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THE O. R. & N. DOCK, j j
I 'rices Low and
Kenney's Addition!
Bountifully situated on the banks of the Columbia, ad
joining proposed Public Park and near the
newlv discovered coal beds.
Only $35 per Lot for si tew days. Get in now and secure
first-class Lots.
Saddles and Harness
1 make a specialty of j;ood work and guarantee satisfaction. At the Old Stand, West
hide Olney Street, Near Wilson & Fisher's.
Situate at Moii
Future Terminus of
western and
OMtlatd to Torn that Shipping Camtsx
of the) CxX XTorthWMrt.
LOTS $100 AND $125
Buy Now and Secure Choice Lots !
Prices Will be Advanced to $150 and
$200 April 1st.
Cor. Feirtk and Genevieve Sts., Astoria, Oreps.
$125 AND $150 PER LOT
EOBB & PAEKER, General Ag'ts, Astoria.
Terms Reasonable.
: :
Astoria, Or.
of ColnMa River.
the Chicago & North'
S. P. Railroads,
Mianapolis Firemen BoasteiinTlie
Ruins they Dieii to Save.
Special by Tho California Associated Parss.
"Washington, March 18. Prof. Thos.
T. G. Clemens (colored) was before the
police court this afternoon, charged
with obtaining $100 from Senator
Stanford under false pretense?. It is
charged that he obtained the money
from Stanford by representing tbat he
wanted it for the benefit of the "Le
land Stanford Colored Orphan Asy
lum, of Spartanburg, S. C," and there
is no such institution in existence.
Clemens has worked for Senators La
mar and Hampton. Lills Dean ap
peared for the prisoner, and be pleaded
guilty; John D. McCarthy, private
secretary to Senator Stanford, was
called as a witness, and ho told of the
prisoner's visit to the senator's house
and the giving of n check. Witness
could not tell what conversation had
passed between Stanford and the de
fendant McCarthy said Senator
Stanford knew nothing of tho prose
cution. Sew Bills For Washington.
Special to The Astorian.
Washington, March 18. In the
senate to-day, Allen introduced a bill
to reorganize the customs district of
Puget sound, Washington. Squires
introduced a bill for the survey of
public lands in Washington.
More Postal Service la Orezon.
Special to TnE Astorian.1
Washington, March 18. Senator
Mitchell has called the attention of
the postoffice department to the urgent
necessity of establishing a mail service
by land between Mitchell Creek and
Glendale, Douglas county, Oregon, on
account of breaks in the railroad at
those points.
For the Hirrey r Lance uJ Jfew OBcUIs
For Oreraa aan Waeklaaton.
Special to The Astorian.
Washtnoton, March 18. In the
senate, senator Squire presented a
petition from the legislature of Wash
ington, asking appropriations for the
survey of the public land of the state.
Senator Allen presented a memorial
from the Oregon legislature asking for
money for the removal of obstructions
in the Columbia river. Senator Allen
introduced a bill to reorganize and es
tablish a collection district of Puget
sound, to comprise the state of Wash
ington, with Port Townsend as the
port of entry and Seattle and Tacoma
sub-ports of entry and delivery, with
deputy collectors at a salary of $2,000
each. The collector at Port Townsend
is fixed at $4,000. Senator Squire in
troduced a bill appropriating $300,000
to $500,000 for a survey of public lauds
of tho state of Washington at tho
following rates: standard and meander
lines $9; township lines $7; and sec
tion lines $5 per lineal mile.
Fertlfleatloai Appropriation mil.
Special to The Astorian.
Washington, March 18. The
house committee on appropriations
has completed the fortihcation appro
priation bilL The total amount ap
propriated by it is about Sl,500,000.
The Tariff ea Tia Plate.
Special to The Astorian.
Washington, March 18. The four
Dakota senators have created quite a
sentiment in favor of tin plate. They
say that the duty of 2 cents per pound
will protect American workingmen.
Armour Bros, have petitioned congress
for free tin plate on the ground that
the duty will ruin the canned goods
business and increase the price to con
sumers. The Preeldeat In aot G'olagto Philadelphia.
Special to The Astoria n. I
Wasbtxoton, March 18. The pres
ident has decided not to go to the
launch of the Newark at Philadelphia
Abelisalartae Utah Commission.
Special to The Astoriax.J
WASHDfarov. TVfnrnh 1R In tha
house to-day Stone of Missouri intro
duced for reference, a bill to abolish
the Utah commission, and have its du
ties devolve upon a board consisting
of tho governor, territorial secretary
and the president of the council of the"
legislative assembly.
To Protect the Lerees.
Special to The Astorian.
Washington, March 18. The secre
tary of war to-day authorized the
Mississippi river commission to ex
pend $100,000 for the protection of
the levees along tho Mississippi river
in the fourth district, whioh extends
from Warrenton, Miss., to the head of
the passes, a distance of 484 miles.
This is in addition to 20.000 nllmral
at Morgan's levee.
Deficiency BUI Passes the Senate.
Special to The astorian
Washington, March 18. The sen-
ctfA -jlnv Thfiaaoj3 41, a mmA- J3
ficiency bill.
Call Early and Take Your
A Sew Postal Konte la Oreaoa and a Wreck
to be Beraored From the CoIaabU.
Special to TnE astorian.
Washington, March
Mitchell has secured
from the postoffice
18. Senator
an order
directing advertisements for bids
for mail service on the
new route for Yaquina to Collins on
Alsea bay viaElkton. He also recom
mended a new post office at Elkhorn,
which will be ordered. This service is
not to interfere with the service from
Yaquina to Alsea via Newport. Senator
Mitchell earlv in the session introduced
a bill making an appropriation for the
removal of the hull of the wreck Hil
da De Grace from the channel of the
Columbia river, opposite upper As
toria, Oregon. This bill was in Janu-
arv last referred to the secretary
of war for a report, and
was to-day returned with a statement
from the chief of engineers that the
act of June 14, 1880, contains all
needed provisions for the removal of
this wreck, and therefore the passing
of this bill was deemed unnecessary.
Kt-port on the Turin".
Special to The Ajtoia.
Washington, March 18. The Bo
publicans of the committee on ways
and means expect to report their tariff
bill to tho whole committee day alter
Steamer Snbtldj- Hill.
Special to The AvTOitiAN.l
Washington, March 18. The house
committeo on merchant marine and
fisheries have about completed their
steamship subsidy bill. They expect
to be able to report it to-morrow or
next daj. It gives a subsidy tax of 30
cents per ton for every thousaud miles
traveled by American steamers be
tween thus and foreign countries.
Public Building at Walla Walta.
Special to Tni: Astorian.
Washington, March 18. -The sen
ate this afternoon passed the bill pro
viding $30,000 for a site for a public
building at Walla Walla, Wash.
More Bodies of Firemen Found.
Special to The astorian.j
Indianapolis, Ind., March 18. A
large crowd visited tho scene of tho
disastrous fire this morning. Tho
work of removing the debris w
being carried on rapidly. Three
more firemen are in sight making
eleven killed. It is thought that a
number more or bodies will be rescued.
The relief fund is growing rapidly.
Help For Ike Injured Firemen.
Special to The Astorian.
Indianapolis, lud., March 18. The
relief fund for tho injured firemen
now reaches S5,(X)0 and the?o are
mostly contributions at the newspa
per offices. The bodies of two men
are yet -in tho ruins, and not recov
ered. Special to The Astoria.v.j
Indianafolih, Ind., March 18. All
the bodies of the firemen have been re
covered save that of Henrj' Woodruff,
which cannot be located to-night.
Further work is stopped owing to
the dangerous condition of
tho building. John Burkbardt,
a pipeman who was rescued this morn
ing, died to-night, swelling the total
number of deaths to eleven, with eight
firemen disabled, five dangerously so.
The families request private burials,
and the public demonstration will be
dispensed with. The relief fund con
tributions to-dav are estimated at So,
000. Court Martial or Lieut. Steele.
Special to The Astorian.
Chicago, March 18. The court mar
tial of Lieut F. M. Steele for his ac
tion in the case of private Dell P.
Wild, commenced at noon to-day.
Captain Murray acted as judge advo
cate. Steele, through Lieut. Crowder,
his counsel, entered a plea of not
guilty. Crowder said the charges were
not denied, but he claimed that
Steele's conduct was justifiable. Af
ter this Trooper Wild was sworn in
and told the court his story; how
Steele ordered liim to do menial work,
and on his refusal, struck him. When
Lieut. Crowder asked Wild if he
wasn't a deserter and had been
in the service under the name of D. P.
Ward the judge advocate objected,
remarking: "This man is not on
trial." The court sustained the objec
tion and the great crowd burst into
applause, which was not suppressed
by the court Several other witnesses
were examined, when the court ad
journed until to-morrow morning to
give the defense time to prepare.
OBelali Charged With Extortloa.
Special to The Astorian.
New York, March 18. This morn
ing Geo. Minderman was arrested on
an indictment for extortion while em
ployed in the sheriff's office. Dep
uty sheriff McGonagle and ox-warden
Keating were re-arrested to-day. The
district attorney discovered that the
indictments were faulty, and the grand
jury was asked to frame new
ones. The original indict
ments charged extortien: the
new ones make tho offence bribery.
Bail of $10,000 was given again by
each. At noon there were 22 more
arrests, including deputy sheriff Chas.
Linderman and Joseph Young. The
former was indicted for petit larceny
and briber', the latter for bribery. It
is expected that many more arrests
will be made.
tlnini sts sM lltl wwwsrsisfa?ww
Closes Its First Session, Distiii
pishei for franfliui.
Sped j1 by California associated Press
New York, March 18. The Post
says editerially: Bismarck is not the
man to divide responsibility with any
body. His retirement could not be
far in the ordinary course of nature,
so ho only leaves the young emperor
in undisputed possession, rather
sooner than was expected. With a
majority hostile to the government in
the reichsing, with socialism growing
every day, and making itself felt in
the army, with an inexperienced
young man in command, who con
siders the whole community "a tal
ent" .committed to his keeping, by the
Almighty God, we may fairly "look
forward to a state of things "in Ger
many described in an old English say
ing as ''pigs on the green."
Soldiers Home Official ArrcOVd.
Spefi.-I to The Astorian.1
Leavenworth, Kan. March 18.
Gov. Smith and Post Master Hollo
way of the Soldiers' Home were ar
rested this morning on complaint of
comrade J. Batson, who charged them
with purloining a letter addressed to
him. They were taken before the U.
S. commissioner and released on their
own recognizance.
Special to The Astorian.
St. Paul, March 18. At 7 o'clock
to-night a fire destroyed the packing
house of John J. O'Leary & Sons.
The loss is estimated at $50,000, fully
The "World" oa the Germs Sltaatloa .
Special to The astorian.
New York, March 18. The World's
Berlin cable says :"the fact that the news
dispatches are allowed to pass censor
ship to-night with so little delay is only
corroborating evidence that it is now
practically certain that tho eraporer
has accepted Bismarck's resignation.
Until this morning it was thought that
all friction between tho kaiser and
chancellor had been got rid of and
that a modui vicendi for a certain
period at last had been arrived at
but now it is known to be a breach
beyond repair. Tho main causes are
that the kaiser is determined to rulo
more in accrdance with the wishes of
the eople. There is no longer the
slightest ground for belief in the al
leged estrangement between tho cm
peror and the empress Fredrick
who fully regained that influence,
which she was said to have lost Oth
ers who have run counter to Bis
marck's views on internal policy, havo
gained his majesty's ear, which was
in the highest degree disagreeable to
Bismarck, and the composition of tho
new reichstag made it impossiblo for
him to continue to govern. His efforts
to effect an understanding withWin
thorst were abortive. Such attempt
have really been made, despite repeats
ed contradictions, lleports are circu
lated that all the members of Uic min
istry have tendered their resignations.
The belief increases that Count Her
bert will remain. This causes confi
dence on the Bourse to-night Herr von
Bottlicher is named as tho chancellors
successor. World of Hante Finance,
of Berlin, is not in the least anxious
about tho future. Leading bankers
have great confidence in tho stateman
liko qualities of the Kaiser, and be
lieve that he is accepting the resigna
tion of his valuable servant because
the people are crying for another sys
tem of government.
Count Waldersee will scarcely be
transferred from the post of chief gen
eral of staff. The count is about to
proceed to Italy for a change of air.
A Xew Tork Editorial oa BIsmarcl.
Special to The Astorian.
New 1tork. March 18. Tho Press
editorial on tho act of retirement as
well as in his conduct, and his long
public career, claims that Bis
marck is one of the most in
teresting studies in the world's
records. The great man is resigning,
in all probability as a result of the
differences of opinion with the young
emperor, concerning his international
conferences and social reform.
The '. T. "Star" oa Bismarck.
Special to The Astorian.
New York, March 18. Tho Star
editorially says: "Without tho great
chancellor, but observant of his teach
ings, Germany's ruler might go se
renely on his way. But what will
happen to tho young, venturesome
sovereign withont Bismarck's methods
is ono of the most interesting ques
tions of our time. If alone he suc
ceeds in the contest on which he has
entered ho will indeed win tho right
to be considered as the man of the
Coafagratioa la Peoria.
Special to The astorian.
Peoria, HL, March 18 The large
dry goods house of Pardee, Mills &
Co., was destroyed by fire this morn
ing. ne loss is estimated at between
$125,000 and S150.000, on which there
is an insurance of $100,000.
Astoria Beal Estate &
An Account Which .Stands UoparaKcd'in
.AaeriSaa History 3
Special to The Astorian.T
Bismabck, N. D., March 18 The
session of the first legislature of the
stato of Dakota, came to an end to
night after 120 days of the bitterest
wrangling ever engaged ui by embryo
statesmen. From the first day's ses
sion until the adjournment to-night
Governor Miller and the members oftthe
legislature have been at loggerheads,
chiefly because tho governor has
played a lone hand and declined to
consult with the legislature regarding
appointments. Every member of tho
legislature, whether Republican or
Democrat, who voted for the lottery
bill, was boycotted by the governor in
his appointments to-day. The sena
tors got even on the list oE appoint
ments made by the governor on Mon
day by making sweeping changes in
the state boards, which were consid
ered jn open session.
To-day several senators had pre
pared speeches full of invective and
when the appointments came up for
confirmation Governor Miller was
roasted to a turn by men of his own
political faith, Swanstown charged
that one of the governor's appointees
had been indicted for bribery at the last
election, and a half dozen others fol
lowed up this with a vigorous denun
ciation of Miller and his appointees.
Finally the senate rejected all ap
pointments ; this rebuke of a republican
governor by a Republican senate out
lines the issue in tho nc'tt campaign
and clearly indicates that not one of
the present officers of the stato can be
nominated, much less elected. An
other failure of crops and the legisla
ture will be ready for any schemo that
flavors of relief.
Many farmers will go without &eed
wheat because they will not ask for it.
Many will go without because they
havo no security to put up. Many
will find tho outside world not as gen
erous. Tho probabilities are that the
legislature of 1891 will be no better
than the'legislaturo of-1890. 'There
may be added to another crop failure
in 1890, a deficiency in the state
treasury of $20,000 and then there will
be another disturbance that cannot be
accurately measured at this time.
It will be prohibition" and buildings
all over the state it has
vacated. Every town and village in
North Dakota will lose something and
some consuming power by this change.
Hundreds ot people . s will leave the
state and" Oicjvwin lake" with them
thousands of dollars. The transition
from bad to good in tho economic
world is expensive at first
Prohibition goes into effect July i.
The anti-lottery people must pray for
good crops and drill their seed deep.
Anything like failure on top of tho
immediate effects of prohibition,
and Louisiana cerastes horridus
will crawl all over North Dakota.
Reduction or Interest in Iowa.
Special to Tue Astorian.
Des Moines, Iowa, March 18. The
bill reducing the legal rate of interest
from 10 to 8 per cent, was passed by
both houses to-day.
A Foretaste of the Ordeal all 3Ien And
Women Will Have to Pass Thronsli.
Three months from the present lime
the census bureau will have thrown
into the field an army of 45,000 men,
who will sweep the United States
clean of information on pretty nearly
ever' imaginable subject that has a
statistical bearing. The story told by
the reports of the agents of the bureau
will follow the least important indi
vidual in this vast land from the cra
dle to the grave nay, more; from
them you can estimate your chances
in 100 before you were born of being
twins or triplets, and can calcu
late the probabilities that wero in
favor of your turning oat a boy or
girl. They will show that you "had
only two chances in three of snrviving
your firat year of life, and from that
time on they will figure upon your
lease of this sublunary existence," un
til at length the ghoulish compiler of
the gathered figures, withont bowels
of remorse, joyfully tabulates you in
his exhibit of "causes of death."" Not
content with discovering the day and
place of your birth, tho census will in
sist upon knowing from what race you
sprung, what your sex is, if any, and
where your father and mother were
born. Also it will require informa
tion as to whether you aro
married, single or divorced; how high
above the sea level you live, in what
great drainage-basin you dwell, what
tho l6west degree of cold'may be from
which you suffer in the winter, how
hot you find it in the summer when
the thermometer 'touches its top
notch, and how many other people
live with you in your house. As for
the house, you will be compelled, un
der 'penalty of a fine of $100, to say
whether yon own it or not if you do
own it, whether or not there is a mort
gage on it, and, supposing that
there is one, tho reason why you bor
rowed the money on the property.
The census is much interested in your
private affairs, you see, and if yon have
a farm around the house j'ou will have
to tell similar facts about that, even to
tho value of tho cows and the tools in
the bam. All this is merely the begin
ning, however, and all this mass of
information will eventually be con
densed into about twenty-five vol
umes, which will be entitled the "Elev
enth Census of the United States."
Choice !
Sale of asMDgl9n State Bonis.
ATngaiil Baft Ashore.
Special by California Associated Press.
San Francisco, March IS. Prepar
ations arc being made to bring suit
against Aquayo Harmance who re
cently sold the Mulattos mine in So
nora, Mexico, to a syndidate of Amer
ican and English capitalists for Sl,
SOOjOOO. Among those interested in
the purchase in this city are Alvinza
Hay ward, George Crocker, and Mr.
Hamilton of Baker & Hamilton.
Tho suit will be brought to recover
that portion of the purchase price al
ready paid, and to annul the sale on
the ground that ore has been
salted so as to raise tho value from $2,
to $S a ton. -
Clisnse- in Capt. Henly's Case.
Special to The Astoria v.
S xFRANcisco,Mar. IS. Tho charge
of drnnkness preferred against Capt
Healy, of tho revenue cutter Hear,
was withdrawn to-day owing to a
lack of witnesses .to substantiate it.
The investigation into the chargo of
cruoltr was resumed.
Contested Election in Sacramento.
Special to The Astorian.
Sacramento, Cal., March 17. Jacob
Neagle, a member of the Republican
city central committee, commenced
suit in the superior court to-day to
onst the newly elected Democratic
mayor. W. D. Comstock. A recount of
the ballots is demanded by Neagle
who says he can prove fraud in several
preemts ami that Gregory, the Renub
lican candidate, was the victim of a
gigantic conspiracy.
Washington State Honds Sold.
Spiri d to Tin: Astorian.j
Olympia, Wash , March 18. Under
a law passed by tho present legislature
for the salo of $200,000 in lxmds, cov
ering the past and present state in
debtcdness, it is said that the bonds
sold to-day at 3J per cent., with one-
eigniii ol j. per cent, premium, 10 run
from five to fifteen a ears.
Another Snun Tllaclade at Sisson,
Special to The Astoki n.
Sisson. Cat, March IS. -It has been
snowing all day. There is a cold rain
to-night Tho snow plow is in use
again. The train from Ashland ar
rived this afternoon, and was side
tracked hero as the road is again ob
structed by slides at tunnel No. 9.
The -Bedding train failed to get
Train Starts Around the World.
Special to The Astorian.
Victoria, B. C, March IS. George
Francis Train, the globe-girdler, em
barked on the Abyssinia this after
noon for Yokohama, amid the tooting
of whistles and the shoutmg of 400 ex
cursionists, who accompanied him
from Tacoma to Victoria.
Eastern Holders to Iteplare Strikers. to Tin: Astorian.
San Frvncisco, March 18. The
fifty-si moldcrs arrived at Oakland
this afternoon, from tho east Some
were taken on a in; to the Union
Iron Works, and tho others conveyed
in hacks under a strong guard to the
points of destination.
"e-elx Ashore Near Victoria.
Special to Hik AnTORian.J
PORTS nd, March 18. -Information
was received this afternoon at the
Merchants' exchange that the tug Sea
lion and the Nicarnngnau bark Jiun
dalerhnil run abhorc at Dungeucss,
near Victoria, B. C.
We'll Suppose a Case.
Yon arc nervous and dyspeptic. ;.our ap
petite flairs, jour slttmaer !s broken or dis
turbed y uneasy dreams, or jou court the
sleepy t:od In v.iiu. What Mull jou do? Try
an alcoliolie excitant to stimulate appetite,
deaden the nen es at lied time with a nar
cotic? Neither of these Try IIotetter3
Mouucli fitters. It will, believe in, be more You will continue, to usa this
justly renowned neri Iiivigorunt and stom-
:iein" ui -in ;ne eujtencv supposed Just
whit is wanted. Itis a heart ful stimulus to
appetite and digestion, doe-, not excite, but
niuets-the brain and nerve-", is an excellent
diuretic: and a sppcily reformer of a disir
dered condition of t!i in er and bowels. It
counteracts a tend-uey to rheumatism, nul
lities the prestratlnir effects or overwork,
mUUt.Ues the iulinuitics of age. and hastens
convalescence. 1'ersons ex oscd to rough
weather should uie it as a preventive. as
should also tired students and ousincss men.
Stateman My dear, your husband
will never amount to anything unless
you spur him on. Why don't you
persuade him to go into politics?
Daughter- Bnt, pa. he has tried and
he can't htand it. The whisky makes
him sick
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria
When Babj- tras sick, tve gavo her Castoria.
Vhen she was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
SVhen she became Miss, she clung: to Castoria,
Yhcn shehal Children, she gave them Castori
Trust Co., Portland Ag'ts,
Bismarct Retires. T1& Sitiatiii
loots flaft ani PoreWin,
Special by the California Assocutkb Pbmb
BeriiIn, March la Tha Rational
Zeitung says: "Gratitude toward the
the restorer of the German unity
which is filling the hearts of German
at this time proves Bismarok to be long
regarded as the personification of
Germany's growth and prosperity,
even though other men carry on his
work." The Citing believes count
Bismark will remain in office and as
serts that the Prussian ministry has
not resigned as reported.
Eaglaad Fears TreakI Jrtw.
Special to The Astobiait. -
London, March 18. The resigna
tion of Bismarck is regarded isLon
don as the most important event since
the fall -of tho French empire. Itis
feared that continental war
is now more than ever prob
able. His withdrawal is regarded
as a European calamity, which
tho eratic conduct of the German
emperor since his succession to the
throne, serves to aggravate. The Star
concludes its comments on the resig
nation with the remark "The empress
Frederiokis now avenged.M
German Pre oa Blaaurek'a KMlgaattM.
Special to The astorian. '
Berun, March 18. The Reichsan
zeiger this morning made no aUtuios.
to the resignation of Bismarok. Tba"
North German Gazette, a Bismarok
organ, published reports concerning
the resignation, but made no editorial
Horo MM Cloned for Waat efCl.
Special to Thb astorian.j
London, March 1& The supply of
coal, owing to the strike of the miners
is rapidly growing less. The cotton
mills are shutting down at Aocring
ton, Blackburn, Bury and Bolton.
The Southwestern railway company
has been compelled to stop their wait
ing room fires.
The All Let Go.
Special to The Astoriak.
Berlin, March 18. All the Proanaa
ministry xesigned simultaneously wrlfc
The disagreement between the Em-'
peror and Bismarok is reported to have
been occasioned by the chancellor's
refusal to accede to a request by the
"Windthorst to'restore the Duke of
Cumberland, the claimant to the
throne of Hanover.
Waldersee to Succeed Btevarck.
Special to The Astorian.
Berlin, March 18. There is a ru
mor on tho street that Waldersee will
probably be named as Bismarck's suc
cessor. Yellow Fever ia Braxll.
Special to The astorian ,1
Kio Janeiro, Brazil, March 18.
The yellow fever has broken out in
Campanis and San Paulo.
Acceptance of Bismarck's BeaJgaaties.
Special to The Astorian.
Berlin. March 18. It host faon an.
nounced that the emperor at noon to-
uay accepieu rmce Sismaroks resig
nation of the chancellorship.
Earthqaake la Fraaala.
Special to Tue Astorian.
Bonn. Prussia. March 18L An earth.
quake was felt here to-day.
Strikiay Mlaera Likely to Wla.
Special to The Astorian.
London. March 18. Tho rniwral
opinion is that the strikin? miners will
succeed in forcing to be made an ira-
meuiate advance or o per cent, in wages
and a further advance of 5 per cent.
July 1. . Many more mine-owners not
in Nottinghamshire and Lancaster
nave already acceded.
An Important Coafereace.
Special to The astoriak.
London. March 18. Lord Salis
bury has summoned all supporters of
the government to meet at the Carlton
club on Thursday to discuss matters
of importance.
Dock Laborers Caaaot Xalatala a Strike.
Special to The Astorian.j
Liverpool. Mnreli 18. THa striVa
of the dock laborers is collapsing, as
new hands are arriving at a rapid rate.
Geraaa Cabinet Reported Reelnei.
Special to The Astorian.1 "
London, March 18. A dispatoh
from Berlin gives the rumor that all
the cabinet have resigned because of
Bismarck's action.
Ship Carpenters Jola tke Strikers.
Special to The Astobian.
Stettin, March 18. All .the ship
carpenters in this city have struck.
CATARRH CURED, health and
sweet breatn secured by Shiloh's Ca
tarrh Remedy. Price, SO cents. Nasal
Inj'ector free. J. C. Dement