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S&c aUj$ lucrum.
JUNE II. 1830
Publishers and Proprietors.
Tera of Subscription.
Scored lv Carrier. ier ceX 15 cts
Seat by Mai'. jor month Co cts
nt by Mail, one yoar ........... S7.t
Fire of jxuiagc 10 subcritttrN
The Astouikn suanjutcts to il adver
JVTsThelanssi ircul.itloii of tuiv ntvi;ii
j r tutiU-brd mi the Columbia riwr.
Fishing boats were quite numerous
on the rirer yesterday.
Monday there were 22 deeds filed
for record, and yesterday, there was
the same uumler, lacking 21.
It is rciorted that J. B. Sale has
purchased the steamer Elertrh; and
that he will le taken to Shoalwatcr
One or two boat hoaxes, with row
and sail boats to let, would undoubt
edly do a jjood business. Who will
art one?
Tliere is to be a glove contest for
points, in the Athletic club rooms
next Wednesday evening, aud it
prorniMs to be largely attended.
Last evening, at the Parker hoifee, a
large number of people were finely en
tertained in listening to inusie on a
Scotch bagpipe, played by the bar
tender. Work has commenced on the erec
tion or the new wharf at North Cove
oa Shoalwatcr bay. It will be over
LKM feet long, and reach out to a
dippih of nine feet at low water.
The new track of the street railway
extension is now laid on Second street,
between Olney and Genevieve, and
the center of the street is torn up for
a block further west, to Cass street
The numerous piles of wood scattered
all along the streets, and left there
weeks at a time, make this look like a
Iwckwoods town iustead of a city.
Don't ue the streets for a xermanent
wood vnrd.
Hereafter when the anniversary of
American independence is celebrated,
Albert Nilson can say umy country,"
for yesterday he severed connection
with the long of Sweden, and took out
preliminary papers of citizenship.
The city building will not be raised
at present, not until the next rainy
season, as it would interfere with the
use of the engine house and engine,
and that is not deemed advisable in
dry weather, in case a fire should
break out.
- - --
The colored singer, Miss Flora Bat
son, who appears here on Friday and
Saturday eveniugs, is spoken of in the
highest terms by the prass. Yester
day's Oregonian has a highly com
mendable notice, and calls her the
qneen of song."
The railroad drawbridge across
Skipanon creek at Warrenton is out of
order and cannot be opened for the
passage of boats. Yesterday it was
closed with great difficulty, and must
be considerably repaired before it can
again be opened.
Yesterday, in Justice May's court,
two Chinamen, Ah Sing and Ah Gee,
were arraigned, who had been arrested
by constable "Welch for smoking
opium. They were remanded to the
county jail, and. will bo examined at 3
o'clock this af temoon.
Iu the city council last evening, Mr.
Welch made an excellent suggestion,
if it can be earned out, and that is to
remove Xo. One's engine house to up
per town and build a new house for
Xo. One on the city lot, then furnish
a good pair of horses for it.
People should remember that a re
fusal to answer the questions pro
pounded by one of the census enumer
ators is a misdemeanor, and by so
doing they are liable to arrest and fine.
Answer the questions promptly and
the work will soon be completed.
Horseback riding is growing in favor,
and would le more popular if there
were more saddle horses to be ob
tained. Last evening F. H. Surpren
ant and wife, W. A. Sherman and sis
ter. Miss Jessie Jewett and several
others were out riding. It is good ex
ercise for all.
Hy Special Request.
rror.Ilanna.tho World Expeit Chi
ropodist and Manicun. lias extended his
vitt in Astoria for the lemaimler of
this wvek. Tin Proftsor, during his
past three weeks visit in Astoria, has
proven himself to be thoroughly skilled
In Ins profession, aud no one need hesi
tate to call on him that may he afllictcd
with their hands or feet, and p irtlcu
UrlyCornsand Bunions. His office is
over Allen's paint store, coiner Fourth
and Cass streets.
Fresh Dread and Cakes every day at
Columbia Bakery. AH orders deliv
ered to all parts of the city.
For fine variety of Numbers for your
buildings call on Judge Jewett.
Wilson & Fisher will have Silver
Plated Numbers for Houses in a few
ias at seven and a half cents each.
StrawTbcrrlch and Cherries.
The oaly place in the cit3' where you
can get Fresh Strawberries and Cher
ries aailv, at Rock Bottom price?, is at
F. Ferrell's.
Try the Columbia Bakery and satisfy
yourself where you can do the best.
SalmeH Cans.
The Pacific Can Co. Is prepared to
famish packers with salmon cans in
jaxtiUes to suit. For rates and prices
apply to or address F. P. Kendall, at of
tce of Columbli Itivcr Packing Co.,
The Strawberry season is now at its
prime. Thompson & Boss are receiving
large quantities of this delicious fruit.
Order a case early.
The HAub Hahsc Cigar.
The La Paknaa cigar and other fine
brands of oic&rs: the finest in the city,
at Charley OJsen's.nextto C. U. Cooper.
TfcerevAre Sh'c JVIcc lUoms,
Over the Mikado ahdy store, suitable
tfer oBcesptot rent. Apply to Alex
For a good Shave, go to F. Ferrell.
Remember the Austin house at the
Seaside is open the year 'round.
Forthevery"bestPhotos,go to Sinis
ter. Mta CMke f rter.
Private rooms fee ladies mod families :
u. Oeattml iteetaurant, next to Foard ft
Ordinances, Resolutions, Eeiorts,
Bills ami Coumuuications.
The city fathers assembled last even
ing, and were called to order by Mayor
Crosby at 7:45 r. ir., Elbon, Fox,
Welch and Wickmnn being present,
and Bergman arriving soon after.
The minutes of the last meeting
were read and approved.
Alex. Grant petitioned for a liquor
license, which was granted.
The ordinance passed at the last
meeting, requiring property owners to
connect their premises with street
sewers, was returned by the mayor un
signed, because defective in section
seven, by the omission of the word
The veto was sustained.
The report of street superintendent
as to amount of work done on the
btreels was read and placed on file.
City engineer Thielson's report in
reference to petition of W. B. Head
ington and others for grade of Court
street was read and filed.
Petition of Margaret McCanu who
proposed to sell to the city for $500
lots 3 and 4, block 112, Shively's,
which had been referred to city attor
ney was reported upon by him, recom
mending that the proposition be re
jected, and the assessment for Cedar
street grade be collected. Report was
received and filed.
The city attorney reported on peti
tion of John Devlin and William
Bock in reference to correcting the
line of West Water street, referred to
him from last meeting, recommending
that an ordinance be passed to
correct the line. The report was re
ceived and filed. Keport of the city
attorney in reference to the bond mat
ter was presented, stating that he had
notified N. W. Harris & Co. of Chicago
that the city had accepted their prop
osition to purchase 23,000 of six per
cent twenty-year bonds at a premium
of x2 per cent, and that the bonds
were "being printed at the office of The
At the conclusion of the reading of
the report mayor Crosby suggested
that the council should do the best
they could to advance the city's inter
est, and that another party had offered
to take the bonds, and pay 3 per cent,
premium, which would make a pre
mium of SG00, or 345 more than the
other offer, and that a while ago he
had told Mr. Welch of this offer.
Mr. Welch stated that the mayor
had spoken to him on the street con
cerning this new offer, but that it was
after the former had been accepted by
the council, and had said that if the
city would pay his (the mayor's) ex
penses he would go east and place
them at a still better figure for the city.
His honor then intimated that the
council or committee had not done
their duty for they had asked but one
party, to which Mr. Welch replied
with spirit, denying the statement and
claiming that the mayor was mis
representing the'' case. Considerable
discussion was had, the records were
consulted, and finally the report of tho
city attorney was adopted.
The committee on wharves and
water frontage reported in reference
to the ordinance referred to them at
last meeting, granting to Astoria Iron
Works permission to erect a gridiron
wharf at foot of Jackson street and
recommended that the same be
granted for 20 years. The report was
An ordinance was adopted, extend
ing the time of the city assessor for
completing the roll, to June 23d.
Ordinances for improvement of
Polk, Jackson and Madison streets
were read first and second times.
The ordinance, fixing boundaries of
Water street from the plane line to
West Ninth street, was referred to the
committee on streets and public ways.
A now ordinance was presented to
take the place of the one in reference
to sewers which had been voted by
the mayor and was read twice.
The ordinance providing for the
issuance of $23,000 in bonds and sale
of the same to N. W. Harris & Co. of
Chicago was introduced and road
twice, and further action deferred
until next meeting, some members
fearing that if not adopted the city
will be liable to the above firm for
damages for violation of contract
The ordinance allowing the Astoria
Iron works to erect a gridiron wharf
at the foot of Jackson street, and main
tain the same for twenty years, was
passed, Mr. Fox refraining from vot
ing, because an interested part'.
The following bills against the city
were allowed and ordered paid by war
rants on the proper funds: West Shore
mills, $368; telephone company,
83; gas company, $19.95; Astor
house, for board of prisoners, 41.99;
sundry persons for labor on streets,
$252.60; Carruthers & Co. for hauling
and street work, $26.10; McCroskey &
Co., L50; Clatsop mill company,
lumber for streets, 348.93; three other
bills presented, one of $4j one of $9.50
and one of $2.50, were laid over.
Welch introduced a resolution pro
viding that the council meet every
Tuesday evening, and it was unani
mously adopted.
Wrelch introduced a resolution that
the city attorney institute suits
against the bondsmen of who have
failed to pay their assessment or im
prove Arch street, which was adopted.
A resolution introduced by Welch
at the request of Parker that proper
notice be given of the intention to.
grade Lafayette street was adopted.
Welch stated that the committee on
ways and means had. never yet re
ported concerning the official reports
of last year, which had been referred
to them, and he desired to see the
work done.
The matter of establishing on elec
tric light between the electric light
works and western boundary of the
city, was brought up by Welch, and
he moved it be so ordered,
as election was now over and
it had been opposed before. It was
favored by Fox, also by Bergman,
who stated that he had investigated
the matter and would withdraw his
objection. It was then ordered by an
unanimous vote. The occupation of
the foot of West Seventh, Eighth and
Ninth streets also Genevieve and
other streets by private individuals,
was brought up by Welch, and on his
motion referred to the city attorney to
report at next meeting.
Tho council then adjourned at
950 p. m.
The Columbia Bakery is the neatest
shop in the city.
Latest styles in Sateens, Braided Sets,
Buckles and other trimminga. Lessons
given in embroidery.
Boots and Shoes made to order, all
Repairing neatly done at Th. Joseph
son's. Thompson & Boss axe handling the
product of some of the Choicest Dairies,
and can supply you with a No. l article
of Butter or Cheese.
A. McKinnie and wife, of Portland,
are at the Occident
Ex-mayor J. W. Hume returned
from the Coquille yesterday.
Fred B. Reed, ex-mayor of the city
of North Yakima, is visiting this city.
Mrs. Low and her daughter, Mrs-
opear, wore in tne ciry yesieraay irom
Prof. Hanna is 30 years old to-day,
and it is just 18 years since he com
menced taking lessons in his profes
sion from his father, who had preceded
him in the business.
A party of prominent people from
Saginaw, Michigan,' are stopping at
the Occident, and may invest here if
satisfied with the place. Their names
are Levi Tillotson, A. Brown, A. Bust,
Miss Ida Bust and Miss Sarah Brock
The JBritish bark Kitty, Capt W.
B, Laird, expects to sail this morning
for Haiphong, China.
The schooner Laura May which
left here recently with a cargo of
lumber, arrived at San Diego last
The steamer Signal, Capt M. Ben
degard, sailed yesterday for Tacoma,
with 799 sacks of plaster and 478 pack-j
ages oi miscellaneous ireigut.
The steamer Dolphin, Capt Neill,
arrived from Shoalwater bay last
evening at 5:45, and at 8 o'clock
started up the river for Portland.
The steamship Danube, Capt J. B.
Hill, sailed yesterday for Vancouver
and Victoria, British Columbia, car
rying 5,004 barrels of flour, valued at
The steamer Manzanita coaled up
yesterday, and took on a second class
whistling buoy, to replace the one
now on Umatilla reef, which is out of
order, and will be brought down for
repairs. The weather not being fav
orable for departure, she did not
leave last evening.
Coming From California.
The steamship Columbia is due
here from San Francisco this morning,
with the following passengers:
Mrs. Captain Lewis, J. Tufts, John
Mendell, Clarence Mendell, Mrs. Men
dell, H. J. Chamberlain, wife and
child, J. Williamson. Miss Williams,
F. B. Greenway, D. Gamy, E. and E.
Hirsch, Wm. Baker, H. Bloomfield, G.
H. Bathburn. E. H Morgan, Mrs. E.
H. Morgan, W. H. Dolan, J. O. Menzie,
D. G. Mellon, Dr. L. E. Lewen, W. F.
Baldwin, W. S. Woods, D. L. Murry
and wife, E. Nelson and wife, S. Krau
chetz, J. J. Thompson and wife, S. A.
Haywards, Mrs. Haywards, Miss
Hawes, Miss S. E. Landers,- Mrs. H.
Hannoster and daughter, S. Monnas
ter, E. B. Warman, G. Miza and wife,
Mrs. Hickox, Mrs. Gilespie and
daughter, Clyde Harron, Sarah
Stevens, P. l). Dechant, wife and
daughter, C. Cooley, E. Tucker, B.
Swain, C. H Young, F. M. Mulkey,
Mrs. G. W. Hedges, E. Morgan, J. A
Robinson and wife, John Kelly, J.
HubbarS, Mrs. A. B, Van Blavcom,
Miss C. A. Van Noreton, G. M.
Chanded, D. J. Malackey, Mrs. E. V.
Hathaway, Miss Norton, Mrs. P. H.
Binn and son, Mamie Melsor, Miss
Naglo, Miss Lucy Wecb, J. J. Gardner,
N. A. Sander, P. H Bruhn.
Wrecking Notes From the Port Towa
send "Leader."
Puget sound wreckers intend
shortly to commence work upon the
hull of the old steamer Idaho, whioh
came to grief near Race rocks, last
year, and now lies in Port Townsend
bay. It is supposed that her boilers
and something else it is not known
what are till clinging to her, as a
clumsy weight attached to her bottom
prevents her floating in less than ten
fathoms of water.
The steam wrecker Whitleaw now
plies regularly between Race rocks
and tho outer wharf, Victoria, where
a heterogeneous mass of chains and
old anchors, broken masts and frag
ments of deck planking lies piled.
The grappling irons are tearing the
the old Barnard Castle to pieces,
and whatever comes up in their claws.
is at once landed. It is expected that
the wreckers will get to work upon
the more important part of the old
wreck before the end of the week.
la Astonishing Offer Se:
m of tkt
The San Tranclsco papers of .recent data
sontalned the following effer:
"As an evidence of the ability of Jot's
Vegetable Sarsaparilla to prevent sick head
aches, we will .give to the arst. twelve ra
sponsiblepersons who will apply at oar oBea
a bottle .tree if they will arree-that after
they have been cured that they will admit
the fact over their signatures."
This offer so startllngly asserted the est
ciency of the remedy thtmaay accepted,
and the letters of the parties, nearly all of
whom responded; are probably the aaoat
convincing attestations "that anyfreaedy.
ever received. The following is a sample of
those received: ;i
I have been subject to blliotuTaeadaebw
and constipation tor several years past; la
fact, have been compelled to take a physle
every other night or else I woald have
headache and dull, mean feeling. I hava
token that bottlo of Joy's Vegetable Sana
parllla, and have derived great benefit from
it, and intend continmlng it. After xayowm
experience I can heartily advise those tios
bled with biliousness and constipation to try
it Yours, CHAS. . ZLKINGTON.
125 Locust Aveace. Baa Fraud
Seattle was founded thirty-eight
years ago by some thirty or forty men,
who went there in the schooner Ex
tract, which hsd'heen chartered by a
party of California miners' to go to
Alaska. These young men were
landed at AIM point, and went to the
site of Seattle, which was then an In
dian settlement, and mainly a dense
That tired feeling, so subtle and yet
so overpoweringAS entirely overcoe by
Hood's Sarsanarilla. which tones and
strengthens the system andglves a good
appetite.Be sure to f ef Hood'sSarsa-"
paruia. uou uoses jne,.uoiiar" wtrue
only of this peculiar medicine.
Coffee and "cake7tftn eets, at the
Central Restaurant.
Perfection Fruit Jars, at Thompson
& Ross'.
Ludlow's La4ieV$3j0 -Fine ghoea;
also flexlble'lrW-4isnii-rrnoh lHfi;
at P. J. Goodman': r ,
Tls;1keiisr Eclipse.
Will midwswpilar, trips to Knappa and
Swensen7s Llpdinr, on Saturdays, leavi
ing KriaRpa-atT: 30 a. m, and leaving
Wilsoo. FWi-'s deck at 2 r. m. For
freight or jpawage apply to the captain,
onboard. "
Drink Enlcerbocker bottled hew.
And Free EaneST4t tfie-Tekpfci -
loon,5ents. - ? 1 r. ,. .
Thejatest style "of -OentsVto-ik
Shoes at -JLJR J7tQooiA5fr..
nHUwMfWr iMlfctMhfcrfii
-.Si: XSXp&XL zarZzzm
As Filed iu The Coaaty Recorder' OMee
Marv A. Leineuweber to
Mary C. Holmes, lot 7, blk
37, Adair's S 950
Previously meported this
Cycar $1,425,847
Total to date $1,426,797
A Pecaliar Device to Assist FisncrraeR.
The Cape Ann Breeze, of Glouces
ter, Mass., describes a singular inven
tion and says the schooner Pioneer
will carry to Georges -with
her the coming trip something not
before found on a fishing vessel from
this port Its shape is something
similar to a steam boiler. It is about
five feet long. The frame is of iron
and is covered with a net-work of very
strong wire. In one end is a door,
through which it will be filled with
chopped bait It will then be fastened
io the vessel's cable, about 25 fathoms
from the anchor by a pulley. The
motion of the sea will wash bits of the
bait out &Q1 thus fish will be tolled
around die vessel. The machine was
invented by Mr. Silvine Monlsong, of
this city, who has applied for
.a patent on it, ana wno win go
on the vessel to superintend the
working of it He'is perfectly satis
fied that it will do all that is claimed
for it. The;result will be awaited for
with interest'-thy-all engaged in the
fisheries, Tjothiiabermen and owners.
Wkat Makes a City Prosperou?
An exchange indulges iu some good
observations as to the methods that
make a town or city prosperous or re
tards themTi It concludes that the one
thing tbatrmakes 'orcityprosperons is
the stability;-of its- business men.
Where each attempts to forward the
interests of the other he adds to his in
come as TrelL In towns where each
strives to knock the other down there
will be but few prosperous men. So
it is in every community. Where
neighbor is at war with neighbor
there will be poor straw stacks at both
places, but where all are at peace and
good will reigns there is happiness
and prosperity. Meanness never pays.
But we find a great many persons who
go to other towns to buy their goods
and pay more for them than they could
buy the samo of their home mer
chants. Some buy on credit of one
merchant and when they get a little
mohey will Bpend it with another mer-
..! anltA ?s.' .nat- 4nArfc 2rwnA
MUeaiii wjiu uvut uiui uigw. uujuc
will tell every stranger that comes to
town that the business men are rascals
and robbers. Some will construe
every effort of enterprise as a scheme
and boodle game, in fact mere is
nothing calculated to increase the
interest of a town or county but
has its opposition. Merchants have
been known to carry customers
when they would otherwise have
Buffered, that allow such debts, to go
unpaid' iad then spend the .money
witp others and curse their creditors.
It has been known for such persons to
carry two or three hundred in their
pooketior a whole year and then go
to the bank and ask them to loan them
twenty-five dollars for a few days to
finish out a payment and allow, the
banker to carry it for six months and
then grumble at ten per cent Such
things should not be if we desire to
see a flourishing town and induce
people to locate here. We must be a
unit and work and labor for each
other's good.
If a stranger inquires of you con
cerning the condition of any future
prospects of your town, speak a good
word for every department that de
serves it If a merchant favors you
when you are in need, remember him
when you have the money. Those of
you who have money to spend with your
home merchants, if they don't have
what you want have them send and
gettit for you. They can get it cheaper
than you can. If farmers have pro
duce to sell they should bring it to the
homo market Xet business men
work together and do each other all
the .good they can. If you have spare
money, put it in the bank until you
want it and if yon want a favor go to
the banker for it In union there is
strength, but a house divided against
itself cannot stand.
Gath" writes: "The widow of sec
retary Manning, reputed in Albany to
be the most lady-like and graceful rep
resentative of the women of that city,
I Recently saw at the Fifth Avenue
hotel. Her sten son is now mavor of
"Albany. She retains a gentle interest
urtyasuingion city, anu considers n
the most satisfactory place of abode,
especially for the female portion of
society, in the whole land."
I r.lccfric Bitters.
- Tills remedy is becoming so wel
known and so popular as to need no
special mention. AH who have used
Electric Bitters sing the same song of
praise. A purer medicine does not ex
Ist'and it Is guaranteed to do all that is
clalaied. Electric Bitters will cure all
diseases of tho Liver and Kidneys, will
remove Pimples. Boils, Salt Rhr urn and
other affectioas caused by iinpun blood.
yil drive Malaria from the system
audiprevent as well as cure Malarial fe-vers.-f
or cure of Headache, Constipa
tion! and Indigestion try Electric Bit
ters j-Entlre satisfaction guaranteed, or
money refunded. PriceSO cts. and S1.00
per bottle at J, W. Conn's.
Jo to the San Francisco Gallery for
the 'finest Photogtaphs and Tintv-pes.
Olney Street
Vv. F. Craag has returned to the city
and (resumed practice at the corner of
Fourth aud Cass streets, up stairs, for
merly th Salvation Army barracks.
Sunday evening, near the Postofflce,
a child's red, knit shoulder cape. Find
er will please leave at this office and be
i jxmmwm. ssMta jtMsm waatea,
For Wbmarrand child in-nrivate familv.
Jtefs3rthes given. Address "Jf," this
RBa mmd Beard.
A few rooms at Mrs. E. C. Holden's,
with beard: corner of Third and Main.
Alsd a few table boarders can be ac
Fi Table Wlac
Delivered at 60 cents a gallon, to any
part of the city. A fine line of pure
CIfornia, wines at low prices, at A.
4 R vumupuuuiu wuuuu.
rv -. Hew'a Tear Feet.
,4See the Chiropodist about them. He
will be in Astoria until and including
Tuesday. June 10th. and positively no
kmger. Office over Allen's paint store.
TelevaeaelietUrias Mease.
Best Beds in town. Rooms per night
M and cts. per week $1.50. Hew and
dean. Private entrance.
Tt-AU the Choicest -Delicacies, nade by
.oiy first-class' the Seaside
. juuh ui me mnesc strawDerries. to De
uBol by ThOBDson A Row. -
TSome of the taest strawberries, to be
Scaly Skin Diseases
Psoriasis S years, eovci'ing face, head
and entire body leith tchlte scabs. SUhl
red, itehy and bleeding. Hair all gone.
Spent hundreds of 'dollars. I'ronouneed
ineurable. Cured byCttticttralienirJie
Cured by Cuticura
My disease (psoriasis) first broke cut on
my left cheek, spreading across my nose and
almost covering my face. It ran Into my
eyes and the physician was afraid I would
lose my eyesight altogether. It spread all
over my bead and my hair all fell out, until
I was entirely bald-headed ; It then broke
out on my arms and shoulder,until my arms
were just one sore. It covered my entire
body, my face, head andshouMers being the
worst. The white scabs fell constantly irom
my head, shoulders and arms; the skin
wtfuld thicken and be red and very Itchy,
and would crack and bleed if scratched.
After spending many hundreds of dollars 1
Tsas pronounced Incurable. 1 heard of the
Cuticura Kkmf.diks. and after using two
bottles Cuticuka Kesoi.vkt I could see
a change ; and after I had taken four bottles
I was almost cured ; and when I had used
six bottles of Cuticuka. Resolvent and
one box of Cuuicuka, and one cake of Cut
icura. Soap. I was cured of the dreadful
disease from which I had suffered for five
years. I thought the would lea e a
very deep scar, but the Cuticuka Reme
dies cured It without any scars. I cannot
express with a pen what 1 suffered before
using the Cuticuka Remedies. Ihey
saved my life, and I feel it my duty to rec
ommend them. My hair Is restored as good
as ever and so Is my eyesight. I know of
others who have receded great benefit from
their use. Mrs. ROSA KELLY.
Rockwell City, Iowa.
Cuticura Resolvent,
The new Wood and Skin purifier and purest
id best of Humor Remedies. intemaliv.aud
Cuticura. the great Skin Cure, and Cuti
cura SOAi'.an cxquLslte Skin BeautiHer, ex
ternally, have cured thousands of cases
where the shedding of scales mc.iMired a
quart dally, the skin cracked, bleeding,
burning, and Itching almost bej ond human
endurance, hair lifeless or all gone, suffering
terrible. 'What other remedies have made
such cures?
Sold everywhere. Trice, CCTicuitA.rOc;
Soap, 23c; Kesolvext, Si. Prepared by the
Tiox, Boston.
ea-Send forlIow to Cure Sain Disease-,"
Gt page.), so illustrations and 100 testimonials.
PLES. black heads, red,roiu:li.cli.iipcd
ana ouy skiu preenteu y uurirtntA
Hack-ache, kidney pains, weak
ness, rheumatism aud muscular
pains relieved ui one minute hy
the Culicxira Anil-Vain Vlater.
The first and only Instantaneous prdn-Kill-
lng piaster.
They Are Coming.
They are coniiuj? from the deserts
of the dim and dusty er.3t, vhere to
raiso a stunted turnip gives the pros
pect of a feast, -where the farms arc
made o gravel and they plow with
dynamite, where the festive chattel
mortgage sings its dirges day and
night; they are coming in their wag
ons, they are coming on the train,
they are coning from the regions
whero they struggled long in vain;
they are coming fron the cabin, they
are coming on to Oregon,where there's
plenty for them all. They are coming
from the southland, they are coming
from the north; from the valleys
and the monntains they in
droves are coming forth; they are
coming with their wives, they are com
ing with their hammers, with their
needles and their knives; with their
harrows and their planters, and their
pencils and their guns, they are com
ing with their fathers and their moth
ers and their sons. They are coming,
stout and slender, they are coming
short and tall, they are coming on
to Oregon where there is plenty for
them all, whero you needn't dig pota
toes with the saber or a dirk, where,
when the rain is badly needed, then
tho rain gets in its work; where the
rivers moan and murmur on their
journey to the sea, where the breezes
tackle corn-stalks as big as fences on
the lea. "Where the savage used to
wander, yearning for a crop of hair,
now the farmer takes his porker to the
nearest county fair; and tho corn is
gaily growing where the greasy wig
wam stood; where he burned the wail
ing captive now the poultry search for
food; and the people who are coming
to this pleasantest of all climes, show
a happy knack of keeping up with the
times; they will find a country beam
ing from the spring time to tho fall,
when they land in pleasant Oregon,
where there's plenty for them all.
Sam Jone.s' ELstitnato of Infidel;.
I'd rather be alow-down chain-gang
negro than one of your little infidels.
You won't be in hell two minutes be
fore you'll be hopping around in the
fire and yelling: ""What a mistako I
madeF' I have some respect for Bob
IngersolL because he can get 200 a
night for his lecturing. But some of
these little fellows are infidels for
nothing, pay S2 to hear Ingersoll and
board themselves. If you
don't like what Im saying, just get
up on your hind leg3 and slide out.
The new steel steamship City of
otuuie, wnicu was duiic ior tne .tmgec
Sound and Alaska Steamship com
pany, and which was launched on the
14th of last month at Neafie & Levy's
shipyard at Philadelphia, measnres
275 feet iu length, 40 feet beam and
17 feet in the hold. She registers
l,oUU tons. There are threo decks, the
two upper ones being built of wood.
She has a large freight capacity be
sides accommodations for 250 pas
sengers. She will be fully completed
August 1st, and will then start on her
17,000 mile voyage to Seattle.
Good Goods and low rates at the Sea
side Bakery.
C. P. Upshur,
Shipping and Commission Merchant
Tilain St. Wharf, Astoria, Oregon.
Cannery Supplies
Barbour's Salmon Net Twines.
NEPTUNE Brand Salmon Twine.
WOODBEBRY Cotton Lines and Twines
Of all Description Furnished at
Factory Prices,
Effected in First Class Companies,
Representing SlS.eOO.OOO
.Hartford, Conn
... .New York,
kgtmtj Facile Express aad Wells, Fargo A Co.
About 38 acres, lying between Schenck's
Astoria and South Addition, in section 23.
This piece of land being only one-quarter
mile from the military road on one side and
one-half mile from Jhn Day river on the
other, is very suitable fox platting and will
be offered foe a few days at $9,000. Terms,
one-half cash, balance on time.
Seal Estate Broker.
For Sale.
asd Nlath streets. Lots soxioo. ail
graded. Inquire of YANDUSEN&co.
The Leading
For The
The Election Is Over,
And it behoves all to for
get the political
strife and
A First-Glass
In the meantime the
undersigned will not for
get to look out for the
people's wants, and be at
all times prepared to fur
nish the finest selection
of gentlemen's garments
at his usual reasonable
The Live Clothier and Hatter,
In the Occident Hotel Brd'g.
John Koberaon, Vrcs.
A. T. Brake, Jfjr.
Notary Public.
The Pacific Real Estate Co.
Incorporated March 20, 1S00.
Real : and : Personal : Property
Bought and Sold on Commission.
Office on Third St, near the Central Hotel.
Correspondence Solicited,
Astoria, ... Oregon
The Indiana Paint Shop.
C, M. CUTBIUTH, Prop'r.
Cor. Third and Main Sis., Astoria.
Paper Hanging a Specialty.
"Work executed with Keatncss and Dis
patch, Magee, Argand and Acorn
Cooking and Heating,
Noe eft? Sotilly.
of July
Dry Goods and Clotning House of Astoria.
For Ladies !
It never rips. It never squeaks,
flexible than a hand turn.
A Snap in Real Estate.
11J Acres, close to river ami street car line. Only S300 per acre, for a few day.
only. $rfi00 can be made on this property within three months.
AY i 11 ira t o M llteiM.
lw;H m? win
iMifczz (mMJiMmm
3R.oil ZEJstctto
Odd Fellows' Building,
Lots in Case's Astoria Are Now on Sale
Astoria Real Estate Co.
TERMS --One-Half Cash ; tho Balance in Six and Twelve Months.
Is the Choice of
Superior Facilities for Shipping in Car Load Lots. -
Orders for any quantity to be directed to
H. WEINHARD, Portland, Oregon.
Corner Twelfth and B. Telephone 72. P. O. Bx 404.
FLYNN, The Tailor,
Finest Woolen Goods for Suitings. All the Latest Styitc
He buys for Cash at E.istern Prices. lie Guarantees the Best WorkmaasMp oa all
Ganneuts. Call and see for yourself. Barth Block. ASTORIA, OR.
Columbia Bakery
Cakes, and Fine Confectionery. All Orders Delivered.
The Pacific Eeal Estate Co,
Offlco KTear Central Hotel.
A. T. BRAKKE, Mgr.
County Coroner.
First Class Undertaking
New Styles, Caskets and funeral
Next to astoiuak ofllce.
There Is no occasion for the most fastidi
ous of our citizens to send to Portland or
San Francisco for
Custom Made Clothes
As they can get Better Fits. Better Work
manship, and for less Money.
By Leaving their Orders with MEANY.
New Goods by Every Steamer.
Call and see him and satisfy yourself .
P. J. Meany. Merchant Tailor.
Thompson & Ross
Carry a Full Line of
Choice Staple and Fancy
Give Us a Call and Be Convinced.
The Oregon Bakery
A, A. CLEVELAND, Prop'r.
M Bread, Gate anil Pastry
None but the Best Materials Used.
Satisfaction Guaranteed Customers
Bread delivered la any part of the city.
White Goods.
Plaid Sashes.
and Buttens:
Third Street.
It requires no breaking in. More
Astoria. Oregon.
Lager Beer !
the Connoisseur.
0 TO
Orders Delivered Free of Charge. CouaXm
Orders Solicited. Third Street,
next to Pioneer office.
E. P. N00NAN & CO.
(Successors to)
Groceries Produce,
Water Street, Astoria, Oregos.
City Express Transfer Ctmpttg.
H. D. Thing and" C. c. MHIr,
Headquarters at Main Street wharf.
A General Express and DeliYerrBulMa
Your patronage Is solicited.
John 0. Dement.
Successer to W. E. Dement A Co.
Carries Complete Steeka at
Drugs and Druggists' SumlrtOfv
rreicrlptlB CarefUly Tibhiu'ij
Ageatter ---
lftzloan BaIys and
NorwsghMi FSs COst;
- .fif.
. f --?-
-C- i-