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Mondny Lxcoirtodi.
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the cntMtiwi rtnuu.
Cant. Flavel retnrned t the city on
Sunday by the steamship Oregon.
Weils. Fargo & Co.'s reduced iarifl"
Hist was ivceived at the Astoria office by
1ho Idaho.
Seal arc. very destructive this spring.
4n the fish caught in the harbor and bay
at Astoria.
lr. X. Pee) toas t&'cen a poKiiioM as
lfKk4ceeper in the new Astoria etmnerv
oiMr. Wni.HuiMe.
:.rr. J. AT. WelHi returned from
Portland last even in g, whither he hied
iilmseif recently on kusiness.
The .Sea Wall has on ImmWI 200.000
feet of lumiHtr for JSan Francisco, and is
d rawing 1'.. She sails to-day.
The steamship Idaho arrived at 2
o'clock a. ai. on the iHh. She left one
hundrtd tons of her cargo at Astoria.
C:ipl.I. E. enn"s name, was enter
ed upon the regisicratthe enstoin-hou&e
vestordav, as msuter of the brig .Sea
Miss Helen Johnson and Miss Sie
vens. of Oysterville, have been visiting
friends in "the city. They return home
Miss Carrie Wass. and her sister
I lattie. arrived in the city on Saturday
from Yaquina, on a visit to friends in
tliis part of Oregon.
The steam-tug Columbia performed
the mail duty to the forts for the Can by
yesterday, as the latter had not yet re
turned from Shoal water bay-
A quick trip was recorded yester
day by the Great Republic, only five
and 'one-fourth hours irom Portland,
110 miles. She proceeded immediately
to sea.
Barth & Meyers have just received a
couple of puts, a pair of black hear, at
their place of business, irom tneJieau ot
the Walluska. They were captured
Indian George.
The Bonita will take the place of
the Ilawyard to-day, and to-morrow the
Hay ward will take the place of the
Dixie Thompson, in the Portland line.
Tins will cause the Dixie to take a
Pilot Staples who took the new
Westport-built schooner Emily Stephens
to sea. informs us that she is one of the
finest sea boats that ever crossed the bar.
The bar was rough and breaking when
.she went out, but her deck was perfectly
Tn making the run to the buoy de
pot, by the Magneton the (ith. Captain
Thatcher's patent log was towed astern,
indicating that the distance is three and
one-half miles from the Farmer's wharf.
The distance was run, against a strong
tide, in exactly thirty-nine minutes.
Ah JLut the Celestial arrested for
stealing opium from the Portland boat,
had his -examination last evening, and
was held to appear. He is the same ras
cal who was caught stealing a pair of
pants from Van Dusen it Co.'s store last
year. He will probably go to Salem,
from Astoria, the next term of the Cir
cuit court
We are in receipt of the March
number of The Physican and Surgeon,
ajmonthly magazine, devoted to medical
.and surgical science, published at the
university of Michigan, by Keating &
'Bryant, publishers and proprietors, Ann
Arbor, Michigan, at $2 00 per annum ;
invariably in advance. Agents wanted
everywhere. Write for terms and territory.
About a dozen subjects for the peni- j scheme was frustrated by the appear
tentiary were put ashore at Astoria ance of day-light, and the " celestial was
from the steamship Republic yesterday, j taken down, inore dead tlnui alive, and
as they were trying to 4,spar their way UanU was locked in one of the solitary
below. They were apparantly first class 1 cells. JTanU is held as a prisoner for
chicken-thieves, ete. Chief Barry re- assault and battery. Ah Six, is held for
lerred them to a prominent surgeon, larcenv. .Repairs were made to the tloor
Avho would give them each thirty dol- vesterdav. and the services of a physi
lars apiece to subject to a medical dis- eian, secured for the celestial, makes it
.section, but they refused,-rfor something double secure now that both will be here
worse, perhaps; if they remain in Asto-J to stand trial it the next term of court.
na. This is no place lor their kind; J
they are already ''spotted" by the police,
and may just as well move on.
Mr. Peter Wilhelm, has decided
upon placing suitable accommodations
on Tongue-point for entertaining sum
mer visitors. He chartered the steam
Yacht Magnet on the (ith, and with a
partv explored the point from base to
summit, and located the site for the im
provements which will be made im
inediatelv. There is no finer spot on
;he coast for pic-nicsthan Tongue-point.
The eastern slope is sunny, sheltered j
from southerly winds; and the western
slope is protected from east winds, while J--L ""fm 01 x,. l;i. u. mmp,
on top the beauties of nature that lay of No. 13, and A. L. Stmson, of No.
spread out before one is grand and 18, who have entered into tho work
sublime, taking in many miles of su- with. a. determination to make this the
-rounding country, and a lovely view up mosfc pleasant excursion ever inaugu
thenver. and down .as far as eje can. ,: qi, ;
.reach seawards. rated from Salem,
,yy....H JTP.'Wi.'li IWl Wi r-ilML'JM H I M.I1!H
Shipping Xoies.
The Chamber of Commerce is in re
ceipt of despatches announcing that:
The steamship Geo. W. Elder would
sail to-day from :San Francisco for Asto
ria and Portland.
The steamship A neon will sail on the
i:tth. next Sunday, from San Fnmckco
for Astoria and Portland.
The steamships Great Republic and
Oregon will sail on the Kith from Snu
Francisco for Astoria and Portland.
Anoiher Organ for Astoria.
fr .Max Wagner has pm-chased an
an for the Great Eastern Saloon on
Ctincomlv street. It will ie open on
Thursday evening. The Portland
Telegram saw, of this instrument:
"One of the finest instruments that has
ever lx-en brought to Oregon, has just
been placed
Wan gen heir
in Columbia Hall. Messrs.
mi v .Meyer nave ocen 10
about !?-2,oiw excuses in importing
from S-hvarL.v.ald. Germany, one of
the German Orchestrans for which that
ila-e is so noted in the nianutaeturc.
The iiistrum.'iit ir one of the barrel and
pipe organ variety, and plays forty
German. French, 'and American airs,
including oMra. inarches. In nms. songs
and most of the opular limbic of the day.
The tone of tiie instrument, which
stands ten feel high and is five feet in
width, is ricJi and niellr w. and the mu
sic is very delightful. The gentleman
who keeps I h Columbia hall are !oth
ery enterprising. and intend that their
saloon shall be second to none in I'on
land. 15siles other at tractions, they hae
a telephone in operation in the hall, and
1 the f.-.tcru Fnioii telegraph iiHralor.s
and others wh have ronneelion there
with, can order zuie lagr and spret
7.en kaze" with very listle trouble.
Their jlace has leen filled every even
ing with delighted listeners since the
orchestran arrived, and we hope it will
long contiuiieto be a source of attrac
tion. The above Organ will arrive in As
toria this evening, and will discourse
its music to the public at the Great
Eastern Saloon Thursday. Of course
Max.'s friends are glad of his success;
he has pulled through all right.
4 a private letter irom llev. T.
Hyland. !earing date the 2-1 th ult.,
quete: Iliad a talk with ex-hena
lor Mitchell last week.
He told me hp
... - - - .., ,
expected to complete arrangements
wnli Aew
ork capitalists on r nitay
last io build a railroad
from Salt Lake
to the Columbia river
I llMV lilt flilltllt- I
he will succeed.' Air. Hyland's address
is 2-1:; West Thirteenth street.
Captain Fisher .decorated his fine
steamer Ordway with Hags on Sunday,!1" ,Jlt'u "', "
it was said in honor of a very interesting . productions of the firm.
domestic event in his family on the ith. j
With his aceustomed promptness on all
important occasions. Mr. Peter Wilhelm
resonded to the report, and sent on
board some of the finest brands of cham
pagne from the Gem, which was heartily
sasar Mtisr ss 5'
: i i... r....t.x.. i':i... .,...1 i.:,. I
the rumor negatively decided, a vote of
thanks was tendered to Mr. 'Wilhelm,
who had so promptly stepped to the
front, attesting his friendship.
A vnrr rnn,1 eiirrfrnetinn woe nffnro" I
hv n iinnfipiii msiii sit'the meetnifr nf Hip i
Astoria Chamber of Commerce last even-'the
m-w ...m... ....... ..v ..v -...L.W n w. -. .
ing, xi was mis: i. inai in neii 01 me re-enacted m the appropriation act ot
Sf tTl$ J'y 31, must be regarded as
That win-n the nrh!-lioiise is built i.ii permanent legislation, and, until re-
TilJamook rock, the fog-whistle now in pealed, all surveys made subsequent
use at Port Adams be transferred to to the date of said act .must be paid
that place. This is a most ecllciit'f0r y the claimants that all surveys
suggestion, and should be laid befoie.. i -, , -vr -9-1 iqc ,i
CoTonel GIHcsnip. Hv thus placing those i J la,uo0,beten .SI:trd 51j 18' 5 "
signals, they would be so far removed July 31, 18 0 will not have to be paid
from the bar sis to admit of their being .for.
heard on board of vessels approaching!
the entrance from the sea, which is now
almost an impossibility.
Julius Bichtcr and his wife .Emma
are under arrest for participating in a
stabbing affray on Main street, Satur
day nignL Tliey are the keepers of the
new saloon known as the Fishermen's
Ketreat The man
lan John Ditbur. who
laolcao app'in'cmVrt
was the victim
till V .WHi l HO llHilUM. 1.VJ UPll til 111 UMllt 1
vesterday. His statement is to the effect .
iilii'a liif- iink tmnhlo T Ofll
UlilL I1U llflll"ll IIHU nil." -lll'll e.ll, WlirU
!... 1... .......k.l .4 !.. 14... .4 ...1.....
the woman liichlcr wanted him to treat j
That he refuM-d. and she then pulled a
iiiut.'i oji 111111, aim tunif uiiiiu viiuvn-t
oring to lake the revolver awav f,i
her, the man Itivhlcr stabbed him sever
al tinier lhe
the Police-cour
i ease was postponed, in;
rt, until to-day, at 2 o'clock
i. M.
Eor good tobaccos, fine cigars, no
tions, candies, etc., go to Foster's
variety store, on the roadway, oppo
site the 0. S. N. Co.'s wharf.
A half breed named JJnnli White
turned executioner in the county jail
night before last, and "strung up" his
sole companion, Ah Sin. then burned a
hole through the tloor of the jail, under
the stove, expecting to make his escape.
Fortunate! v for the claims of iustice his
The Salem Statesman says: "The
committee, appointed b3' the lodges in
that city have made the necessary ar
rangements with the Oregon and Cali
fornia railroad company., for procuring
a special train for an excursion to Port
laud on Saturday the 20th, tho anni
versary of Odd Fellowship in the
United States. The excursion will
leave at 7 o'clock, a. jr., and return
ing leave Portland at 7 P. M. The
j committee is composed of Messrs. J.
-!r r -vr -1 . m r -r
The Queen and the State.
The Queen of England is reported
to have said, when her attention was
called to the omission to invite Mr.
Gladstone to the Duke of Connaught's
wedding, This is my sou's wedding ;
I shall pay all the expenses." If the
queen reall3T made this reply, it is one
of those unfortunate expressionwhich
monarchs generally live to regret hav
ing made. When the queen replies
to a protest against a slight to one of
England's foremost men, in terms
which seem to view herself apart from
l.. oiutf. -. rlr -will bft nnfc to tnlci
J vUw Jur apurt from the
Thu n owes the cu-Cnm-
stancc ot its being of the slightest im
portance that any one was invited to
her son's wedding, to the accident f
being queen of England. As plain
Victoria Guelph, neither her own
wedding nor the wedding of her son
would have any interest for the public
at large. But as Queen of the Nation
tthichhas held the first place in Eu
rope, and to-day in many respects
still maintains its old supremacy, her
movements are telegraphed all over
the world. The marriage of her son
doubtless a very commonplace sort of
a erson (as all the Guelphs are), is a
Mlitical event of marked significance.
The neglect to invite so great a per
sonage as Gladstone, her former prime
minister, could not be regarded as the
eaprice of an uncertain-tempered
woman, but as a premeditated mark
of disfavor b' a sovereign. The re
mark attributed to her intensifies the
offense. The queen pays the expenses
of her son's wedding with the nation's
money, and she is responsible to the
nation for the manner in which she
treats its great men.
Books and stationery of
variety, the best, at Adler's.
The Oregon Transfer conrptfny
at Portland ha e recently added to
their lane stock of carriages one from
Studebaker Bros., South Bend, Indi
ana. They are proud of this elegant
carriage, a demi-landau, which is a fine
. t
Piece ot workmanship. It will be re-
served solely for calling and weddings,
alui w;ii C L,rCallv soucht for. The
cost of the vehicle was 1,500, which
is an indication of its elegance. Mr.
E. M. Bramiick, the traveling repre-
unntnfivn rkf Sf nlbnlrnr "RrnQ is iitiiv
r.n..wi .i:" :. ... f i,
, , "" .
Best Salem flour is sold in this
city at "5 50 per barrel 'by Warren &
-The Secretary of the Interior has
that section 2400 ot . .
vised statutes ot the United States, re
'quiring owners of private land claims
to pay for the survey of their
before a patent can be issued," was re
pealed by the act of congress approved
PiUCU UV tllU UUU Ol culls' LIS tiOL
March 3, 1875: that the provisions of
section having been substantially
See late specimens lightning pro
cess of photograplus, at H. S. Shuster's
Art Gallery.
The profitless debate which has
been anticipted over the appropriation
bills commenced on Tuesdav. Ko one
lean iredict where it will finish. If
!th? knnte ?f b? Presidential, cam-
. Z A , - " , "11
l):u"n 1S struck, it is a most miserable
,UIU lllllllltniUtll ICjr-AlUbU. JLV o "v,
il iittiiir.iiinl 4-n Ir lc tfl1
too, of whidh.
jV;0t,hhicr that (
the country is tired.
can oe sata on eitner
-t -, . . i . i :.. i. l..rt
side, on the issues involved m the late
war will change a vote. The topic
affords latitude for an interminable
debate, but there are no known rules
of logic by which a conclusion may be
shown as inevitable. As each party
lays, down its premises, and reasons
from them, there are no connecting
lines to draw them together. Congress
is simply embarked on a Eea of talk,
witliout chart or compass.
Baby carriages
wards at Adler's.
from $7 00 up-
Warren & McGuire have the
early r'se potatoes for seed. Fanners,
please remember this.
Boat sponges, wholesale and retail
at Dements drug store, Astoria. Five
thousand just received.
C. H. Bain & Co. will, from this
date, discount ten per cent, for cash,
on former prices on sales of mould
ings, sash and doors.
-The Bee-hive is a busy place
Airs. Steers has iust laid in a -very
large stock, consisting 4f millinery
goods, a large assortment of ready
made suits for ladies and phildren,
and an excellent line of underclothing,
for the ladies and. children. Call at
the Bee-hive Store and inspect thia
new stock. The low price of every
thing will astonish you.
Single copies of the "yV-EEKLY Astoriai
ncatly done up. with stamps to pre-pay
postage affixed, for sale at thia office.
Send a copy to your friends in other p&rU
of the world. Price, 10 cents a copy.
Fresh oysters in every style at
Schmeers. See advertisement.
The cheapest ever offered is Ham
burger's Embroidery.
Fresh oysters in every style and
at all hours at the Pioneer restaurant.
Fresh fruits and vegetables at
Oysters served in everv stvle at
the Walla Walla Bestaurant.
.New invoice ot those Medallion
Ranges at Magnus C. Crosby's.
P. J. Goodman, on Main street, has
just received the latest and most fash
ionable style of gent and ladies boots,
shoes, etc.
Twelve yards Chinese Grass Cloth.
: inches wide, for one dollar at Ham
burger's. Your complexion is sallow, and
skin yellow, your liver is affected.
Obtain from your druggist a lottle of
Pfunder'iv Oregon Blood Purifier.
Keep your blood pure and your
health must be good, the great purifier
is Pfuiuler's Oregon Blood Purifier. All
Astoria druggists have it now.
A new lot of full bound blank, and
receipt books, socially for use in can
neries, at the City Hook store.
Mr. J. Stewart, stone and marble
cutter of Astoria will guarantee satis
faction to all ordering ork of him. and
will do a better job for less money than
any outside workman. His work in the
cemetery here should Itesuflicicnt recom
meudation. Uefore vou let vour con-
I tracts for work of this kind it would be
well to call upon Mr. Stewart.
Get vour baskets filled for a little
money at Bailey's.
Five thousand yards Embroideries
from " cents upwards, at Hamburger's.
Buy your domestic goods at Ham
burger's. You can do better than at any
other house.
The proprietor of the Chicago
house.whom everylwidy knows as a opu
lar caterer, has fixed his hotel up in
splended style. It is all newly painted
and furnished, and is one of the most
attractiw places on Main street. Call
around f every luxury of the season at
the Chicago house.
Parties in want of good C'dar
Shingles will do well to apply to 11. C.
Coniegys, Kalama, W. T.
Fn.vIi'oualc DrosOlakiiur.
Miss M. .1. having made ar
rangements with Miss E. C. Benedict to
do cutting ami fitting in her shop, and
feeling fully competent to offer herself
as a first-class trimmer, would be pleas
ed to have the ladies of Astoria give her
a call, as she will hold herself responsi
able for all work done. iTerins reason
able. Next door to The Astqkiax
Mips E. C. Benedict wishes to
inform the Ladies, that she will still
continue instructing all those who wish
to learn Mrs. C. K Binker's system of
Dress-cutting, having taken rooms with
Miss M. J. Kelley.
The Kcs! Family
Sewing machine is the Kew Ameri
can, sold in Astoria by Chas. Stevens &
Son at the City Book store. It is a light
running self-threading machine, in fact
1t Is the only -sewing machine which has
a self-threading shuttle and self-setting
needle. It never breaks the thread;
never skips stitches; is the lightest run
ning, and is in every respect the best
family sewing machine. Chas. Stevens
& Son, agents. Astoria, Oregon.
IjODOIxg Ilersf: Persons requiring
furnished or unfurnished rooms can be
accommodated at reasonable rates at
Mrs.Munson's Cheuamus St., Astoria.
A. Derby.
Received by last steamer a superb stock of
Embracing every novelty in the line.
And other goods too numerous to mention.
Dr, Varner's Health Corset
Can only be purchased in Astoria at Mrs.
Derbv's. Main street, between Sciucmoqhe
and Jefferson.
Corner of Olney and Water streets,
Best quality of LA GKll JiKKR 5 cts. per glass
Choice Wines, Liquors, and Cigars always
on hand.
ise-Thc patronage of the public is respect
fully solicited. Orders for Lager or Bottled
Beer in anv quantity promptly filled.
f-Tlie best lunch the seafaou wiU afford
furnished day and night FREE.
3-Billiard Room.
The onlv Billiard Room In the city wheto
110 Honors are sold.
has a cosv place and keeps on hand Jnc
Lest brand of Cigars. Abo. soda, canuj.
nuts. etc. Opposite Altona Chop House.
STi-tf GEO. ROSS. Proprietor.
I. X. L. STORE!!
Corner Main .and Concomly streets.
ware. Coal Oils, Tobaccos, and Gents Fur
nishing Goods, which will be sold at lowest
Hot, Cold, Shower,
Steam and SULPHUK Baths
1 Occident Hotel Shaving Saloon.
53TSpeclal attention giren to ladies jmd
children's hatr cutting.
Private Entrance lor Ladles,
"""" & "i
W'y y
Hill's Hew Yariely TMatre,
Containing six
The Decorations of the Kew Theatre were
executed by Mr. F. Holt.
Painted by Mr. m. AVet. Architect autl
lhiihler Mr. Ivemble.
On and after this date will he given a
First Glass Entertainment,
Which for Refinement and Novelty cannot
be equalled on this coast. Our Per
formance Coirnunccs with our
First Part of Ffiaie and Female
Consisting of
Singing, Dancing, Acrobatic Feats,
Negro Sketches, Trapeze Performers,
Panto mi mists and Jugglers.
To see our Refined and rnen,unlled enter
tainment. New Acts. New Soot's and com
plete change of Programme twice a week.
GKO. I5HLX. Proprietor.
Entrance to Boxes and Circle on Chena
mus Street. Performance to commence
at endit o'clock precise.
Illll.l. IH.-1T-1JM. H.IJ.UJJ JIIUL.llll ULI
II. R. PAIJKER. ----- Proprietor.
THIS HOTEL is tlie larjr.'st. most comfort
able anil lx'vt kept hotel in the city. Is
supplied with the best of sprint; water. lvot
and cold baths, barbershop, ami a first-class
talnnu with best of Honor; ami cigars, and
fine billiard table. Free coach to ami from
the house : chr.rjres reasonable. ?1 0i to $230
per day, according to room occupied.
I. XOKTOX. - - - - Proprietor.
(Formerly of the Portland Hotel.)
iust finished and newly furnished, with
the best nf spring beds.
Tkiims Per week From st to r for board
ami lodging. Per day si 00. Single meali
25 cents. Lodging 2.i to r0 cents.
JSFree coach to and from the House.
Private Boarding House.
"Will accommodate day boarders or aceom-.
niodate any with board and lodging.
Trices reasonable. In Tngalls tmiMlnsr,
Jefferson street, opposite Wells, Forgo & Co'
Express office.
MEGLER & WRIGHT. Proprietors.
Astoria, Oregon.
announce that the above hotel has been
repainted ami refurnished, adding greatly tw
the comfort of its guests and is now the bet
hotel north of San Fraur isco.
D. 1 TURPIN - PnorniKTOjs
Retwcen Squeinocqhc and Jefferson,
Astokia. Okkgox.
Board and lodging K?r week $8 m
Board ner dav 1 (
Single Meal...... 05
Tne table vill be supplied at all times with
the best the market affords.
f Fresh oysters, and other dell-
v" c n n, D1.110W11, j t v 'rcri
every style. I?5S
Opposite the Telegraph office, Squemoqbt
street. Astoria, Oregon.
Stone and Marble Cutter,
All kinds of building work, and monumen
tal work attended to promptly and to order.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Stoves, Tinware, and
House Furnishing Goods..
Hardware, Erass Goods,
j Lead and Iron Pipe, Pipe Fittings,
Engineers Supplies, Sheet Lead, Iron,
Copper, Brass, and Zinc.
goods, consisting of 4
Buckle and Congress Gaiters,.
Women, Misses and Children's
Which will he sold at the very lowestprieos.
(?eo. iovett,
.Benton ttreet, opposite Poat-ofltee, .Astoricw