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Wj gjattjj dorian.
(Monday oxcptd
Terms of Subscription.
Served bv Carrier, per wei-k 1-iets.
Seuth M-tll. permoiit'i . ;iv-t.
" r ' one year -rT.'-o
Free of jo-.ta' to ubvriln rs.
Cs?Alveriitenients inserted bv the ve;iral
ttierateof?2persiumre per month. "Tran
sient atlvorl:inu flflv cm ". iiinn-. -a-J
Around the Oitv.
Ash "Wednesday.
D. H. Caswell is takin the school cen
HU9 in district No. 1.
The Janet McXeil and Berwir.tehire are
coining dowu the river.
The Grbtedalr, liavensluadalc and
Wingtonshire have arrived out.
The state Democratic central commit
tee meets in Portland to-morrow.
The penitential season of Lent begins
to-day and continues for fort days.
The Fleetwood came flying down from
Portland at one o'clock yesterday after
In. the scow suit yesterday the defend
ants were dismissed and the costs fell on
the prosecution.
The new slip in the rear of Foard
Stokes' store is completed and will be of
great convenience to tneir numerous cus
tomers. "Win. Loeb fc Co. havts succeeded in
building up a fine business in their line,
and are now supplying the trade with :i
superior quality of goods.
The Westport, which Frank L. Parker
chartered to take him to Portland, did
not get there till four o'clock Monday
morning. Mrs. Parker was buried yes
terday afternoon.
In school district No. 1 the second
grammar department (Miss Fields,
teacher) has won and still wears the ban
ner for the best record during the month
ending February 21.
From Mr. Lawrence, the telephone
agent, who goes to San Francisco to
day, it is learned that every wire of each
and every subscriber is a". special wire.
This is a cheering thought.
As if to make amends for the storms
of last week the weather yebterday was
all that could be desired. Overcoats
were unnecessary, and that stern man
date, "Shut the door,'" was unheard.
Considerable activity prevails at Clat
sop. Capt. Flavel, C. A. McGuire and
others have made a good deal of im
provement this season, and the coming
summer will seo more peopln there than
ever before.
The Columbia arrived in yesterday, the
Oregon got away after many trials and
tribulations. The State leaves out to
day, thus giving the Oregon a chance to
get in ahead of her. The Queen goes on
the southern route from San Francisco
to San Diego.
It is alleged that Horace Greeley onee
said that his idea of news would be that
whenever a hen laid an egg it should be
chronicled. Following the lead of the
sage of Chappaqua it may be stated that
the retail price of twelve of such lays is,
at present, forty cents.
In the thunder of commerce and the
hurrying over the bar of great vessels
let not the little craft be forgotten. The
Gen. Banning went to Gray's harbor with
freight and passengers; the Beda crossed
southward, and to-day the steam craft
Kate and Anna, and the A. B. Fields
Start for Yaquina.
Mr. Lawrence, the telephone agent, left
on the State yesterday. He easily secured
sufficient subscribers to warrant the in
troduction of the instruments, and the
work of placing them in positiou begins
next month. The close of 'S3 witnessed
the introduction of gas, water and an
electric fire alarm. The first improve
ment in '84 is the telephone.
Judge Runey, who has been down here
visiting friends and acquaintance for the
last week, returns this morning to his
Foley. Springs property which he will
shortly open for the reception of visitors
for the season. These springs are famous
for their curative properties, and any one
visiting them this summer will be sure cf
receiving cordial welcome from thfcir hos
pi table manager.
One of the largest and most enjoyable
church socials of the season was held in
the spacious parlors of E. C. Holden's
residence last evening. Music and reci
tations filled the earlier hours, a special
feature of the occasion being the presen
tation by members of the Presbyterian
church of Dore's edition of "Ye Ancient
Mariner,-' to Miss Katie Flavel, in partial
recognition of that young lady's kind
ness in officiating at the organ in the
Presbyterian choir.
A Knot. The knot, or nautical mile, is
variously recorded at from 5,125 to G,07o
feet. According to the standard of the
British admiralty, the knot is the length
of one minute of longitude at tne equa
tor, or C,033, 1,527 statue inches, or 1,855
metres. The mean length of latitude,
sometimes reckoned as a knot, is 5,076
feat, 1.151 statue mile, or 1,852 metres.
A marine league is three of these sea
K. of P. Great preparations are being
made in New Orleans for convening the
Supreme lodge, K. of P., of the world in
that city in April. It is said that ar
rangements of magnitude, that are to
ultimate in the reception and entertain
ment of 30,000 Knights have been under
the observations of and comment by the
Pythians of Louisiana. .The executive
committee, with the required subordinate
committees, have been zealously at work
for two months. Their first meeting in
Hew Orleans to report on the result of
their labors was the largest and most en
thusiastic assemblage of the order ever
witnessed in the south.
Smelt. Those little fish, the forerun
ners of their more pretentious brethren
the salmon, have begun their annual
pilgrimage up the Columbia. Every year
after a cold snap in the latter part of
February and when the west warm wind
blows clouds of moisture from the ocean
they come from no one knows where and
swim steadily al ong disdaining all efforts
to be caught till they get above Ska
mokawa. From there on they fall an
easy prey. They were first caught this
season at Eagle Cliff. Yesterday a few
were caught at Oak Point, and a day or
so more they will show up about Bush's
place. The manner of catching them is
very simple; just dip them out of the
water by the seine full. They are esteemed
& luxury, and the first catch always bring
.good prices in Portland and 'Astoria
markets. The first lot brought to Port
land and this city last Monday brought
fifteen cents a pound, and if one could
dip out a couple of hundred pounds every
Atlv rioht alone for three or four months.
and find sale for them at that figure he
-would be able to go on a vacation to
Oregon City, or McMinnville. But tho
flgh ana tne zancy prices paia xor inem
are alike evanescent, and by tho time tho
lordly salmon show their presence they
hayegreatly diminished in value.
Use Dimuiitt's Cough Balsam, at W. E.
Semen t & Co.'s.
JJoston Baked Beans and Brown Bread
every Sunday at JefTs from 5 a. m. to
2 P. H. -
Dimmitt's Cough Balsam never fails.
Try it, at W. E. Dement & Co.'s.
j When the little car that wears a collar
1 with 'I am TCu3ii Hob's dog' engraved
I on it, ran around smelling everywhere
j for something 'no get a hold of,' and j
J failed so manifestly, his cnrship didn't
j realize how vulnerable he was himself.
On the 22.1 inst the oditor of this;
,"pt?r received a letter from Portland
concerning one C. J. Cnrti
Iho writer'
offered for sale a certain judgment ob- j
taiued in Portland against this Curtis.
It was and is for 220 and coste, and the
rate of discount offered for a cash pur
chaser suggests iu the mind of the writer
faint hope that it would ever be paid.
This is the specimen importation froi.y
Aibiua who has to get the Sunday Jln
vttry to help him in his dirty attack on
men who never did him any wrong and
vtiiuuuly recognize his existence by the
stench he creates. If his employers don't
rid their paper of his blighting presence
soon t'.;jy will lose money even faster
than at present.
Machine Killed Cant.
On several occasions it has become ap
parent from the ku of English trade
journals that the svstem of machine
filling salmon cans is not meeting with
favor on the other side. The Grocers'
Gazette, of Loudon, says:
Orders for salmon from the country
during the we k have been very fair,
there is no change of importance in val
ues excepting lor maenme-packed, which
may be bought at Gd per case less, and
some brands even Is less than quoted last
week; this looks unhealthy, and we think
it is due iu a great measure to the unsat
isfactory turnout of machiitc-p.icked
liah, consequently dealers who havo net
their faces against the above have been
more inclined to stock up with good
brands packed in the old style, which has
somewhat enhanced the value of the lat
ter. A very objectionable feature of
these machine-pa cRed fish is that they
are turned inside out, and consequently
the skin is in the middle of the meat.
The Grocer say?: Salmon has moved off
less freely during the week, and portions
of recent consignments remain un
cleared, especially "machint. filled"' tins,
which are offering at 22s to 23? per case,
while -'hand filled" tins of British Co
lumbia fish realize 26s to 27s.
This is a question to which there are
two sides. Some of the most favored
brands ol Columbia river salmon were
machine filled in '83. they were examined
by experts here, in Portland and in San
Francisco and pronounced Al. The fill
ing is done cheaper, and the real trouble
is in the fact that there -'is nothing in
it" for the agents across the sea. The
clamor that the trade journals are mak
ing is a little like the attempt to "boom"
Frazer river salmon in Liverpool last
Tardiness In School.
Editou AsreiiiAX:
We had hoped it would not be neces
sary to say anything to the patrons of
our .school about tardiness. But we can
refrain no longer. We earnestly ask
your co-operation in suppressing unneces
sary absence and tardinas. If school
work is worth anything to our children
it s worthy their best efforts.
If the parents of children are indif
ferent about habits of promptness,
the true teacher is not. Nor can this
habit be overestimated iu a business
point of view.
Promptness, faithful, painstaking
effort in business life insures success.
Few, if any, possess these traits of
character iu childhood and youth. They
must be cultivated. We must begin with
the first months and vars of f-choo! life,
and persistently keep this thought before
tht child if wo would have him grow into
habits which will bo so much capital
when he is ready for the duties of man
hood. When we think of the goals of useful
ness which are waiting our girls and
ooys, if they develop mentally and mor
ally as they should during their -school
days, we wonder at the indifference of
some parents over the habits they form
during their school years.
If an education is not worth making
some sacrifice for its accomplishment,
by both parent and pupil, we can hope for
no liberal scholarship, no earnest work
from those who are taught in our public
schools. Yours, etc.,
Tho S. IU Meade.
The steamer Wellington, which arrived
this morning, reports that on Saturday
morning, before daylight, during a dense
fog thirty miles off the Columbia river,
she was run into by the ship S. li. Meade,
and damaged on the starboard quarter,
of the mizzenmast, above the main deck.
The Wellington lay by the ship until day
light, and found that her only damage
was her bowsprit gone. Both vessels
thon proceeded on their way. The cap
tain of the Wellington says his lights
were burning brightly and the whistle
blowing every three minutes, and the
ship is to blame. Victoria dispatch, 25.
The tug Columbia started out yester
day morning and found the Meade about
twenty-five miles to the north'ard. A
pilot was put on board and tho vessel will
probably be in to-day.
The School Meeting.
There was a somewhat larger attend
ance last evening than on the afternoon
previous at the school meeting in district
No. l's school house.
L. Hartwig was chairman and J. O.
Bozorth secretary. On motion of C. H.
Stockton it was ordered that the direc
tors be empowered to issue bonds to pay
balance due on school buildinc: it was
also moved that a committee of three
taxpayers be appointed to examine the
accounts of the district and report there
on at the next annual meeting on tho 3d
of next March. J. O. Bozorth read a re
port of the receipts and expenditures of
the building fund, showing that it re
mained necessary to raise about SS.100
additional. On motion the meeting ad
journed. Blacksmith Vnritut.
A blacksmith capable of doing gener
al work is wanted atSkipanon. Applv
to E. M. Grimes, or C. A. Maguire, Skip
anon. Extra Quality of Coal Oil
By the gallon, five gallon can or case,
to be lound at the Crockery store of
Jordan & Bozorth.
ForaU'eat Filling Boot
Jr Shoe, go to P. J. Goodmans, on Che
namus street, next door to 1. W. Case.
All goods of the best make and guaran
teed quality. A full stock; new giods
constantly arriving. Custom work.
John IVorton.
Please call at the Oregon Market and
j get your pay. ueo. txAxsz.
Dimmitt's Cough Balsam cures Croup
A Nasal Injector free with each
bottle of Shlloh's Catarrh Kemedy
Price 50 cents. Sold by W. E. Dement
Jeff says he gives two meals to any
other restaurant mau's one and can
prove it.
common council peooeedings.
Old Ordinances
Affirmed and
Sew Ones
The city council met in regular session
loef arnninn "T"nnr TTnmn in fVia Vin?r
Ca8e, Cleveland,
. . . , . - - ..,
J' .... . ., .. m 0
ancs. .u. mnion, cuy aiioruej., x. c.
Jewett, auditor and clerk and C. "W.
Loughri-y, chief of police.
The minutes of tho last meeting wore
read and approved.
A petition from Cedar street residents
Hfkiug for its improvement was referred
to Ktrti't committee.
A petition from the Sunset Telephone
Telegraph Company asking for franchise
anu privilege to put up wire, poies, eic,
was referred to street committee.
The name of Thos. Linville, was pro-
pord by Chief of Police Loughrey, to be
placed on the police force, was reierrea
to police committee.
The committee to whom was referred
th. matter of extending West oth street,
rejorted favorably; the report was de
bated at considerable length. The mat
ter was in the form of a question; should
the street be extended northward forty
feet from it.; iresnt terminus. The de
bate vus participated in by the council
and by f. W. Welch who stated that he
was part owner of the property; at the
time ot tne nre tne streets were paruauy
destreyed: that the landing would add
value to the property adjacent; that the
city need be to no expense in building
the street; anu tnat it was an analogous
case to any street improvement in any
other part of the city; that it
was a necessity as a matter of conveni
ence and that the requirements of the
cis" iuae: :t h public convenience. That
a landing f.r u aus was essential and that
the p-tition should bo granted. There
port was finally adopted.
The committeo to whom was
referred a petition, concerning the
reieal of a portion of 'the twelve o'clock
ordinance" reported recommending that
no portion of the ordinance be repealed
and that the chief of police be instructed
to enforce the ordinance without preju
dice. The report of the committee con
cerning this matter was adopted.
The reports of the police judge and
street superintendent for January were
adopted. Tho committee to whom was
referred tho matter of improvements
concerning fire matters as suggestep in
the mayor's message, made a report rec
ommending a change in the construction
of torts of fire trails, that cisterns be
placed in at least three different locali
ties for the u.e of the fire engines in case
of fire; that the bell tower be raised at
least eighteen ftvt and built up under
neath; that p huse carriage be purchased
of Preston, Knott & Co., of Chicago, and
making other suggestions in regard to fire
apparatus and equipments. The report
was adopted.
The committee to whom was referred
ordinances concerning houses of ill fume
and the city attorney's salary, reported
adversely, and the ordinances were
An ordinance entitled "An ordinance
providing for the licensing and regulating
of barrooms and drinking shops in the
city of Astoria," was read first and second
times and passed on third reading under
suspension of the rules It being discov
ered that the whole of the ordinance had
not been read, the whole business was
gone over again, and after the rules were
again suspended and the ordinance was
again read the third time it was finally
An ordinance making appropriation
out of the general fund to refund 150
to the Pythian Land and Building Asso
ciation, was read first and second times
and passed on third reading under sus
pension of the rules.
An ordiuunce concerning the licensing
of auctioneers, steamboat and board
ing house runner, was read first and sec
ond times and passed on third reading
under Mispension of tho rules.
The following claims wer ordered
paid: II. Dixon, $8; M. C. Crosby,
12.85; Astor House, 15; E. R. Hawes,
10.87; Mrs. O'Brien, 5; West Shore
Lumber Mills. 115.f."; S. J. Pitkin,
$2!t.70; Johanseu and Hill, 3.40; Inde
pendent, ll.".0; F. Pike, 1.70. Mrs.
O'Brien's claim of 20 was allowed by
unanimous vote.
The mayor anuouueed nominations as
being next in order, and said that for
city attorney he would nominate F. J.
Taylor. The vote on Mr. Taylor's con
firmation stood, ayes, U; noes, 2; the
nomination was not confirmed.
For city assessor George P. Wheeler
was placed in nomination and was con
firmed by a unanimous vote. On motion
council adjourned.
'Important, if True."
In a report from one of the canning
stations upon the Columbia river we see
it stated that the offal of the salmon can
ned, consisting as it largely does of tho
egg and milt of the fish, and thrown into
a convenient reservoir, had, in this rough
way, become self impregnated, and that
hundreds of millions of salmon fry had
thus been produced.
This, if true, presents a new phase of
this ever enlarging proposition of fish
culture. If the myrads of fish that are
every year supplied to the canneries can
also by this Casaran operation ba mado
to supply their own successors in bound
less profusion, we have only to make our
fish commission an adjunct to a cannery
to not merely supply but to overstock our
rivers, and the waters of tho globe.
The statement that this has been done
makes it worth further inquiry. And if
this thing is possible, and we see no rea
son to doubt it, with a very little atten
tion and at a trilling expenditure the
question of keeping up our supply of
salmon is solved without maintaining a
closi season or interfering in any way
with the constant employment of our
fishermen. San Jose, Cal., Mercury, 21.
That salmon hatch out in the vicinity
of the canneries every season in countless
myriads is an undoubted fact. That they
attain any size is extremely doubtful.
the water of the lower Columbia, its
temperature, the soil formation, the bed
of the river, its depth, the current, the
quality of the water and other matters
are all against the probability of the lit
tle salmon living.
Corsct-s and Underwear.
All the latest makes and styles of cor
sets and ladies underwear at Prael
Bros.' Empire store.
everyday from 4:30 to 8 o'clock. The
best 25-cenl meal in town; soup, fish,
seven kinds of meats, vegetables, pie,
pudding, etc. A glass of 3. F. Beer,
French Claret, tea or coffee Included.
All who have rrlwl him say Jeff Is the
At the Empire Store
You will find the finest laces and em
broideries, of richest quality.
Boats for Sale.
Jic Leathers has, two lino boats for
sale at the boat shop, one block west of
Hansen Bros.' mill.
Fine Dress Goods.
A splendid line of ladles dress goods Is
being displayed at the Empire store,
Arevou made miserable- by Indi
gestion. Constipation, Dizziness, Loss of
appetite. Yellow Skin? Shilbu's Vital
izer is a positive cure. For sain by W.
E. Dement.
The Rev. Geo. H. Thayer, of Bour
bon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife
owe our lives toSniLOH's Cohsumptiox
Cure." Sold by W. E. Dement.
In District Xo. 1, for Month Ending Febrn
rj 21, 1S8.
L S.-si.r
: 2!3H.5n"S
: : j :
3!2 r
' SuirJer Iteji.
t; Av A'o.
JJ SSggrSjs Btlcnginj.
H -4v. Daily
- i2SSH$ Attendance.
" Per Cent.
2 52332 Attendance.
Av. Daily
' wr!3. r Absence.
-4 OU-151
N dumber
2s"Sj: Remaining.
" No Catei
SSguru Tardy.
Names of pupils neither absent nor
Beatrice Gragg
liichard Prael
liozetta Sherman
Will McCormac
Lucy Nichols
Thad Trulliuger
Otto Parker
Katie McKean
Alice Stookton
Frank Crang
Charley DeForce
Hattie Dunning
Zoe Carruthers
Emma Devol
Georgia Badollett
Grace Carruthers
Daisy Goodell
Bertha Powell
Willie Tallant
Sallie Jones
Olga Heilborn
Jtossie Clinton
Curtis Perrie
Frank Brallier
Mande Saffarrans
Ella Tanger
Amy Powell
Annie Anderson
Sherman Prinnell
John Trulliuger
Willie Tucker
Leouie Cronk
Sadie Crang
Jennie Niohols
Katie Logan
Mary Monteith
"Weston Daggett
Agnes Stockton
Katie Monroe
Wm Trulliugsr
Max Berendes
Thomas Eawlings
Lemuel Howes
Alfred McClanahan
Charles Devol
Frank Bucker
Ethel Hunter.
Belle Cleveland
Jennie Monteith
Zenas Gross
Charlie "Wetherbee
Oscar Jackson
Bertha Devol
Christopher Ham-
Andrew McDuff
Mable Parker
Benjamin Coe
Nelson Borglund
Frank Curran
Amelia Hambacher
Minnie Hobson
Fred Itawlings.
Paul Badollet Seliua Houghton
Lucy Morton Helen Monteith
Jennie McClanahan Bobert McLean
Hila Tucker Mamie Stinson
Minnie Cleveland Jotty Campbell
Daisy Stockton Mnbol Hunter
Duncan McLean
yiusr rniMAUi DBPAimtmcr.
Kate McCue
Henry Snow
Emma Lovett
Alfred Cleveland
Archie McLean
James McEwau
Eddie Pitkin
Frank Veatch
Mamie Herbert
Alfred Babbiage
Mattie McDuff
Delia Herbert
David Beasley Eddie Hobson
Carrie Berendez George May
Harry May Annie Borglund
Dolly Campbell Chas Borglund
Chas Hpbson Bobert Smith
Leonard Stinson Arde Strom
Normal grade, Beatrice Gragg; 6 A
grade, Bertha Powell; 6 B grade, Olga
Heilbern: 5 A grade, Hattie Dunning; 4
A grade, Ella Tanger; 4 B grade, Jennie
Nichols; 3 A grade, Cora Bechau: 3B
grade, Amelia, Hambacher, Helen Mon
teith; 2 A grade, Albert Leighton, Frank
Veatch; 2 B grade, Olga Nordstrem: 1A
grade, Eddie Hobson; 1 B grade, Harry
J "W Newell, S F AS Forelle, Port
D N Brown, do J Monhimer, do
Mra Boss, city E Lingi, do
Mrs Daly, do V Cook, do
GWBowe,do "WH Morrow, do
A H Stone, Knappa GAHegelle, do
WH H Smith.Stevns C Pratt, do
N O'Connor, Fish B "W Bobson, Knapp
J O Young, Canby M W Bullard,
J B Johnston, do W Landing
J C Davis,. do F M Flye, Knappton
M Yocum, Str Miles H Sewell, Seaid
C Smith, do J P Austin, do
G BirMnshaw, do F Dhl, S F
H O Bishop, Albi E Simmer, do
CO Walker, Port Thos Norman, Knap
John Ellis, do EC Crow, do
AGirsch, do H Stone, do
P Titus, J D's J P Potter, Clifton
Thos Graves, city Otis Spear; Knapa
Hosiery, Hosiery, II osieryl
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childrens hosiery at Prael Bros'.
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nishing store.
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aUackmetack," a lasting and fra
grant perfume. Price 25 and 50 cents.
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ment & Co.'s.
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Roscoe Dixon's new eating house
Is now onen. Everything has been fit
ted up In first-class style, and hi well
known reputation as a caterer assures
all who like good things to eat, that at
his place they can be accommodated.
For Dyspepsia andLiver Complaint,
you have a printed jruarantee on every
bottle or Sniloh's vitalizer. It never
fails to cure. Sold by W. E, Dement
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always at band. It cures coughs, colds,
bronchitis, whooplnjc cough, croup, in
fluenza, consumption, and all throat and
lung complaints. 30 cents andl a bot
tle. -
All tho patent medicines advertised
in this paper, together with tho choicest
Eerfumory, and toilet articles, etc can
e bought at the lowest prices, at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite OcMden
hctol, Astoria.
Brace up the whole system with King
of the Blood, See Advertisement,
There 13 no telling in Portland when
the St. Paul train will get In not for a
week at any rate. About iwvontv miles
of Northern Pacific road is washed out
between Spokane and Ainsworth.
Antelope hunting has afforded great
sport iu some portions of Klamath coun
ty, Oregon, this winter. Large bands of
antelope congregate at the heads of the
different valleys where the snow is deep,
and fall an easy prey to tho hunter.
A genteman from Bath, Maine, writes
to the Olympia Transcript that quite a
number of good, reliahle youag men
from Maine will come to Washington
Territory iu tho spring. Most of them
baye some means and a good deal of
The log drive on the Nisqually river,
started last week, the rain having raised
the river sufficiently for that purpose.
The logs belong to the Tacoina Mill Co.,
who have nearly $22,000 invested in them.
There are also loggers' liens upon them
to the amount of several thousand dol
lars more. There is over three million
feet of fir timber in the drive.
L. D. Durgin, a well known nursery
man of Puyallup, committed suicide at
the residence of bheritT "Winsor, at New
Tacoma. on Thursday morning, by stab
bing himself in the heart with the blade
of a pair of shears. He was on his way
hope from Olympia where ho had been
drinking heavily for several weeks, and
was taken in charge by Sheriff Winsor.
So far only one woman has ventured
into tliB Coaur d'Alene mines, savs the
Walla Walla Statesman. She' ma3e the
trip in male attire, and wlien she changed
tier clothb.s and appeared in the conven
tional costume of her delightful sex,
great was the joy in Eagle City. The
lady will open a restaurant, it is said, and
will secure all the trade, whether she
giTes the boys anything to eat or not.
They are said to look upon her as though
she were an angel.
The Yreka Journal says: We learn
from Mr. A. H. Burrows, who arrived
here Sunday afternoon, that 1230 more
Chinamen came up from San Francisco
to work on the railroad above Bedding,
probably discharged from Oregon roach1,
going from Portland to San Francisco by
steamer. Instead of showing any signs
of quitting work, the California company
appears to be just commencing in earn
est, and now have about double the force
ever before employed. The men are evi
dently employed now so as to have them
well organized for spring operations, the
time when the ground can be worked to
the best advantage, by reason of not then
being baked hard by the influence of tho
beat at a later period of tha season. ' In
addition to the Chinamen from below,
large crowds pass through here almost
every day, with several more wagon loads
to come, and a Chinese agent has been
here for over a week securing all the
Chinamen possible in this vicinity, offer
ing $30 a month.
Fast sailing Schooner
153 tons register, will leave Astoria, on. or
Cray's Harbor.
She will take freight at Portland, and on
her teturn from Portland will leave Astoria.
For fuitber partlculats applv to
J. H. D. GkaY. Astoria, Oregon.
The new Steamer
A. OB. rFIjE3XjX.
.'. P. JOHANSEN, - Master
Will leave for TILLAMOOK, on
Vrhou Freight it Offered,
(Weather iwrralttlns.)
1 Ian apply to J. O. IICSTLEK. Main
.street Wharf. Astoria ; ALLEN & LEWIS.
Portland : J. L. STOGY Tillamook.
Carl Adler's
ob a
o U
8 9. h
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3 g.
5 OS pj
Carl Ailler.
2 fl
33 3
fc o
9 u m
rj C3 CJ
fU o p
N 5
M a
o S,
S p
Carl Adler's
or iee cords of hemlock bark.
Forpartlculanlnaulreattne xannexy
Dry Goods and Clothing.
PRICES in order to reduce previous to stock-taking
February 1st.
For the Next 30 Days
Furnishing Goods,
Hats and Caps
The Leading Dry Goods and Cothing
House of Astoria.
iSTFor special Dry Goods Advertisement see Daily Independent,
We will takH"onlen tor lumber from 100
to 500 3L, at the mill or deliveied.
We also manufacture lath and stilngles of
At quality.
Flooring a Specialty
Address all orders
S. C. I5KXN Kit. Sunt.
Scarf Pins. Chains, Watches,
Of every description.
The fluest stock of Jewelry in Astoria.
jyAH goods warrantedatreprtoeuted
Clothing and Gent's
gMt 8n Francisco Houses and
Eastern Distilleries. j
Tumblers Decanters, and All i
Kinds of Saloon Supplies.
EVAll goods sold at San Francisco Prices.
Opposite Parker Hook, Astoria. Oregon.
gmis C. Crosby
Dealer in
Iron Pipe and Fitting's,,
g?iri and Oooy,
Stop That Horse!
From Slipping.
George McLane x
Horseshoe from the Patent Office, far
the purpnoe of preventing all classes oibipfi
es fiom slipping on plank, or steep roedi: short with this shoe WIIX NOT
SLIP. A trial wi 1 conviuce anyone.
I keep Two Fii-Mi-fln h Mfce?ra la
my shop. Try the NEW SHOE. v
arNrriM and Contracted. Hf ew
a specialty.
No satisfaction no pay.
Furnishing Storii,
.r.Ei.rxu iJn
WHmerding & Co., SlD FniMJMt
. . p
LOeD b0., AjfintS, ASttTML
1 -'Jl ! PIT KvTA w-
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