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if Jllffr C I lYf 1 1l&a;4i; ill A
5 I THE O. R. & N. DOCK,
Prices Low and
n-;iuti fully .situated on the banks of the Cohiiiibin. ai-
jnining proposed Public Park and near tlie
newly discovered coal beds.
Only $:" per Lot for a lew days. Get in now and secure -class Ijots.
Saddles and Harness
I Man? a ?rrialt. of good work ami pi'iKinU'i- satisfaction. At the old Stand, Wot
Side Olni'y Street, Near Wilson & Fisher's.
Insii Flax
- to. y
nUcgod newspapers to pi
into the seinUa.
means of bogus ci
not to rneuti
VMfcBMrTifniiffrflBBfcBBBBBBBBMBB" i & J iM"aBV't
SBFfT! (WBBi'-- ca""";rw BBiiwtTM1 m HHHHHHExr
CKAX1) PltlX PAKIS 1878.
The, revived the
For FJ.AX Til HEADS ai. tin
London Fisheries Exhibition 1883.
Ami h.iu been awarded IlKJlIERl-JtlZES at the various
Than the goods of any other
Quality Can. Always be Depended on.
Experiencefl Fishermen Use i Oilier.
517 and 519 Market Street. SAN FRANCISCO.
TING Constantly on Hand. SEINES, POUNDS and
TRAPS Pnrnished to order at Lowest Factory Prices.
$125 AND $150 PER LOT
BOBB & PARKER, General Ag'te, Astoria.
Terms Reasonable.
Addition !
Astoria, Or.
i in I ! mum i win I ii
ivJ- 1 f tiZ&lNjrr
Call Early and Take Your Choice !
Tie Sensational Tarn Alont tlie
"Missing:" Geo. H. Chance.
1'oim.AND, March It. This mom
ins "i party of laborers engaged in re
pairing and cleaning out- the Green
wich dock found the corpse or a tramp
wrapped np in his blankets in the rear
of the wharf. The coroner was noti
fied of the find and the remain were
poiivesd to the morgue where an in
quest will Jk held to-morrow. The
body bears the appearance of having
been dead three or foar day.. There
i nothing found upon the person
throwing the slightest light upon his
identity. Some of the men working
about "the wharf imagine they had
had seen the defunct before his death
and if they are not mistaken he has a
family on Lewis river and a daughter
residing in this city.
Ills Opinion As To Kccent Flst'c JU'trrs.
Poktlaxd, March 11. -Talking with
Billy McCarthy, the Australian, in
relation to Jack JDempsey, he said:
"Jack is an exceptionally good man
and a friend of mine, but 1 wish T
had broken his jaw two wcelts
ago because it's business. "We
will go to the city to-night where we
will teach together in the California
Athletic club. I may stay there five or
six weeks, when I think 1 shall return
here and settle down, as Portlaud is a
beautiful city."
"Do you and Jack intend to make a
sparring tour?''
"Oh, I can't say, hut not at present,
"Is there any likelihood of you and
Jack fighting again?' asked The As
tokian reporter.
"It is possible, but if I meet Jack I
have to train too much to get down to
his weight"
"Will you fight La Blanche?"
"I'll fight him in May if he will
agree to match, but he ront. No,
Dempsey will never get a match
out of him cither, becauso he
knows he will be beaten," said Mc
Carthy. "That was a very pretty im
itation of La Blanche's whirling blow
you gave Jack last night' remarked
the reporter.
"That was no imitation. It was or
iginal. I'm infinitely quicker than La
Blanche. He is as slow a3 a stage
"Do you think Corbett will meet
Joe McAuliffe?"
"I can't say, but if he does, Joe will
demolish him. If he doesn't accept
the challenge though, he would bet
ter retire."
Krjilodini,- a SenbitlonaJ Kjurt I'roni
This City.
Special toTfiK AsroniAX.
Poutland, March 14. -The report
telegraphed from Astoria that the
steamer Geo. If. Chance is probably
lost, is treated as a huge joke- here by
the officials of the Yaquina.
Deep Sea Fishing company, t he
owners of the vessel. Dr. George 11.
Chance, president of the corporation,
is in Philadelphia Secretary E. II.
Habighorst said that only a week ago
he received a report from the seh vn
er, which was then in Neah bay. "The
Cltaiux? said he, "i3 all right, and so
far as inefficiency on the part of her
ollieers is concerned, that is all a hoax.
Captaiu T. W. Adams is one of tiie
bast known navigators on the coast,
andjias held papers many years. The
engineer is aUo a tirxt-elas- man in
every rcspeel, and has our unlnninileii
confidence. Jn facl, our vsel is
manned by a picked crew, from oilers
to commander. Manager G. V. Will
iams did visit Astoria about two weeks
ago, but he went there to look
after some real estate he owns and not
in the interest of the company. He
is now aboard of the schooner,
I believe. The revenue cutter Cor
7oin certainly would not go out to
hunt for our steamer unless wo or
dered her to, and 1 am not aware
that such a measure has been taken.
The Chance is all right and taking
lots of fish, too. The fact Is, that
story emanated from fishermen who
are jealous of our wonderful success."
AI Cod) to Its Helwett From Custody.
Special toTiiK AsroniAX
Pon.rr.AND, March 1-L In the crim
inal court this morning district attor
ney McGinn moved that A. J. Cody,
who was convicted of the crime of
mayhem, committed upon Joseph
Morau be discharged from custody.
The judgmeut of Judge Stearns
had been reversed, rind Ttfoftinn
J stated in court that he had
careiniiy persued the opinion of
the supreme -court and felt confi
dent that every other conviction upon
testimony elicited in the first trial,
would be treated similarly by tlie
higher court Judge Stearns, appar
ently agreed with the district flttor
ney and an order was made in compli
ance with his request
The case of C. B. Higley, a hack
man "ndicted for aiding W, B. Dan
nie' to abduct a young girl, which
was to have been tried to-day, was
continued to 22nd inst
Joseph Holder, convicted of selling
liquor without a license was sentenced
to pay a fine of S200. The indictment
charging him with selling liquor to
minors, was dismissed.
A mandate from the supreme court
r.ns nrlnrfwl entered, reversing the
judgment in the case of Frank Jam's,
Tlit sunremo court holds as its
opinion that tho unsupported testi
mony of Jarvis's daughter. w:is not
sufficient to justify conviction and the
presumable result in tms case will he
that the district attorney will be
compelled to request the discharge
of the prisoner.
Thr U?n MolIM.i) l-talc.
S.ii-ci il io Tur Astoki ..j
PourLAxn, March 11 Ujo:i peti
tion of Jas. S5eel. administrator of the
estate of the Lite Ben llolliday. il is
alleged that it is neccessary to ."oil the
whole or some portion of the real es
tale or tho deceased to pay tho allow
ance to the family and the outstanding
debts. Judge Catlin to-dny made an
order citing all intereU'vl persons to
apjear before him on the oth of May,
at 10 a. m, to show vh tiie
projerty should not be disponed of
and all outstanding obligations liquid
ated. Ktllnl lij UH i!r.i Csrel'vsaeM.
Siivia! to TiiKA-Toiti .1
Portland, March IL -Sylvester
Goddard, a young man 27 years of
age, employed as a section hand on
the Portland and Vancouver railroad,
was instantly killed at ItaseJnlc this
morning. As the train Trom the Co
lumbia river was, approaching Hose
dale station, which is between Wo d
lawn and East Portland, the engineer
saw two meu on the track ahead, but
before the train came very near to
them, they both steppe 1 from the
track, and were then entirely oat of
danger. When the train came to
where the men had b?en standing,
one or them suddenly stopped back to
the track with a crowbar in his hand,
and commeueed doing somcihiug.
The engine struck the heavy inn bar,
hurling in with terrific force against
the uufortunate man's head, throwing
him about fifteen feet from the track.
The train was iustanlly
stopped, but when the man was
picked up he was dead,
his neck having lieeu broken. A tele
gram was sent to his father, who lives
at ltogers, Benton county, Ark., ac
quainting him with the death of his
son and asking what disposition should
bo made of the remains It is evident
that Goddard thrust the crowbar in
front of the engine, but what his ob
ject was c.iau)t hi surmise 1. His
death was clearly the result of his own
carelcssnes-, and not the slightest
blame attaches to any one else. The
coroner's inquest was rendered accord
ingly, exonerating the railroad com
pain' from all blame.
::lsin tho Hunt Snbsirtj.
Spe- i! J The sr mu vx.j
Portland, March It A pres rep
resentative to-day calle I on O. F. Pax
ton, one of the most active spirits who
is endeavoring to secure $2,0 l,l).) for
the Hunt raiiwav .scl:em. mid that
gentleman slated 'that so rarSl,2l:yX)0
has been subscribed He remarked
that several very h.avy capitalists
were deeply inieiv-t'd io the hcheme
but were withholding their name Tu
the present, only they wi-h !o
figure closely on the am i:nt they
reasonably can afford lo subjcriiic.
Paxton added: "The subscription
agreement prepare 1 by th Portlam!
coni'iiittee required that the propo
sition signed by (.. W. Hunt should
be ratified by ihe bo.ard of directo-s
of the Oregon and Washington TJad
ro 1 company, which has bwn done,
and th ball will noon beset rolling."
Cunttntiie or Cily 5 I') :)aii ?
Sj .'m! J .Tiir. si..i:s xn
T.u'oma, M ireh i I fiso !up ' 'r.tij
eml'.f tr ttil .vi 1 h ! m i iviv I t)
th. United States o:irU next v.vek.
Judge" Han ford having telegraphed
that ho will be here to luvir the al
miralty cases. Hardly less than half
a dozen damage ;:uit? ::re liable to b
brought against the constable and his
depntias or the city orTacoma accord
ing to the expressed intentions
of those connected with the
Craifjeiul affair. The most
unportant of these suits will be that of
the owners of the f'raitfii'l for dam
ages of time lost in loading her and
annoyance and expense caused by her
seizure, the suit or Capt Hamilton for
damages lo the amount or the value of
his chronometer that was taken, and
that of E. S. Hamilton for damages Tor
injuries sustained by him when the
gang-plank was piished off the ship by
the deputy constable and he fell thirty
feet into the water. Deputy Sheriff
Campbell has been alxard the Uraty
enrf, to prevent any breach of the
peace, since Wednesday.
Riilru.1 Accident Xr Tha IJillis.
Special to Tin: Astokian.
Tnn Dalles March 11. - This
morning about 1 o'clock the engine
of a freight train was ditched two
miles west of Blalock bv the rails
spreading. Geo. Baker, engineer was
badly scalded on the arms and breast
I. T. Burns brakeman, had his le:
sprained. A. Carstens, fireman had an
eye injured. The brakeman and lire
man jumped, but the engineer was
imprisoned in the can with hot steam
ponrhur over him, until released. The
injured were brought here. It is ex
pected that Baker will be taken to the
hoipital at Portland as his injuries
are verv serious.
Toey Must Go Ontslfle tlie City Limits
Within Sixty Days.
sT.urrr.ixG xEirs yon sealers.
'Iiccinl by The California Assocutcu Prlss.
S n Francisco. March 14. A rumor
was current on the water front this
morning hint tlie government had
directed the naval authorities
to send a list of all vessels which
could be made availablo for
the northern service. Among a large
number of persons who engage in the
sealing business, this rumor caused
some consternation, iu as much as it
was iulerpe'o.l that a vigorous policy
was to be pursued this season in
Dehrin ? sea and that a force or naval
vessels was lo be verv con
siderably increased in these waters.
Inquiry of the naval officers failed to
confirm the rumor or even an acknowl
edgment of there being am occasion
for its existence. It w;u learned,
however, that the naval force
on tin? coast now consists
of the revenne cutters IitisJi
Corwin, Walcott nii&Jieur, men-of-war
Pin In and Tlului, besides coasting sur
vey vessels Palters(m.HrArlhniUed
;'; .':::.! ! fussier, allot which could be
made available for service in a short
('iran.i :; "vm Francisco From a Cancerous
.-i trial to Tin: Atohian
San Francisco, March 14. The
Bingham order, removing the Chinese
to South ban mnc:sco, recently
passed by the board of supervisors,
lias been approved by Mayor Pond.
This will remove Chinatown from the
heart or the cily to the extreme out
skirts of the municipality.
The order declares that it is unlaw
ful for any Chinese to locate or reside,
or carry on business within the limits
of the city and county of San Fran
cisco, except in that certaiu district
generally known as Sonth San Fran
cisco. The order goes into effect in
sixty days. It will be opposed by the
Chinese, and a test case will undoubt
edly be made as soon as an attempt is
made to enforce the new law.
Aortiou-sl r..iseba'l l.caap.
5p via So Tick Astohi n.J
Srattli:, March It A baseball
league has been formed, taking in the
cities of Seattle, Spokane Falls, Port
land and Tacoma Stock for each
club, 810.000. All the local stock was
subscribed to-day.
A Southern CallforaU Opinion
Spci.i! tiTiiK AsroniAN.l
Los Anorlts, Cat, March 14. A
resolution was adopted by the stato
fruit growers convention to day favor
ing the repeal by congress of the long
and short haul clause of the interstate
commerce laws.
S'i!c"i!i! lo Kscai5 I'iJ.i
S 1 1! ( Hir .stoi:ian1
Sw Frinoisv'o, March 11. -F.J.
Horn committed suicide to-day by
taking poison, owing to his suffering
from a cancer in the face. ,
Warn-a 'loa'l !rt Hie Xiae il'indrc! Dollar.
S; -i 1 :i Vw. Asroni n
S v Francisco. March 1 L- -The
suit of Tommy Warren against the
California Athletic, club for 900
claimed to be due him as his share in
his contest with Frank Murphy which
ended in a draw, was virtually decided
to-day by the court sustaining the
demurrer of the defendant alleging
that th 'comphiinlslatedthnttlicrcwas
no nise of action. The court held
that thy money was to be paid only in
case of a contest being determined in
favor tif one or the other or the con
testants. ; of a XoteJ Oatlau.
.'.wi ll t TUK ASTOKIAN.
SR.VTTLT-, March 11. -Smuggler
Holt, who was shot by inspector Cob-lonl-j
on Iward Holt's opium sloop in
Salmon Bay, last Thursday night,
died at 1LH) this morning from his
injuries. Inspector Cobentz is to be
arrested on a charge of murder. Holt
leoves an estate valued at S 10,000.
Tra'n Cordially Welcomed in Tacoma.
Special to Tin: Astorian.
Tacoma, March 14. -George Francis
Train arrived hero this afternoon and
was received by an immense throng of
citizens headed by the mayor. A
heavy rain was falling which interfered
with the plans somewhat, but an
informal reception was held at the
hotel amid a great crush. He will
spend to-morrow sightsceiujr, and on
Monday will lecture in the theater,
leaving here Tuesday by special
steamer for Vancouver, B. C," where ho
will take the Abyssinia for Orient
and a trip around tlie world.
Deiapsey Charters a Special Trala.
Special to Thk Astoxian.
Tacoma, March 14. Jack Dempsey,
who has been sparring lately in Ta
coma and Seattle, passed " through
hero this morning on his way from
Seattle to Portland, on a special train.
Dempsey missed the regular train,
and as ho had important engagements
at San Francisco, was forced to char
ter a special traiu at a cost of S17"5.
Astoria Real Estate &
Prlie Fight For $l,GtiO.
Special to The Astorian.1
San Fkancisco. March 14. Billy
Murphy, the Australian, and Tommy
Warren fought with small gloves for a
purse of $1,500 at the Occidental Ath
letic club to-night, the winner to
take all, and tho championship of the
feather -weight claaa of the world.
Murphey bet Warren 25 that he
would put him out by the
fourth round, which Warren
promptly accepted. Murphy was
not in first class form to-night, while
Warren, who declared if ho could not
knock the Australian out he would not
be done himself, had trained carefully
and was in the finest condition. Bet
ting was about 100 to 70 in favor of
Warren weighed one hundred and
seventeen, Murphy one hundred and
sixteen and n half. Danny Needham
was appointed referee. Tho police
entered tho ring at tho end of tho
fourth round fearing trouble. When
the referee could make himself heard,
he announced Murphy the victor,
claiming that Warren had remained
on the lloor over ten seconds after
being knocked down.
Ilouie Burned for Fuel.
Special to The Astokian.
MARYSVTX.LE, Cal.,March 14. A let
ter received by tho Appeal to-day,
from Stevens, a" remote district in the
northeastern part of the state of
Washington, gives particulars of great
hardships and loss by severe cold and
unusual depths of snow. In one in
stance three families were obliged to
live in one honse,nsing the materials
of two others for firewood.
Two TiionsaM Enlist Ewers
Strike for Slort Hours.
Special by tho California Associated Peess
Paris, March 14. The adverse
action of the senate yesterday on Tir-
ard's demand for a vote of confidence
with reference to a commerciillreaty
with Turkey has brought about a down
fall of the entire ministry. Enterpel-
lation was submitted during yester
day's sitting regarding the treaty and
in response Tiranl moved the order of
the day, when the senate by a major
it of 78 refused to adopt
Tirard's motion, which amounted to a
refusal to vote the confidence in gov
ernment Tirard then tendered his
resignation to President Carnot, but
the latter persuaded him to remain in
office untd after Easter. A cabinet
meeting was held to-day. and a discus
sion of the situation, at which Tirard
reconsidered his determination to re
main, and after the meeting was over
ho went to Carnot's residence and
tendered the resignation of all the
members of the cabinet Do Freyci-
net wall probably form anewministry
It Is rumored that Constant and Bi
hot will hold portfolios in the new
ministry, ai is unuerstoou tnatJba
bey, Faye and Falliere will remain in
the cabinet
Kusllsk Minets WiUStrlke.
in tial to Thk astokian.
London, March 14. In consequence
of the masters avoiding a direct reply
to the demands for an advance in coal
miner's wages, the miners federation
resolved to immediately inaugurate a
strike through the country.
French ODIcUls ia Coaptation.
Spccin! to Thk Astorian.
Paris, March 14. President Carnot
held a consultation with Floqnet
this afternoon. It is possible that
Floquet will ba asked to form the
English Knglaeer oa a .Strike.
Special to Thk Astokian.
-London, March W. Two thousand
engineers, of northwestern England,
have organized a strike for short
A Valuable Battle.
Racine, March 12. One day last
week an elderly lady, residing in Ken
osha, suddenly dropped dead from
some heart trouble. She was supposed
to be very poor, having worked hard
all her life. Tho undertaker was
summoned to the residence
to prepare the body for burial,
and while removing the clothing it
was noticed that the bustle was rather
heavy; in fact it was so weighty as to
attract attention. It was ripped
open and the spectators were thun
derstruck to find secreted therein
over $1,800 in bank notes.
The old lady, instead of putting
on style and spending her money had
hoarded every cent and saved the
above amount, which she preferred to
carry around with her rather than in
trust it to the banks.
Sore Threat
Is particularly favorable to the con
traction of Diptheria. Heed the warn
ing and use Darbys Prophylatic Fluid.
It at once allavs the inflammation of
the throat, subdues the pain and gives
permanent relief. It promptly and ef
fectually destroys all contagion and
dipthentic germs. It is a safeguard
against Diptheria, and should be ussd
on the first symptoms of sore throat as
a gargle.
Tie HississlpQi Valley Floois Are
Slowly Alating.
Special by Tho California Associated Peess.
Washington, March 14. Senator
Higgins bill, introduced to-day in the
senate to establish a court of appeals
provides that the proposed court shall
consist of three judges, who shall
each receive a salary of $8,000 a year,
and that the terms of the court are to
be held in the several judicial dis
tricts. It shall have final jurisdiction
of all cases arising in the district and
circuit courts, except where constitu
tional questions are involved in the
cases of patents, and copyrights, a re
view of the controversy may be had
by the supreme courts."
Cantoni House Ofllears at Astoria.
Special to Thk Astokian.
Washington, March, 14. Secretary
Windom has approved the following
appointments in the customs service
at Astoria, Oregen: Deputy, at $2,000
per annum, Frank L. Parker; deputy
collector and inspector, at Sl,500, Jas.
E. Higgins; inspector at $-1 per diem,
Thomas Linville.
A Desirable Appointment.
Special to Tuk Astorian.
WABHTNaTON, March 14. George
P. Tingle, who was a special agent of
the treasury department at Seal
Islands under the last administration,
has received an appointment as gen
eral manager of the North American
Commercial company, the new lessee
of the Alaska fur seal privileges.
The Alaska Fishery Lease Signed.
Special to The Astorian.
Washington, March 14. The North
American Commercial company, hay
ing filed the reqired bonds for the safe
conduct of the seal fishery privilege,
Secretary Windom this afternoon
signed the lease.
Unique Present to Speaker Reed.
Special to The Astorian. .
Washington, March 14. Speaker
JKeed nas been presented by tho
Young Men's Republican club, of
Portland, Maine, with a silver candle
extinguisher in the shape of a cone.
The surface of the cone is elegantly
engraved with an historical picture
representing the victory of the speaker
over obstructionists and wath appro
priate inscriptions.
VUlard's Oregoa Railroad Bonds.
Special to The Astorian. -.
Philadelphia, March 14. Tho J
quirer says: Henry Villard has gpuoj
to Boston to arrange for the retire
ment of the Oregon Transcontinent;.1 ' '
bonds, which will be placed with tl
proceeds of the Northern Pacific
Rednceloa In Fares and Freight.
Special to The Astorian.
Chicago, March 14. A general de
moralization of passenger and freight
rates exists between tins city and the
Missouri river. The old rate of $12.50
has been reduced to $5, open rate,
and of this amount $3 is paid in com
mission, leaving only $2 to tlie road.
There is perfect unanimity among the
railroad officials that rates have never
been in a more demoralized state, and
yet none of them seem to move for a
An Extensile Embezzlement
Special ta Thk Astorian.I
New York, March 14. Frank Dis
sendofer, an alderman of Lancaster,
Pa, was arrested in Brooklyn this af
ternoon on a charge of embezzling
Striking Miners la Michigan.
Special to Thk Astorian.
Ironwood, Mich., March 14. The
strike in tho mines of this range is in
creasing. Two-thirds of tho men are
out and those who are working are
under the protection of tho police to
prevent threatened violence. Tlie
strikers are growing ugly, and several
of the leaders have been arrested.
Disgrace to Civilization.
Special to The Astokian.
Detroit, March 14. Information
has reached this cty of the existence
near Potts, Oscoda county, of one of
the most infamous stockade dens
which ever disgraced Michigan. Thir
teen girls are held in slavery by one
Jim Mnessrin, for the orgies of drunken
A Strike Delays Atlantic Steamships.
Special to The Astorian.
New York, March 14. News has
reached the agents of the transAtlan
tic steamship lines here that the fire
men's strike in England is spreading
and the owners of vessels carrying the
mails are trying to get help from the
freight steamers. The agents of the
latter decide to transfer as much help
as possible to the mail steamships to
let them make the trips. The steam
ship AlasJca which was to leave Liver
pool to-day could not get away. The
Wyoming, advertised to leave to
morrow, will be unable to get off. The
City of Rome and the Arizona which
are scheduled to depart on March 22nd.
will also likely be delayed.
Trust Co., Portland Ag'te,
Wrestllar Xatck ImBalale.
Special to Thk AstobianJ
Bvftalo, March 14. Hugh. Leon
ard defeated Jimmy Faulkner in a
mixed wrestling match, at the Buffalo
Athletic club to-nieht The first
bout, Graeco-Boman, was won "by
Leonard in 20 minutes and 49 seconds.
The second, catch as catch can, was
won by Leonard in 16 minntea md
38 seconds.
Alaska Company Formed la New Terk.
Special to The Astoria.
New York, March 14. The Albany
Alaska company of New York has
filed a preliminary certificate of in
corporation with the secretary
of state. The capital stock is
$100,000. It is formed to
engage in mining, fishing, trading and
dealing in fur skins. The directors
are Wm. B. Pope, Thaddeus D. Brad
ford, Henry S. Tibbey, Wm. F. Davis
and Jno. H. Drago.
Still la Danger.
Special to The Astorian.
Cairo, His., March 14. The latest
reports from the lower Mississippi are
that the country between the Arkansas
line and Yicksburg on both sides is in
great danger of inundation. The Ar
kansas levees have been abandoned,
uuu. mu wuier is running over mem in
several places. This will put the Ten
sas basin in a merry flood. If breaks
occur in the Lousiana side, Mississippi
will be the same and vice versa.
Bain has fallen in torrents
everywhere. A break in the levee at
Meyersville, Miss., has caused a panic
among the population, and many
women and children have been sent to
Vicksburg by steamer. The Ohio
river at this point fell three inches
last night. The weather is cloudy and
The Flood Abating Slowly.
Special to The Astorian.1
New Orleans, March 14. The rain
has now been falling 54 hours along
the river. The total fall exceeds five
inches. The river here ha3 risen an
inch and a half in the past 24 hours.
The government guage this morning
shows 16.1 feet, a fall of .4 from the
highest point reached yesterday after
noon. The streets here are free
from overflow. No water except
at St Peter's and it is
slight there. A private levee on Davis
island. Lake Concordia, has given
way, flooding several plantations. Up
the river the situation i3 practically
unchanged, the water in most places
continuing high and rising slowly.
R. B. Directors Iaspectlag Koad.
Special to The Astorian.
Chicago, March 14. President
Breyfagle, Gen. Manager Black and
a number of new directors of theMo
non route,started on a tour of the line
tr V r ptnre rt
srial to The Astowx
CoBsoIId ''.ilg'.fc tuayuc
Special to The Astorian.
Detroit, March 14. The Brush.
Electric Light company has absorbed
the Thompson-Houston company.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria
When Baby was sick, we gave her Caitoria.
(Then she -was a Child, she cried for Cactori.
When she became Mlas, she clung to CMtoria,
iVhen she had Children, she gave them Cafltorb
Bourbon, Intl., says: "Both myself and
wife owe our lives toShiloh's Consump
tion Cure will give immediate relief.
Price, 10 cts., 50 cts. and 1, at J. C. De
men t's.
a positive cure for Catarrh, Diphtheria
and Canker Mouth. At J. C. Dement's.
All tlie patent medicines advertised
in this paper, together with the choicest
Eerfumery, and toilet articles etc can
e bought at the lowest prices at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite Occident
hotel, Astoria.
Remember the Austin house at the
Seaside is open the year 'round.
No other Liniment made t rettHMt
St. Jacobs On. is
and that is why its cures ask
At Druggists and Deaxebs.
Valuable Acreage for Sale
The 55-Acre Tract of Hiram Gray with las
provements thereon, valued at 92,000, at
$250 per acre. Apply to
E. C. LEWIS, or W. B. ADAIR.