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The ASTORIAN has the ! :
TniuvaWKiTHHi E
est LOCAL drcuhtio", the I 11; V
est GENERAL circulation and p
For Oregon, light showers
in western portion; fair
largest TOTAL circulation of a!l
papers published in Astoria.
n h
- - - - -
i18?2 i895i ' IS
Lubncating j UsUer
A Specialty. Brothers,
Ship Chandelery,
Iron. & Steel,
Groceries & Provisions,
Flour & Mill Feed,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
, Loggers Supplies,
Fairbank s bcales,
Doors & Windows,
Agricultural Implements
Wagons & Vehicles.
365 Commercial Street.
New lines for 1895.
Japanese Rugs and Matting
Bamboo Furniture, etc.
(Direct from Japans.)
House Lining, Building Paper
and Glass.
Wall Paper of 1895 now In with a stock
Japanese Leathers, Wholesale In Chicago
from I9 to i8 per roll of 12 yards.
365 Commercial Street.
Snap R Kodak
at any man coming out of
our store and you'll get a
portrait of a mn brimming
over wltn pleasant thoughts.
Such quality In the liquors
we have to oiler are enough to
Corrje and Try Them,
Ib there a man with heart so cold.
That from his family would withhold
The comforts which they all could And
In articles of FURNITURE of th
right kind.
And we would suggest at this season,
nice Sideboard, Extension Table, or se
of Dining Chairs. We have the larges
and finest line ever shown In the city
and at prices that cannot fall to pleas
the closest buyers.
Conromly St, foot of J-ckjon, Astoria.
General Machinists and Boiler Makers
Und and Marine Engines. Bofler work, Steam
boat and Cannery Work a Specialty.
Castings of All Descriptions Made to Order on
anon nouw.
John Fox.Presldent and Superintended
A. Ii. Fox -. Vice President
O. B. Prael Secretar
They Lack Life
There are twines sold to fishermea
on the Columbia river that stand la
the same relationship to Marshall's
Twine as a wooden Image does to the
human being they lack strength. nie
evenness and lasting qualities. Don't
fool yourself Into the belief that other
twines besides Marshall's will do jusi
ac well." They won t, Tney cauuuu
Flowers and Floral Decora'
ri at r:rnninnH Ri Brix.
Cor. 8th and Exchange sts.
Palms and Decorative Plants For Rent
"The Astoria Loan Office."
Mnneu tn l oan on
Guns, Pistols, Cbthing
and all Articles of Value.
56 9th Street, Between Astor and Bond
1-1... ri..t.Mth Viasi ahnfl tuft oOOOS
s-)...:. ja A.nnaw la nn nreuerea
to do such odd Jobs as making new
1 . --- - aM AnPi.
cannery cooiem, rry--.- v. -
making rxw fishin boat irons, and re
pairing oM ones, and all ether black-
smitninff inax requires nH-v
' Carpenter Shop. '
Tour mind Is on repairing your house
this spring; possibly on building a new
one. If so, remember we are carpen
ters and builders with a shop full of
tools always willing to do such jobs
and want your work-
. . Shop on Ilwaoo Dock.
. . . . I
- i i
That there is
no other stock
in the city so
large as ours
in the way .
of -
Fishing Tackle,
Croquet Sels
Lawn lenms bets,
Bird Cflgea,
Feather Dusters
all other
Surinsr Goods.
We Have
The latest styles in dress
goods, prices the lowest. -
We make a specialty of
see our stock. Fine selection
splendid assortment of other
Linen bureau scarfs splashers
ope silk, etilo floss, aresene and
and at New York prices. Fans, shawls, fringes, ribbons and
lace in abundance. Do not
partment of the
In a desirable location, 2 blocks from High School.
On the new Pipe Line Boulevard Just the place for a cheap home.
STREET CAR LINE will be eitended thia summer to. within 5 minute
alk of tbia property Will sell at decided bargain.
In 5 or 10 aore traots inside the city limit-, also adjoining Flavel.
GEORGE HILU 471 BondSt., Occident Block,
7th &
Entire Change of Program,
Monday Evening, April 39th.
EnfrigNunt E-tridlnary of
Champion middleweight of Australia who will appear alghtljf with JIMMY BYAN
of Astoria in his specialty "Fun in the Gymnasium"
Performance opening with the drama
New York by Gas Light
Middle Act
Barnuma Baby Elepnant.
Admission 10
Children Cry for
Our line 01
fishing rods
start in with
the common
bamboo poles
for a
few cents
and run u
into the $
lor those that
are lots better.
So you see we
can suit every
goods and silks
Nice new
corsets and gloves. Call and
of beaded, tnrrnrngs and a
dress trimjrnjfigi ,to .pelect from
and tidies, embroidery si ks,
chinelle. A full assortment
forget the new dry goods de
Trading Co.
600 Commercial Street,
"Stfy ,k"eb
and 20 cents.
Pitcher's Castcrla.
Occupation of Port ofCorinto
by Great Britain.
Englands Attitude Toward Nicara
gua's Proposal of Settlement Will
Determine Her Stneerety, '
Associated Press.
Washington, April 30. Senator Mor
gan, of Alabama, In an Interview on
the Nlcaraguan situation today, char
acterized the Insult to Consular Agent
Hatch "the flimsiest kind of a pre
text," on the part of Great Britain
and said It a private Individual would
suffer damages on such a case, he
would foe laughed out of court. He
bad no criticism to pass on the admin
istration, because, he said, he pre
sumed the administration had taken
proper steps to prevent Great Britain
from obtaining a foothold on Nlcara
guan territory. "But if It has not," he
added, "the next congress will, even If
Great Britain must be driven oft the
continent at the potart of the bayonet."
He added he did not. think the canal
project would be endangered by the
present complications. f He said: "This
case has gone far beyond the Monroe
doctrine; this la distinctly Us own, and
that rests upon higher grounds than
any doctrine or any treaty ever made
or enunciated. The United States and
the governments of Nicaragua and
Costa Rica have entered Inito a solemn
compact with each other looking to
the construction of this great mari
time highway; a company, composed
mostly of citizens of the United States,
has organized and started Its work.
"Now comes Great Britain with the
domineering spirit of aggression that
has marked her course throughout the
history of modern times, and upon the
sllmeet of pretexts and most absurd
of excuse,, makes a demand upon the
goveromenft of Nicaragua that Bhe
does not expect to he complied with
and all In the hope that through the
default of the weaker government she
will be enabled to establish a sover
eignty over the territory and thus
control the future development of the
oanal and of the traffic that must pass
through It. Somebody must step In
and be disagreeable, and this seems to
be a very good opportunity for the
United -Sates to assume that role."
The Chinese Smuggling Organization
at Boise City.
Washington, April SO.-Secretary of
the Treasury Carlisle received from
Special Agents Johnston and Beane at
Boise City, Idaho, a report of the re
sults of their Investigation In alleged
frauds In connection with the entry
of Chinese Into this country. The re
port states the . Investigation shows
conclusively there had been for sev
eral years past an organized money
making conspiracy with a view of
manufacturing certificates upon which
Chinese laborers may be enabled to
visit China and return to the United
States as bona fide merchants. In a
majority of the. cases so -called mer
chants were found to be cooks, and
gardeners employed In or near Boise
City. Nevertheless a large number of
prominent citizens vouched for the
Chinese as merchants. The special
agervts are convinced that the business
has been carried on as a money-making
The Government of Nicaragua Willing
Co Pay to England 15,000.
Managua, Nicaragua, April 80. The
Nloaraguan governmenrt has formally
decided to accede to the compromise
pro position for a settlement pending
the trouble. This decision has been
communicated to the governments at
Washington and London. Nicaragua
agrees to pay 15,000 In London fifteen
dam from the time the British ships
leave the harbor of Corlnto. It now
remains for Great Britain to agree
to this condition. Nicaragua's course
la regarded as shifting on Great Brit
ain further responsibility for trouble.
The most positive assurances for the
payment of the money have been given.
Washington, April 80. The Managua
dispatch stating that Nicaragua has
agreed to a compromise by which she
will pay 15.000 on condition that Co
rlnto be evacuated and that the Brit
ish fleet be withdrawn, Is ac-epted by
officials here as the summing up of
the latest statu- of the aubject, and
attention la now directed to London to
see wherther the condition of Immediate
evacuation will be granted. If H Is,
the trouble to praotloaHy at an end:
If It Is not, it to believed In diplomatic
circle that H will cause a renewal of
the report that Great Britain is Bot
so anxious to settle as to continue
the active occupation of Corlnto.
Washington, April 80. The treasury
recelDta duiirur the month nded today.
have not met the expectations of th
officials, and the Indication are mat
the deficit at the end of the fiaoal year
wlU be little, if my, lee than 846,000.-
000. Receipts for the month f April
.mniint - tn 97 rm and ifahe exoendl
tures to $32,952,680, leaving a deficit of
$8,704,854 for the month, and for the
fiscal year to date, 45,47,ow.
t... Vn..u ir.rii an Th TSvenlnir
Post s London cablegram says: Amer
ican Inquiry for gold continues. About
200,000 were shipped by the syndicate
last Saturday and half a million is
probably going this week, making 3,
000,000 in all since the loan was Issued.
That he Northern Paotflo Receivers
Have (Been Diverting D'unas.
flt. Paul. AOrll 30. The Pinoeer Press
will say: A- gentleman whose close
connection with the Northern -Pacific
affairs at present and In the vast
makes his opinion very vaiuume,
makes a statement that the second
mortgage bondholders of 'the Northern
Paclilo wfll soon apply for an order of
the court at Milwaukee directing the
receivers to pay Interest on the second
mortmure bonds. Their- petition will
state that the road has earned not only
Interest on the firsts tut also on the
seconds, and while Interest on the
firsts has been paid, the money which
should have been used to pay Interest
on the seconds has been used in the
payment of Interest on some of the
old 'bonds of branch roads, notably
the Duluith and, Manitoba ami tne Spo
kane branches, which have not only
failed to earn their Interest, but have
not earned operating expenses. They
claim that the receivers have not only
distorted money earned by the road
belonging to them, but have placed
other security ahead of theirs (the re
ceivers' certificates) and using their
interest money to .pay Interest on the
certificates. They will a 8k to be re
lieved from contributing to the pay
ment of any part of the receivers' cer
tificates, claiming they should be paid
by assessment on the Junior securities.
1. e., the third mortgage, 'consol fives
and the preferred stock.
Russia and Japan Are Not on-JTrlend-
ly Terms.
London, April 30. The Times tomor
row will puMlsh a dispatch from Kobe
savin? there !s no mistaking the fart
that there W evidence of a serious cri
sis in Japan and Russia, but the Jap
anese press has been forbidden to re
fer to It and the newspapers t Tokto.
Including the semi-ofllclil "Nlchl
Niohl," have been suspended for re
porting the fact that a secret council
of ministers was held. Continuing, the
correspondent says:
"Information reaches me from relia
ble sources at Hiroshima that the min
lstry has adopted a resoluite attitude
avainst Russian dictation. They deny
Russia's riffht to interfere, and even
contemplate 'defiance of Ruse'a, believ
ing the Russian military forces In the
East are not powerful enough to en
force her demands. Foreign warships
are assembling at the ports of Japan,
and the French vessels have been or
dered to prepare for emergencies."
The Tacoma-Orlemtal Line is Growing
Very Fast.
Tacoma, April 30. Three now steel
steamships have been secured by the
Northern Pacific Steamship Company
to run on the Ta"oma, Yokohama and
Hong Kong route. So fast has th
trade been eTowing that the placing of
these vessels on the line has been ren
dered necessary. The steamship Sikh
now running, Is to be taken off, leav
ing the IVotorla and Tacoma still on.
These with the new vessels, the Evan
dale, the Strathnevls and Hankow,
make a fleet of five. The new vessels
have a carrying capacity of 5500 tons
He Comes In for Fmir Millions from
Ansel White.
Olympla. Wn.. April 30. Pre-"ton M.
Trov, a yourog attorney of th's city,
today received news that he wis heir
to a New York estate amounting to
H4.000.000. by the will of Ansol White,
for whom a search has been In prog
ress for many years. For many years
Ansel White resided alone on a ranch
adjoining Rmlth Troy, father of P. M.
Troy, in Clallama county. White was
a bachelor and lived in a log cab'n on
a ranch for 20 years. May 18, 188S he
dlpd at the age of 76, and was buried In
the land on which he had lived so
long. White took a fancy to young
Troy and mode a wlU making him
sole heir and legatee. It Is said he
nade several other will.
San 'Francisco, April 30. Arrived
San Benito, from Tacoma.
Departed Walla Walla, for Victoria
and Port Tow-nsend; bark Oermanla,
for Seattle; bark Ancturus, fpr Bun
ard's inlet; schooner Gen. Bunnlng, for
Freights and charters British bark
SoutheHk, at Portland, wheat thence
to United Kingdom, Havre, Antwerp
or Dunkirk.
San Franclfteo. April 30. The evi
dence In the preliminary examination
of Theodore Dun-ant for the murder of
Minnie Williams Is all In, and Police
Judge Conlan will deliver his opinion
next Thursday morning. He denied
for the time 'being the motion of the
defendant's counsel to dlmls the case,
and also refused to admit Durrant to
San FranclBco, April JO.-JIalf mile,
maiden 2-yeir-oHt Tlnv, 0:51 1-4.
Six furlotwrs -Del Norte, lil7.
Short six furlongs Hllver, 1:16 1-4.
Six furlongs Joe Cotton, 1:20 8-4.
One ml!e--Royal Flunh, 1:45.
Half mile, maiden 2-year-old Mon
itor, 0:50 1-4.
Chicago April 80. H. - H. Krfhlnaat
today purchased the 8255,000 of Times
Herald suook rimmed try W. H. Hawley,
as manatrlng editor of the paper during
Mr. Boon's management He now
own 8M5.00O of the 81,000.000 stock,
the remainder being heM by Mr. Boott.
Liverpool. April SO. Wheat Spot,
firm; demand, moderate; No. I red win
ter, 5s 2d; No. t red spring. M 6d; No.
1 hard Manitoba, 6s 6 l-2d; No. 1 Cal,
ifornla, 5s 2d.
Hop at London PaH fie Crrent, f$
A Birds Eye View From Cox
comb Hill.
Presents a Picture of Today nnd a
Glimpse down tlie Coni
lnff Years.
Sunday was one of the ideal spring
days warm, bright sunshine awaken
Ing new animal and vegetable life on
all sides.. The loud notes Of Innumera
ble birds denoted their glad return to
old haunts, whilst Ithey flitted to and
fro amongst the blossoming trees and
flowers. AH seemed In harmony with
smiling nature. Careworn people for
got tihelr trials for the time being and
enjoyed to the full the glorious day
and, like the Irishman, seemed .thank
ful above all things that good weather
had been gdven.
From the top of Coxcomb Hill , the
afternoon dreamer had a magnificent
view. In the 'blue fcaae of distance, to the
north across the smooth waters of the
bay, dotted with innumerable white
sails, glistening In the sunshine, is the
little lumbering town of Knappton,
from which could be seen the light,
curling smoke from the firesides of the
hard working mill men and fishers. A
lltltle further to the left the bald
heights of Scarborough Hill stand like
a sentinel over Baker's Bay, while to
the extreme west, Cape Hancock
guards the entrance to the great Col
umbla river, and, beyond, the restless
waves of th.;pMUc glimmer in the
far distance. Glancing- along the
BoulBhern shore the observer notices the
government Jetty's long line extending
out Into the Ocean, a protecting arm
to Insure the safety of the great vessels
of commence, and nearer stlU old Fort
Stevens can be seen, long since aban
doned, now tlhe government contract-
ors' Jheadquarters. Nearlng- Young's
Bay,ithe settlements of Warrenton and
Sklpanon are plainly visible, while up
the bay toward the south is seen the
Lewis and Clarke river. To the rear
and south Young's river valley with
Its green fields and farm houses makes
a pleasing change In the picture. Away
to the southeast the peak of Saddle
mountain completes the setting of a
naawr'be-forg-often painting of na
ture, in all the lights and shade of a
spring day's coloring.
Immediately at the observer' feet
Is the thriving city,, (te long line of
dock and wharves, extending rom
Tongue point around to Young's Bay,
like a frame to a picture, forming the
outer enclosure of the city, within
which the substantial business blocks,
warehouses and beautiful home at
test the solidity and enterprise of As
toria. In Imagination can be teen the great
ship and steamer from all parts of
the world anchored In the magnificent
harbor, or alongside the docks, dis
charging and receiving cargo; the
wheat of the Willamette Valley; the
timber, lumber and shingles from the
great Nehalem Valley timber preserves
and flour for the Orient are being load
ed Into the waiting vessels, while the
alike, teas and spices of the Oriental
joulltriea, and merchandise from Eu
rope and our own Atlantic seaboard
are received tor distribution through
che ideal port of the Columbia. On
the land, the transcontinental train
arrive and depart over the new rail
road, bringing the lower Columbia riv
er and the Nehalem Valley Into direct
communication with the rest of the
state a well as the other Pacific
Coast and the Eastern states. Along
the waterfront huge elevators, flour
mills, aw mills, and factories add
their busy hum to the general pros
perity, while dower down, the new
dry doak offers the beet facilities for
buikling and repairing the largest
ships In the world. In the city Itself
new buslnens blocks, hotels, stores and
residences provide ample means for the
rabidly increasing population and busi
ness. This is the picture of the future As
toria and her progressive and enter,
prising people are not going to lose the
only buslnesllke proposition ever pre
sented to Insure Its realization. The
opportunity is here and the same in
domitable will and push that has so
far actuated her citizen will insure
speedy success. Dally the deeds to
the subsidy and the rtirht of way are
coming into the hands of the com
mittee. The beavtmrt part of the work
has been done and If those who are
hesitating will only glance at the sit
uation they will hctHtate no longer.
Here to Mr. A. B. Hammond, on one
ide, ready at ny moment the title
to the subsidy are perfected, and the
right of way furnished, to commence
consitructlon of th road to Uoble,
Highest of all in Leavening Power- Latest U.S. Gov't Report
having the aneans and ability to finish
the work rapidly. His record find rep
utation are too welf known all over
the United States to need comment.
On the other hand, are the citizens of
Astoria and residents along the river,
only required to make good their own
proposition and contract, to secure the
permanent prestige of the port of the
Columbia over all others on the north
west coast; the control of the com-'
merce of the nortihwat and the rapid
development of the wonderful resources
of the state of O -son; a market for
all Its produces; ait influx of people and
capital that will place its now hidden
wealth In the commerce of the world.
A prominent merchant, who is a
large contributor, states that it is pre
sumptuous, not to say riuiculous, to
Imagine that the people will take any
chances of losing all these advantages
now within their grasp, even though
times are hard. The accomplishment
of the building of the railroad Is what
will speedily restore good times to this
section of the country, at least.
The Aetoria-Goble railroad is the key
that will open the door of prosperity.
not only for Astoria and the Columbia
river valfley, but (Portland and its bus
iness houses, and the state at large,
will attain the one means that will
place them in an unassailable position
In the world's commerce,
San Francisco, April 30. Four
schooners, the Conflenza, Lizzie Prlen,
Mayflower, and Joseph and Henry,
are bar 'bound In Sluslaw harbor, with
no prospects of gettln? out. The
schooners were loading lumber at Slu
siaw and while they were In the har
bor, a storm rolled up a sand bar in
front of the harbor, completely cut
ting off all Chances of getting out. The
bar is above water at low tide, and the
schooners will have to remain where
they are until ithe spring freshet cuts
It away.
Nashville, Tenn., April 30. The two
houses of the state legislature met
In Joint convention 'today to consider
the contest for governorship between
Peter Turney, Democrat, the present
Incumbent, and Henry Clay Evans,
Republican. The report of the Inves
tigating committee, which favor the
seating of Turney, was read. The re
port is signed by liharfeven Democratic
members. The nwnor.ty report la
signed by the five Republican mem
bers. ,.
Newborns, Tenn., There was a gener
al shooting affray between the Ful
giams and Townsend at this place to
day. The row Marled over an old
feud. About 5 o'clock the parties got
togetner, woras passed, pistols were
drawn and firing began, In
the almost Instant killing of R. W.
iwimeiu area n;u son ueauregara, ana
Abb and John Fulgam. ,
rPTTTjV TSTTrCTtna lf. At)nnr.t . -
London, April 30. The" ; widowed
Duchess of Marlborough, formerly
Mrs. Louis Hammersley, of New
York, was married today to Lord Wil
liam Beresford.
The Associated Free Mew Contained
"in the Afterew-Dispatches.
Kansas City, Mo., April 30. At the
November elections tn Kansas City
gross frauds are said to have been
committed. The matter was brought
before the Jury, which called on the
recorder of votes to produce the ballot .
boxes for their lnsieotlon. The re
corder demurred and Che case was
Anally taken to the supreme court for
adjudication. The court today denied
the rlgihit of the criminal court to con
pel the recorder to produo the ballot
boxes. Giving the grand Jury the
right to Inspect the ballot noxes, the
court holds, would violate tee secrecy
of the ballot as well as be an Infringe
ment of the constitution.
Port Townsend, April SO. The reve
nue cutter Corwln, which arrived from
Alaska this morning. reports the'
drowning of Gustof Wilson, a seaman.
Captain Munger and party, who were
In the same boat when It capsized In
a squall, had a narrow escape. The
Corwln brought down 200 gallons of
seized liquor.
London, April 80. In the Wilde trial
today Wilde himself took the stand
and absolutely denied that there was
a word of truth In the charge of Inde.
Newmarket, England, April 30.
Michael F. Dwyer' bay gelding Ban.
quel won 2000 guineas today.
Louisville, April 30. Futton Gordon
today shot and killed his wife end
Arch DIokson Brown, whom he found
!n a compromislitn' posFtlon. All par
ties are promlnemt socially. Brown I
a son of Governor Brown, of Kentucky.
Jefferson City, Mo April 30.-fhlrty-flve
of he fifty-eight Democratic mem
ber of the state house of representa
tive met in caucus lat last night and
adopted a resolution favoring the frea
coinage of silver at a ratio of 16 to 1.
The vote stood ayes 22, nayea 8; not
voting, 4.
With their usual alertness to Ithe op.
pontunllrtes of the hour, the Bailey
Gatzert people yesrtenlay brought
down another party of ' capitalists,
among them being Mr. MJ. Connell,
partner of A. B. Hammond. Monta
na, and toduy. the party will be Joined
by Mr. Hammond, when all will , be
entertained by the Gatzert people on
a trip to Seaside and the Jetity. The
Gatzert owners are determined to do
their share toward putiting the ad
vantage of Antoorla before capitalist
seeking Invoftmertt and seem to be
wrapped up In the welfare and enter
prise of the city of destiny, and with
a few more such hard workers success
win surely crown the efforts of As Ct
rl an s.
rm n
H I Wl II fit t
i Li.