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Vol. 3.
Astoria, Oregon, Sunday Morning, November 4, 1877. -
No. 130.
jfe JW'Jr Jr Jill
& Jr JH Jv JyJUl' I ly
!& Sails sitfrisro.
(Monday Excepted),
Aztorkm Building, Cass Street.
Terms of Subscriptien:
fconred by Carrier, per wtsfc .........25 Cent?
Sent by mail, four months............. S3 00
Seat by mail, cno year. SJ 00
I'reo of Postage to Subscribers.
83F" Advertisements insortod by the year at
the rate of $1 50 per sjiuire per month.
TrainMent advertising, by Uie day or weok,
fifty cents per square for each insertion.
To City Subscribers.
There are such frequent cbanpes in the resi
dence of our city patrons that wo shall feel
obliccd to any who uiako such changes if they
will rcrwt the same to tbistlfice. Otherwise
vre shall not be reepnnsiblo for failures of tho
carrier to -deliver the per promptly and
regularly to them.
Read J. Strauss1 new "ad."'
The Rulus E. "Wood is loaded and
draws 20 feet.
Everybody is rushing to J.Strauss'
new grocery store.
Capt Reed, piloted the Glenrosa to
Portland, Ordway towing.
J. Stral-s sells the nicest, besi.
and cheapest goods in town.
There will be a meeting of the Com
mon council to-morrow evening.
Fully 25 per cent oiived by buying
at J. Strauss' new grocery stoic
The lliver Lune went up the river
yesterday, -.owed by the Ocklahaina.
J. Strauss will pay the highest
cash price? for fresh eggs and butter.
A consciencious mariner refused
work on a scow yesterday, claiming that
no man could serve "two uTasters."
$2 40. You can buy (he best coal
oil in patent faucet cans, at J. Strauss'.
The wealher promises to be favora
ble for he exhibition of new hats, bon
nets and attract,! ve weai ers, to-day. .
Something for laundrys to look at.
Ciiemical Olive, 80 cents a box, at
J. Strauss'.
La (rberi's cornet band are practicing
zealously and propose to exhibit their
proficiency by Thanksgiving day.
Just received iivsh Berlin, Wis
coiuin, cultivated cranberries, at J.
TMm -f vnvi" li(tln cfvnmnr oivi oi-f
away from her dock yesterday morning I
loaded to her guards for Skipanon.
Salem patent baker's flour, Impe
rial, Magnolia and Albany flour, very
heap for ca.-h, at J. Strauss'.
Mr. W. Newell will hear of some
thing decidedly to his interest by calling
at this office on his return to the Colum
bia river.
Sugar cured bacon at prices Ih.'fc,
defy competition; also, Chicago sugar
.cured hams and breakfast bacon, the
best in the world, at J. Strauss'.
Mr. BozprFi lips commenced the
manufacture of sauer kraut and will
soon be prepared to sell the same "with
other fruits'
Steapss will dive half annunil
more sugar for one dollar than any other
.store in the city. All the same in coffee,
beans, peas, and rice as with sugar, at J.
A semi-occasional correspondent
says one of his lady friends has become
a devoted vegetanarian. Raw carrots
.are her favorite at present
Avery large stock of can goods,
such as toble and pie fiui, jelly, jam,
honey. 'o.ii. toes, corn, beans, sugar pes,
oysters, coin beef, condensed milk, etc.,
at prices to suit the times at J. Sit aus .'.
Bear in mind Cornart's sociable at
Liberty hall, to-morrow evening. You
can encourage a very laudable under
taking in our city by attending. Special
invitations have been issued.
...J. Strauss has just received a
lajjgelotof Alden dried apples, pears,
plums, blackberries, raspberries and
piiless cherries, which he will aell very
low, to make room for more which will
arrive on the steamer Chester,
The "Wonder towed the Francis
Thorpe to Portland.
Capt Ferchen took both the River
Lune and Woodhull to Portland, on the
J Strauss lias a very large and
complete stock of groceries gtl route by
the City of Chester.
The flags of this city were display
ed half-mast yesterday, out of respect
w the dead. Senator. Morton.
TheElIer Bank has not yet arrived.
It was a mistake made in some unac
countable manner announcing her as in,
The G. Broughton left for Portland
on the 1st, towed by the Edith, piloted
by Capt Gilman, and arrived on the 2d.
Capt James Strang is now again
fully initiated as a river pilot He took
the Ullock up on the 1st, in tow of the
Messrs. G. W. Weidler & Co. have
appointed Mr. Peier Wilhelm special
agent to look after their steam tug and
barge interests in Astoria.
Mr. Klser dried his clothes at the
Parker House yesterday after taking an
involuntary bath by walking off the
dock at one of the steamer landings.
Anxious Inquirer wishes to know if
acanneryisa place where a man can
can if he can As we can not we can
not answer him candidly. Who can ?
One of the Astoria police showed
that he is a dexterous hand at the inaa'y
a.t of ''skulling a boat" A laud lubber
fell over-boaru trying to do the same
thing, yesierday.
It was one of The Astorian sub
scriber", living near Oregon City, Mr. P.
M. Rinearson, who raised the mammoth
squashes that took the first premiums at
the Oregon State fair. One weighed 177
lbs., and the other 1G2K lbs.
A report has been circulated to the
effect that the old rates of fare had been
fixed again on the California steamers.
The agents here inform us that there is
no truth in the report Round trip tick
ets can be secu ed f orlu 00.
Rev. C. W. Rigg, a Wclcjan minis
ter from New Zeil?nd, who lately ?
rived as passenger in 1 he ship Pomona,
Capt. Tannock, and whose interesting
account of a visit io the Puc.irn Islands
we recently published, has consented to
preach in the Congregation.' 1 clinch
this (t u.iday), moining and evening.
The City of Chester sailed for As
toria on Friday from San Francisco.
Lieut J .icary is a passenger. Mrs. Capt.
White, and Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Ilanthorn
are also retu; ing by this steamer, and
Grand Rep. Ezra St John, thus conies
home from his labors in Baltimore
where he attended the national grand
lodge of Odd Fellows.
Encouraging. Mr. Holden informs
us "" " vef!;y flsb Snaii h
proached on the subject of the content'
plated free public reading room, realized
the importance of the undertaking and
the happy influence such an institution
would exert in our community sufficient
ly to subscribe tan dollars per month un
til it is permanently established.
....For 20 days only, I wiU ,ell ciock
cry. lumps sKis,w.ti liable and po kofc
cutlery at San FiancL o wholesale
prices in order io m. ke rconi for one of
the large.5tandb?ot:selccicdsL"cicsor i!e
same kind of goods now on the wi' y
from New Yoik for J. S'a::ai s bouih
sde of Chen.-m ps , eel, Aotoria; Oregon.
The steamship companies now sell
through tickets from San Francisco tw
Walla Walla, at reduced rytes.
The Treasury department is prc-
paring a circular instructing collectors
of customs that it is their duty to re
quire sail and steam vessels to be pro
vided with bells to give alarm in fogy
weather. - The law only prescribes
what the fine shall be for the neglect
to ring a bell in such weather.
Four lare London tirraR have
beeu invited to compete for the
snpul) of corrugated iron for huts,
to contain 100,000 Russian soldier?.
They aro to be delivered at Ant
werp and sent direct thence to
Bucharest. Orders have also been
issued for eight railroad stations
for strategic railroad. They are
to be complete in every respect,
and provided with a heating ap
paratus. Oregon has every edvantaco enjoyed in
dvilized countries. Liberal law, .Good
Tchool. Moderate taxes. Only nominal
Sute debt.
Graxd Op
wiU open ray
dancing ac.ulem
a grand sociable
at Liberty n
onday evening,
Nov. 5, 1S77. Tickets
00, to be had at
Demenfs d
d at Cornart's
W. Cornart.
are. S18.00 per
1,00 at R.
w Alexander &
Co.'s forth
s atJSan Fran-
cisnn rO"L
The beJteookjiig arid eating annles
and pears in tfJTclty are to be found at
Bozorth's, who also keejuta full stock of
fresli vegetables constantly on hand at
the lowest prices. Call and be convinced.
Kinney's compressed corned beef
and Tillamook clams at retiil at E. S.
Larsen's and II ickmott & Bailey's.
....Mrs. Arrigoni is furnishing good
rooms with board at from $6 to $7 and
upwards per week, according to location.
....Choice new sets of crockery, very
unique and novel ; also the self-righting
"spittoon," that always keeps upright,
just received and selling at prices to
suit the times, at I. W. Case's.
Hoard and ledging: can be had at
Mrs. Munson's at reasonable rates.
.. ..You can always get fresh oysters
in every style and at all hours, day or
night, at the Central Coffee Saloon, Con
comly street, between Benton and La
fayette. Thos. McFarland, proprietor.
....Dry goods, millinery and notions
cheap for thirty days at the Bee Hive.
The Dance of Life, an answer to
the Dance of Death, at the Circulating
.... Dr. F. P. nicks, dentist, rooms in
Dr. Welch's building, on Squemoqha
street offers his services to the public of
Peter Runey is still in flie market
with all kinds of building "materials in
his line. Has just received 100.000 lath.
2,000 bushels of sand, and a large stock
of first quality of brick at his warehouse
foot of Benton street
Stoves and fall goods for house
keepers in great variety at L. P. Rich
man & Co's.
The "Dance of Life," anarswer
to the Dance of Death, by Mrs. ,J. M.
Bowers. For sale at the City Book Store.
....Board and lodging by the day or
weeK at the Astoria Beer Hall, Mam
street, Astoria. Peter Daviscourt, pro
prietor. :
Sincrlp. men fenl lilrft mnrrvinf
when they see the Medallion range at L.
r. iticuraan cc uo's.
...Fresh oysters In every style at
White wire goods in every style,
at L. P. Richman & Co's.
Dr. B. R.Freeland has located per
manently in Astoria for the practice of
dentistry. Office in Shuster's building,
on Cass otreet, next door to The Asto
hiax office.
;sSPhotograplis! The latest styles
taken at Shuster's new pallery, Cass t,
next to the Attorinn office.
SS For clean towels, sharp razors,
and an ca.-y shave, go to Gillespie at Par
kkk House Batiis. Hair cutting, bham
pooning, and dyeing.
After this date, coin will be used for
change, and tickets dispensed with; all
drinks and cigars five and ten cents, at
the Chicago House, Main st eet Aston.;.
Astoria, Oct 3, 1877.
For Glassware, Crockery, Powder and
Shot, Gun Wads, Percussion Caps, in
fact everything that is useful as well as
ornamental, go to J. W. Gearhart, who
sells cheap for cash. Goods delivered
free of charge.
Canary Birds. for sale at GiPes
pie', Parker hou'-e baths.
Ship-master's Reaping Room. M .
Peter Wilhelm has permanently fitted
up a ship-master's reading room in con
nection with the Gem saloon in Astoria.
The latest shipping papers and home
ward and outward bound shipping lists
are kept on file. Telegraph olfice next
.... J. Strau-" is fully piepared to sod
you thebe.-t of teas cheaper limn you
have ever bought on this coa-t
House, a Bremen cigar manufactur
er, has published a book in which he says
that cigar coloring is becoming common.
Most smokers prefer strong and dark
colored to light and bright colored e;
gars, while the color of raw tobacco
tends rather to bright than dark. Hence
the temptation to resort to coloiing,
since poor cigars can thus be passed oif
for good.
The White House is just receiving a
large assortment of all the latest novel
ties and specialties in dry goods, cloth
ing and fancy goods, boots and shoes,
&c. Reason for being out so late is be
cause Mr. Schlussel lias been very ill
and had no chance to go to market, but
all is right now and you can buy the
latest styles of goods for the least money
of Schlussel & Kant
Any friend who teels an interest in theprof
sjrity of this region, is authorized to act as
Agent Tor this paper, in procuring subscribers.
pit on m
-IK store an
i Geo!
Havana cfc
JHexander &f
rvsold atft
dbiext SO lit1
Free Pufcllc Reading Room.
Astoria, Oregon, Nov. 3, 1877,
Editor Asterian:
As anticipated my communication
of the 1st inst., and your hearty en
dorsement of the same, has evoked a
degree of interest and inquiry on the
subject which is highly gratifying, and
to my mind insures the success of our
efforts to establish a comfortable and
respectable free public reading r.oom.
The plan I have in view, and which I
have submitted to many of our citizens,
has received very courteous and favor
able attention, and nearly all have
been pleased to predict thab it would
be a 8ttccess; and farther, they promis
ed to book their opinion by their
countenance and support. I promis
ed publicly to announce the plan pro
posed. The object of a public reading
room is to provide a pleasant and com
fortable resort where the residents and
sojourners of a town can drop in at
any reasonable hour of the day .or
night, and without cost, have an op
portunity profitably and pleasantly .to
enjoy their leisure hours. To accom
plish the end desired, and this be a
success, the following advantages are
essentially necessary: The room must
be inviting an! comfortable, there
must be space enough to meet all its
requirements, it must be provided
with books, papers, magazines and
periodicals, also chessmen and check
ers, ani it is very important that it
should be situated in a favorable locali
ty. My plan is this: I have conclud
ed to receive no more consignments of
goods, but to employ my time alto
gether in office business. One corner
of the store I have so long occupied
will be sufficient for my u&e; the re
mainder I propose to convert into a
public reading room, to be open from
9 a. 3i. till 10 p. m., free to all who
will comply with the rules, which will
simply be "to maintain order and be
have with decorum." There will be a
sDacious room in the rear for the use
f smokers so that no strict rule
against smoking maybe needed to pro
tect, those in the main reading room to
wtyoru, smoking is objectionable. Hav
ing my office in the main room, simply
paHidried off by a railing, there u will
always be somebody present to main
tain order. A v
Now as to its suppori. It is pro
posed to make it a public institution
and not a private enterprise or specu
lation, and therefore it will look to the
public for support and maintainance.
It is intended to be thrown open to
strangers, to all classes of onr citizens
male and female, old and young, rich
and poor, without regard to the civil,
political, religious or social opinions
of any individual, as long as they
"maintain order and decoram." I
have faith to believe, Mr. Editor, that
the public generally will endorse this
as an effort in the right direction, and
that on this basis with proper manage
ment it will be a success.
Now as to the mangement and prob
able cost. As this communication is al
ready too long, I will simply say: I
propose to solicit contributions, this
done, call a meeting of the contribu
tors, let them appoint, say five, direc
tors to co-operate with me on the
foundation of the institution, and the
expenditure of the contributions, and
by your courtesy, we cn report
progress through The AsTOGiiv.
E. C. Holder.
The philanthropist in New Ha
ven. Conn., who has for live ears
supplied the Post Office in that city
with stamps to forward unstamped
letters has been notified by the
Pvt Office Department that here
after all letters dropped into the
office without stamps must be for
warded to the dead letter office.
L. these five years he has senc 16,.
627 letters, at an expense of $406.
From persons benefited he has re
ceived $222, besides pome thanks
and a few handsome presents.
JZSA business man should regard
advertising as an investment which will
alwn' bring many lold return , though
some Lime distant; and this investment
should not he discontinued, unless he
wishes to diminish his trade and IK others
occupy the tiId. "While it is readily con
ceded that advertising of home kind U an
actual necessity, it cannot be denied that
the best medium is a permanent newspa
per. There U no other method by which
the same number of persons enn Iim
reached, or which has so much influence
upon those who see the advertisement.
iS?Newspaper advertising promotes
trade, for in the dullest times advertisers
secure by far the largest bhare of what is
being done.
ar-What is a dollar when yon can
get ThbAstorian for it four month,
regularly, including a pamphlet telling
you ail about the great State of Oregon,
The Madras Railroad Has had to
order 20,000 tons of coal from Eng
land, from which it may be presu
med that the line will not pay high
dividens just at present.
A curious fate seems to be in
store for the Isle ot Elba. It is to
be visited shortly bv the Italian
ministers and marine, who contem
plate establishing a large peuai
Toads are getting a commercial
value in Europe, some one, proba
bly in the toad trade, having sne
ces8fulliy promulgated the theory
that if a toad has a weakness, it is
for Colorado beetles.
Four steel steamers of light
draught have been ordered from
England by the Egyptian Govern
inent, for the use on Lake Nyanza,
and for opening the navigation of
central African rivers.
They are at work now on the
Straits of Dover tunnel. The tun
nel will belong . to its proprietors
for thirty years; then the two
governments will be able to take
possession of it on certain condi
The cultivation of tobacco in
Germany occupies some 5 ,0U0
acres, principally in the southern
States. The crop is worth about'
$45,000,000, hnd m spite" ot the
enormous home cou?umplion, a
considerable quantity -is-exported
eery year.
It is proposed to build a Merch
ants' Exchange iu Havana.
The building is to be of iron and
masonry, ot large size, and hand
some in desigu. Jt will receive
the associated press of New York
and will have asteni of telegra
frtiKrcoiDmuiiications with such of
the large business houses of Hava
na as desire to have an instrument
on the premises.
King Ludwig of Bavaria is re
ported to have at his summer resi
dence a little boat covered with
mother-of-pearl, built in the shape
of a nautilus shell, and large
enough for two persons. It is
lined vith scarlet velvet, and the
rowlocks are of coral. Another
whim of his is to have in his gar
den a kisque, so arranged with in
genious candelaora as to cause,
when lighted, a reflection of stars
and moons on the ceiling.
Hard times aro prevailing in
Bueius Ayie. Although money
is cheap and in abundant supply,
hundreds are going down under
obligations greater than they can
bear. The theatres are shut up'
for want of support, one of ihe
trunk tramways is embargoed, an
cestral properties are falling into
the hands of the sheriff, 102 steam
ers and ninety sailing vessels are
lying in the Tigre, and a general
feeling is prevalent that the bot'
torn has not et been reached.
Private letters from India speak
of a growing anxiety amoiiij Euro
pean residents, who are atienth
ening the volunteer corps according
ly. The Calcutta volunteers lurn
out 700 strong, armed with Natio
nal Henry lilies, and very shortly a
cavalry corps of at least 100 sabrea
will take their place beside the in
fanlry. At Cawnpore, Bombay,
and oLher places the same sponta
necus movement is observed, and
it is encouraged by the Gov.
eminent. The repealed reverses
sustained bv the Russians have
given rise to the very iilogical de
duction Jthat i he Asiatics are gener
fey a match for the European.
The Hindoos openly acknowledge
their synipathy with the Moham
medans; and assign as a reason
that it is natural they should take
the side of an Oriental power and
people. In some parts, especially
along the nouhwestern frontier,
the bearing of the Mussulmans has
become insolent and provocative
The Ameer or Oabul is credited
vrith all sorts pf insane project
and furiously Teseptathe prtiK&QGT
of an English force st Queita,