The Daily Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1876-1883, August 01, 1883, Image 3

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Good weather for bacon.
Dan Caatello will show liere on
the 11th.
The tug Escort No. is towing
on the Sound.
Melons, both water and must are
in the market
F. T. Jordan returned yesterday
from San Francisco.
-The Idaho sails to-day with an
Alaska excursion party.
E. E. Chipman is prepared to do
all kinds of painting, etc. See adv.
Portland smoke is so thick that
river steamers must in a fog.
The Bonita is ofT for the icy
north and a cargo of whale oil and
The Australian steamer which
left San Francisco last Monday took
8.C00 cases salmon.
The Chehalis Nugget is received;
we have seen worse looking newspa
persbut not much worse.
-Invitations to attend the North
ern PaciGc celebration in Montana
on September 3d have been issued;
are you going?
The Gen. Milt will leave for
Tillamook at six o'clock next Wednes
day morning, and will return the same
day. See adr.
The St. Lucie with a cargo of
water pipe, is now out 140 days. The
Carrie Winslow from the same port,
is out 141 days.
The Northern Pacific Railroad
will not receive for transportation
liquors or wine of any kind con
signed to places within Indian reser
vations. The Queen arrived in yesterday
morning, the Columbia sails to-day;
the A. B. Field leaves Jot Tillamook
this morning at six; the Milts is due
from Gray's harbor this evening.
To-day all unsatisfied mortgages
go on the tax rolls of the several
counties. Jt will be trouble for the
county clerks and assessors in the
state, and a bonanza for the lawyers.
The camp meeting at Ocean Park
began last Thursday,and closes August
0th. To-morrow the Woman's Tem
perence Christian Association will hold
a meeting there, and Gov. Newell
will deliver an address.
At the last meeting of the Portland
board of trade $1,500 was subscribed
to aid in dredging St. Helens bar. A
committee was appointed to make
suitable preparation for the demon
strations of driving the last spike.
In our salmon report yesterday,
the pack of John West's cannery at
Hungry Harbor was placed at 12,000
cases. It should have been 16,000
cases. Any other inaccuracies, if any
exiBt, will be promptly corrected upon
The Wide West did not arrive
down till a quarter past two yester
day afternoon, the smoke on the river
making progress a matter of difficul
ty; the Fleetwood rounded to at liar
dock at 2:30. A large crowd boarded
the Sam and Canby immediately
upon arriving, and went down to the
The funeral f the late Capt.
Bochau took place from Masonic Hall
at half past two yesterdaj' afternoon.
The ceremonies were conducted by
the Masonic fraternity and were at
tended by a large concourse of people.
The shipping in the harbor wore their
flags at half mast in respect to the
memory of the deceased who was
widely known among shipmen.
A noticeable feature in the minor
details of growth is the constantly in
creasing number of vehicles. The
latest arrival came upon the Queen
yesterday. It is a two wheeled ar
rangement, is a model of comfort and
neatness, and when its owner, Capt.
Hustler, gets his three minute nag
Prince between the shafts, he will
have a turn out as good as the best.
As a pointed illustration of the
growing tendency of young men to
earn a livelihood by means of an edu
cation rather than by a trade, we de
sire to call attention to the fact that a
short time ago a prominent citizen of
jrortiana aavercisea ior a. iaa or man
to do copying for 15 a week. Ho
received 500 applications, the number
including doctors, lawyers, and gradu
ates of high schools, but not one, so
far as he could learn, who had a trade.
All were of unexceptionable character,
but they were disappointed profes
tional men who had learned all about
their bookB, but who had not learned
how to use their hands, and strange
to say in both these cases many of the
applicants were on the verge of desti
tution. Mercury.
Owinc to the creat demand for Elec
trie Belts, Dr. Afitchell will remain un
til Friday, August 3d. Call at Astor
House, room 1G.
Koscoc Dixon's new eating house
will be opened to-day. Everything
I5JC liWTI flttfill lin tn firat-nlocc cM'ln
and his well known reputation as a ca
terer assures all who like good things
to eat, Ihat at his place thev can be ac-
Of salmon the California Grocer
awl Canncr of the 28th ult says:
Columbia river Gsh are quotable for
carload lots, SL25(Sl,27i f. . b. in
San Francisco. The New York mar
ket is very dull, and the English mar
ket seems to be xn a condition more
favorable to Columbia products than
for a long tune past; advices from
there state that the Fraser river fish
of good quality have been exhausted
in that market, and that the detesta
ble quality of that which remains ne
cessitates a return of Columbia river
fish for marketable slock of uiKjnes
tenable quality. The arrivals of
salmon in Great Jiritain for the month
ending June 30, 1883, aggregate 45,
015 cases; for same month of "S2. 38,
800 cases: for same period 'SI, 48,703;
for s;x months ending June 30, 1SS3,
the arrivals of salmon in Grout Ilrit
ian were 424,013 cages: same period
of '82, 252,98.".; and tho some period
of '81 , 201,1 15. This argues either a
rapidly increased and increasing con
sumption of cannod salmon through
out the United Kingdom, or a present
orcrsupply. As our reports do not
confirm the latter hypothesis, the
former, by far more satisfactory
one, is also the more warrantable.
On the Sacramento, fish are run
ning sufficiently to induce some of
the canneries to keop open, and oth
ers keep their doors open from force
of habit or example. The rumor that
there would bo no fall pack on the
Sacramento river seems to be without
foundation, as we are informed that
no combination has been effected to
that end, and packers on the river
are convinced that packing will be con
ducted as usual at all canneries. Great
preparations are being made to catch
salmon next month for salting
purposes on the Sacramento river,
notwithstanding the penal code
makes it a misdemeanor to havo a
salmon in one's possession during the
month of August. Tanks capable of
holding 10,000 fish are being built
along the Sacramento river, and
fleets of boats and barges are being
made read' to engage in the business.
Fish Commissioner Redd ins reported
at a late meeting of the commission
ers that ho had consulted with Mr.
Bradford and W. T. Coloman & Co.,
and that they had expressed a willing
ness to contribute toward a fund for
the support of a detective force along
the Sacramento to prevent the pro
posed violation of ihe laws. A letter
from Collinsville staled that to pre
vent illegal fishing a detective force
was an absolute necessity, as an ordi
nary patrol would do no good, fisher
men having openly avowed their
intention of fishing uninterruptedly in
season or out, and in pursuance of this
intention had laid in a large stock of
salt. Five detectives were ordered to
be employed along the Sacramento
and its tributaries. It is proposed to
start a cannery at Santa Barbara for
the canning of all varieties of fish
taken on that portion of the coast.
There is no special news from the
Fraser river. It is estimated that the
pack on that river will bo 75,000
cases short of last season's, this being
what i3 known there as an off year.
For chief engineer of the Astoria
Fire department, Frank P. Hicks:
At the regular meeting of Rescue
Engine Company No. 2, hold at the
hall of the company July 2, 18S3,
Mr. Frank P. Uicks was nominated
for the position of chief engineer, and
wo would respectfully recommend him
to the firemen of this department for
such position.
R. F. Phaki., C. W. Flltox.
Se'cy. President.
Tho wheat fleet begins to drop in;
yesterday arrived the Abcrlcnmo,
Connor master, 75 days from New
castle, N. S. W. ; the Gnwuere, Thom
son master, DC days from Sydney,
and the llivcr Niih, Sheret master,
7G days from Newcastle. They are
all coal laden. The Grixedalc, Mc-
Lellan master, 114 days from Livcr-
erpool, is outside, and will probably
cross in to-day. J lie last named ves
sel has a general cargo aboard, and
made a very quick trip.
Beautiful Wouicii
are made palid and unattractivo by
functional irregularities, which Dr.
Pierce's "Favorite Prescription" will
infallibly cure. Thousands of testi
monials. By drucnists.
Waiter Wauled.
Apply to the Cosmopolitan Restaurant
on .Mam street.
Rooms to Kent.
Apply at Mrs. P. J. Goodman.
An Original Story.
The Oregon Vldettc of August -4 tli
win contain tno commencement or a
snlcntlid serial storv pntiilml ."Millie's
Confession; or, one "Love and Another,"
written by Georce 1. Wheeler oHhis
city. Every one should read it. The
Oregon Vidctte is published weekly,
and is only one dollar per year. The
cheapest weekly on the Pacific coast.
anm ior iu jvuuress
E. O. Noirrox & Co.,
Salem, Oregon
A bracelet; owner can have it by ap
plying to 1). l MACKKXZIK.
AveriH's mixed paints, the best in
use, for sale at J. W. Conn,s drug store,
opposite Occident Hotel.
The Peruvian syrup nas cured thou
sands who were suffering from dyspep
sia, debility, liver complaint, boils, hu
mors, female complaints, ete. Pamph
lets free to any address. Seth W. Fowl
&Soii Boston.
Xew stock of Hats received-at
Occident Store.
At an editorial convention the con- J
versation turned on typographical'
errors. Of course every man present
who had wielded a Faber for the pur
pose of lifting struggling humanity
into the upper strata, where the bright
sun of knowledge should illume tho
path, etc, had somo reminiscences
about certain typographical errors.
Joe Peters, of the Blowtown Bugle,
finally got the floor. "Gentlemen,"
said he, seo this scar across my left
cheek as big as a horseshoe; see this
crevasKe in my nose whence a portion
has been extracted; see the nynuiniug
hulf inch if my right ear; examine
this hand and wonder what became of '
the thumb and fourth finger; look .it '
this stiff leg. All this i the result of I
getting an "o" where'an 'V ought to J
be. I had occasion to report a case
in Squire Field's office and the evi-.
dence of one of the witnesses did not
tally very well with the others. This
was a big, burly man, a livery stable
keeper, '.tIio might be able to get away
witu oumvan. i incidentally re-i
marked that tho witness wa3 a vera
cious man. Well, gentlemen, wheni
the Bugle came out, the intelligent
compositor and equally intelligent
proof-reader had got it vora
cious. Tho livery stable man
saw it before I did, and walked
straight into tho ollice, and without
speaking a word he seized me by the I
hand and broke those fingers to they
had to be amputated; then he jabbed !
me against the wall with force enough
to knock out my front teeth, stopping
to inquire whether I still thought he
was voracious. Before I could an
swer, he bit off a piece oft" my car, and
asked if I took him for the fool who
undertook to eat eighteen goose eggs
in eighteen hours. Then ho slammed
me against tho imposing stono and
broke my leg, and mildly inquired if
he looked like a man who would
make a bet to assimilate a braco of
quail every day for six weeks. Be
fore 1 could recover from that assault
he landed an iron inkstand against my
jaw-bone, with the query whether
anybody had told me that ho was the
party who could digest a peck of raw
oyster at a sitting. As a parting sa
lute he bit a piece out of my nose and
left. After tho doctor had gathered
together what there w.n left of me
and set my broken bones, I asked for
a copy of the Bugle and discovered
what it wa3 that had made him mid."
'Did you sue him for damages?"
asked the crowd.
Not at all," said Peters. "1 had
got more damages than 1 wanted already."-
-Oil City DerricJ:.
Angling for an Acquaintance.
They met by chance beside a brook.
And neither knew the other,
Yet each with agitation shook
As though he'd found a brother.
One said: '-Come home with me to
You'll meet some friends, no doubt."
He was a wily fisherman :
Hi new-found friend a trout.
The consumption of salmou is
fairly satisfactory, bnt holders of
stocks are -showing a little more
anxiety to realize. Dealers are al
ready interested in the prospect of a
gocd supply of this season's catch,
and, although the past year has re
sulted in continued los3, there is a
charm in the trade which always en
courages dealers to prospective profits.
Tho latest quotations are 24-S Cd to
25s for Columbia river. Correspon
dent Lon-lon Grocer.
Tho market for preserved salmou
is flat, weak and depressed, there bo-
ing no demand worthy the name, no
stability in price3, and scarcely any
sales. Holders arc evidently over
loaded with unsold imports, which
ought to have been cleared oft mouths
ago, and, iu their anxiety to realize
their stocks of last season s fish before
the new conies in, thev are ready to
accept much lower prices. The deal
ers and the retailers, on the other
hand, refuse to be tempted into buy
ing, except on pretty much their own
terms, which would be nearly equiva
lent to purchasing Columbia river fish
at about the same rates as are asked
for Fraser river kinds; and whilst the
former gqpds, in the event of sales
taking place, would bo quoted 243, if
not less, the latter would be offering
in any quantity at 22s Cd to 23s Gd
por dozen tins. The London Grocer.
A Sufferer from Rheumatism.
1 limped about lor years wxtn a
cane, and could not bend down with
out excruciating pain. Parker's Gin
ger Tonic eflccted an actonishing cure
and keeps me well. It is infallible.
M. (Tmlfoyle, Bmghamton, x. i.
Look Here!
You are out a treat, and don't you for-
nct it. if you miss JEFF'S Dinner every
day irom r to s. soups, itsn, eignt Kinus
of meat, vegetables, pies, nuddinss, cof
fee, tea. wine, S. F. beer, or inilk. Din
ner 2T cents.
Shiloh's Couch aim Consumption
Cure is sold by us on guarantee. It
cures consumption. Sold by W. E. De
That Hacking Cough can be so
ouiekly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We
guarantee it. Sold by W.E. Dement
A dressing to beautify gray hair ev
ery family needs. Parker b Hair Bal
sam nevor fails to satisfy.
Honors Bros, nlatcd ware and Wost
enholm cutlery at Jordan & Bozorth's
new store..
After eating each meal take a dose
of Brown's Iron Bitters. It helps di
gestion, relieves the full feeling about
the stomach.
D.A.Mcintosh lias received a large
stoclc ot r me Clothing which he
special attention to.
Latest styles in Hats at the Occi
dent store.
Brace up the whole system with King
ui me -uioou. see Auveriiseinenu
Positive and
iDry Goods, Clotliii
Millinery, to.,
Sheriff 0' Neil's Bankrupt Store,
Corner Cnurotuly ami Main Ntrref.
This Afternoon
From 2 to 4 o'clock, and in the eveninifrom.7 to 9 o'clock..
Continuing til!
Billings vs. Villard.
A special to the Minneapolis Tribune
datod New York, July 18th, states
that rumors have reached there with
in a day or two from the northwest to
the effect that what is known as the
Billing3 party have .succeeded iu re
gaining possession ot a majority ol ttie
stock of the Northern Pacific railroad
company, and intend to use their
power at the next annual meeting in
September to retire Mr. Uenvy Vil
lard from the presidency and substi
tute Mr. Billings or some one io be
designated by him. The statement
conies from the line of the road that
Vice-President Oakes, who ha&hither-
to been considered the immediatu
lieutenant aud confidential represen
tative of President Villard, has been
making wholesale removals of em
ployes, including hirge numbers who
were supposed to enjoy the friend
ship of Mr. Villard. The action on
the part of Mr. Oakes has been inter
preted to mean that the days f Mr.
Villard'a control aro numbered, and
that the vice-president is acting in
view of the coming revolution. In
quiry here in New York among the
few official gentlemen who remain
during the dog days fall to confirm in
any degree whatever the rumor al
luded to. One prominent friend of
Mr. Villard in Wall street declares
that nothing eliort of an earthquake
could interfere with that gentleman's
hold upon the Northern Pacific, and
that there is no more prospect of his
going out of the management either
this year or the next than there is of
the road failing to be completed in
1883. The same party adds that Mr.
Billings is entirely content with the
present conduct of affairs and is not
scheming for a change.
I Know Whereof I Speak.
For I have used it extensively. I re
gard Parker's Ginger Tonic a most
excellent remedy for kidney, lung
and stomach disorders. It invigo
rates without intoxicating. J. Fran
cis, Heligio Philos. Journal, Chicago.
every day at 5 o'clock. Tlie best 2.i cent
meal in town; sou), usn, .seven kinds of
meats, vegetables, pie. nmliling. etc. A
glass of S. F. Beer, French Claret, tea or
coffee included. All who have tried
him say .Jeff is the "BOSS.
l'oralVcat Fitting; Iioot
Or Shoe, go to P. J. Goodmans, on Che
namus street, next door to I. W. Case.
rll r.oods of the best make and guaran
teed qualiiy. A full stock; new goods
constantly arriving. Custom work.
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia and
Liver Complai it '.' Shiloh's Vitalizer is
guaranteed to cure you
Sold by W.E.
Sleepless Nights, made miserable
by that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is
the remedy ior you. ."sold by . K. ue-
111 health generally comes from
lack of the proper life forces in the
blood. To restore tho blood to a
healthy state use Brown's Iron Hit
Catarrh cured, health and sweet
breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh Rem
edy. Price 50 cenh?, Masai Injector free.
For sale by W. E. Dement.
For lame Back, Side or Chest use
Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Prices 2.i cents.
For sale by w. is. Dement.
For the genuine J. 11. Cutter old
Bourbon, and the best ot riiies, liquors
and San Francisco beer, call at the Gem
opposite the bell tower, and see Camp-
Shiloh's Vitalizer is what you need
for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Diz
ziness ami an synipiouis oi uyspcpsia.
Price 10 and 73 cents per Itotlle. Sold
by W. E. Dement.
Croun. Whoonkng Cough and Bron
chltis immediately relieved by Shiloh's
cure. ioid uy w. is. Dement.
Further Notice.
Oldest Institution of Learn Inz on the
Coast. (G Students and 38 l'roressors
and Instructor.
i. College of Liberal Arts with four courses
it. College of Medicines. Portland Or.
a Woman's College, with Conservatory ol
Music and Art Department.
A. I'nlvorMty Academ. in which diplo
mas arp given for IIisinkss Couusk and
Tkaciikk's Coliisk. also for Preparatory
A young lady's tuition and board In Wo
man's College a srhool vear costs od'v S185.
A young man's board anil tuition a school
year costs only .SI.'O.
First term begins September 4. Send for
Catalogue toTHOS. VAN SCOY, President,
Salem, Oregon.
And will continue to WAVE until ALL in
this boasted land of Liberty are deprived of
the right to
After i-J o'clock midnight : then he will si
lently fold it up and depart for the Sacchar
inal Subsequently.
and 9. in blk 141 ; lots D, 7. 8 aud 9, In blk
91 : lots -I and 5. iu blk 81 : lots 5 aud o la blk
ol; lot 0. In blk 120 ; lots 2aud 4. in blk 117;
lot ti. in blk i:t'; lot I. in blk 4: cottage
house aud lot iu blk r.2 ; lot 1. m blk 11 with
all the improvements.
In Shively's Astoria, lots 9 and 10. In blk
."3 : lot fl. iu blk .V, ; lots r. and c. in blk 113.
7 blocks in Adair's east addition to Uppor
Lots 1 and i! in block Upper Astoria.
Iu Alderbrook we have some .splendid
lots, just the place for people with moderate
means to build a home.
We have also a 5-acre block in Hastier &
Aiken's, and farm and limber land adjacent
to the oil v.
Spiles for Sale.
We hae on hand sidles iu lengths from 25
to O) feet, anil c.ui furnish fiom one to live
thousand at short no! ice, at the market
i;ilA. 11. WILLIAMSON &uu
Iteal Estale and Commission Brokers.
lS-2vk Genevieve street.
Importer and wholesale dealer in
'izar and Tobaccos. Smokers' Articles,
i'iaj ins varus, cuiicry, in
tloncry. Etc.
The largest and finest stock of MEER
SCHAUM and AMBER COODS in the city.
'articular attention paid to orders from
the country.
Tiiko. BKACKEK. Manager.
ChenamiLS Street, Astoria. Oregon.
Cleaning Repairing.
Main Street, opposite N. Loeb'a.
Horseshoeing Establishment.
vices of a comnetent horseshoer from Il
linois, and will guarantee satisfaction in that
work. Cannery work and general black
smithing done at reasonable rates. Shop
near Kinney s cannery.
of Oregon, for Clatsop County.
Mary A. LeneHveber and C. Lelnenweb-
er l'laiutifis. vs. C. (1. Class, Defendant.
ToC. (!. i;iis. the above named delen
daht: In the name of the State of Oregon,
von are Herein required to appear ana an
swer the complaint tiled aruinst you In the
above entitled action, on, or oeiore luesuay.
August .tn. 1ST", saui uay ueing me ursi ua
of the next regular term of said Clrcui
Court : aud If you fall so to appear and an
swer for want tnereof the plaintiffs will take
iiulmnent nxainst von for the possession of
the premises ticscnuea in piainiin s com
plaint : to wit the premises situate in Clat
sop County, Oregon in sections twenty-five.
twenty-six. inirty-nve. ami minv-six. ana
known and described as the Donation Land
Claim of T. P. Powers and Mary Powars his
wue, saving aim excepting one nunureu ana
thirty-live acres oil the west side of said Do
nation Land Claim, together with the sum
of fifty dollars damages for withholding pos
session of said premises from plaintifts and
the further sum or eighty two 50-180, the
rents, issues and nrollts of said nremisas
and for the csts and disbursements of ac
This summons is served by publication
uiervtii in me ijaii.v astomax. pursuant
to an order made bv the Hon. A. S. Bennett.
Judge of said Court, which said order was
maue on Jiav mu, tsst.
Attorney for Plalntlfls,
Astoria, May 23th, 1SS3. wed
FraiiiM Ms,
The Leading- Dry Goods
Clothing House of Astoria,
T have jnst received a large consignment of Lace Curtains, and
Curtain Materials, in the newest designs, and would invite an inspec
tion from intending purchasers, confident that for rarity and Low Prices
Silks and Dress Goods,
We are showing on our Centre Counters a collection of the most
elaborate and richest Goods ever shown in this City,
All Silk Rhadames, Drap D'Almas
All Silk Poulards, Wool Surralis,
All Silk Ottomans, Satin Soleils,
Etc., Etc.
"We are now showing the Largest and most Eiegant Line of La
dies' Cloaks and "Wraps ever brought to this City.
Black Dolmans,
Trimmed with Lace, Fringe, and Gimp.
Black Silk Dolmans,
Lined and Trimmed with Guipure Lace and Gimp.
Fine Brocaded Satin Dolmans.
Handsomely Trimmed with Chenille Fringe.
Walking Jackets, Mantles, Ulsters and Dusters.
Shetland Shawls,
Evening Shawls,
Wool Shawls,
All Sizes and Colors.
We are showing, without doubt, the largest, and most complete,
stock of Mens', Youths', and Boys Clothing ever brought to Astoria
Largest Stock, Finest Coods.
Lowest Prices in Astoria.
At Capt. Kogers old stand, corner of I'ass
and Court Streets.
Ship and Cannery work. Horseshoeing.
Wagons made and repaired, (lood work
"We will take orders for luinuer from 100
to GOO 51., at the mlH or delivered.
We also manufacture lath and .shingles of
At quality.
Flooring a Specialty .
Address all orders
S. C, BKNKKit, Supt.
New Styles in Hats!
line ClotMni and Rents' Enrnislinr Boots
Received at the Occident Store.
d. a. Mcintosh,
The Leading
f. . d d
5 a
m m g .e
m I 35 g
H w I 1 5
SeasifleBaiery & Confectionery.
"VK7"JdL 2ri ?
Because my Goods are the Best,
and Always Fresh.
Cakes Candies etc., furnished for Wedding
parties, on short notice, and guaranteed to
give perfect satisfaction.
Cake ornamenting a specialty.
Opposite H. YV. flame's.
Largest Stock and Finest Goods
Ed. D. Curtis & Co.
iCarjels, llolstery
I Corner Benton and Squemoqua Street?,
East of the Court House.
i Astoria, - Oregon.