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t gaUtj gsforian.
.MAltCII 10. 1889.
(Monday excepted.)!
Publishers and Proprietors,
astokiax Building, - - CassStukkt.
Terms ofSuMerlptlon.
Served bv Carrier, per week . 15 cts
Sent by Mall, per month be cts
' " one j ear. $7.00
Free of postage to subscribers.
The Astokian' guarantees to Its adver
tisers the largest circulation ol any newspa
per published on the Columbia river.
Tin plate is slow of sale in San
Francisco at S5.25 a box.
The Lurline leaves for Portland at
nine o'clock this morning.
It ia reDorted that J. R. Frieraon,
well known here, died last week in
San Francisco.
And now the rash for timber land
is toward the upper and middle Ne
halem, and many are headed that
Mrs. E. W. Tallant received yester
day afternoon the sad news of the
death other mother at Nantncket,
Special meeting of Ocean Encamp
ment No. 13, L O. O. F., to-morrow
evening at 1-30. Easiness of impor
tance. Sam'l Elmore returned yesterday
from an extended visit to his father,
who has almost completely recovered
bis health.
The O.E.&N. Co.'s newS25,000
boat building at Portland, for the up
per Willamette, will only draw thir
teen inches.
Stephen Butts and It. Searcy, are
putting in a large fish trap just be
low Warrior rock, near the foot of
Sauvie's island.
A twa year old deer at Bergman &
Co.'s attracted considerable attention
yesterday. It came from Gray's
River, and is a littlo beauty.
The Walluski is still carrying rail
road iron and has COO tons more to
deliver, which, at the dock, is done at
the rate of one rail a minute.
Albany and Corvallis youths have
established a new industry. They
capture and ship to Arizona Chinese
pheasants, where they are worth 6
John Jones, is building a slat-trap
and will locate it at the Tall Timbers,
14 miles above Puget island. C.Dris
coll ia putting in a trap a short dis
tance above Westport slough.
Mr. and Mrs. Flanders, of Crooked
creek, and Mr. and Mrs. Goldbeck, of
this city, are all happy over the arri
val, at their respective homes, of a
baby boy last Thursday night.
The Cathlamet Oazette says that
the majority of the logging men will
begin operations in a few weeeks, and
some of them are now making prepa
rations to commence work at once.
The Wizard Oil concert troupe will
be here this week. They are going
to try and beat the Astoria city hawk
er's license by selling song books for
a dollar and "give the medicine
Parties on the Cowlitz are out and
injured by the drought this winter.
Xhey .spent several thousand dollars
putting in a boom for logs, but the
rains didn't come and the logs are
still non est.
The genial Tom Crang, pilot on the
Telephone, is out $G0 two 20's and
two 10's, which were stolen from his
trousers pocket last Friday night
Tom doesn't know who the thief was,
but the money is gone.
From the number of tin cans being
manufactured in the several can
neries, it looks as though all hopes
of catching a few salmon' in the Co
lumbia the coming season had not
been wholly abandoned.
The Albany Democrat thinks: "If
Salem, Albany and MoMinnvillo
want a route to the sea at Astoria
they Bhould get in and take Sherman
in Jus march to the sea as an example.
He did something beside talking."
Col. A. H. Stone, of Knappa. di
rects attention to the fact that -since
Harrison's inauguration there has
tiaon nn mnil rprAlvpr1 nMvnnnn-i KnA
Knappa, too, gave Harrison 31 ma
jority. Bepnblics are, indeed, un
grateful. The O.K. &N. lay off gives the
other boats on the river about as
much work as tbey can getaway with.
The company say they are making
money by not running their boats on
the lower Celumbia: the other boats
certainly are.
Layman's high license law fixes li
cense for the sale of sale of spiritous
and vinous liquors in less quantities
than one quart at $100 a year, and for
malt liquors in the same quantity at
3200 annually. It is now in force.
It does not apply to incorporated
Capt. Dan Graham, master of the
bar tug Escort No. 2, came in yester
day afternoon, from the offing, where
in two hours time, with three lines,
be and two others aboard caught 125
fine fish. The water there ft teeming
with fish just begging to be hauled
Says the Albany Herald: After
carefully reviewing the situation of
the railroad construction proposed by
the lines mentioned it is a safe pre
diction that within two years the cars
of the Chicago & Northwestern will
bo running from Albany to Astoria
and to xaqmna.
In the justice court yesterday the
case of the state vs. Edith Holmes,
charged .with larceny of S80 from
Chas. White, was dismissed. Charles
had SS0 when he entered, the domi
cile and nary a cent when he emerged:
ho isn't as rich by S80. but he knows
a heap more than he did.
Last night Sheriff Smith tele
graphed that he had arrested Jno.
Langley, better known as "Biddv
Doyle." and will bring him down to
day. The aforesaid is wanted here
on a charge of embezzlement, and
will have a chance to explain matters
before Justice May to-morrow.
The following from the C003 bav
Newsol the 6th, will not meet with
unanimous assent here: "Notices, is
sued by the Columbia river fisher.
men's protective union, were posted
iu iubu nisi eeK, uu vising nsnermen
and others not to go to the Columbia
river, as there i3 a surplus of labor
mere now."
A prominent physician of this city
or wiue oostetricai ooservation states
that singularly enough, so far as he
knows, pvpr Rinpp. fVin Knmmtiai ale
tion, all the boy babies born here and
uereaoouis uave itepuDiicau parents
and all the girl babies born since that
event have Democratic parents. He
says he can't understand it. Who
can? It passeth all understanding.
Col. Jas. Taylor yesterday cele
brated his 80th birthday. Coming
here in 1847, at the age of 33, he has
been for forty-two years a prominent
resident or uregon, and is to-day as
active and energetic as many a man
not half his years. He was yesterday
the recipient of many cordial greet
ings on the rounding to completion
of eighty years of an honorable and
useful life.
In the Congregational church,
morning theme. "Thou wilt keep him
in perfect peace whose mind is stayed
on Thee," in the evening a sacred
concert. In the Presbyterian church
morning theme "The More Noble," in
the evening song service, address
"John Knox." In the Methodist
church, morning theme "An easy re
ligion," song service in the evening,
address "Surprises of judgement."
Congregational singing.
Gentlemen of the city council, if
you have time take a walk to-day nnd
look at the "streets." Your attention
is gently directed to Benton. Mam,
First, Second, West 6th and the
"roadway." God moves in a myster
ious way bis wonders to perform, and
if some Higher Power didn't regard
Astoria with considerable friendliness
several Astorians would long ago
have been kilt intirely in going over
that miserable bit of ancient history
known as "the roadway."
The strike on the O: R & N. boats
on the Sound is reported to be at an
end. On the river the O. It. &a: offi
cials have issued an. order rescinding
wages IU per cent., but, the men de
cline to go back to work at the old
figures, asking for an increase, bo
that the deadlock still continues.
Captains ot tow boats who wero get
ting siixj a month, ask 3125: mates
on all the boats getting S60 ask 75:
pilots getting $75 ask $100; engineers
on Willamette boats getting $90 ask
31UU, and second engineers on all the
boats getting $60, ask S75. As com
pared with elsewhere these are low
wages and justified by tho arduous
character ot the work.
There is bie money to be made
just now off the mouth of the river.
There are several shoals or bevies or
flocks or schools or groups or runs
of seal, genuine fur seal about fifteen
miles outside, and there is quite a
little fleet out there tending to them.
Yesterday there were the two
schooners previously reported, and a
third, the Penelope, with 151 skins
aboard. The Penelope ia an Ameri
can schooner, ot Shanghai, fourteen
days from San Francisco. The two
pilot schooners are out along with
the three sealing schooners, but up
to last accounts had no seals. At
present pilotage outlook, it would be
a paying business for the boys to get
some ammunition and have a crack
at those same seals. Every seal of
them is worth from $5 to $8.
Tho Nebalem Coal company held a
meeting in Portland last Tuesday.
The claims are situated in T. 4 N., R.
4 W., and on sees. 2, 10, 14, 15, 22, 23,
26, 27, 34 and 35, and cover an area
ot about 7.000 acres. The coal meas
ures con3ist ot six true veins or
seams, with numerous smaller ones.
The dip or pitch of coal is 10 to 40
decrees, course 76 degrees east. The
quality is semi-bituminous, and equal
to any mined on the Pacific coast.
The formation is good and solid, with
sandstone roof and bottom. The
coal can be mined for 75 cents per
ton and put on cars. And can be
opened either by shaft or tunnel.
Plenty of fine timber suitable for
logging, and streams large enough
to float logs are found, and a railway
can bebnilt to the mines either from
Scappoose and connect with the
Northern Pacific or Columbia river,
or one can be built from Forest
Grove, a distance ot thirty miles.
Tnere are, says tne world, probably
50,000,000 of tons of saleable coal in
the fields already taken up.
According to the Pendleton Trib
tine the locomotive engineers and
firemen on the O. B. & N. lines were
about to strike even before the cessa
tion of work on the river and sound
division. The Pendleton Tribune of
the 1st. says: Trouble is brewing
among the engineers and tireman on
the line of the V. U. & JN. company.
On Monday last a grievance commit
tee aDDointed by the engineers and
fireman, went to Portland to confer
with Assistant Manager Cookingham
and other officials ot the roadin the
hope ot reaching some satisfactory
conclusion regarding their complaints.
It is understood that both engineers
and fireman are dissatisfied with the
extra work forced upon them and this
with other complaints has led to a
threatened revolt. The situation is
said to be of a serious nature and un
less some satisfactory arrangement is
agreed upon a general strike will be
ordered, embracing not only the O. B.
& N. road bat its connections. One
of the engineers stated this morning
that the men intended to stand firm
and secure their demand or a strike
would be inaugurated that would be
as extensive and complicated as mat
of the (J. 15. & O. road. The comer
ence at Portland is still in progress
and it is hoped that an understanding
will be reached without the men De
ing ordered ont on a strike.
Latest From Samoa.
The following cipher dispatch is
the latest procurable from Samoa.
It is to be hoped that the statements
are exaggerated. The wires seemed
to be working badly toward the lost,
and the whole thing appears some
what disconnected,
Jennitha rdcwri rh ssesnnnwtonoer
h t tit uy e oeoibnit t erip ne e
ek a gt eea r hi niiwl sin.
rteci- e lhil oail ae
ae t ct heratue b h ih
ha o re i 1 . i
a t e e a o titti s
ian ; 1 u i er oee a
tb naa a r ye 1 r r
n t r , ae Ida o
Who Is Your Best Friend?
Yourstomachot course. Why? Be
cause if it is out of order you are one
of the most miserable creatures liv
ing. Give it a fair, honorable chance
and see if it is not the best friend you
have in the end. Don't smoke in the
morning. Don't drink in the morn
ing. It you must smoke and drink
wait until your stomach is through
with breakfast. You can drink more
and smoke more in the evening and
it will tell on you less. If your food
ferments and does not digest right,
it you are troubled with Heartburn,
Dizziness of the head, coming up of
the food after eating, Bilionsness, In
digestion, or any other trouble of the
stomach, you had best use Green's
August t lower, as no person can use
it without immediate relief.
At the Congregational Church.
There will be a sacred concert at
the Congregational church to-night,
wnen tne ionowmg numbers will be
1 Anthem, "ComeWearv Souls."
2r-Hymn, Creation. 3 Solo, selec
tion. 4 Hymn, Jewett. 5 Solo, se
lection. 6 Hymn. ,-Lux Beniuna."
7 An them, Higfc in the Heavens. 8
A Safe Investment.
Is one which is cuarantet-d to brim?
you satisfactory results, or in caie of
failure a return of purchase pricts. On
this safe plan you can buy from our ad
vertised Druggist a bottle of Dr. King's
new discovery mr consumption, it is
cuaranteed to bring relief in every case
when used for any affection of Throat,
Lungs or Chest such as Consumption, In
flammation of Lungs, Bronchitis, Asth
ma, Whooping Cough, Croup, eta, etc.
It is pleasant and agreeable to taste,
perfectly safe, and can alwavs be de
pended upon.
Trial bottles free at J. W. Conn's Drug
A Grand Concert.
Prof. Pratt's concert announced for
next Thursday's evening promises to
be a grand affair. The programme is
an excellent one, embracing a creat
variety of style and varied 'sentiment
ranging from grave to comic. -No
citizen withiu reaching distance can
afford to miss this rare treat.
Try John A. Montgomery when you
want a Stove or Ranee. II is rhpnpi-
than others as regards quality and
Oh sflv 1 TImvp 'nn coan tlm nal:..A
Stoves at John A. Montgomery's.
ITpntinrr KFavoq thaqnm. 4l.n.. n..A ...
fnrp. in Awnriit Pnol inH 7, o,n..A
at John A. Montgomery's. He has the
largest stock and greatest variety.
-T. A. MTintfrnmorv hnrc Almnt ...
manufacturers and consequently can
sell cheaper than others.
e have first class workmen at John
A. Montgomery's. Jobbing in tin and
Meals Cooked to Order.
Privato rooms for ladies and families:
at Central Restaurant, next to Foard &
I. O. O. F.
Members of Beaver Lodge are re
quested to meet at their Lodge room on
the evening of March 14th, 1889, to de
cide upon the proper manner of cele
brating the 67th anniversary of our or
der, on April 2Cth.
By order N. G.
Ludlow's Ladies' $3.00 Fine Shoes;
also Flexible Hand turned French Kids,
at P. J. Goodman's.
The latest stvtn nf fJonta' Rnnh n.i
Shoes at P. J. Goodman's.
Coffee and cake, ten cents, at the
Central Restaurant
Mrs. Derby is receiving her spring
aijica jl iuuiiuery.
Tender, Juicy Steak at Jeffs.
GMldren Cry frFitclierrs Castoria
The Famous Swimming Expert Here.
A hearty looking ruddy faced man
is Uapt, Paul iioyton who came down
on yesterday morning's boat. He is
unequaled for water journeys in the
world's history, and is at homo on
the surface of the stormiest ocean.
He has crossed the English channel,
floated on the German ocean or
the North sea, gone up and down the
Atlantic coast, the Gulf of Mexico
and in his rubber suit bids defiance
to storm. He has saved innumerable
lives and has a bushel of decorations
stowed away sent him by kings and
princes in grateful acknowledgement
for having rescued their subjects in
various parts of the world from
His mission here, ia of a practical
nature. He wants to get three car
loads of sea lions and seals, some
mink, otter, mountain lions, and
other animal bric-a-brac, for Lincoln
Park Chicago, the New York Cen
tral Park and the Philadelphia Zoo.
He wants anyone who can get hold of a
seal or sea lion to keep him and he
will pay for the animal.
He is going down to the Seaside,
and expects between the mouth of the
Necanicum and Tillamook head to se
cure all the seals he needs. He wants
to put them into stout boxes, with
lattice work overhead, and a little
water in the boxes and carry them ou
the cars, feeding them a little fish on
the way.
He has a trainer who trains tho
seals and teaches them all manner
of cute tricks. On his visit to the
shores of the North sea last year he
brought back a large number of seals,
and was then commissioned to come
to Astoria and get some seals from
this vicinity.
The last time the writer met CaDt.
Boyton. prior to yesterday, was in
July 1874, at Cape May, New Jersey.
Since then he haa been on every body
of water of any prominence in Eu
rope and America and thinks this
northwest country unequaled in point
of grandeur and scenio beauty.
Me will go down to the beach on
Tuesday, with a complete outfit and
will it blessed with ordinary luck, be
able to take back'with him some spec
imens of the giant phocae.
Your Attention Is Invited.
As the season for bouse repairing
is now ou I wish to state that I have
extended my stock of wall paper to
more than double the size of last
season. My stock ordered of 18S9
goods consists of 8,330 double rolls
not including borders and decora
tions. As my stock is selected from
goods of sixteen manufactures I feel
confident I can show a superior line,
a greater variety than has ever been
exhibited iu Astoria. Hand work,
flittering, flowers, etc., painting on
ceilings before or after paper is put
up. Lincrasta waltou famished
and finished in metals or colors. Pa
pier maohe decorations furnished and
finished inlatest styles. Call and ex
amine my stock ot wall paper.
B. F. AiiiiEX.
When The Legislature Is Not In Session.
"A lie stuck to" is not as good as
the truth iu journalism. Oregonian,
if iiuiGdeiio itim noidii i
Clothing,Furnishing Goods, Hats,
Trunks, Valises, etc.
To the Trade,
I take pleasure in informing the
trade that I have received in the
last 20 days nearly
Of staple and choice goods, which
1 oiler at a very close margin to
Tt is my desire to attract to As
toria some of the Gray's Harbor
and Shoalwater Bay and Columbia
Piver jobbing trade, which now
goes to ban E rancisco anu rort-
land: and knowing that 1 must
quote extremely low prices to es
tablish ousiness relations wun you,
I hereby extend a cordial invita
tion to you to examine my big
stock and prices.
B Am Anxious to Please.
The Reliable Dealer in
Occident Hotel Building.
2 casus of G&o'rmigisk
I have just received my new stock
of Spring Clothing1, bought from first
hands (the manufacturers) not from the
middle-men (jobbers) this time, thereby
saving my customers one profit, which
means from $3 to $5 on each suit of
All the new designs of goods, cut in
the very latest style.
A Good Business Suit - - - $10
Boys School Knockabout Suits only $ 3
Good Pants from $1.50 and upwards.
Sole Agent for Astoria, of the celebrated
To My Patrons.
It is a source of pride to me to
be able to announce that I now
have beyond question, the most
complete and select stock of Men's
SHOES, and such other goods as
are usually kept in a FIRST
CLASS M'en's Outfitting Estab
lisnment; not only do I claim pre
cedence in Astoria, but I may
justly claim to equal any of the
large clothing stores in Portland;
and 3'ou will award me the "cake"
please, when it comes to "low
prices"! You will find in my store,
Garments from the cheapest to
the finest, and finished in a man
ner taxing the ingenuity of the
leading American tailors. I will
say no more. Please call at your
leisure and let me astonish von!
save money fey
your goods of
Shoalwater Bay and Gray's Harbor
The T. & O. S. S. Co.'s Steamer
Will sail from POKTLAND as follews:
GRAY'S HAEBOR-Thursday, October 4.
ll, 18 and 25. November l, 8. 15, 22 and 23,
December 6. 13, 20 and 27.
SHOALWATKU BAY-October 4 and 18.
November 1.15 and 29. December 13 and 27.
TILLAMOOK Monday October 1. 15 and
29. November 12 and 25. December 10 and
Steamer leaves Portland, from foot of C
street at 8 P. M. on above dates. Astoria G
A. M. the following morning.
Tlie Company reserves Ihe right to change
lime and place of sailing.
K. K. STRONG-, President.
C.P. UPSHUR, Agent Astoria.
McLean & Freeman.
Special Attention paid to all Ship and Steam
boat Repairing.
Logging Camp Work a Specialty. AH kinds
of Blacksmlthlng done to order.
Shop, corner Jefferson and OIney streets,
Astoria, Oregon.
A Fine ami Well Selected Stocli
Watches, Jewelry, Clocks, etc.
Jewelry Establishment.
All goods warranted, as guaranteed.
Opposite Crow's gallery, Astoria, Oregon,
Of Best Quality, and at
County Coroner.
First Glass Undertaking
New Styles, Caskets and funeral material,
Next to astorian office.
shoes. HHSHi
The Str. Telephone
Fast Time Between Portland
and Astoria.
Foot ot Alder Street
Daily, except Tuesday. at .." fio A. M.
Wilson & Fisher's Dock.
Daily, except Tuesday, at 8 -.00 p. ji,
Morgan & Sherman.
And Dealers In
Special Attention CIvonto Filling
Of Orders.
And Supplies furnished at Satis
factory Terms.
Purchases delivered In any part of the city.
Office and "Warehouse
In Hume's New Building on Water Street.
P. O. Box 153. Telephone No. SI.
For Sale Seaside Lots.
tion to Ocean Grove for sale upon rea
sonable terms. Now Is the time to buy be
fore the boom. Apply to
Or C. It. Thomson.
Theo. Bracker.
Wholesale and Retail-Dealer in
Wood and Olay Pipes, Playing Cards,
Tills being a branch of the n mfcld,
Smith Company, Importers ami Whole
sale Dealers in Portland, I can sell to tho
Trade and other customers at Portland and
San Francisco rates.
A Square Piano.
Enquire of
Cannery Supplies !