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-MARCH :. 18C
There will bo a special meeting of
the vestry of Grace church to-morrow
evening at 8 o'clock.
Hon. J. K. Kelly, Hon. Sydney Dell
and Hon. A. Noltner are before the
publfc; 'tis a very pretty quarrel as it
The pilot schooner goes to sea to
day, the pilots having made arrange
ments to that effect. Pilot Doig goes
as master.
W. S. Ladd is having a well dug at
East Portland that is now 1,400 feet
deep; looks like a long way to go for
water in this country.
By request Rev. A. J. Joslyn will
hold divine services at 4 o'clock this
afternoon, on board the Amphritrite
lying at the Main street wharf.
Note Coopers now adv't. His
stock is large, his prices low, his
clerks accomodating and Lis selec
tions suited to his customers' require
ments. Tide tables, Al style: tide table on
one side; your business card on the
other; assorted; April, May, June and
July; at Tnn Astoeiax "job office;
bottom figures.
It is thought that the old eastern
rates will be established on the 1st.
It is hardly probable, however, that
the figures will ever again be as steep
as they used to be.
The Tressa May is ashore at New
port, Yaquina bay. Such large
steamers as the Tressa May occa
sionally find difficulty in securing
sufficient draught. The Tressa May
draws over three feet
Already nominations for various
offices are being fixed up and divided
to apparent mutual satisfaction. That
kind of business didn't work two
years ago and it won't work now.
The primaries of the county conven
tions are the places to do the nomin
atingthat is if the election of those
mentioned is really desired.
Not in the previous history of the
business has there been such exten
sive preparation for canning opera
tions as that now being made for the
coming season's work ou the lower
Columbia. To some it looks as
though the preparations were on too
extensive a scale in some instances,
but time alone can solve the problem.
The Philadelphia Times celebrates
its eleventh birthday by issuing a
twenty-page edition. It is an im
mense affair, every way, and if called
suddenly for some exponent of the
spirit and progress of the age, one
couldn't do better than show just
such a big, bustling newspaper,
crammed full of news and facts and
the very essence of -the day in its
manifold columns.
Ever since the A las kan came dot
Horn around and her dripping pad
dle wheels stopped revolving at Port
land, the newspapers have been as
signing a route for that vessel.
One time it is to Alaska, then to
Gray's harbor, then to Astoria, more
often to Ilwaco. occasionally on the
Sound. The Tacoina Ledger hears
that she will run from that city to
Victoria. Maybe co.
The Pate of the Tournnnient.
The meeting of the board of di
rectors of the Oregon State Firemen's
association was held at the St
Charles hotel yesterday morning at
eleven o'clock it having been post
poned to enable a full board to be
Ben Worsley telegraphed to The As
tomax last night that the time set
for holding the tournament was the
eighth, ninth, and tenth of next Sep
tember, which comes about right for
the Astoria fire department.
Sunday School Conrorl.
This evening there will be a
quarterly review and Sunday school
concert at the Presbyterian church.
Rev. Dr. Garner will deliver a short
address ou parental responsibility.
The exercises will consist cliiefly of a
selection of choice hymns sung by
the ohildren, assisted by the choir.
Miss Nellie Plavel, organist; Mr. Geo.
H. Stewart, chorister. The public is
cordially invited to this interasting
Mrs. Alsey Fox returned Thursday
evening from a tour of eastern Ore
gon and "Washington territory, but
will leave to-day for Astoria, to re
main permanently with her sons. A
largo circle of friends in east and
west Portland regret "Aunty's" de
parture, as she has always been a
good counselor and cherished friend
to all with whom she came in con
tact Oregonian, 27.
Giiftin & ReeA have no need of clear
ance and auction sales; stiictly business
and fair dealing to their patrons solves
the problem.
Clatsop Cheese
Ten cents a pound. You take One
pound or a Hundred at the same rate, at
Carnahan & Co.'s.
Griffin & Reed are taking advantage of
the low rates and have a large invoice
of goods on the way from the east
The latest novels in JIunroe's,Loveirs
-)l the Seaside Libraries received as
soon as published at the City Book Store.
The last musical instrument, a fine
Estey Organ, worth $173 can be bought
for S100 cash, at the Crystal Palace.
First come first served.
Bone Itlcal
In quantities to suit at 1 cent per pound
at Carnahan & Co.'s.
Canuerymen and Storekeepers will
do well to lay in a stock of Blank Books
and Stationerj' before the stock runs
out at the Crystal Palace. At the price
that stock is being sold it cannot last
very long.
Hay ward Rubber Boots at 1). L. Beck
Tojb. United
tba bfFt eytrers.
s -KfcSiaurftnt xor
,te room!.
Precautionary Peace Measures in St.
Intoivstinz Item of News Tclpj-raplioil
I'wm All Part-, of the Woild.
St. Locis, March 27. Chairman
Irons, of the executive committee of
District Assembly No. 101, K. of L.f
when shown the statements of Pow
derly and Turner telegraphed from
New York and Philadelphia, paid:
"If is not necessary for me
to give any authority for any
thing that "I have said. We
don't have to be guided by what
Powderly says. The general committee
has no power here; it cannot come
hero and settle this trouble unless we
make a request" Turner's state
ment in which he declares that Irons
is cue of the men who is doing
the order a great injury being
shown him, he said, "I have noth
ing to say about that. I will not be
drawn into any controversy with
Powderly or Turner: they have no
right to denounce me in this man
ner." "But yon made the statement
they complained of." ""What I said,"
replied Irons, "was, if the striko was
not settled it might extend over
all the roads in the country. I will
tell you more than I said, and that is
that it may extend among all the
Knights of Labor all over the coun
In addition to the dispatch from
Pittsburg received last night to the
effect that a company of U. S. infan
try passed through the city en route
from New York city, news was re
ceived this morning that twenty com
panies of soldiers had left Columbus,
Ohio, destined for St Louis. It is
understood at Columbus that the de
tachment will be placed in a position
to afford protection to railroad inter
ests in east St Louis, if their services
should become necessary. The ac
tion i3 taken as a precautionary meas
ure based ou information that de
struction of property has beau threat
ened. The mayor of that city has
already been called upon to Turuish
protection for the property of the
railroad company, but has signified
his inability to do so, six men be
ing all that he had at his disposal.
The county authorities will be ap
plied to to-day; if necessary the gov
ernor of Illinois will be asked for
protection for the company's proper
ty in his state.
New York, Mar. 27. The strike
of the drivers and conductors on the
Brooklyn railway still continues.
Neither side has shown any disposi
tion to yield. The police are guard
ing the stables and offices of the com
Pittsburg, Mar. 27. This morn
ing the street-car conductors and
drivers of all lines about the city ex
cept the Citizens' Transverse and
Second Avenue lines, went out on a
strike. At a conference last night
between the officials of eleven other
companies in this city and
district Master Workman Evans
no agreement was reacueu and
the district master issued an or
der to all the men not to take out
any cars this morning. So far the
companies have not attempted to run
any cars. Everything is quiet.
Chicago, Mar. 27. A leading sugar
merchant says, yesterday two car
loads of refined sugar from San Fran
cisco sold in Chicago at one-fourth of
a cent per pound less than the price
for sugar of New York grades. This
firm received a telegram from Spreck-
les refinery offering their granulat
ed sngar for six cents in San Francisco
and guaranteed the freights to Chica
go at three eighths of a cent to New
York. Granulated sugar then selling
in Chicago at six and five-eighths
cents.. He was thus enabled to sell a
quarter of a cent bleow the price of
the New York refiners. At these
prices for California sugar only two
cars ai rived.
Wheat quiet, cash 81; corn easy,
35?6, cash, 3S May; oats easy, 29,
cash 31 May; whiskey SL14; pork
easy 89.62, casb.S9.70 May; lard
easier, 5.75 cash, $6 May.
Calais, Mar. 27 The Delvots bank
has suspended. The liabilities are
Lokdok. March 27. It is stated
this afternoon that Jos'. Chamberlain,
president of the local Scotland gov
ernment board and Sir Arthur Trevy-
lan, secretary for Scotland, have
resigned and that the queen has ac
cepted the resignations.
Washtkgtok, Mar. 27. Secretary
Manning's condition is uucbanged.
"He is not out of d auger," said Dr,
Lincoln to-day, "and will not be for
some time yet, but we feel encouraged
as time goes by."
Lokdok, Mar. 27. The race for the
Liverpool spring cup was won by
Prince Rndolph.
Portlakd, Mar. 27. Yesterday ar
ticles filed in the office of the secre
tary state, incorporating "the Oregon
Central Railway company." The
object of the concern is the construc
tion and equipment of a railroad and
telegraph line from Coos bay near
Empire City, thence via Ro3eburg, in
Douglas county, to a point on the
Oregon Short Line near where the
latter crosses the eastern boundary
of Oregon. The principal office of
the corporation will be at Empire
City. The capital stock is placed at
$12,500,000 in shares of $500 each. It
is supposed the main object is to
make s survey" east from Rosebnrg
to the Orf on Short Line.
This afternoon papers were filed in
county clerk's office, of Multnomah
county, in a suit of an unusual kind
under the title of J. R. E. Selby,
against the city of Portland. This
civil action is brought to recover
money from the city to the amount
sued for, which is 815,600. It is
claimed in the complaint that plain
tiff was formerly a policeman, but
was discharged without cause and no
reason. Ho claims the city is owing
him up to date and for valuable con
sideration he purchased the claims of
others in thesame circumstances, the
names of whom are J. H. Lappeus,
formerly chief of police, T. P. Luther,
D. W. Dobbins, A. H. Johnson, and
J. 13. Cramer.
What appeared to be a large vol
ume of smoke issuing from the top
of Mt. Hood has caused great excite
ment here to-day.
the Canadian Pacific Terminns
Looked to a Scattleite.
Sherman Heck returned from Coal
harbor to day, by way of Victoria,
and just as he landed from the Stai'r
was struck by a Call reporter for his
experience. "Damdest place I ever
saw," he said, by way of commence
ment; "no money there; board, 7
per week; wages, S2 per day for slash
ing, and yon can't get your money at
all, works are now closed down;
rained, snowed and hailed all last
week there; town fnll of stumps and
shantie3 and no prospect of au im
provement soon."
"Is there no business there?" said
the reporter, ns he got a chance to
get in a word. "Not a bit! Six ho
tels are waiting for a chance to start
up, and GOO men are waiting for
something to do. Clayton Bros., of
this city, are about to open a hotel
there, and two former Seattleites
have rented a 12x28 buildiug at $40
per month to start a cone house.
That is what the business amounts
to, and the best thing the working
men can do is to stay away from
"How about property V
"Well, that's a terror. If you had
a flour sack fnll of twenties and
wanted a corner lot, yon would have
to give up the twenties and fish for
more coin to put up a house. I have
come home to stav." Seattle Call.
Some Get Along Hint Way.
We understand the new schooner
now on the stocks at North Bend
will be launched sometime this week.
This schooner will be rather an odd
looking vessel from all acconuts.
She will have four masts, no top
masts, no bowsprit or jib-boom. The
absence of these features will render
her general make up widely different
from the orthodox craft that now
plows the seas. We are not much
of a sailor, and consequently are not
prepared to express an opinion about
the sea-going qualities of such an ec
centricity in the shipbuilding line,
but we slioum tuinlr it wonm won
derfully detract from the beauty of a
vessel to have no head or tail pieces.
However, she may get along without
them. Some psoplo do. -fJoit Mail
Where the Vajw Come From.
A boy who said his name was John
O'Brien was fined $25 for begging on the
streets. He asked leave to go to Astoria,
and his wish may be gratified. W. W.
Wilson, a vag, likewise requested to be
allowed to go down to the sounding sea.
First he said he wanted to be a bold,
brave fisherman, and a moment later for
got himself, and said ha had an engage
ment on a ship bound for Liverpool.
Judge Dement remarked. "Wilson, I
will Hue yon $25, and you will be let out
in time to catch the morning boat If
you don't catch the boat the police will
catch you before night and bring you
bank."' Oregonini Police Court lle
porl. Just se: and when such fellows ns
Portland is shipping down here nre
pulled in, the Oregonian will hold
up both hands iu holy horror nnd
wonder what dreadful creatures are
found at large in Astoria, and where
can they have possibly come from.
A ICim oil :t I)iHStor4.
Never was such a made for any
Drug Store as is now at W. E. Dement
& Co's for a Trial Bottle of Dr. King's
New' Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds. All persons aftected
with Asthma, Bronchitis, Hoarseness,
Severe Coughs, or any affection of the
Throat and Lungs, can get a Trial Brit
tle of this great remedy free, by call
ing at above Drugstore. Jtegular size
Commencing Monday, 20th, for one
weok only, we will sell our 50 cent, 75
cent and -51 Buttons at 15 cents per doz
en, at the Low Price Store.
Cctlnr Nvt Flouts
For sale on O. U. & N. Co.'s wharf,
ply to Carnahan & Co.
Children's Carriages at wav down
prices at Griffin & Reed's.
Cannervmen will find a large stock of
Blank B joks at Griffin & Reed's.
Attention r.udie.
Don't buy your Children's School
Hats until Eaton & Carnahan receive
theirs. They have on the way 300 doz..
not last years styles,bnt thelatest styles.
They will sell them cheaper than any
house in town, and during their open
ing which will surpass anything of the
kind ever held in Astoria, they will give
away school hats to anyone buying one
dollar's worth and upwards.
--Mlackmetack," a lasting and fra-
giant perfume. Price 25 aud DO cents.
Sold by W. E. Dement.
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia and
Liver Complaint V bhilolrs v itallzer is
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Sleepless Nights made miserable
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ment & Co.
For a Seat Fitting Beet
Jr Shoe, go to P. J. Goodmans, on Che
namus street, next door to I. W. Case.
All goods of the best make and guaran
teed quality. A full stock; new goods
OEStaatly arriylag, Custom work.
Last Thursday's Astobiax quoted
prices of advertising in some 70 news
papers, showing that our figures were
the cheapest of any in the country.
Not only in advertising are The As
toriak's prices "way down." In job
work, too, the same rule prevails.
Just for instance. There was a job
finished ve3terday in this office for
Seaside Lodge No. 12, A. O. TJ. W., of
this city. It was an order received
from that Lodge for 300 three hun
dredcopies of the constitution, by
laws, laws of general application, etc.
In tho work are 72,000 ems. The
composition of 72,000 em3, the press
work, the paper, the stitching and
binding and the whole work of mak
ing these 300 copies, done in The As
torian office costs the Lodge how
much do you think? Just $25.50.
Now any printer knows that if this
job was done in a Portland printing
office it would cost Seaside Lodge at
least $48.
Some time ago Beaver Lodge No.
35, I. O. O. F., of this city, wanted
similar work done. The Astobian
bid against three Portland printers,
got the job because its bid was the
lowest, and did it in first-class shape.
Now we don't ask for job work.
Send your coin away if you want to.
But don't have it as an excuse that
you can't get work done in Astoria
just as good and just as cheap. Be
cause you can; as a matter of fact
you can save money by getting your
job printing done at home.
There is no sympathy nor senti
ment about this thing. It's cold bus
iness. Seaside Lodge isn't so enam
ored of us that it would squander its
members' money on a job such as we
have just furnished for them. But
like thrifty, economical folks as they
are they keep the money at home and
instead of sending $48 or $50 to Port
land, they get the work done just as
good in The Astorian office fcr
Milwaukee, Wis., March 20. The dis
ciples of the school of total abstinence
may perpaps take some comfort by per
using the following table of statistics,
from which it appears that the aggregate
anionnt of beer sold by the Milwaukee
brewers daring the year 1835 shows a con
siderable falling off as compared with
tho sales of tho next preceding year.
It will bo noticed, however, that the
old renowned Phillip Be3t Brewing Com
pany has to rocord a gain, and is still
maintaining its proud prestigo of being
at the head of tho column, while the sales
of its principal corapatitor show a
marked decrease.
The figures are vouched for as correct
in every respect:
IKS I. IStt. nA' LlU-
I'll. Heat Brew-
lng Coinpii 37S,iJio a3,23"i 0,71." ........
Joseph fcclil I tz
Brewing Co.- a.l03 31T.42S 21.CM
Val H!.itz 1;,143 145.0tt! s.fOH
Jung& Borch-
ert 50.103 53.3S3 2.978 ..
.1. Obenuann... 'Sifiil 29.2S0 4.0O.
T. Miller. 43.933 50,183 &5
Cream CUJ
Brewing Co- 29,"i78 25.507 4.071
A. Hettelman.. 13.444 13.133 311
Oilier Brewer. 70.105 ct.057 ... . 6.03S
Total KM I,C91.492l,OS3.20323,SM'::2,ir
He Wa Mnch Obliged.
A lady who boards in the United
Slates hotel at Litchfield, Conn., was
annoyed by the slamming of a win
dow shutter the other night. Finally,
with much trouble, she located the
room, entered, raised the window,
fastened the shutter, and was horri
fied when the calm voice of a Boston
drummer iu the bed snid: "Thank
you, ma'am.'
iliicli'cu'jt Arnica Sail
L'iie IIkvt Sai,vi: in Ihe world for
Cuts i.rtuseSjSorert.UIciTsSalt Rheum,
Fever Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains. Corns, and all Skin Erup
tion, and positively cures Pilrs, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or nione l of muled,
.rice 2-1 cents per box. For sa le bv V
15. Dement fc Co.
M.tmifrielured only by the California
Fig S.wnp Co. San Francisco Cal. is
Nature own True Laxative. This
pleasant liquid Iruit remed may he
had of W. E. Dement & Co, at fifty cents
or one dollar per bottle. It is the most
pleasant, prompt nnd effective lcincdy
known, to cleanse the system; to acton,
the Li'.er, Kidneys and Bowels gently
yet thoroughly to dispel Headachs,
Colds and Fevers rto cure Constipntion,
Indigestion and kindred ills.
It may be well to remind the public
that the stock at the Crystal Palace is
belling rapidly. Everything must and
will be sold, as the prices show very
Elainly they mpan strictly business,
.ay iu what you need and save money
while yon can.
SullohV Vilaluens what you need
fur Const inat:un. Loss of Aonetite. Diz-
zincvi and all symptoms of Dyspepsia.
Prire 10 ami 75 cents per bottle. Sold
by W. E. Dement.
Being- 3Iore Pleasant
To the taste, more acceptable to the
stomach, and more tiuly beneficial in
its action the famous California liquid
fruit Syrup of Fic is rapidly super
seding all others. For sale by V. E.
Dement & Co.
AJi the patent medicines advertised
in thispapvr, together with the choicest
Cerfumery, and toilet articles, etc can
e bought at the lowest prices, at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite Occident
hotel. Astoria.
Are you made miserable by Indiges
tion, Constipation, Dizziness, Loss of
Appetite, Yellow Skin ? Shioh's Vital
Izer Is a positive cure. For sale by V7.
E. Dement & Co.
To Ilousckeopor.s.
Attention is called to our advertls
ment in another column giving a par
tial list of the goods to be found iu our
stock. We aim to carry the best assort
ment to be found iu Astoria, and cash or
short time buyers will find it to their ad
vantage to make their purchases from
us. Goods delivered free or charge to
any part of the city.
D. L. Bkck & Sox.
Coal. Hay ami Straw,
Tacoma Coal $6 per ton, delivered.
Choice Hay from $9 to $12 per ton.
Cow Hay and Straw S7 to iiO per ton
For sale by J H. D. Gbat.
Probably just the state of things
which was the rule in manufactures
years ago, could not now be found.
Time was when the manufacturer had
everything his own way. For exam
ple, in some valley where watei pow
er was running to waste, a mill was
started. The owners called together
the young, the poor, those in tempor
ary need of winning means for the
carrying on of other operations, and
out of them organized a community
for the manufacture, say, of woolens.
The owners built cheap houses,
which were rented to operatives, or
boarding-houses, of which the profits
came to the company. They paid low
wage3, and, to make sure that they
were well spent, they opened a store
in which were kept and sold every
thing the operative could need. The
operative kept a 'pass-book," and the
company kept the accounts. What
ever" he, she, or they of the family
earned was credited; and whatever
he, she, or they spent at the factory
was charged.
The thrifty and the prudent care
fully watched the income nnd expendi- i
ture. But the tired, the careless, and
the thriftless could not properly '
match income to outgo. The pru-i
dent made some savings, which the
company paid; and a snug farm or!
mechanic's shop was the goal attained ,
after some months or a few years of
self-denial. But, to the improvident,
no such release came. A little debt,
not too large to be tempting, but
large enough to ensnare tho unwary, i
kept them the slaves of the company. ;
Upon all classes, both the wary and ! (j
the unwary, the company levied its
tax and collected its profit. Whether
the principal business paid a profit
or not, it still was profitable to be the
purveyor of all tho necessaries of life
to those who must buy and for whose
trade there was no competitor.
That was the good old way for
which many sometimes long. Since
that day, labor has been coming to a
consciousness of itself, of its place
and power in the community. With
many and vigorous efforts, often mis
directed, it is slowly clearing for it
self a new standing ground. Chief
among tho attempts to make itself
independent of the employer of labor
and to increase the purchasing power
of wages is the experiment of co-op-1
oration, uiten ineu ana oiten a raii
ure, it still grows in favor; an 3, as
the preliminary blunders enlighten
those who are interested, both the
problem and tho method of solution
grow more plain.
No experiment of tho kind has suc
ceeded in which were not concerned
some few or many managers and
agents who were not only honest and
capable, but who had a zeal for the
common good. There must be some
who havo the sentiment of benevo
lence nnd a strong desire to serve
their fellows by teaching them the way
of a better common use of their advan-1
tages. Some "enthusiasm for hu-'
manity" must get itself infused into !
such attempts, or they fail.
Perhaps even better than these is
the lesson of common responsibility
for the common good, a lesson not
yet leamad,spite of all the sharp les
sons taught by directors who do not
manage. They ;vho by co-operation
would thrive must contribute to the
common stock, honesty, enthusiasm,
unselfishness, and vigilance. Now,
any experiment which shall increase
the estimation of these qualities and
bring them into common use will as
sist in the elevation of the whole class
who practice them.
Communism in the destructive
forms will never get much beyond the
early stages. It is a blossom infect
ed in tho bud, and sure to be blasted
before it is blown. But the commun
ism which simply encourages mutual
helpfulness, mutual dependence, and
simple honesty as the basis of pros
perity is yet to flower into many and
beautifnl forms of life.
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doors south of AsioniAX ofllce.
Money to Loan
Ortleis bought. Apply at the ofllce of
To Rent.
Fellows' Balldmj.
First Arrivals of
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We will Show This Week
The Largest Selection
Of the Ahove Goods
In the Very Latest and Choicest Designs,
Consisting of
Oxinl3Loca. Sursucls.ers,
Lattice 01ieok.B
Oorean IVOr&'axa.caJ.ejs,
TurooTn axis Stripes,
Java Olotlis.
t - rrTi m vrfc.-fc Cambrics,
3r1 -n grlxaTn &, 3B3to.
These goodi are remarkably cheap and Ladies would do well to make" their
selections early as It will he impossible to duplicate later Iu the season.
The Leading Dry Goods and Clothing He use of Astoria,
I Propose to Establish a Business here at any Sacrifice.
1 Offe This Week a Few Lines of
At Prices That Will Astonish You !
If You Want a HAT or Suit of UNDERCLOTHES,
Or anything in my Line, call in, it will pay you.
. I Expect to Gain Your Confidence by
The L and N. Y. Store. Under the Occident
Books and Stationery!
The Largest and Finest Stock in Astoria to Select From.
oDnnsoBasonoT od
We have Junt Received an Elegant Stock of
These Goods are made of the Choicest Patterns. Fashionably Cut and of
the Best Value. We have also a Large Stock of
3XT 3E3 W" 3ST DE3 O K. "VST E8 -A. i. I -A
The Leading Clothing, Hat, and Gents' Furnishing Store