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rnnmnmn wnrirYrr- rit
$fte gjiiltl storan.
..JULY IT, 1800
Publishers and Proprietors.
Terms of Subscription.
Ser cA uv Carrier, or week ............ IB els
Sent by Mali, per month .. cocts
ont b Mail, one eir .... .. 7.00
Five of X)staj;e to Mihscribcrs,
Thk Astoria? KunnmUit's to its adver
tiser, the largest circulation of any newspa
Mr pubhslietl on the Coluinbu river.
To-day's excursion to the Sea
side promises to be a very pleasant
A Pair o Jacks" is billed for the
opora house next week. Not three ot
a kind: jnst a lone pair.
The circuit court convenes at 10
o'clock this morning, having been ad
journed from last Friday.
"The coming newspaper will not
print am advertisements." If this is
so, the coming woman will not read it. c.
Last Eyeuiifs Meeting of
Astoria Eire Department.
A General Opinion That the I)riitmcnt
Should lie Allowed to Rrptlate
j J, 1?. Halloran, being called on, said j
uiac mere were two umigsio ue netea:
with all responsibility should go an
accompanying degree of power. The
foreuiau of the company was made re
sponsible for the apparatus. If to
I him -was delegated that responsibility,
ito him also should be granted the
power to appointor suspend an en
Drowning of
Peter Brown
Jnst before noon yesterday as Peter
Brown and his boat puller John Jnr
genseu, were down the river opposite
bcarborongu hill ana had started to re-
lis Own A Hail's.
make a foreman responsible and then
lie his hands as to any interference re
garding the man or men in daily
I charge of that apparatus. He also
.speecbe, isolations, Etc. The .Major AVcd deprecated the possibility of bringing
:rt- Tl- wnr. vfiM. oml ....'..ft- fs UU"UU1UUJJU 1UUUUUJJUUSU UlWl lO a
S:rJL"BlnS5!tiini.liome1pnoor the oats fell over
To Veto the Obnoxious Ordinance
Not since the champions relumed
from Tacoma in triumph last Septem
ber with the eagles of victory perched
politics into the department, and
while it was likely that the council
intended for the best, and should not
I be hastily blamed for their action, yet,
board, and in reaching for it Brown
fell into the water. As quickly as
possible, considering the strong wind
blowing, and the rough state of the
water, Jnrgcnson threw out two oars,
and then brought the boat back to his
struggling companion, and managed
to catch hold of him by the collar of
his shirt, but was unable to hold on,
the effect of the orifcianrc it enforced, j aml BrQ beneath the waters
wuiuu in. tu liiiimiuauy iiuruiu iu uiis J ,i . - w f- .u;
. ! "I I . 4. il i- l ..1 T 1 " McUSDVtll 11V llIAJiU. .XXLIAJL till IIU
upon their banner-, was mere so large ui-jianmwii, iu,n u)iquof - h j-jy u Jnrgenson
a meeting of firemen in this city as
that which assembled ::l the call of
the board of foremen, in the handsome
parlors of Rescue No. 2, last evening
to discuss the ordinance passed by the
council last Tuesday night
Every seat was filled, and Iho iioor
w:is covered with mcmlx?rs of the fire
department, mostly members who are
first to respond at the sound of the
fire bell.
i iiuiuiuu an iiuiiiiu necessity. :i.i i.: :.. ,t . ri i.
C. J. Curtis said that the council a " n.. -
had been in somewhat of a dilemma , ' B ' ' , d rcaidc(1 bero - 1S77
regarding this matter: the whole trou-wasa Nortregiail and leaves n
ble had arisen i regarding Jas. Scott ,; and fivc chifArc to' mourn his loss,
he engineer of No. ones, the council jonoo the latter an infant, onlv n few
thought that matter needed invesh-1 davs M He was about 37 vears of
gallen: they didn t desire to take away , ter of g Lodge, No
the appointing power from the fore-, Q yj d - d f
man, but they did, want to have mat-, Jluw i.nnm, 'it;., p,.rffn wi.mi
tens so ;irraii"'.u uu;l il a iorcma:i
wouldn't discharge a man for incom
I the body will be found, if ever, for it
potency they ceuld: the committee on
liie meeting was caiieti tooripr m 1re aacl Wltcr aidn't want to hurt the
L .J. Trenchard, foremau or jo. Unes, ' je)
Cttrimhan fc Co. have the contract
to daltver ."i 1 o.mV spruce limbs at
4.iKi pr turd.JiU"l 2-" cords fir at 1.2")
jnl euro, to s-cli.ol district JNt. J.
The work ot replanking Third street
has now leached "West Ninth street,
and the crossing at the intersection of
those two streets is being lorn up.
F. IJarloldes was thrown from a hay
rack on Tuesday evening and severely
injured. Dr. Pulton attended him
and found that two ribs were broken.
Probably nothing so emphasizes our
rapid growth as a country more forci
bly than a look at the maps in the
geographies that the school children
Fred Hartin, son of Louis Martin,
fell overboard yesterday afternoon
near Kinney's cannery, but was pulled
out, uninjured, onlv he received a cold
The city wants bids for stationery.
It ues asiiigh as $20 worth in a year,
some years. Plans and specifications
can be seen at the office ot llpn. T. S.
Tickets for the excursion to-day
can be found at the stores of Parker
A- Hansen, H. 3L Thatcher, Thompson
& Koss, also can be purchased on
ltoard the steamer Electric, which
will leave Wilson & Fishers dock at 9
o'clock a. M. sharp.
The fall tcrmot the "Willamette Uni
versity at Salem opens first Monday
in September. Intending students
who desire proficiency at a home in
stitution of prestige and acknowledged
worlh should write to President Van
Scoy, for catalogue, etc.
Quite a number of remarkable tests
were given by Prof. Steen yesterday,
iu this office and in various stores,
showing his wonderful power of inind
reading. Madame btecn, the boy
magician and the balaucc of the com
pany will arrive here this morning.
The "Annual North Pacific Almanac
and Statistical Handbook for 1S90" is
received. It is full of valuable infor
mation about Oregon, Washington,
Idaho, Alaska, and British Columbia,
and will be sent for 50 cents. Write
to David Steel, the publisher, Box 151,
Portland, Oregon, for a copy.
A pleasant time is assured to all
who attend the excursion and basket
picnic, over the Astoria and South
Coast Railroad, to bo given by the
ladies of the Presbyterian church to
day. Tickets for the round trip, one
dollar; children, halt fare. Steamer
Electric will leave Wilson & Fisher's
dock at 9 o'clock sharp.
If a olicemaii on the night force, or
a newspaper reporter, were to tell all
the fnuny thiugs they nightly see go
ing on what consternation would
oftimes be created. There was a
racket on Third street at one o'clock
this morning in front ot Griffin &
Reed's, that if given away would re
sult in a suit for divorce, p. d. q.
People complain, unreasonably, of
the high price of fruit in this city.
As a matter of fact fruit retails here
cheaper than "any xlace in the state
outside of Portland. And it is ot bet
ter quality than the average. Eggs,
butter and meat retail high, compara
tively, bnt fruit in Astoria is cheap,
considering the excellent quality.
Prof. F.D.Seward of New York,
the emiueut optician, who has been
so successful during his brief sojourn
in this city, will be here bul a few
days longer, as he leaves for Alaska
on the steamer (Ito. W. Elder, on
Sunday. All who need correct
glasses" for their eyes should not fail
to call on him this week, at COS Third
At 1:30 yesterday afternoon Wherry
.t Co.s horse attached to a delivery
wagon became frightened at the shrill
whistle of one ot the little steamers,
and started up Olney street at a live
ly gait. A quantity of beef was
thrown out, and a large lot of straw
lerries were scattered all along the
street The horse went direct to his
stable aud no damage was done except
the loss ot the berries.
who moved that chief engineer Slock
ton take lhl chair: carried. C. J.
Trenchant was appointed secretary.
The chair staled, the object o the
meeting: the secret in read the ordi
nance which lormeii the subject o
B. S. Worsley, foreman of No. 2V,
said it was desired that there be a
thorough expression of opinien: q
thought, for his part, that the polie
indicated by the passage of tliat ordi
nance was not for the best interests of
may 1m? swept out to sea
department: such was not their inten-
mayor had signed all the oilier ordi-j Kd. Wright returned from the Sea
nances nafssed last Tuesdav, except iPt51"""-
this one, which he still had under ad- F. T. Merrill, the well-known bicy
vsemciit. ! !? rider and dealer in Portland, will
C. J. Treischard, foreman of No. One's J be here this morning,
slid thai engineer Scott had handed ' Sheriff Smith started for Yaquina
him his resignation that merning: , last evening, and will attend a meet
that whenever complaint was made 'iug of the sheriffs ot the state at Salem
regarding an engineer it should be to nextMondav.
ti foreman of the company, whose James ScoU en,,incer of Astoria
mismess it was to see mat ever imug i eagme comi,ai,y Umberone, resigned
iJwuuiuuK u iuu ."ii'iu.v v.u veaierdav. Foreman Trenchard
i. A:-,io,i- 'r!,n,,.t ir..."". v- i- -..-,"-, yesieruav. .foreman xrencuani ac-
lu1,aiiauiuu-.1uuuu.u "M"-"!" sinugut ana in accordance wnu me
of Astoria were promt ot the record Jemauds of the public service.
or that denartmcut and endorsed lis n if T!.,.,,.:.,.,, -.o i. M4
- - . i. JL1IU1II 'OVU lltlO LUIS AI.U -. ... , . . -. , .
triumphant and successful career. .u. ir0 tiinulif, flmt m rni. L- --irKer and his daughter,
Deeds filed or recorded on July 1G,
1S90, as reported for The Mousing
Astoriak by tho Astoria Abstract
Title and Trust cempany:
United States to Ed.C. Lewis, -
N.RifofseclS.T. 6 N.,
R. 10 W., 160 acre3. Patent.
J. C. Dement and wife to W.
A. Stone, lots 1 and 2, blk
1, Dement's S 145
Mary H. Leinenweber to C.
TT Hnnner. lots 5 and G. blk
11, Adair's 200
J. C. Dement and wifo to
James Farringtou, lot 12,
blk 19, Dements 80
John Bryce, Jr., to John
Bryce, lot 2, blk 37, Mc-
Clure's ... 1
Total deeds filed, 5; total
amount .$ 426
Previonslv reported this
year. . ......- 1,501,197
Total to date $1,504,623
How He Finally E-enned.
m niss WIUL
Nottingham Lace Curtains
Sixty Gents per
to Five Dollars
i cepled the resignation aud James Mc-
Combor was temporarily appointed.
With no hone of necnuiarv reward. '1,f .,"! ..,f0,ff rn :,'. Miss Mabel Parker, went up the
but actuated solely by a sense of duly, ;Vould' always have an efficient and j river iast evcmn? on lll Telephone.
competent engineer: the one liisured "" t- ir i , -, S ;,
the members of the department re
sponded to the call of the fire alarm
bell on all occasions, risked their
health, ofttimes their lives; had done
that again and again, and would do
so but they declined to be made
serfs. They wanted to have a voice in
who should be their engineers, ;uid to
have the feeling that they were free
agents and not controlled. If this
the other, and so long as the com
panies composing the Astoria fire de
partment preserved their present high
standard, so long they could be safely
dejcnded on to employ none but com
petent engineers; therefore the em
ployment of engineers could and
should be entrusted to them, and un
less thev were satisued the best re-
were a paid fire department it would . fii;lla coul(1 0t be obtained
oe duierenr. xnen every man woiuu
work solely for what he was paid, but
no volunteer fire department could be
expected to preserve its efficiency it
refused the privilege of naming JLs
own engineer. There was no dividing
line; either make it a paid fire depart
ment and take full charge -or allow
some latitude in the matter of saying
how the affairs of the department
should be administered.
Tho ordinance in question look
away all power from the foreman;
made him on.' a figurehead: he
couldn't control the engineer
couldn't suspend him, and the point
was no self consciousness, no glory,
but that to carry out the provisions of
the ordinance destroyed the discipline
and organization that was the pride
of the department. A fireman de
served the same meed of applause
awarded a soldier; as much heroism
was deserved by daring firemen at the
scene ot action as ever shown by
valiant soldiers on the battlefield of
B. S. Worsley here read the follow
ing resolutien:
Jicsolceil, That we. the volalccr fire
men of tho city of Astoria, respectfully
ask the common council to repeal the or
dinance amendatory to ordinance No.
11, and also ordinance No. Ste, of the
city of Astoria, in relation to tho ap
pointing of engineers of the fire compan
ies r tho department.
Postmaster Hare was called on; he
was not in favor of the resolution.
While he didn't favor taking the ap
pointing of the engineer out of the
if he i hands of the company, yet he thought
that it was necessary to have some
fountain head; some source of author
ity. There was no need of making
any disturbance because one man had
been asked to quit.
B. S. Worsley thought that the law
creating the fire department was am
ple enough in its provisions to cover
all cases possibly arising. If there
but Miss Mabel will spend a month in
Albany, on a visit to friends.
On their way to this city arc Si. sail
ing vessels from foreign and domestic
The steamer A Ilia me, Capt. Peter
son, is due from Portland this morn
ing, on her way to Gray's harbor.
The steamer Signal, Capt M.
Bcudegard, sailed yesterday for Seattle
with a miscellaneous cargo." She look
from here GO barrels of oil.
The steamer Telephone was much
later than usual yesterday, as she did
not arrive until 50 p. m., having been
detained all along the river at the
various landings.
The Roscburg Jiecicw tells this
story of a gentleman who has just
escaped from Grant's Pass, where he
has been in search of a business loca
tion. Being asked what he thought
of the place, he replied: "Think of
the place? why it's the liveliest town
on the coast. Yon see I was unwary
enough to tell a fellow that I had
So500 to invest where I could do the
best with it, and what do yon think ho
did? rushed right out and called a
special meeting of the chamber of
commerce la board of trade is too
slow for Grant's Pass) and absolutely
dragged me over to see it. They
offered me every inducement to invest;
told me I could have a certain lot for
$1200, then showed me another pre
cisely like it for only $600. A delega
tionfrom each church and political
faction called on me formally and
pleaded with me to settle among them,
and invest my little $3500 where it
would increase 500 per cent in six
months. The chamber of commerce
sat in constant session three days aud
nights, and I was feted, fed on the fat
of the land and given free excursions
to inspect every acre of arablo laud in
Josephine couutv. But I clung with
a death grip to my $3500."
P:i-en:cis to Portland.
Just Received at The
Leading Dry Goods and Clothing House of the City
KnUlds of Pythias.
Installation of officers for tho bal
ance of the year took place last night
iu Astor Lodge, No. G, IL of P. The
services were conducted by Dr. O. B.
Estes, deputy grand chancellor. The
new officers are as follews: Chris.
Evenson, past chaucellor; A. W.
Utziuger, chancellor commander;
Martin Olsen, vice chaucellor; Her
man Wise, prelate; A. A. Johnson,
mablcr-at-arms; August Ripetz, msido
517 and 521 Third St.,
Th.o Popular Soot and Sh.oe Store, XTo. 537 Third St.,
Arc receiving goods from the following manufacturers: Hey wood & Co., Worcester. Mass.; John Strootman,
Bnffalo, N. Y.; Faunce Sz Spiney, Lynn, Mass.; Marcie Sc Cie, New York City; A. E Brown & Co., Phila.; and an
Extra Line of California Goods.
3ES.. jE5. IEO"75T03? Cfc OO, Astoria, Oregon.
The city was loo young, too small,
for a successful naid fire denartment.
and in his judgment the council m ours was a paid are
would disnlav cood iudnment in ' bul is not applicable lo
was any discrepancy or omission in
nt n.n ,n,;i i.. ..nmK. n,nir guard: A. C. v,arlson, outside guard.
.. till XWt.WV. J. ..' . ....W -.... . ..
disciplinary regulations. The ordi
nance in question would be all right
a volunteer
rescinding their action or lue previous
C. J. Trenchard was the next speaker.
He thought that the council should
consult with the firemen before taking
such final deliberative action. The
Astoria fire .department had so
splendid a record that it would be a
pity to invalidate it; the department
should be tampered with as little :is
possible; it was belter to go low; he
believed that in any proposed change
the firemen should be consulted; they
fire department Our department
should be regulated solely by the laws
. enacted regarding the management,
i government and control of the de-
I parlment
G. C. Fulton thought it would be
better to confine the attention ot the
1 meeting lo the ordinance passed last
Tuesday evening, and moved that a
committee or three be appointed to
draft a resolution and appear before
the mayor as thus voicing the senti
ments of the department; seconded
should have something to say about i It was amended by making the num-
it; there should be no dictation from her live aud passed, unanimously,
any quarter; let us reason together, The chair appointed as such com
and allow all who rightfully have a i mittee Messrs. Fulton, "Worsley,
voice in the matter to fully and freely Weeks, Trenchard and Green
The following is the list of passen
gers having rooms, who went up tho
river last night on the steamer Tele Tele
peone: Sheriff II. A. Smidt, W. Smith and
wire, II. Erlich, J. F. McGoveru, M.
McKay, J. Alexander, John Adair, D.
E. Jones, H. S. Flood, M. Judkins, J.
Wntsou, Anna Nicholas, Mrs. B.
Cooper. J. Ash, C. E. Stone, P. J.
McGowau, J. Crawford, J. IL Hall, D.
Poller, R. Brodie, J. E. Laforce, Mrs.
Capt Brown, Mrs. R. M. O'Dell, C. B.
Frcscott, J. J. Peake, W. I. Ball, F. C.
Morgan, J. C. Havelly, Mrs. Stark, P.
V. Parker, Miss Mabel Parker.
express themselves.
Ex-chief engineer Weeks was called,
on but declined, as being a member of
the Hook and Ladder company, and
The committee immediately met
and drafted the following.
7Vs?m, That we, members of the As
toria fire department, do hereby respect-
not in his opinion called upon to take fhy sk your honor, mayor of tho city
nnrf. i ui iuiju, iu wximiuiu )uui niiiiuuu-
nr Vnlni.,1 I l.mi.rl.Hliflf -TV:r !l Ordinance I P""
Vl.u&fv -mw. ... ...vr..,.. .... ....... -...
lv tho com
Worsley and Trenchard were right, , , iboamwintment of cmnncexa of tho
department, as we denin it a blow at the
ho had alwavs noticed that whenever
tne council in any cuy uimertooic 10 i eflicioncy or the department,
interfere with a volunteer fire depart- j '9' li'fox,TON-
ment, it always injured the depart- I U" w"v?1:SI'1JY"
ment The council might say "dis- " r )l A "f
band, and we will organize a new de-' "t 'is'ti.
Next Saturday evening Astoriaus
will have an opportunity to see some
thing they never saw before and
which will bo worth seeing. The
Steen family, mind readers, will give
evidence ot their wonderful powers,
and Master Eddie Abbott, the boy
wonder, in his famous specialties aud
occult demonstrations will delight the
audience. The sale of reserved seats
will begin at the New York Novelty
Store Saturday morning.
nnrffnnt-i!.". linf. if la lnwwl 4limr
power to get together so experienced. , ih moHou pnssof ":lim0U3
so valuable aud so thoroughly drilled ' Go- H'1 ,"OVC(1 ,ihaii ,n
a body of men as that composing the I the mayor iledmo to veto the ordi
present fire department of the cilv of ! ance; tuat the sama committee of five
Astoria " be authorized to make proper repre-
Tho department was making no -1 ?nbilion to ihc city council. This,
reasonable a onlv asked the Jll?j W;LS IsfU unanimously,
right to appoint its own officers; this Chier. engineer Stockton made a
i.f -mo n,ioi .,11 rni.,,,1 r. srKcial request lo all members of the
departments, anvwherc and every ! department that inuring the issue of
where. To do as the council in the
ordinance in question was doing,
brought in politics; it hut I the depart
ment; politics above all thiugs should
be kept out of a city's lire department.
When the city council had the ap
pointing of the
when a man was
is he?" but, "who is he for for chief of i AVIufc, n.ou Mayor Crosby
the prent question, let every fireman
turn out in case ot a fire alarm, and
bend every energy lo lend assistance
in subduing the common enemy.
On motion of B. S. Worsley three
rnnsimr chcer.s and a tig-e-cr, were
Among the distinguished visitors
present were C. F. Irvine, grand chau
cellor, and J. A. Ahlstcdt, deputy
grandchaucellor,Portlaud;Jay Tuttle,
past grand chancellor, and A. A.
Cleveland, grand vice chancellor.
Under the head of good of the order
were interesting remarks from the
grand visitors. ,
To-morrow evening grand chancellor
C. II. Irvine will pay an official visit
to Pacfic Lodge, No. 17, when there
will be work in the amplified third
rank, and installation of officers.
I iif.imin PawMiscrs.
The steamship ( 'olambia isdue from
San Francisco Ibis morning, with the
following prssengcrs: Mrs. Lyons
and child, Mrs. S. T. Dewey, A. C.
Eadv, Miss Grcssie, Mrs. M. O'Connor,
Frank Bach, May Boltlemiller, W. F.
Dixey, Miss N. Boone, A. Y. 1-ol.son
and wife. G. D. Green and mother,
Miss Goodhue, Mrs. G. D. Green and
daughter, Mrs. Grcame, Mrs. S. P.
Cauness, R. Crocker. Miss E. C.
Slingill, W. Bigelow, Charles Garside,
J. Sirkis, Mrs. J. Sirkis, Mrs. Haai
akos and two children, E. J. Holt,
George Marshall, W. A. Dewey, R. C.
Mitchell. J. D. Hayes, N. AV. Gallant,
F. Sheafer, J. J. darais, A. Wilkcman,
Miss C. Colboni.
Giild Kir.'j; in a Salmon.
L;ist evening Capt Staples or the
steamer Improvement, brought to tho
office of TiruAsTOitiAX, a plain gold
ring which he had found in a salmon
that was being dressed ou the steamer.
How long it has leen in the stomach
of the fish or where he swallowed it is
a mystery. Who has lost a gold ring
overboard? The fish was caught
yesterday in the river near this city.
This is what you ought to have, in
fact, you must have ir, to fully enjoy
life, Th'iiisjiuls are searching for it
daily, and. mourning because they find
it not Thousands upon thousands ot
dollars are spent annually by our peo
ple in the hope that they may attain
this boon. And yet it may he had by
all. Wo guarantee that Klectric Hitters,
if us 'd according to directions and the
iwe por-isti'd in, will bring you (ood
Digestion and oust the demon dyspep
sia and instead Kupoiy. We recom
mend Kleclriu Hitters for Dytpepsia
and all diseases of Liver, Stomach and
Kidni, s. Sold at .V)c. and $1.00 per bot
tle by .!. "W. Conn, Druggist.
"iVeiii!i:irl". Itccr
At the Sunny Side saloon. Furnished
rooms up stairs.
f'i'iiiis Icn Cream
Served daily at the Columbia bakery.
Active, wide-awake boys van find
umplnyim-iiD at the c.iniH'ry of .1. O.
Matitlhirn & Co.
i ? 41s Af.Uwi 4we s?mntfitmil-
ollicers, the question -"" "iyiw. "lo i-i "
up for election to the niV,Vuc "5ckuB aujuuniuu.
'imf i-;,i r ., ,v. ' The committee was instructed to
wilh the
A young lady in this city who is a
light "sleeper, and who is upon that
account depended upon tonwakenher
brother, a fireman, in case of a night
alarm, was badly left on the morning
of the 4th, on the occasion of the
alarm at Japlin's barn., hearing which
she arose and proceeded as usual to
about for her brother. Having done
thk to her satisfaction she returned
to her bed and sleep. On awakening
m the morning she ascertained that
she had got out of bed on tho wrong
side, and had been shouting into a
cJoset .instead of through the usual
door, and her brother, tho fireman,
had not heard her at all.
Go to the Columbia bakery for all
kinds of cakes.
All the Choicest Delicacies, made by
oaly first-class men at the Seaside
Go to lite San Francisco Gallery for
the finest Photographs ana Tintypes.
Olaey Street
police? or street superintendent?" etc
When we light lire let us light it m
our own way, unframmeled by any
possible incompetency of possible
political favorites. Tho department
had been uniformly successful in the
past, aud would, doubtless, continue
to be, if it is lot alone. The depart
ment were champions at home and
abroad, they were not beaten wherever
they appeared, and when fire broke
out it was a common remark by
strangers that the brave way they
worked compared favorably with the
work of any paid fire department on
the coast
G. C. Fulton was called upon, and
said that there could be no two
opinions on this subject, the question
was, how to avert the evil. There was
no jealousy and should be none. When
Twos won, Ones applauded; Unes re
joiced in their brother firemen's suc
cess; they would fight for them and
fight fire with them, He thought a
committee of three should be ap
pointed to go to Mayor Crosbv and
ask him to consider tho matter, to
give the boys a chance to have some
thing to say as to who shall be en
gineer. Too much is at stake; there
should be no hitch in tho workings of
the department, and there need be
none if a wise conservatism were dis
played, and some regard shown tho
active members of the department
He then moved that a committee of
three be appointed to draft a resolu
tion and submit it to the Mayor who
had not yet signed the ordinance. It
is for tho department to dignifiedly
present Its case, confident that deli
beration on the part of those inter
ested with the city's interest would
show the correctness ot the position j
that the department assumed.
resolution embodying the sentiments
ot the meeting, at noon to day.
And Free hunch at the
loon,.! ecu's.
Telephone Sa-
(!i to the Coliunnla bakery ice cream
purlins and tryndhdiof their fn:e"icc!
Two Choice Biks in Adair's Astoria
rei: sai.i: nv
His Goods,
Which Are
First Class
And Draws Trade By
1st RATE
A Snap in Real Estate.
11 Acres, closu to river and street car line. Only 500 per acre, for a few days
only. Si,000 can bo made on this property within three months.
Wlngrato M S)tom
jEieal 3Q3tvte
Odd Fellows' Biiildin;
Lois in Case's Astoria Are Iw on Sale
Astoria Eeal Estate Co.
TERMS Onc-IIalf Cash; the Balance in Six and Twelve Months.
Weinhard's Lager Beer !
Is the Choice of the Connoisseur.
Superior Facilities for Shipping in Car Load Lots.
Orders for any quantity to be directed to
H. WEINHAED, Portland, Oregon.
Corner Twelfth, ami IS.
Telephone 72.
P. O. Bex 405
Oh! my, it PAYS to deal
Lois in Block "8'' S200.
Lots in Block "88'' $150.
Hsilf Cash, Balance in Three
and Six Months.
That tired foehmr is entirely overcome
bv Hood's Sarsaprilla, which creates an J
appctlte.ronsis the liver, cures headache,
and jti es renewed strength and vigor to
the whole body. Be biire to get Hood's
Sarsanrilla, which is peculiar to itself.
Sold by all druggist.
Steamer for Sale.
The steam schooner Francis Cutting,
now lving In Port Townsend, is offered
for sale on reasonable terms. Said
steamer was built in spring of 1880, has
a net tonnage of CO tons, will carry
about ninety tons of merchandise be
low deck and is guaranteed in first class
order in every respect. For further
particulars apply to
F. P. Kexdaix,
Columbia River Pkg. Co., Astoria.
Grand excursion and basket picnic
over the A. &S. C. K,ll. to Clatsop
lach, Thursday. July 17th. For the
benefit of the Presbyterian church.
Tho steamer Electric and barge leaves
Wi lon te Fisher's dock at 9 A. m.
Tickets one dollar, children half price.
Choice fresh smoked eastern sugar
cured hams at Thompson & It ess.
In daily receipt of Oregon cherries,
berries and all other seasonable fruits.
Thompson &ltoss.
A Letter from nn Eminent Physician.
Hit. Editer: At the risk of indorsing a
proprietary preparation, I have a few word
iu favor of a nci.7 laxative principle. But
first, how I came to discover it. A patient
asked about taking Joy's Vegetable Sarsa
parllla. As sarsaparillas usually coutaia
mercury or iodides I objected, and asked for
the formula, which findingpurely vegetable,
and so mild as to be to my mind almost
Inert, I consented. Jmagino my astonish
ment when perfect laxative action was re
ported. It has two great points, rirtt, being
purely vegetable, It Is (unlike mercury) not
cumulative in the system, being easily car
ried off by the digestive processes; and tccond.
It Is effective with a less quantity of the
cathartic principle than has hitherto been
attainable. It in this respect ranks 03 a
discovery, and approaches the ideal, viz.:
the least medicine consistent with the great
est good. It harmonizes natural laxativo
action and perfect safety, and should inter
est both the public and the profession.
A city rnvsicux of TninT v years rrtAcncK.
San Francitco Examiner, March 10, 1SS0.
TelcuhtutcS.ortJciii-r iSous1.
Best Hcds in town. Kooms per night
50 and 25 cts., per week S1.50. ew and
clean. Private entrance.
Rooms nitli Coanl.
Parties desiring comfortable rooms
with board, at reasonable rates, can be
accommodated at Mrs E. C. llolden's,
comer Main and Fourth streets.
Ludlow's Ladies' $3.00 Fine Shoes;
also flexible hand-turned French Kids,
at P. J. Goodman & Co.'s.
The Reliable I
In Occident Hotel Building.
(Opp. Telephone Landing.)
Is the Bon Ton Restanraut of tie Town
Dinner Parties, Banqets. a Specially
The Finest Wine ami Liquors.
Private Entranco and Rooms.
N. 1. No connection with hi-t old place on
Main Street.
,-t, 1 II Hll" MilKl'll ill Ullll curling.
II J L.. K
Cooldng and Heating,
SToo c$2 Scully,
Having secured a commodious office
at Gnnres' HoTEii, Seaside, we are
afforded splendid facilities for hand
ling Seaside Property, and parties
lcaviug property- in our hands are
guaranteed thabest possible figure.-
55!) Third Street.
The latest nIv'i of Gents' Boots and
Shoes at P. J. Goodmak & Co.'s.
Talk is cheap, Wc lead, others fol
low. Trv the home made bread at the
Oregon Bakery, and judge for yourself.
Remember the Austin house at the
Seaside is open the year 'round.
Zlnlmna Cigars.
Just received a large stock of clear
Habana cigar? at W. L,. Iiolm, 640
Third street.
For a good Clean
daiii Street House.
Room, go to the
Good Goods and low rates at the Sea
side Bakery.
Ice cream at JelTs new restaurant.
Private" entrance.
For a good shave go to F. Fcrrcll.
For the very bast Photos, t;o to Sinister.
Drink Knickerbocker bottled beer.
Practical : Watchmaker,
A fine line of Gold and Silver Watches.
Solid Gold and Plated Jewelry, Clocks, etc,
at rcasonahlo prices. Repairing Promptly
Done. Next to Morgan & Sherman.
o'cloc'c a. si. Friday, July istli, 1890,
at the oDice of county clerk, lor printing,
notices and blanks, or other printing ordered
for Clatsop County, said contract to expire
Tee County Court reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
by order of the Countv Court.
Attest: C. J. TRENCUAD, Clerk.
Abercrombio, Prop.
Finest and Most Convenient
Summer Resort
Every Eoom Newly Purnished.
Private Booms for Pamilies.
Transient Custom Solicited.
The only Abercromble Hotel at Seaside,
Oregon. .
The Oregon Bakery
A. A. CLEVELAND, Prop'r.
M Bread, Cale art Pastry
None but the Best Materials Used.
Satisfaction Guaranteed Customers
Broad delivered in any part of tho city.
jjgJTEularged and Eefitted to Meet the Popular DeraaTid.,3
Shoalwater Bay and Eastern Oysters.
Private Rooms For Dinner Parties, Etc.
J. B. Wyatt,
Hardware and Ship Chandlery,
Pure Oil. Bright Varnish. Binacte Oil,
Cotton Canvas, Hemp bail Twine,
Lard Oil, "Wrought Iron Spikes,
Galvanized Cut Nails.
Ajrricnltural Implements, Sewing
Machines, Paints, Oils,
Grrooerle Bto.
A push our mauufactureson this "ground.
One of our agents earned ?ooo la '89. Ad
dress, P. 0. Box 1871 , New ork.
The Oregon Land Co.
Where Property Is Left For Sale.
Corner Third and Olney Sts-,
For Desirable Acreage
Call on or Address
SECOND ST., Near Postofllce. - -
& Coodenough,
- p. o. Box 63.
--. (-
i&f ..