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tUte flatty gtstorian.
' (Monday excepted)
rtrr.i.iftUKXS and fropkictoks,
Terms of SnlMcriptiou.
8orved by Carrier, per week
s uy .nau. per niontn
". v M one ear ......
Free ot postage to -aibst-Tibers.
., 6"t8.
HfAdvertlscmenU inserted b the ear at
tbexata of 2 per square per mouth. Tran
sient advertising fifty cents per .square, each
Geo. "Walker, of the firm of Mbjer,
Wilson & Co., is in the city.
How the years go by! It is nineteen
years to-day since Lincoln died.
Ches. Clagg, of this city, was dis
charged from the state insane nsylum
last Saturday.
The--Parish Afti Sooiety of Grace
church will meet this evening at the
house of Rev. M. D. Wilson.
Everything in the way of legal blanks
in fall supply or promptly printed to or
der at-THE Asxoeiik job office.
Messrs. Trnllinger, Hobson, Adair and
Stonagoto the Dalles this morning as
delegates to the Democratic state con
vention. - The Dorcas Society of the Baptist
church .will entertain their friends this
Ivening at the residence of ilr. J. P.
Bear-Admiral Upshur, in command of
the navy in these waters, oame up on the
Oregon yesterday on a visit to his son,
O. P. Upshur, U. S. shipping agent for
this port.
The Oregon and Walla Walla came in
Jesterday: the Columbia sailed: the
(cram finished leading: the River Indus
cleared for tjueanatown with 17,823 bar
rels flour, worth 80,22G.
. Gen.-NeIfton A. Miles, commanding the
department of the Columbia, accom
panied by Major A. S. Kimball, chief
quartermaster of the department, loft by
the steamer last night for San Francisco
on official business.
vtiFfi& . Welcome prophesies that the dem
eratasrill in all probability nominate
Nesmith for congress, and the republi
cans, Caples. It hits the mark as far as
The Dalles convention is concerned, but
is "away off" as to the republican nomi
nee. At the Gracs church parish meeting
held yesterday morning the following
gentlemen were elected to serve as vestry
men fox the ensuing jear: A. Van Duson,
Dr. JarTuttle. C. J. Trenchard, S. D.
Adairr jB. Van Dnsen, M. Young, and C.
In the police court yesterday John Arm
strong paid $2 fine on a charge of drunk
enness, John Turk went to jail to serve
oat a finoof $5 for being disorderly,
Lawrence Dillonpaid $10 under the va
grant act, Mary Sullivan forfeited $13 on
ft charge of disorderly conduct, and An
ion Galloon took $5 worth of solitary
confinement on the same oomplaiut.
A fefff weeks ago John Hob3on lost a
parse containing over $203, and immedi
ately started for Thb Astobiax to adver
tise ibf Dudley B, Blunt, employed at
TinOld Corner saloon happened to find
it lying on Chenamus street and immedi
ately started to hunt up the owner, and
hd tjie pleasure of handing it to Mr.
Hobson thatt afternoon. As he refused
any reward, Messrs. John Stearns and
Jonn.Hobson determined that he should
Slot go unrewarded, so yesterday they
presented him with a massive gold watch
chain, which he now wears and which he
xioaly deserves for his honesty.
There will be a meeting of the Rescue
dramatic troupe at their hall this even
ing. 8 o'clock, sharp. A full attendance
is desired.
s- Chis. H. Stocktos,
Cargo Of The ItnU.
The'.-Itata begins discharging to-day.
Shearings 14,632 bzs tin plates, 450 bxs
ttrne plates, 5000 fire brick, 5 csks fire
clay, 100 bxs bath brick, 60 bbls soda crye
talB, 7cs 9 csks apDthecaries stores, 50 cs
ginger ale, 100 cs bottled stout, 325 cs
bottled beer, SOJjga bi-carb soda, 14 csks
7 cs chains and hardware, 25 cs oilmen's
stores, 10 cs 5 octaves brandy, 2 csks
claasware, 8 csks 1 hhd 150 pkgs earthen
ware, 200 tons pig iron, 840 200's 907 100'a
280 508 salt.
The CUteop Bosd.
ySj notice in your paper of this date it
will be seen that the Clatsop tide-land
reclamation meeting is postponed to
Friday, April 25th, at 10 o'clock a. m at
aame4place. The postponement of this
meeting by the tide-landers need not de
lay action by the Clatsop Road company.
Asl'ttnderetand from their secretary. subscribed $16,650 of road
stocky sufficient to allow the directors to
carry, oil the work of road-building.
It is bow in order for the road directors
to lay out the line of road, obtain right
of way and begin construction. Owners
of tide-land along the proposed route of
road stand ready to give right of way, so
the read-building will not be delayed by
Item. Yours truly,
Astoria, April 14, 1884.
iUsamea Kpnblicn Primary.
SJdpanon, April 12, 1884.
" o. Astebuh:
The following are the proceedings of the
Clatsop jarecinct republican primary, held
Atha. town hall at Sipanon to -day: C.
A. MoGuire was chosen chairman, and
W0E. Showers secretary. The object of
the meeting was stated by the chairman,
af terwhiob Messrs. John Matier, S. B.
Smith and J. C. "Ward, were chosen dele
gates to the Clatsop county republican
convention. .
The following resolution was proposed
aad unanimously adepted:
Bti&frd:, That the republican voters
of-Clatsop' precinct recommend F, C.
Wjbrdtothe republican county conven
gosi -Clatsop county as a suitable per
Sfc sheriff of said county.
r Secretary.
stetUsis; Fiae.
jeived at T. G. Bawlines' a
tock of clears. Cigarettes, and
cJwcest brands ot tobacco.
c- A
V Beeau to Bestt
jkJtJfri." Curran's. near the Congrega-z-tiflsjsl
9ae TkestssMd Dollars
Worth of County Orders wanted. Ap
ply to, Moses Rogebs.
. 't3kv Fattest Lamp Filler.
"- Tie Boat useful housohold invention
at the age. Call and see it. Also, extra
iroadCoal 011 for sale in quantities from
a plnt-to a barrel. Jordan &Bozorth.
j Step That Congk
v-yinetoJ.E. Thomas's and getting
;doW of Iroy's Cough Balsam.
- rwaz cirwc Yotr.
The Colfax Videllc is dead.
Seattle has organized a Safe Deposit
A big fruit crop is expected in the Wil
lamette vally.
Considerable immigration ingoing into
Rogue River vall6y.
Eighteen hundred men nrr- at work on
the Oregon Pacific R. R.
The Palouse country will hae OOO.OyO
pounds of wool to flell this spring.
The Columbia River Wool Grower's as
sociation will be hold at The Dalles Miv
Upper country journal anticipate
a moderate stage of high water this
A $175,000 lire at acoma last Sunday
morning burned nine buildings, mostly
Chas. Curtis, uged 24, feroinnn at
Grand Ronde river, was shot by Calvin
Pierce on the S J inst., and died on the
fith inst.
Bob Buffington, a half breed, was shot
and probablv fatally wonnded at New
castle, W. T'., last Saturday, by Tom
The grand encampment of the Grand
Army of the Republic, department of
Washington territory, will meet ut Van
oouver on the 16th inst.
The Dayton, W. T., Chronicle of the
11th says it is reported that the vigi
lantes of Asotin county have hung P'erce,
the murderer of Curti.
Last Friday the first locomotive on the
main track of tho Oregon Pacific railroad
was run from Yaquina to Oueatta. It
was driven by tho president, T. Egerton
It is stated, says tho Seattle Chronicle,
that the county will be offered for its
contemplated $80,000 court house, a five
acre tract, as a gift outright. The pro
posed present is in the south part of the
Thepostoffice name of Skookum Chuck,
W. T., has been changed to Centralia.
The last legislature changed the name of
the village from Centerville to Centralia
and now the last vestige of time-honored
Skookum Chuck vanishes from view.
It is announced, says the Taooma
Ledger, that the Queen of the Pacific is to
be taken off her recent southern route in
California, and returned to the Pngot
sound run. It is also stated that steamer
connection between this city and San
.Francisco will be increased, steamers
leaving the two points every five days.
A quiet sentiment has been worked up,
says tho Vindicator, in the "garden
pi'toh," a body of land embracing all that
part of Multnomah county lying east of
the Willamette river, favor the division
of Multnomah county, making the Wil
lamette river the dividing line, and set
ting off the eastern portion as a new
county with East Portland as the cojnty
J. Shelton, of this placo, says the Co
quille, Or., Herald, has on exhibition an
egg which has a shell half soft and the
other half hard, and which has n protub
erance, very much like a piece of rubber
pipe, at one end, over three inches long.
The hen that laid it is doing well. This
suction pipe will be handy for those who
like raw egga. The editor of the Herald
ought to patent that hen.
The Pacific Journal thinks that Shoal
water bay and Gray'sharbor are becom
ing sufficiently important as maritime
ports to justify the establibhment of a
port of entry at one or both places. Ves
sels of all sizes are constantly plyiug be
tween these ports and San Francisco, and
it is not improbable to suppose that ves
sels from foreign ports will find their
way hither at no distant day.
Woodland is situated in Cowlitz
county, W. T., on the left bmk of Lewis
river, about five miles from where it
empties into the Columbia' says the Ta
ooma Ledger. The adjoining country is
generally farming, the principal export
being hay. Tame meadow lauds yield
one and a half to three tons of hay, wild
lands from one to two and a half tons.
About 1000 tons were shipped from the
valley last year, for which the farmers re
ceived from $12 to $20 per ton on the
The Salem Statesman figures up the
cost of six chickens and one turkey
stolen near Staytou, Or., recently. The
thieves were fined $25 and costs, of
$137.40. As they could pay neither, the
county will have to lose the latter, be
sides "their board, of M4 days in the
county jail, at the rate of 71 cents per
day, or a total cost of $64.45 for board.
Adding to the cost of trial, etc, $137.40,
to tho cost for board, and we have
$204.85, This figure shows what the
county is out.
I. A. Clark fc Sons, oywtermen on
Shoalwatcr bay, haye turned out for
market the past winter and spring in the
neighborhood of 3000 baskets of oysters.
They have raked over some of their beds
pretty clean, although some portions of
tbeir ground have not yet been gathered
from. It is their intention to commence
gathering peed oysters from the natural
bods, to be spread upon the artificial beds,
where they will be left to grow from two
to three years, when the oystors will have
attained marketable size.
The land department of the Northern
Pacific Railroad company has sent out a
poster, printed on cloth, to be posted in
the timber regions of Washington terri
tory, warning all persons against starting
nres in the forests, which, through care
lessness of the parties starting them, fre
quently destroy large tracts of valuable
timber. The poster contains the orders
of the commissioner of the general land
office at Washington directing the timber
agents to proceed against all offenders
under the laws of Washington territory
relating to the unlawful setting out of
fires, and admonishes all offenders that
the Northern Pacifio will aid the govern
ment in checking the evil.
The Coos Bay Argus says: Spring
salmon occasionally jump in the lower
bay, but so far this season the fishermen
have had but little success in capturing
them .... The Parkersburg mill shut down
last Saturday. for a week.... The mail
service from Coquille City has been ex
tended to Marshfield, and the office at
Coos Citv discontinued Henrv Miller.
of Ten Mile, brought the hide of a pan
ther to town on Monday, which he bad
lately trapped near his place. The pan
ther was a large one, having measured
over eleven feet from tip to tip.. . . A par
ty of U. b. engineers are at the month ol
the Siuslaw river, hunting for a suitable
location for a light-house.
Mrs. Ann Condill, a native of England,
but who has been a resident of this state
for the past fifteen years, was admitted
to citizenship in the U. S. district court
yesterday. This is probablv the first in
stance, says the Oregonian, in which a
woman has applied for naturalization
papers. Mrs. Condill is a widow and a
number of years ago took up a homestead
near Springyille. She now desires to
prove up on it, and in order to do so it
was necoessary that she should become a
oitizen. It is not generally understood
mat a woman oi ioreign oirm ueeus w
become naturalized, but it appears that
under some circumstances such is the
case. If her husband gets naturalized, or
she marries an American, Bhe becomes a
citizen without taking out papers.
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Connecticut is troubled with thousands
of pauper immigrants.
Mexicans grow madder every day and
now talk revolution.
John L. Sullivan, Jr., arrived at Boston
from Port Natal last Saturday.
Suakem dispatches say that Khartoum
is rumored fallen and Gen. Gordon n
It is claimed that India cannot expect
to compete with America in tho European
grain markets.
The Astoria land grant comes up for
final action in tho houso of representa
tives sometime this week.
Bob Ligorsoll was defeated by a negro
for a delicate to tho national conven
tion, at W t-niKtvn, but week.
Tho governmunt h:w officially recog
niztHl the world's centennial exhibition,
which op--ns at New Orleans next De
ceinler. England continue to be badly Beared
over tho recr-nt dynamite arrests, and
want3 the United States to take nction
relathe to nllogrd onpirators.
Washington dep itches nominate Re
publican candid it-- daily. This tiw6
Grant, Blaine, Lo'an, Lincoln and
Arthur fro ill suro of it. Tildeu is said
to have made S. J. Randall his rejdduary
legate.-, who will immediately proceed to
administer on the estate.
"Sab KrnclifO and I'ortlsad Freights.1'
l'httru has always existed an unreason
able diilertuco in freights from San
Francisco and Portland to Liverpool. At
present this difference amounts to 10s
sterling, or $2.50 in our money, per ton,
paid from Portland than from San Fran
cisco. At one time last fril this excess
from Portland whs onl 5s psr ton, but
with thai exc-puon, the difference of 10s
per ton bis boon steadily maintained.
The Farmer lias shown this up for years
back and protested that it was unfair.
The ship off on the broad Pacific cannot
be more than two or three days' sail
further from Portland than from San
Francisco, und the voyage round from
Liverpool and return cannot bo over one
week longer from Portland than from
San Francisco. It is no doubt true that
ships make voyages to and from one port
as readilv as the other. Every vessel un
dergoes detention of weeks, and often of
months, waiting lor cargoes or ior sea
men. The short detention caused by the
difference in distance cannot he of seri
ous moment. We learn that ships only
ask at Paget sound tho current rates
from ban irancico; ss distance does not
figuro in the account as the sound is more
distant than Portland. It is no doubt
true that they make a bug-bear of the
Columbia river, but it is time that hum
bug was exploded- Willamette Farmer.
Yes, indeed; it is "time that humbug
was exploded," and one of the ways to
produce the explosion is for the Farmer
to stop writing such humbugging state
ments as the above. The Farmer knows
very well that the Columbia bar is tho
cause of the difference in freights be
tween here and San Francisco; that deep
draught vessels, carrying larg& cargoes
that oau enter San Francisco bay cannot
enter the Columbia; that the dangers and
detentions between Astoria and Portland
cause heavier rates of insurance to be
required; that the vessels that have
loaded at Astoria have saved so much by
not going further up the rivor as to dem
onstrate the reason of the onerous
freights; and that to attempt, as the
Farmer do?s, to write upon this subject
not in ignorance, which is excusable, but
in deliberate perversion of facts which is
contemptible, is alike opposed to justice
and that spirit of honesty which is sup
posed to aotuate all editorial utterances.
Steamer 1M)S for April.
From San Fran, j From Astoria.
State 4,Oic-gon 6
Columbia. 8 State 10
Oregon 12, Columbia 14
State lGlOregon 18
Columbiu 20State 22
Oregon 24 1 Columbia 26
State 23lOregon 80
Columbia. May... 2lStuto, May. 4
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More About "Reclamations."
A correspondent of tho Portland Coi
mercial Herald, writing -regarding the
outrageous charges of "reclamation"
brokers in Liverpool, says: "I am glad
to see tho salmon canners in Astoria aro
beginning to open their eyes regarding
reclamations. There has been, and still
continues to be, a regular system of rob
bery (you can call it nothing else) going
on in Liverpool, not only in salmon but
in other products shipped from the Pacific
coast, and that by houses that stand high
in the business community both hero and
on the other side of tho water. It has
surprised me very much that ink rested
persons have not long ere this taken nteps
to change the plan of making reclama
tions. The very thing that brought dis
aster to the Astoria fishery in 1877 was
the paying of heavy reclamations, which,
as now turns out, ought never to have
been paid by the canner. as th damage
has been snown to be sea d.-iune, as
shown by the ship's log. Tho Titan was
rail under for several days; cargo w.-is
adrift, water in the hold, both wheat,
flour and salmon were damaged by salt
water, but it being the usual thing to
make reclamations for bad salmon, some
30,000 claims wem made, which wero
paid by tho canner, he not knowing tho
circumstances of tho voyage at the timo.
I know of a case of a cargo of
wheat consigned to a certain house,
which they carried until it
was nearly duo in Liverpool. The mar
ket showed signs of a quick advance,
then advanced rapidly. They cabled the
owners of the wheat, it was sold before
tho rise. The owners would not staud it,
as they had given no orders to sell. The
matter was finally compromised Anothor
case was of a lot of flour consigned, flour
that has no superior on thi3 coast. When
it arrived in Liverpool it was pronounced
by the firm to whom it was consigned to
be of inferior quality, in fact inferior to
ordinary Oregon flour, and could not be
sold for over 23s. per 280 xwunds. For
tunately, a gentlenmn interested in the
flour was in Great Britian, and ho at
once telegraphed them not to sell. Ho
then sent to an expert to examino into
the matter and test tho flour. After a
thorough test and examination, tho firm
said a mistake had been made, that the
flour was of superior qu-lity, worth J7h
per 280 pounds. They, however, ren
tiered account sales at 55s, the then pric
of ordinary Oregon flour. That eiuiwl
the business. When u firm of hi"! stand
ing does such things, what can consign
ors of salmon, wheat, flour, hops, or nnj
other product of this coast expect? The
only solution to this is for the salmon
canners to appoint a man of their own
to represent them und see that these
practices are stopped. Tho same may be
said of millers, etc"
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Mrs. T. S. Jewett's
aud Complete Stock of VIXF. GOODS.
Comprising every arlcty of
Fancj Wear, Millinery, Hats, "Bonnet, Laces,
Embroideries Ties, Collars, Fichus, La
dles' Underwear, Children's Clothes,
Iloslery, GloTes, Zephyrs,
Worsted, Etc.,
Of the Newest Styles,
Stnmpim: Done at Reasonable Rates.
Dressmaking a Specialty.
N'one but Assistants Employed.
Squeiuoqua Street, two doors WfcJt ol Cass.
Copper Paint.
WA Liberal Discount to Hie Trade.-S
Hay, Oats, and Straw,
Brick. Cement, and Sand.
Wood Delivered to Order.
O.aymg, Teaming, and Ex ress Business
9 are hereby notified that the taxes for
the year 1883 iu said district are uow due
and payable at the ofllce ot Badollet & Co.,
Upper Astoria.
Acting School Clerk.
Astoria, February 6, 16S4.
Carnahan & Co.
I. "W. CASE,
Corner Chenamus aud Cass streH.
$67,000,000 Capital !
Liverpool and London and Globe.
North British and Mercantile
Qf London and Edinburgh.
Old Connecticut of Hartford,
Fire Insurance Companies,
Representing a Capital or 867,000,000.
A. VAN DU3EN. Agent.
A Good Chance.
ket and Sausage Factory, a9 my health
will not allow me to carry It on. This Is a
good chance to buy a paylD&JSJnJ?va7
New Spring Importations !
EiroiuGries ! Ertrofcies ! .
We have reeeired from New York, per express, upwardss of 6,000 yards of
Embroideries In
Cambric. Swiss,
Lawn and Nainsook,
. Of the Latest Designs and from ID to 25 per cent. -
cheaper than ever before.
1760 yards of Embroideries from
1275 " . " "
The Leading Dry Goods and Clothing House
Books and Stationery.
Having made SPECIAL AR ANGEMENTS with the management of the N. P. K. and
Eastern Houses. I am now getting ray STOCK, especially BOOKS and STATIONERY,
from the East This enables me to give the Public a show to buy at
I have Just received : Fine Stock of STATIONERY: Full aud Half bound Ledgers.
Day and Cash Books. Journals, new Letter Copy Books, all sizes; H.ind's Stlozraphtc
Copy Books. All kinds Bill and Letter Files, Bank Files of all descriptions ; Copy Presses,
invoice KOOKS,j.nai naiances. rocKei i.eugux3,oounuii". uiu .aaii duum. ah wuiu ui
Oiders, Urafjs and NoteH.anu Keceipts ; also a full line of Bill Holders and I. O. Boxes
The Latest NOVELTIES in Mnall Stationery, used In every ofll( e.
Belug uow In business connection with one ot the largest Eastern PAPEIt FACTOR
IES, I can sell any and all Kinds of PAPER cheaper than any other house north of S. F.
I have now a Large stock of Legal Foolscap Paper, all weights ; BUI Paper, all sizes ;
TO different .kinds of .Letter and Note Paper.
Some very fine Writing Paper for the Ladles, In Liuen and all Colors, with Envelope?
to match.
5&,00 Business Envelopes. Just Received.
My Assortment of BOOKS, NOVELS, and READING MATTER Is well known to the
Public and my store Is the ONLY ONE where
People Can Find What They Want. -
Watches, cTocks, and Jewelry.
SOLID GOLD LADIES' and GENTLEMEN'S WATCHES in all Styles and Qualities- , ,.
The Celebrated Duber. Newport, and Keystone. Waltham, and Elgin Silver Watches
from 812.150 840 OO.
The Latest Styles of Gentleman's Solid Gold and Quartz Chains from S18. upward.
Also a Full Assortment of LADIES' JEWELRY : Diamond Finger Rings, Earrings and
Breastpins. Solid Gold Guard Chains, Neck Chains. Earrings and Breastpins, In sets or -single.
A Large Assortment of Plain Solid Gold Rings. Rings with Sets, such as Ame
thysts. Topaz. Cameo. On yx. Garnets. Emeralds, Rubies, andotht-r precious stones. -
Solid Gold Sleeve Buttons, Collar Buttons, Studs, Scarf Pins, Lockets and Chains, Em
blem Pins and Charms for all Orders. ,,,
Also a Complete Assortment of the Finest ROLL PLATE JEW KLR .
Solid Silver and Plated Ware.
Remember The Crystal Palace.
The Leading Book Store. -
New Goods for
Direct from the Manufacturers, Retailed at
Belnc In the Manufacturing Business I am prepaied to sell Clothing that will give
Perfect Fitting White Shirts, Medium and Fine Grade
Underwear, ffewest Styles iu Scarf-, and Tics.
Most Popular Remedy Sold.
Pnr pimnlea. BloteheE. Chronic Sores and
Diseases, Loss of Energy and Habitual Con- j
stlpation unequaieu. ueiiex uuwameeu.
Sold everywhere, 31. 6 bottles for $5.00.
Best San Francisco Houses and
Eastern Distilleries.
Tumblers Decanters, and All)
-All goods sold at San Francisco Prices.
Opposite -Parker House, Astoria, Oregon.
IBIfa;iytHTia;l;tifffciifi i
3c to 1 2c per yard.
1 5c to 40c per yard.
50c to $1.00 per yard. -
- Carl Adler. Proprietor.
Spring and Summer!
- - - - ASTOBIA.
I WilmSfding & Co., San FranciSCO.
Loeb & Co., Agents, Astoria.
l5iSBSS' rtjii i
i m 'WRgfti
BAiff-cmiictt " ' TJH ' T -mmm B