliite.
'What dofs tile Democratic national
platform suy7 That Is the platform upon
which thnt great mnn drover Cleveland
was elected. In explanation I mlKht say
mat i was rulM-,1 a liimm-rAI, nr.. I did
llr.t vule. that lb k t lor a while; but the
war broke out un.t 1 InuiK'-d uiy politics.
Ia'l me read i you the monay pi. ink ot
the li.-tnocriilc party. . . . Now, 1 ni-k
you, la that u .lei for fr-e allier?
or course It Is not. TI1.1t. If the fr.
coiiiaite of .lUer would di-.troy the pur
ity lor wtiii'ii iiiat platform conti mis,
how cm a man consistently rome before
llio pontile aa the l)i mocrtitlr nominee
when rm faiors a policy which he admit
will luing about just what his platform
thus contemns? Judne lt'iinelt ha
Im-cii nominated on uch a pollry.
I nave ninn! that Mr. Kills will. It
elected, stand utKin the Ht. Ixuls pint
form, whatever that may be. 11 will un
doubtedly he an unequivocal declnrntion
for the .Untie gold standard: In fact.
such a money plank la asaura.1. I have
never heard Mr. Kills honcaty qucatlon
rd: never In my life. He waa nominated
In Portland upon the ground that he was
in favor of the free coinage ot etlver. In
too national halls of corurrosa he ha
uae. ble voice, vote and Influence In aid
of free coinage measure, lit friend
have worked for him solely because he
waa silver man. If he I honest, bow
ran he be falaa to hla friends? if he
I true to hla pledge, he muat not abide
try a gold platform from 81. Laula.
ballave Mr .Kill ao honorable man. and
consequently that h will stand equarcly
oa in aiivir tsau. otherwise, be u
not worthy of a (Ingl rot.
"My friend. Mr. Bennett and Mr. Ellis
are not In the ram. Neither I In the
rtghl; both re upon tho wrong side ot
the great question. The platforms of th
reteot Ire pnrtle of both gentlemen de
clare for the gold standard: yet both
era before the people upon a ailver plank.
Th race la between Mr. Qulnn, the Pop-
uuai nominee, and myself, a the result
of the polls next Monday will surety
imn. As for me. I weuld marh rather
see a man who favors free stiver go to
congress a a Populist than aa a Re
publican or Democrat, But do not he
alarmed: Mr. Uulnn will not represent
The s-kcr tlM-n told of his visit to
Kastorn rintron. He was the first man to
make a bona fide gold stiecch In linker,
Mr. Dudd. "a man who can make excel
lent sound money sie,.ehe when they'll
lei him." not ticirw allowed to tell of the
fallacies of free silver. The Judge said
the people 0111 ihere were surprised
when Ihey heard the other side of the
utieatlnn. They hail tsx-n accustomed to
listening to silver orators, and were
amused when told of the dangers of n
Stiver system.
"The -.Kills will tell." said the juilce,
what the iM-ople of KaMcrn Oreiion
think of money.
"J ml ire 11,' Inn chargl Mr. Kills
with 'carrying water on Imth shoulders.'
meaning. I supiiose. that he Is endeavor-
11 it to strad.tle the money question. 1
agree with Jinlife Dennett. Mr. Kills can
not, and will not. if honcat. put aside
the pint form w hich he now represents.
which Is free, sliver. I have" a friend who
unite often says: My dmr Northup, you
are making an awful fuss about this
motify question. Just settle the tariff
and the money Issue will settle Itseit.
My fri.-nds. I say the niuney iiuestlon ia
foremost. We cannot have the tariff un
til the tiimncial question is a--ttled."
Judire Northup then told of severil ef
forts to have tariff measures massed tn
.'ongrss, and each and every time once
dulte re ?ntly, when President Cleveland
requested the house and senate not to
adjourn for the holidays until some steps
hud la-en taken to relieve the treasury
the bills had been killed by tho finance
committee of the senate, a majority of
whom were In favor of free silver, by
striking out the tariff proposition and
adding nn amendment declaring for ihe
coinage of all the silver bullion now In
he treasury.
"Th bill as amended was then re
ferred buck to tho house, where It met
It Waterloo. Thank God! I ask If the
money question la not first? The silver
monster must be strangled, or else It
will strangl u all."
The speaker then explained that there
wn a. conspiracy on foot to elect a free
sliver president. Then, with such an
executive and a ailver senate, where doe
th nation' safety lie?
In the house of representatives: and.
If you aro patriotic, you will do your
duty, regardless of party."
Judge Northup explained what waa
meant by the expreaslon "sound money."
It means, said he. the us of both gold
nd silver to an extent to which th
parity can be maintained. What doc
free silver mean? ha proceeded. It
mean, he (aid, that regardless of other
earthly condition, aa unlimited amount
of the white metal can be taken to th
mint and coined. He then explained
that, contrary to the silver men's argu
ment, free coinage would contract the
A friend of mine, who ha recently
Islted Mexico, approached m not lorur
Ince and told me ho wanted to sell me
Mexican silver dollar. He suld he
would soli It for just what he paid for
It. . 1 asked him hi price, and he said
cents;' It uppeura during hi visit to
Mexico, he went Into a store one day
to purrhfuio some curios. He thought
he would buy a dollar and asked tho
lei'k for one. In return for which he
handed the clerk an American dollar.
He not another Mexican dollar In chance
in other words, two Mexican dollars
for one American dollar. Now. why Is
his? liccuuse an Ainerlcun dollar is
backed up hy 11 gold dollar mid worth
therefore l'Ki cents, while the dollar ot
.Mexico has only nn intrinsic value.
"1 resident Cleveland and Ids utile sec
tary of state are performing 11 patriotic
duty when they refuse to pay govern
ment obligations In silver. Mr. Carlisle's
Is a hard duty: but he Is irulilinir the
ship of stato Into a snfo harbor, nnd It
congress stands by him all will yet be
Following this, the judge demonstrated
thnt the net of 1ST3 was not a crime, be
cause, silver at thut tlmo wa worth more
Moll j 1 to Tnl I- the Ariii-rnlrru iit Deflat
ed in till. H.THile.
Washington, May W.-Tarlff arid finance
eui-h lame In for a shuru of considera
tion In the eenata today. Karly In the
!iy Khermiin siie,el.l In having the
filled rhee.,, bill taken up. whereupon
DulHila offered an amendment adding
eventy-nv4 cents per burr-l to the lax
on Ur. The senator said hla amend
ment was Intended to test the Inwrlty
of tha senators who expressed a patriotic
Jelr to aid tho trcuaury by rulalng
inor revenue.
In aupiiortlng the orrwavlmint, Duliol
aid It offered an opportunity to Hhr
mnn to x-cula Urn patriotic purpose
he had recently express.! without resort
In to the Dingley tariff hill, en "unjuat,
unsatlafiuduty, aeetional bill, which can
not puis the aeiiati'." Thla bill was a
trap, transparent, and unfair.
Tills beer iiiiiendm. nl would yield
;.', additional reienue, Dutwla said,
and the senators could accept thla or
. ie Mu.i poking i lore, me country aa
oniy patriots.
Hhermun replied briefly, urging that
this wua a move to cripple the cheese bin,
w hich waa In no sens a general revenue
bill. Thirty million dolUrs utrrudy was
raised from that very us-.ful and com
rortitbln drink, and he iHliermani
thought the consumer of be.-r paid about
enough. He moved t table the bT
umt'rklment, which motion wa defeated
yens, Zt, nay , as follows:
I caa-Jtcpubllcana, Aldrlch, Allison. Ha.
ker, liurrows, C'ullom. Davis, Hllltigir,
iiawiey, aiiicneii. urejron. Morrill. Nil
son, Perkins, Piatt, guay, 8ewell, Mher-
man, Hhoup, and Vitlaon. Is; Democrats.
Coikeiill, Hill, Mitchell. Palmer. Pascoe.
lurpir, Vila. I, lolal. a.
Nny Republicans, l.rown. Cannon.
1 aner, uutwia, llansnrough, I'ettlgrew.
Teller, T: Democrat. Itacon, Hate. Ber
ry. Cattery. Chlllon, Daniel, Faulkner,
uray. Harris, Jonea. Arkansas. Lindsay,
Mill, Morgan. Pugh. Roach, Vet. Walt-
hall. White, IS; Populist. Allen, Butler,
ivyie, rener, utewart. 0: total, n.
The cheea Mil and the pending beer
amendment were displaced by the bond
bill at 2 o'clock.
I ArP AT1 T fpp i T"na.nd for thl
I S llH I I I' l I prominently Identill
LlvJJ ll Lll Ltl ot Puget Sound.
comn.ltten and hrol held several ofllce
of trust. James McCurdy was ti pioneer
of lha .Northwest, a resident of Pore
Townaend for thlriy-aeven years, antt
ed with the blstory
Rear Admiral Bunco's Squadron Will
Tak Part In th Observance of
Memorial Day.
Washington. May H Secretary Her
bert ha issued orders to Rear Admiral
Bunco to detail one of the vessels of hi
squadron to steam up the North River
on Memorial Day and fir a salute oft
Oram a Tomb. It la also understood the
secretary ha practically decided to have
such vesaela a may be available partici
pate In the water parade to be held on
Memorial Day.
The New York. Raleigh. Cincinnati.
Katahdln, and Fern will probably take
part in lb parade.
Orders" were ' Issued today detaining
Chief Engineer J. McKlwell from the
Kiuclneerlng Kxumlnlng Board In Phll-
delphla on June 4 and providing for
his retirement from active service with
he relative rank of commodore the same
Among the Important matters definitely
settled are the accuptunce of the senate
amendment appropriating $J,."sj for test
ing methods of throwing high explosive
from guns of shipboard with the ordina
ry velocities: Increasing the approprlu-
Inns for guns for auxiliary cruisers from
fcSO.oou to with a proviso thut the
secretary of the navy may, In his discre
tion, purchase all or any part of them
by contract; appropriating X.V',io tor
rms. accoutrements, etc.. for the naval
militia; authorizing the construction ot
hind te at a cost not exceeding l"..oiv
wo submarine torpedo bouts, of the Hol-
und type, at a cost not exceeding HTi-
) each, provided the boat now being
built fulfils all the requirements and la
satisfactory to the secretary of tne navy.
(Continued on Third Page.)
Washington. May a. The house toduv.
by a vote of It to 69, passed tne bill for
ho ropeul of Section 61. of the present
irllT law, providing for a rebate on al
cohol used In the arts or medical com
pounds. Tho amendment wa attached to
bill providing for.u Joint commission to
consist of thre members from each
house, to examine und report on all
uestlons feinting to free alcohol) at the
next session. The opposition to tho
measure cume entirely from the Eastern
and Now England states.
An analysts of the vote show that
fifty-six Democrats, m Republicans, 11 no
live Populist voted for the bill, and
sixty Republicans and nine Democrat
against the bill.
Street Car does Through Bridge In
Victoria, British Co
Ol the Lay to a .Military Ktvie ,1ay ot
the Sightseer Meet kit Ssddt
Death ritiivitic Citf i
Victoria, B. C, May 25. A terrible acci
dent occurred here today. A sham fight
and review wa to take place at Alucau
b y Point, near Esquimau, this afternoon
and crowds were rooking- their way thre
by every route. All the tram cars w. r
packed. Two car left Government street
with more, than one hundred people. The
lirst got over Point Ellice bridge, which
crosses Victoria Arm, safely, but when
the oth-r wo about half way over the
middle span of the bridge, about IM fet
In length, gave way and the car plunged
Into the water ono hundred feet below.
The car wa completely submerged, and
all on board were drowned, wltft the ex
ception of some of those who were stand
ing on the platforms, and who, escaping
Injury by falling Umbers, mauiaged to
av themaelve by using the Boating
ruin of the bridge, and thus got ashore.
Number of bodies have already been
recovered, and the work of Identification
I proceeding. It Is a difficult matur, a
a great many of tho bodies ar thoa ot
So far a known at present th dead
Mrs. Adam, Victoria, widow of Fred
crick Adam, woo was drowned la Velos
last rear;
Frederick Adams. br bob.
E. B. Carmlchael of Victoria, and his
J. B. Morton, of Vancouver, represen
tative ot Bradatreeu.
Mr Edmonds, of Victoria.
Miss Nathan, of Spring Ridge, Victoria.
Mr. Boaae, storekeeper, Victoria. ..
Arthur Fullerton, son of W. F. Fuller
too. of Spring Ridge, Victoria.
Mrs. HeataerbelL wife of Wm. Heath
erbell, of 103 South Road, Victoria.
Mr. Wilson, son of Superintendent
Wilson, of Victoria.
W. Van Bokkelen, a prominent cittxen
of Port Townsend.
Mis Anna Keast. daughter of Arthur
Keost, deputy registrar of the supreme
court, Victoria.
Captain Leveridge. of Spring Ridge,
Mr. G. I. Past, of 13J Fernwoor Road.
Besides the above. Mrs. Lout, of Se
attle, and Mis Ida Goodacre, are known
Keattl. May tK.-A bulletin Just re
ceived from Wtorla hy the Post-Intel-llgencer
say that sixty bodtc had be cm
recovered at W o'clock.
Enthusiastic Republican Push Him for
th United Slate Senat.
Seattle. May 26. A meeting of prom
inent Republican wa held thl evening
for th purpose of organising a club for
political work during the campaign and
particularly to advance lha candidacy
of John H. McGraw, now governor of
Ihe Stat-', for the seat In the senate re
cently hsld by Walton C. Squire.
It w-aa one of tne most enthuslaatio
political gatherings ever held In Ihe stale.
The governor wa sent for and on his
arrival was received with rheers which
continued for some minutes. He spoke
briefly, saying that while not a candi
date for th position, he believed that it
should go to this county aa the largest,
richest and most populous of Ihe state.
nd If Ihe Republicans of the county
thought him the strongest candidate be
would make the fight. Thl declaration
wa received with tumultuous applause.
The club roll was headed by Andrew P.
Burleigh, receiver of the Northern Pa
cific Railroad. The list Is practically a
complete roster of th leading; active Re
publicans of this cliy. There had been
some doubt as to whether Governor Mc
Graw would allow hi name to be con
sidered in connection with the senator
ship, but th meeting thl evening; mar
b regarded as a formal launching of his
Convention In Pittsburg Hay Wreck tho
Party by Its Quarrels.
Pittsburg. May tt That tiers will be
a plit Sa th Prohibition party as a
result of tomorrow's . cooveatloo. tho
leaders of both faction freely admit to
night, Tho split win come, they say,
over tb money plank ta the platform.
As yet scarcely a word has beea said
about prohibition. Th money question
has been the all absorbing topic of dis
cussion. The bitterness of feeling In
crease hourly and when the convention
meets It promises to be a little battle
of extermination. If the gold atandanl
plank should be adopted m the platform
by eastern delegate, then tho favor
ins; the coinage of silver at the ratio of
It to 1. will aecede. -
It on the other hand, the so-called:
free silver delegates adopt a free coinage
plank, then the gold standard crowd will
leave, and ahouki the convention fait
to declare for woman cuff rage, the femi
nine portion of the convention will sever
Its connection with the party. It prom
ise to be a memorable convention for
the Prohibitionists, and bid fair to
wreck the party.
Movement In the. Northern Part of Pern,
to Establish a Free State.
Hue-no Ayre. Argentina, via Galves
ton. Texas. May W.-An Amazon River
teamer plying between Brnxillana ports
and towns on the upper part of the great
stream In Peru, has brought new that
on May 5 a popular movement was pro
claimed In the department of Lore to.
10 nave been on the car and are missing. 1 eru. near tne boundary of Kcquedor,
Among the saved are the following;:
Ex-Alderman W. A. Robertson, of Vic
toria, head badly cut
Canon Paddon. of Victoria, bruised and
nearly drowned.
Washington, May M. The Aldrlch-Un-derwood
election contest from the Ninth
Alabama district was decided today by
the house committee on elections, no
one being In favor of T. H. Aldrlch. the
Republlcan-Popullstlc contestant.
Appointed for Northern Pacific Property
Not Covered by th Mortgages.
Milwaukee. May 26,-Frank O. Blgelow
and Edwin McHenry. receivers of the
Northern Paclflo Railroad, have been
appointed by Judge Seaman receivers for
the lands of the Northern Paclflo Rail
road Co, In Minnesota and North Dako
ta, and all other property not covered by
the mortgage or trust deeds. A simlla
order ha been entered In the court at
St. Paul by Judge Caldwell and the at
torneys leave tonight to file the order
In all the courts along the line, there
being property in every state through
which the railroad runs not covered by
tho mortgages, .
Tho Emperor and Empress Crowned with
All Ancient Rites.
(Copyrighted, 1S9S, by Associated Press.)
Moscow, May KS.-IIIS Majesty, Emperor
Nicholas Alcxandrovltch, autocrat of nil
the Husslns, nnd Her Majesty, Empress
Alexandra Feodorovnn, were solemnly
crowned today In tho Cathedral Assump-
n, v.1111 i no utmost ceremony and In
accordance, with all the religious forms
and ancient rites.
Baltimore, May 2tS.-At a meeting ot
business men of Baltimore today, t:tx,7.-.i
was subscribed to aid In freelnir the
John Hopkins University from the bur
den which the failure of th Baltimore
nnd Ohio Railway to pay dividends has
ImiKiBed upon It Tne committee Is so
liciting further subscriptions and no
doubt Is expressed that tho fund will ul
timately reach 500,000.
G. W. Blggar, badly cut about the head; i
Mrs. Blggar, badly bruised and nearly
drowned. Dr. Lang, badly bruised.
When the bridge broke there were sev
eral carriage on the bridge, and these
also were precipitated Into the water.
Superintendent Wilson waa driving one
of these, and had his five children with
him. Ho succeeded In saving himself
and four children. The fifth, a little boy,
waa wedged between some Iron bars and
was drowned.
The sad affair has cast a deep glcom
over the city. Aa soon as the news of
the accident reached Macauley Point, the
review was brought to as speedy a ter
mination as under the circumstances was
possible, and the sham tight waa aban
doned. At 10 o'clock sixty-one bodies have been
recovered. The following are the addi
tions to the list:
Master Post, son of C. I. Post.
Archie Blggar, aged years, son ot
Geo. W. Blggar.
Mis Blggar, aged t daughter of Geo.
W. Blggar.
Frank O'Restat. bootblack. Tate St.
Miss Minnie Robertson, daughter of W.
A. Robertson.
Homes, bookkeeper of the Sayward
Milling Co.
Miss Sophie Smith. Miss Blrt. Ana
cortes. Wash.
James Laurie. Humboldt street
Wm. Pearson, North Park Street
Miss Turner.
Th two Misses Bowness.
Miss F. Jackson, GO Quadra street.
Outsseppl Rowe.
A son of Sergt. Major Mulcahy.
Emma Otsen.
Miss Grace Elford.
Mr. James.
James Thomas Patterson.
Gabriel Maratta.
Mrs. Woodhouse, Seattle.
Sir Jackson, cattleman.
H. Talbott, motorman.
Geo. Fair, conductor. "
Mrs. Housan.
Jn. Henry Tyack. '
where rich gold veins have been found.
The capital of the province Is iquetoa.
It Is stated that a provisional govern
ment has been formed, under Colonel
Ricardo Seminar! o. and that a meeting
has been called to promulgate an organic
. law for a prospective free state.
Lima. Peru, via Galveston, May 26. The
government has been officially informed
of the revolutionary movement at Iqul
tos, department of Loreto, and regards
it as ridiculous. It is said In official cir
cles that It must collapse in time, but
if necessary strong detachments of troops
and naval cruisers will be sent to quell It
A cable message received today from
the town ot lquitos, signed by Colonel
Semlnario, say mat the state freely rec
ognises President Pierola's authority;
that the movement is not political, but hi
inaugurated solely with the idea of federation.
Washington, May M. Cincinnati.
Washington, 5.
New York, May S6. New York.
Cleveland, i.
Philadelphia, May it-Philadelphia, 8;
Chicago. L
Baltimore, May 28. Baltimore, 14; St
Louis, 3.
Brooklyn, May 36. Brooklyn, 4; Louis
ville. S.
Special to the Astorlan.
Oak Point Wn., May 2& For the past
two nights there has been no fishing
whatever in this vicinity and but few
go out during the day. The fishermen
claim there Is no protection to them at
night and rather than run the risk or
having their boats and nets destroyed
they do not go out
Aabary Park. N. J., May SB. The Bap
tist anniversary came to a close today.
The day begun with a continuation of the
frith anniversary of the American Baptist
Home Mission Society. The Rev. C. A.
Woody, of Portland, Or., addressed' tho
assembly on "Fifty Years' Work on the
Pacific Coast."
Port Totvnsend, May K. J. A. Van
Bokkelen nnd James McCurdy were kill
ed In tho Viteoria disaster. VanHokkelen
was a native of this city and prominent
in tho politics of tho state. He had been
secretary of the Republican state central ! worth $10,000.
San Francisco, May W. Assesosr John
D. Slebe. on trial before Judga Wallace
for perjury In swearing to the underval
uation of the Market Street Railway,
was again arrested today, charged with
assessing Judge Wallace's property at
$1K) when It Is alleged the proptoty 1
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
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