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miwitw ' -i: ii
The -Dniv Sst0r).im-.
; . --- Sarious Wounding of M A. Stcabb
At an early hour yesterday morning
A Hide to The Seaside.
AMoria Ice lepot.
En. Astekivn: Frank Fabreisnow prepared to Mip-
Lafet Satuiday I boarded ihe U. 11. ; ic with pure njonntaiu'ieeoulhe lirrni-
sTontA. flKKfiflMi
.... Police Officer M. A. Sieabh was shot X . Cos magnificent Mcamer S.. jises. . I'resh icccrcau crcp-day. JjaUs
WKPICKSDAV.. AUGUST :;u, island dangerously v.onndcd by Frank , Heed, at Astoria, foi a trip to tlnaea-'yjshoit notice.5'
; Home, .tlnua he was about to arrest ;sie. At 1:39 r. v. the lines were letj
at Steulian's Varieties. For some time j go and we tteamed down just the city,
FuraitfticMl KoontM to Let
.'Mr.ntlty Ercc-ite3j.
IM?m.isiiKi:s AMJ,x:oin:jn-oi:H.
Attft'Mti linildiirj. tits ll'&i.
Terms o f Subscription :
i bad fecHiijrs have existed between jfi out, around Smith's Point and head-f At Mr. Munson's liHlging house.
- Home and a voting man named .las. j ed for the mouth of Lewis and Clark; -
iT!ardit!cr. Ilorne plays the violin in river. Arriving at the landing, which J
iihe establishment and ("nrdiuer ou- is about two miles up the stream, at 2
I have purchased
an entire sample line
of the finest quality
of Hats and Caps at
A."ood-eabii5ct maker oneit work, s -m-i- irn ni'ion nilfi
.... : w.i:r.t.i.. i. i!ii;ni. ; in vit it lyiivv- in....
.,.., , ir i rii f n 'I -wM'i. iiiihiuiiuili(i - .' .. !. ... . j
.permtemts tne proper replacement oi t p. iM we mm one u .nmgc .ucumrebi Asioiia furniture store.
terms vi auuxwiiiiiun . I ., . ..,,,. .. mt I i t- i - I
the ten-pms m the bowling alley. The four-horse stages waning, which rc-i
mmSl"' diiliculty seems to be a di--1 minds ur? of earlier days before the'
' will sell for the next
,'Al) miKr TTn.ts
1 have about six hundred and fifty i . " J '
X od for Sale.
Frfio tf Potase t( :Milnwilier.-.
i ... . i iiini ot nr iipminoK
i the time gained the battel ed and sec- stage lines. As the landing was made for t.a?, a;"S:i7.-. per
.. t. -t . . tt r.i i .i . v - i. r iL . i... .4 r .. i imn hn.iu i.r.! t na fiinu ot r mnnr
jt v uHii, wib yei'r - "Mcuszion as u wnicu oi iasiHjauiwiuii in. , j,... - - -j i - .--.,-, "- ? .. .i.:i, i .m rn -i - i
?. i: t.ii.ninn.i...n w,ni0 '"W.1U ,"i",w.",,mJl l..v..." firm i nnQ or
aiav.- tii.. -. m. Kii"j, """jior easn ai ;;... per corn, i ViiiuiPiivrr '" h.j -- i.w
all inakearnsljfortbeir favorite the wn.1 tomy tnmer .foy $m pmn
111 IliU hlilC. ill till" IlilV iimh lll.
e-o- .-tilmrtisoaicnta inserted by tlio yoir nt j ond-haud affections of a huly who con
t.v mioftf SI 1-0 i' month. '!. r.i... rtf tlir- nriiiriiird rttii-nc-
i"rauuntartvcrti?inc,lc'tbod3y or vosU.tjomof tj)e lace.m(l ttllo 0jojce.s Jn . self in company with Mr. Geo. W.
nvcoct-ua:si)uaro for each insertion. : , . . 1J. ,. ,.',,...,, , r, u.i ... fii.TWi
l-: : r-: : the euphonious cognomen of "IJirdie. j idler and .las. H.dladay of J'mtlaml,
The Results.
. tffio nmlrmiiliiU ahiici frm the city can Tin. A-TOitMN" t'tlluic ilicm. Dvil.l
W kkk x.v f.litlon tt a.m Ht-irt,cc tcitlh
wii tdJlitbhtal jricnrc. Ailirff may.tic
ri-jyIns.fcK tif-lrat. Isarrunlcr at
tUt eniinthm rnrm.
-The east wind.
-Fire election next Monday.
- rintud prayer meeting this eieii--ing
in the M. 30. church, at half past
: Her coy blaudlshinenis had so won
. the susceptible feelings of Home that
!ih Dailv .sToniA- mil if .". n iu he declared that (ardmer should
leave, and displayed a nvocr. Gar
diner, not bt'ing just then supplied
with :i pihiol. ntteiiiplfd tt push Home
down felaii-s and then get away. Bui
he didn't push hard enough, for Home
recovered himself before he got to the
bottom and. drawing his revolver,
fired at Gardiner, the bullet taking ef
foci in the ileslry part .f the left arm.
A cry of ''police" was laised. and
Ollicer Steabb, who as on Ida regular
beat,-wa3 called in tu arrest Home.
-To-day is thi eleventh auveiwiiy taring to nice Him irlule mi
.f iho organisation of Aptoria Ensjino the stnira, Moalib ulunbeil up one ot
., v.. t the avminir smsts and .Waited in
---., -"'.. .
throuch the front wimlnu m Hib m'C-
,ciso( cost. Over 300
All peiou fei'ling dull and depivsel T JiY , ...- i4-Trlrvo fn
or poriiap? leverih with ill ilUl C II I fib-)' U IU
energv. the sxiein elocgeil. the liver j -, ,. i n
torimf. and the bowels iuaeiive. who are . ( h rHQO iVnill 1 )i 1 1
C.lioss, O. IX. & X. Go's freight clerk, ! wondering how to find n-hef. Mimdd .
, . . ,n -l i puiehase a fifty-eeni or a M bottle of. n4 ani.. ,ni vnf i
of Astoria. Twenty minutes rule I x-ru of Fins .read theeir.-uiar aionml Jell OULt illlU ii.ei l
Columbus Brown, inspector at Asto
ria, Judge J. Q. A. Bowlby, aud J.
-At the last meeting of iik- Board
of Fire Delegates the late election was
ratilied. The new oiliceivi will take
charge on the 1st of October.
- -We arc lequepted to sny thtt tho
leward ofl'ored for the recovery of
Frank "Brown's body was lift3- dollars,
and not one hundred, as slafed in
jeslerd.iy mornings issue.
oud story. As he got into the room
Home tired .it him, but without ef
fect, and Steabb returned the fire, tho
bullet striking him in the side and
passing just underneath the fikin, in
flicting a slight flesh wound. Home
then ran into the back part of the
building and bursting in one of the
doors, secreted himself. As Stcabb
brings us to :he intersection of the
Lewis and Clark aud the Skipanou
toad?, Icaiing Skipauon landing about
:; miles to the north. Here we leave
the thick timber aud come out on tho
beautiful plains of Clatsop, where we
pet' the farmer busy gathering in his
hay. oats, potatoes, etc. preparatory
for the winter. As we ride along we
see largo droves of sheep and herdi of
cattle. The driver kindly informs ns
il.,1 i. - aI.TsT itnn.lilAs wC tll.fc tklritllB
inui.iiijpvmi.-i i"uiii" l' '- v,... :,.,. Mi.nlf.t.. ...ii- I .h.v
the lifluie. iollon tlieuircetions. taking i i , -i i
a Mi- doses of this ph-ant renu-ly and j ) JH' O'ai II ( ) 1 Hie DOSS.
lie resionii 10 iieanii auu hi t. ii ! -
mav he liad or tt . h. Dement, uruiiist
wliti liasbeen appointed ag'iil for Asto
ria. I lodge. Davis ,fc t;t liolp-rde a:ent
Portland, Oregon.
Always Refrcshine.
A delicious odor : iiutuirleil by I
Flon'Ston Cologne, which U always
l.rJi.:.,,. nn .nii'A..i.n. r.. l 'a his wite, was pros' rated Us an intermit-
Jretrcshing, nojiiaOer how fiveK u.:-d. ,(.L fever, from hi.-h he was freed by
, - - -' the Uie of the native remedy, the Peru-
-llnoliupatlin. vlanhaik. or. :t it was called in the
P. S. Dorney, who "whooped .(j advanced along lhi cot ridor, Home
up" for our Democratic brethren hist j appeared and fired again, the bullet
.1 une, left on yesterday mornings boat striking -caWi ' e :iht breast,
for San Francisco. llcMva he wants Petrating the lung and Edging at
to help to elect Stoneman for Gov-!lhe Moulder blade about six 1Ilcie,
' below his right shoulder. Steabb put
.both his haudrt to his broist, .staggered
Dr. E. T. lialch, d South Bend,out (lf tll, 14,lse .1Ull m:;1 tl,B cgt ,lf
was among our callers yesterday. Hifl8 way tiu. Occident, where tho
tells of various improvements in liiaLatchuian ., t,:leh aM(1 hwl him
.section and was much pleased at tho imim.di:ifeiy ComoVcd to the hosi-ttal,
exueiuesoi piospemj ;u.u t-Hiorpnw Dr ij:,bt.r ,eig summuneUo attend
the wounded man. Home jumped
upin i yhed uuf, drojijisd underneath
tho planking of the dock, and made
his way along the under beach in i
water wakt deep past Gray's dock,
the Main treet wharf, and so on up
to CasoV steps at the foot of Cass
street, where he started for si house
on the roadway where his brother-in-law
lives. The entire police force
were immediately in pmsuit and
Policeman Hunter discovering his
whereabouts uotilicd Chief Liughrey,
who went up and found him in bed.
He was taken to the county jail.
Gardiner was carried by some of his
friends to the hospital. He has a
flesh wound in his righl shoulder aud
a bullet imbedded in his left hand.
He is not in any datigcr.
Steabb, the wounded otlicdr, better
known as 'Big Steve," is a large and
poivot fully bitik man, is a Dane, and
is married; his wife aud child were in
that our citv shows.
- Blood -red and shorn of his rays
the sanguinary sun sank lasi evening
into the waves of the Pacific, and tho
theimotneters that all day danced
among the nineties indicated more
comfortable figures.
-The British ship City of 2sebo has
100 tons of gas coa 1 aboard, intend
ed for Portland, but being billed for
Astoria, a special permit must bo ob
tained from Washington before the
transfer can be made.
aie wool, butter and cheese. Among
the many farms we pass is the "Farm
ers' Clatsop cream cheese factory,
owned '03- Mr. West, successor to Mr.
Butterlield. This place is about half
way, or 7 miles, from the landing to
the seaside. We arrive at the seaside
about h v. m. Here we find two ho
tels fitted up for the especial comfort
of the pleasure seeker. The ride of
l."i miles and the bracing sea breeze
having given all a good appetite, we
will adjourn for dinner and siy more
A Denial.
We. the undersigned lisheiiuen. whose
boats were lost on the trip to Grays
Jiai nor August :ami, nereoy ecriuy uiai
we exonorate Ir. J. W. Hume trout all
blame on account ot the disaster of that
date, aud that the statements in the ar-
liele-Ilear the Other Side" in Tin: As-
to r.i ax of August -J9th, signed by one
Clark Ilan.HMi, ate untre.
Giovanni Burmas, Peter Marciau,
John MardeS'ich. Carli Maletich.
Encrico Cccotti, I'eter Covaeevieh
Still Another Story.
uriunrv nnVetions. smarline. fieouent
or diflleuil urination, lcidnej diseases.
$1. at druggists. Oregon Depot. I. VIS
5 CO-Portland, Or.
Merchant Tailor. Hatter and Clothier.
Peruvian Hitter
tNnch.m.i Kulira.
The Count Ciwhnii was the Spanish
Vieeroj 11: lVru in lua. The Countess,
-1- T -p-! llllTUlllllMMimMIMMMItWt
MniiiiiMunmaiHHiiiaiiiMinKHiiUMiuimMiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiHmi w
For the next 30 Days
Unparalleled Bargains ! !
Dry Goods and Clothing !
qou,uuvj to ))e sold at a QREAT REOUGTIWI f
lansuasieot ihe eountrv. Ouinuuina
Grateful for her recovery, on her return
to Kuro'e-e in l::'- he introduced the
1 einedy in Spain, where it was known
1 " .-..- . ?, I z ...,.
. eailed it Cinchona, in honor of the lady
wlo hail hroushl them that which was
! more precious than the gold of thoTncas.
!'.. Ili, .!, ofi.t i lmcrk iif rwn linn.
To all ho arc suiTerim: from ihej .....iVrl. i,-. a-ieiiep lins iveii
us nuining 10 :ase its jiiace. it eueeiu
irrors and indiserelions "f vouth. ner
ou.s weakness. carl decay. los or man
hood, etc.. 1 will send a recipe that will
great remedy was discovered by a mis
sionarj hi South America, bend a. self
addressed envelope to the llev. .Imi:iui
T. Ixmam, .Station D, Xew York Citj.
VnviouN cntiHi.
Hoi, hotter, hottest; hottentot,
hottentotler, hottentotlest, hottcniot-
tisiinn; what have we done that those
torrid dwellers in the interior should
send down n sample of their sultry and
The Gen. Miles will leave Gray 'a
dock at live o'clock this morning for
Tillamook with freight and passen
gers for Hobsonville and Garibaldi.
If this hot weather continues, sen I attendance ai the hospital ward yes
excursions will be all tho go.
terday morning. He was a good
police olficer, and received the coward
it. olint wliiln 111 tlin fniflifi,! .licrltotvrr
face has so long been seen at C. H . , . . . . . , , , , ,
7 , , , , of his duly. At a late hour last
Coopers, went below on yesterdays , . .,
,. , . , evening he was resting easily,
stcamor to ban rrancisco. rrom .. i . .. :. .. .
,r . , . ,1 Despite the city ordinance it is a
there Air. ioung intends to go to' ... , ,
, ,,,,. , ; common practice to eatry concealed
Seattle, where he will onen a huge , ,
... , , , J weapons, aud a good many arc
clothing and drv goods store. . , .. . , . .. .
- : altogether too quick in maKing use of
Do not forf. to make vouv ar-i them. It is a bad state of affairs
when a policeman cannot arrest a pimp,
who has nothing but the form of a
nnn about him, without placing his
rangemenls io-day for tho Y. 31. C. A.
picnic aud excursion to Young's river
fallrj on tho favorite steamer Clara
Parker to-morrow. With such .splen- J lh"c in danger.
did weather and good company a
pleaeant iime for all is assured. . Another irciKtcrfti! lliNeovery!
AsTor.tA, Aiw. 'Ji lsJ-'.
Cnnei: Daily Astekian:
1 .see in to-day's i.ssue of your paper a
communication from Clark Hanson, re
garding the accidental drowning of An
drew and Amos Johnson while being
towed out on the barbv theius Gen.
Miles, on .Saturday. Aug. -Jfith. Mr.
Hanson has either been misinformed or
ho has wilfully misrepresented tho facts,
and in justice to Mr. Hume and Capt.
Whit comb 1 will say that 3Ir. Hume
paid tho samo price for the fare of his
fishermen, whether they lode en the
.steamer or in the boats and his object
iu requesting fnot ordering them, ex
cept a man that he did not want to uo iu
the boat.) was that should the tow lines
chafe, the men would bo in tho boat to
attend to the lines: and. as Cant. Whit-
comb ha? towed fishing Iwats to Tilla
mook.Shoalwater J'.a and Gray's Har
bor, with men iu them. ecral times,
he thoucht theie would he no danger in
doing so in this c:e. Hanson sas. ''no
man of ordinary common sense and un
derstanding, etc., would have attempted
to cross the Columbia bar w ilh a .string
of boats and their living freight, unpro
vided for cases of emergency. 1 do not
know whai he means as every boat had
an anchor and line and oais in it; if
they did not have two or three paira of
oars they could have had them by taking
them, as I know a pile of fifty or sivty
extra oar were put on the Miles,
and if the fishermen weresosmeof the
danger whv did they not cut the line
that held them to the steamer and let
go their anchors:1 They had every
thing in their boats except sails and
as there was no wind, -ails wouid have
dune no rood.
The bar was'not what pilots call break
ing, but a nasty chop caused uy me
tide running against the swell, and
twehe boats rode the swells all richt
aud were far enoinrh om to avoid the
white caps (or short breakers) that
eaiipi.t the. last boat aud capsized it in
an instant, diownuig the two men, who
were onl seen once atier they weie in
the water.
No one can rem et the death of these
men moic than Mr. Hume and Capt.
Whilcomb; not because thej were con
nected with the accident, hut because
Adtaiu'ini; ears care. -iriviie.s. dis
appointment, and hcieditarj predisposi
tion all operate to turn the hair gray,
and either of them inclines it tohort
prematurely. Ayj:i:s JIvti: Vu.ei: will
restore faded or gray. light or red hair
to a rich brown or deep" black, a ma
be defied. It softens and cleanses the
scalp, giving it a healthy action. It re
movi'S and cures dandruff and humors.
Uj its use falling hair is checked, and
anew growth will be produced iu all
cass, where the follicles are nol de
stroyed or the ulands decayed. IJsef-
r.-tifi .it., liofifil t ill!, t-lir.i-L-ti iiu lit-twli,-
Iweak. or sickly hair.on which a few ap
plications will produce the nlo-s and
freshness or oath, nannies-, ami sure j
in its operation, it is incoiiiparahk a-n i
drcssinir.and iscpecially valued tor the I
son iiisire auu riciinex 01 ione u im
parts. 1l contains neither oil uorde.
and v ill nol oil or eolor u bile j
ei 11 iauinir.; 011 me nan. :uiu Keeps 1:
fresh and vigorous.
Fei: S.m.k my . hi. Hi:ai.i.i:s.
ally cures a morbid appetite for stimu
lants. b restoring the natural tone of
tlu-.sti.niaeh. ItattacK-i excessive loe
of lupior as ii does a fever, and destroys alike. The jowerfuI tonic virtue
of the Cinchona is preserved in the
I'ermiaii Hitters, which areas effect ivo malarial fever to-lay as they
were iu the dajs of the old .Spanish
Yh-eiovs. We guarantee the ingredi
ents of hitters Jo be absolutely
pure, and of the he-t known quality.
A trial will s-.uisfj you that this is the
be,st hitler in the world. "The proof of
the nuddiug is in the eating.'' and we
willingly abide this lest. For sale by
all druggists, groccis and liquor dealers.
Ordrr it. l.oehfc Co., agents for Astoria.
"Jlackmelnck. a lasting aud fra
giaut perfume. Viice "" and oO cents.
si.Jdhx W. "K. Dement.
-Physicians preseiiptions earofully
(oiiijxiiinded i!:t or night at J. .
Conn's drug stoic, opnrsite Oceident
Ss.ife and profitable is ihe invest
ment of a few bottles of .Plunder's
Oregon l;lo-d Piuitiei: SnUt, because
it i a vegetable einnpoundpififitablc,
bec-ince it will diminish your doctor
Foi Dyspepsia andldver ('.i;i!aiut.
011 have a orinted unantulee on t-xeiv
bottle of M:iloh Yitalier. It uee'i j
fails to cure. Sold by A . h. wement j
Freslj ieecMTiin eerv uaj at i'mid. '
Fabre's. Families uppiid iu anj
quantlJv bj leaxing order. Also thej
liuest jsters cooked to order. Frank
eerj where as par excellence.
Shiloh's. Catanh l!euied a lo-i-tie
cure for Catanh. Diptheria and
Canker Mouth. .Sold by . K. Dement.
-If 011 want to.seea tine joli of me
chanical work, call and .see a s,-r of
idcklis-plate liieasiucs male ::l .!. .
Moutgonici.v'.s. Thev ilim't do .m but
firsts-lass work.
Uemember! Gu:xn"-.Si hMirnSuAr
resents all the advantages i.f sulphur
mths at a cheap rate.
'Hu.i.'.s I Ia 11: axii WnisKKi: Di 1 ."
.V els.
Have Wistar's balsam of wild eherr
alv.ajs at hand, it cures emighs eohls,
brouehilis, whouMiig cough, croup, in
fluona. consumption. and all throat and
ping complaint, ."fii cents amrM a bottle."
U has been licoveied within the
last few, das that the nicest place to
buy your fall stock of piovisinus j aj
A. 3t. Johnon.
It has also been discovered that the
largot and best lighted store is A. M.
.Johnson s.
! that he has nothing but tiivst
)! class goods at very low prices. Also
! lliot llio f1tili1tYli fivrt w'Mitixl fin iui,rwi
for this moist northwestern coast. :diatcly. Also that your goods are sent
to vonr house, on the instant, and the
Thero are 3301 members of the ladies know that it is the Cleanest
. . , rt , r it -i 1 ur 1 j grocery t 01 e in town, and please not
Ancient Order of United Working- forget it. A. M. JoiiXsox.
From paitics resident iu Pacific
county we learn that tho continued
drouth has seriously intctfered with
their operations, and in some places
the crops have been sufleiing in tho
want of ram; 'Tis a new experience
1 iiiiinai
These Goods are of the VERY BEST QUALITY, !
;md are offered at remarkably
Iiow Prices
Previous to the arrival of our FALL STOCK.
Let every one call and be convinced that we mean,
business, and that goods of the same quality were never
before offered at such low figures.
UfrAll the Upper Town busses will stop at this
store each way.
1 X L S
Astokia. August '2:5, ISS'2.
Din-in,; rhi- ttiv!. ir utire stock f
Cents Furnishing Goods,
ltiior.s .i siioks. Kt- F.te.
Tii make nxint for :i complete stock of
Hardware and Ship Chandlery.
i:nct-i ..ill hint m.i!i ilcstnitile ;ftK 111
llio IiI..idI :!l :t i-lnuirl low iuicfs.
Dress Making.
Happy Greeting to All !
The Empire Store
:V-I Hour to the Pythian Biillllnfc i
Is. iiou op-ii uilli :i vi ry selit and coiu!tetr stock oi
Dti O00OS I M0TIN9, j
Ladies' and Children's Shoes. :
Jfrs T. X. Jcwebt.
'.t siaiis, iiinhiiiii'
Mis. Knurrs llnai-tin
men in the jnribdiction of Oregon,
-Mr. C. 11. Conner inteiiiLs to lcac
Washington territory and British .,-'j,- i'iSf'S
Columbia. A jj.iin of SCO within the ! Francisco to ! in time for the arrival
Last year. Thirty deaths h.iv
curred durinjf the year, for which ,
tnf tln InN'ot nnclf-rn :mil I'urni.Mii tut.
S,vtIlf:n tv, lif.i. riYtr.ljl .,iibI... ..4
$2,000 lni3 been nam on each; making, posters.
$40,000 paid for death assessments,! ,r ". . "" ,
'. ' . . -,onsi i If youwanliiK-efieshlanl.or u.od
making a traction over l..0fl to tho JMiar-curcil ham. jut from tlm coun-
thf were acnuaintcd witJi tliem ami
wou' lirothor Xlason and Odd I'ellow.
.1. H. D.Ckay.
Skinny JIfii.
NYUs" Health Kenewer. Ahsolute
cure for nervous debility aud weakness
of thcuencrativo functions. SI, at drujj
UiMs. Oregon Depot. DAVIS A CO-
rorllaiKl. ur.
I. G. Daidui, photographer. Toil-!
laud, still n'iain the negative taken at '
Astoria hist year, and will furnish ilupli-j
eates from them on short uotiee. His,
Iandseapc views are much adiniivd and
in demand. dv. lui !
lMiysiciaiis proerilic Cii.ikn. lili:
uir.'s Liquid 1i:ki ami J'oxir Ixvn:
ouatoi: for the weak. worn, and dy;
jieptie. Tahcnonlhrr.
Whate'er besides on ehauee to want.
Ne'er fall slim t of MZODONT.
lint always keep it iu yoursiKht.
A source, of beauty and delight.
To cleanse your teeth till withottr--iiiil
ll... ... r.. .it.i:..,. . ...... 1..., ...i.. l
i l ,l u" vm -? i HPUVDAT ATFDPUAUmQli1
llraee up the whole sstem w ith Kiisi UHjliriltilil lILbllUliilllJJlUis
'trr.'r Clieuainiis .nut CaS.H siroet..
- - - OREGON
I. W. CASK,.
i.'.tron n.i: a.u w iiei.1uai.i: axu hp
fAll. iillAI.KK IX
Elegance and Purity.
Ladies who appreciate elegance and
purity arc usint Parlcer's Jlair Bal
sam, ft is the best article sold for rc-
of the Wood. See Advertisement.
jSPClerks conversant with the English, German, Scan
dinavian and French languages will be in attendance.
Astoria, Augital :, 1S.S-.
Whv will von ciiii!ii when ShilohV
Cure v.i'll "ive'immediate relief. 1'riee AST IKIA.
H)Ct50els;uirt."1. Sold h W'.li.Hi-
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l.Csoiis given in Wax and Taper! ii:i.i.i: in
llowers taught in tho latent st vie. A p-
rat,1,t' -'"--''- "Hav. Oats, Straw.
j When iu want pure drugs .ul ;
chemicals of any kind, go to .1. W
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beaut valid lustie
Ilon'l Iie in iht IIpUHc fiuir re'eived at V. A. Ma V. I
IVoott IeliiiTl to Order.
M. MEYER Proprietor.
teamer. Xo .sUile tnuIi. Cwr; Draying. Teaming and Express Business.
of Oregon aud ( aliforma fruit J J ' i
Ask druggisls for "JJocgh on Uat.s.' 11 J ahva j on hand. Horses ana Carriages for Hire.
, variety
Less Quantities, 30 Cents per Gallon
Bottled Beer, - - - S I fiO por Dozen
0"Sppcial attention ia!rt to enters from 1'uMle llonPd and FamUies.
eleais out nils, mice, Imllnms. roaches. .. .- .rrr.r,,,,, r, r,,,.,.r ..i.i
vermi,:. ants, inlets, jr ,ht bov.. noCnlamrfhe ffst o wine"! nnon!
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inombei. Journal.
jm inquire oj hoard A: mokcs
-Mocha eilTee, at A. M. Johnson.
try co to V.Y. Elberson's halu-ry.
and San Franeisoo beer, call at the (Jem
lower, and see t"am-
Are you made miserable by Indi-'opiKle jhebel'l t
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-Classen Jt Oerkwflz have bought the Cigars and Tobacco, Smoker's Ar- ..w.,.n.. -. ,irkUT .,
. I'. J..'ioodiiian. on t;iien:i!iiu.sireelj branch Candy store next to Stevens fr Mr. John lingers .Mar tides, Playing Cards, Cut- If Jl'li-,'luu A' uhi. a.
:Jias nisi receiven uie uuesr aim most Los booK store. ami win nereancr rnu .koi. n;i m.uu' .in;:ni;eiiieui ui m-eii ai ierv Etc Etc..
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FIRST 'Ij.SS I n c
IU. K. Gr. SfiCXTH.1
ImiKrtcr:ind holesale dealer in I
-Kabre'.s ice cream is the best.
' boots, shoes, etr. Agent in Asloria for hand
Tbe laoiesi and finest stock of Meerschaum
! the famous Monow sboe.
Fresh taffy and caramels every dayi
Ml.-. 1.. f.,r. II nil..,. ... f i . iiiiii.viiiin:ri;"isiii uir iru. i .iiiiiuui .u-
i I lie JiC.lieo. II. Inaver. of Hour- tnn, .n;,vinnr.i..iv ,--A,,:tin pn,intn-inH
What is nicer on a warm day than a bon, Ind., says: JJoth myself and vife vessel.
at4he Astoria Candv Faetory, Main St. Kemember t rank I abres icecream, dish of that exquisitely llavored ice pweourttyes toiMur.onsCoxsLM
Jons' i. CLASSES, j aiis uar cicfiiemre. i creanituat ranK x aore maKes .- iv,i,i.i.. oiu j i . r.. Yemeni.
I'henamus sireel, Astoila, Oregon
Orders left at the GERMAX1A P.EERI 11AU. will be promptly attended to..
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