The Daily Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1876-1883, December 14, 1882, Image 3

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e-y "-"- i r, ..
2!hc 3iilB stcrrian.
'Monday Excepted),
Asiitrian Building, Ccus Street.
Terms of Subscription :
rod by Carrier, per weefc.. -......-..25 Cents
-ot by mail, four months..... -.....-.5-3 00
ant by mail, one year...-...-..-.-. A 00
Free of Postage to Subscribers.
" Advertisements inserted by the year at
be rate of 1 50 per square per month.
Transient advertising, by the day or week,
5fty cents per square for each insertion.
J. V. Spraguo
position as general
has resigned his
manager of the
Northern Pacific railroad Co
Buckley takes his place.
J. M.
Capt. Hustler desires mention
made of the fact that to-morrow is the
last day of grace in which to pay
school taxes in this district.
Henry Miller, who was held in
$100 to appear as witness in the Itiley
Mordaunt case, was yesterday surren
dered by his bondsmen and confined
in jail,
The Seattle Herald says that a
large majority of citizens are in favor
of sending a delegation to Washing
ton to urge the admission of the ter
ritory into the Union.
Wm. Schuldt, former proprietor
of tho Mint saloon, died last Tuesday
night, of paralysis. He was a native
of Germany, aged 37 years. Tho fu
neral will tike placo from his lato
residence on Main street, at two
o'clock this afternoon.
Judge Deady, in Portland, and
Chief Justice Green, at New Tacoma,
have each issued temporary injunc
tions restraining tho N. P. R. R. Co.,
from interfering with or disturbing
the present business arrangements of
Wells, Fargo & Co.'s express company.
Engineers are surveying down the
Little Sandy to ascertain the feaii
bility of locating the road of the Ore
gon Short Line. It 13 thought that
road will cross tho Cascade mountains
about ten miles back of the Columbia
river, on a ridge that has been discov
ered, and then cross the Sandy about
four miles below Revenue's.
The body of the man lately
found near Knappa, upon examina
tion was declared not to be the re
mains of Goo. Birchard. Tho un-
ljnOWtt ntnii Jnl jnr taixon 3rvwncJ, n
light blue overshirt, and red under
shirt. He wore No. 7 boots with a
metal plate on heel. The remains were
buried near the place where found,
and marked, for future identification
if wished for.
The track of the Canadian Pa
cific railroad is now laid to the winter
terminus at Swift Current creek, 154
miles west of the later terminus at
Kegina, and 520 miles from Winni
peg, Manitoba. No more track will
be laid this year. It is understood
that the syndicate which owns this
road has bought tho Portage, West-
bourne & Northwestern road in Mani
toba, and will mako it a branch of the
Pacific road.
The scow "Adelaide," which was
delivering wood at Fort Stevens on
Saturday last, for J. H. D. Gray, con
tractor, was badly used up by the
atorm on Sunday, which tore her
away from the wharf and carried
away her bowsprit, somo of her sails,
and losing some wood. Tho captain,
to koop from going on to the beach
near Scarboro Hill, was compelled to
run into Chinook river, where she is
repairing and waiting a chance to get
Municipal Election.
The election for councilmen from
the first and second wards of thic city
took place yesterday. The rain fell
in torrents all day, thus preventing
a full vote. There was little difficulty
experienced in counting the vote, the
number of scratched tickets being far
less than at the June election- Below
is the result:
C. H. Cooper 101
A. A. Cleveland ". 139
Cooper's majority 22
C. J. Trenchard 141
J. M. Olson 64
Trenchard' majority 77
1 Ufetiee.
Tho New York Novelty Co. will have
a Grand Opening of the finest toys and
holiday goods ever brought to Astoria,
Saturday night. Corner Mam and Che
namu streets.
Ckristata Cards.
Th e most handsome Christmas cards
can be found at New York Novelty Co.,
corner Main and Chenamus sts.
If 5'ou want to buy a first-class organ,
jjHaranteed for 10 years, at a low figure,
call at the New York Novelty Co., cor.
Main and Chenamus streets.
The latest election returns say
Bathing about Christmas gifts, but
every one knows that Carl Adler Is sell
iBff kolklay goods of superb quality at
the lowest prices.
Toys, Christmas cards, albums, etc,
at Carl Adler's.
-A. coapetent woman wishes a situ-
aWtn to o Mousewonc ior a sraau iam
Jfy. Leave word at this office. St
Council Proceedings.
At the last regular meeting of the
J city council the report of the street
committee on tho petition of property
holders along the line (if Squemoqua
street asking the same to be widened
to fifty feet, was read, and on motion,
report was adopted. Tho reports of
street superintendent and police
judge were read and referred. An
ordinance making an appropriation
from the general and police dept.
fund for the-parpose of "paying inter
est on city bonds, board of city prison
ers, and salary of chief engineer and
oflicera of the city of Astoria for the
year 18S3, and unexpired portion of
1832," was read first and second times,
and referred to committee on ways
and means. An ordinance proriding
for the disposition by the auditor and
clerk of the printed copies of charter
and ordinances now in his possession
was read and referred to committee on
public property. An ordinance
authorizing the Electric Light Co. to
construct and maintain electric light
works in the city of Astoria and to
place wires or o:her conductors
through the streets of the city, was
read and referred to same committee.
An ordinauco granting similar privi
leges to the Astoria Gas Light com
pany was read and referred io same
committee. An ordinance authorizing
a contract to be made by the commit
tee on streets and public ways with
the Columbia Water Co., and granting
said company the right to construct
water works within the city, nnd to
Use the streets and public ways for
the purpose of laying pipes therein
was passed by a unanimous vote under
suspension of the rule?. The vote
upon the ordinance relating to the
Astoria Electric Light Co. was recon
sidered, and the ordinance was then
passed under suspension of the rules.
The same couree was pursued, in re
lation to tho vote upon the ordinance
rolativc to the Astoria Gas Light Ce:
that ordinance also being passed. The
claim of Thos. Logan for S7ii was
ordered paid. The rest of tho claims
weru refeired. Tho following resolu
tions offered by Councilman Case were
unanimously adepted: Jiesohfd; That
tho auditor and clerk be and is hereby
authorized to give due and legal
notice that tho city council proposts to
improve Squemoqua street, from the
east line of McCIure'a Astoria to the
west side of Cass street, by widening
to the width of fifty feet, and by
building sidewalks mi each side of
said street.
Riseited: That the auditor and
clerk bo and ho is hereby directed to
issue TrarrailtS ;iyniu:t tho I'suourty
holders along the lino of Astor street
for tho proposed improvement in said
street as levied by ordinance No -1S8.
On motion co'incil adjourned to meet
"on Friday evening, tho 22nd inst.
is past, and Dr. Pierce'a "Golden
Medical Discovery" will not raise the
dead, will not cure yen if your lungs
are almost wasted by consumption. It
is, however, unsurpassed both as a
pectoral and alterative, and will cure
obstinate and severe diseases of the
throat and lungs, coughs, and bron
chial affections. By virtue of its won
derful alterative properties it cleanses
and enriches the blood, cures pimples,
blotches, and eruptions, and causes
great eating ulcers to heal.
An invaluable strengthener for the
nerves, muscles, and digestive organs,
producing strength and appetite, is
Brown's Iron Bitters.
Tlic Wj-uians.
To-night the Wymans play Yakicat
Liberty JIall, and all those who wish to
get a good seat should go to J. E. Thom
as' Drug Store and secure them, as there
will be a big house. Yakie being one
Francisco. (California Theatre), it Is
undoubtedly the best work of its kind
ever written, and Wyman as a German
Dialect Comedian has no equal. So let's
give him a full house his opening night
m Astoria.
The Golden Kule Bazaar is full of
Christmas goods which will be sold In
accordance with the motto of the estab
lishment. Physicians' prescriptions carefully
compounded day or night at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite Occident
The best chocolate caramels Oerk
witz makes them. JTis he that makes
that splendid taffy. Opposite Bell tower.
Have you tried a stew or pan roast
as Frank Fabre cooks it? Order or.o and
you'll thank us for the advice.
The best selection of Xmas. New
Years and Birthday Cards ever shown
n the city at the City Book Store.
For the genuine J. II. Cutter old
Bourbonand the best of wines, liquors
and San Francisco beer, call at the Gem
opposite the bell tower, and see Camp
bell. Fresh supply of candies at Oerk
witz's Pioneer Candy Factory, opposite
Bell tower.
Look out for Holiday Books to ar
rive by to-day's steamer, at the City
Book Store.
Mr. John Kogcrs of the Central Mar
ket, has made arrangements to keep al
he finest fresh fish, etc., in their season
Furnished or unfurnished rooms
for rent; the finest in the city and ma
most desirable location. Inquire at As
tohian office.
Hallo! Where arc you going Why
to Frank Fabre's for a pan roast.
Wilhoit mineral water, fresh and
sparkling, at F. B. Elbcrson's.
Get your books at Adler's and get a
chance in his handsome prize, free of
By buying your silverware at Ad
ler's you will save money and may get
that beautiful present
Do j ou know that Adler is giving
away a fifty dollar present ? Buy a dol
lars worth and you may
Tne Printer and His Types-
A rainy day yesterday aud a dearth of
items sent us to the case with a "take"
of reprint, and looking at the stand
of type there arranged, we thought
what an epitomo of all human en
deavor lay in those one hundred and
fifty-two little boxes of bourgeois bo
fore us. Tho morning newspaper as
it flutters from the press into the
homes of its readers is a daily marvel
of ingenuity and enterprise, and rep
resents a wonderful combination of
industry unequaled in any depart
ment of human labor. The cast-off
cotton nnd linen clothing of a nation
is torn and shredded and dampened
into pulp and woven into a fair, smooth
paper that, yielding fo the clinging
embrace of the press, comes out a
carpet for thought to walk on, and
bearing a transcript of the history of
the world for one day. Those little
boxes,fullof "aV'and "b's" and"d's."
etc., if sentient, would grow cynical, as
do their manipulators, in daily mirror
ing the hopes and frailties and follies
of mankind, and even the most start
ling events of iifo would seem com
monplace to those little bits of metal
were they endowed with life, as in
the daily round of existence they set
forth the facts as they occur. Tho
printer stands there with th stick in
his hand and, liko an old-time inagi
ciau, calls out from the silence of
those inky little boxes everything in
life that is deemed worthy of chronicle
or observation. Now he sets up a line
advertising a stray puppy, and now a
lino announcing the death of an em
peror; next iothenotico of a marriage:
how fair tho bride looked and how
lovely were the bridesmaids, and an
hour after the same types, in different
form, give utterance to the last
sad memorials of respect for one
who is laid in the grave. What
sparkling wit, what iofty elo
quence, what forcible invective,
what glowing imagery of thought lie
in tho case before us! The stately
flow of Macaulay's martial poetry fall
into lino with regular click, tho stir
ring chronicle ot Napoleon's victorys
is ticked off letter by letter, and the
merry jest that shall make a thousand
men laugh at to-morrow's breakfast
table is picked up letter by letter, by
tho compositor who preserves the
same expression of countenance
whether settms un "LSoat .Lost," or
"Found Drowned." It would seem
tho same in the case we briefly treat
of as with the great world of animated
nature. A few drops of water, and a
ray of light, paints upon the radiant
heavens the brilliant but evanescent
rainbow that iades as we note its
many-colored beauty; a few of tho
elements contained in the soil are, by
the subtle alchemy of nature, trans
formed into tho gigantic tree; tho
same elements, with a slight ad
mixture of others constitute all we
admire in the stately man, or the
graceful weman: the waving field of
wheat, or the tossing billows of the
boundless sea. So with the types be
fore us, which seem to be the very
elements out of which all that lives in
story or in song is transmitted and
preserved, with this difference and
there is sadness in the thoaght that
that which to-day wo set in type will
live, as immortal and imperishable as
the elements themselves, but tho hand
and brain that dictates-and guides the
utterance of the thought will be re
solved into indistinguishable dust.
An enricher of the blood and puri
fier of the 8ystem;.cure8 lassitude and
lack of energy; such is Prown's Iron
ltcmoial! Removal!
About January 1st 1 will
Stove and Tin-shop Into
remove my
the rooms
now occupied by Joe Charters' barber
shop, on Chenamus street. Mv slock of
the best goods will be enlarged and my
facilities for doing all work in mv line
will be increased.
John A. Montoomkiiv.
To be Glrca Away.
A beautiful silver Pitcher. Goblet and
Tray, worth $50.00. Each purchaser of
one dollars worth of upwards will re
ceive a ticket entitling him to one
chance in this elegant set. at Adler's
Emporium, or The Golden Itule Bazar.
Oysters! Oysters!!
At Frank Fabre's; in every
Fresh from the beds every day.
City Beak Btere.
Any one
purchasing goods to the
amount of one dollar and upwards at
B. F. Stevens
Co's City book store
will get a ticket entitling him or her to
one chance in a
Sistgcr Sewing itfackiae,
warranted new and in good order. A
fine stock of holiday goods to select
from. This affords you a chance to get
a useful and valuable gift.
Dr. Welch, of Portland, has 'arrived
in the city and has taken rooms at the
Occident He will remain but ten days
and all desiring dental work done can
be attended to. He has a supply of ni
trous oxide, and will extract teeth with
out pain.
Sheet music in all the latest varieties
just received at Gustav Hansen's. Sonat
as, operas, waltzes and all tho popular
music of the day in stock. If you want
music for the piano, organ, violin, flute.
etc, you will find what you want at
Best cough candy at Oorkwitz's op
posite Bell tower.
P. J. Goodman, on Chenamus street,
has just received the latest and most
fashionable style of gents and ladies
boots, shoes, etc Agent in Astoria for
the famous Morrow shoes.
Dr Lockhart.
Book Store.
Office over City
Shoalwater bay evsters: fresh every
day, at Frank Fabre's.
Railroad from Portland to Kalama.
Having secured the right of way
through nearly all the lands on the
surveyed route, the Northern Pacific
Railroad company are now making;
preparations to build the line from t
rortlana to kalama. This will con
nect the entire system ef railways of
Oregon and Washington with Puget
Sound. The line is 39 miles long. It
WH "tart at tho site of tho proposed
Union depot in Couch's addition, run
north on North Front street to Wat
son's addition, a short distance west
of Weidler's sawmill; thence nearly
midway through the Sherlock prop
erty; thence between Guild's lake and
the Willamette river; through Spring
ville; thence near the foothills west of
Willamette slough. It will cut off one
corner of tho to.wn-site of St. Helens;
will run through Columbia City .about
100 feet back from the Columbia river,
and will terminate with an incline at
the foot of Deer island, opposite the
town of Kalama.
In the construction there will be
475,000 cubic yards of excavation,
45,000 yards of rock work, about
three miles of trastle, one shoit truss
bridge over Mill creek, and 270 acres
of clearing. Its cost will approximate
S." soon as the entire right of way
has been secured and this will prob
ably be accomplished by the end of
this month the company will adver
tise for proposals to do the grading,
and if bids are not satisfactory the
company will do the work. Little
progress can be made at the grade un
til the present shower is over say
April 15. Then the summer floods
will interfere with the work, so that
things cannet be pushed until early in
August. It is expected that the link
will be finished and ready for traffic
about the middle of next November.
Inclines will be built at Kalama
and at the terminus of the Portland
branch on the opposite shore of the
Columbia, a id cars will be transferred
by an iron ferryboat now in course of
construction in New York under the
supervision of Chief Engineer J. C.
Henderson. It will be shipped in sec
tions by rail or ocean, and put togeth
er here. Its capacity will be twenty
cars. Oregonian.
List of Letters
Remaining uncalled for in tho Post
office at Astoria, Oregon, December
13th 1882.
Bergstedt, P. E. McNeill, James
Clough, John Nash, A. P.
Ercele, Emilio Nelson, M.
Graham, John J. Pederson, Charles
Goggan, John Jticc, O. K.
King Mr. Shirley, Miss J. 15.
Lambert. John Whitnev, John
Miller, Henry J. - t
Persons calling for .these letters
must give the date they arc advertised.
LariieH Hnlrndid BarsauiH!
Mrs. Malcolm is closing out her
of embroideries at cost.
N o better bargains can be got any whei c.
Important Xotlrc.
A full Hue of artist's materials con
sisting of tube colors, .able hiudies,
picture varnishes, canvas. Jbc &c. Ev
erything an artht wants at
A.M. Johnson fcCo.
Frrftli Candy.
Made every day at John V. Classen's
Astoria Candy Factory. Creams, choco
late, French candy, taffy, etc. A line
assortment of holiday toys.
Mr. Litt reliable manufacturer, will
soon be here with elegant Cloaks at ."j0
pet cent, less than can be bought.
Try our Borax Soap made expressly
for us and guaranteed of superior qual
ity. Can be used for any purpose, and
will not injure the most delicate fabric.
A fine toilet soap.
A M. Johnson it Co.
For the Ladies.
Ladies suffering from sick headaches,
neuralgia, colds, fevers, indigestion and
habitual constipation will find Syrup of
Figs as effective in affording relief as it
is pleasant to the taste. It acts thorough
ly., yet gently, a very small (mantity suf-
nciug io reuiovu an uuiuruius lrum uiu
system and make one feel happier and
brighter. Large bottles for sale and trial
bottles free at Dement's Drug Store
Hodge Davis & Co., Wholesale Agents,
Portland Oregon.
w ! Avald BmkeHRt-.
Forbid intoxicating nostrums and
use Parker's Ginger Tonic in your
family. This delicious remedy never
intoxicates, is a true blood and brain
food, and aiding all the vital functions
never fails to invigorate.
To all who are suffering from the
errors and indiscretions of youth, nerv
ous weakness, earlv decay, lo
oss of man
hood. etc.. 1 will send a recipe that will
cure you FREE OF CI1A.
ISGE. This
great remedy was discovered by a mis:
sionary in South America. Send a self
addressed envelope to the Pev. Joskph
T. Ixman, Station D, Now York City.
The Japanese
Carry their tooth picks in their back hair
and always use them after eating any
thing. They take care of their teeth and
the teeth take care of their stomachs.
Use toothpicks freely, clean with SOZO
DONT, and bad teeth and breaths will
be scarce.
What YTaarea Shaald Tne.
Dyspepsia, weak back, despondency
and other troubles caused me fearful
suffering, but Parker's Ginger Tonic
makes me feel like a new being. A
great remc dy. Every woman should
use it. Mrs. Garitz, Pittsburg.
Avery complete assortment ot blank
books, all sizes, styles and prices at the
uity booK store.
'All the patent medicines advertised
in this paper, together with the choicest
perfumery, and toilet articles, etc-can
be bought at tho lowest prices, at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite Occiden
hctel, Astoria.
Fancy soaps and perfumery of all
kinds can be found at J. W. Conn's drug
store, opposite Occident hotel.
Several thousand dollars worth of
holiday foods at Carl Adler's,
At Frank Fabre's Oyster and Coffee
saloon, a waiter or waiteress. Wages
$30 per month, with board and lodging.
None but first-class help need apply.
Chcneillc; cords and tassels, lambre
quins, embroidery of latest styles, at M.
W. Gallick's. Some tine designs "in
table covers, chair strips, etc. These
goods arc of the finest quality.
Xotioe to the IjadieK.
Sw itches made from combings or cut
hair: new switches made to order
from the best imported hair, in any
shado desired. Old switches repaired.
All work warranted. Kates reasonable.
Call or address
UiiLENiiAjrr ifcScnoEXE,
Occident Hair dressing saloon, Asto
ria. Oregon.
-Fini'Oigans and pianos at Gustav
Hansen's. Call and examine.
New and beautiful designs in silver
ware at Adler's.
Shiloh's Cough and Consumption
Cure is sold by us on guarantee. It
cures, consumption. Spld by W. E. De
ment. Buy jour Christmas presents at Ad
Jer's and get a chance in a beautiful sil
ver Titcher, Goblet and Tray worth
fifty dollars.
For fine Havana, and domestic Ci
gars, such un the 'Commercial." "Flor
ile Cuba Delicious." ami the celebrated
"Calcutta" cigar, call at J. E. Thomas
The Peruvian syrup has cured thou
sands who were suffering from dyspep
sia, debility, liver complaint, boils, hu
mors, female complaints, etc. Pamph
lets free to any adures. Seth W. Fowl
vfcSoii- i;won.
That Hacking Cough can bo so
quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We
guarantee it. -Sold by W.E. Dement.
Get tluW splendid oiled horse cover.-,
and hoods at A. M. Joirxsox & Go's.
For lame Back, Side or Chest use
Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 2T cents.
For sale by W. E. Dement.
Catarrh cured, health and sweet
breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh Item-
edv. Price ."i0 cents, Masai Injector free.
For a!e by W. E. Dement.
Brace up the whole system with Kinj
of the Blood. See Advertisement.
Two front rooms, unfurnished : de
sirable location ; inquire of Alex. Camp
bell, ucm saloon.
Shiloh's Yitalizeris what you need
for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Diz
ziness ana all symptoms of Dyspepsia.
Price 10 and 7u cents per bottle. Sold
by W. E. Dement.
Shipper fc Ilybke. No. 11, Oak stree
Portland, are the bon ton tailors of the
Premature grayness avoided by us
ing Parker's Hair Balsam, distin
guished for its cleanliness andr per
fume. Will you suffer with Disnephia and
Liver Complaint ? Shiloh's " italizer is
guaranteed to cure you. Sold by W. E.
W. J. BABRY. Chief Engineer
F. 1. IIICKS lit As-st. Engineer
J. V.. CHARTERS .2d Asst. Engineer
ing fourth Monday in each month, at 7:30
i. M., at lull of Attoria Engine Company
No. l.
Okkiceks. C. J. Treuchanl. President;
A. A. Cleveland, Ssi-i-rotary ; F. L. .Parker,
Dklkoatfs. L.l Sclig.C. J. Trenchard,
Clias. Stickles, ot Astoria Engim Co. Xo. 1 ;
Win. McCnnnie, F. I- Parker, II. F. rrael,
or Rescue Engine Co. No. 2 : Ed. 1). Curtis.
F. J.TaIor. A. W. Kerry, of Alert Hook and
Ladder Co. No. 1.
ASToItU UXG1NK COJf J-l A 1"A". 1-.
Regular meeting llrt Monday in each
OFKirr.irs. V. "W. Parker. President ; L.
E. Selig, Secretin-: Win. Rock. Treasurer;
S. C. lngalls, Foreman : Clias. Wallman, 1st
Asst. Foreman : Henry Miller, 2d Asst. Fore
Regular meeting llrt Monday in each
Okkjceks. C. W. Fulton. President ;R. F.
rrael. secretary; T. I. Mcrryman, Ass't
Secretary : F. lu Parker. Treasurer: O. P.
Graham. Foreman ; II. F. Prael. lit Asst.
Foreman ; A. MrKcn.Ie. 2d Asst. Foreman.
Regular meeting second Monday in each
Okkickiis. J. O. Ro7orth. President ; C.
Brown, Secretary: ' Tuttle. Treasurer; F.
B. Elberson. Foreman : F. V. Ferguson. 1st
Asst. Foreman; .1. W. Ferchen, 2d Asst.
KJnney's Building, opposite D. K. Warren's
Drugs and Chemicals.
Toi et and Fancy Articles.
Z3T rrcNcnitinn carefully compounded
at all hours.
Wilmerding & Co., San Francisco.
Loeb & Co., Agents, Astoria.
Holiday Presents !
Dry Goods Clothing House
In order to meet the general demand for
useful Christmas Presents we have
just opened several cases of Holi
day goods comprising
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Handkerchiefs put up in hand
some French boxes, one half dozen in each,
' expressly for Christmas trade.
Ladies Rich Embroidered Handkerchiefs: Ladies' Real Lace Hand
kerchiefs; 50 dozen Gentlemen's Plain and Colored Silk
Handkerchiefs, in all the Latest designs.
PitrxcH. Satchels. Card Cajc.s. Bag. i!oTe Boxes, nBdkr
ehicr Boxes, Fancy Articles, Etc.
The above goods ;ire new ami are very choice, Loth iu stylo and quality.
Pearl, Ivory. Feather, and Lace,
Our assortment or fine Spanish Ince, Ifiehas, Scarfs and Col
lars, both in Black and Cream, is the best is the market.
Embroidered T.aee Fichus. Ties., Fine Irish Point T,ace Collars.
Having received from n manufacturer a late delivery of these goods, made of
the best material and handsomely trimmed, will be sold'at low prices.
New York Novelty Co.,
Toys, Dolls.. Fancy Goods, Albums. Stationery, Jewelry,
fMusical Instruments, Notions,
Cutlery, Christmas and New Year Cards, Christmas
Candles .and Ornaments.
Cor. Main f Chenamus Sts.
If you think there is any sauce in the world equal to the
justly celebrated
(The recipe of a retired well knoun Caterer of 25 years experience.)
It has received approbation wherever introduced, and although but a short time iu
the market It has already attained celebrity throughout the northwest. Being composed or
Strictly Pure and Strengthening Ingredients.
It is especially adapted for
Dyspepsia. Broken Down Constitution, and Weaknesses
of the Human System.
And the only sauce for enriching
Steaks, Gravies, Fish, Curries. Game, Soups, Etc., Etc.
One trial will suffice to prove its merits.
Beware of spurious imitations. "one genuine withont our full firm name on the label.
Sole Manufacturers and Proprietors, Portland, Oregon .
For sale by leaning Grocers and Druggists.
Cleaning Repairing.
Main Street, opposite N. Loch's.
a reasonable discount.
Office, Main street. Address P. O. bos Si,
Astoria, Clftteop Count y, Oregon, d-lwk wit
with a large variety of Fancy Fans.
a miatalo.
$500 Reward.
"We will pay the above reward for anj
or ease
c uead-
Liver Pills, when the directions are strictly
compiled with. They are purely Vegetable,
nnd nover fail to give satisfaction. Hogar
coated. Large boxes, containing 38 Pills, 2
cents. For sale by all Druggists. Beware of
counterfeits and imitations. The gennlBe
manufactured only byJoHXC.WsrCo..
"The Pill Maker' 181 and l&W.MadtaoB
St., Chicago. Free trial package seat fey
mail prepaid on receipt of a 3 cent stawp
W K. Dement, agent.
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