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"LL'-'-lLT"-!!: ' ' ' """ " ----'-"dlfyf-'" em- UB-i -U ...Jg.-afc-Jill j w BrB.m , , ., MBB.WMMiMg
..... -, Ann,r. a-n-v-v tTSr?.n? I -v. i -f. ....
(Monday Excepted),
Axtoriun BvAkllng, Cits Sired.
t ernis of Subscription :
fcorvoil by C.irricr, per week -i Conf.
Soatby mail, four month? - J
Sent 1)5' mail, cnc year - 'J w
Free of Postage to .SuUrcnbois.
i&T Advertisements inserted by the year at
the rate of $1 3t) per square per montn.
Transient advcrtieins, Oy the tiay or wcck,
fifty cents per square for each insertion.
To City Subscribers.
There are such frequent change in tharesi
tQonce of our city patrons thai w e shall Tcel
oblisred to any who make ach change if they
will report die same to tlii'iiet. Otherwise
tve shall not bo responsible for failure of the
carrier to deliver the paper promptly and
regularly to them.
AiunvEi). The Ajax arrived from
San Francisco lnt evening villi the
usual lot of passenger, and freight.
The Oi'tside Fishesies. The Can
by returned last evening from Tillamook
county and will go to Gray's harbor to
day. Married At the residence of the
brides father in this city, on Monday
evening,- Sept. 17th. Miss Ellen -Rogers,
and My. P. Cherry.
- Temperance Addresses. TV. R.
Dunbar, G. "V. C. T.. is coming on the
Orizaba. lie intends to remain awhile
in Astoria, and daring his stay will de
liver one or two lectures on temperance.
Hold Hek. The Bee says : 3r. John
Burk. formerly assistant foreman of No.
"l,o this city, and a No. 1 fireman, has
been elected foreman of the Astoria
company which is to have the steamer.
''Hold her nozzle to the bank," Johnny.
Still Oct. The bark Alumina, 12
days out from Astoria to-day, and the
Dovenhy. 114 days out to-day. are me:
iously looked for to arrive. The Doven
by has been reported as arrived out
once, and so also was the Alumina, but
neither have done so yet.
Single Men and Women. A Ken
tucky newspaper says that an investiga
tion of the records of that state shows
that not a single man or woman within
Its borders has been legally married.
There are hundreds of single men and
women in Oregon who would like to be
legally married.
Tiie Hop Yield. The Albany Reg
ister says: "Hop growers talk largely of
the extent of business on this coast. It
is claimed that Oregon alone this year
will ship a million "bales of hops. The
business was an experiment ten short
years ago and now is only in its infancy.
The crop this year is very heavy and of
good quality."
The Sea Waif. This vessel which
left Astoria at an early hour on Sunday
for Umpqua, arrived there that same
day before noon, discharged her cargo
and passengers and started back yester
day. This is pretty quick work. The
ea Waif had a cargo of cannerv stock
on board for her owner, Mr. GAV.Ilume
of this city.
Tidal. Ouservations. Capt. J. J.
Gilbert, of the U. S. Coast Survey ser
vice, with headquarters now at Kalama,
is going to take a series of tidal observa
tions during the low water season this
fall. For this purpose he will establish
tidal stations at five points on the river.
At Oak Point, Rainier, St. Helens. Van
couver and the Cascades. Capt. Gilbert
Avas in Arancouver Tuesday morning.
Hook and Ladder Company. The
following Is the list of officers of Alert
Hook and Ladder company No. 1, for
the ensuing year, as elected at the regu
he regu-
'lit. F. J.
lar meeting Sept. 10th: President,
Taylor; Secretary, J.O.Bozarth; Treas -
iirer.B. aiiDusen; loreman, M. An-
Exciianuing Signals. It appears
that on the morning of September 5th,
the German bark Almy from Hamburg
for San Francisco, was off false Tilla
mook Head, where she exchanged sig
nals with the steamship Geo. W. Elder.
The Elder reported her bound for Asto
ria, but the master of the Almy knew
better, and putting about, followed the
Elder and ran into San Francisco with
the steamer, on the same day, arriving
there on the 7th, 156 days from Ham
burg. If there are. tricks in all trades,
this must be a trick of the sea.
w&z gnm c
aerson; isi. assistant, jl;. ij. uurtis; 2d
sissistant, J. W. Gearhart; Delegates, F.
J. Taylor, B. Van Dusen C. W. Fulton.
Astoria, Oregon, Wednesday Morning, September 19, 1877.
To Liverpool, per LocHnvar. Sept. 1.
Whot-2i. ctls ?, 00
To Honolulu iterMattie Maclej. Spt,l.
Flour. 2i2 barrels 5 1.2ni -"VU
Chso Good?, lOoeasos... 31 25
l'otatoer, 12 sucks !SW 00
Ham?, 2400 lbs 3i 09
Shon,3&' bWs 3tSS)00
80 cases TM Oi)
Miscclljuieous mdc 2,313 82 S.TSo 07
To Honolulu ;r Fjdkmhurg, Sent. 2:
Flour, m bbl 5 W0 0
Salmon, 12S bbls 1,012 00
1IU ikgs .. 1 &
8 case? 230 M)
Lumber. ars and bolts 2,lM2 52
Oats and bran U5 03
Miscellaneous mdac 759 0U 5.S12 oo
To Victoria and Nuniuno por sir Cal
ifornia. System oer 5th:
Fiour.l V bbls $ S.779 50
Wheat, 112 centals 1,323 71
Bran. Meal and Mid
dlings. 85.7W lbs. S-iO OS
Miscellaneous mdse..... 5. 03 J la 10,032 50'
To Qucenstowti. per Kiucluno. Sept. 11.
Wheat 23.:)J ctls- -10,39a 71
To Quoenstown per Mountain Laura!,
September 8:
Wheat, 22.35U centals -1,3S1 71
Domestic Exports.
Per Ancon, S F, Sopt. 17,
23Ubbls flour Si ,300 00
13U2 cental wheat 3,502
10H8 caes salmon 7,0R 20
200 sacks potatoes , )
5K) .. ojstors j
H00 .. oats Y
2u0 .. bran J
-105) boxes apples, otc.. about I 2,200 01
Total value.
11210 00
Outwaki) liouxD. By-thc Elder to
day Senator Grover and Congressman
Williams take their departure for Wash
ington. Capt. J. C. Ainsworth is also a
passenger, going east to attend a meet
ing of the directors of the Northern Pa
ciiic railroad. Col. John M. Wilson is
also a passenger, going to attend a meet
ing of the Board of Engineers, IT. S. A.,
ai'San Francisco.
No Jamaica Tet. The British bark
Jamaica, 700 tons register, which left
here last November for Dunkirk with a
cargo of wheat valued at :17.172, is to
daj 2.S1 days out, and not heard from.
The Jamaica was loaded by Mesrs.Cor
bitt & Macleay, but as her cargo wa
sold on bills of lading their interest; in
her was transferred, hence none in Ore
gon will loe should it turn out that the
.ship is added to the long list of those
gone down at sea with nobody lelt to
tell the story.
A CointECT Conclusion. Here is a
warning for men too mean to advertise:
One of this description wanted o sell
some land, and so he put a written
notice in one of the hotels the other day.
A man who was inquiring for a small
farm was referred to the written notice,
when lie replied: "I can't buy land at a
fair price of any man who does his ad
vertising in this way. JleM steal the
fence, the pump-handle and the barn
doors before hel give up posession.''
JIUCKILTEO affairs. Uur man
about town got on board the Zephyr yes
terday, says the Seattle Intelligencer
and in company with jolly Capt. Wright
and the affable Barlow, three hours pas
sed oft very pleasantly till he landed at
Muckilteo. Here he found the cannery
closed down for the day. but Mr. Myers
said, '"wait till to-night and you will see
some boats come in withsome fish worth
having.' So he strolled about the beach
for an hour and went up on the hill to
look over the broad and glassy Sound
dotted with trolling canoes in every di
rection. About four o'clock in the
afternoon, the canoes began to flock
towards the cannery. One canoehad -M,
another 48. a third had 52 and a fourth
4(5, all caught by trolling. But at last
came in a large whaling canoe with six
Indians fromTort Madison, where they
had been hauling a seine. This boat
had 408 fine large salmon, all "silver
sides,' making altogether a total of 3U7
for the day.
The Can Can and the Jubilee
Singers. We are sorry to see two res
pectable citizens like the Advocate and
the Bee, step aside to throw mud at each
other because of strangers such as the
Can Can and the Tennessee Jubilee
Sinners. It seems that the Bee is favor
all to the Can Can, and from one of the
"gobs" which it flung at the Advocate
came words like these : "In the first place
the Turners did not know the nature ot
the performance until after they had let
I the hall under written contract, and. in
the second place, the letting of a public
Imll fnr i vrtii nn' rMrfnnnniiPP fwliiph
1 more than one leading church member
( attended) is not more inappropriate than
having a lot of minstrels sing sacnhgi
ous songs in the very pulpit altar of
the costliest church in the city." This
whole difficulty has arisen from a weak
ness in human nature, "the love of the
glittering generalities'' and it may be "a
dollar or so," which sometimes take the
place of common sense in secular as
well as in other places, and admits the
"strangest kind' of strangers taking in
and doing the most sensible metropoli
tan writers. Perhaps if our brother of
the Advocate had known the nature of
the JiibiUe Singers as well before, as
after the performance in "the costliest
church in the eitv,' they would not have
been allowed to do so. But the Bee
ought to be ashamed Of itself for making
any such comparisons.
Have von read :,the Dance of
Death?" I have not. JIae you one of
"Helen's Babies V I have not. Have
you '-Other Peoples Children?" No!
Then whv ihe duce don't you get them ?
All at Adlcrs.
Board and lodging by the day or
wifk at the Astoria Beer Hall, Main
street. Astoria. Peter Daviscourt, pro
prietor. ....A full slock of the finest Parlor
Stoves and Ilcateis. for wood or coal,
will be sold cheaper than the cheapest
by Jackins & Ilawes.
Persons wishing the services of
Dr. J. Welch. Dentist, will bear in mind
that business will necessitate his tempo
rary absence from the city for a time af
ter a few days.
White wire goods in every style.
at L. P. Richman & Cos.
Perforated cardboard, all colors,
25 cents per sheet, at Adler's.
''Opposition is the life of trade,"
and "Variety is the spice of life."' Adler
has a little of both, and all the school
books, cheaper than the cheapest.
...Fresh oysters in every style at
Stoves and fall goods for house
keepers in great variety at L. P. Rich
man & Cos.
Mrs. J. W. Munson is prepared to
take a few boarders, with or without
First-class billiard table for sale,
cheap for cash. Inquire at the Occident
hotel, Astoria.
Mrs. Dr. Burr, Homeopathic phy
sician, has removed to her new residence
four doors from Liberty hall.
Dr. B. R.Freeland has located per
manently in Astoria for the practice of
dentistrv. Office in Sinister s building.
on Cass street, next door to The Asto
rian office.
Perfection Stonewall Whisky,
hand-made sour mash; Snow-hill Whis
ky, fire cooper sweet mash: acknowl
edged from its refined taste and delicacy
of flavor to be beyond comparison the
het in this country, sold at the Astoria
Liquor Store by If. Marx & Co., Water
street roadway.
.Photographs! The latest styles
taken at Shuster's newugallery, Cass st.,
next to the Attorian office.
JBST'San Francisco beer, Steilacoom
beer, A&toria beer, bottled beer and En
glish porter at the Chicago house, Main
street, Astoria. N. "Wyman, proprietor.
r For clean towels, sharp razors,
and an-euiy shave, go to Gillespie at Par
ker House Baths. Hair cutting, &ham
pooning, and dyeing.
JSSLittle Van has reestablished
hiniteif at the old cornpr, refreahed by his
late journey to the Atlantic state, and
will a- formerly attend to all ordeis in his
line as general jobber.
liST The Capital, on Main near
Squemocqha street, "Wm. Appleby pro
prietor, is one of the snujreeat and mot
quiet places in the cit3 where the public
can get the fiuest quality of vine, liquor.
and cigars.
Canary Birds. for sale at Gillespie's-,
Parker house baths.
Direct to Astoria. Mr. M. Wise
informs the ladies and gentlemen of As
toria and vicinity that lie has opened his
store with a nice assorted stock of goods,
which he proposes to sell at bed-rock pri
ces for cash. Remember the place, oppo
site R. F. Caufield's Drug Store.
For Glassware, Crockery, Powder and
Shot, Gun Wads, Percussion Caps, in
fact everything that is useful as well as
ornamental, go to J. W. Gearhart, who
sells cheap for cash. Goods delivered
free of charge.
The entire stock of B. Hamburger will
be sold at immensely reduced rates in
order to clear out balance on hand prior
to the arrival of new goods selected per
sonally by Mr. Hamburger. The goods
iiiiust be sold : prices no object. Call and
be convinced. Especial attention is
called to the immensely reduced prices
in our dress goods. B. Hamrueoer.
Main street, Astoria.
5-Newspaper advertising is
HAnnAnAnt ,.Mit;.n t !, r,l..,lAtmn nf
the cuods advertised, because it U a ne
manunt influence always at work in their
5The Salem Statesman expresses
our views "to the point' in the following
extract: 4,AVo have publ.sihed birth,
marriage and death notices, free of charge,
and shall continue to do so, provided they
are furnished us for publication. When
such notices are not furnished, we take it
for granted that their publication is not
desired . It .seems enough for us to give tho
space in our colums without being com
pelled to wear out boot leather in search
of the items. We frequpntly hear of
marriages, deaths, etc.. but ns the partic
ulars are not furnished u, we cannot pub
lish the same, and in some instnnces artiez
take offence because of their non-appearance."
According to recent statistics the
inhabitants on the earth number 28
persons to every square mile of sur
face. London is the most densely
packed spot containing 3,4S9 ,428 souls
more than some continental lrimr.
Richmond, Virginia, is highly
amused over the appearance of the
Henry Clay statue, a work of art
frightfully begrimmed with dirt, which
has just received a pair of hands of
snow white Italian marble, ordered by
the general assembly to replace the
mutilated ones.
The great coal mine of Los Chris
tales, at Cauquernes, in Chili, which
has been lost for forty years, has been
found and will in future be worked by
English capital. It was abandoned at
a time when the Chilians were in in
surrection. It then filled irp with
water and an avalanche slid into and
over it, and for forty years its where
abouts could not be ascertained."
The London correspondent of the
Liverpool daily Post states thac the
homceopathists have discovered a cer
tain remedy for seasickness. It is
apomorpha. A very small dose of
it taken once an hour in water will
remove the qualms. They are so cer
tain of its success that they are going
to procure a gratuitous circulation of
it among vessels that carry passengers.
It is also useful for beasts whose suf
ferings are often extreme.
A stove dealer in Hartford has
died of a slight cut made in one of his
fingers by a piece of ordinary oxidized
sheet zinc. The zinc inflicted a pois
onous wound that in a f ew hours af
fected the whole circulation and baf
fled the efforts of physicians who were
then summoned. Oxidized zinc,
which is found in numberless houses,
should therefore be handled as care
fully as Woorara arrows or poisoned
Chinese daggers.
Count Moltke was recently asked
by a German nobleman of high rank
what course he thought the war would
take, and if he did not predict the
early and complete subjugation of
Turkej. "Certainly," replied the
field marshal, "the Russians will be
victorious, only their leader must not
lack the fours G's which every general
requires. " ' What four G's P ' 'Geld,
gelud, genie mid gluck" replied Von
Moltke. (Money, patience, genius
and good luck.)
Salt Lake Tribune: The other
day, while one of the late Brigham
Young's numerous concubines was re
turning to Provo from the funeral.she
was comforted by a big Scandinavian
saintess who was very much troubled
over the prophet's sudden taking off.
She thus consolingly addressed the
widew: "Veil, Bro. Brickham ish
tead. I yonst dink dat ish de pest
dings he can do. " The widow looked
sad and stuck her head out of the
window, exclaiming "O, pshaw !"
Newark Ceurier: For two or
three years past the bronze statue of
General Phil Kearney has been stand
ing in an out of the way niche in the
state house at Trenton. What its ul
timate destination is to be none of our
state officials seem to know or care. It
was ordered by the state at a cost of
10,000, and intended to be placed in
the rotunda of the national capitol at
"Washington, but one of the high art
critics who occasionally find their way
into our state legislature thought he
discovered a defect in the work of the
artist and objected to the state paying
for it. It was paid for, however,
when delivered, and remains just
where it was dumped.
Austin Reveille : In sporting par-
! tl 1 ..1.1 Jl 1 ..i. ..
a!i;uiUU a, ,Tum I ! 1 V- '
game WHO DdS SI1UU1 Stilus JU1U 43 S;iL-
Med with small winnings; one who,
when he gets a few dollars ahead,
passes in his checks to be cashed and
"jumps the game." A gentleman re
cently from San Francisco sa-s that
the stock market in that city is over
run with "chubbers," who, as soon as
a little rise in prices leaves them a
small margin of profit, dump their
stocks into the market and realize.
The aggregate of stocks thus offered is
large, and in the present sensitive
state of the stock market the stocks
thus thrown upon it break it like the
last feather broke the back of the fa
bled camel. It is to this cause that
the gentleman attributes the sudden
drops in the market immediately fol-
1 lowing a general rise in prices.
STo. 90,
Hale's Piano Factory
Referring to the terrible and fatal
fire at Hale's friano factory, New York,
recently the Sun says: "Whether the
value of the property destroyed bj-
the burning was a million dollars, or
more or less, is a matter of small ac
count; but the loss of life is deplora
ble, and the circumstances under
which that loss occurred were such as
to establish the certainty of guilty
ncgligence in some quarter. The
huge piano factory, eight stones high,
in which the distressing scenes took
place, and in which hundreds of work
men were employed, was a mere shell,
a mere rickerty sham of a building,
put up in such a way as to imite sud
den destruction by lire, or by a squall;
it might, indeed, have been expected
to tumble to the ground at any time
tlirongh its own weakness. A similar
building, owned by the same proprie
tor, and standing on the same spot,
actually tumbled some years ago, kill
ing eight people; and the poor bricks
gathered up in that wreck, bricks
which had been run up with mud in
stead of mortar between them, were
again used in the construction of the
concern which is now destroyed. This
concern, moreover, was everywhere
full of the most combustible material,
dry lumber, shavings, varnish, pianos,
and so forth. "What might have been
expected In a few moments the
small blaze burst into a blinding, roar
ing, uncontrollable sea of flame, sweep
ing in all directions, before wluch the
building appeared to melt away, and
from which many of the panic struck
workmen were unable to escape. Such
a building shobl 1 never have been al
lowed to be put up, or to stand, or to
be used as a factory, or in any other
way. There are scores and hundreds
of other sham buildings in ether cities
that perpetually threaten the lives of
those who occupy them.
Local and Domestic.
The Seattle Intelligencer is in
formed that an expedition is about tu
explore the streams flowing from
Mount Rainier. It has very often
been thought that gold could be
found on the headwaters of the Puy
allup or some of its tributaries, but no
explorations haye as yet been made.
We shall look with some anxiety for
the result of their researches'. It has
always been our idea that this coun
try has never been half prospected and
that when experienced miners give the
Olympic range a good overhauling,
they will find good recompense for
their toil. That argentiferous galena
exists in the Cascade mountains, is
already beyond dispute.
H. L. Sutton of Port Townsend
has been found guilty of murder in the
first degree. He has been taking
some desperate chances to escape from
jail but is still secure. Whisky and
politics have brought him to ruin.
The Ashland Tidings, m speaking
of the rapid progress of the different
sections of our state, takes a hopeful
view of the future of southern Oregon.
It says:
Many of us who remember as but yes
terday, the
Day of the trail and the foot-log,
And the flying pony express,
Wlwii the antler'd pride of the forest,
Yielded his skin for a dress.
When blankets were parted for leggings,
Tid with a buckskin theng:
While over the mantle the rifle
Hung from an antler's prong.
May yet see developments which we
even now little dream of. "Time
keeps ringing its changes, "and we may
yet ride the iron horse over ringing
tracks of steel with more confidence
than we did in early times our cayuse
ponies over the mountain traite of
southern Oregon,
Ship-master's Reading Room. Mr
Peter Wilhelm has permanently fitted
up a ship-master's reading room in con
nection with the Gem saloon in Astoria
The latest shipping papers and home
ward and outward bound shipping lists
are kept on file. Call and see htm.