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hob PreinceJ ly Convict Lalor
To Be ExcMel
Special by California Associated Pre.
Washington, April 9. The acting
judge advocate general of the army to
day concluded bis review of the papers
in the case of Lieut Steele and has re
ported his conclusions to jVIaj. Gen.
Schofield, who has jurisdiction over
the case. The finding of the court is
not yet mado public, but the general
impression is that Steele will be rep
rimanded. Serloas Illness of Sam Randall.
SpeoUl to The astorian
Washington. Anril 9. Mr. Ran
dall's friends believe that he has but
a few davs more to live.
A Republican Caucus.
Special to Tne Astorian.
Washington, April 9. The Repub
licans of the house will hold a caucus
to-morrow evening to consider the
order of business for the session.
Tariff, silver, and the pension ques
tions will probably be considered.
An Arm Chaplain.
Special to Tin; Astorian.
Washington, April 9. The presi
dent appointed .Tames C. Kerr of Del
aware, chaplain in the army.
Heading off the Chinese.
Sjeclal to Tii K A vroni an.
Washington, April 9. The secre
tary of the treasury has authorized the
collector of customs at San Diego,
Calx, to employ additional force to
assist him in preventing the smuggling
of Chinese across the Mexican border.
This action is based upon telegraphic
reports from the collector that lie had
captured thirteen Chinese who entered
the country in that way and that there
are over seventy more of them on Mex
ican territory trying to force their way
across the bonier.
Senatorial Legislation.
Special to Tbk Asroiii n.
Washington, April 9. The .senate
to-day took up the Chinese enumera
tion net. Senator Mitchell of Oregon
took the lloor in favor of his amend
ment to the committee report and
amended the bill, which
hill to the form general!
passed the hoiw.
restores the
in which it
The Heathen I'Mniw
Sjeial to The Asroni N J
Washington, April 9. In
ate to-dav a letter was read
fro'll I'C
cretary of the treasury, transmitting
a telegram from the collector of eus
totas at San Diego, Cal., announcing
thc"capturg of thirteen Chinese who
had endeavored to escape the exclu
sion act
Senator Evarls presented petitions
from Methodists and Presbyterians of
New York, protesting against the bill
for enumerating the Chinese.
T Cover the Mlcott It-rleat!ou.
Special to Tiik astorian.j
Washington, April 9. In the sen
ate to-day, Hale, from the appropria
tion committee, reported back without
amendment the bill to refund funds
stolen by the late Cashier Silcolt, and
moved its immediate consideration.
The bill was passed without objection
or debate.
CevKUderCoEhlaB"! own Statement.
Special to The Asiokian.
Washington, April 9. The follow
ing appears in to-day's Post :
Mditor Pest: -In your issue of
March 2Sth, which has just reached
isc, you state that Commander Joseph
B, Coghlan, of the Navy, was recently
ordered before a conrt martial, for
trial on a charge of conduct unbecom
Ips an officer and a gentleman, in hav
ing written newspaper articles, crit
icising and ridiculing the administra
tion of naval affairs. This is a great
mistake. I was tried on two charges,
as follews: Charge 1,- Conduct to
the prejudice of good order and na
val discipline. Charge 2, Violation
of a lawful regulation issued by the
As you will see, there is a very
great difference between the charge
M given in your paper, and that upon
wkkh I was tried and acquitted. I
jsk :hat in fairness to me, you will
give this correction as great promin
ence as you did the erroneous charge,
andl do this because ever since this
affair came up, newspaper people at
Washington have been sending out
all manner of false statements regard
ing myself, my conduct aud the
charges upon which I was tried.
These false statements have all been
ven much to my prejudice, and been
to persistently indulged in, that it
seems as though there has been a
aaethod in their falseness, and that it
arose from the concerted action of
persons, determined to do me an in
jury, lfr foul, as they could not by
(Signed.) J. B. Coonx n.
Commander TJ. S. N.,
Mare Island, Cal., April 2.
jfajgfBf'M lUmMBstMatjICCBiWtCaCTB
Hanthorns Astoria, East
Some of the I'rotl.iob a:..l it Affects.
Special to The A io:i.N.
Washington', Apiil 9. The ways
and means committee called a meet
ing this morning, at which the tariff
bill, with changes that have been
made since it was reported to
the full committee. was submitted
to the minority, and an under
standing was reached that at the
regular meeting to-morrow, the bill
shall be acted upon, the minority to
have an opportunity of proposing .such
amendments as they may desire.
It is probable, fiom the disposition
exhibited by the minority, that no ob
stacle will be presented to reporting
the bill to the lioue to-morrow. No
decision has been reached as to when
the house will be asked to lake the
bill up for consideration, nor has Hny
allusion been made, as to the duration
of thegeneral debate. Tt is believed,
however, that the general debate
will not extend beyond four or five
days. An examination of the bill
shows that the items transferred to
the free list, yielded last year m
duties, over six million dollars. The
estimate of the duties under the pro-
posed bill on the basts of last ,
year's importations, is 234,000,000
collected hist year.
Tho duties under the new bill would
increase the revenues from various
schedules, as follews: Tobacco, about
8,000,000; agricultural products, $11,
000,000; llax, jute and hemp. S3.000,
000; wool audits manufacture, $15,
000,000; and sundries, $3,000,000. The
reduction on sugar would be $27,000,
000. This is tho only schedule
which shows any 1 eduction worth no
ticing. A paragraph will be added to the
bill before it is reported, providing
that all goods, wares and merchan
dise, the product of convict labor in
foreigu countries, shall be excluded
from enlrv into any ports of the
United States.
The "Charleston" to He InspsctcJ.
Special mThk Aroi:iA I
Washington, April 9. Orders have
been issued for the final inspection of
the cruiser Chat lesion now at Mare
Island navy yard, preparatory to her
going into active service as a war ship
or the Pacific squadron. The inspec
tion will probably be made this week
and the vessel will soon after start on
her cruise along the Pacific coast, go
ing as far south as Valparaiso.
liie Vindrrliiltfc Rumored R. R. Mov
Spi' Jolll!'. .M IMAN.I
New York, April 9. 11 is rumored
that the Vanderbilts have secured
control of the Union Pacific This
is snpiKv.e.1 to account for the notice
able strength of that stock today.
The Tact that the Vanderbilts have
1 long desired to obtain a western con
j neelion for the New York Central and
r..,i..v cm,.,,.. ri-ii is iiJfr.ii in Iw
I rt ,,.0-lnl,lrt Vmii.lrilif-m ffip 1 lir ru
! mor. Tin oiceistis nere are non-com
ititt:d regarding the alleged deal.
Call Torn la I'nv-ilK: to Re Honored in RrooVljn
S'- u' to'l 11:: Astokian 1
Xr.w York, April 9. Pugilist Jim
Corbett of California, will be tendered
a monster benefit at the Fifth Avenue
Casino in Biooklyn, next Monday
night. Many local professionals will
appear. Dominic McCaffrey has con
sented to wind up the entei tainment
in a four round contest with Corbett
for .scientific joint.s.
Ciniej Wants to Fight MeAullffe. to Tiik Astoui VN.l
New York, April 9. Jemmie Car
ney is anxious for a go with McAulifle
before the California club, with two
ounce gloves. Carney wants to light
for a purse of 85,000, the contest to
take place within four or six months
from the signiug of the articles, or
Carnev will fight in England for S5,000
or S10",000 a .side, and allow 750 for
expenses. If the fight takes place in
England he will deposit 5,000, which
he will forfeit if the American does
not receive fair play. A telegram has
been sent to McAulifle and Fulda
Mori l'aj or Strike Will Follow
Special to Tint Astokian.
New York, April 9. -A mass meet
ing of carpenters to-night decided to
demand $3.50 for eight hours work, on
and after May 1st, or strike if refused.
W heat Crop Short In India.
Special to Tiik AroniAN
New York, April 9. London cable
gram to E. L. Oppenheim & Co. from
their London house, officially esti
mates the India wheat crop as only
75 per cent average.
SIher Ore la South Dakota. .
Special to Tim.WroitiAv.l
Mitchelti, S. D., April 9. Silver
ore has been discovered on a farm, ten
miles southwest of Mitchell, at a depth
of 100 feet. It has also been found in
the same strata, on adjoining farms.
The assaj'er in Chicago pronounces it
genuine. The parties owning the
land have already received high cash
Winliurl' llwr.
And Free Lunch at the IVlephono Sa
loon, 5 cents.
Coflee ami cake.
Central Restaurant.
tM PiMits. at the
All Subject
Lose Their Lanis anfl Hard Earned
Homes in Iowa.
Special by The California Assochtfu Press.
New York, April 9. Dow, Joues &
Co.'s Financial Neirs sas that the
sugar trust is expected to get permis
sion from the court in a month to
start an American refinery in San
Francisco. As Spreckcls has a large
quantity of high cost sugar on hand,
the trust is likely to deal him a heavy
An Extensive Corporation.
Spcci ll to The Astoiu N J
Springfield, Ills., April 9. The
secretary of state to day issued final
papers incorporating the world's ex
position for 1892. The complete list
of stockholders represent 500,000 shares
aml $3 ooo.OOO capital stock,
The Boktei X ret To-Pay.
Special to The astokian J
Chicago, April 9. -Tho status of tho
carpenters' strike here remains un
changed; no settlement is likely to be
reached until the bosses meeting on
Can Thin be Sot
Special t.lTllE Astori in.
New York, April 9. A private
cablegram says the czar and czarina
are in a very, nervous state. The latter
cries almost incessantly. Recent de
velopments are strengthening their
fears of violent death.
Tho Children Ruined to Death. to The A stow an.1
Little Rock, April 9. At Jersey,
a little village in the interior of Brad
ley county. John McCoy's residence
caught fire List night during the ab
sence of himself and wife, and two
children perished in the flames.
I Woman Shoots Her Father.
Special to The Astorian.j
Omaim, April 9. Geo. Nicholson, of
South Omaha, was shot and probably
falally wounded by his daughter, Mrs.
Mamie Brubaker. Nicholson had
been arrested on his daughter's com
plaint for an assault with intent to kill.
He was released on bail. The two met
on the street to-night and the quarrel
was renewed, resulting in the shoot iug.
Mrs. Brubaker is under arrest.
Riltuu Capital Failed oa American Reer.
Spcl tl to The Asi ori an.
Detroit, Mich., April 9. Laat
spring four Detroit breweries were
sold to an English syndicate for $750,
000. British beer was not popular,
and could not make a cent. To day
local capitalists, Ralph Phelps, Joseph
B. Moore, Win. B. Morau and August
Goebel, raked in all for a mere song.
Clear Maker Alarmed.
Special toTim Astoiu an.1
Detroit, April 9. Cigar makers
here say that the passage of the Mc
Kinley bill will ruin cigar making, and
they will hold a remonstrance meet
ing on Saturday.
I Rloodj I'rlre Fieht.
Sped il to Tiik Ar ui:an.1
Elrv, Ind., April 9. Abo Congle
andJimmie Dahoney, two Chicago
pugilists fought fifty-four bloody
rounds near here this morning.
At the call of time for the fifty-fifth
round both men were completely ex
hausted and the referee declared the
fight a draw. Tho fight, which was
one of the best contested ever seen in
the vicinity of Chicago for tho same
time, was for $500 a side, the winner
to take 75 per cent of the gate receipts.
The ring became slippery from blood
in the last round and tlie men could
scarcely keep their footing.
F.lectrlcal Kxeculloa
Special to The Astori x
Des Moines, Ia , April 9. The sen
ate to-day considered a bill providing
for tho execution of murderers by
electricity instead of hanging. Tho
bill was indefinitely postponed.
Another Cashier and a Rad Woman.
Special to Tiik Astoman.
Fertile, Minn., April 9. -Word
was received here this evening, from
the villago of Fosston, thirty-five
miles from northwest of here, that R.
G. Tweeton, cashier of the Fosston
National bank, has skipped to Canada
with a valise full of the bank's f tfnds.
Tweeton was aocompaniedby a woman
of bad repute, named Ellerton, and
they are supposed to have gone to
British Columbia It is believed that
the amount of his peculations will
reach S50.000, which his bondsmen
will make good.
Detroit Will HaTe a Craad Boalerard.
Special to The astorian.j
Detroit, April 9 The city council
has voted S100.000 to purchase the bal
ance of a right of way for 12 miles of
boulevard around the city.
Astoria, Powell's Addition !
to Inspection.
Man- Settlers to Lose Their Homes
Sp-cultoTHE Aroi:tAN.l
Fort Dodge, Iowa, April 9. In
1838 the state of Iowa deeded to the
Des Moines River Navigation com
pany even alternate section of land in
the state within six miles of the Des
Moiue3 river. Abont the same time
many settlers located on the same
lands and reeeived patents from the
United States.
For years the matter has ruu, aud
several cases were brought direct
against the company by the settlers
who were evicted, but the settlers were
defeated. Then when hundreds of
farmers were being evicted from their
farms all through Hamilton, Doone
and Webster comities, congress ordered
the attorney general to commence a
suit against the River Land company
in the name of the government, which
was set for trial at the June term in
this city.
This decision is considered final
here aud will deprive fully 500 farmers
in the counties named of lands on
which thev have lived for years and
spent hundreds of thousands of dol
lars m improving. 1- iillv 1.)U,UIXI acres
01 tne oesi lanus 111 11113 vicinity is
affected bv the decision, and is worth
hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Trouble and evictions will be neces
sary to obtain possession of the lands.
Edwin T. Litchfield, tne princi
pal claimant and holder of the River
lands bv a title from the Des Moines
River Navigation company, joined in
their petition to the U. S. Court to
enjoin collection of $20,000 taxes, in
the counties named. The case has
just been heard at Council Bluffs and
an opinion iriveu by Judtres Shiras
aud Love, refusing to grant the in
junction on the "ground that lands
taxed or to be taxed belong to the
complainant. The court thinks that
tho danger which the plaintiff seeks to
avoid is uncertain, contingent and im
aginary. The conrt further says we
can see nothing to warrant us in the
conclusion than any irreparable in
jury or any injury whatever, will ul
timately arise to Uie complainant for
the payment of taxes."
fatal r J Return From the Cherokee Strip
Sp. clal to Tiik astokian
Guthrie, L T., April 9. -Company
G, Fifth cavalry, Capt. Hays com
manding, arrived here to-day on its
return from the Cherokee strip, where
it was sent to expel the boomers.
Only a few settlers were fonnd, the
major portion having been forewarned.
Those who were found were ignorant
of the fact that they had n ri.jlit on
the land. The captain styl-y t lie in
vasion of the strip as an effort to find
if the government would interfere if
settlement were attempted, and fur
ther states that no military pof- ..vill
be established on tin strip, as at lir.-t
contemplated. - -
Fatal C) clone In Virginia.
Sp-cial to Tiik vttoiman
Roinoke, Va., April 9. Ac;. clone
struck this citv tins afternoon. The
blast house or the Crosier furnace was
blown down, killing Fred Phillips,
NeKon Johnson and Henry Case.
J.mies Turner, John Houston, Robert
Watkms, Toulane Stewart, Doc Jteed
and John Astor vere wounded, The
damage was $25,000.
Thej Want Mjre Wane .
Special to Tiik Asr-mi .v i
Chicago, April 9. hu.ilred
non-union cigar makers employed at
the Columbia factory .struck to-day for
higher pay.
A Rllllar.l Came.
Special to Tiik Asroni N.
CmcAGo.Aprii 9. -Cation and Heiser
played a game in the billiard tourna
ment, each playing 250 points. Cation
won the score. Catton, 250: average
9 7-27. Heiser. 109; average li ..
A Very Old Jlalne I.atr.
A correspondent recalls the fact that
in olden Portland, when six distiller
ies were in full blast there and every
other store sold rum, it was custom
ary for tho people to drink at stated
times. One of these was fixed at 11
o'clock in the forenoon. In order to
inform all when the time arrived, it
was ordered bv the town that the bell
should be rung at that hour. No
sooner had its peals gone forth than the
carpenter laid down his saw and plane,
the mason his trowel, and, to a large
extent, the clerk his ledger. All busi
ness was suspended in order that cm
ployers might take their grog. What
would be thought of a proposition to
rintr the town bell to call people to
their toddv now? It is hard to be
lieve that such a thing was ever done
in this temperance state. Portland
V. O. Toggle. LaGrange, Ga., writing
about Darbys !'rphylatic Fluid. ays:
"It is a priceless jewel as a disinfectant
and deodorizer. .My wif. st:u- for the
benefit of young mothers 'hat it is a
valuable adjunct to the nursery.' It is
equally so to parents travelling with
children. Not only is the llui I invalu
able as a deodorizer, but a few drops
added to the water in bathing will re
move all eruptions from the kin. chaf
ing, etc., and greatly refresh and soothe.
Ludlow's Ladies' S&00 Fine Shees:
also flexible hand-turned French Kids,
at f . J. Goodmans.
ScMer Hates liie Uupreceienled
Run of 200 Milts.
Special by Tho California Awivted Press.
HioiiiiVND Park, Ills., April 9. A
cvclone swept over this place this
morning, aud damaged property
heavily. One ierson was severely in
jured, and many narrowly escaped
with their lives. The Catholic churcli,
n large structure, was completely
wrecked; other buildings were un
roofed and blown down.
K in '.as City Kleetionn.
Siie!al : Tiik Asto::ian.J
Ivans vs Citv, April 0. Official re
turns of the elections are received
showing that in a majority of cases
the Democrats won, yesterday.
Holmes (Rep.) was elected mayor by
a majority of 100. Peak (Dem.) has a
majority of 7iS Tor treasurer; Bishop
(llep.) is elected auditor by 1,620 ma
jority. Cannon (Rep,) was elected
speaker of the upper house by 31 ma
jority. Fourteen hundred voters will,
under the law, have to pay a poll tax
of $2.50 each for not voting.
Four 3Inrderers Execute 1
Special IoThi:Astokia.
Pittsburg, Pa., April 9. Fonr men
were hanged in thisstato to-day. Wm.
Bartholomew, who murdered Aaron
W. Dilliard, as the result of a con
spiracy Willi JJiiiiams wile, was
hanged at jJaston. Charles Carter,
colored, was hanged at Edensbnrg, for
the murder of John .Matthew, also
colored, in a quarrel over Emma Dnun,
a white girl of bad reputation. Alfred
Andrews, who murdered Clara Price,
aged 17, sifter an assault upou her,
was Iianged at Bcllefonte. Zecfianah
Tavlor, who murdered William Mc-
Causland with the purpose of robbery,
was hanged at Waynesburg.
riltOiar:: P.imnr' UraYilj- lif a Storm.
Special to fie: AsTOKUN.
Pittsburg, April 9. Thero has
been a heavy rain storm in western
Pennsylvania. This city's damage.
principally in sewers and street im
provement:?. Is estimated at fullv
$1,000,000. There were several nar
row escapes, but no lives were lost.
It It Avaia Print; liimaseJ lt a Flood.
Sjii- to TltK ASTOKIAV.
.loiissrrortN, Pa., April 9. -Heavy
initio have caused the rivers to rise
higher than at any lime since the Hood.
To-night the Conemaugh is a raging
torrent. Wetmore, twelve miles up
the Conemaugh, is entirely under
water, Woodvale. partly under water.
Much damage is heing done to Proieu
steel's tannery, and water is flowing
over second ward cellars, the large
ollice of the Cambria Iron Company
and Gau'ier steel department
and the Western union oflice
are filled, also the large store of Wood,
Merrill & Co.
Tho Cambria work- are Hooded and
work has stopped. The Gauticr works
are partly Hooded. On Iron street tho
water is live feet deep aud still rising.
All traffic bv wagons to the lower end
of the city is stopped. The Woodvale
and Cambria bridges have been car
ried away, and probably two more will
lie destroyed. Word was received
that the St. Clair reservoir, two miles
above Morrellville, was in danger of
breaking. People left their homes to
seek higher ground. If this should
give way, the destruction of property,
and probably life, will be great. While
this reservoir is not large, yet the
water would rush down a steep piece
of country. So far no lives have been
lost, but the danger 13 not passed.
Terrible Storm nud Tornado in Ohio.
Sec.:il to Tn . Astouia:?.
Cleveland, O., April 9. One of the
most terrible storms ever known in
this section of the country swept over
parts of Medina and Summit counties
last night, doing a vast amount of
damage to property, killing one per
son, fatally injuring two, aud injuring
others. The storm was a genuine tor
nado, and although only a quarter of a
mile wide, it left devastation in its
Ktlensivo I.itIptioi Orer Insurance.
Social to The astorian.1
Helena, Mont., April 9. Suit was
entered to-dav bv 17 insurance com
panies against Bonner & Co., of Butte,
iu the TJ. S. circuit court, involving
$00,000, the result of tho fire at Butte
on Sept. 3. The companies ask that
the award of the appraisers be
set aside, claiming it was not
made in accordance with the
policy. It is an out growth
of tho continuous but futile efforts of
the companys to effect an ami
cable settlement The adjusters
agreed that the actual loss was less
than $3,090, but offered $13,000 to
avoid litigation. This offer was re
fused, and an appraisal ensued, which
resulted in $60,000 award, but which
wes not made in regular form. The
case will be bitterly contested.
In Thirty Bays 2,000 Men go to Work on the Astoria and
South Coast Railway. Buy Now, as all Prop
erty will then Advance.
THE billiard match.
A Wonderful (jane and Iameose Bans.
Special to The astokian.J
Chicago, April 9. The most re
markable game of billiards ever played
on a 14-inch balk line was at the tour
nament this evening, Schaffer and
Ives being the contestants, Schaffer
playing 500 to Ives 275. In the
eighth inning Schaffer got the balls
into good shape and rapidly applied
his soft stroke. As he reached the
one hundredth button the applause
was great, but he stilT went on, and
as he past his highest run of the
tournament, tho applause was re
peated. He finally sat down after
counting 130 points.
In the 11th innings, Schaeffer, after
a few shots, commenced his rapid
work again. As he passed the 135
mark, the highest run in the tourna
ment, made by Slosson, the audience
went wild. He paused till the noise
had subsided, aud then continued in
good shape. At 150 and also at 175
lie was loudly cheered, but when ho
reached 200 he had to stop, tho noise
was so great He then missed on a
simple cushion carom, making the
greatest run in a public match ever
made in a four-inch game. He lacked
27 points of ending the game, which
he made in the next two innings, mak
ing the highest average scored in the
game. The following is the scere:
Ives, 72, average 4. Schaeffer, 500,
average 38 6-13. Highest runs, 200,
130, 51.
Famous Stock Raiser Dies.
Special toTnu Astori ix
Philadelphia, April 9. Aristedes
Welch, widely known as a breeder of
fine horses, and owner of "Erden
heim," a famous stock farm, died to
day, aged 79.
Singular Electioa In Little Rhodj-.
Special to The Astorian:.
Providence, April 9. At West
Greenwich, yesterday after the polls
closed with no election, tho Demo
crats organized and at a meeting
elected Fish, senator, and Rathburn
representative. The town clerk will
refuse to issue election certificates.
Extensiye Stores of Gram iu Russia
Masticated ly Mice.
Special by California Associated Press.
Ottawa, April 9. During a dis
cussion of tariff changes in the com
mons, the government disclaimed in
tention in raising certain duties on
beef and live stock, of retaliating
against tho United States. The
tariff was increased solely for the
purpose of fostering the struggling
industries of Canada.
Strike of Llrerpool Dock Laborers.
Special to TlIE ASTOItlAN.
Liverpool, April 9. The dock la
borers on the Cnnard dock have
Denies That He Was Massacre.
Special to TnE Astoriax.
Berlin. April 9. A letter received
from-Dr. Peters, the African explorer,
says that he was well on January 16th
last. This contradicts tho story of
his massacre.
Ruined by Mice.
Chafkon, Russia, April 9. MiUions
of mice, have ruined the cultivated
fields of southern Russia. They have
gutted the granaries and wheat stocks
and they are now passing northward.
Canadian Politics
Special to The Astorian.
Ottawa, April 9. The debato in
parliament on tho budget ended to
day. Cartwright's amendment was
voted down, 93 to GO. All the liberals
voted for unrestricted reciprocity.
Cartwright's amendment practically is,
in a wide measure, free trade and
called upou tho house to address itself
to abolishing or reducing the taxes
now imposed.
Real Names of Indians
The Indians have a neat way of fix
ing it This Rain-in-the-Face, Spotted
Trail, Man-Afraid-of-His-Horses, is
good enough to palm off on the whites,
but each Indian has another name the
whites never hear. First he is named
after his mother's gens or family.
There are only half a dozen each.
Snake, Wolf, Turtle, Bear, Eagle and
so on. You remember how, in "The
Last of the Mohicans," the young Del
aware chief was found to have a tor
toise tattooed on his breast, that gave
his family. He was a Turtle, just as
tho bulk of the Scotch are divided
into a few clans, the Stewart3, Camp
bells, Camerons, McGregors and
others. To tho Indian's family name
is attached another, but it would be
bad medicine to have it spoken out
side the family circle, and give some
of his enemies a chance to work spells
and hoodoo him. The spotted
business 3 a nom de chasse, de guerre,
or do toot, wmen gets nitclieu on in
later me.
Unless the Supreme Court fill
Again Interfere.
Special by the California Associated Press.
Portland, April 9. Supplementary
articles of incorporation were filed in
the secretary of state's office at Olym
pia to-day by the Portland Railway
Extension company, empowering them
to build 3,000 miles of new roads in the
Northwest. The company is supposed
to be working in the interest of the
Union Pacific railway. A road will be
built from Portland to Puget sound,
crossing the river at Vancouver.
Henry Failing, of Portland, ia presi
dent of the company.
Airala Sentenced to Hair.
Special to The Astoria
Portland, April 9. "Sandy" Olds
has been sentenced for the third time
to hang for the murder of Emil Weber,
and the date for the execution is fixed
for May 16. The case will be appealed
Lane Coantr Republicans.
Special to The Astorian.
Eugene, Or., April 6. The Lane
county Republican convention com
posed of one hundred and forty-eight
delegates assembled in Eugene to-day.
Chairman, S. H. Friendly, secretary,
J. H. McClang, S. M. Yoran nominated
for state senator, for representatives
Jasper Wilkins, A. C. Jennings and
Allen Bend, for county clerk W. R.
Walker, for sheriff W. S. Chrisman,
county commissioner John Ingram,
treasurer J. S. Luckey, assessor
Barney Paine, school supenn ten dent
R. G. Collison, surveyor C. M. Collier,
coroner Dr. T. W. Harris, delegates to
state convention S. B. Eakin, Geo. H.
Thurston, A. G. Hovay, Darwin Pres
ton, B. F. Alley, S. M, Yoran, C.
Humphrey, S. H. Friondlv, M.
Wilkins, J. M. Hodson.
Doubtful ir It Was a Robbery.
Special to The AstOrux.
Butte, Mont., April 9. J. M. Don
aldson, who came here a few weeks
ago from Minneapolis, reported late
last Saturday evening that he had
been robbed of $10,000 worth of
watches and jewelry. The robbery
was so peculiar that everyone believed
it an advertising fake to attract notice.
The robbery was reported as
having been done " during the
half hour he was absent
from his store, with both
front and back"doors locked. The
goods are said to have been kept in
a trunk in the rear room. Donaldson
asserted that the thieves must have
had false keys to the store and been
watching his movements for several
days. The police could find no clue to
tho perpetrators, nor could Donaldson
give anything but vague surmise,
which strengthens the belief that the
whole business is a fake.
Escape ofa Probable Marderer.
Special to The Astorian.
Seattle, April 9. Barkeeper James
Johnson, who stabbed Wm. Ray at
Ballard station last Tuesday, escaped
from the jail at that place this morn
ing. Ray is lying at the point of
death, and will undoubtedly 'die from
the stabbing. Johnson, fearing the
consequences of his murderous deed,
planned his escape, breaking the door
of tho jail, which is a temporary
wooden strncture.
Xerada Growing Virtuous.
Special to The Astokian.
Virginia, Nev. April 9. J. M.
Campbell, lessee of the Territorial
Enterprise, was arrested to-day on a
charge of violation of a section of the
Nevada statutes prohibiting the pub
lication of lottery advertisements.
Campbell gavo bonds in the sum of
S230. Tho penalty is a line of $300, or
six months imprisonment.
An Unprofitable Xiao.
Special to The astorian.
Victoria, B. C, April 9. Messrs.
Venator and Bernhardt, two German
mining experts, arrived here to-day
from Alaska, where they have been
examining the Bear's Nest mine. It
is understood that the mine is almost
acompleto failure and that about a
million and half dollars invested in it
are considered as a dead loss. The
dnko of Sutherland is heavily inter
ested in it, and his agent has made an
investigation with a similiar result.
The mine will probably not be aban
dond, but a more extensive survey
will be made to ascertain if some por
tion of tho investment cannot be re
covered. Central Pacific Officers Re-EIeeted.
Special to TtiE Astorian.j
San Francisco, April 9. Tho di
rectors of the Central Pacific Railroad
company to-day elected the following
efficers: Leland Stanford, president:
C. P. Huntington, first vice president:
C. F. Crocker, second vice president;
A. N. Towne, third vice president;
Timothy Hopkins, treasurer; E. H.
Aimer. Jr.. secretary ana controller.
Important Ckaan lx ta FntMoMT.
Special to Tax Astorian.
San Francisco. April 9. At a mart-
mg of the stockholders of the South
ern Pacific Railway Company, which
emDracea tne uentrai facinc Kailway
and Southern Pacific Railway and
their branches, the following directors
were elected to-day: C. P. Hunting
ton, Leland Stanford, Charles F.
Crocker, Thomas E. Stallman, Thomas
H. Hubbard, A. N. Towne, J. a
Stubbs, R H. Miller, Jr., S.T. Gage,
W.V.Huntington and W.E. Brown.
Subsequently the directors'elacted
the following efficers: Collis P. Hunt
ington, president; C. F. Crocker, first
vice president; A. N. Towne, second
viae president; J. C. Stubbe, third vice
presiaent xne Doara also created an
executive committee of which Leland
Stanford was elected chairman.
An important feature of the meeting
was in the change of the presidency
from Stanford to Huntington. In the
course of his address to the board the
president said:
The best possible results cannot be
brought about unless every officer of
the company gives his best attention
to the care of the company's interests
which can be best done by not inter
fering in political affairs. The cor
porations should not be used to ad
vance the interest of this party or that,
or to raise up any one man or pall
down another, and this corporation
will not be used henceforth for any
sucn purpose 11 11s presiaent can
prevent it
The iratlmillst' CtfaftaUM Split.
Special to The Astorian.
San Francisco, April 9. The only
feature of interest at the state nation
alists convention this afternoon, was
the bolt of abont forty delegates, led
by F. T. Calor, arising from a dis
agreement over the recognition of
proxies. The names of the bolters
were stricken from the roll, 'on mo
tion. Caliroral Frohlbltieidits.
Special to The Astorian.1
San Francisco, April 9. The state
prohibition convention begasL its ses
sion to-day. Gen. John Bidwell,of
Chico, was elected chairman and A. J.
Waterhouse, of Stockton, secretary:
Call feral Iauatttnua Uaita.
Special to The Astorian.
San Francisco, April 9. The retail
lumber dealers of California effected
an organization to-day and elected A.
Starbird president andH. Righs secre
tary. The object of the organization
is to prevent wholesale dealers selling
direct to customers. The convention
distinctly states that no effort will be
made by the organization to effect a
combination for the purpose of ad
vancing prices.
- Trials aad Ttsts for tfc "CfcarlMtoa."
Special to The Astoria.,
San Francisco, April 9. The
cruiser Charleston, truly equipped,
arrived here from Mare island this
evening. She will remain until morn
ing, when she will proceed outside the
Heads and have a run of six hours for
a trial of her engines for the benefit of
the inspection board. Thursday night
she will return to San Francisco and
remain until Saturday morning, so as
to enable the inspection board to com
plete their labors.
She will then leave on a trip to
Santa Barbara, remaining away a
week or ten days, during which her
batteries will be tested. She will
then return to San Francisco and lay
in the stream until May 5th. No vis
itors will be received until the cruiser
returns from Santa Barbara, but
Capt Remey states that all persons at
that time be given ample opportunity
to go aboard.
Federal Coirts la Meataaa.
Special to The Astorian.
Helena, Mont, April 9. Judge
Knowles opened the U. S. district and
circuit courts for Montana, for busi
ness this morning. A large number
of suits are filed.
Catcalls; Saiggle Cklaaaaaa.
Special to The Astorian.
San Diego, CaL, April 9. Customs
inspector Eldridge has captured ten
more Chinamen, who were being
smuggled in last night from Lower
California in fishing smacks. This
makes thirty-three smuggled Chinese
now in custody here.
Remarkable Beseae.
Mrs. Michael Curtain. Plainfleld, 111.,
makes the statement that she caught
cold which settled on her lungs; she
was treated a month by her family phy
sician, but grew worse. He told her she
was a hopeless victim of consumption and
that no medicine could cure her. Her
druggist suggested Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption ; she bought
a bottle and to her delight-found herself
benefited from first dose. She contin
ued its use, and after taking ten bottles
found herself sound and well, now does
her housework and Is as well as she
ever was. Free trial bottles of this great
Discovery at J. W. Conn's Drug Store,
large bottles, 50c. and $1.
TelepheaeliOfla'iB .
Best Beds in town. Rooms ner nlzht
60 and 25 cts., per week 81.50. New and
clean. Private entrance.
4- '-.
- r" ,'"":