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gsltc ipaUu stxnSan.
Special council meeting to-night.
There are 200 prisoners in the
state penitentiary.
The Kale cD Anna arrived in from
Yaquina yesterday.
There -was a heavy fall of snow
on the Vehalem river last week.
E. C. Holden's auction sale will
be at eleven o'clock this morning.
The Fleetwood laid ever
day to have a new propeller put in.
Wild steora and inuley cows con
tinue to terrify Portland pedestrians.
The Seaside house will be put in
thorough order for the coming season.
H. Villard and party left Port
land yesterday for the N. 1. I. Tt.
Chas. S. Wright is about to build
a structure 20x40 on the lot oppo
site his residence.
Kbtes Upon the Accomplished
Famine-Breeders of Thisaud Oth
er Lands and Ages.
Portland's new hotel will occupy
a block, will be five stories in height,
and will contain 225 rooms.
Frank Burton was found dead m
his bed in Portland last Thursday
morning; chronic alcoholism.
Lieut. Williams, with n detach
ment of fifteen men of the 21st in
fantry, has taken up his quarters at
Fort Canbv.
H. B. Parker is building a new
barge 2-ixlOO. It will be finished tht3
week and will run in tow of the
Clara Parhcr.
T. W. Walters will preach his
farewell sermon in Astoria to-morrow,
and will leave for Colfax, W. T.,
earlv next week.
Thero will be service in the Cer
mau language in the Baptist church
to-morrow at 3 o'clock P. M. All are
cordially invited. Rer. A. Kreuter,
Building of all kinds continues;
new houses are going up on every
side; the present fine weather admits
of a good deal being done in the way
of outside work.
The run of salmon is slightly im
proving. Sales aro slow. The only
transactions noted during the week
were 10,000 cases last Monday, at
$L22i on the river.
It is thought that by the middle
of Juno the K. P. R. B. Co., will sell
tickets from Portland through to St.
Paul by rail and stago direct. Time,
five days; fare $120.
Professor Worthington, who died
suddenly at The Dalles last Thursday,
taught school here in former years,
and was held in kindly remembrance
by many of his former pupils.
Hundreds of thousands of cases of
salmon are being annually shipped to
feed the bloated aristocrats and effete
monarchists of Europe, while the
American sovereigns look supinely on
and see themselves robbed of their
birthright. Oregon City Enterprise.
F. B. Elberson while engaged
3'esterday morning in throwing some
planks on to a bank above, was struck
over the right temple by one of the
planks inflicting a severe though not
necessarilv dangerous wound.
There is an unconfirmed report
that work on the Kalama extension is
not to go south of Columbia City. At
present men and teams are working at
a point ten miles this side of Portland
on the St. Helens wagon road.
A. O. Yates, writing to this city
from Keatucca, Tillamook county,
says- "A sloop or Echooner was
totally wrecked a few days ago at Hay
stack rock, one mile from cape,
about forty mile3 from Tillamook.
Wreckage came ashore on the Little
Kestncca beach, five miles below, but
nothing has as yet been found to
indicate the name of the vessel. No
bodies have been recovered. Grego
man, 27.
The secretar3' of the Fireman's
Association of Oregon having received
permission from a majority of the
members of the board of directors.
announces the change of tho date of
the next meeting, to be held in that
city, from June 15 and 16 to Wednes
day and Thursday, June 13 and 14.
Salem has already pledged 1000 to
wards the prizes and defraying the ex
penses of the state firemen's tourna
ment, to be held at the same time.
Hotel Arrivals.
Adolph Rosenthal!, A E Raleigh,
H Bernstein, 1 G Pope, Gustaf Wil
son, Portland; Lounza Sawyer, San
Francisco; V Cook, Clifton; R Os
trand, Fisherton; J Kierman and
children, Pillar Rock; J Rusenstein,
Oakland Or; C Yarnura, Mrs Rick
nian, Miss Mitchell, Knappa.
W D Mendenfeld, S F; Mrs Leacey,
Mrs Stanacev, C Harrison, Portland;
B D Foster J G Foster, N Foster.
Cathlamet; D Lucey, Mishawaka; W
F Jackson, Fisherton; Miss Annie
Mooney, San Jose.
Delightful Ice cream at .Fabre's
Owner can have a sack of provisions
and sundries by calling at Frank Par
ker's store.
Xolce cream like Frank Fabre's
While America as a country is dem
onstrating her ability to feed the
world, not a few American citizens
aro, unless the contemporary press is
fearfully and wonderfully misinform
ed, engaged in a heroic attempt to
consume the surplus provisions of
the continent and starve out the mil
lions of Europe. A Chinese resident
of Pioche, Xev.. for instauce, has dis-
! tinguished himself by eating a four-
and-a-half pound chicken and nine
ye3ter- i,i c ..: .. ...i .. .-,.
I 'lulus ui iitc ai luiu iiicai. ah -a.mci-
ican of African descent at Brunswiek,
Ga., who had previously eaten eight
een shad at one meal, with bread in
proportion, was backed not long ago
to eat at a sitting twenty loavos of
bread and a dollar's worth of fat ba
con, and had made away with nine of
the loave3 and half of the meat when
the bystanders interfered. Henry
Edgerton, of Pearskils, L. I., is de
scribed as ha7ing ealen in an hour
and a half thirty-seven hard-boiled
eggs and two mince pies, the repast
being "washed down" the locution
is eminently proper when such a meal
is in question, but nowhere else, as it
makes one think of a sink with half
a gallon of ale. At Yandcrbilt Land
ing, S. 1., a tramp, to whom an un
suspicious philanthropist had given an
unlimited order upon a restaurant for
the assuaging of his appetite, devour
ed one plate each of mutton stew,
roast veal, corned beef with cabbage,
and roast lamb, two plates of salmon,
a plate of tomatoes, ajlobster-salad, an
applo pie and four hard-boiled eggs,
"topping off" with three bottles of
Scotch ale and a cigar. James O'Don
nell, of Madison, Iud., after eating a
quail a day for a month and then
doubling his ration, applied himself
seriously to such feasts of digestion as
the eating of two dozen goose-egs
in fifteen minutes, of agoo3C weighing
eleven and a half pounds, of five cans
of sardines in ten minutes and of three
dozen oysters rolled in brown sugar.
The late Peter Ellison, of Waterford,
X. Y. state, was a more accomplished
performer in a much more legitimate
field. He ate at one meal a twenty-onc-pound
turkey, with dressing and
bread, and wai named to devouer a
bird weighing twenty-three pounds,
but his opponent preferred to pay
forfeit. In a match at Snediker's
Long Island resort, the competttor to
take tho stakes who could eat the
most broiled spring chicken, this
great man was hailed the victor with
a score of 32 half-chickens, equal to
1G fowls. Mr. Ellison was not the
only great cater in Xew York. Tho
late Alexander Grant, of Kingston, 2s.
Y., never cared for a beefsteak that
weighed less than five pounds, and
when he dined demanded half a peck
of potatoes, a whole cibbage, a big
pie and a large pudding for his own
exclusive ealing,his.allowance being 20
pounds of solids and a gallon of coffee
or milk. Squire Carey, of Wallkill, is
credited with eating at one repast 400
clams and at another half a barrel of
shell oysters and thinks nothing of eat
ing half a gallon of raw oysters, with
crackers to match; his friends, who
know that his stomach is in tho right
place, will back him to assimilate six
quarts of these bivalves. Romulus
Lawson, of Allensville, X. C, is an
other famine-breeder of eminence, who
devours at one meal a three-eighths of
a mutton one and a half quarters!
two half-grown chickons, a pound of
bacon, five herrings, a ioaf of corn
bread, eighteen biscuits and a pound
of candy. Joshu Joynes, of Acco
mac Co., Ya., is a man of a stomach
almost as unbounded, who has, in an
hour and a half, disposed of a 'goose,
a chicken, fifteen pounds of pork,
twelve links of a Bologna sausage, a
peck of sweet potatoes, a dozen bis
cuitc, a mince pie and six cups of
strong coffee. For rivals to these
performers it is necessary to go back
to the beginning of the century in
England. Tho $Sporting Magazine re
corps that a wig-maker of Wantwick
ate in the space of an hour three
pounds of beefsteak, nearly a pound
of bacon, ten boiled egqs, a large
quantity of potatoes and a four-penny
loaf, drinkiug two gallons of ale and
porter during tho repast and seven
large glasses of brandy and water.
He was prepared to repeat the per
formance with the addftion of a wig
box full of pudding. A London cur
rier, wlioae name lias not ueen pre
served, made away in two hours with
three gills of lamp-oil, twenty raw
eggs with the sholls, a shilling's worth
of strong ale and a penny loaf soakea
in train-oil. Sporting annals tell that
Lord Barrymore, fired to emulation
bj' the account of a yokel who ate a
cabbage, a pound of salt and a cabbage-net
at a sitting, wagered that he
would produce a man who would de
vour a live cat, but it is not recorded
whether the match came off. Accord
ing to Fuller's "Worthies," Nicholas
Wood, of Harrison, in Kent, ate such
meals a3 a whole hog, with three pecks
of damsons, eighteen j'ards of black
pudding, eighty-four rabbits, thirty
dozen pigeons and a raw sheep, to
say nothing of the dinner prpvided
for thirty men. "Two loins of mut
ton and oue loin of veal," it is said,
"wero but as three sprats unto
Roscoe Dixon tells of two men
''One-armed Brown," an Indian
agent, and a drayman named Camp,
who came into his place in Portland,
several years ago; tho latter Roscoe
declares ate twenty-nine plates of oys
ters 32 on a plate drank lager beer
ad lib., and devoured crackers and
pickles, only ceasing to eat because
his one-armed friend declined to pay
for witnessing any further continuance
of the gastronomic feat. A promi
nent canncryinau of this city says that
he saw a man cat thirty-five fish-balls
at the Occident, the other day, but
all stories of prowess in the eating
line must yield to Phazn of glutton-
A complete Revolution has been inaugurated in the Prices of
Gooods since the advent of
Sheriff O'lTeil-'s Bankrupt Store.
"We sell goods at their Heal Value. We charge no fancy prices
ous memory, ;ho, it is alleged, ate a j such as the people of Astoria have, had i.nposed upon then before our
Bheep, two pigs and eighty loaves of
bread at one time and drank, with
the mes3, eight quarts of wine.
Thirty Cents worth oflTemperance
Ten years ago says the Washington
correspondent of the N. Y. Simi, Se
leucus Garfielde left congress and be
came a professional gambler; lost
night he died in a little room over a
cigar shop. The story of Garfielde's
life is that of a man who surrendered
absolutely to the temptations of Wash
ington. He wa3 born sixty-one years
ago in Vermont, went to Kentucky
when he was a boy, was graduated
from Augusta Collego in that state,
and began his active life as a lawyer.
When he was thirty years old he was
a member of the Kentucky legislature,
and a year later he was commissioned
to codify the laws of the State. In
18G0 he was receiver of public moneys
for Washington Territory, and in
18G9, after serving three years as surveyor-general,
he came to congress as
delegate. He was hero four years
and when his congressional career was
over he was a moral wreck. He had
lo3t his ambition, and was as dissolute
a gambler as lived in tho District of
Columbia. Cards had come to be the
passion of his life.
It is said that he left Kentucky and
wandered off into Washington Terri
tory, because he saw his doom if he
remained among the genial poker
players of his adopted state. He
fought against what he feared would
become his ruling passion, even to
the extent of giving up what promised
to be an exceptionally bright future,
but his surroundings in Washington
finally overcame him completely. His
fellow congressmen ruined him, and
ho lived for the rest of his days on the
vices of public men. No life in Wash
ington was lower than his. The men
and women who were his companions
wero of the very lowest stratum. For
years the man who had once promised
to be one of tho cleverest public men
uf Kentucky had not a single intimate
associate who did not belong to the
dangerous element 'of society. Ho
was always, however, a leader among
the people with whom he lived.
Although we have
Xott oralizeci tlx IVEo2?ol3.a,jCLts,
We foe! eonniltHit that we have
We have practical proof in that respect by our receipts which were
a hundred per cent.
Better than Our Utmost Expectations.
Now Shapes and Styles in MILLINERY
Domestics, Gents' and Soys' Clothing, and Furnishing Goods,
Cloaks, Dresses, and Dolmans, at
Sheriff 0' Neil's Bankrupt Store,
Corner Concomly and Main Streets, - ASTORIA, OREGON
Steamer Days.
Following is a resume of sailing
dates for oceau steamers for April and
May, steamers leaving Astoria aud
San Francisco every threo days:
Queen.....!uonday 30
Oregon ...Thursday 3
State Sunday
Queens-Saturday 12
Orejron Tuesday 15
stale a-nuay I?
coiutnDiaMoniiay ui
Queen... .Thursday 24
AT 10 A. 31. April
SUite Monday 30
ColumbiaThursday 3
Queen Sunday
OrrgonWi'dncsday a
State Saturday 12
Columbia-Tuesday 15
Queen- Friday 18
Oregon Monday 21
State .Thursday 24
Columbia Sunday 2T
State Wednesday 30QueerL."Veduela7 30
A competent dressmaker. Apply to
IVeir Iticli Blood.
The use of Oregon Blood Purifier.
CItnugc otnVatne.
On and after this date SJcfTs Variety
Chop House" will be called simply
"JKrl'TJ' UI1U1 llUUMi.
Bemember that hereafter you will
find Vegetables and Fruits of all kinds
at A. M. JOHNSON & CO5.
every day at f o'clock. The hest 25 cent
meal in town; soup, fish, seven kinds of
meats, vegetables, pic, pudding, etc. A
glass of S. F. ISeer, French Claret, tea or
coffee included. All who have tried
him say JeiT is the "BOSS."
Important .Notice to Fishermen
anil Other.
MEFF," of the CHOP H.OUSE. will
give you the BEST 2."-cent meal in town
for cash. Board by the week So, in ad
vance. Meals at any hour, day or night.
Hope for Jrnnkarils.
My husband had drunken habits he
could uot overcome until Parker's
Ginger Tonic took away hi3 thirst for
stimulants, restored his energy of
mind and gave him strength to at
tend to business. Cincinnati Lady.
Alaska Indiana .
With the exception of the Indians
of Cape Hope and Cape Prince of
Wales, the natives along the whole
coast are peaceable. Indeed, they
seem to have no weapons suitable for
war, all their implements being for
the chase or the preparation of food
and clothing. It hs been noticed
that the natives, both on the Ameri
can and Asiatic coast, have no relig
ious ideas and no conception of a God.
Darwin found the same state of mind
among the Patagonians, and recently
other absolutely Godless races have
been found. Among the Alaska
Indiani there is no idea of future life
or future punishment. Their idea of
retribution is confined to retribution
in ;his world provided tho injured
party is strong enough or has friends
enough to inflict retribution. If the
party committing, say, a murder, has
friends enough to protect hiin against
the friends of the murdered man, ho
feels happy for ho is not troubled
by conscience. Thero is no pre
tense of government among them,
and tho person who is at tho
head of the tribe expresses little or no
authority. He is merely respected as
the richest man, having accumulated
a few more plugs of tobacco and a few
more cant. of rum than any other oth
er person. But he dare not take a
chew of tobacco or go on a quiet spree
with his liquor. Ho hoards it up in
his tent, gloats over it, smells of the
rum and congratulates himself that
he is rich. But should another man
by a stroke of fortuno obtain a greater
store of goods than he has got, ho
would have to step down and out, and.
would probably celebrate his fall by a
grand blow-out in which navy plug
and watered alcohol would causo him
to forget his sorrows. Bulletin.
A. J. Clqltrie has removed Ins Har
ness Shop to the building on the road-
ami shoe store.
Nitrous Oxide Has.
Painless extraction of teeth at Dr.
LaForce's dental rooms over 1. W.
Case's store.
Fran It rnbre'.s Oyster and Chop
Those wishing a nice plate of Eastern or
.Shoalwater bay oysters cooked in any
style, or an early breakfast lteforr. going
aboard the boat, should call aud see
him. Fresh Eastern and Shoalwater
bay oysters received by every steamer.
An Old Man's Belief
Have used Parker's Ginger Tonic
for my bad cough and hemmorrhage I
h-'l twenty-five j'ears. 1 feel like an
other man since I used it. I am GG
years past. Believe it sure to cure
younger persons. A. Orner, Hiqh
spire, Pa.
Dr. Pierce's "Pellets" little liver
pills (sugar-coated) purify the blood,
speedily correct all disorders of the
liver, stomach, and bowells. By
The finest selection of Jewelry ever
seen in Astoria is bow on exhibition at
Gcsta.v Hansen's. If you contemplate
a purchase you will find styles and
prices to at the Leading Jewel
ry House of Astoria.
Is a word which should have no place
in any vocabulary. A man must have
ability to succeed, and a medical prepa
ration, merit. There is no luck about
SOZODOXT, It was sure to succeed
from the first, because it was good, and
did all that was claimed for it.
The following Operas just received
at Carl Adler's Music Stere:
Olivette. Madame Favart. Claude Du
val, Iolanthe, Manola, La Mascotte. Pa
tience. Pirates of Penzance, Merry War,
Barber de Seville, Day and Night, Boc-
cacio, Parsifal, Lucia ue Jjammcrnioor.
Also a large assortment ot latest in
strumental Music and Songs and
Laugh and Grow Pat
Oue is not apt to laugh and grow fat
if he is not fei'ling well. The legions
who, from habitual constipation, suffer
cnntantly from headaches, torpidity of
the liver, dullness, feverishness, sour
stomach, etc- can be persuaded to laugh
only after they have taken a few doses
of Syrup of Figs. Try It and see. For
sale by W. K. Dement & Co., Astoria.
Hodge. Jiavis fc Co- Wholesale
Agents, Portland, Oregon.
The finest pan roast in the city.
Where, oh where? At Frank Fabres.
Trimmed hats for SI, at Sheriff
O'NimPs Bankrupt Store.
For dressing the hair, and beautify
ing it when gray, nothing is so satis
factory as Parker s Hair Balsam.
Beware of fever and ague this coming
Summer, by the use of a few bottles
of Oregon Blood Purifier, this Spring.
Go to the O. K. Lodging House
corner West-iuh and Water streets.
Spring and Summer
Opening of New Goods
Mr. C. H. Cooper takes pleasure in
informing the public that his importations
of Spring and Summer Groocls are now
complete, and the general
Thursday, April 5th.
All are invited, and we will deem it
a pleasure to show goods without any im
portunity to purchase.
Dry Goods Clothing House
For the genuine J. II. Cutter old
Bourbon, and the best of wines, liquors
and San Francisco beer, call at the Gem
opposite the bell tower, and see Camp
bell. Will you suffer with Dyspepsia and
Liver Complaint ? Shiloh's vitalizer is
guaranteed to cure you. Sold by W. E.
The Peruvian syrup has cured thou
sands who were suffering from dyspep
sia, debility, liver complaint, boils, hu
mors, female complaints, etc Pamph
lets free to any address. Seth W. Fowl
&Sod Boston.
I3race up the whole system with King
of the Blood. Sco Advertisement.
All the patent medicines advertised
in this paper, together with the choicest
perfumery, and toilet articles, etc can
be bought at the lowest prices, at .J.
Conn's drug store.
he tel. Astoria.
opposite Octdpn
Fayal hats for 25 cents, at Sheriff
O'Xeil's Bankrupt Store.
Satins, all shades, at 50 cents, at
Sheriff O'Xeil's Bankrupt Store.
Langtry plaids 75 cents, at Sheriff
O'NeiPs Bankrupt Store.
Where so fast my friend? Why to
Frank Fabre's for a pan roast.
P. J. Goodman, on Chenamus btreet
has just received the latest and most
fashionable style of gents and ladies
boots, shoes, etc Agent in Astoria for
the famous Morrow shoes.
Catarrh cured, health and sweet
breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh Ttem
edy. PrleeO cents Masai Injector free.
For sale by W. E. Dement.
Shiloh's Cough and Consumption
Cure is sold by us on guarantee. It
cures consumption. Sold by W. K. De
Physicians attest: "Colukx's Li
quid jjeef is particularly useful m
Diptheria, Fever, and every deurcssing
Wilson & Fisher,
Iron, Steel, Coal, Anchors, Chains,
rVail.H. Copper IVnil.s and Burrs,
Shelf Hardware, Faints and Oils
Rubber and Hemp Packing of all Kinds.
VLOl'R AM) mill. FEED.
Agents for Salem Flouring Mills.
Corner Chenamus and Hamilton Street
Real Estate Dealers.
Iiim hiihimujhii in iiiii i.mmn
The Largest Assortment of
Ever Shown In Astoria, All the Leading an-1 St uidard Styles In Soft. Stiff, and Flexible
The Most Complete Line of Gents' Furnishing Goods
Foreign and American.
Summer Suitings. Fine Clothing.
The Leading
A general agency business transacted
Have Colum bfa City, Alderbrook, Astoria
and Seaside property for sale.
SeasifteBalcery & Confectionery.
Because my Goods are the Best,
and Always Fresh.
Cakes Candies etc., furnished for Wedding
parties, on short notice, and guaranteed to
give perfect satisfaction.
Cake ornamenting a specialty.
Opposite ii. IV. Hume's.
Importer and wholesale dealer lit
Clears nntl Tobaccos, Smokers' Articles,
Plajlaz Cards, Cutlery, Sta
tionery. Etc
The largest and finest stock of 5IEER
SCHAUMahd AMBER GOODS in the city.
Particular attention paid to orders from
the country,
Theo.BRACKER, Manager.
Chenamus Street, Astoria. Oregon.
''orner Chenamus and Cass streets.
North Pacific
Furniture Emporium.
Geo. A. Plca.sunce, - - Prep'r.
Cor. 5th and Alder Sts. - - Portland, Or.
Straw Beds, per doz. - - 510.
Spring Beds, each, - $5. to $15.
In Raw Silk, Carpet, and other coyerine,
From $10. to SI 5.
Samples of cover and particulars by mail
if desired.
A reliable means of eradicating lo
cal disease of the skin, viz.: Gluxn's
.StTLPniTB So.vr.
Hill's Haib axd Wiuskeb Dye.
SOcts. . "
i TTmvrm7 at, T?TnivrrT7 at,
AV.kJATX V 1 1 m m m XV, VI ft wJfc. V w 1 mm
ISTew Yorli; Novelty Store
Has to Move on the 1st of May,
And in order to save the breakage and damage in moving goods we will sell our entire stock
Consisting of
Baby Carriages, Bird Cages, Jewelry, and Silver "Ware, Clocks,
And' all theBrlc-a-Brac in our Store at
gtfm UF'arsaa.oijsoo w nolesale Prices
For the Balance of this Month only.
Come one and all, and convince yourselves that we mean business.
NEW YORK NOVELTY STORE, Cor. Chenamus.. and Main Streets.