The Daily Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1876-1883, March 21, 1879, Image 3

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Monday Excepted!.
A&tonaii B'tuiUlinq, Onus Stt'ccL
crms of Subscription :
horved by Carrier, per wcok. ..2i Cents
Ecnt by mail, months -? 'W
Soutdty mail, me year ...... .. J 0
Froc of I'o-smco to Mibcribors.
nar Advertisements inserted by thyocr at
the rato of SI "U pcr jnre per month.
Transient advcrtiMnc. by the day or troek.
fifty ccrn? per snunre for esveh insertion.
l?Thc D UjY toi:i.o; icill 7C soft Uy
mail at 7." ccnta a m'tniJt. ftrr of portage. 7?jmi
en? who ronlcnwhifrahencfi from the oVjf rati
Stave Tins A'jtojsian frWo them. Daily
or W:KKt.Y fAi'mr tn n jx-oj&cc ri7Ji
fnit tniiiitiovn.1 crcnc. Addresses nw he
cnamjni as itftn: as esrM. Leave orders tt
fjric cfftw v'im.
Schlnwel Sc Kant, at the White
rriticA m11 riwiiii ii williin ! jmvf frn 1
avc'i liiw ii .r,v..h far tli rmr ml I
summer tnde lint s-wiom wa equaled.
arm never ex'Hled in this citv. Look
out for 'he latest novelties in stvhs of
dry goon's fancy jooos. boots and shoes,
and eseriaM. the eompletest line of
mens und hoys clothing. TJiey mean
"business I ii; casun.and "Will offer goods
fur the "very lowest figures.
A new lot of crockery to be seen
.at Buiiev's.
The Elder
freight on h.iarA
has ,820 tons of
--Collector Hare returned from
Portland last evening.
Mr. Lienemvcber is a passenger
(homeward bound by the Elder.
See late specimens, lightning pro
cess of photographs, at 11. S. Shustcr's
Art Gallery.
There are now but three vessels
offering to charter in this port, and
the rivers.
Warren & McGuire liave the
early rse potatoes for seed. Farmers,
please remember this.
The steaHhip Geo. W. Elder,
Capt. Bolles, vill probably arrive at
'Astoria this forenoon.
The steamships Oregon and Great
Republic arrived yesterday from Port
land, and proceeded to sea.
-Adlcr got
away by the Oregon.
"Go to his store now and help yowv
. selves, at bed rock prices.
Through courtesy of the commit
tee we expect to publish the opinion
of Judjjre Shattuck on the fish law.
Dr. Henry E. Jones and Mrs.
IT. Savier, of .Portland, were married
on the 7th of February at Berlin,
The Great .Republic started to sea
yesterda' with 3500 tons, laden to 17k
feet. The Oregon had a light .cargo,
:md drew 15 feet.
Water and Squemoqhe streets
should be kept clean by city prisoners.
What say yeu: Chief Barry, and gen
tlemen of the council?
Dr. J. Welch has arrived in As
toria for the purpose of filling his
engagements here, in the practice of
dentistry. See card elsewhere m this
The steamship Great B,epublic
returned to the dock last evening as
the weather was too thick to proceed
to sea. She will leave at an early
hour to-da3r.
Our worthy friend Frank Thomp
son is having a splendid time at
Oystcrville. We acknowledge favors
from him. May your shadow never
grow less, Frank.
To-day at 12 o'clock, at the
Walla Walla restaurant, Theodore
will serve his patrons with clam-chowder,
'gotten up" in the highest style
of the art. Epicureans, and lovers of
this famous dish should not forget it.
Theodore is a caterer that can't be
beat in Astoria.
Several vessels heretofore pub
lished in our list of vessels on the way,
weed not be expected at Astoria. We
rill publish a revised list as soon as
the facts can be ascertained. Certain
grain speculators who hope to in
fluence prices by refusal of facts of
this kind, will find themselves short a
Jiez, by and by.
The La Grande Gazette lias passed
into other hands. Snodgrass and
Miner are now the publishers and
proprietors of that newsy journal.
The new proprietors proclaim their
intention of running a strictly neutral
paper. Pionse X Thuo.
Hon. II. P. Earhart, secretary of
state, has decided to allow sheriffs
conveying convicts to the penitentiary, I
(and insane persons to tbc asylum, no
iiiore mileage and notion
but the
necessar' traveling
expenses both
ways, 1 eating iiuiui to seek redress in
the courtc.
Depot buildings will be erected at
the little town of Clackamas or Marsli
tield a r.hipping point of considerable
and growing importance on the Ore
gon and California railway. The ac
cumulated trade has become so great
that the agent is unable to furnish
necesavy store room, hence the move.
The East Oregonian, Pendleton,
expresses the thanks of Kev. W. L.
McEwan to kind friends who took
possession of his home duri.ig his ab-
SC11CC awl llUlde SI clmil"C 111 its llltCI'
nal arrange m nt; and also to all who
assisted in raising funds for the pur
chase of carpet, window curtains, etc.
Bro. Turner intimates that Tiro. Mc
Ewan is about to to, well, perhaps;
get married.
The Standard tells of a victim of
quackery, a young man named Wolf,
from Wasco county, who permitted a
traveling chiropodist to cut his corns;
and subsequently had to have his foot
amputated, and finally died at St.
Vincent's hospital on Saturday night,
lie belonged to an aid society in San
Francisco, by which means he w;is
enabled to will to his brother and
sister 500 squeee. Probably the
Ancient Order of United Workmen.
B. "F. Dowell lias won his
suit against the city of Portland -to re
cox cr the sum of SG G8, with interest
from March 21, 1873, claiming that on
that date he paid toihe city the above
sum for improving a street abutting
n a certain lot, and that he recently
ascertained that he did not own the
lot, and that he paid the same under
The Jacksonville Times says that
if southern Oregon had been blessed
with an abundance of rain this season,
incalculable benefits would have resul
ted. The minors were prepared to
take out hundreds of thousands of
dollars, a considerable portion ot
which would have found its way into
! circulation. The scarcity of water
will prove a serious injury to the best
interests of that -section.
The Walla Walla Statesman
speaks in high terms of the stage
drivers in Uncle Jake Miller's employ,
and say: "Billy Glover, Uarry Abbott,
! Butlor, Parker and Thomas all deserve
high commendation for their attention
to their duties." The Columbia'Chron
iclc adds that they have done what
few men could, and the people cannot
give Iheni too much praise; but that
Uncle Jake has also done everything
that could be done to insure regularity.
If you won hi have a law-abiding
people, says the Salem Statesman, you
must enforce the law b3T legal proceed
ing, but when every principle of jus
tice is violated through legal technicah
tis, you may ieasonably expect an
indignant populace to take the ad
ministration of law into their own
hands. The way to cultivate vigilant
committees is to trifle with the forms
of law. Sharp practices may bring
immediate success, but the ends will
be disastrous. A reputation for cun
ning brings not honor, neither is it
profitable in the end.
A Weston correspondent sa3's:
"Xext to the railroad excitement is
that caused by Hayes' veto on the re
striction bill. All our X)oliticians, ir
respective of party, denounce him in
unmeasured terms. This is the pecu
liar prerogative of a free people; but
should not be forgotten that the rea
sons given for his course of conduct
and which are unhesitatingly pro
nounced as ilimsy and weak, are by
some able .men considered as cogent
and constitutional; and -that mistaken
as he may 'be, the one who legally
holds the highest honor in the gi of
this govercment is entitled to respect
ful language, from those at least who
put him there. Vituperative abuse
jjiCYer accomplishes any great reform.
Important Sale.'
To-morrow, at 10:30 a. ir. B. S.
Worsley will sell, t his auction rooms,
tl JOt 01 very ucauauic gwua. i
refer purchasers to his advertisement,
5n anotiier -column. Dont forget it.
Best Salem flour is sold in this
city at $5 -50 per barrel by Warren &
During the aosence of Mr Carl
Adler people are invited to call at his
store and help themselves to whatever
they choose, at bed-rock prices. His
present stock will be reduced to make
room for a large assortment in new
lines of goods.
We are pleased to learn, from the
Intelligencer, that Yesler's hall, Se
attle, was crowded to its utmost capac
ity on the occasion of the rendition of
t fi i venile operas by Mrs. A. M.
Snyder's musical class. Everything
passed off pleasantly, and the enter
tainment was a perfect success. The
little ones acquitted themselves ad
mirably. . w-m-
The Boseburg and Coos bay rail
road company, a newly organized cor
poration, has purchased the franchise
of the Rosebui-g and Port Orford rail
road company. The new compan3T
lms a capital of $500,000, and is com
posed of San Francisco, Bosoburg and
Coos capitalists. The fresh interest
manifested in the enterprise was
sinuikened by the probable passage of
a bill by congress appropriating 4,000
for the improvement of Coos bay har
bor. As soon as the bill passes tvork
will be commenced.
Have we a Blalock in this county
says the Columbia Chronicle, who will
build a flume from the mountains to
Dayton, for the purpose of floating
wood, lumber, etc? Wood sells in
Dayton at 5 per cord; hundreds of
cords can be sold every winter at that
price: it costs about $1 25 to 1 50
per cord to have it cut. It is worth
! to 5 per thousand to haul lumber
from the mills above town. There is
a large speculation in an enterprise of
this kind, and it will continue to grow
more valuable as wood and lumber is
being consumed very fast at the near
est point where it can be had.
Two disbelievers in the doc
trine of eternal punishment applied
for admission to "the Conrea-
3 CD
tional church in Henniker, N. H.
They were exemplary perjono and
desirable as members. The church
voted almost unanimously to admit
them, and to omit, on the occasion
of their reception, the word "ever
lasting" in readine: the confession
of faith. The pastor warmly de
fends the course taken, imt is cen
sured by many leading New Eng
land Conn-reirationclists.
An eminent French coach
maker says: "I never build two
carriages exactly alike, not because
I build each one as well as
I know how, but in building that
one I know how to make the next
one better. When I placed these
carriages of mine in the exposition
building, I thought them perfect,
but now that I have spent three
months looking over the carriages
di other builders, I see that they
are not so." Here is an illustra
tion of the value of these shows .to
intelligent tradesmen.
From a correspondence of the
San Francisco Bulletin we learn
that the state of many towns in
Nevada is in a deplorable con
dition. Many mining towns with
a population, a few years ago of
five or seven thousand, has been
reduced to less than that number
of hundreds. These towns were
built during mining excitements.
They built fine churches, public
buildings and residences, which to
day glare out in desertion before
the traveler. To make elabor
ate buildings, in a mining district,
has long sinceproven a poor policy,
and is sknply building "youriiouse
upon the sand." Rapid growth of
a town if it has a country to back
it is not detrimental. But Nevada
in her sanguine expectations has
Uparned a bitter lesson..
Fresh fruits and vegetables at
I. C. Johnson may be found at the
Occident in Astoria every Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday eveninc ready
to attend to messenger 'duty in Portlaiul
or to points along the river in a satisfac-torj-
Oysters served in everv stvlc at
the Walla Walla Restaurant.
Twelve yards Chinese Grass Cloth,
:M inches wide, for one dollar at Ham
burger's. Five thousand yards Fmbroideries
from 5 cents upwards, at Hamburger's.
Mr. J. Stewart, stone and marble
cutter of Astoria will guarantee satis
faction to all orderingwork of him. and
will do a better job for less money than
any outside workman. His worlc in the
cemetery here should be sufficient reeom
meiidation. Before vfiu let our con
tracts for work of this kind it would be
well to call upon !Mr. "Stewart.
Fresh oysters in every style and
at all hours at the Pioneer restaurant.
Get your baskets filled for a little
money at Bailey's.
Fresh oysters an everv stvle at
Schuieers. See advertisement.
Buy your domestic goods at Ham
burger's. You can do better than at any
oilier House.
j?S-The best "poster" is that which
is sent regularly into the family circle.
Parties in want of uood Cdar
Shingles will do well to apply to II. C.
Comegys, Kalama. W. T.
A new lot of full bound blank, and
receipt books, specially for use in can
neries, at the City Boo'k tore.
New invoice ot those Medallion
Hanges at Magnus C. Crosby's.
Fetvr Buney Is still in the market
with all kinds of 'building materials in
his Hue. Has just received 100.000 lath,
2,000 bushels of sand, and a large stock
of first quality of brick at his warehouse
foot of Benton street.
The cheapest ever offered is Ham
burger's Embroidery.
P. J. Goodman, on Main street, has
pist received the latest and most fash
ionable style of gent and ladies boots,
.shoes, etc.
Ton can get Pumernickel bread at
Mrs. S. Binder's bakery in Astoria, where
it is baked regularly and kept on hand
for-sale, the same as other bread.
W. II. Dodue will go round to
South Bend. Pacific county, W. T., in
the steamer General Canby'on the 2."ith
insf.. with a lame number of the finest
fruit trees and shrubs for-sale.
Your complexion is sallow, and
skin yellow, your liver is affected.
Obtain'from your druggist a bottle of
Pfunder's Oregon Blood Purifier.
Keep your blood pure and your
health must be good, the great purifier
is Pfunder's Oregon Blood Purifier. All
Astoria druggists have it now.
Nick Squivalenee Oias concluded
that there is no millions in shipping
sailors, and he has given up that busi
ness, and is attending closely to keeping
a hotel. Call at the Chicago House and
sec for yourself.
Fashionable. Dre.ssOIaKIng.
Miss M. J. Keiley liavinu made ar
rangements with Miss E. C. Benedict to
do cutting and fitting in her shop, and
feeling fully competent to offer herserf
as a first-class trimmer, would he pleas
ed to have the ladies" of Astoria give her
a call, as she will hold herself lesponsi
ahle for all work done. Terms reason
ahle. Next door to The Astokiax
Miss E. C. Benedict wishes to
inform the Ladies, that she will still
continue iiistructiiur all those who wish
to learn Mrs. C. K." Kinker's sstem of
Dress-cuttimr. having taken rooms with
Miss M. J. Kellev.
The Fim Stoelc.
"When w.e say the finest stock we cer
tainly mean it": and not only the finest,
hut the cheapest lot of pictures in the
city, chromos, etc., already framed, at
the City Hook Store of -Charles Stevens
& Son," Main street. Which must and
will he sold.
A fine lot of Whiia&er hams to be
found at Bailey's.
Lodging House Persons requiring
furnished or unfurnished rooms can he
accommodated at reasonable rites at
Mrs.Munson'sChenamus st.. Astoria.
N ORd.VN Full SALE At Mr. HoliUMrt
auction rooms. In good order an almost
new. Apply at once. di.w-iw
LAUNDRY FOR SALE. Inqititc at the
Astoria Steam Laundry.
J.T. 1IORCIIHRS. Proprietor,
Astoria. Oreiron.
HOPSKTO LET. A nice residence, new,
containing six rooms, will be ready lor
a ttuaut any time on short notice.
For particulars inquire at
Fish Commiwioiieri Xotice.
sionerfor "Washington ten hory. hereby
gives notice that he will -isit all theeanuer
icsonthc Washington territory side of the
liver, from the lirst to the twentieth of
"March, and after that will be at Rrooklield
'for the i'66t of the season.
NOUTIItCOVE, W. T Feb. 17, 1S7D.
Fisli Commissioners Xotacc.
13l the undersigned, having been duly ap
pointed deputy for 'Clatsop county, by C.
Lienenweber. Fish Commissioner, under the
laws of the State ol Oregon, will be in readi
ness from and after this date, to issue li
censes, at Ids office up stairs corner .of Cass
and Sqemocqhe streets. Astoria. Oregon.
Persons sending in applications for licenses
will please send No. of boat and the name of
the hshermau or captain of the boat.
Deputy Fish Commissioner
notice is nereoy given mat an persons
jure forbid tresspassing upon, or in any way
oocu.pving.sinv portion of the land or beacii
part of the Henry Martin land claim in Clat-
sop county. Suite of Oregon, without pernds -
SIUH iiuiu liiu uiivictoiucu , um auu iivni
setting out fires upon said claim, whereby the
standing timber amy in anv way be injured.
Per A. Ya'Dusej
lj5toria,Oct3.l87T. 44
Ill's M Yariety TMatre,
Containing six
The Decorations of the 2Cew Theatre wer
executed by .Mr. F. Holt.
Tainted by Mr. Wm. "West. Architect and
Builder Mr. Kemble.
On and after this date will be given a
First Class Entertainment,
Which for Refinement and Novelty cannot
be equalled on this eeast. Our Per-
foimauce Commences with our
First Part of Kale and Female
Consisting of
Singing, Dancing, Acrobatic feafst,
Negro Sketches, Trapeze Performers,
Panto mi mists and Jugglers.
To see our Refined and "Unequalled enter
tainment. New Acts. New Song's and com
plete change of rrogramme twice a week.
(JEO. HIIX, Proprietor.
Entrance to Boxes and Circle on Chena
4UUS Street. Perfounancc to commence
at eight o'clock preefec.
Cff,ARl10:? nOTEt,
ZIEBER & KN0WLES, Proprietors.
c35Frce coach to and from the houses
II. 35. PARKER. - Proprietor.
TUTS HOTEL is the larjrest. most comfort
able and best kept hotel in the city. Is
supplied with the best of sprint; water, hot
and cold baths, barbershop, and a first-elasa
saloon with best of liquors and cigars, and
fine billiard table. Free coach to and from
the house ; charges reasonable, Sl CD to $250
per day, accouliug to room occupied.
Private Boar dine: House
AVill accommodate day hoarders or accom
modate any with board and lodging.
Priees reasonable. In lugalls' building,
Jefferson street.-opposite Wells, Fargo &Co"
Express office.
"Watea--street, near the 0. S.N. Co.'s TVfcar,
newly burnished, is conveniently situa
ted to business, and will be conducted so as
make iui .first class stopping gilace for thu
public generally, and wilt be open from tuto
MEULER & WRIGHT, Proprietors.
Astoria, Oregon.
A announce that the above hotel has hee.n
repainted and reiuinished, adding greatly to
he comfort of its guests and is now the fet
hotel north of San Francisco.
muxuMx iiolse,
D. L. TURPIN - Pkopriktor
Between Squemocqhc and Jefferson,
P.oard and lodging per week
.....Stt ci
.... l oo
P.oard p-r day
Single Meal
Tne table will be supplied at all times "witb
the best the market allouls.
THEO. RROEMSER, - - Pitorniirrou.
Fresh ovstors. and other deli-
! eaeies of the season, served in.
eycry style. frga
Opposite tlK Telegraph office, Squenioqhi
street, Astoria, Oregon.
Corner Main and Cluraamus Street?,
and other Encli?h Cutlory.
Genuine Hftershaam Pipes, ete,.
A line stock of
Xl'atolK'R and Jewelry, 3fur.atlc and;
Breceli IjoadiiigrIiot Gnns,
.Revolvers, i'istols. Parlor Kllle,.
and ABimmiitiori.
i -. , m -- , -
$ 1V. FBEEB,
,4; """
j T V T QT'lT) T
; J. , Jj, O JL KyXvUi i
Oomer Main and Concomly streets.
J ware, Coal Oils, Tobaccos, and GentsFro
niBhing Goods, jvliica Kill .bejwld .afctow
i Utah.-