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.Monday Excepted.
AsUrriatv BvUdhui, (bis Street.
Terms of Subscription :
bcrved by Carrier, per week 2o Cents
Sent by mail, four months.......... S'5 00
Sent hy mail, cno year . .. 'J 00
Free of I'usumo to subscribers.
fiST" Advertisements inserted by the year at
the rate of Si 50 ier square per month.
Transient advertising, by the day or week,
fifty cents tier smnro for each insertion-.
The Dailv astoktan will 1c sent by
wAilatlo cents a month, free of postage. Rcaa
erx who ctmtcmplalcaltsenccfrom Vic city can
have The Astokiax follow Uicm, Daii.v
or Weekly Mlitiom to any pnst-ojhce tcith
out addiUonal xpcitsc. Adaresscs may he
enanged as often as ucsircd. Leave orders at
the counting room.
"Finest cabinets $3 00 per half
dozen; 5 00 per dozen, at Shusters.
Dr. Buker and C. S. Wright are
among- the guests registered at the
Judge Bowlby returned from the
valley last evening. The family are in
Marion county.
The thanks of the editor is ex
tended to Hon. T. H. Brents for con
gressional favors.
Messrs. B. Van Dusen and C.
J. Trenchard of this city were the
youngest Masons in the Masonic Grand
A private note from Salem in
forms its of the safe arrival of uncle
David S ewsome at his home in the
capital city.
Purser Hughes stopped off a trip
and has made quite pleasant visits to
The Dalles, etc. He will rejoin the
Elder at Astoria.
Miss Clementina Mayer was mar
ried, at the house of her parents,
Thursday evening, in Portland to Mr.
O. K. Mayer of New York city.
Dr. Aug. C. Kinney is getting
some magnificent coal specimens from
the unexplored regions surrounding
Astoria. The more the better.
Judge It. Guichard, of Walla
Walla, was m the city a few days .ago,
and expected to take Mrs. Hugh
Stoop home with him, but her health
would not admit of travel at present.
The strawbery party which will
be given at the house of Mr. A.
Knapp jr., on the evening of Friday
June 20th, at Knappa, will be a splen
did social reunion of friends and
The steamship State of California
arrived here yesterday forenoon 5:20
hours from Portland, and after taking
on board 7,970 cases of salmon, de
parted for San Francisco, about five
o'clock P. M.
Again we
are placed under obli
gations to Mr. LaDu, of Mount Coffin
for bountiful supply of strawberries
and butter. These luxuries are for
sale at T. Bailey's in Astoria. Call
around and see the luscious fruit.
Mr. J. D. Holman was in the city
hist evening. He informs us that it is
pretty certain that the Ihvaco tram
way will be built. There was a meet
ing of shareholders yesterday, and
they adjourned to meet again on July
The histor3r of the world teaches
no lesson with more impressive
solemnity than this; that the only
safeguard of great intelligence is a
pure heart; that evil no sooner takes
possession of the heart than folly com
mences the conquest of the mind.
We are indebted to Mr. John Ma
tier, of Clatsop plains, for a curiosity in
the vegetable line a veritable radish
knot, showing that nature accomplishes
its purpose even in the face of obstacles.
By the way, Mr. L is now supplying
this market with a very choice article
of garden sass.
Wednesday morning a boat fish
ing for the A. C. Co., came through
the breakers with sail set, abreast of
Point Adams light, with forty fish
and the net. The men were in a sorry
plight, boat filled with water, and they
were drenched to the skin, but they
hired a team of oxen, hauled their
boat across to Fort Stevens, and re
turned to Astoria by the Gen. Canby
last evening.
A British butcher exhibited a lot
of pork chops so phosphorescent that
one could see his face in them. We
do not, however, share in the butch
er's wonder. The original hog was
probably highly educated, and conse
quently enlightened. Educated hogs
sire common in this country, and not
altogether confined .to bipeds,
Written for Thk Astoria.
Co pretty bird ! 'Tis but because
I love thee most of all,
Thar thou art sent on mission which
Must woe or weal befall.
Go to my lady fair and say
Thou art a gift from me.
And bid her kindly thinlaof one
Who sends a kiss by thee"
Go tell her I am fond and true;
Thy sweetest sons must be
The one I've taught thee faithfully
4,Oh ! Love my bird lore meP
Go tell her I'd transmigrate be
And in thy cage have plaeo
.So I might nothing do all day
But gaze upon her face.
My sweetest sonus I then would trill
Alone for her dear ear.
A Jul if she'd gaze and smile on me
I'd never sad appear.
Alas! Though glad I'd make the change
I know it cannot be;
Then go, and whisper what I've said,
"Oh ! Love my bird tore mcP
Written for Tub Astoiuan.
The gray mists of morning still hung
o'er the mountain,
The first gleam of sunlight was gilding
i he stream,
Xo sound could be heard save the dash
of the fountain.
When 1 'woke from a deep and beauti-
Oh ! tho heavenly scenes I sawr in my
The soul thrilling music that greeted
mine ear;
The love that was mine: and the friends
without number:
The joyous conviction that all were
Sweet vision of beauty, bright, bright
glimpse of Heaven ;
To me thou hast come as the dew to the
I feel, yea I know that of God thou wcrt
To strengthen my faith in his goodness
and power.
Jean liroadie.
Board of Foremen.
A meeting of the Board of Foremen,
A. F. D. in hereby called for this (Satur
day) evening at 7 o'clock, at the hall of
Alert Hook and Ladder company. Im
portant business.
C. J. TitEXCirAiiD, Chief Engineer.
Churrli Notices.
Services will ' be held in Grace
(Episcopal) church at the usual hours,
by Rev. 31. Sellwood.
The Sunday morning discourse, by
the pastor of the Congregational church
will be on "Kindness;' and in the eve
ning on ''Faith and Works."
The ladies who are to give a re
ception at Metropolitan hall this eve
ning are desiring of a first class benefit.
Strawberries and cream, ice cream,
coffee, etc., will be served to guests.
All will have their privilege of obtaining
bv purchase a Caucasian Beauty;" and
"Kebekah,,tle dark eyed Oriental, will
draw from the 'well" the cooling bever
age for the thirst Fancy articles, the.
product of the deft fingers of our Astoria
girls, will be on exhibiton and for sale
to all who may feel disposed to encourage
home indu&try. Music vocal and in
strumental, will be evoked to aid in
making the occasion enjoyable to all.
Excursion to I'tiet Sound.
A great excursion from Portland to
Seattle, V. T. and back, will come off
June 24. Astorians and all others in
this vicinity who wish to join this party,
will meet them at Kaklama at 11
o'clock of that day, and take the North
ern Pacific railroad train for New Ta
coma, thence to Seattle by. the Pa?ific
Toast Ste-mship Navigation Co.'s boats.
A grand reception at Yesler's hall will
greet the party in the evening. This is
one of the most favorable opportunities
of visiting Puuet Sound ever offered to
our people. From Seattle parties can
visit every place on the Sound. The
excursion is under the auspices of the
M. E. church, and superintended by
Rev. Isaac Dillon. Tickets from Ka
huna to Seattle and return, only S.1 ."30.
Children under twelve, half price.
Tickets good till Julv ir,th.
The Adventists claim that the
world is to come to an end July 1 lth,
just about the time when early cauli
flowers begin to head up nicely.
Immigrants should remember to
look into the Nehalem valley, before
settling. There are homes there for
a thousand families free for the hiking.
Astoria will be the western termi
nus of Gould's through transconti
nental line after the transfer of the
Oregon Steam Navigation company's
The Chicago Inter-Ocean of the
lGth ult., comes to us in the shape of
a huge volume of 1372 newspaper col
umns, 131G of which arc filled will the
list of delinquent property advertised
for tax sale. The sorrowful deduction
from this exhibit is that Chicago is
virtually under the hammer.
The world moves; nobody can
deny it; but the old ball turns very
slow. The New York Herald of the
28th tells of a body of respectable
citizens wasting valuable tune, "as
the Presbyterian assembly in attemp
ting to discover what constitutes
valid babtism!" Less talk and more
work are the only cures for such men
tal disorders.
Down the Columbia to tho Sea-
The Natural Outlet ororcgonaiul Idaho
Bugbear of the Columbia Uar.
From Vie Boise Statesman, Hay SWi.
The Colunibia river is the natur
al outlet for all the vast region
drained by its waters, and is des
tined to be the principal channel
of commerce lor the immense trade
which will come as soon as there
is railroad connection between the
great river of the west and the
Union Pacific railroad. The great
advantage which this route presents
; ,'fc tVonrlrmi frnm Hpnn snnwc nnrl ,
IIIUdilbUUU"ul www w.w .. w U...V&
its directness through the country
to be traversed, more than counter
balances all the disadvantages and
difficulties attending the entrance
over the bar at the mouth of the
river. Since the clay Captain Gray
entered the river with the ship Co
lumbia, without a pilot, and with
out any previous knowledge of the
waters he was navigating, thous
ands of vessels of every descrip
tion and capacity have crossed the
bar coming in and going out at all
seasons of the j'ear and all kinds of
weather. That accidents should
sometimes happen to these
fleets of vessels is not surprising, as
the same thing has occurred to the
entrance of every port; but it is re
markable that after all that has
been said about the difficulties and
dangers of tlrs passage, not an in
stance is on record where a vessel,
known to be seaworthy and en
tering the river in the day time,
and with a pilot, has suffered any
serious accident. Even were the
dangers of navigation real instead
of being in great part imaginary,
and the accidents to vessels ten
fold what they have been, the river
would still continue to be naviga
ted and its entrance continue to be
one of the principal harbors on the
Pacific coast. It is very well
known that the loss of the Great
Republic, which, though one of
the largest steamers afloat, had so
often come in and gone out in per
fect safety, was in no way owing
to any real danger existing on the
bar and in the harbor. Accidents
should be of as rare occurrence at
the mouth of the Columbia as at
the entrance to any other port.
The people of the Puget sound
country, and those of the upper
Columbia basin, are naturally in
favor of the route across the Cas
cade mountains from Priest rapids
on the Columbia to Seattle or some
other point on the sound. The ad
vantages and disadvantages of this
route they will have an opportu
nity of testing when the Northern
Pacific is completed, as it is now
pretty well settled that that road
will be built across the Cascade
mountains to the sound.
For the people of southern Idaho
and eastern Oregon the route
do.Tn the Columbia will be pre
ferred for many reasons, while
their interest in the other route to
the sea is confined to whatever of
favorable competition it may
o .
Dr. 5Hn tie's ephrelicuni A Compound
Extract of Kuchu.
Dr. Minlie's Nephreticum works won
ders. In all cases of Dropsy, Brlght's
Disease. Kidne , Bladder and Urinary
Complaints, or Retention of Urine, these
troubles arc entirely cured by the Ne
phreticum. Female "Weakness, Gravel,
Diabetes, pain in the back, side and loin
are cured, when all other medicines
have failed.
See what the druggists of Portland
and San Francisco say about Dr. Min
tie's Nephreticum and English Dande
lion Pills.
We have sold a large amount of Dr.
Mintie's medicines; the. English Dan
delion Pills; also the Nephreticum. and
in all cases they are highly spoken of
and give entire satisfaction.
John A.Childs, druggist, Second street,
C. II. Woodward & Co., druggists, cor
ner First and Alder streets. Portland.
Abrams & Carroll, wholesale drug
gists, a and 5 Front street, San Francis
co, say:
"We regard Nephreticum as the best
kidney rnil bladder remedy before the
For all derangements of the liver, use
Dr. Mintie's English Dandelion Pills.
For Billiousness and Dyspepsia, use Dr.
Mintie's Dandelion Pills. For Fever
and Ague, use Dr. Minlie's English
Dandelion Pills.
Every familv should keep the Eng
lish DandelioirPills on hand.
Dr. Mintie's remedies will not "cure
all complaints,' but. if taken according
to directions, give immediate relief and
perfect a cure" in all troubles for which
they are recommended. For sale by
R. F. Caufield, druggist, Astoria, Oregon.
There have been more cures of semi
nal weakness, nervous debility and par
alysis made bv the wonderful English
Remedy, Sir Astlev Coopers Yital Res
torative, than bv afl other remedies com
bined. Why will you suffer? Send to
A. E. Mintie, M.D., No. 11 Kearny street
San Francisco. Price, S3 per bottle;
four times the quantity, $10. Try a
Boat sponges, wholesale and retail
at Dements drug store, Astoria. Five
thousand just received.
fruits and vegetables at
isaucy s.
Booms to let, by the day. week, or
month, at Mrs. W. II. Twilight's.
Oysters served in every style at
the Walla Walla Bestaurant.
Refresh yourself at the Soda
fountain of Schmeers confectionery.
Adler will receive, a fine lot of
baby carriages, which will be sold at
bottom prices.
Moved, seconded, and carried, that
Carl Adler's Variety Store is the cheap
est store in the city.
Ice Cream Candy, a la Paris, at
Adler's per Elder; also, a large assort-
meilS OI OtUCr ClUUCe CailUlPS.
Now that building is reviving in
Astoria, bear in mind the fact that Peter
Runey is Well supplied with all kinds of
building materials which he is prepared
to dispuse of to all at very lowest rates.
When you are looking for a place
to amuse yourself, drop in at Max Wag
ner's, Great Eastern saloon, and listen
to the organ and take a glass of his fine
San Francisco beer.
Get your baskets filled for a little
money at Bailey's.
White Darling potatoes at Berg
man t Berry's.
Now is the time for cleaning up
our houses, and ornamenting them.
For this purpose you can find nothing
that will add to the appearance of your
parlors so much as a pair of those lieau
tiful ehromos at the City Book store,
sold for nearly one-half the usual cost of
such pictures. Call and see lor your
selves. Mr. J. Cody, on the roadway, is in
daily receipt of choice fresh fruits from
San Francisco and interior gardens, di
rect. Call and test them and buy some.
P. J. Goodman, on Main street, has
just received the latest and most fash
ionable style of gent and ladies boots,
shoes, etc.
M. C. Crosby is prepared to do all
kinds of jobbing in the plumbing and
steam fitting line; also, bath tubs, and
water backs for stoves and ranges fur
nished on shortest notice.
The proprietor of the Chicago
house.whom everybody knows as a popu
lar caterer, has fixed his hotel up in
splended style. It is all newly painted
and furnished, and is one of the most
attractive places on Main street. Call
around ; every luxury of the season at
the Chicago house.
Mr. J. Stewart, stone and marble
cutter of Astoria will guarantee satis
faction to all ordering work of him, and
will do a better job for less money than
any outside workman. His work in the
cemetery here should be sufficient recom
mendation. Before, you let your eon
tracts for work of this kind it "would be.
well to call upon Mr. Stewart
Notions, candies and fruits of the
the best quality, at C. A. Mays.
Persons wishing to prepare for
fishing on the Sound, or for small fish
will find a quantitv of suitable twine at
J. JJ. D.Gray's. It is just the thing for
trout and herring nets.
J. S.Mayer has opened Rudolph
Barths beer hall near the Fishermen's
cannery. Call in when you are passing
and refresh 3'ourself with the bust iii
the market.
Mr. G. Hansen watchmaker and
jeweler of long experience, has perma
nently established himself in business
in Caufield's drug store, Chenamus
street, Astoria. Watches and Jewelry
cleaned and repaired. Gems re-set. En
graving a specialty All work guaran
teed. Give him a trial and be your own
judge of his workmanship. He will
soon add to his stock a well selected in
voice of Watches. Jewelry, Silver and
plated ware, which he will be able to
sell at very low prices.
Fresh California fmit can be had
at C. A. May's on the arrival of every
Magnus C. Crosby is sole agent for
the Medallion Range in the Astoria
market, which is unquestionably the
best range on the racihc slope. Call
and oxainine.
Fishermen can get a square meal
at any time, at Pike's restaurant, Unity,
for fish. References ; Fishermen wlio
have eaten there.
The boss knight of the shining
Sheffield blade and a first-class hair
cutter, can be found at the Parker
House. Prices, 25 cents each for hair
cutting, shaving, dyeing, shampooing,
and bath.
A full assortment of counter and
grocers scales can be found at M. C.
Crosb's, at bottom prices.
Ice cream, and fresh fruits of all
kinds at Schmeers, opposite the bell
tower. Also fresh oysters, in every
A new lot of full bound blank, and
receipt books, specially for use in can
neries, at the City Book store.
There is no use talking Max Wag
ner of the Great Eastern saloon is the
only man to please his customers well.
He keeps the finest San Francisco beer
in the city, it sparkles like ehampaigne.
Main Stkeet, - Astokia, Oregon.
Err Perfect fits guaranteed. All work
warranted. (Jive me a trial. All orders
promptly filled.
11. JiKCK,
Manufacturer of
Boots and Shoes.
All kinds of repairing neatly and
promptlv attended to
t. s. JEWirrr.
Draying & Trucking.
Squeiuocqhtt at., between Cas3 and Main,
Contracts for xraying made and satisfaction
guaranteed- Orders loft at the Occident ilo
tol or rwur liby mail promptly filled
" siiiiiV
Hill's M Yariety Tkatre,
Containing six
The Decorations of the New Theatre were
executed by Mr. F. Holt.
Painted by Mr. Win. West. Architect and
Ruilder Mr. Kemble.
On and after this date will he given a
First. Class Entertainment,
Which for Refinement and Novelty cannot
be equalled on this coast. Our Per
formance Commences with our "
First Part of Male and Female
Consisting of
Singing, Dancing, Acrobatic Feats,
Negro Sketches, Trapeze Performers,
Pantomimists and Jugglers.
To see our Refined and Unequalled enter
tainment. New Acts, New Song's and com
plete change of Programme twice a week.
GEO. IUUMT., Proprietor.
Entrance to Boxes and Circle on Clicna
inus Street. Performance to commence
at eight o'clock precise.
JUNE 14. 1879.
ANTED. A nurse girl, at Fort Canby r
aoore.vs un. wjiisisL. ao-tt
LOST.-On the 8th hist., a ladies gold,
black-enamel cuff-pin. with three pearl
settings in the center. A liberal reward will
be paid to the finder on leaving it at this
office. 3G-tf
TO KENT. As Mrs. McGregor is going
east, she will sell or lease her house on
Chenamus street, containing a store and
fixture" ; also, seven rooms ; possession given
unmediatetly. Applv to
LOST. A little brown dog, white breast,
toes tipped with-white, and white spot in
face, wearing a collar No. 77, belongs to Mrs.
Crocker. Information that will lead to the
recover of the dog may be left at Mr.. Mer
rill's. 35- tf
7WTOTICE. Neither the consignees nor the
Xi undersigned, master of the British bark
lx)ck Fergus, will be held responsible for any
debts contracted by any of the crew of said
vessel. SAMUEL CANN.
Astoria, .June 9, 1879. 35-tf
"VTOTICE. All persons knowing themselves,
-Ll indebted to the undersigned are re
quested to call and settle, the same as soon as
possible, as under the circumstances funds
are necessary. We may be found at the
office of Warren & McGuire for the present.
Astoria, May 19, 1879.
NET POUXI).-About 200 fathom, no
marks, picked up June C, 1879. The
owner can have it by proving property and
paying charges on application at the eannerv
of WM. HUME,
34-tf Astoria, Oregon.
No. (5, K of P., will hereafter hold its
conventions in the hall of Sea Side Lodge No.
12, A. O. of U. W., corner Chenamus and
Benton streets.
25-tf J. O. BOZORTH, K. of R. and S.
BOAT PICKED UP. A large flat bottom
skiff was picked up by the undeisigned
on Wednesday. June lth. The owner can
have the same upon proof of ownership, and
payment of charges, by applying to me at
win. Humes cannery in Astoria.
IOR SALE.;-I have received another cou
? signment of
Twenty Tons of Salt,
which I will sell cheap for cash, in lots to suit.
35-tf Commission Agent.
"JVTOT1CE. All persons indebted to us will
JLi ple:ise take notice that unless their ar
counts are paid or satisfactorily arranged be
fore the 1st of July, Ls79. they will be placed
in the hands of attorneys for collection. In
future ue shall give lmt:0 days credit, unless
by special arrangement.
Astoria. June 11, 1S7J. 38-tf
tice is hereby given that the Common
Council of the city of Astoria propose to or
der the improvement of that portion of Astor
street from the west side of Lafayette street
to the east side of Genevive street, by grad
ing and building of sidewalks on each side of
of said street, and unless a remonstrance
signed by the owners of two-thirds of the
property fronting on said portion of said
street be filed with the Auditor and Clerk
within ten days from date of this notice, the
Common Council will order said improvement
to he made.
By order of the Common Council.
Auditor and Clerk.
Dated Astoria. June 6. 1878. 32-dlut
.Proposals for Hire of Tutc-IJoat.
United States Engineers Office, J
Portland, Oregon. June 10th. 1879. j
SEALED PROPOSALS, in duplicate, will
be received at this office, until 11 o'clock
a. m., on Thursday, the 10th day of July.
1879, at which place they will be opened hi
the presence of bidders, for furnishing the U.
S. with a Tug Boat, when required as a ten
der for the t". S. Dredge, uuriug the year
Blank proposals, and specifications con
taining detailed infoimation, may be ob
tained at this office.
Proposals must be enclosed in sealed en-
l velopes marked "Proposals for Hire of Tug-
Boat," and addressed to the undersigned.
The United States reserves the right to re
ject any or all proposals.
3-d6t Major of Engineers.
ClIKJiAJIUS Stbket. Astokia.
Tho public are invited to cnii and leave
their orders. Splendid Lager o cents a glad?.
Free Lunch every night
WM. BOCK & Co.. Proprietors.