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!'i:r.i.!-iirii- pl,i:ori:irTOi:-.
Tarms o? Subset i;twn : .iiideictl likely that freight will tun ,
rmrJbyCamor. rcrw&ek --''i exceed 'seventy shillings, and ov.-n
.k Z !i;on"yoar!Ll'IZr.'?i f.1 lr.ultful if they lunch that figure. j
Fre.- r,T Postaac to Subscriber.
c" .ivcrti-t'ients inserted bytho. inr h(
h ate of 51 . ior square per month. ' " J
IranjjentJtdvcrtMnK. by tbe Jar or week.ltrial was exemplified bv the crowd in J
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7iiL3 fVl ."( V V Uiwi !"- -V
Tin: Daii-v ASTOJMAX will be tail ha
nutilafZiecnt innalh.frcf. of portage. Head
er m'Jio contemplate aticncc from Vic city can
iiiiv Tin: Astokian follmr than, Daii.v
r Wkkkia fdilttm toanu purt-nfcr ictth
on midlUoiial crpcne. jltUlrc way be
Twinged ax often ok t1elrcd. Ixarc order at
the eountlna room. "
The Wolfe has 8000 capea salmon
aboard. The Jas. G. liain will clear
to-day with 20,000 cases.
Do you know of any city in the
noithwest, of Astoria's size or wealth,
that has no gas works?
-The Levi O. Burgess, Ullock and
Valparaiso have arrived at Queens
town; the Emily Chaplin has arrived
at Liverpool.
Twenty thousand dollars have
been apportioned to Oiegon for public
surveys, out of the 000,000 voted by
congress for that purpose.
The barge No. 1, of the Astoria
Transportation company, is expected
down to-da with half a million bricks
for the new Odd Fellow's building.
Lieut. Schwatka was
hist 'Wednesday to Miss Bracket t, of
Rock Island, Illinois, niece of Major
Brackott, at the residence of the
bride's parents.
La Mascotto was played io a
ciowded house last night. After tho
parts run smooth, and tho voice of the
prompter is heard les3 frequently it
will be a delightful opera th hear.
Columbia river salmon sells in
London at thirty-hvo cents a can.
This ought to afford an excellent
profit to the middle man. At London
figures the cargo now aboard the
Wallaceton would sell for $1,075,
200! !
We arc informed by parties
interested in the matter tliot a. pe
tition will be prepared in a few days,
praying the legislature to grant a
charter to the corporation about to be
organized, conveying the right of way
in tho case of the projected wagon
road to Clatsop.
Parties from Tillamook report
that all kinds of shellfish arc in abun
dauceatand near Garibaldi. Quahnugs,
razor-backs, blue clams, mussels,
crabs, oysters and other molluscs are
daily caught in largo quantities. The
Tillamook Packing company hare al
ready put up about one hundred bar
rels of salmon.
Tho Gen. Miles arrived back from
Tillamook yesterday . She brings sev-
oral passengers. To-day she starts
from John Daj''s river with a raft of
1,000,000 feet of logs for Portland.
This vessol Is fast getting up a reputa
tion for promptness and speed. She
will make another trip to Tillamook
in about eight or ten day.
- -Lieutenant Frank Greene, V. S.
signal corps, returned on Sunday
from a reconnoissance of tho telegraph
line between Astoria, Forts Canby and
Stevens. He reports the routo per
fectly practicable and easy for con
struction. Ho left again on Tuesday
for Port Townsend, for tho purpose of
viowing the route from that point to
Capo Flattery. He is expected to re
turn hero about Saturday. Vancouver
The Wheat Fleet of '82.
It is a noticeable fact that every day
vessels are arriving in which are not
listed, and, in a measure, are unex
pected. Usually, it is telegraphed
when a vessel leaves port for the Co
lumbia, and, in former years, some
thing liko an estimate could be made
of tho amount of tonnage on tho waj'.
This season uo procurable data is at
hand upon which any intelligent esti
mate can be made. 'Tis said that 'tis
for the purpose of preventing any
Mich calculation, that the movements
of vessels impart such a delightful
sense of novelty to every arrival. Ale-ii
who ought to know, say that the high
freights of last winter were greatly
due to the fact that evorythimj was
"gauged," nnd as tho wheat had to be
moved the freights had to be paid, no
",llei if they did go to ninety-two
shillings and bix-pcnce.
It is, on the contrary, the opinion
of others thai the high freights of last ;
winter woo owing simply t the f:t the stimilv tf vc!s was not
eual to the demand. IV that as it
jinny 'tis not at all likely that any such
'fancy charters can ho proeuied this
season as were flying at omid begging '
last Dc-ombtr. it is manifest thai j
there will b plciilv id veto's, and j
The Bain Trial.
manifested in this!
attendance at yestet day's .scsmoii. ;
The fourth day of the trial began by
an examination of nearly two dozen
different witnesses relative to the
character of the deceased; some of the
testimony was favorable, some un
favorable, on the whole it would seem
ab.uit evenly balanced. After this
had been finished a recess was taken
for the purpose of allowing the court
and jury to examine the "premises
where the act was comuiitcd, at eleven
o'clock couit having reassembled,
arguments began. V. 1). Winton,
associate counsel for the prosecution
opened for the state, lie held that
no bias or sympathy or personal con
sideration should have any part in
this case, the sole function of the jury
being to neigh the evidence adduced,
and under instruction from the couit
bring in a verdict that i, as their
judgment dictates, in accordance with
the facts, and consistent with justice,
lie claimed that the testimony estab
lished an existence of intent on the
part of the defendant, -ttiul that the plea
of self-defenco was rendered untenable
by reason of thcallegedfactthat he,(the
defendant) was the aggressor and bo-
marneituoie tnrowing mo ax expressed ins
i , . . I,-
intention to kill. 3Ir. Winlon spoke
for nil hour, and at the of his
remarks court adjourned to half-past
. Upon reatseinbling, the argument
for tho defense was begun by C. W.
Fulton, who, with Jnd E. C. Bro-
naugh and .1. Q. A. Bowlby. has con
ducted the defense throughout. Mr.
Fulton line of argument was that if
defendant thought that he was in dan
ger from deceased, he w:ls justified lit
taking such neceswiry precautions as
he saw fit at the time. He was not
of the opinion that tho charge was
justified by the facts of the c:tse, and
going into tho details of the case, took
up the testimoivy and commented upon
it. He spoke for an hour and was
listened to with intense interest bj' the
densely-packed assemblage. He ap
pealed to the jury to save the boy
from the gallows by bringing in a ver
dict of acquittal, believing that tho
true judgment of the case would
necessarily entail such result. Ho
was followed by Judge Bronaugh,
who argued first on points of law and
then defining tho grades of crime,
passed into an analysis of the testi
mony. Ho impeached tho validity
of the asset (ion that an ax was Jlnng
through the door, or that Bain
hit- Alexander in the face with a
stick on the occasion of his coming
out of the shop the Vccoud time. Fur
ther discussion of the testimony nnd
justified, tho counsel
claimed, his request that tho jury
weih well such evidence. Judge
Bronaugh made an affecting peroration
and claimed that to f-end the defend
ant to the penitential' would be to
blast his chances for life.
He was followed by District Attor
ney Caples, who closed for tho prose
cution. Mr. Caples reviewed the
entire case, and insisted that sympathy
had no part in tho esse and demanded
that justice be done. The whole
molancholy affair was gono over for
the last time in court, and at half past
four the district attorney concluded
his remarks. The judge then
charged tho jury, who were removed
in care xf tho sheriff to deliberate and
render a verdict. At twelve o'clock
last night they had not agreed upon a
verdict, and it was manifest that
there w.i a deadlock.
Will have Ice cream at Hooe's .Sat
urday evening and all day Sunday.
Occident Block.
Hpecial .Votire.
Attention i.s directed to the Annual
meeting of the O. F. L. & B. 'ociation
next Thursday. A full attendance is of
the utmost importance.
A. .H.
There will Ikj a .-pedal meeting. Sun
day, August 0th, at o'clock r. m for
the purpose of electing divi.-ion officers
for the ensuing year: also to transact
any business that may come belure the.
meeting. All member.- in good stand
ing aie sc queued to attend.
-M. F. Kki.i.'v . Seel'.
Novelties in household articles at
--The -Always handy' stovepipe
shelves at John A. Montgomery's.
Remarks from au "Old Citizen."
AsTontv, Aug. 17, 1SS2.
Ki. Asiidtt.w:
It is u good thing to h.ivc : high
opinion of ones self, ami lirnily believe
Uhat one is the high and mighty-know--
all and do-all, hut thtre is po-sihly
Mich a thing as carrying that fueling
to excess and make olios kvlf -omen hat
ridiculous The Ietar of .Mr. Win.
M:icCaim, of Liverpool, to the Roaid
of Trade is an illunvalion. The yen-
ileman may be actuated by the best .fl. , ,, .. ., nAVf
motive - , but paitly thn.nyh miipire- S III bClt K)l UlL, lit A I
heiw.ii. pcthaps mill partly through O (j (JayS QIll V, HatS
jllis overweening si-ii-enncvii, hc mis
written a letter which shows ignorance
1 - If - 1- 1 .
of the facts, w is a most wilful mis- !
representation, and calculated to give
towage here, nnd also the number of
disasters which have oecuri ed that the
Columbia river bar can bevsponsiblc'
I unnn.e the Portland board of!
trade and not Mr. MacCunn should bo
- . ...
held responsible for the statement that
there were five wrecks on the Colum
bia river bar within the past twelve
months, whereas there was but one
wresk which was in charge of a tug
boat; the bark Corsica and the Edith
Lorn went ashore in attempting to sail
out. That there were three or four
other vcssols lost at various points on
the coast, in the neighborhood of the
bar, without either tug or pilot, should
not be charged to the account of
the Columbia bar.
The next gross miirepivsentation
is in regard to the monopoly business,
leading shippers to believe there is a
monopoly here, granted by the state,
whereas the state has had nothing to
do with the towage business for up
wards of five years, and at the time it
did give a subsidy to encourago
parties to put tug boats on the
bar, it was universally conceded to
be a wise and beneficial .thing for a
state to do.
It is not my intention to hold forth
the idea that the present tug boats on
the bar will answer the purpose for all
time, but when I see such one-sided
articles in regard to the business as
appears in the Oregonian of the 10th
inst., and proceeding from such a re
spectable source, a regard for commer
cial decency and fair play induces mo
to protest against such unfairness.
Old CtTi.Kt.
The Deschutes River.
Tho Deschutes river is one of the
most romantic and beautiful sticams
in tho state. It rises on tho eastern
slope of ;he Cascades north of Mount
Thielsen in the northern part of Lake
county, Hows in a northeasterly direc
tion, a distance "of about 200 miles,
and empties into the Columbia a few
miles above The Dalles. It supplied
chiclly by the snows of these moun
tains, and is icy cold from its source
to the mouth. Over one hundred
miles of its length is through the
rough, wild and almost barren portion
of this county, known as the laa beds
and riiurocks, though in many places
it has valleys, which aro settled by
thrifty stockmen. It's truly aston
ishing to see the amount of water car
ried off through its channel. Its
depth docs not vary two feet during
the wholo year. Some of the wildest
and most magnificent scenery is found
along this stream, mairy views of which
have been taken, and aro now in the
possession of the citizens of this place.
It is not navigable for any great dist
ance in any place, on account of tho
extreme swiftness of its current. But
the most beautiful feature of this nng
niiiccni stream is the variety, and im
mense numbers of trout found in its
waters. Anyone but a murderer at
heart becomes ashamed of himself
after fishing in this river for a day or
two. Sixty fish an hour is very fair,
if not good angling, but this feat has
been accomplished in the Deschutes.
The fish are trout, no other kind ever
being caught, except an occasional
Avhite fiah. Thcso trout vary in length
from six to eighteen inches, embracing
the soveral varieties of mountain
trout, silver-sides, red-sides and sal
mon trout. From its source to a dis
tance of pcihaps a hundred miles, it
is a continuous tonent a series of
cataracts and falls. In many places for
miles its banks are over a hundred feel
iu height, in some places rising per
pendicularly one hundred and titty,
or two hundred feet. PrincW' Vciv.
Mr. .lohn Rogers of the Central Mar
ket. ha- made arrangements to keep al
he finest fre.sli hsli, etc., in ineir sca.-on
1. J. Goodman, on Chenaiuus street.
has just received the latest and mosti
fashionable stylo of gents and ladies i of live to seven room-, for fain
boots, .shoes, etc. Agent in Astoria for y of two. For a suitable house a good
the famous Morrow shoes. rent will be paid. Applv to tin- Ouice.
1' iitiit received at C.A.May's by
everv .-teamer. No stale trash. Every
variety of Oregon and California fruit
always on hand.
Fabre's ice cream is the best.
Fine, cutlery at Carl Adlcrs.
Mocha coffee, at A. M. Johnson's.
I have purchase i
j Ollfil'C SciTUplC HlK
,, . p . ,..
01 1 HG IlllGSu (UcMll'
(' T-T.f 1n(l 011') l"
'" I
V OWIl 1)1100, JllHl
i f '
i& 110 V 1")S tit pl'lCCS
- v,nY uoi Mll FrqiJ-
' "
-iv t , i i j
U.1 1 IA-1 C 1 1 1 our VvD i v
qJi,qqcq 11011). 011 1
at OllCe cllld Gt H.
3UE. X. X-L-A-IPtfT,
Mt-ichant Tailor, Hatter and Clothier.
1'et'UViun Hitter
Ciacbona Kubra.
The Count Cinchon vra the .Spaniel
Viceroy in Peru in H5.T0. The Counter,
his wife, was prostrated 13' an intermit
tent fever, from which she was freed by
the use of the native remedy, the Peru
vian bark, or. a it was called in the
language ol the country, 'Quinquina.
Grateful for her recovery, on her return
to Europe hi !(, she introduced the
remedy m Spain, where it was known
under virions names, until Linna-iiN
rnllril U fiiiplinnn. in honor of the htttv
who had brought them that which was!
more precious man me gom oi i ne inea-..
To this day, 'after a lapse of two hun
dred and fiftv years, science has given
ns nothing to take Its place. It eirectu
nllv cures a morbid appetite for .stimu
lants, by restoring the natural tone of
the stomach. It attacks excessive love
of liquor as it does a fever, and destroys
both alike. The powerful tonic virtue
of the Cinchona is preserved in the
Peruvian Bitters, which are as effecthe
against malarial fever to-day as they
were in the days of the old Spanish
Viceroys. We guarantee the ingredi
ents of thee bitters to be absolutely
pure, and of the bet known quality.
A trial will atify you that this i- the
bet bitter in the world. "The proof of
the mnldimr is in 1he eatiif-'. and we
! willingly abide this test. For sale by
all druggists, grocers aim liquor dealers.
Order it. Loeb &Co., agents for Astoria.
A CIti.
To all who are suffering from the
errors and indiscretions of youth, nerv
ous weakness, early decay. los of man
hood, etc., 1 will send a recipe that will
cure you FJIEE OF UHAI'GE. This
great remedy was discovered by a mis
sionary in South America. Send a elf
addressed envelope to the J'ev. .Ioski-h
T. Ixmam, Station 1), New York City.
It Never Fails.
If all other remedies have failed In
afford relief there is one that will never
disappoint you, and that one is Syrup of
Fig--. The -trong ami the weak alike
find it powerful for good. 1 Iai inlc-.s, yet
thorough, always giving strength to the
bowels, so that regular habits may be
formed and the sy.-tem lc-tored to a
licalth condition. Kach half dollar
bottle contains from twenty to thirty
average do-e-. and the dollar bottles
more than double. For ?alo by W. K.
Dement. Druggist, who ha- been ap
pointed agent for Astoria.
Hodge. Davis & Co.. wholesale agents
Poi Hand. Oregon.
Skinny Men.
Well- Health Jlencwcr. Absolute
euro for nervous debility and weakne-s
of the generative function:. -SI, at drug
gists. Oregon Depot, DAVIS CO..
Cortland, ur.
Always Hefreshine.
A delicious odor is imparted by
Flore.-ton Cologne, which is always
refreshing, no matter how freely used.
Aieyou made miserable bv Indi-gestioii,Coii-tipatioii.Di7.iues.
I.ns- of
appetite, Yellow .skin'.' Shiloh's Yilal
izeris a po.sitive cure. For sale bv W.
K. Dement.
I'on't Die in the Hnsc
Ask druggist- for -Hough on Hal-." It
clears out' rals. mice, bedbug.-, roaches,
vermin, thes, ants, insects. ."e per !k.
All scurf and tartar disappear
From mouth and teeth, though dark
and dry ;
And all beconus fresh, pure and clear.
If we but SOZODONT apply.
That magic wash all now confess
Give- to the mouth new lovcliue. .
Urace. up the whole system with King
of the Blood. See Advertisement.
Astoria Ire Iepnt.
Frank Fabie i- now prepared to .-apply
families, restaurants, hotels, saloons,
etc., with pur mountain iceon the prem
ises. Fresh ice cream ever, day . Calls
parties and dinners supplied witii ice
cream at shoit notice.
Wood -for Sale.
1 have, almut .six hundred
md fifty
cords of dry hemlock, which 1 will sell
for cadi at $:i.r ikt cord. 1 will deliver
j Ihe wood to my customers.
i;. i:.jiAi:io..
S-'uriitsbed Koonis to Let
At Mrs. Mun-nn's lodging house.
Wanted to Kent.
Classen & Oerkwilz have Iioughl the
branch Candy store next to .Steven-
Co's book stoic, and will hcieafter run
boih place-. Fresh candy always on
hand. "
What is nicer on a warm day than a
dish or that exquisitely llavored ice
cream that Frank Fabre makes ?
flfev -t
--5j- - "" TS2
s55Jr"''-fc;-TrVi? Jfcrir . ---
'5?i?i5 BL- -
'555ei r nf'
The ;reat Australian Kemedy for
Tootliuehe. Xctii'algiii.BachHvlio
Sehitiea. ont. T.iiuilno.
S limine nul Swellings.
Etiirns mid NcnltK.
ISriiisc.s.ileaUaolie. Frosted l-Vot
:inl Knr.s. Sore Throat, Ialu
in the Chest, 5-Iar Ache.
Corns ami IStiuioiis.
And all Ilodilv
This renowned Australian Kemedy is made
exclusively ol Australian herbs ruwn by
I he Uerin ins of tin rosewood scrub district,
(hici'ii-laml. Australia, who make herb vul
ture a .specialty. It doe- not contain ati
ioisoii(tis liigicihrnts whatever, and ! the
in the world for the above complaints.
A Perfect Cure iuaraiitccd in Ev
ery Came.
It cu-t-but Go cent- ikt bottle, and it is
simply foolishness for these who are sutler
m pain not to it.
Full Directions accompany each Dottle.
Sold bv all Druggist.- and l'atent Medicine
PROF. 31. A. SCOTT Jc CO.,
Sole Proprietor A. ."llanuraeturerM
Xos. 'il 'J.", and . i:rldc street. Callu
rat. Victoria. Australia.
.-.UKKICAV TrtFFOT - -Santa tiara, Cal.
:. l)KIi:XT, Sole Agent for
Astoria, Oregon.
Elegance and Purity.
Ladies who appreciate elegance, and
purity are using Parker's Htiir IJal
sani. It 13 the best article sold for re
storing gray hair to its original color,
beauty and lustre.
A sure cure for dyspepsia. The
before meals as directed.
If vou want nice fresh lard, or good
.-ugar-euied hanis. just from the coun
try go to F. I j. Klberson's bakery.
For tin genuine ,J. II. Cutter old
Doiirbon. ami the be.-l ot wines. Honors
and Sau Francisco beer, call at the Gem
oiqxisile the bell tower, and see Camp
hll. When vim want nure drugs and
chemical- of any kind, go to J. W.
Conn- drug -Ion, opposite Occident
-A Xa.-al In lector
free with each
bottle of Shilnff- Catarrh. Remedy.
Price ."hi cent
Sold by V,E. Dement.
Melnlo-h ha- received the largest
and nioit complete .-lock of hats in the
city. Men's sizes from ivji to fd.
Remember Frank Fabre's ice cream.
It i- par excellence.
- Puv-iciaii-" prescriptions carefully
compounded day or night at .1. W .
Conn- drug -ton, opnrsite Occident
l're-h j a fty and caramels every day
at the A-loriaCandv Factory. .Main St.
loH.v P. Ci..ssi:.n.
.1. C. D.ivid-ou. photographer. Port-
l.iiid. lill retains the m-Mtiv cs taken at
Astoria laJ year, and will furnish dupli
cates from them on -hurt notice. His
laud-cape view.-are much admired and
iu large demand. dvvlm
A great vegetable Tonic for delicate
females, is Pfunder'.s Oregon I.LOOD
l.-e instead ol unwholesome cos
metics, G i.kxn's Sri.t'inn:
-lln.i.- AMWinsicni: Dyi:,"
." ct.-.
Have Wistar's balsam of wild cherry
always at hand. It cures coughs, colds,
hronc nlis. whoonimr cough, croun. in
Iluen7.u, consumption, and all throat and
ping complaints. ,v cents andf-l a bot
tle." Foi Dy-pepsia andLiver Complaint,
vou have a printed guarantee on every
bottle of fcliiloh's A'italizer. It never
fails to cure. Sold by W. E. Dement.
Le-sons given in Wax and Paper
ilowers taught m the latest style
ply at the City Rook .store.
Cn:r. will immediately
relieve Croun. whooning cough and
i Rioiiehiti-. sold bv W.E. Dement.
-Sl-.iniuT a- i:like. No. 11. Oak .street
Pmtlaud, are thebon ton tailors of tho
I metropolis.
The 1 ev. ( feo. flT Thayer, of Rour
j bon, Ind.. savs: -Roth myself and wife
owe our lives loSun.oifs Coxsi'mition
! Ci i:k. Sold by W. K. Dement.
j For chill-, fever, ague and weakness.
("oi.iu:x-Lii:i;k;V LiormR::i:K axd
Toxic Ixvkjou vtok. CoUtcn's; take
no other. Of druggi-ts.
Fn-sji iee cream every day at Frank
Fabre's. Familii-s .supplied in any
quantitv by leaving order. Also the
; iSnest oVntefs cooked to order. Frank
i i'jdnvs oysters and ice cream are known
j everywhere as par excellence.
j Highest price paid for old web and
junk. dims. Evaxsox.
im Inquire of Foard & Stokes.
I have romoved to the
And have, Without
j Tie Finest ail Best Arraiet Store ii Onp. j
Xewr Goods Received
AU the Latest Styles and Jorsrmltimm
Call and Inspect Stock and
No trouble to
ASTORIA, June 3, 1R82.
spbciaxi i.---xrcDTT-yogicE-igar,c
Less Quantities, 30 Cents per Gallon
Bottled Beer, - -. SI SO per Dozen
Spec!al attention paid to oiiler- u-oru Public Houses aad Families.
Js5 J?-& JOe
18 Sl'l'KKIOi: TO .MOST. AND l.s
V-Outcrs loll at the UKltMANIA ItKKK
LOEB & co.,;
a:i:nts KottTiiK
Best San Francisco Houses and
Eastern Distilleries.
tAll uootls sold at San Francisco I'ricrs,
Opposite I'urkcr House. Astoria, Oregon,
Astoria to Liverpool Direct.
The fine Al Ship "Elwell" U61
. tons Register.
is now recciviug Cargo, and buviu l:uo
engagements will have quick dispatch, to be '
followed by the !
A I iron Barque -AumIc John -
twm9 (Ml.' Innu ItsTlclltv.
For Freight etc., apply to
dtf Portland. Oregon
The Peruvian syrup has cured thou
sands who were suffering from tlyspep
sia, debility, liver compiaiut, boils, hu
mors, female complaints, etc. Pamph
lets free to any address. Seth W.Fowh ,
&Son" JJoston. I
Why will you cough when Shilolfs known pebplt in our State read locals Hod -Cure
will give immediate relief. Price circulars.
JOcLs.-iOctsamlSl. Sold bv W. K.De-1,, j Mi er ltlJe
Win. Pfnnder's Oregon IJIood Pu-
riGer will positively bu found a vain-
aoie renieuy ior cnrunio constipation,
affected kidneys, dyspepsia, liver com
plaint, rheumatism, scrofula, and all
ther diseases having their origin in
mpuro blood. Manufactured only by
Wm. Pfunder & Co., Portland, Oregon.
. . f
iuif.ii ritiv-a.
a Single Kxeeption,
by Every Steamer in
-" -.
Get Prices Whether You
or Xot.
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