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'!""f" " -"
rite gaxlg gvsteimx,
tMond&? Excepted),
Aitorian Building, Cass Sired.
Terms of Subscription :
fcerred by Carrier, per troek .25 Cents
Sent by mail, four months . $sj 00
Seat by mail, cno year - 9 01)
Frco of Postage to Subscribers.
S Advcrtipomcnts inserted by the yoar at
the rate of SI 50 per square per month.
Transient adveviisins:, by the day or ivcok,
fifty cents por square for each insertion.
'ThcTiwiTx Astokiax will he sait by
wail at 75 cents a month, free of pnstxinc. Head--r
who contemplate absenre from the city can
haw Tiik AsromAN" follow them. Daily
r Weukitv editions to any pol-ofncc with
out additional expense Addresses may he
cnanu-cdris ofUsn as desired. Leave orders at
cfunlina rwm.
Valentines, all kinds. C. A. May's
Service at the Baptist Church to
day will he held at 11 o'clock a. m. Sun
day School at 2 o'clock.
Parties in want of good Cedar
Shingles will do well to apply to n. C.
romegys, Kalania, W. T.
Newspapers, Periodicals, Station
cy. Notions, Cigars, and Tobacco, at
1 hamburger's Variety Store.
If you want anything in the 'line
of Cigars, Tobacco. Notions, Fruits, etc.,
rail at Fosters, on the Roadway.
Kev.Prof.L. J.Powell will occupy
the pulpit at the Congregational Church
this evening. Subject: -'Education."
Photographic Back-grounds, Park
nnd Parlor .scenes, the cheapest and best
Pictures in Oregon, at II. S. Shustcr's
new Art Gallery, Astoria.
Sabbath-school at the Presbyterian
hall t onlay, at 12 o'clock. A cordial in
titation is extended to all. The usual
"Jiurch service is omitted to-day, on ac
: ount-of the absence of the pastor.
The calendars sent to this office by
' I limes, the Printer,'' for 1S7U, display
taste and skill. Tney are complete m
every particular. His pride in, and ap-
jilication to his business is discernable
man niswoiK.
Don't kill any grouse now until
July 1st.
Mr. M. J. Kinney arrived m thie
city on Friday.
;23?-Ice-cream Candy a la Paris, at
12 ii. "Monday, at Adler's.
In looking over The Astobian
to-day do not omit to note the new ad
vertisements. Prof. Powell will remain in the
city several days. He ds a guest at
the Turpin house.
- -A large and beautiful stock of
Valentines, wiij be opened at Adler's
book store this week.
The Oregon city flouring mills
have purchased the steamer McCully,
and will use her in connection with
the mills.
ZBackensto's Tonsoriai rooms
present a handsome appearance since
being refitted, and is the place for a
good shave.
The weather yesterdajr was, for
the most of the day, splendid. Ba
rometer indicates an unfavorable
The engines on the steamer
Onward have been sold to go into a
new boat for local traffic between The
Dalles and Cascades.
Mr. King has taken charge as
superintendent of the work on the
canal at the Cascades. There is not
a celestial employed on&he job.
5&-Cannerynien and business men
in general will do well . to examine
Adler's new stock of Ulanlc-books and
Stationery which he bought an the
East and offers at less than Portland
Raleigh Stott esq., of Portland, a
prominent member of the bar, aruived
"in the city last evening and has "taken
rooms at the Occident during the term
of the Circuit court.
Purser Ed. Noyes arrived in the
city yesterday -on leave of absence for
-a brief time. Sis steamer is still ice
5jound at Celileo, where they have ice
gorges piled up mountain high.
The schooner Adelaide, Capt.
Black, arrived night before last with
a cargo of wood from Youngs river.
A portion of this cargo is the wood
previously referred to as having been
.cut and prepared by a woman.
Sliall we UuM a Scliool-Iiouse?
We need one that i3 unquestionable,
but do we need it so much that we can
not get along without it? If we need
any, we need a good one; one that will
give more room that the four rooms
now occupied. Less than this would
not help us any. How much would
it take to buiid such building as we
need? Not less than twenty thousand
dollars, we feel certain.
Now how are we financially! The
city is nearly twenty thousand dollars
in debt, the corporation have a num
ber of lawsuits on hand, which will
be somewhat expensive. The school
district, which is the city under an
other organization, is somewhat in
debt, a thousand or two dollars we
believe. In addition, for the coming
year it will be necessary to pay the
interest on the preseift debt to raise
money to carry on the ordinaiy expen
ses of the city, and to raise funds
sufficient to support a school.
Our taxes arc now between lour
and five per cent. Act as economically
as we can they will inevitably be high
er the coming year. lasurance on
much of the property of the town is
not less than four per cent.
Lei is look at some of the conse
quences of high taxation. Money
will not be readily invested, and unless
money is invested employment and
business, with it will decrease, men will
try more and more to escape tax
ation by pleading indebtedness.
The increase of taxes will make it
hard to collect bills. It is not very
easy now. But when every man has
to raise a higher tax, to .prevent the
cost of sheriff's sales, it will be
still harder. If merchants cannot
collect bills business will receive a
check, lawsuits, foreclosures, garni
shees, attachments, will be the order of
the day, and none will be benefitted,
except those who revel in public
calamities. As taxes rise on real
estate, rents will have to rise, to
make some return to the owners of
buildings. As rents rise and busi-
ncss fails, and employments decrease,
men will move away. When a mer
chant goes his stock goes with him;
there iB lees property to tax; when
laborers go houses become vacant.
Rent8t fall -but taxes still go on and
with the addition of insurance con
sume all the rents. Real estate will
fall in value, and when it has sunk
onehalf, the rate of taxation will be
doubled. We shall be in the condition
of a man that builds a fine house and
has nothing to putinit. We will have
a fine building but will not be able .to
support a good school.
Let us pause, let us go slow, let us
say we will not build at present, that
we will try first to get somewhat out
of debt, to make the conditions such
that money may be invested here, that
capital may increase, that labor may
find employment, and at last build
such a school house as we all desire,
and supply it -with every thing needed
within, as well as without.
Fifteen million feet of saw los
are .under attachment at different .log
ging camps on Puget-sound.
-- .
It raised a hue and cry at Seattle,
and other places, when it became
known that the steamship City of Ches
ter would not take .any freight for
San Francisco from Puget-sound
Rev Mr. Parker returned from
Portland on Friday, and will officiate
at Grace (Episcopal) church at
the usual hours for service to-day.
Bishop Morris will not officiate as
previously announced, in consequence
of duty billing him m another drection.
Chief Engineer Trenchard has
ordered from the factory, duplicate
connections for the pump on Rescue
Engine !NTo. 2. This may prove i;o be
a very important matter to the city,
in case that an accident was to occur
to the engine. The duplioates will
probably arrive at Astoria within three
weeks from this time.
The Salem Statesman is referred
to its own files, of August 2ith, 1877,
for proofs in support of The Astobian
j comments upon that "Oasis in the de-
j sert" of corruption and fraud (quoting
! from the smelling committee report),
Prof. L. L. Powell. After you have
hunted up the results of that meeting
of tfhe Institute call upon us, if you
please, Bro. Odell, foriurther facts.
The City Council.
Our reporter rushed into the of
fice in breathless haste last evening
and said there was going to be a d 1
of a row at the Council Chamber! We
tried to stop him long enough to get
an inkling of what was expected, but
he shot out of the door and disap
peared around the china house corner
answering: " The Mayor 's going to
take his seat, and the President 's a
going to try and snatch, it; and the
Chief s going to be there, armed with
a posse! 0, it 'I be lively, yon bet!" As
the young man has not returned we
are left without particulars, but if any
thing extraordinary occurred we will
publish an extra this forenoon.
P. S. Since the above was placed
m type our reporter has returned. The
Mayor -claimed his scat, but the Presi
dent held it without any difficulty.
The report of the examiner of city's
accounts, etc., was referred, and a res
olution adopted to prevent spooks
from prying into books and papers in
the office of the Auditor and Clerk.
An'Orftloolt for Oysters.
ASTOItIA, Jan. 23, 1S79.
Editor Astoria :
The general depression of the oys
ter business of Shoalwater bay, caused
by competition from other oyster pro
ducing localities in the San Francisco
market, has compelled those parties in
Shoalwater bay who have formed com
panies, and other persons engaged in
the business, to look for some other
manner of shipping their oysters, than
by schooners in large quantities to be
"bedded out" in San Francisco at
considerable expense, to be finally
placed in the market in poor condi
tion. The principal competitors now
are the Orympia oysters, not from any
superiority of oyster, but from the
fact of being able to place them in the
market fresh from their natural beds
at reduced rates. Since the 'comple
tion of the Olympia and Tenino rail
road, oysters have been delivered in
San Francisco from Olympia in from
four to "five days time. And in order
to protect and dispose of the vast
amount of oyster property lying valu
less before them, the people of Shoal
water bay "must secure some means of
sending their o3Tsters to market at
cheaper rates and with more dispatch,
which Air. L. H. Rhodes, myself, and
others think can be accomplished by a
small and almost insignificant outlay,
in comparison with the -benefits that
will accrue to every inhabitant of
Shoalwater bay, and t the nierchants
of Astoria, and 'that is by the con
struction of a wooden tram-way or
horse caiiway, fromillwaco toiheliead
of Shoalwater bay, a distance oT about
five and a half miles.
The following is an estimate of the
cost of constructing six miles of road,
and equiping the same:
Cost of 403,000 ft lumber at $10 perlL.S4.000 00
Cost of 8.125 lbs spikes and nails at
4 cts per B - 325 00
Cost of labor - - 2,000 00
Cost of equipiug with three cars and
horses euu w
Total cost $7,125 00
And the following estimate -of the'
earnings and expense of operating the
road per year, if .near correct, -shows
that io will be a good investment:
25000 sacks or boxes oysters for San
Francisco, at 12'4 etsoach $3,125 00
2000 sks or bxs oysters for Portland,
at 12' ' cts each.. - -... -250 00
GOO sks or bxs oysters, at 121$ cts 75 00
300 tons flour, feed, etc., to Shoal
water bav. at S2 00 - COO 00
180 ions jjeh'l incise (estimated 15 ton
per month), at $3 00 '540 00
2000 passengers, at 50 cts- 1,000 0J
Total earnings ?5,590 00
Estimated running expense of road- 3.5S0 00
Net proDt per year. S2.000 00
There is hardly a doubt, if this
road is built, but that oyster freights
will be reduced between Ilwaco and
Astoria one-half the present rates, as
the increased amount of freight would
justify a material redustion. I would
suggest that a meeting of parties in
terested in this enterprise be held in
Oysterville early nn February, or as
soon as .the proper notice can be given.
J. H. D. Gray.
State Circuit Court Rules.
On Tuesday morning the Circriit
Court for Clatsop county, Hon C. B.
Bellinger Judge, will convene in this
city. We shall at that time publish
the State Circuit court rules, and the
callender in full, for the benufit of -attorneys
and litigants.
There is another case st sickness
reported from eating canned fish in
London. We should like to have the
Columbia river cannerymen investigate
this matter. Unless cases of this char
acter are investigated, our fishing in
terests are liable -to suffer from what
we consider unjust discrimination. It
is a little strange that these cases
occur so far away from home.
.-ssfiood advertisers find that it.
.pays'to keep a full stock.
Board of Ielesates, A.F.I.
Haix of Rkscue Engine Co. So. 2,
ASTORIA. Jan. 24th, 1873.
board met at 8 o'clock p. jr.,
W. Welch, president, in the
Present J. W. Welch, P. Wilhelm,
L. V. Poole, J. W. Gearhart, I. M.
Severn, and S. B. Smith,
Absent A. W. Berry and J. H. D.
Sir. L. D. Corffman, having been re
elected delegate from Rescue Engine
Co. No. 2, and his credentials and
oath having been duly presented and
filed, took his seat as a member of the
The minutes of the fourth regular
meeting were approved as read.
Mr. Berry arrived and took his seat.
Mr. Poole gave legal excuse for ab
sence from last meeting.
The report of the Chief Engineer,
stating that he had not jTet been able
to fill the vacancy of Second Assistant
Engineer, and requesting further time,
was read and placed on file.
On motion, further time was granted
the Chief Engineer in which to make
his appointment.
The report of the Finance commit
tee, stating that they had procured
from the city council the repeal of
section 21 of ordinance Ko. 212, and
the payment of the bill of $49 Go by
warrant. on the city treasury for cleri
cal aid, was Tead.
On motion the report was received
and filed.
A motion that the matter of procur
ing a monthly allowance of money
from the city for department expenses
be referred from the finance committee
to the judicial committee, was lost.
On motion the secretary was in
structed to draw a warrant on the
treasurer m favor of E. P. Curtis, for
clerical services, $21 00.
The Chief Engineer ibefcig present,
called up the matter of the depart
ment ball on the "22d of February
next, and the committee was requested
to proceed acccrding to instructions
given last meeting.
Mr. Coffman brought np the matter
of certificates of Rescue Engine com
pany No. 2, the names of some mem
bers liavrng been spelled wrong,
others omitted, etc. To which the
secretary replied that he had received
no communication from the secretary
cif said company concerning errors in
tilling out certificates.
On motion the board adjourned.
E. D. Curtis, Seei etary a. f. d.
Fire Department Notice.
Notice is hereby given 'that there
will be a meeting of the Board of Fore
men of the Astoria fire department, at
the hall of Astoria Engine company
No. 1, on Tuesday evening, Jan 28,
1879, at 7 o'clock.
C. J. TitENCHAnn,
Cbicf Engineer -A. E. X.
rB"It is a fact long since established,
says the Helena Herald, that the mer
chant who liberally patronizes the ad
vertising columns of the press, sells his
wares cheaper than the one whose name
is seldom or ever -seen. The reason is
patent, for by thus advertising, his sales
are trippled and a less proportionate
profit makes him the greatest gainer.
2r-We desire it to be distinctly
understood that those who send us ad
vertisements from abroad, must send
the cash with the advertisements, if they
would have them appear. We have
numbers of advertisements sent us from
strangers saving, "Please insert and
send bill." This wecaimotdo; the-cash
must aceorap any thecojry and the order.
52fWhy are advertisers .fiblo to sell
at the lowest prices ? Is it T.ot because
tbey obtain the largest custom, by the
most reasonable expenfiiture, and are
really able to buy lowenfckan thdir neigh
bors. Mauy people imagine that the ef
fect of advertising is only to cuable a
merchant to. sell. The re-active effect
on bis power to buy well is often lost
.steht or.
.Sr-A contemporary nays: A news
paper and a newspaper editor that peo
ple don't talk about and sometimes
abuse are rather poor concerns. The
men and business that an editor some
times feels it a duty to defend at a risk
of making enemies of another class, are
often the verv first to show ingratitude.
The editor w'ho expects to receive much
charity or gratitude will soon find out
his mistake; but he should go ahead
and say and do what he conscientiously
thinks right without regard to frowns or
Sir-The free lands of the west are
being taken up and settled this year to a
degree most gratifying, in the face of
the over-crowded mechanical depart
ments of metropolitan life. Several mil
lions more acres of homesteads have
been entered for settlement at the var
ious land offices this year than In 187G
and 1877, and still the western movement
continues in force. A nd this is the only
solution of the labor troubles. Let the
unemploved come and become producers
instead of consumers.
SKThe time has long since passed
when mechanical trades provided our
sons with a living. Labor-saving ma
chinery, patent tools and steam have
robbed the trade of thefature it offered
to our bovs in the davs of the indentured
apprentice system. 4The idlers and do
nothings of our metropolitan cities are
composed iargaly of tradesmen and
professional men, and merchandising is
a failure, if the number of bankrupt
merchants who had to succumb to the
pressure of the times can be taken as a
criterion. Whatthe country needs is pro
ducers, and thc-wast fields of unculti
vated'land offers an opportunity to place
the rising generation in the way of mak
iiws homes for themselves and better
ijines.ifor posterity.,
Astoria Lodge No. 40, I. O. of G.
T., will give an entertainment and so
ciable at their hall on Fridav evening,
January 31st inst. Full particulars will
appear soon.
Mr. G. Neimeyer, the prince ol
merchant tailors in Oregon, arrived at
Astoria yesterday, and will remain for
a few days to take orders for suits ol
clothing. As Mr. Neimever's work
recommends Itself, it is nor necessarv
for us to speak with respect to the quali
ty. He may be seen at the Occident.
...Fresh oysters in uverv -style ai
Schmeers. See advertisement.
Tour complexion is sallow., and
skin yellow, your liver is affected.
Obtain from your druirgist a bottle of
Pfunder's Oregon Blood Purifier.
The City Book Store stock is ele
gantly stocked with a superb lot of goods
purchased by CapL B. F. Stevens while
in San Francisco. -Call and see these
Keep your blood pure and your
health must be good, the great purifier
is Pfunder's Oregon Blood Purifier. All
Asioria druggists have it now.
Mr. A. H. Sale authorizes us to
offer a reward of $10 00 for evidence
which will lead to the arrest and con
viction of the person or persons who
took his boat '-Josephine" from the old
mill landing on Youngs bay and left it
on the tide land above 'Richardson's
place. The act was committed on or
about January 11th, or 12th, 1879.
Peter Runeyls still in the market
with all kinds of building materials in
his line. Has just received 100,000 lath,
2,000 bushels of sand, and a larse stock
5 of first duality of brick at his warehouse
foot of Benton street.
P. ,T. Goodman, on Main street, has
just received the latest and most fash
ionable style of gent and ladies boots,
shoes, etc.
. . . Yood of all kinds, and a splendid
lot of pitch wood, at Gray's wharf, for
sale in lots to suit purchasers.
Fresh fruits and vegetables ax
Bailey's. ,
Getvour baskets filled for a little
money at Bailey's.
Mr. J. Stewart'stone -and marble
cutter of Astoria wTll guarantee satis
faction to all ordering work of him, and
will do a better iob for less money than
any outside workman. His work in the
cemetery here should be sufficient recom
mendffiion. Before you let your con
tracts for work of this kind it would be
well to call upon Mr. Stewart.
....New invoice of those Medallion
Ranges at Magnus C. Crosby's.
Call at Mrs. Derby's when you
wish any article in the millinery line.
Trimmed hats selling at cost.
Fresh oysters in every style and
at all hours at the Pioneer restaurant.
Shipmasters 'wishing to secure
seamen can have their wants supplied
by calling at the 'Chicago house, Maiii
Foreign Exports.
Since fhe last report of clearances,
fiom the Astoria 'custom house waa
made for publication in The Astoiuax,
the following vessels have cleared for
European ports with cargoes and values
as specified. Shipments from Portland
are noted as they occur :' '
To Quecnstown, per Eurepa:
S18.717 00
-18,4(J4 OS-
SC7.181 W
Whoat from Astoria... 10.6PJ cWs.
- Bortlona-27.8o(J - .
Totals..- 38,472
To Qucenstown, per Alice B. Coeper:
Whent from Astoria 39,034 ctla... $69,33S -&D
To Queenhtown, per Wattteatcr:
Wheat from Art nria... 2.012 ctla,.. 8 5,100 W
4 Portland- 25,785 " .-' 1.625 00
Totals J28fi)S
To Liverpool, per Robert Leer:
Elour from Astoria 5.231 Msk
' Portland.. 14.7G9
Total flour '20.000
Wheat from A storia ... fi,83T -ctls...
" Portland- 9.057 - ...
S6;725 h
312,555 Gfi
3i.H5 00
$43,000 00
11,960 QO.
16.900 CO
S79,seo GO.
Totals 16,592
To Queenstoicn, per Brodeek Bay:
Wheat from Portland- 23,348 ctls... $44,380 00
To Liverpool, pcrShenier:
F-lourf rom Astoria-... 8.618 hf 8ks
"4 Portland - 21,3Utf
$19,385 00.
59.1W) 00
Totals flour ?.2,Q22 $78,485 0o
Wheat Tiom Portland. o103 10,800 00
Total - SS8.783 00
To Qneen8loicn,per Strathearn:
Whe&t from Astoria... 5.807 ctl.. S10.2S4 CO,
" Portland- 30,8 J2 .. 54,010 00
Totals -.3U.6J9 $d4,294 W
To Qtieenstoum, per Nairnshire:
Whoat from Astoria.. 4,0.,7 ctla .. $ 7.053 OC
" - Portland- 28,081 ... 48,733 W.
Total? 32,118 535,304 (re
Dresn Cutting ad Tlitlns.
Miss E. C. Benedict begs respectfully
to Inform the ladies of Astoria and vi
cinity that she mav be found at the resi
dence, of Airs. T.'S. Jewett, 'corner of
Astor and Cass streets?, opposite the Con
gregational church, prepared to teach
Mrs. E.IC. Kenker's system of dress cut
ting and fitting, which is considered by
iuaues to Tie the best system known, as
by it flie skirt as well as the waist J&
made perfectly .fitting.
Lodging IIouse Persons Tequiring
furnished or unfurnished rooms can be
accommodated at reasonable rates at
Mrs. Munson's Chenamus st, Astouia.
JESSI is funny that when you as a.
man to advertise he generally decline
with the statement that nobody wilsii
it. But if you advertise Some little ccir.
of his in the news column gratia, ho ftlv'
indignant over the certainty'thateves
ne will see it. "
Fisli Coinxuisfesioncrs Ttfoticc
the -undersigned, havmg-been-dulY tip
pointed denutv for Clatsop county, by f .
Llenenweber. Fish Cftipralssioner, -undef Sit;
laws of the State ol ijretfrtn, will be in readi
ness from and after this date, to Issue li
censes, at his offrce in st&lrs, comer of &.
and Sqemocqfce streets. Astoria, Oregon.
Deputy Flah,Coiniaiasiouci5.
January, 141S73..
B- "-.
'&2k&& -xa-SiUgij JtS -mr2Zh