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! THE O. R. & N. DOCK,
Prices Low and Terms Reasonable.
Kenney's Addition!
itanitifully .situated on the banks of the Columbia, ad
joining proposed Public Park and near the
newlv discovered coal beds.
Only $:f per Lot for a lew days. Get in now and secure
first-class Lots.
Saddles and Harness
I iaVaiecialt of ;ok1 woik and guarantee satisfaction. At tin Old Stand, WVst
Siili' uliHM, Street, Near Wilson & Fisher's.
Slate at Moii
Future Terminus of the Chicago & North
western and S. P. Railroads,
Destined to be th.e Shipping: Cantor
of th. Great Northwest.
LOTS $100 AND $125
Buy Now and Secure Choice Lots !
Prices Will be Advanced to $150 and
$200 April 1st.
I Cor. Fourth anil Genevieve
$125 AND $150 PER LOT
BOBB & PARKER, General Ag'ts, Astoria.
....... .........-
Astoria. Or.
of Colntoa RiYer.
Sts., Astoria, Oregon. !
Tie StaMaril Oil Company Atare
Tie Price of Oil.
5. ocial by.the California Assoliatii Pai-ss
Washington. March 13. In the
senate to-day the usual batch of peti
tions wis received favoring the free
coinage of silver.
Two of the haase bridge bills then
passed, one being for a bridge over the
Columbia river n Oregon by the
Washington and Oregon Btidge corn
pany. The bills now go to the om
tnil'iEe oiigconference.
The senate committee on commerce
reported favorably on a bill to repeal
the bill compelling vessels to carry
projectiles and means for' propell
ing them, in addition to
other life, saving appliances.
This action is taken because
owners of projectiles hail attempted
a corner in the market and advanced
the price at least three hundred per
.Nomination tiy President Hirrlson. to The AsroitiAX.
Washington, March l'J. The pres
ident has made the following nomina nemina nomina
teons: iost master, John AL Lewis,
East Portland, Or.; Joseph Hughes to
be receiver of public moneys tit Spok
nno FalLs; Win. Andrew Davidson or
Cooperstown, N. Y., first deputy com
missioner of pensions in place of
Hiram Smith, resigned.
"Washington, March 13.--Among
the bills passed by the senate to-day
were the follewing: lor the erection
of a public building for a postoflice
and other government offices at The
Dalles, Oregon, to cost S100,000; to
provide for the construction of a
public building at Salem, Oregon, at a
cost or S1(X),000.
(Illaboma Kill Passes tlie House.
S;vlal to Tun Astorian.
Washington, March 13.- -The house
substitute for the senate bill, providing
aterritorial government for Oklahoma,
has passed the house by a vote of 100
to 25.
Dinner to General Miles in Va!iiiutnn.
Special to The Astorian.
"Washington, March 13.- Senator
Mitchell entertained u company of
gentlemen at a dinner this evening.
Among those invited to meet General
Miles, as guests of honor, -were justice
Harlan, justice Field, senators Hawley,
Squire, Pugh, Pasco, representatives
Wilson, Payson and Hermann and Mr.
Paul Schulze. The table was hand
somely decorated- witlt jacqueminot
and hermit roses.
Oklahoma Kill Amended.
Sncml to Tin? Astoiuan.J
"Washington, March 13. - The house
to-day adopted n prohibition amend
mentfor tho Oklahoma bill, and at the
close of tho debate, passed the bill es
tablishing territorial government for
Oklahoma by a large majority.
Public Building at Port Townscm).
Special to Thk Astoriax.
Washington, March 13. -The bids
for constructing a public building at
Port Townseud, Wash., were to-day
opened at the treasury department
C. D. Wakeman, of PorlTownsend
was tho lowest bidder. His bid was
The Price or Oil Adrancsd.
Special to Thk Astokiax.
Lima, Ohio, March 13. Tho Stand
ard Oil flbmpany have advanced the
price of oil two cents. There is great
excilemont in the oil field.
L'nlteJ State Circuit Judge Appointed.
Sp-H-il to Thk A.vroKi vx.l
Little Hock, Ark., March 13. -Henry
O. Caldwell, who was recently
appointed judge of the eighth judicial
circuit, to succeed Judge Hrewer, qual
ified this afternoon and notified Presi
dent Harrison of his resignation as
United States district judge for the
eastern district of Arkansas. Little
Rock will hereafter b3 federal judicial
headquarters for nine states.
More Strikes Amou; Minrrs.
Special to Tun AsrouiAX.l
Ikonwood, Mich., March 13. The
miners in Aurora, Pabst, Iron King
and Germania mines will very likely
follow the lead of the Ashland miners,
who are now on a strike. Two thou
sand men are now out The cause of
the trouble is tho reduction of wages
and importation of foreign labor. In
advance, the sale of ore this season is
larger than usual and the men are
confident of winning.
The companies granted the demands
of the miners late this evening and
tho strike is declared off, and the men
have returned to work here and at
i Ashland.
Earthquake in Chili.
Special lo Thk Astoriax.
New Yoke, March 13.--News has
been received of an earthquake in
Chili, February 2G, which shook all
points between Valparaiso and Santi
ago. The shock was felt severely over
ten thousand square miles. A severe
earthquake also occurred at Traigean,
January 28th.
Call Early and Take Your
Important 'I D van j-tlie Northern i'aelllc.
Special to Tiik Astorian'.I
New Yoni, March 13.-The .Vail
and Express- reports that N. O
Davis, one of the Northern Pacific
railroad attorneys, has been in St.
Paul and other western cities lately.
uuder orders from President
Okes, studying the problem of
lake navigation with a view of placing
on the lakes an indepeudentline of lake
steamers, by the Norther Pacific.
Some time in June they will launch
their twin screw steamer, which is of
large capacity and finely constructed.
Davis has gone to the Pacific coast in
furtherance of the general project.
i'lv-Li'iir itnyin lto.I Kl U:
Special to r r Aroi:i.v J
Indianapolis, March 13. President
Harrison lias purchased to-day $2,0fl0
worth of real estate here.
A Watery Waste SgreaUns Froi
Cairo lo to Orleans.
Specinlby The California AssciT;i 1'rrs?.
New Orleans, March 13. -At 1 i;.m.
to-day the water commenced running
over the levee in several place.'. It is
not eqeeted, however, that much
damage will result as the levee :
strong and will not give way. A largo
part of the city below Canal .street is
entirely submerged. The water at the
custom house is over th; Milewalks
and is coining up rapidly. The indi
cations are that the entire business
portion of the city will be covered
with water before morning.
Floods Still Um-inv.
Special to Tuk Astoki x J
Memphis. March 13. The reports
of loss to property by the tloods con
tinue lo ponr in. J?atsville, Arkansas,
is partly Hooded while iiie river rose
thirty-two feet in twenty-four hours.
AtUIack Rock the water is sk feet
deep in the hotels and business houses.
In the vicinity of Little Rock :i large
number of bridges have been washed
away. No trains have reached that
place since Monday. At Pine Hluff,
Arkansas, the river i3 rapidly rising
and there is danger of the government
dykes beiug destroyed.
Ohio lllver Faltinc
Spot-ill sol in: Astoriw j
Cakio, 111., Mirch 13. -Th3 Ohio
river fell one inch and a hair last night
and the situation is now more hopeful.
The 3Ii:tippi I'io !.
Special to The Astoi:i x.
Memphis, Teun., March 13 -The
height of the river feom Cairo to New
Orleans is unprecedented. Thesivenigc
width is inly miles. 1 rom all along
the line comes news of a x;rtling
uaiure. President Maxtield, of the
Louisiana levee district, telegraphed
here io-night for mittvial with which
to hold ih.? crevasse. A-i order was
immediately placed for :0,OJi) sticks and
they will be bent forward to-morrow on
the United States steamer Jim ma
EUuridiie, which is on her way from
Paducah to the ilood district. The
levees from Arkansas City to the
Louibana line are in imminent danger
and are expected to give way at every
minute. The water at this point is
one foot and ten inches above the
highest mark ever reached, and i
still rising. Three, miles below this
city the river is nearly b j miles wi i
New Oritur Heins rion.leil.
New Orleans, March 13. -L?vce
from Canal street to the Frenc'i
market, were threatening as were
also those one mile further up. S'ore
keepers and residrnls below Canal
street were surprised to see the street s
begin to Hood, and ruhel to tho
levees expecting a crevasse. No breaks
have occurred, lmt the river is
steadily washing away over wharves
and embaukmeuts. The streets
below Canal and those of the
middle stud upper districts are now
submerged. A further risu of three
inches will flood the lower stories of
all business houses belcw Caual street
and effectual iy stop business of
all kinds. The biigar cvhnngo
hotel, royal cathedral and Frein-h
market are surrounded by wsster and
loom up like islands in the Venetian
sea Tho lower side of the canal is
impassible to pedestrians sibove IJour
lou street.
Moiiry UiNctl For Floo.l Kmriuenpy.
Special to Thk astoician.j
New Orleans, La., March 13. A
strong southern wind had much to do
with forcing the water up over the
levee into the city and the situation
to-night is rendered very critical by a
severe down jour of rain. The mayor
called a special meeting of the
council to-night smd $o0,000 was ap
propriated to be expended as an emer
gency fund.
Dynamite Kxploslon at UrocAljn
Special to Tin: Astoki n 1
New York, March 13. An explo
sion of dynamite occurred at the
Brooklyn water works at Rookville
Centre this morniug. The dynamite
cartridges were used for blowing
up trees and stumps on the line of the
extension of tho Brooklvn ncqueduct.
'Two laborers were blown to pieces
and two others fatally injured.
Dakota Lottery Boomers Change Their
Loye to Hate.
Special by The California Associated Pbess.
Bismarck, N. D.. March 13. The
lottery boomer", professed love for
North Dakota has suddenly turned to
hate as they are sat upon, snubbed,
and their scheme buried too deep to be
resurrected. The boomers refused to
be comforted and do not care a conti
nental whether the destitute farmer-
of the state die or starvation
or not. The seed wheat com
missioners, consisting wholly
of friends of the lottery scheme, havo
refused to serve longer. To-day the
committee sent a sarcastic communi
cation the house of Republicans,
setting forth that the proposition of
tho lottery company to furnish the
destitute with seed wheat, having been
rejected, the commission did not see its
way clear to solicit a penny of con
tributions, and would resign,
so that tho state officials
might go ahead and get
seed grain in any way they choose.
Clovernor Miller held :i conference
with the other state officers, and they
are now. trying to devise moans to
tide over the distress.
wither OMcial Defaulter,
p vial to The Avrn;ti.v.
JAfi:sjN, Miss., March 13. Expert
accountants found that ex-state treas
urer Hemingwav is short in his ac
YcvirU i:-tnei-n Sm Dirso and the Sound. to Tin: AvroiMAX
San Diego, March 13. The Ecen
iiitj Snn says Mr. Hewitt is lsere rep
resenting a company of Tacoma men
lo secure an option on a wharf for op
erating a line of sailing vessels be
tween here and Pnget sound. It is
proposed to bring lumber and coal.
and they will take in return cargoes of
hav. cement, marble and building
School ItooV Ian Declare! Co-istitatl onal.
Special to Thk Astorian.
Inolvnafolis, March 13. The su
preme court to-day held tho school
book law, over which a big fight has
been made, to bs constitutional.
Dry (iooils Ilouu Fails in 3!lssoarI. ta Tin: Astikiax.I
St. Louis, March 13. Harrison &
Loder, wholesale dry goods mer
chants, assigned lo-dav. Their lia
bilities are from S300.0W to SIOO.OOO.
Nominal assets will exceed the liabil
ities. FrcM.icat Harrho-i I'ardm? s S3ldler,
Spe-ul to Tiik AsrouiAX.l ,
Sr. Paul, March 13. May 2o, 1885,
Lewis Carter, a colored private in the
Twenty-fifth Infant ry, was court-martialed
at Fort Snelling for rape, as
sault, robbery aud desertion and found
guilty on tilt charges aud sentenced to
niuety-nine years in Stillwater peni
tentiary. One year ago a colored lawyer, Fred
L. McGhee, of this city, took the case
in hand, and gathering proof that Car
ter was innuocent of everything else
but desertion, placed the matter in
the hands of President Harrison, who
reviewed, the case and issned an un
conditional pardon to take effect May
!loth next, sind reprimanded the court
martial which convicted him on little
or no evidence, also taking the ground
that five years was sufficient penalty
for desertion.
Republic in Convention in Rhode Ilan.l.
Sj-eeia'. toTiiK Astokiax.
Providence, ILL, March 13. -The
Republican convention litis nominated
Herbert V. Ladd Tor governor and
David G. Littleiield for lieutenant
governor, smd adopted resolutions en
d'iring Harrison's administration aud
complimenting speaker Reed on his
ruling in theliouse.
The l!accan?er of OI.I
Da iiitt-ti the .skull and crovs liincs, their
i-M!.i, defiantly at the m wthead. Your
mole-i, not on the liiti seas, but
up.i the huh reputation of standard rem
edies, skulks under various dluUes. lib
hole a id corner t mine lias ne er to any de
Siee affected Hostciter's Stomach Hitters,
altaou'li that standard invi mint and cor
rective his Ion:; been the saining mark at
h e!i his shafts hive been directed. Cheap
local bitters, composed of fiery, unrcctiQed
.stimulants, with an bifiiaiou or extract pos
sibly, of Mime tonic bark, arc sitll sometimes
reeournonded sis identical with, or similar
to, or possessing virtues kindred to those of
America's chosen family medicine. These
peP-h speedily, while the great subduer and
preventive of disease pursues its successful
career, overcoming malaria, dyspepsia, ner
oiiMios, kidney troubles, constipation and
rheum itlc ailments, not only oa this, but on
many continents.
1 Tard on the Eyes : Mrs. Jaggs (sus
picious! v) -Your eves are watery and
terribly inflamed. Mr. Jaggs (with an
injured stir) "Well, next time you give
me si "Bible for a birthday present
don't select one with such fine print.
- New York Weekly.
Sore Throat
Is particularly favorable to the con
traction of Diptheria. Heed the warn
ing anil Use-lXirbys Prophylatic Fluid.
It at once allavs the inllamniation of
the throat, subdues the pain and gives
permanent relief. It promptly ami ef
fectually destroys all contagion and
diptheritic germs. It is a safeguard
against Diptheria, and should be ussd
on the first symptoms of ore throat as
a gargle.
Astoria Beal Estate &
Aprehension of Conflicting Inter
national Matters With Mexico.
Special by Tho California Associ vted Press,
San DrEGo, March 13. -On Monday
Indian uamed Cassinero was
brought up from Tia Juana to serve a
30 day sentence in the county jail on a
charge of disturbance. The Mexican
authorities below the line have been
called into the matter by some friends
of tho Indian who contended that
the offender had been arrest
ed on Mexican soil by an
American officer and taken awav
for trial without due process of law.
Upon evidence produced before the
Mexican court authorities of that
country it is understood that they
will make a demand for the person of
Cassinero and will make an inter
national question of the case. They
have prepared papers which will
be forwarded to tho City of Mexico
and to "Washington. The Mexican
police also assert that if the arresting
officer goes tho other side of tho line,
ho will be taken into custody for mak
ing an arrest without authority.
UestractloK of aa Ice Iloute.
Special to Thk Atoriax.
Seattle, March 13. The immense
ico warehouse, located, in the south
ern portion of the city on the tide flats,
collapsed this morning, the floor giv
ing way, and lotting the whole struc
ture go crashing to the bottom of the
bay. Four men were working in the
house and were carried down with it
No one was killed, but all were more
or less seriously injured. L. A. Math
ews, one of tho number, was
crushed, and will probably
die. Tho structure, which
is about one hundred feet square, was
built upon piles fifteen feet above the
water. A heavily loaded freight train
passed along at a rapid rate, causing
the building to sway to and fro until
the flooring gave way.
Opium StnuggliBg in San Francisco,
Special to The Astorian.
San Fbanctsco, March 13. Tho
custom house authorities to-day cap
tured S2,500 worth of prepared opium,
which was being smuggled ashore by
William Bourne in a Whitehall boat
It is not known from what vessel the
drug was taken.
Bourne was arrested and was held
to answer to the charge of smuggling,
with bail at $2,500.
Great Rejoicing Over Oklahoma.
Special to The Astorian.1
Arkansas City, Kansas, March 13.
This city is wild over the passage
of tho Oklahoma bill in the house and
which declares the Cherokee outlet of
ptibhc lands. Hundreds of people are
going into the promised land, and are
staking claims. By morning this city
will be almost deserted, all will be in
the strip. News from Guthrie state
that everybody is going to tho strip.
Orange Lands in California Selling Li vely
Special to The Astorian.
Ontario, Cal., March 13. The
state citrus fair at Los Angeles, seems
to be atended with a boom in orange
lands, eastern buyers are on the alert
About S100.000 worth was sold here
yesterday aud to-day, mostly bearing
orchards for cash. Riverside, Red
lands and Pomona report similar ac
tivity. Oklahoma Territory in Prospective.
Special to The Astorian.
GurnRiE, IniLTer., March 13. A
privato telegram from Congressmen
Springer, Perkins and Mansnr, was
received to-night, and conveyed the
welcome intelligence that tho Perkins'
bill had passed tho lower house. As
this bill differs from that passed by
the senate, the matter now goes to a
cenference committee but the Wash
ington telegrams say tho mat
ter litis all been arranged
and that within tho week Oklahoma,
the beautiful land, will be a territory
of the Union, delivered from an ab
solute reign of anarchy. Tho news
was received by the boomers with ac
clamations of delight, and col
lected around huge bonfiers, before
tho Guthrie News office, eager crowds
are reading tho bulletins from Wash
ington. Citrus Fair in California.
Special to The Astoriax.
Los Angeles, March 13. The
citrus fair now being held at Hazard's
pavilion is conceded to be the great
est display of citrus fruits ever made
in America. Visitors are here from all
parts of the Union and are loud in
praise of the products of California.
The State Citrus Fruit Growers'
convention have attended the exhibi
tion in a body and evince great inter
est and surprise, and say they will no
longer entertain the impressien that
southern California consists of "barren
hills and cactus covered plains." The
exhibition comprises everything known
in the citrus fruit line.
Burglary at Spokane Fall.
Special to The Astorian.
Spokane Falls, March 13. Three
masked burglars entered Goldsmith
& Co.'s store at an early hour this
morning. One of them took a revol
ver belonging to W. W. Tilghman, a
Choice !
clerk who was sleeping in the store,
and kept Mm quiet wMle the others
loaded a wagon with goods. The
thieves escaped.
An Insecure Bridge.
Special to The Astorian.
Spokane Falls, March 13. The
Spokesman will publish to-morrow
affidavits of the workmen who assisted
in erecting the Monroe street bridge
for me San Jrrancisco Bridge com
pany, who had the contract They
charge that the work was very im
perfectly done and tho foundations
and superstructure are insecure. The
bridge was built for the railroad com
pany, but fell down soveral times while
under construction. The city had to
pay fifteen thousand dollars of tho
cost, which was fifty thousand, but
the council now refuses to pay any
thing, alleging the bridge unsafo.
It has sunk several inches in places
and is now closed to traffic
Willamette Falls Electric Co, En
joinei from. Setting Poles,
FOUlt-ItOUSl itoxisa coy TEST.
Portland, March 13. Late yes
terday afternoon Henry Failing
filed papers in the circuit conrt
asking that tho Willamette Falls
Electric company be enjoined from
setting poles and doing other work
tending to injure property on Third
and Washington streets. This morn
ing Deputy Sheriff Solomon found a
giant named Joe McFarland. an em
ploye of the company, perched high on
one of the poles in that locality. The
man said that the courts and injunc
tions might be hanged, but after a
brief argument Mr. Solomon placed
tho faithful servant under arrest He
was taken to Superintendent Morey's
office and there released on his per
sonal recognizance to appear in court
on Monday to answer a contempt
Public Opinion, a new paper, made
its appearance to-day. It is devoted
to workingmen and tho eight-hour
Arrested for Seduetlon.
Special to The Astoriax.
Portland, March 13. A sensation
was caused in East Portland vicinity
this morning by the arrest of Mr.
JohnForan a furniture dealer. The
complainant is Mrs. Fanny Calkins,
mother of a beautiful young girl just
budding into womanhood, who accord
ing to allegations has stooped to folly
and learned how easily men betray.
It is claimed that on the 28th of Jast
November, under promise of marriage
Miss Ida surrendered toForan, all
her claim to virtuo.
Foran at once engaged in his ser
vice, Judgo J. F. Caples, and acting
under his advice waited examination
and was admitted to bail in the sum
of 3500. UI am willing" said he "to;do
what is right by the girl, and have
wanted to see her, but her mother
would not allow me to enter the
1 house. The fact is, this arrest is
caused by spite work and is wholly
unnecessary. I am willing to do
what is light".
Sparring Contest.
Special to The Astorian.j
Portland, March 13. A four-round
sparring contest between Jack Demp
sey and McCarthy, tho Australian,
this evening .attracted a gathering of
two thousand persons at tho pavilion.
Tho honors were equally divided.
Ex-UoTernor Woods' Estate.
Special to Thk Astoriax.
Portland, March 13. To-day the
appraisers of the estate of ex-Governor
George L. Woods filed a report in
tho probate court, showing tho estate
to be worth 63,247, as follews: One
desk, S300; three chairs, $450; one
pair elk horns, $230; two volumes of
tho History of the Pacific Northwest,
$10; and an undivided one-half inter
est in the donation land claim of Ca
leb Woods in Yamhiil county. The
smallness of the late governor's estate
is mainly due to his generous nature
and honest careor all through his life.
The Ks Was a Cnre.
A good story is being told about tho
wife of a prominent gentleman of this
city who has long been a confirmed
invalid. A few weeks ago she took to
her bed, and bid fair to lie their help
less the rest of tier life, and there
seemed to be but little the matter with
her. Her husband, who believed that
her illness was more imaginary than
real, prepared a novel test for her. He
took their pretty colored servant into
his confidence, and by a prearranged
plan the man reached out and, embrac
ing the girl, planted a fervent kiss on
her black skin. The wife's lost powers
returned to her at once and she jumped
out of her bed and drove the girl from
the house. She now does all the house
work herself with ease. Scranton
All the patent medicines advertiseu
in this paper, together with the choicest
perfumery, and toilet articles etc can
be bought at the lowest prices at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite Occident
hotel, Astoria.
Remember the Austin house at the
Seaside is open tho year 'round.
Trust Co., Portland Ag'te.
h Grippe Attracting the Atteitioi
of Indians ani Persians.
Special by Tho California Associated Pssa
London, March 13. Sir Howard
Elphinstone, treasurer and comp
troller for tie Duke of Connaught,
was swept overboard by a heavy sea
ana arownea last evening during the
passage from Plvmouth to TflnfirifTa.
His family were on board the vessel at
tno tune.
La Grippe in India.
Special to Thk AstorianJ
Bombay, India. March 13. An ani-
demic resembling the influenza is
spreading in India
La, Grippe in Persia.
Special to The Astorian.
Teheran, Persia, March 1 Tha
influenza is raging and causing seventy
deaths daily. Several members of the
shah's household are among the suf
ferers. Grain Porters on a Strike.
Special to The Astorian.
Liverpool, March 13. Two thou
sand grain porters struck for higher
wages to-day.
Alleged Conspirators Arrested.
Special to Tns Astorian.
London, March 13. Advices from
Johannesburg in Transvaal, ifete
that three persons who arrived there
for taking part in a demonstration
against tho government had been
taken to Prepari, charged with trea
son. There is intense exoitement
throughout the republic.
Bold Attempt At Robbery.
This morning at three o'clock m
James Riley, bartender for Alex Grant,
was going home and had stepped into
tne nail to go up to his room on
the corner of Second and Benton
streets a man emerged from the
shadow and struck at him with a
sand bag. Riley jumped away and after
going up two or three sten3. fired at tha
scoundrel who ran away. The officers
are looking for him and it is hoped ha
may be caught.
The New Postage Stamps.
The new series of postage stamps
are of the same denomination as the
old, but different in design.
The one-cent stamp contains a pro
file bust, after tho Rubricht, of Benja
min Jfrankiin, printed in the ultra
marine blue.
On the two-cent stamp is a profile
bust, after Houdon, of George Wash
ington looking to the left, on an oval
disk, printed in carmine.
The 3 cent stamp contains a profile
bust, after Powers, of Andrew Jack
son, on an ovil disk, printed in purple.
The i cent stamp contains a por
trait of Abraham Lincoln, after a pho
tograph from life, three-quarter face,
looking to the right The color is
On the 5 cent stamp is a portrait of
Gen. Grant, after a photograph from
life, three-quarter face, looking to the.
right; color, fight brown.
The 6-cent denomination has a por
trait of James A. Garfield, after a pho
tograph from life, three-quarter face.
The color of this stamp has not been
fully determined upon.
The 10-cent stamp contains a por
trait of Daniel Webster, after a da
guerreotype from life, three-quarter
face, looking to the left; color, milori
The 15-cent denomination has a
portrait of Henry Clay, after a daguer
reotype from life. The color is deep
On the 30-cent stamp is a profile
bust of Thomas Jefferson, after Cer
acchi; color, black.
The90-cent denomination contains
a profile bust of Commodore O. H.
Perry, after Wolcott's statue. The
color is orange.
ARE YOU MADE miserable by in
digestion, Dizziness. Loss of Appetite,
Yellow Skin? Shiloh's Vitalizer is a
positive cure. At J. C. Dement's.
able by that terrible cough. Shiloh's
Cure is the remedy for you. J. C. De
Bourbon, lnd says: "Both myself and
wife owe our lives to Shiloh's Consump
tion Cure will give immediate relief.
Price, 10 cts., 50 cts. and 51, at J. C. De
ment's. s
Hurjs and Bruises
A. Doctor Saw It.
Lawrence. Kansas. Ang. 9. 18S8.
George Patterson fell from a 2d-story window,
striking a fence. I found him using St. Jaeobt
OH freely all over bis hurts. I saw him next
XnOrning at work ; all the blue spots had goat,
leaving neither pain, scar nor Swelling.
C. K. wEUMANN. Jf. D.
At Druggists and Dealers.
' - - '-
" -
- Cl,
- &?