The Daily Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1876-1883, May 03, 1882, Image 3

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ajliv gnilB st-orlm,
'MoaJjy ECii'teJl.
rcuusiiEUi ajtu r:oi"KirTOi:.
.Ij'itmiii llxiildin'j, Cass .S'mf.
rcrrts 0 Subscription :
rervod by Carrier, per woek ..-'i Cents
"v-nt br mail, four month"... ...S-; '
r'oat hr mail, ccc year-.. . ( W
Free of iVrtnto to MitfcrPort.
A Grand Performance..
Manager Stcchhati deserves credit
for having brought tip such A 1 per
formers as con&titutc the combmation
that finished an engagement at Liberty
Hall last night. A good many who
had about concluded that c couldn't
sco ,i first-dabs minstrel performance
without going tu Sac Francisco were
agreeably surprised upon finding on
tho htago a? able an array of artistic
talent as any place cnu'.d boast. Tho
overflowing mirth that characterized
the fitst night's entertainment was
woil sustained lat evening, and tho
old, dim, worn-out gags that have
Advertisement inserted l.y the ronr : dono thread-bare duty so long for the
ihoratoof SIC) pcrpnunropcr month. i end men, were replaced by joke? and
Transient aJrortPinp. by the day peek, I smart savinc that had some life to
Ifty genu rer for each insertion. them Ry&n and Haveriy can
I make genuine fun. while Bishop,
iSJ t-i' 1 1V ! Tr f l. ...l t-i.--i ...r
. AJLUJ V-1.JL JL I i'A.oi:, ncemauu lawless ufivo aui-
ficient musical Ability "in n vocal way
to fatisfy the most critical. Tito .stago
business from the olio to tho last
sketch is good, and a complete orches
tra gives a refreshing .contrast to tho
piano and violin accompaniment f
some, jo ca''ed, "minstrel troupe".'
This compmy is .i strong; one and
will do well.
Tho Salmon Catch ior Apiil.
William llume, the pioneer packer
of the liver, informs us that the run
of salmon for Aptil has been tho small
est he ha3 ever known hero, and Cant.
James B. Booker, a man of fourteen
years' experience on tho river, corrob
orates the statement. Tho prepara
tions and facilities for catching tish
tills year aro gi eater than ever before,
yet tho pack for April is fully 15,000
cases short of the packs f
of 1880 and J 881 for the same month.
The following canneries, from which a
fair estimate of the mitirn work of the
whole river is indicated, report as foleows:
j.VrrlKonl J.cdsinK Uonf, Vtirt-
laml. Oregon.
New house and lnt class in its a-' C5T1 A..l!' S
pointmenK -Third street, in 1!. KlaiA .ES.. & S
Thompson's block, opposite Capt. Ains
worth. Knows by the day, week ori t-rr hT -m
month. :.ix.Ai:i;i(,oi.BOOK. JS!TCJEtJ5J
TaUo Xotiee.
On after this dale an Additional io
cents per cord will be charged on all
orders for sawed wood not accompanied
bvtlieeali,atOra;. wood yard, .'iitj i
1st, 11.
To tlio 2.nrtioi.
: . Tho target block, ol
ij-ji-i Slunk Boohs and Stationery
:tjj ot fu-rj d-seriptloii.
ilrift Sr-ut--l lilies, l'iblcj, r.vttcal
fiiiitBiW; work-. Alliums ann
igrr-t Mod. it rTcrythln;r usually
InM Tens.
oMtlf:, a Jull and compete
Jkept us a will regulated ltook
JS 'K vr AI5. bAts depot anfl aceacy lor
and reasonable, a. .Mr?. JJ ni.j ,,:pcraiiil periodical puMUaed.
Cass-treet.nearCougtegationaK !iurr-!i.i - ' ' '
To J'ainlll ami HoUKf-keeper
I have opened a large swick of furni-i
lure and beddiim on the comer nf Mam !
Carl Adlor'e MubIc Store
The Daily Asroiti.rc trill t-c mil by
ma f I at 75 en U a month, fr c f poftngf. Head
er trim cunUmplatt alifCiiccfrom the city ean
r W'CKKLVJiHonx toaitaVft-offleeurtth-in'
aiiUltoTial cjrprnc. .d(tmw maylx
mnnijcd n afUa n a'nlml. iz-.jrt on rs at
tfto counting nwim.
The Emily Chaplin wf-nt to ?ea
yesterday afternoon.
Sheriff Twombly gives notice to
sundry delinquents this moniing.
We are informed he was uol
arrested, as alleged. It was a mistake.
Win. Hume, tor Vpnl, ia"5i, Jt i al,,j gqucinofjua Ptrcits. ind will c!l at
.-iijJHs 1-ort r i 1SS1 i-'! Kranei-eo piices. You will save
3 sl'or-:." ' . , v .. , fla.. money by huj ing of me.
George . LTuiiip, for Aprd, 183J, Martin Ors;...
" i '"il.iVl-i-.Maa-.
0C2 caises short of 1881.
Eureka Packing Co., for April, JS82, ;
1013 cos ,hort of 1S81(overMp,ril.rherA,t;;tia 1,1.1.
"p"'tjgFJAJASi-Jl '-aK
W J a ft 3
J ft- TH ' & ZS
J. F. 'Barrows, is getting up a
neat littlo boat, "Tho Daisy," for his
rapidly increasing trade.
The fire bos and other massive
machinery for the new boat building
for tho I. S. X. Co., nas moved to
place yesterday.
Business of every kind is. brisk
on our streets, and as ?oou as a little
more money gets circulated among
tho boy.', a fair sized b"om will bo
under way.
The Portland politicians aro in
ad need of a political issue, wheu
they seek to drag in the action of that
municipality, looking to tho placing of
a loan for tho purpose of improving
tho Columbia river.
Wo received our usual consign
ment of over 1,700 pounds of paper
by the las: steamer and are prepared
to do anything in tho v.ay of jub print
ing that is desited.
The lato earthquake scums to
have been confined to Oregon and
Washington Territory, no accounts of
any internal disturbance having been
received from California.
An Hiithquakc Story.
We've waited and li-tenodto nil tin
earthquake atones that wero told us
ever .since .Monday morning, ar.d. in
our rounds collecting, liavo secured
some rhoice ieminiscencea of "gonc-but-not-forgotten"
shake. One, which
was told us by a joung man with a
blonde mustache and a stiff hat, struck
usas being well, unique. "Inthewin
ter of TOY' said this youth,. '! was
running a car in tht Raymond and
Ely niiiiu in 1'ioche, Xc-vada. This
mino wa 1200 feet deep. An earth
quake struck tho town from tho
south and knocked it galley-west.
Chimnuyri tumbled, walls cracked, men
jumped, women fainted, and so on;
but down wheiv w wete there wasn't
a quiver. It was only when v.v got to
tho surface that wo know that there
had been any earthquake. Nov, how
do von aremmt for thjtl" W didn't
account for it. Who on?
Astoria Packing Co.. for pnl,
18S2. 500 cases short of 1SSI.
Anglo-American Packing Co., for
April, 1882, 200 cjm short f 1S81.
Wetherby fc Thomes for pril.
S3 2, 300 cast's short of 1881.
Fishermen's P.ukiag Co for April,
18S2, 450 cws short of 1881 .r.O per
.T. U. Mt-gler t to., f..r Aptil, 18o2,
over 1200 cases short of 1831 (over T.0
per cent).
Tlie foregoing list includes all
ncries from which wo havo obtainrd
figures, but tho probabilities att- that
others could givo porresponding re
ports tiith. perhaps, uncur two exceptions.
J O'Brien's Hotel. Persons wishing good
oil elotlitug to l.ceii them dry will plea-,.'
i Pianos and Organs
I'or H.'iIp.
Having other business that demands
my attention 1 offer for sale my chop
house, situated inthiscity.
J. M. Vrojom w.
Opposition in tho sealing business
off Capo Flattery is being carried to
xuch an extent that tho Indians now
demand a bonus of twenty dollars
each from those employing them bo
fore they will stir a peg.
department up Chenamus street on
the donblo-quick at 8:30 yesterday
morning. A burning flue in F. D.
Winston's house was tho cause of tho
alarm. There was no damage.
No Snow for a Conflagration
e of Astoria are to bs congratu
lated on being - well protected from
the mv.gbi of tho Ure Jiend, as Leaven
and earth stand in together on every
occasion of an incipient fire. When
tho firf bell sounded :t half-pat 8
yesterday morning the boys went
whirling out to Wintun's house. There
wero a few lazy-looking clouds loafing
around tho hillside near tho cemetery
and off toward Uppertown, but at the
fitt clang of tho tower bell thoy pull
ed thcmsolres together and came
sweeping on as fast as their misty wits
would lut them, and about the lime
thst any wcll-deve'.oped lire won d
have begun to roar and crackle, a
driving shower was deluging that part
of the town in the vicinity of tho fire,
while up toward Tongue Point every
thing ivas as dry as a bone.
ritoM writing de-iks at llu("ilj book
toreare the best in the cit. They are
something nice and durable, and j;:-t
what nio-t joung lailie-. would appri-ei-pti-
from the giver.
Mr. John Kogenof thcOntral Mar
hot. has made arrangements to keep al
ho fitiet freli li-h, etc., in their -parm
IngersoU's leetnies and "What Mtwt
v;t Do to lie Saved."' at Carl Adlc-".
.Vlo a
Of hU m.ikp roiistanth on tiand.
lull stock ot
Picked iitAtrit L'7l!i a niece of ne I Ylol.INS. OIMTAKS. 15AXJO.S. AC-
web. 13 to W tathotn-. :r inches ilecji.i COKDKOKS. CONCKKTIXAS,
'o. Vti Ki-ply tw inc. Apply to A. V. Co..; HARMONICAS. FLUTES,
llwaco. ' tho a larc stock of the best of
llmiii uiul -eri-. VIOLIN AM) (JU1TAP. STRINGS.
.- . , SHEET Ml'SIC.
oils' ucaltii llenewer. gtvau-t i.-ia-, . N- ., rslrA i iVs-TRIT.MENaS.
islj t'li eaith tor im'otf-iice, le.tuiii-.
seMial deliiliU. ete.. cl. at iiiugmsis
Oregon Depot. DAVIS .v ( U.. l'.irtl Hid
I In- Mi-cLI) t.torian
.V-. U as t'.-rMlilii!! els Wlonslnj; to a
1 lrt (''las, .itus:e Store.
Is a mammoth sheet, double the,
,si7e of thf Dailj. 'It is jut tli pa-'
per fur tln liresiue, containitig in audi-'
tioutoall the cmient news, elioir.- mis
cellanr. agricultural matter. -
port.i te. It. is iurnisht'd to siuulr uu-i
tTilifi- at -J ("Jpi-ryenr in adtann-.
j:-:i1j tin jtni-.'
The thing dc-ired found at l.i-t. Ask.j
Druggists tor 'Rougli on Kats.' Itj
clear-, out rats, mice, loaehe-, llies. li,-d-bugs.
l.V. lioes.
:;ihiiiim to Rpni . i
Anjone who wants a nieeii furiu-ln-d
loom' in a locality can be ac
commodated at Mrs. Denny Cm rail's,
near the Congregational church.
lts-itEsi2 j 4
ae&ft-p- r7j7mt"'l.'.-.rf
The discussion liftw een lkb lngi-r-soil
and Jere Illaek is mr s.ile in neat
loi m at Carl Adler".-.
-A dish washer and a wail"r can find
pinplnj meiit at the Wt-ston House.
Transient and day boarders can tie
accomodated at Mrs. Lovett's coffee and
chop house, on Main street. Meals 13
cents upwaids. Day boaid HJHQ per
week. Everything eieau and romfort
able. ric-ihestanrt finest eakt-s, lruit and
candv at the Astoria caudy factoiy.
Jatncs 3IcBrtde, who has been
employed as a portor at tho Occident,
was arrested yesterday, charged with
stealing a 60 suit of clothes from the
hotel. He will have a heaving before
his Honor to-day.
Dacoration day will be celebrated
in an elaborate, manner at Vancouver.
It will be tho most imposing military
spectaclo over wituossed in Washing
ton Territory, and it is thought that
upward of 10,000 visitors will bs in
The new steamer Montesano,
which left here last Thursday for tho
Chehalts, arrived at Montesano on tho
same day. She mado her first trip in
good shapo and will be tho means of
opening up a good trade to the mer
chants of this city.
A delegation of tho city fathers
wont to Clatsop Plains yesterday to
Eoloct a sito for a cemetery. Several
suitable places woro seen, but no
definito action will bo taken until
further information be given in
reference to prices, etc.
On the Portland boat, yesterday
noon, there was a man who had ship
ped in that city to go on board tho
Storm King, lying at Smith's Point,
and who had received his advance
money. Upon his arrival here he was
placed in a Whitehall boat, atid while
boirig carried down to tho vessel, the
boat was intercepted by fishermen
who took him away from thow who
had him in charge, and secreted him.
At a late hour last evening he was
arrested on a charge of desertion and
conveyed to jail. As the man can
not apoak a word of English it was
itnpossiblo to get at tho in3ido of the
matter fnrthtr than we have stated.
Tl'.o Earthquake at 'Westport.
Wr-STPOKT, May !.
Last night, at about 10:20, tivo
severe shocks of earthquake were felt
in this vicinity. Wo wero in a liihing
boat on the tiver. The river was
smooth, and the moon shining. The
undulations seemed to move trom
S-SW. to N-XE., uitli a loud, rum
bling noiso, as if the boat was going
over rapids and grating on tho bottom.
Tho fish were jumping in all diioc-
tion', and shatp reports on h.nd, as if
the mountains were breaking and tim
ber falling, were heard. I looked at
my watch and (by my time) it was 2a
minutes after ten. Item.
See those new rubber spittoons at
E. K. llawtis.
A complete stock of boys' and chil
dren's suns jufet received at .ucincnsus
Dlothing store.
Call and examine those baby wagons
at the City book store.
You w ant to get sonic of Kosooe's ico
cream to-day: treh made and nicely
flavored. J
Tin iv. scow load i of dry fir, spruce
limbs, and baric, just rreeived and for
sale at fl raj's dock.
I can't net along without It. 1 must
have one ot those fine work baskets nt
the City itool.-f.toif.
--The MAhvas linndj' stowpip.;
shelve; at John A. Montgomery's.
If ou want ice cicam that U ire
cream, go to Frank Kabre s.
t'i 1'ios :iii urfianssuM on ttio laontlili la
M.i'lnu nt i;.in, or lor rent.
Watches. Clocks and Jewelry,
fVoi-kit and Tablo Cutlery,
JjC Yankee ottotis and 'X'ojs,
SA lvtnrp frames ami Chromos.
Will nveiu- orders at the More of l.t Ji,,' n fnmp
W. ra,e tor upivr , A-toria ..ram other x ,, ; ;,; Tliepubiio
part ol the c tj. I.eae ;our older- i i L, tmptcil tll pawIre in st0Clt and prices.
Will remove on or about the first of May
Mlii'rinim IJroH. !Ixprr
the slate and th.-ywill be pr.iiupib at
tendfd io.
Vticiition Fiilirrnii'ii.
L'sfNichola's ISalm nf oil fm
sore or chapped hands, for sale In Joe
O. Charters. Tide tables fr.-f o. dl.
For the linPM baths in thf eltj ; to
tin Orient balhlng rooms, opposite
Holdi'ii's auction store.
Joe (I. CH.vnTr.its. l'r-ji.
Treat "i oar Teeth
Italia r than iiavti thiui imlh'd. Let
jour dentist savf all he can. 1'oa dfsire
to have trouble, becanc oir have not
used SnzoiHir. When pi'oirly li'd.
then rub on the Sozopovr. mid keep
liirm all right for time to eonie.
State Ticket.
In order to- reduce stock, previous to
removal, will offer a
Xaiberal Discount!
To all Cash Customers buying bills of
$10 or over.
Astoria, April 15th, 1882.
M, MEYER Proprietor.
Mr. r. CElbersou hai ju-t openr-it
the Seaside Bakery (opposite Hume's
store.) where the best ot bread, cakes
and candies are kept constantly on
hand. Instruction-
Piof. I'red. Major, ol Switzerland, is
now in the city and intends organizing
a class in instrumental music. Auj nni
who contemplates talcing a coiue of in
struction on the piano will find this a
rare opportunity. l'iof. Hpjer maj he
seen at .Mr.s. Twilight's.
" ' Wi?s&
,SSi 't-to vvfiJit-tV
feS--; g, J
?- -'?-Ol- ..,
t. r -- o"--- 1
w "nss
Calarrli of tlm ittadili-r.
Minging. smarting, uiitation ol Ihi
urinary ivtvwise-, diseased diseharges,
cured Lv liiichupailia. Sl.atdruggi-ts.
Oregpn Depot, HAVIS & CO.. Portland,
A'i't Found.
Xet picked up, about fortv lei-t;
isl "K. K..'' on tlie lead lino ".S'o. 12."
Theowneieau have it by applving at
Theo. Btaelzkci's clgarston- and pay mg
charges. It was picked up between
Smith V point and the black littoj .
J.V9. PniKjiw.
For Consrcds,
M. C. f'cl'.i UOI'., of Multnomah county.
For Governor,
7.. V MOODY, of Wasco counn.
For Supreme Judge,
V. f. I.OUD, of Marion county.
Kor 8ccret'try of State.
11. V.V. UIlAKT.o! Multnomah county
For Stnto Treasurer,
KUWAItn Iint-OM, of Marion county
For Supt. of Public Instruction.
H. It. MflM.ttOV, of Benton coinnj.
For State Printer,
V. II. HYA IIP, ol Douglas county.
LessSQuantities, - 30 Cents per Gallon
Bottled Beer, - - SI BO per Dozen
aTjpecIal atlenuon paid to orders troiu PubUc Houses and FamUles.a '
Across tne River.
1'okt Cvxby, W. T., M:.y 1.
Euitei: Asterijls:
Last night at 10:50 i m. this place
was viaiteu by an earthquako of some
severity, lasting from 10 to 00 .seconds,
vibrating I think from east to ivcst. It
shook things up pretty lively in my
quarters, opening doors, anil spilling
water out of a tumbler nil a stand. Xo
damigc n ius done. A very slight show cr
followed the shock in about half an
hour, but a dense fog came up imme
diately after. ' W. S. B.
Another of those tine A. it. chae
organs at the City Rook Siort'.
Musie for tlie piano, organ, lhtte,
iolin, guitar, coim-t, accordion, banjo,
life, couewtinn find other instimnetits.
just nveivpfl at Adler's musie stoi.-.
Stuii'iis fc Son JriM'. their tore
crowded with new goods, all niTKcd in
plain figures;
The largest stock and newest si v le-,
of Soft and Stiff HaK at Mcintosh's
Clothing Stoio.
Frank Tabre has oysters in out
st vie. .Stew and pan roast-, a specialty
P. .1. 'Joodman, on Cheiuimu. str.-et,
has just received the latest an.i most
f.ishfonablo style of gents and ladies
boots, shoes, etc. Agent in Astoria for
tlie famous Mot row shoes.
Police Court.
May 2nd.
Thoi. Smith, using obsccno atid
abusive, languago in a public place;
finod 20 or ten days in city j-iil.
(o to Roscoe.3 and tr the Ronton
Crystal ice Cream. Occident Rleok.
Just iccetved direct from .New
York a large stock of Nottingham lace
curtains and upholstery goods at Chas.
The Rev. Oeo. H.Thayer. of Rmir
lioii, Itul.. says: "Roth myself and wife
owcour lhes toSiiir.on's Coxsi-itPTiox
Cur.L'." .Sold bv W. E. Dement.
3i:y tlie Wcekb-.
"I'm. Vri:Ki.y 'sioi:ian lor thU
wi-ek Is full of just suh information
and news of t':e i-oimtri as vour fi lends
in the ea-t want to sv. It (Us ,-i t
few advert isi'iiirnt, and is ehoJ'k In the
muzzle ot inl'oruiarion n family;
can suceossfiill s.-jiiiw7i-ali.fnr witliom"
Two dollars v. Ill biivilu- wli.tM v. id fm ,
t'omili lili iv t Nominations,
For l'roioc-utlnd Attorney.
J. t'. i'..1M.E of 'viuitnciinh ennnty.
is ht:i'j:i:ioi: to mo.i. and i kxckliui ky xonfb on this coakj
vtroulers till at ttu- CLItM.tMA ItU.K 1IA1X Mil te piutiipU) attcudtd to."
a yeai , --!
er eojij .
1 for I niouth'ti t.-n I'lit-
Clatsop County Nominations.
For Joint State Senutor,
! ffor -'iatsoT Columbia and Tillamook.)
I . iitmn -J ni.i .
-Chas. .Stei ens and Son :,:,...., st.ickl .i..ikt.r-u,on-iai-opw.unij-.
of mouldingri and nioulilcrs tools which For Joint Roprosontatlvo.
eau be lioiisht cheap for ea-h to close ,ror Clatsop and Tillamook,)
out that brineh of the imsim. j JAsr;R SMrr,i. (l, nilaumok countj
For County Judgo.
( .A. M(OL'lRi:.
For Comity Clerk.
For Uy.sipsia antlUvor CompLinst.
ion hae a printed gtiaiantecoii evert
buttle of bhiloh's Yitalizi'r. It never
fails to rurc. Sold by W. E. Demeiit.
Stationery and blank books, all
styles and prices at Carl Adler's.
lu tho hurry consequent upun!
editing, our earthquake department
yesterday, w e aiil that one pane of
glass CCxl3fi inches had been placed in
the new Knights of Pythias' building.
It should havu mentioned two panes
of such dimensions as adorning tho
front of the aforesaid building. This
is a pant-in! correction.
Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy a posi
tive cure for Catarrh, Diptherla and
Canker Month. Sold by . E. Dement.
For the ueuume J. jl. Cutter old
Rourbon. and the bel ot wines, liquors
and San Francisco beer, call at tiie Gem
opposite the bell tower, and. see Canni
bal!. Aie you made miserable iiv Indi
gestion, Constipation, Dizziness. 'Ross of
appetite, Yellow Skin V -Shiloh's Vital
Izer Is a positive-cure. For pal" by W.
R. Dement. ,
Rut nlshed or unfurnished rooms ean
be had at the I'nioii' Hotel.
-A Nasal Injector freo with each
bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh. Remedy.
1'iiee i"0 cent. Sold by V, E, Dement.
Anew Mock of stoves of the latest
styles at John A. Montgomery's.
Rrace up the whole system with King
of the Riood. bvo Advert Uement.
Xotiodv should .neglect a cough.
Take ILvi.u'a IIoxuyov lloi;i:noux
and Taii insluntcr. 1'iki: s lonTit
ACiin Dr.orsrnre in one minute.
Anvonu wishing plain sewing done
can be' accommodated bv applving at
Mrs. Hepburn's, i'-ri the Oilv v)i
Tho nutritive pioiK'rties oi i'oi r
KS'S LlEIlIG's 1. 11 II) llKEI' ANI lOMC
Iviooratou sustains the hody with
out solid food, fohlcn'n; m other.
For S'aot,ia
For County Treasurer.
For County Commissioners.
For Assessor,
W.'.V. I'ARICElt.
For Surveyor.
For School Superintendent,
For Coroner,
iirvu:t: i.n
Tin, Sheet Iron and Copper Ware,
v jr: ;i.-u AisorUnsct ot
M agt.'i; Stoves and .Kaagea
1 hi IV .: la tti laarKet.
I'lura'jjag Rjoili of.iil kinds on hand. 4oJ
wok iloue ib u iirodcmaallkt) manai-i.
j9kSXOStSA -
Carpets, Oil Cloth, Wall Paper,, Mirrors,
Window Shades, Lace Curtains, Picture Frames and Moiridiitgs,
Complete In ov ery branch.
3 .- o
3 .U C
a c &i
-iJ ua l
Panics wishing groceiies, provis
ions or merehandlse of any description,
should leave their orders with A. Yan
Dusen & Co. as they are prepared to de
liver goods in any part of the city on
the shortest notice.
-A lar.- eonsigimu -it of tin "M.HjlY. ( ),ltS, Stl'fliW.
brand Red Cioss coal oil just rtMvvd' "
nt I,,..'c t'!i! Mniu-.-r
i ,, v ..n,.-.-i. i,,r.7rs.,i.r ..," Lime. Brick. Lement ana &ano.i y uw
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