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gJX EillJ SXttXimi.
Monday Excepted J.
Astorian Buildhij, Caxs street.
Terms of Subscription :
berved by Carrier, per week .........25 Ccnt.
Sent by mail, four months .- 53 00
Sent by mail, cne year 9 00
free of Posuieo to subscribers.
G35" Advertisements inserted by tbo year at
the rate of Si 50 ier square per month.
Transient ndvertir-ing, by the day or weok,
fifty cents per square for each insertion.
The Datlv astqkias will he ttnt by
moilatir centx a month, frccof postage. Rccui
cm who contemplate absence from the city can.
have The Astokian follow them. Daily
or Weekly mWwu to any post-oiticc with
out additional expense. Adarcsscs may he
enanged as often a expired. Leave orders at
Vie counting ronm.
The boys were enjoying Lite kite
flying yesterday in Astoria.
Mr. J. Cod' has opened a fruit
and vegetable store in Dr. Kinsey's
block. He is also prepared to serve
lunch, hot cdfe, etc.
Services in Presbyterian hall on
this morning at 11 o'clock. Sab
bath school at noon. All are invited.
No service in the evening.
Merrell & Co. have just turned
out a splendid new wagon for E. S.
Larsen. We are glad to see Astorians
patronizing Astoria mechanics.
Work is progressing quite satis
factory on Capt. P. E. Ferchens new
house. It is in a sightly location, and
will be an ornament to that parfc of
the city.
Matters relating to the harbor of
refuge should go to San Francisco by
the An con. See Col. Stewarts notice
of the time and place of meeting,
June 5th.
We advocate the use of root beer.
"Try it. See advertisement and posters.
It is a healthful, temperate, and cool
ing beverage for summer. Order some
home for family use.
The young ladies of Grace Episco
pal church will give an ice cream so
ciable for the benefit of the Sunday
School, on Tuesday evening June
10th, 1879, at Masonic halL
Warren & McGuire make a speci
alty of tide-land butter, put up by Mr.
J. F. Barrows. We can vouch for its
being first quality. Mr. Barrows will
put up large quantities of it this year.
Call for the B brand.
Rev. J. T. Wolfe will discourse
in the Congregational church of this
.city this Sunday morning on "The
Symbol of Christianity," and in the
evening "Christianity, the World's Ul
timate Religion."
Judge G. W. Lawson arrived in
the city night before last, and pro
ceeded to Oysterville yesterday. He
is settling up his worldly affairs in
Oregon preparatory to a visit to Texas,
Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.
Mr. Seely informs us that the
channel of Nehalem river to sea lias
changed about three miles farther
north the past winter, and now pre
sents no more obstacles to the en
trance by schooners than does Tilla
mook bay.
Another ship wreck occurred in
this vicinity last Friday. Our late
eastern correspondent, Dan J. Ingalls
swamped in Lewis and Clarke river
with a cargo of hay and shingles on a
schooner belonging to his neighbor
Elijah Jeffers.
Hamburger's stock of mens cloth
ing, and everything for ladies, from a
pair of handsome silk hose up, cannot
be beat in Astoria. David made the
selection this time, and has done so
rell that we really think he deserves
special mention. Call around and
examine this large and beautiful stock.
Mr. Temple Seelye, of the lower
Nehalem valley, Tillamook county left
a splendid specimen of bituminous
coal at our office yesterday which came
irom a creek which empties into the
Nehalem 25 miles from Astoria. There
are two veins from which the lot was
obtained. One is three feet two
inches wide, and one three feet ten
inches. They are about four feet
Capt. Fisher has succeeded ad
mirably the past few days in picking
up lost anchors in this vicinity. , He
has the location of four or five more
yet to be taken up. Besides njaking
a profit for Jtfmself by this work, he
clears the harbor of what may, in the
course of time, become a very bad
obstacle, as was the case last year in
the harbor at Quebec. The fishermen
are all glad to see these iron snags
taken out of the way of their nets,
Board or Foremen.
Astoria, Oregon, May CO. 117).
The board of foremen met at the
hall of Alert Hook and Ladder Co.
No. 1, at 7:00 P. si. in obedience to
the published order of this date.
The meeting was called to order by
J. F. Ferchen, 1st assistant engineer,
acting president.
Roll call: All present except F. J.
Taylor, foreman Alert Hook and Lad
der company.
The business was announced to be
an invitation from Columbia Engine
Co., No. 3, to participate with them
in their twentieth anniversary and
.parade, June 13th 1879.
Moved by Mr. Coffman and secon
ded that the invitation be accepted,
and that the matter be laid before
the companies of the department; for
their consideration. Carried.
Moved and seconded that the citj
council be requested to grant the de
partment the privilege of removing a
part of the fire apparatus from the
city for three days, viz: June 12, 13,
14. Carried.
This matter being disposed of, on
motion of Mr. Welch a department
parade was ordered for the 4th
of July, and the several foremen were
instructed to lay the matter before
their respective companies for their
On motion the meeting adjourned.
Ei. D. dims. .See., A. F. D.
A few more boarders can be ac
commodated at Mrs. Housman's.
A post-office route has been estab
lished from Knappton to Grays harbor.
Mr. Carl Adler expects a sister in
Astoria soon on a visit from San Fran
Miss Hannah Kant, sister to our
fellow townsman M. D. will arrive in
San Francisco to-day from Baden, en
route to Astoria.
Sing Tang Whang, was followed
to the grave in this city by his wife
and chief mourners with all the pomp
and circumstance of the heathenish
rite. It was a queer outfit, taken all
in all.
Mr. W. J. Denver left at oir
office door a small lot of quartz speci
mens, Saturday morning, which some
person has taken away, possibly by
mistake. The specimens were from
Nehalem valley.
Wm. Bock, J. W. Gearhart, Peter
Iiuney, and other crippled citizens of
Astoria are convalescing. John and
William get about on crutches, and
Peter was out of doors, sitting in the
sunlight, day before yesterday for the
first time in many weeks. The weath
er has been terrible bad for invalids.
There will be divine service in
Grace (Episcopal) church to-da3r,
morning and evening. In the morn
ing the Holy Communion will be ad
ministered. In the evening a state
ment of the work of the parish for the
last twelve months will be presented
with a sermon in harmony therewith.
All are cordially invited to attend.
Seats free.
Mr. Jas. W. Welch returned
from the Weather beach, north of II
waco 3Testerday, where he had been as
N. g. of Beaver lodge of Odd Fellows,
by direction of the lodge, searching
for the body of Henry Lack, a mem
ber of Chemekta lodge Salem. Mr.
Welch informs us that five bodies
have been washed up 03 the surf thi3
year nori h of north-head. As a gener
al thing the bodies are not properly
buried, and he thinks that the people
should club together, secure a site,
and be better prepared to bury the
poor unfortunates whose bodies come
in under such circumstances from the
While in Kalama last week, says
an exchange, we had the pleasure of
inspecting H. H. Holt s fish hatchery,
wherein he has now several hundred
speckled trout, hatched from eggs he
received by express from the east.
He succeeded in hatching about 8o
per cent, of the eggs sent. The great
er portion of the young trout were
recently put in the lake near Capt J.
C. Ainsworth's summer residence not
far from the sound. Mr. Holt, who
is one of the old line sportsmen of the
county, is making a start as a suc
cessful propagator of fish, and could
do much for the country in this line,
if encouraged properly.
The Bee contains an account of
the suicide at Dayton, W. T., of a
young man named Joseph L. Clarke,
on the 27th. The afiair seems to be
the result of a disappointment in love.
He had been keeping company with a
young lady in Astoria, of whom he
thought very much. The following
extract from a letter to a friend
throws a ray of light on the unfortu
nate affair: "I have got the blues
awfully; have heard bad news from a
lady friend in Astoria. Some parties
in Portland whom I had befriended
to the extent of many dollars last
winter, when I was there, have told
the worst kind of lies about me. One
of them is Mr. who lives on
Washington street. Dr. Wood has
gone to Spokane falls. I may as well
be out of the world as in it."
Written for The Astorian.
Where is God? My soul replies
God is in the bending skies,
On the earth, and in the air,
In the early morning gray,
In the broader brighter day,
In the twilight, in the gloom,
Jn the tomb.
In the drowsv hum of bees,
In the hirds sweet melodies,
In the murmur of the trees,
In the breeze.
In the echo from the dell,
In the whisper of the shell,
In the brooklet, in the river,
In the giver.
In the wildest winds that rave,
In the dark and sullen river,
In the breakers on the shore,
In their roar.
In the various tints of green
On von sloping hillside seen,
In the fragrance of the flowers,
1 n the showers.
In my infant's laughing eyes,
In what e'er of earth 1 prize,
In my hopes, and in my fears
He appears.
Let me turn when e'er 1 will.
In the holy Sabbath's still,
In the solunm voice of prayer,
Jean DroaC'e.
Astoria and Winnemucca Railway.
Hilhboro Independent.
"We are informed bv a p-cntle-man
from Astoria that great inter
est is manifested in the new rail
road scheme, at that place. Ten
thousand dollars have already been
subscribed in Astoria and it is
thought that more can be obtained.
A preliminary survey will be made
this summer through the Nehalem
vallies and a permanent route de
cided upon. This is thought to be
the onlyr practicable route, and the
value of the route is enhanced by
its fine forests of cedar trees, and
probably, inexhaustible coal fields.
Men who are posted with regard
to the character of the country,
tell us that Cornelius will most like
ly be the place where the road will
cross the Oregon Central railroad.
Our people should be awake to the
fact that this proposed road will
be of great value to the country,
and when the proper time comes,
be readv with words of encourage
ment and the necessary money to
make it a success.
Body Recovered.
Mr. Thomas B. Williams, flight
keeper at North cove, Shoalwater bay,
writes to us that on the 25th the body
of a man was picked up and buried
about three miles from there. His
features were not recognizable. He
appeared to be about five feet nine
inches in hight. He was dressed in
linen drawers, check pants, small
dark blue coat; and wore gaiters with
white cotton socks. There was found
in his pockets two dollars and sixty
cents in silver; three assorted sleeve
buttons; gold thimble; silver plated
fruit pocket knife, with A. D. B. en
graved on; a double hair comb and
steel cork screw. "I have the above
described articles in my possesion.
1 will be glad to send the articles
found on the body to relatives or
friends who may identify the person
by the above descriptions."
Harbor of Refuse.
Office Board of Engineers for the Pacific Coast.
533 Kearney street. San Francisco. Ual
May 23d, 1879. J
On and after the nth day of June, 1879,
public sessions of the board or of a com
mittee of the same will beheld at this
office. The object of these is to hear the
views and opinions of all persons inter
ested in the location of a harbor of
refuge on the Pacific oceali, between
San Francisco and the straits of Fuca.
Shipmasters familiar with the naviga
tion of the Pacific coast and all other
persons possessed of information on the
subject are invited to communicate with
the Board, in person, or bv letter.
C. Sea forth Stewart,
Lt-Col. of Engineers, Pacific Senior Member
A correspondent of the Standard,
writing from Astoria says: "Salmon
now brings four dollars a case in San
Francisco, and as soon as some of the
canneries are through with their con
tracts they will close for the season,
and the probabilities are that some of
them will never run again."
The boat in which Mr. Henry
Lack was fishing belongs to R. D.
Hume & Co. and bears the licence
number of 269, his own boat is in the
city. He leaves a sister in Michigan,
his mother lives in England. As the
body has not yet been recovered any
uuui uiatiuu win De rnanKiuiiy iecuiv
ed by Beaver Lodge No. 35, i. o. o. r.
S. T. McKean returned from his
official visit to Salem yesterday, in
connection with state educational mat
ters. Thirteen of the twenty-five
county superintendents were present
at the session. A vote was taken on
the school book question which was
deposited with the superintendent of
public instruction. The vote will not
be opened until the 20th. The meet
ing was harmonious, and the prob
abilities are that a majority conclusion
was arrived at.
A full assortment of counter and
grocers scales can be found at M. C.
Crosby's, at bottom prices.
Magnus C. Crosb is sole agent for
the Medallion Bange in the Astoria
market, which is unquestionably the
best range on the Pacific slope. Call
and examine.
The x. g. of Beaver Lodne No. 35,
i. o. o. f. instructs us, by order of the
Lodge, to keep it before members that
next Lodge night election of officers
will take, place. June nth, and a full at
tendance is required.
Judging from the number of Chro
mos being carried around town the
Dollar Store is doing a good business.
J. S. Mayer has opened Rudolph
Barths beer hall near the Fishermen's
cannery. Call in when you are passing
and refresh yourself wfth the best iii
the market.
The "California Dollar Store"
still continues the chief attraction of the
town, and "lucky ones" carry away their
finest chromos at One Dollar each, their
plated ware and cutlery is of the finest
quality take a walk around and try
your luck.
Mr. G. Hansen watchmaker and
jeweler of long experience, has perma
nently established himself in business
in Caufield's drug store, Chenamus
street, Astoria. Watches and Jewelry
cleaned and repaired. Gems re-set. En
graving a specialty. All work guaran
teed. Give him a trial and be your own
judge of his workmanship. lie will
soon add to his stock a well selected in
voice of Watches, Jewvlry, Silver and
plated ware, which he will he able to
sell at very low prices.
Booms to let, by the day, week, or
month, at Mrs. W.H. Twilight's.
lee cream, and fresh fruits of all
kinds at Sehmeers, opposite the bell
tower. Also tresh oysters, in every
Fishermen can get a square meal
at any time, at Pike's restaurant, Unity,
for fish. References : Fishermen who
have eaten there.
A new lot of full bound blank, and
receipt books, specially for use in can
neries, at the Citj Book store.
There is no use talking Max Wag
ner of the Great Eastern saloon is the
only man to please his customers well.
He keeps the finest San Francisco beer
in the city, it sparkles like champaigne.
Fresh fruits and vegetables at
Ovsters served in every style at
the Walla Walla Restaurant.
Now that building is reviving in
Astoria, bear in mind the fact that Peter
Runey is well supplied with all kinds of
building materials which he is prepared
to dispuse of to all at very lowest rates.
When you are looking for a place
to amuse yourself, drop in at Max Wag
ner's, Great Eastern saloon, and listen
to the organ and take a glass of his fine
San Francisco beer.
Get your baskets filled for a little
money at Bailey's.
White Darling potatoes at Berg
man it Berry's.
Now is the time for cleaning up
our houses, and ornamenting them.
For this purpose you can find nothing
that will add to the appearance of your
parlors so much as a pair of those beau
tiful chromos at the City Book store,
sold for nearly one-half the usual cost of
such pictures Call and see for your
selves. P. J. Goodman, on Main street, has
Just received the latest and most fash
ionable style of gent and ladies boots,
shoes, etc.
M. C. Crosby is prepared to do all
kinds of jobbing in the plumbing and
steam fitting line; also, bath tubs, and
water backs for stoves and ranges fur
nished on shortcut notice.
The proprietor of the Chicago
house, whom everybody knows as a popu
lar caterer, has fixed his hotel up in
splended style. It is all newly painted
and furnished, and is one of the most
attractive places on Main street. Call
around; every luxury of the season at
the Chicago house.
Mr. J. Stewart. stone and marble
cutter of Astoria will guarantee satis
faction to all ordering work of him, and
will do a better job for less money than
any outside workman. His work in the
cemetery here should besufficientrecom
mendation. Before you let your eon
tracts for work of this kind it 'would be.
well to call upon Mr. Stewart.
Lodging House. Furnished rooms
to let at reasonable rates at Mrs. Mun
son's, Cheneuamus St., Astoria.
.May 2Sth, in the breakers on the bar, a
fishing boat and net, which the owner or
owners can have upon proof of owership and
paying charges. Apply at the Gloucester
House. Astoria.
FOUXIK About. 200 fathom gill net web,
No. 3 Barbours twine, 45 mesh, in two
pieces. Owner can have the same by prov
ing property and paying charges.
A. B50TH & C.
Upper Astoria. May SO, 1S79. 27-tf
FOITXI. A piece of a net which the
owner may have on proving property
and paying charges. BA DOLLET & CO.
Upper Astoria, May 27, 1 879. 23-tf
TO RENT. A nice cottage, with six
rooms ; water in the Inquire of
.las. McGee, ou the roadway near Devlin's
cannery. 6-lin
XTET X.OST.-O11 the night of the 2fith of
Li Mav, 1879, about 110 fathoms net. No. 30
10-ply Barbours, corks a leads marked J
HUME- Finder will be suitably rewarded
bv giving the same to the steamer Quickstep
of leaving the same at J. HUME'S cannery
at Knappton. - JOS. HUME.
"TOTICE. All persons knowing themselves
JLi indebted to the undersigned are re
quested to call and .settle the same as soon as
possible, asunder the circumstances funds
are necessary. "We mav be found at the
office of Warren & McGuire for the present.
Astoria, May 19, 1879.
NOTICE is hereby given that the owners
of Scoio Industry will not be responsible
for any debts contracted by any person on
behalf of said Scow, except the same is con
tracted directly by the owners.
BROWN & ALLEN, Owners.
Bv A. V. Ai.i'EN' MuiKiging Owner.
Astoria, May 24, 1870. Mw-d&v
Hill's If Variety Tkatre,
Containing six
The Decorations of the New Theatre were
executed by Mr. F. Holt.
Painted by Mr. Win. "West. Architect and
Builder Mr. Kemble.
On and after this date will be given a
First Class Entertainment,
Which for Refinement and Novelty cannot
be equalled on this coast. Our Per
formance Commences with our
First Part of Male and Female
Consisting of
Singing, Dancing, Acrobatic Feats,
Negro Sketches, Trapeze Performers,
Pantomimists and Jugglers.
To see our Refined and Unequalled enter
tainment. New Acts. New Song's and com
plete cnange ot rrograniiiie twice a week.
EO. nilX. Proprietor.
Entrance to Boxes and Circle on Chena
mus Street. Performance to commence
at eight o'clock precise.
JUNE 4, 1S70.
Main street, opposite the Parker House.-
Of the above named New Bakery,
Respectfully invites a share of the public
latronage, confident of his ability to please
his p;
Arndt & Ferchen.
Machine Shop
In the city. --j$
All kinds of
Engine, Cannery and Stenuaoeat
Work promptlv attended to.
Brooms, KriiNlies and "Wooden-ware,
Tobacco, Cigars and Stationery,
Gent's Furnishing Goods, Etc.
Near the Corner
Slain and Concomly Sts., Astori
Wilson & Fisher
Sheet, Round, and Square Prepared
Rubber Packing-.
Which will be exchanged for country pro
duce or sold at lowest prices.
Corner Chenamus and Hamilton Streets-
Astoria Steam Laundry.
J. T. BOUCHERS :... Proprietor
Astoria, Oregon.
No rubbing or scrubbing, and no thrarning
your clothes to pieces. Buttons sewei on
and clothes mended.
-For particulars apply to the proprietor
on on the premises.
Mes. XL A. Derby,
Has just returned from San Francisco witlr
the finest selected stock of
Ever offered in Astoria. Embracing every
novelty in the line.
Or, Warner's Health
Ctn only be purchased iri
Astoria at Mrs. Derby's, Main
street, between Squemoqhe
and Jefferson, Astoria, Ore
Occident Hotel Hair Dressing Saloon i
Hot, Cold, Shower,
Steam and Sulphur
EF"Special attention given to ladies and
children's hair cutting.
Private Entrance for Ladies.
Vl " -- m iiHf JmHijVA
wv1 VrHElttV