The daily morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1883-1899, January 13, 1885, Image 3

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?hc ftoUjj Hsioran.
(Monday excepted)
ruHLisiiEKs and rnor-mETons,
Terms of Subscription.
crved by Carrier, per iveek
bent by Mail, per month..............
one year
Free ol postage to subscribers.
. 15cts.
C5yAdvertlsements inserted by the year at
the rate of S2 per square per month. Tran
sient advertising fifty cents per square, each
JXoticc To Advertisers.
Tue AsxoniAX guarantees to its ad
vertisers the largest circulation of any
newspaper published on the Columbia
Rough on house plants.
Regular council meeting to-night.
J. Kohn, of the -well knovrn firm of
Louis "Werthoimer & Co., is in the city.
There will bo a meeting of the "Wash
ington Territory pilot board on the 23rd
It costs about $700 a month to keep up
our public schools in this city. The
money is well spent.
The Qiwcn came in on Sunday morn
ing -with a big mail. Tho Columbia
sailed yesterday morning.
Tho rafHo for the mirror from Carl Ad
ler's Crystal Palace Trill take place at his
establishment on Saturday evening.
That "potato match' at tho skating
rink on Saturday evening, promises no
end of fun to those "who participate.
The littlo two-year old son of David
West, of Cathlamct. while playing around
the house last Sunday, fell over a bottle,
receiving injuries which resulted in his
Major T. J. Blakeny, superintendent
of tho life saving service on this coast,
arrived on tho Queen last Sunday and
started for Shoalwater bay yesterday
Martin Johnson, a steorago passenger
on the Columbia, last Sunday, got somo
tanglefoot aboard which tripped him over
the rail, ho falling with a dull thud on
tho pontoon below, lie was picked np
limp and unhurt.
Cashing Relief Corps No. 3 install their
nowlv elected officers this afternoen:
Cush'ing Post No. 14. G. A. R. install
theirs this evening. The state conven
tions of both organizations meet at Port
land on the 23th inst.
"It is said on the authority of a medi
cal journal that beer drinking causes en
largement of the heart." Is dot so?
There are two or thrco in this burg who
seem to be proof against any symptoms
of "enlargement of tho heart." They
might try a glass or two of Rudweiser.
The Gwynedd, Annie Jf. Lair, Martha
Fisher and Ophelia went to sea yester
day. The C. S. JIulbcrl, previously re
ported, arrived in on Sunday. The Chesc
brough will finish unloading to-morrow.
Tho Perthshire is taking on about 14,000
cases salmon and wili finish this week.
Did you ever hear of a hungry man
refusing to cat food because he was hun
gry? Yet that's just what the argument
amounts to of merchants who neglect to
advertiso "becauso times are dull."
Dullness in business is tho very reason
why those who wish to keep in business
should keep their names before tho
Newspapers are closing out and dying
all over the state and territory. The
newspaper business, like other business,
is adversely affected by dull times, but
unlike other business a newspaper can
not retrench. It has to keep up to its us
ual standard, and whether prosperous or
tho reverse, cannot bo allowed to fall bo
hind its Hsual appearance.
It is reported that tho last storm tore a
channel through Sand island at a point
between tho wreck of the Great Republic
and the lowest net rack. Tho island is
fast washing away. This will only change
it slightly in eventual location. (Before
the committee on criticism meet and
make anonymous report on this, noto the
fact that no affidavit accompanies it: it
is purely what it purports to be a ro
There is considerable complaint from
men who havo reclaimed tide land that
tho muskrats are honey-combing and un
dermining the dykes. These little pests
burrow all over tho dykes and honey
comb them so that in somo places great
loss has resulted. Trapping them by the
hundred does not seem to diminish their
numbers and they are getting to be con
siderable of a plague. It would seem as
though tho legislature might do some
thing about it. A law forbidding musk
rats to burrow would be just as sensible
as other measures that will bo brought
before that body for action.
Social JL'arfy
To be given at Liberty Hall, Friday,
Jan. lGth, 18S5. Yourself and ladies
are respectfully invited to attend.
Committee on invitatien: O. Nelson.
Ilenry Jones, Henry Mattson and
Committee on floer: J. C. Lldwell,
l Nelson and Henry Jones.
Admission Si.
A. Few Chances Left
For that splendid Mirror which will be
raffled at Carl Adler's Crystal Palace on
Saturday evening.
At Frank Fabrc's.
Board for $22 50 a month. The best
In the clt Di iner from 5 to 7.
Does not make any second-class Pic
tures at his New Gallery, No. 6i, on
the Roadway.
Fishermen Attention!
Before buying twine examine the
Dunbar, McMaster & Co.'s extra strong
Irish Flax Thread, No. 40. 12 ply. Jas.
O. Hanthorn, of this city, is the sole
agent for the Pacific coast.
Misses' and nursing corsets of the fa
mous Ball's make, at the Empire Store.
All the patent medicines advertised
In this paper, together with the choicest
Eerfumery, and toilet articles, etccan
c bought at the lowest prices, at J. "W.
Conn's drug store, opposite uciaen
hctel, Astoria.
Gray sells Sackett Bros.' Al sawed
cedar shingles A full M guaranteed in
each bunch.
Mrs. Bryce would respectfully an
nouce to the ladies of Astoria that she Is
prepared to do dressmaking in all Its.
branches at ncr rooms on uass at., op
posite Odd Fellows building.
Ulackmetack," a lasting and fra-
rant perfume. Price 25 ana 00 eents,
old by W.E. Dement.
It Organization Tcsttrdar Ready Speaker
or the Home.
Silkm, Or., Jan. 12. The legislature
organized to-day with les3 confusion
than was supposed there would be. Gil
bert of Marion and "W. P. Keady of Bon
ton were tho two candidates for speaker
of tho House Keady was euccessfal
There is music in tho air over the sena
torship. Hirsch seems to be in the lead
with George and "Williams not far be
hind. Judge Boiso is also on deck.
Multnomah's delegation is divided be
tween Hirsch and George on the first
ballot anyhow. There is a good deal of
opposition toward any Portland candi
January 12, 1835.
Tatloe, J.
Goldsmith & Lowenberg ts. Ruddock
fc "Wheeler: judgment by default.
A. Gilbert vs. George Flavel: domurrer
sustained: plaintiff allowed to ammend.
Butler vs. Olsen: trial set for Thurs
day. Mrs. Dagget vs. O. Lindress: trial to
day. Mrs. Turk vs. Law, King fc Law: judg
ment of lower court affirmed.
A. Young vs. Chas. Andersen: argu
ment on motion.
H. J. Hansen vs. School Dist. No. 1:
motion for continuance.
L. D. Coffman vs. A. G. Spoxarth, et al:
foreclosure mechanic's lien.
Blanchard &, Muckle vs. C. H. Bain:
defendant allowed till to-day to reply.
G. W. Hume vs. Pt. Adams Packing
Co.: motion for confirmation allowed.
Jno. Enberg vs. Aug. Nerberg: sot for
trial to-morrow.
Gust. JS. AVarner sentenced to tho pen
itentiary for one year and pay costs of
Ah Gin sentenced to tho penitentiary
for eighteen months and pay costs of
It This So or .tot !
The best of all rules for successful
housekeeping and to make both ends of
the year meet is, "Pay as you go." Be
yond all countries in the world, ours is
the one in which tho credit system is the
most usedand tho most abused. Pass
books aro tho bane and pest of doinestio
economy a perpetual plague, vexation
and swindle. Abused by servants at the
store and house, disputed constantly by
housekeepers and dealers, they are a
temptation to both parties to do wrong.
"I never had that." ""Wo neglected to
entef this." "I forgot to bring tho
book." "Never mind, wo will raako a
note of it," and so it goes. But tho
worst of it is that housokcepers are
tempted to order what they have not the
means to pay for, and when the time for
settlement comes they aro straitened. A
family can live respectably on n very
moderate income if thev always tako the
cash in hand and buy where they can to
the best advantage. Then they will bo
careful first to get what is neoossary. Ex
tra comforts will bo had as they can af
ford them. But it is bad policy to buy
on credit. No wise dealer sells as cheap
ly on eredit as for cash.
Llaei Increase Height.
Lines increase height. A fact which
has great influence on the appearance (as
regards size) which an objoct presents, is
the presence of lines on it. Ladies un
derstand tkis, and by tho judicious
employment of stripes influence their
apparent figure to a remarkable degreo.
VJhe annexed illustration shows very
clearly tho iafiueneo of lines on the ap
parent size of an object. The figure
shows a square space divided horizontal
It by a series of lines. Tho height and
width of this space aro exactly oqual, as
may be proved by measuring then with a
pair of compasses, but to tho oyo they
appear very unequal.
Following is a schedule of sailing dates
for steamers between Astoria and San
rnoM astobia. Ifeom sax fbancisco.
1U a. m.
Oregon.. Tues Jan. 6
Columbia...Sun " 11
Queen.... -.Fri" 1G
Columbia..Mon " 26
Queen...., Sat " 31
Queen.. .Fri. Jan. 9
Oregon.. "Wed " 14
Columbia.Mon" 19
Queen Sat" 24
Oregon.Thurs " 29
Columbia TuesFeb 3
Bticltlcn's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salvk in the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores.Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores. Tetter. Channed Hands,
Chilblains. Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, ana positively cures 1'iies, or no
pay required. It Is guaranteed to givo
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by W.
js. Dement & uo.
For a If eat Fitting Boot
Or Shoe, go to P. J. Goodmans, on Che
namus street, next door to I. W. Case.
All goods of the best make and guaran
teed quality. A full stock; new goods
constantly arriving. Custom work.
At I. J. ArvoId'H
You will find a splendid stock of boots
and shoes. Ladies' and children's shoes
a specialty: All styles and sizes.
JPresu Eastern and Shoalwater
Bay Oysters
Constant! v on hand, cooked to any style
at Frank Fabre's.
Do You Think that 'Jeff" of
The Chop House
Gives vou a meal for nothing, and a
glass of something to drink? "Xot
much !" but he gives a better meal and
more of it than any place in town for
25 cents. He buys by the wholesale and
pay cash. "That settles it"
Smim's Cure will immediately
relieve Croup, Whooping Cough, and
Bronchitis. Sold by W. E. Dement & Co
For Dyspepsia andLiver Complaint,
you have a printed guarantee on every
bottle of Shiloh's Yitallzer. It never
fall to ure. Sold by W. E. Dement
Itcni Of Interest From AH Over The
Septtle has fifty-seven lawyers.
Tho O. & C. railroad defaulted its Jan
uary interest.
The lato storm cost tho O. R. &X. Co.
$10,000 a day.
A company has been formed to quarry
marble in Alaska.
The discussion aboutDr. "Whitman still
goes on in the Oregonian.
Portland was fivo years from 181.1 to
18T0 gaining a population of 150.
Charley Reed, tho plain comedian, is
now a partner ofF. W. Stechan, in tho
Standard theater at San Francisco.
A protest has been filed by the peop!e
of Port Moody against the proposed re
moval of tho terminus of the Canadian
Pacific from that point.
King county is the wealthiest and
most populous county in "Washington.
It has now 17,000 inhabitants, and an
assessed valuation last year of $10,147,
C40. A fire at Oregon city on tho morning
of tho 10th, burned $10,000 worth of prop
erty. Tho Enterprise office, tho Masonic
building, and two stores were totally de
stoyed. The Chinese pheasants recently re
ceived at Portland are dying for want
of freedom. Somo of them havo
killed themsolves by beating against tho
walls of their cages.
Dr. Sharpless, of Lane county, lost
800 fruit trees in the recent storm. The
snow and sleet hold them so firmly that
when the water in Coast Fork rose, tho
trees were carried away.
It is stated upon pretty good authority,
says tho Oregonian, that Flood & O'Brien
of San Francisco will establish a bank
in this city next spring, conditioned up
on tho repealof tho mortgage tax law.
A branch road ha3 been located from
the main lino of the Oregon Short Lino
to Boise City, L T., and a part of it
graveled, and that place expects to have
railroad communication with Portland
in n short time.
Tho Oregon Stato Temperance AJIianco
will meet in fourteenth annual session at
Salem February VL Tho alliance will bo
composed of delegates from temperance
societies. Stentor Watts' salary will be
due on that date.
A woman in Portland who is being
treated for exceeding flesh has succeeded
in reducing her weight forty pounds in
tho past year (and keeping her health)
by adhering to the rulo of not drinking
two hours after eating, and not eating
for two hours after drinking.
The Northern Pacific Railroad Com
pany, by starting a new town, has made
property in Yakima City, "W. T., value
loss. Tho people of that once bustling
and lively burg kick, but tho iron horso
holdcth its head high and snortoth by.
Many a poor man has been broken up by
this speculation of the railroad com
pany's, and it is but another proof that
corporations havo no souls.
Tho Oregon Horso and Land Co, havo
ranches located in Lost Valloy, Eastern
Oregon, on the old LeBard ranche; one
at tho mouth of Sucker creek, near
Snako river, Idaho; ono at tho forks of
tho Sucker (the Dave Shea ranch); also
tho old McCusic ranch on Owyhee creek.
Tho range occupied is 85x150 miles in
Idaho and Oregon. Tho stock of horses
owned, were originally well selected Ore
gon mares whicli havo been bred to .Nor
man and Porcheron horses, and to-day
the average of tho entire baud is proba
bly not exceeded on this coast. They are
the largest horso owners in tho United
States, havinjr over 8,000 hoad of fine,
large Oregon horses.
The entiro press of western "Washing
ton has been heard from on tho proposi
tion of Senator Piatt of Connecticut to
admit tho territory as a state under the
name of Tacoma. The newspapers de
ride and ridicule the idea unanimously,
exoept the Tacoma press, and thero is
much indignation expressed that tho al
most sacred name of "Washington must
be sunk to givo placo to one representing
only the seat of land speculations of a
railroad ring. The peoploof tho territory
will never consent to bo admitted under
that name, and tho citizens of Tacoma
would do themselves more good in tho
long run by calling off their dog.
From LaGrando it is learned that loss
es of stock by tho recent storm wero less
than was anticipated. South of Prine
villo in what is known as tho "Oregon
desert," no cattlo wero lost, though tho
snow in some places was six to eight
feet deep. Between Prineville and tho
Columbia river every band suffored more
or less. A good estimate mado up from
the statements of a Iarga number of
ranchers and herders representing local
ities which took in tho entiro rango of
climato of the inland empire, is that the
loss to cattlo and sheep will be under 25
per cent. All stock is in very poor condi
tion now and could not live through an
other storm of any great severity. A note
from Umatilla states that cattle andshcep
are coming out all right.
Recently while a lady living in South
Portland was cleaning out a cupboard
she threw, among other things, some pa
pers into tho stove. In a few seconds a
loud report followed, blowing the stovo
doors open, and almost simultaneously,
two reports scattered the stove, wood and
ashes ovor the room. Sbo had unwitting
ly thrown three large cartridges into the
fire with tho papers. A few days pre
viously sbo narrowly escaped being
blown up by a can of powder, which one
of hr sons had placed in tho stove out
of reach of his younger brother. The
lady had started a fire in tho stove, and
by the merest chanco saw the reflection
of the flickering flame on the red powder
can, and withdrew it from tho stove. Tho
incident almost upset her nerves, but sho
saved tho nouso from total destruction.
Information is had from cood author
ity, says tho Victoria Times, that the
steamer Olympian will be placed on tho
Victoria routo early in March. The
North Pacific will bo drawn off and re
paired, she having been run a long timo
without being overhauled. "While this is
being done tho route will be supplied by
the Olympian and tho Starr. After tho
North Pacific is repaired, however, tho
Starr will bo placed on tho New West
minster route, and tho former will go
back on the Victoria routo onco more,
and continue to run that way all summer.
Tho Idaho which is now on tho New
"Westminster-Tacoma route will run to
"Whatcom. The sister boat to the Olym
pian, the Alaskan, which now lies idle at
Portland, will not bo brought around to
tho Sound, it is said, during tho coming
In an account of the flood on the Che
halis, tho Gray's Harbor News of tho
10th, .says: The Chehalis river and its
tributaries havo given us an old time
freshet. Tho water came within six in
ches of the highest point sinco the whites
sottled on this strean. Logs have como
down into tide water that were cut three
years ago, and quite a number of settlers
sustain a severe lo3S by their logs getting
adrift. The county will bo over $10,000
out by damage to roads and bridges, sus
taining a loss of nearly $7,000 on tho
Satsop bridge alone. The other heaviest
losers thus far reported are J. T. Forest
and the Wishkaw mill cempany: they
will each lose about $1000 apiece. Several
other3 sustain losses all the way from $100
to SL'jOQ. All tho wharves and warehouses
were more or less damaged. Steamers '
could not safely navigate abovo oosmop- t
olis for nearly a week, therefore we had T
no mails or communication with the out
side world for that period. The river j
was so full of logs, lumber shingles and .
all manner of floating debris that it is
thought tho big jam on the upper Che
halis had at last moved. Tho water
reached its highest point about 12 o'clock '
on "Wednesday night, at which time the i
whole business portion of Lower Monte-1
sano was overflowed, and the flats on the !
north sido of the river wero completely
covered. On the Harbor tho towns of
Hoquiam, Aberdeen and Cosmopolis were '
partially inundated during the hiyh tide '
periods of Tuesday and Wednesday, but
there was no damage done. Tho fa'l of
water was at least six inches the first
three days of tho weok, and taken in ,
conjunction with tho snow it is n wonder '
more damage was not done. Up to latest
accounts the water had fallen to three ,
feet and ell danger was over.
Tf hencp They Conic-Some I'ractical Rtoarls
on Razor.
"How do we keep our razors sharp?"
replied tho barber. "It is certainly an
artist's principal and most important
work, for upon the keenness of his knifo
depends his business success. Tho most
important part and tho fundamental se
cret is in having good hones, or stones,
as you would call them, and then using
thorn intelligently and discreetly.
"You see, the hone imparts tho true
edge and the strop merely whets it to a
proper degree of keenness after the razor
has been carefully honed. Tho greatest
ingenuity and perseverance have been
devoted to tho making of hones and tho
remarkablo materials and proces3 of
manufacture in tho business aro almost
entirely unknown to tho millions of per
sons who are ahaved every weok. First
in lino como the water stones, which aro
hard specimens collected in tho west,
principally in Colorado and tho spurs of
tho Rocky mountains. In thoso sections
there are hundreds of people who gain a
livelihood by collecting and dealing in
whetstones. A razor stono must neces
sarily be very hard, brittlo and smooth
faced. The water hones are merely a
finer grado of whetstones and cost from
soventy-five cents to two dollars. Tho
water stone must frequently be wet with
water and smoothed down by rubbing
with another stone or clso it is apt to
lo3o its fine sharpening qunlitics.
"There aro many kinds of razor hones,'
continued tho barber, as he slapped the
razor recklessly over the palm of his hand
several times and applied more lather.
"Every good barber has his preferences,
yet there are some who can't tell a good
one when they seo it. That kind of a
barber usually has a razor with an edge
liko a cheese-knife, handles your head
like a block of wood and tho mere pass
ing of the blado. over a man's cheek
would make even a book agent wince.
Then, among others, is tho glass bono a
block of the hardest flint glass, carefully
smoothed of even tho slightest inequali
ties of surface and mounted on a block
of wood. I don't liko them, although
they havo admirable qualities for im
parting a dainty edge, for a razor snarp
ened on them of ten irritates the skin and
makes tho faco sensitive. I don't know
whether it is the peculiar edge which
makes tho smarting or the soda or other
ingredients of tho glass adhciing in
mmutc particles to tue steel, uut no mat
ter what it is, n glass-honed razor don't
givo tho best satisfaction to my customers.
tV glass bono costs four or live dollars.
"Yes. an experienced barber can at a
glanco perceive tho peculiarities of the
edge of any razor and tell you what par
ticular kind of a bono was used in sharp
ening it. The hone I like best, and the
most wonderful in material and construc
tion, is that of petrified German hicKory.
Hero is one." said the knight of tho brush
and steel, as he exhibited a small smooth,
dark stone, hard as adamant and
mounted in a wooden block. "Thj
German hickory.' he resumed,
as he drew the bljde across the custom
er's face and removed it with a clear,
ringing sound, "is in itself a wood almost
as hard as stone. It is cut from large
cultivated forests, then carefully sea
soned, saw&d into blocks about tkLt size
and imbeded in a psculiar wet clay soil,
where it is allowed to remain for about
eight years. Whoa removed the wooden
blocks aro discovered to have turned to
stone. Their manufacture is confined
solely to Germany and Prussia. Tho ex
periment of petrifaction in this pirtica
lar line has been tried in many Liuds,
but has never proved successful outsido
of tho countries named. That is, I guess,
because of tho psculiar soil. Westphalia,
in Prussia, is where they are principally
mado and there is ono mill 'there which
constantly employs 100 hands in cutting,
mounting and dressing theso hones,
without which I would bo lo3t. There
is a big profit in their manufacture, for
tho comparative cost of production is
very small, while a stone of this size
when completed is worth about eight
dollars. Thoy give the best, keenest and
cleanest edge to a razor that can be pro
duced. Of course, somo barbers are ig
norant of their proper use or dislike the
labor of boning tneir razors, but wuilo 1
remain at this shop 1 shall give my pray
erful consideration to that branch of tho
business. Next'."
A Startling: IH-scorcry.
Physicans are often startled by re
markable discoveries. The fact that Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consumption
and all Throat and Lung disuses is
daily curing patients that they have
given up to die, is startling them to re
alize their sense of duty, and examine
into the merits ot tuts wonderful dis
covery; resulting in hundreds of our
best Physicians using it in their practice
Trial Bottles free atW.E. Dement &
Co.'s Drug Store. Regular sizc;$1.00.
Syrup oi'figs.
Nature's own true Laxative. Pleas
ant to the palate, acceptable to the Stom
ach, harmless in its nature, painless in
its action. Cures habitual Constipation,
Biliousness, Indigestion and kindred
ills. Cleanses the system, purifies the
blood, regulates the Liver and acts on
the Bowels. Breaks up Colds. Chills
and Fever, etc Strengthens the organs
on which it acts. Better than bitter,
nauseous Liver medicines, pills, salts
and draughts. Sample Dottles free, and
large bottles for sale by W. E. Dement
& Co., Astoria.
The Rev. Geo. 11. Thayer, of Bour
bon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife
owe our lives to Silicon's Consumption
Cube. Sold by W. E. Dement.
A Nasal Injector free with each
bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy
Price 50 cents. Sold by V. E. Dement
Why will you cough when Shiloh's
Cure will give immediate relief. Price
lOctsSOctsandSl. Sold by W.E. De
ment. Croup, Whooping Cough and Bron
chitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's
Cure. Sold by W. E. Dement.
VauIIIrj, JLcmon, Orancc, etc, flavor
Cakes, Crease, 3?addlnc, tc, as dell
cntely anil satarnlly as tho fruit from
which they aro made.
For Strength and Truo "Fruit
Flavor They Stand Alone.
Price Baking Powdor Co.,
Chicago, III. St. Louis, Mo.
i:AKta3 or
Dr, Prices Gream Baking Powder
Br. Price's Xnpulin Yeast Gems,
Beit Dry Hop "STcnnt.
9 !G?J7
The ue3t dry hop oaat In the world.
Broad raised by this yoaat i3 light.white
ond wholesome like our grandmother's
delicious bread.
Price Baking Powder Co.,
HanTrs ot Dr. Pnce's special FlaYonnz Extracts.
Chicago, III. St. Louis, Mo.
For sa'e by Cliting.Mert.k & Co., Agents
Portland, Oregon.
Aram Says Yes
Slier, f oi His Best Girl !
His Stylish Appearance Did it.
No wender: lie gets all his clothes made at
Clothing Emporium.
There you can find the finest assortment of
Cloth, Cassimeres and Tweeds.
Also, the best stock or ready-made CLOTII
IXO. tor Men. Youths and Boys.
KUKXISHIXG GOODS In the crandest
assortment. The best of BOOTS and SHOES.
Hats and Caps, Trunks and Valises.
Prices are Down to Bedrock
To suit the times. Gall and see
The Boss Merchant Tailor and Clothier.
Ship Captains can get their supplies here on
very favorable terms
Executor's Notice.
County Court or Clatsop County, Ore
gon, executrix of the last will and testament
or Thos. Goodwin, deceased, all pe-sons
having claims against said estate will pre
sent them duly verified and with proper
vouchers to the undersigned at her resi
dence on Clatsop Plains. Clatsop County,
Oregon, within six montlis from this date,
24 -3t Executrix.
House to Rent.
Inquire of
British bark Ab1eu Cowper, will pro
ceed to Shoalwater bay on Monday, the 12th
inst., and there make arrangements to sell
to the highest bidder the wreck and wreck
age of the British Bark Abbey Coicper, also
of two life-boats and a ship's gltr, now lying
at North Cove, Tokc Toint. W. T.
Furnished Rooms to Let,
YV Enquire of .Wits. E. C, HOLDEN.
Ijiii " TA t -ii l3liPiW 1885
Zl STEU - I1 isasKsasssiiisisMUiiUife. gg.JflflPMKilKilK
i EXQJjgAGjTS gfc,pHMi
i 81LHL1H! BJllUmJl
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bit uoois ui Maksim.
The increase of my business in 188i over former eoadltt ? &J111"
nounce for 1885 that I shall carry larger stocks of first-class pW at Aa i er"
ent lines, which can be relied upon as represented, and will bv "& 'owest
prices for the quality offered.
Ill tie Dry and. Fancy Goofe
Will lie found tlie Latest and Most Stylish Novelties
In CMs it lap
"Will he found garments in Style, Cut, and
III Men sant Boys Clflfc
Will always be found New and first-class fittlnj: goods, from a fine, satin lined
Prince Albert Dress Suit, down to a Serviceable Business Suit, for
the office, shop, or farm, to fit all shapes or weighty
from 50 to 300 pounds.
In Gent's Furnishing Goods
Will be found a large assortment in all grades and styles.
In Hats and Caps
Will bo found the best makes, the latest styles, and best values. '
In Boots and Shoes
Will be found a large variety of hand and machine sewed, made expressly to
order by tho best eastern factories, which enables us to recommend and.
rely upon the goods as to merit and value.
In Oil ClotMi, Burner Goo is, Troois, Valises, nul UiorePai,
Will be found goods at prices that defy all competition.
Sole agent for Buttertck Pattern's.
Pythian Building,
Agents for :
& :
Little Giant
For Fine Stationery, School Books, Blank Books,
Skoet Music, Musical Instruments, Tarletj
Goods, Etc., Etc.
Subscriptions recelred for anjr Periodical published at
publishers Prices.
Xoit Stock Arrlrln? Daily.
$67,000,000 Capital !
Liverpool and London and Globe.
North British and Mercantile
Of London and Edinburgh.
Old Connecticut of Hartford,
Fire Insurance Companies,
Representing a Capital of $67,000 OOO.
B. VAN DUSKN. Asent.
Keeps constantly on hand a full.stock of the best made
In Business Suits and Dress Suits.
Also the largest stock and the newest patterns In
French and American Cassimeres, Worsteds, Cloth,
Scotch, and English Tweeds.
Which wjll he made up to order in the very latest styles and at the lowest prices.
HATS in all the Latest and Standard Shapes.
A, complete line of
Gents' Furnishing Goods
The Leading Clothier, Hatter and Gents' Furnisher..
Finish to suit the taste and purse of aff
Astoria, Oregon.
S Agents for
5 Cottage
Chcnamus Street, Astoria.
The Best of Lager 5 Cts. a Glass.
Orders for the Celebrated
Columbia Brewery Beer
Left at this place will be promptly
attended to
9No cheap San Francisco Beer sold at
this place.
War. BOOK, Proprietor.